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David died at the scene of the crash. Sabrina lost her baby, and Victoria and Sabrina reconciled just before Sabrina died. Nikki resigned from Jabot, and Jill announced that she was the new CEO. Daniel and Amber made love.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 28, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, July 28, 2008

At the Newman ranch, Victor had just hung up the phone after advising an art gallery curator against acquiring Phillipe's artwork. Michael arrived and told Victor that David and Nikki's limo had been involved in an accident. Victor insisted on visiting the crash site and noted that Nikki was still important to him because she was the mother of his children. Michael tried to contact Nick, and Victor left a message for Sabrina and told her that he had gone to check on Nikki. At the accident scene, Sabrina was slumped inside the crumpled limo. Sabrina lay unconscious and blood trickled down her forehead. David was sprawled out on the ground, and paramedics frantically attempted to stabilize his injuries. By the time Victor and Michael arrived, Sabrina had already been rushed to the hospital, but Victor mistakenly believed that Nikki had been transported from the wreckage. Victor ordered Michael to phone the hospital to check on Nikki's condition.

Victor peered into the car and surmised the limo's devastating damage. Victor hung his head and said, "I told you not to get involved with this man." Victor replayed images in his mind of life with Nikki in happier times. Victor's attention was drawn to a piece of jewelry on the floorboard of the limo. After Victor picked up the jewelry and examined it, he realized that the piece belonged to Sabrina. After Michael told Victor that Nikki had been admitted to the hospital due to a drug overdose, Victor demanded that David tell him whether or not Sabrina had been with him. David commanded his last gasp of breath and uttered, "Yeah." Victor and Michael rushed to the hospital.

Victor sat at Sabrina's bedside in the ICU. When Michael walked in, Victor ordered him to get the doctor at once. Victor spoke softly to his comatose wife and promised that he would help her get well. The doctor arrived and told Victor that Sabrina had lost her baby. Victor demanded to take Sabrina home, but the doctor explained that Sabrina was gravely ill with sepsis and a lacerated liver. Victor insisted that Sabrina receive dialysis, but the doctor explained that the procedure would not help Sabrina, who would soon succumb to her injuries since her organs were failing. Victor refused to accept the doctor's prognosis and ordered Michael to contact the best hospitals and consult with the finest specialists to treat Sabrina.

Victoria and J.T. stopped by Sabrina's room, but Victor barked, "Please, kindly leave." Victoria tearfully apologized, but Victor turned Victoria and J.T. away. After Victoria and J.T. stepped out into the hallway, Michael asked them about Nikki. Victoria and J.T. explained that Nikki was all right. Michael told Victoria and J.T. that Sabrina would not recover from her injuries. Victoria nearly collapsed, and J.T. comforted her. Michael returned to Sabrina's room and told Victor that the specialists had been contacted. Victor asked Michael if he had spoken to Victoria in the hallway, and Michael answered that he had.

After Michael left, Sabrina awakened and smiled at Victor. Sabrina had no memory of the accident and told Victor that she felt numb. Sabrina sobbed when Victor told her that the baby was gone, and he promised that they would have more babies. Sabrina realized that she was dying, but Victor begged Sabrina not to talk about dying because she was young and strong. As Victor gently encouraged Sabrina not to give up, Nikki watched and listened from the doorway, but Nikki slipped away before Victor became aware of her visit.

At the hospital, Paul and J.T. accompanied Nikki, who had been rushed into the emergency room. Paul told the doctor he believed that someone had slipped something into Nikki's drink. Nikki began gasping for breath and her blood pressure plummeted. Nikki's doctor quickly ordered a gastric lavage, so Paul and J.T. were asked to leave the room while Nikki was treated. After Nikki was stabilized, Paul explained that David had drugged Nikki just as he had two of his former wives. Victoria, Nick, and Phyllis arrived, and J.T. told them what had happened to Nikki. Victoria and Nick were shocked to learn about David's illicit past, and that he had used a fake name.

After Paul told Nikki that David had been killed in a car crash, Nikki asked everyone but Paul to leave. Nikki told Paul that she didn't know why she wanted to cry after everything David had done to her. Nikki asked Paul to arrange David's funeral. Paul comforted Nikki, and then he told her that Sabrina had also been injured in the crash. Nikki became nauseated, so Paul left her side to request medication to ease Nikki's discomfort. After Paul left to summon a nurse, Nikki gathered her I.V. lines and pushed her I.V. pole along as she walked out of the exam area.

Out in the waiting area, J.T. told Victoria, Nick, and Phyllis that Sabrina had been critically injured. Victoria became distraught and insisted that she apologize to her dad and to Sabrina at once. J.T. advised Victoria to wait since Sabrina was seriously ill. Nick told Phyllis that he regretted what had happened to his relationship with his father. Phyllis urged Nick to talk to Victor, but Nick said that he was the last person his dad would want to see. After Phyllis left, Nick consoled Victoria after he learned that Victor had rebuffed her. Victoria worried that Victor would not have anyone to comfort him when Sabrina died. Nick reminded Victoria that their dad had Adam, but Victoria pleaded with Nick to go to their father and offer support.

At the Colonnade Room, Phyllis thanked Daniel for coming to the gala. Phyllis urged Daniel to keep in contact with the young woman who had openly flirted with him earlier in the evening. After Phyllis arbitrarily mentioned that Amber had slept with Adrian, Daniel ordered his mother to stay out of his life and out of his relationships. Before Phyllis could respond, Daniel turned and walked out. Daniel went to Amber's penthouse. Amber was packing and told Daniel that she was moving back to Los Angeles.

Phyllis tried to phone Daniel, but he ignored her call. Amber was busy stuffing her suitcases and listing the reasons she would be better off in L.A. when Daniel announced that he was moving there, as well. Phyllis called Daniel again, and he answered the call just long enough to learn about Nikki's hospitalization. Just before Daniel abruptly ended the call, he told his mom that he wasn't available to hear her out at the moment. Daniel told Amber about Nikki, and he added that he had already warned his mother not to berate Amber. Amber pleaded with Daniel to just drop her after everything she had done, but Daniel insisted that nothing Amber had done mattered to him except their relationship.

Daniel pleaded with Amber to reconsider her plans to move to L.A. Daniel told Amber that he could not bear to live without her. Amber kissed Daniel, and then she slipped out of her blouse. Since Phyllis couldn't reach Daniel by phone, she stopped by Amber's and knocked. Daniel signaled Amber not to respond to his mother's presence, so Phyllis called out to Amber and noted that she had seen Daniel's car in the parking lot. Phyllis became frustrated, so she turned away from the door and punched the elevator button after she realized that Amber and Daniel were ignoring her. Amber and Daniel continued shedding clothes as they made their way upstairs to the bedroom.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Katherine visited Victor, who was still holding vigil by Sabrina's bedside. Victor told Katherine that Sabrina would pull through, as he had arranged for the best possible care. Katherine was sorry when she heard that Sabrina lost the baby. Victor wondered what Sabrina had been doing in David Chow's limo. Katherine told Victor that she thought Nikki was drinking again. Victor said he couldn't make sense of anything that Nikki had done recently. Before she left, Katherine told Victor that she was going to look for some answers.

Victor was irritated when Nick stopped by Sabrina's hospital room. When Victor told Nick there was no need for him to be there, Nick told Victor that they were still family, and that he wasn't leaving. Michael was on the phone trying to get a hepatic surgeon to come to Genoa City. When the surgeon told Michael that he heard Sabrina's case was hopeless, Michael told him that Victor didn't care what the surgeon had heard. Michael told the surgeon that there was a private jet waiting to fly him to Genoa City.

When Neil showed up at the hospital, Michael told him and Nick that Sabrina would be lucky if she survived for even a few more hours. He added that Sabrina was pregnant, and had lost the baby. Victor walked over and thanked Neil for stopping by. When Nick told Victor how sorry he was that Sabrina had lost the baby, Victor stared at Nick, but didn't respond to his son.

Neil told Victor that he would take care of things at Newman Enterprises while Victor was at the hospital. Victor told Neil that he was expecting some important documents from Granville Global to arrive at the ranch. He asked Neil to go to the ranch and review them.

Michael told Victor that the hepatic surgeon was en route, and a car was standing by at Genoa City Airport to bring him to the hospital the moment the plane landed. Neil left to review the documents, and Victor went back into Sabrina's room. Michael told Nick that Victor was setting himself up for disappointment -- that there were some things that even Victor Newman couldn't control. Nick replied that if anyone could convince God to spare Sabrina's life, it was Victor.

Sabrina regained consciousness and told Victor how sorry she was that she lost the baby. Victor told her that the accident wasn't her fault, and added that, after Sabrina recovered, they would have a household filled with children. Alarms began going off in Sabrina's room, and a team of physicians and nurses rushed in to try to stabilize her.

J.T. and Victoria were in Nikki's hospital room, and convinced Nikki to stay at their house for a while. A doctor came in to tell a shocked Nikki that she had a lethal level of morphine in her system -- and that it was good that she had gotten to the hospital quickly. Paul stopped by. J.T. and Paul realized that the morphine was the reason Nikki had appeared drunk at the gala. Nikki asked Paul if they knew why Sabrina was in the limo with David. Paul said they didn't -- but they would find out. As the group left to take Nikki to the Hellstroms', Nikki inquired about Nick's whereabouts. Nikki was happy to learn that Nick was with Victor -- she said that Victor needed all the support he could get.

Katherine stopped by the Hellstroms' to visit Nikki. Katherine told Nikki that she knew that Nikki and David were having problems, but that she didn't think they were bad enough to drive Nikki to drink. Victoria quickly told Katherine that Nikki hadn't been drunk -- she had been poisoned by David. Paul stopped by with the news that an empty vial containing traces of morphine had been found in David's pocket. Nikki became hysterical and hugged Victoria. J.T. said that David hoped to make Nikki's death look like an overdose -- David would have then inherited Nikki's fortune. Paul said that David had mob ties and was probably Ji Min's killer. Paul explained that Ji Min borrowed money from Walter and David to finance the expansion of Ji Min's company. When Ji Min realized that it was mob money, he cut his ties with David and Walter. Unhappy about Ji Min's decision to sever their relationship, Walter had David kill Ji Min.

Katherine told Nikki that the press was having a "field day" with the revelation that David was a compulsive gambler, and that Jabot's stock was taking a nosedive. Katherine told Nikki that Nikki's future at Jabot was in jeopardy. Nikki wanted to go to Jabot and start damage control, but Katherine told her that Jabot was a strong company, and would weather the storm. Nikki wanted to know who had leaked the information about David's gambling to the press.

Katherine learned that Sabrina was still in critical condition, and told a shocked Nikki and Victoria that Sabrina had been pregnant, but had lost the baby. A stunned Nikki said, "So much for vasectomies." Katherine told Nikki that Victor had his vasectomy "quietly" reversed a number of years earlier. Nikki began sobbing, saying, "A baby... oh my God, Victor -- I'm so sorry."

In the Jabot boardroom, Jill told Brad that the press was obsessed with the story about David's compulsive gambling, and that she and Brad needed to reassure the public and their stockholders that Jabot was still strong. Turning on the television, a shocked Brad and Jill learned that David Chow had been killed in a car accident -- and that an unidentified woman in the car had been seriously injured.

Jill, incorrectly assuming that Nikki was the woman in the car accident, unsuccessfully tried to get information about Nikki's condition from the hospital. Brad told Jill that Jabot's stock had plunged another 20 points. When Jill said that they had to stop the freefall, Brad suggested appointing an interim CEO. Jill said that she would start working on a statement for the press. Brad said that he would take care of the statement -- since he was the obvious choice to be CEO of Jabot. Jill informed Brad that he most definitely was not going to be appointed CEO -- Jill would take the reins of the company for the time being. She told an unhappy Brad to be patient.

Later, at a press briefing, Jill announced that, due to the tragic events that had transpired, she was stepping in as Jabot's CEO. Jill wished Nikki a speedy recovery, and expressed condolences on the death of Nikki's husband, David. Jill added that an internal audit was underway to determine whether David had inappropriately used Jabot money to support his gambling. When Jill left the podium, Brad, who had been standing next to her, had a bitter expression on his face.

A reporter stopped by Restless Style and told Jack that David had been killed in an accident. The reporter had some gruesome photographs of Sabrina being removed from the wreckage, and offered to sell them to Jack for $10,000. Jack started to throw the reporter out, but then told the reporter that he would buy the photos under two conditions -- that Jack had exclusive rights to the pictures, as well as all the copies of any photographs the reporter had taken at the accident. The reporter said it was a deal -- as long as Jack paid him $30,000. Jack agreed, as long as the reporter signed a legal agreement stating that the reporter could never sell the photographs to anyone else. When Sharon stopped by Restless Style, she was horrified to see the photograph of Sabrina being removed from the wreckage. She begged Jack not to publish any of the photographs the reporter had taken. Jack told Sharon that he had purchased the photographs just to make sure that they were never seen -- particularly by Victor. Jack was worried that the reporter had come to Restless Style to sell the photographs -- Jack wondered if he was turning the magazine into a "sleazy rag." Sharon reassured Jack that the article about Sabrina was not sleazy -- that it was the truth. When Jack expressed guilt about turning Sabrina's life into a living hell, Sharon reminded him that he hadn't caused the accident.

Jack and Sharon wrestled with the idea of an unprecedented fourth printing of the latest issue of Restless Style, since, due to the accident, demand for the issue was high. They agreed that a fourth printing would bring the magazine to a "whole new level," but they were concerned about using Sabrina's tragedy for financial gain. Jack reminded Sharon that Victor always said to never allow personal feelings get in the way of business decisions. Jack picked up the phone, called the printer, and authorized a fourth printing. When Sharon said that their partners would have a fit, Jack told her that their partners weren't around -- and someone had to make a decision.

At the ranch, Adam told a reporter that he had no comment on the accident -- but that he would be overseeing Newman Enterprises for his father. Estella was reluctant to forward all of Victor's incoming calls to Adam's phone, but Adam ordered her to.

Adam gleefully watched the price of Jabot's stock plummet. When Adam picked up the newspaper, he was shocked to see an article about Skye having been reported missing. He called Skye's phone and left another message for her to call him. When Neil stopped by to get the Granville Global documents, Adam told Neil to get on the Newman jet, fly to New York, and look for Skye. Neil reminded Adam that Adam worked for Neil -- Neil did not work for Adam. Adam was upset when Neil told him that Victor had appointed Neil to temporarily run Newman Enterprises. Neil suggested that Adam visit Victor at the hospital.

At the hospital, Adam ran into Nick. Nick told Adam that Victor had told Nick to stay away. Adam said that he didn't blame Victor. Victor thanked Adam for coming, but told him that he couldn't see Sabrina -- she had just had some sort of "episode" and was being stabilized. With Nick standing nearby, Victor pointedly told Adam how much it meant to him that Adam had stopped by. Michael rushed in with Dr. Dunn, the hepatic surgeon. Michael, Victor, and Dr. Dunn went into Sabrina's room, while Adam and Nick went into the waiting room.

Adam told Nick that he should leave, since Victor didn't want Nick there. Nick said that in perhaps a week ... or a month... or a year... all of the enmity between Nick and Victor would be forgotten and Victor would be happy that Nick had been there for him.

Nick overheard Dr. Dunn telling Michael that they wouldn't waste a liver transplant on a patient who, in all likelihood, would not survive the surgery. As the doctor and Michael began walking in to tell Victor, Nick stopped them, saying they couldn't tell Victor that at that moment. Nick said that if Sabrina survived, it would be because Victor never gave up hope -- and hope was all that Victor had. Michael, Nick, and Adam stared through a window into Sabrina's room, and watched as Victor stroked her hair.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Amber was thrilled to have Daniel back in her life again. Daniel told her that he wasn't sure what he wanted. He said that after all they had been through, he wasn't sure that he wanted to rush back into anything. When Daniel answered his cell phone and heard about the accident, he rushed upstairs to get dressed. When Chloe stopped by, Daniel told Amber that he was leaving to go to the hospital. Chloe had brought cake for Amber and Daniel. She told Amber that there was a tiny little piece for Cane Junior. Amber looked at her in disbelief. Chloe showed Amber her ultrasound. Amber told Chloe that Lily would freak, but Cane would probably do the right thing. Chloe told Amber that she should also get pregnant to keep Daniel. Amber said that she'd done that before, but she wasn't about to do it again. Phyllis went to Amber's house to talk to her. Phyllis told Amber that despite her feelings toward Amber, she'd decided to call a truce. Phyllis said she missed her son, and she knew that Daniel wanted to be with Amber.

Cane stayed home from work to talk to Lily. Lily told Cane how irritated she was that Chloe had tried to ruin the gala for them. Lily turned on the television and found out that David had been killed in a car accident and that Sabrina was in critical condition. Lily was in shock as to how much things had changed since the day before. When Chloe went to Lily with the picture of the sonogram, Lily ripped it up and told Chloe that she was a liar.

Nick told Phyllis that Victor was pulling out all the stops to save Sabrina. Nick said that he knew Victor would need him, and he'd decided that they should stay at the ranch. When Daniel showed up at the hospital, Nick told Daniel he didn't approve of what Phyllis had done to try to break up his relationship. When Phyllis went to Nick to tell him she'd decided to call a truce with Amber, Nick said that Daniel had just had a heart-to-heart talk with him about Amber.

When Daniel returned to Amber's, she told him how thrilled she was that Phyllis wasn't going to come between them anymore. Daniel said he'd been thinking a lot about their relationship. He felt that they should go back to being friends.

J.T. went to Victor with news that the car accident may have been intentional. J.T. told Victor that Walter was the man responsible.

Victoria wished Victor would let her tell Sabrina how wrong she'd been about her. Victoria thought about how Sabrina had lost the baby and how much both of them had always wanted children. Victoria knew that she had to talk to Sabrina before it was too late. She decided to ignore Victor's orders and go to Sabrina's room. Victor told her she didn't belong there. Victoria said she needed to speak to Sabrina. Sabrina woke up and told Victor that she wanted to talk to Victoria. Victoria told Sabrina she'd remembered one of the times they spent together in Venice. Sabrina thanked Victoria for coming. The nurse said that Victoria had to leave. Victoria told Sabrina that she hadn't had the chance to say what she'd wanted to say. Victoria promised her that she would the next time. When Victoria left Sabrina's room, she told Victor that she had a lovely visit with Sabrina, and that she was very sorry that Sabrina had lost the baby. Victor said that Sabrina didn't lose the baby; the baby was taken from her. He said that he would find the person responsible.

Paul learned from another detective that David's car accident might have been intentional. When Heather showed up at the crime scene, Paul filled her in on everything he'd found out about David. He also told her that he believed David was responsible for Ji Min's death. Paul explained the association between David and Ji Min. When Paul showed Heather the picture of Ji Min, David, and Walter, Heather recognized Walter's face. She said that she saw him talking to a limo driver at the gala. Heather went to Jill to tell her that she thought David Chow was the man responsible for Ji Min's death.

Katherine and Nikki listened to the Jabot press conference stating that Jill would be the interim CEO in light of the recent car accident. Katherine was furious. She rushed over to tell Jill that she was not the person in charge of Jabot decisions. Jill said she'd had no choice, David was dead and Nikki was in ICU. Nikki appeared and told Jill that she wasn't dead yet. When Paul saw Nikki at Jabot, he told her that David's accident might have been deliberate.

Gloria excitedly thought about the day she would own Jabot. When she saw that Jill was to become the interim CEO in the wake of David's accident, she realized that a disgruntled Brad could be a good ally for her. Gloria went to Brad and told him she'd help him if he wanted to try to move up in the company.

Jeffrey made another call for separate biddings on Jabot stock. He said to keep the other shares a secret from Gloria. Gloria also made a call about purchasing Jabot stock. She said she wanted it to be a surprise.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Amber couldn't believe that Daniel only wanted to be friends. Daniel said that he couldn't get over knowing that Amber had slept with Adrian. Amber started crying hysterically. She told Daniel that she didn't know how many more times she could say she was sorry. Daniel said that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get the picture of Amber and Adrian out of his head. When he got up to leave, Amber chased after him and kissed him. She begged him to give their relationship another chance.

They were interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Adrian, standing there with Sabrina's article in hand. Adrian was furious that his article had been rewritten. Amber told Adrian that it wasn't a good time. Amber opened the door wider to reveal that Daniel was there. Adrian apologized and left. Daniel told Amber he hoped they could find a way to be friends again. He said he didn't know what he'd do if he couldn't have Amber in his life at all. Amber agreed, but was upset that she always screwed everything up that meant something to her.

Jana and Kevin rushed to the hospital when they heard that Sabrina had been involved in a serious car accident. Jana asked if she could see Sabrina, but Nick warned her that Victor was being very protective of her. When Victor came out of Sabrina's room, he thanked Jana and Kevin for being there to support her. When Jana was let into Sabrina's room, she talked to her about how much she'd enjoyed the gala. Sabrina said she was sorry she wouldn't be there for the next year's gala. Sabrina told Jana that she had been pregnant and had lost the baby. She said that Victor wouldn't admit to himself that she was dying. Jana said that Victor would have Nick and Victoria to comfort him. Sabrina hoped he would someday forgive his children. Jana thanked Sabrina for letting her share a piece of her life with her. When Jana left, Kevin asked Jana how she was coping. Jana said she'd realized just how precious every moment was. Kevin said that he didn't want to wait any longer to marry her.

A doctor came into Sabrina's room and performed dialysis on her. Sabrina had a strange reflex with her hands. The doctor told Victor that was a test to see how her liver was functioning. The doctor said that the dialysis had indicated that there was no change. Victor showed Sabrina a picture of a beautiful place that he would take her to when she got well. He said that eventually they would raise a family together. Sabrina started crying, and Victor hoped he hadn't said anything wrong. Sabrina said that he was exactly what she needed.

Michael took a doctor aside and asked how Sabrina was doing. The doctor said that she admired Victor's will to see Sabrina get well, but that Sabrina's fate was in God's hands.

Reporters harassed Nikki when she tried to leave Jabot. Jill stepped in and told the reporters that Nikki had nothing to say to them. Nikki thanked Jill for saving her from the hoard of reporters. Jill told Nikki to save it for someone who cared. Jill said that she hated that Nikki had ever hired David at Jabot. Jill told Nikki it had been David who killed Ji Min. Jill wanted to hear Nikki admit that it had been obvious that David had been a killer and that it was Nikki's fault. All Nikki could say was that she was sorry. She said that she'd wished that there were something more she could do for Jill. Jill wondered when Nikki had found out about David's gambling problems. Nikki admitted that she'd known before they got married. Nikki said that the thought that she'd loved him and trusted him hurt her more than she could stand. Jill said that in a strange way that gave her a little peace.

Brad tried to convince Katherine that he was better suited to serve as interim CEO than Jill. Katherine agreed to consider it.

Nikki told Katherine that she'd reconsidered her decision to fight for her job. She told Katherine that her daughter needed her. As Nikki was leaving, she ran into Nick. He told her it was too soon to be coming back to work. Nikki said that she'd go home with him. Nikki told Nick that she'd found out that David was responsible for Ji Min's murder. Nikki didn't know how she would ever be able to forgive herself for loving David. Nick said that he understood, and that Nikki's love for David deserved mourning. He took Nikki to the stables. Nikki said that it was a bad idea because Athena was a horse that David had bought for her. Nick said that she should remember how she felt when she received the horse, nothing more. Nikki ran to Athena and started crying.

Jill looked through an old box of Ji Min's belongings and broke down in tears. Katherine came in and held her. Katherine said that she hadn't been able to be there for Jill when she was a little girl, and was happy to finally have the chance. Jill said when she finally found out who had murdered Ji Min, it seemed like he had died all over again.

Adam told Heather that he'd been concerned that Skye had turned up missing. He said that he knew Skye had been involved in gambling with David. Heather said that if the connection involved David, she would investigate further. Heather talked to Paul about talking to her boss, Dennis, at the District Attorney's office about the new evidence she had on Ji Min's murder investigation. Paul said she should talk to him in person to prove to him that she had what it took to be assistant DA again. When Heather returned, she told Paul that Dennis had given her an offer for her old job back. Paul said he looked forward to seeing her in court as a prosecutor again.

Friday, August 1, 2008

At the stable, Nikki told Nick that the David she had loved had never existed. She told Nick that she was going to sell Athena, the horse David had given her. Nikki wondered why she had done so much to keep her marriage to David working. Nick told Nikki it was because she believed in love and commitment. Nick brought Nikki back to the Hellstroms', then left for the office.

The phones were ringing off the hook at Restless Style. Jack learned that the magazine's fourth printing was flying off the shelves. A hostile Phyllis told Jack that, by ordering the fourth printing, he was trashing a dying woman. She added that, in the process, Jack had ruined Nick's relationship with Victor. Defending Jack, Sharon told Phyllis that she and Jack had tried to reach Nick and Phyllis about the fourth printing, but they were unreachable.

A livid Adrian showed up, asking, "What the hell did you guys do to me?" Adrian said that the article in the magazine wasn't the one he had written. Jack said that he had rewritten the article to make it better, and that everything in the article was true. Adrian told Jack he had promised Sabrina that everything about the article would be "above board," but Jack said that Adrian had no right to make that promise. When Adrian asked Phyllis if she had been involved in the article rewrite, she said that she was as revolted by the article as Adrian was. Jack told Adrian that he needed to move on. Adrian stormed out.

When Phyllis said she understood why Adrian was so angry, Jack asked her what her gripe was. Phyllis said that her gripe was that if Sabrina died, the article would be the one thing that people remembered her by. Sharon once again defended Jack, telling Phyllis that he had made a good business decision. Jack told Phyllis that if she was so unhappy, she and Nick should allow the Abbotts to buy them out.

Nick arrived at the office. Phyllis told him that Adrian was back in town, and furious at Jack. Jack and Nick nearly came to blows when Nick learned that Jack had authorized the fourth printing.

From the hospital, Adam called Heather and told her that Sabrina was doing better. Heather told Adam that she had been rehired as an assistant district attorney, and that the DA's office was going to investigate Skye's disappearance.

At Crimson Lights, Heather chatted with the Hellstroms. Heather told them about returning to the district attorney's office. Heather asked Victoria to whom at Jabot she should submit her formal resignation letter. Victoria didn't know -- but told Heather that, if Nikki left Jabot, she would also leave.

Lauren arrived at the hospital with some food for Michael, but when she hugged him, Michael said that the hug was what he really needed. Michael told Lauren that Sabrina had been pregnant and lost the baby. Inside Sabrina's room, Victor told Sabrina that she was looking better -- he said that her color was returning. Sabrina asked Victor to get her some ice chips. When Victor left the room, Sabrina stared at the photograph of the French chateau that Victor had purchased.

In the hallway, Victor talked with Michael and Lauren. He told the Baldwins that he thought Sabrina was getting better. Victor asked Lauren to bring Sabrina some pajamas and robes from the boutique. When Victor walked away, Michael told Lauren that Victor was in denial. Michael said that the only thing that might save Sabrina was a new liver.

When Victor returned with the ice chips, he told Michael to go home and get some rest. Victor reminded Lauren to bring the nightgowns and pajamas for Sabrina. Just as the Baldwins were about to leave, they heard alarms coming from Sabrina's room. Michael, Lauren, Victor, and Adam rushed into the room to find Sabrina in respiratory distress. An emergency team entered to attempt to resuscitate Sabrina. The team worked unsuccessfully on Sabrina for a few minutes -- Sabrina died. A devastated Victor stared at his wife's body as Lauren, Michael, and Adam looked on.

At the Hellstroms', Nikki fell asleep on the couch and began having a bad dream in which David was standing over her. In her dream, Nikki saw a little girl sitting in a nearby chair, playing with a rattle. Nikki asked the girl who she was, and what she was doing there. David reappeared and told Nikki not to bother speaking to the child -- that the girl was dead, having been killed by Nikki. The apparition told Nikki that the girl was Sabrina's daughter -- and that Nikki was the reason the girl had never been born. In the dream, Nikki lashed out at David and told him that everything had been his fault -- he was a murderer. David said that Nikki had brought everything on herself by being such an easy mark for him. In the dream, he told Nikki that she had acted pathetically by taking him back, after everyone in her life had told her to get rid of him. As her dream continued, Nikki heard the little girl humming. Nikki turned and saw the girl sitting in Sabrina's lap. David told the girl that Nikki was the woman who had deprived her of life.

Nikki's phone rang and she woke up. Answering the phone, Nikki learned that Sabrina had died.

Adam called Nick and told his stunned half-brother that Sabrina had died. Nick told Adam that he would let Victoria know. Sharon overheard the bad news as Nick told Phyllis. Sharon suggested that she and Nick together tell Noah that Sabrina had died. Nick said that he would tell Noah himself. After Nick left, Phyllis asked Jack if he still felt like gloating about how many copies of the magazine had sold.

Phyllis sarcastically suggested to the Abbotts that they send a photographer to the hospital to take pictures of the grieving family -- that perhaps they could even publish a special edition. Jack said that he felt horrible about Sabrina's death, although Phyllis didn't believe him. When Phyllis walked away, Jack told Sharon that the article had put Sabrina "on the map," and everyone would want to know about the life of "this beautiful woman whose life was cut too short." Jack said that, without the article, Restless Style would be shutting its doors -- and Sabrina would still be dead.

Jack issued a press release over the phone. He said that Sabrina was a "rising patron of the arts, whose bright light was sadly extinguished too early," and that everyone at Restless Style was shocked and saddened by Sabrina's death. After Jack hung up, Phyllis told him that she was sickened by what he did to Sabrina. Sharon asked Phyllis when she had grown a "moral compass," adding that Phyllis was the last person who should be criticizing Jack.

Nick called Victoria and told his grief-stricken sister about Sabrina's death. Victoria told J.T. and Heather, then she and J.T. quickly left to meet Nick at the hospital.

Victoria, J.T., and Nick arrived at the hospital, and Michael told them that Victor needed some more time alone to sit with Sabrina. J.T. took a call -- he learned that the paparazzi were arriving at Newman Towers. J.T. left to take care of that situation. When Victoria said how much she regretted not having apologized to Sabrina, Michael assured Victoria that Sabrina had been glad to see her -- and that she knew that Victoria's visit was an implicit apology. Adam pointedly said that he was glad he hadn't left the hospital when Victor told him to. Victoria sarcastically said that she understood -- Adam was "the perfect son." As they all spoke about how wonderful Sabrina was, Adam called Heather and said, "I'll be right there." Before Adam left, he stared through the window at a despondent Victor sitting with Sabrina.

Nick said that he didn't know if Victor would want him and Victoria around. Michael said that Victor didn't want anybody around -- including Adam. Lauren told Victoria and Nick that Victor really needed them. Nick said that, in spite of everything, they were Victor's children, and would stay to support Victor. Later, the Baldwins discussed how Victoria and Nick showed up to support Victor, despite Victor's efforts to push them out of his life. Lauren said that in times of crisis, families came together. Michael said that he needed to continue the search for Lowell Baldwin -- his father.

Victoria told Nick that she had treated Sabrina horribly -- even though Sabrina had tried to reach out to her. As Victoria sang Sabrina's praises, Nick said that he wished he had known Sabrina better. Victoria said that she loved Sabrina -- and that she should have acted like it.

Adam and Heather met at Crimson Lights. He told Heather that Victoria acted cold towards him at the hospital. Adam said that Victoria felt guilty about the way she had treated Sabrina, and thus was having trouble dealing with Sabrina's death. Adam said that he -- not Victoria -- would one day be inheriting Newman Enterprises. He told Heather that Victor had been offended when he decided to use the name "Adam Wilson." Adam said that since he was in line to continue the Newman legacy, he should honor that by henceforth using his legal name -- "Victor Adam Newman."

At the hospital, Victor sat with Sabrina's body and told her how much happiness she had brought to his life. He went on to say that part of him was angry with those who had been unkind to her -- particularly Victoria. Victor wondered aloud why Sabrina -- so vibrant, young, and full of life -- had been taken from him.

Victor promised Sabrina that he would find out who was responsible for her death. He added that he would never forgive Nikki for bringing David Chow into their lives. As Victor turned, he saw Nikki standing at the door.

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