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The tape with evidence against Grant went missing. Everyone searched for Lila and Matt's baby. Matt asked Lila to marry him. Josie panicked when she realized Gary might not be able to father children. A baby was found, but it wasn't Lila's.
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Another World Recaps: The week of October 26, 1998 on AW
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Monday, October 26, 1998

Tyrone visits Marley at her house. He's still confused about what happened at the Ball that night. He says now that he's her lawyer, anything she told him was confidential, so she shouldn't be afraid to answer his questions.

As the E.M.T.s try to help Lila, she was crying for her baby. Cass tries to comfort her.

Cindy's tape was playing on the sound system, but with all the confusion going on about the baby, no one was really paying attention except for Grant. Cindy tries to get Joe to listen, but he was too concerned about finding Jasmine. He takes over the sound system to speak to the party guests.

Matt was shocked that his baby was missing. He cries over the fact that someone has kidnapped his baby. Sofia and his family try to console him.

Tyrone says he'd like to talk to Donna. He was having flashes of memory... he can remember that Donna can write. Even though his memory is fuzzy, he was convinced that he did in fact take Donna to the Ball. Marley tries to convince him that Donna was home all night, but Tyrone insists that she wasn't. Donna was holding a crystal in her hand and drops it.

Joe wants someone to check the elevator shaft. Josie offers to do it. Gary protests saying it's too dangerous... she felt dizzy just a few minutes ago. Cameron starts to say that it's too dangerous in her condition, but catches himself and says "in her costume" instead. Gary tries to tell Joe that Josie isn't feeling well, but she insists that she's doing it.

Cindy tries again to get Joe's attention about the tape, but he doesn't have time to listen to her. He leaves and Grant approaches. Cindy looks defeated and says this was the part where he dangles the tape in front of her. He asks what she's talking about. Then it dawns on him that she hasn't made any copies, and they race to get to the tape. Cindy gets there first, but the tape was gone.

Cass tries to convince Lila to go to the hospital, but she was refusing to leave without her baby. She insists that something was wrong. Zak watches as she cries for her baby. Suddenly, she passes out. The E.M.T. says her blood pressure was falling and she's going into shock. Cass begs her to hold on... he says she can't leave Jasmine... or him. Lila wakes up and refuses medical attention until she has her baby. Zak comes over. In a calm voice he told her Matt was upstairs with the baby, and he's worried about her. He keeps repeating, "everything was going to be fine." But Lila still keeps saying something was wrong with her baby.

Joe checks with building security, but there were no tapes in the security cameras, and no one noticed anything unusual. Josie reports that there was no sign of an exit or passageway in the elevator shaft. There's no sign of Jasmine, either.

Zak told Matt that Lila was refusing to go to the hospital without her baby. Paulina says someone has to tell her what happened. Matt asks Zak what's going on. He's the reason they're all there. Zak says he doesn't know anything. Matt threatens that if anything happens to his baby, Zak will pay.

Marley sees the crystal fall, but Tyrone doesn't. She moves it under Donna's bed with her foot. Tyrone says this can't be the first time he's been in Marley's house. He knows things about it, like the broken glass beside Donna's bed, and the cordless phone. Marley also wonders how he would know that.

Cindy asks the man running the sound system what happened to the tape, but he doesn't know. Grant taunts her. She accuses him of taking the tape, but he says he doesn't know what she's talking about. She tries to attack him physically, and he warns her he'll have her arrested for assault. She says she'll tell everyone what he's done. He told her to go ahead... with her record, no one will believe her.

The Corys question Zak about the Lumina foundation. He was the one who first told them about Lumina. He says he doesn't know anything he hasn't already told them. Matt points out that Lila said Zak was the one who convinced her to come to the party. Zak says she was lonely and he felt bad for her. How could he have known she'd go into labor or that the elevator would break down? He says he feels just as bad as anyone about what happened to Jasmine, but that he had nothing to do with it.

Joe told Ms. Allen that he wants information such as the names of everyone at the party, names of Lumina employees, blueprints and floorplans of the building. She says she can't give him the information. It's company policy. Joe was stunned. A baby was missing, he says. She told him she was following the orders of Jordan Stark, the chairman of Lumina. Joe says he wants to talk to Mr. Stark, but she says he's not there... he never was.

Matt told Lila that Jasmine was missing. She gets hysterical, and finally the E.M.T.s take her to the ambulance. Zak and Sofia watch as she leaves. Cass and Matt tell Lila that they'll find Jasmine.

Tyrone questions Marley. He asks her the name of the nurse. Marley says she doesn't know. They agency told her, but she forgot. He asks for the name of the agency. Marley jokes that he's cross-examining her. He apologizes, and asks if he can come back tomorrow and talk to Donna. Marley says OK. Tyrone leaves. Marley wakes up Donna. She says she knows Donna was at the Lumina Ball. She recognizes the crystal as a party favor. She asks Donna why she made Tyrone take her there. She gives Donna paper and pen. Donna writes "NO". Marley says she already knows Donna was there. What she wants to know now was how she got home and where the nurse came from. Donna makes a question mark. Marley realizes Donna doesn't remember what happened... just like Tyrone.

Joe doesn't believe that Mr. Stark isn't at the party. Ms. Allen told Joe he's a very private man. Joe says, in his experience, that means he has something to hide. He told her to tell Mr. Stark he wants to speak to him, and to get him the records he requested.

Grant continues to taunt Cindy. He says he can tell she didn't make a copy of the tape. She calls him slime, but he just laughs. Then Grant tells Ms. Allen that he wants to see Mr. Stark. He hints that if Mr. Stark wants to continue to do business in Bay City, he'd better see Grant. Grant was sure one of Lumina's employees has the tape.

Cindy told Gary about the tape. He asks why she didn't tell Joe or him when she found it. She says she wanted to humiliate Grant in public. She thinks that Grant has the tape now.

Felicia finds Cass. He asks about Denise. Felicia says she took her home. She left her number for him, in case he ever gets over Lila. Cass was upset that there's nothing he can do to help Lila.

Matt stays with Lila at the hospital. She wakes up, terrified about Jasmine. Matt tries to reassure her that they'll get her back. He asks her how she feels. She says she feels empty. She used to have the baby safe inside her, and she never felt alone then. Matt told her she's not alone now. She has him and his family. But Lila can't stop crying, and Matt hugs her. Sofia and Zak walk in and see them.

As Grant was going to his car, Cindy comes up behind him and told him if he moves, he's dead.

Joe was frustrated. They've questioned everyone in the building and came up with nothing. Cameron blames the Lumina people for not co-operating. Joe says they will when he returned with a court order. Marley returns and told Joe she wants to talk to Jordan Stark. Joe told her he wasn't there at all that night.

Cindy told Grant she wants the tape. She pretends to have a gun at his back. She searches him, but finds nothing. Grant turns around and sees that she was just holding a cigar. She asks him what he did with the tape. He just laughs at her as he gets in his car and drives away.

Lila cries and says she wishes she never went to the Ball. She says babies without parents are called orphans, but what do you call parents without their baby? Sofia walks away, saying that Remy knew something terrible would happen. Then she starts blaming herself, saying she wished for it. Zak told her that she can't make something happen just by wishing for it. He asks if he can take her home. He says she shouldn't be alone. She told him she has to get used to being alone and runs off. Zak's phone rings. It was Mystery Man. He told Zak to learn more about Remy. He also says they made quite an impact on Bay City tonight. It was a night they won't forget.

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meghann

Lila was still in the hospital and no-one can get her to eat or drink. Matt leaves to go talk to Sofia and Cass went to comfort Lila. Lila told Cass that no-one could take her baby but God. She believes that God was punishing her for all the mistakes she made. Rachel was standing in the doorway and tells Lila that that was so not true. She says that everyone makes mistakes and God doesn't punish them. Rachel told Lila that the sooner she's out of the hospital the sooner she can help find Jasmine. Lila then eats her breakfast and prepares to leave. Meanwhile, Sofia was overwhelmed with guilt about the disappearance of Jasmine. She feels that because of her wish, all of this happened. Matt was with Sofia for a few minutes, then went back to be with Lila.

Over at Marley's house, Marley was trying to get Donna to write down what happened the night Tyrone came over but Donna won't cooperate. Then, Vicky comes over. (Marley was not pleased by this.) Vicky was talking to Donna and telling her that she brought over movies to watch and ice-cream to eat when Donna grabs Vicky's hand and squeezes it. Vicky told Marley that Donna just grabbed her hand and Marley said that Donna sometimes had spasms and not to think anything of it. But then Donna grabbed Vicky's hand again and Vicky asks Donna to squeeze her hand if she wants to write something. Donna squeezes her hand again. Vicky went off to get something to write with. Marley then proceeds to ask why Donna was out to ruin Marley's life. Then she gives her some tea which has those tranquilizer things in them so she falls asleep.

Back at the hospital, Lila was leaving with Matt and he told her that before they go home they have to go somewhere first, and they walk off. Sofia is telling Felecia how she feels that she was losing Matt and how things were supposed to be different when the baby was born.

At the police station, Cameron, Toni, and Josie are trying to find leads and are very troubled that there was absolutely no clues at all in the case. Things get very tense between Cameron and Josie. Later, Cameron and Josie are in Joe's office, (Joe's not there), and are talking about how they have to keep the secret's and lies up so no-one will get hurt. Just then Gary enters and asks 'what secrets and lies?' They quickly cover by saying that the Lumina people are not helping them with the case and Josie wants to lie low and let Lumina make a mistake while Cameron wants to hassle them and see what a grand jury has to say. Gary buys the story. They then leave the office and later Toni and Josie are talking an Josie told Toni she's pregnant.

Toni and Chris got into yet another argument. Toni was upset that Chris is never there and how she can't express her feelings to him. She comes to the conclusion that he was seeing another girl. He told her that she was the only one and she doesn't believe him. She wants to know why he smelled like cheap perfume at the Lumina ball. Chris told Toni that when she believes she is the only one then she can come find him, and he storms off. Back at the hospital, Matt takes Lila to the chapel. He told her they should pray for Jasmine and so they kneel and pray. After they are done they start talking about how perfect she was when she was born and how Matt actually realized that he was her father. He told Lila he feels really bad that he was selfish during her pregnancy. He proceeds to tell her that when he was praying he promised God that Jasmine would have everything she could want and he promised that she would be raised by Lila and him together. He then asks her to marry him.

Back at Marley's house, Vicky and Marley start talking about the night she almost jumped off the docks. Vicky wants to know why. Marley then told her how she bottled up her emotion and could hide it so well that she was very depressed and she just couldn't take it anymore.

At the Herald, Chris was reading over some papers when Toni walks in. She asks him if they are still on for dinner. As they are about to leave, the phone rings and Chris answers it. It was someone for the Love Lady. Chris asks Toni to get a pen out of his drawer so he can take a message. When, he's done with the call, he turns to Toni to leave and she's holding a bracelet, (the one he wore when he was the Love Lady.) He asks her where she found that and she asks him if she's still the only woman in his life. She then throws the bracelet at him and leaves.

Wednesday, October 28, 1998

Today's recap was provided by The Raven

Vicky's still talking to Marley at Marley's place, and Marley admits that she left town because of the rape, and that she had never really gotten over the pain. Vicky starts bawling uncontrollably, and has to leave. Marley comments to Donna that she would have been proud of her if she had been awake to see it, because Marley was simple, eloquent, and honest. Marley truly did seem to mean everything she said to Vicky.

While this was happening, Jake's playing phone-tag with Stark and ragging him out about having lost a baby (he is, of course, talking to his answering service). Chris keeps trying to butt in, and when Jake hangs up, Chris blames him for his break-up with Toni, and says that the Love Lady is finished, and Jake can find another lackey. Before going home, Jake phones and offers a $50,000 reward from Herald funds for the baby's safe return, assuming Lumina will match it.

He gets home to find a distraught Vicky, who admits what Marley told her. (This was after Jake makes a few snide, and frankly uncalled for, remarks about Donna and Marley.) He takes off to go to Marley's (which she fully expected) to pick a fight with her about talking to Vicky about the rape.

Back at the house, Kirkland has a nightmare about Cindy the Evil Step-Mother, and Vicky finds out what Cindy was up to with her son. Needless to say, Vicky's just a tad peeved.

At the Cory Chapel, Matt and Lila are praying for their baby, and he asks Lila to marry him. She demurs at first, but he wears her down. They embrace before he leaves, and share a chaste kiss. He wanders off, and Lila decides to go to the Lumina place. Matt runs into Rachel at the police station, and between them they figure she's gone -- Cass went Lila-hunting. Toni, being the bright, intelligent cop that she is, told Matt and Rachel that the person who took the baby obviously was very bright and planned this thing out. Yes, that's it -- comfort the grieving father by telling him how unlikely it was that the kidnapper will panic and make a mistake to trip himself up. Matt freaks out, and Toni wanders off, calling herself stupid. Chris shows up to comfort her, but she told him she can't stand to be anywhere near him.

At Lumina, Lila cries for awhile in the elevator. She shows up in the ball area (NOW where are the security guards??), yelling for answers. Surprise, surprise -- Zak shows up. Lila threatens to kill him, but he calms her down, until she jumps out on the balcony and threatens to jump unless she sees Stark. Lightening strikes, scaring Lila, and Zak pulls her in, embracing her, and begging her not to do anything that stupid again. Then he starts telling Lila how she has power inside her, "just like him".

Thursday, October 29, 1998

Zak told a distraught Lila not to give up hope and believe that her daughter would be restored safely to her arms before long. His words moved her and she promised to think good thoughts to get Jasmine back. Meanwhile, Stark listened in from one of his hidden cameras to everything Zak told Lila and was pleased to think that he now has Lila right where he wants her. Lila asked Zak to see if he could find out any more information for her. Zak promised he would try, if she'd believe that her baby would be given back to her. As they continue talking about Lila's faith, Cass arrived at the Lumina Foundation and Zak quickly left. Cass told Lila he figured he would find her here and Lila told him that Zak had been helping her look for Jasmine, but Cass remained suspicious of Zak. As Lila fretted about her missing baby, Cass comforted her and Lila declared that she would do anything to get her baby back. A listening in Stark, said that was exactly what he wanted to hear. Cass consoles a sobbing Lila, and promised her that he will move heaven and earth to find Jasmine and punish the person responsible for her abduction. Just then a phone call came in and Cass learned that a baby had been found, so he and Lila raced off to the police station. Zak went upstairs and walked into Stark's office and called him a cold-hearted bastard and Stark reminded Zak that he had known that when he signed on. He then ordered Zak to put the next phase of their plan into action.

Joe came in to find Paulina busy as a bee and told her that he gave the babysitter the okay to take Dante to the park. Paulina went ballistic and berated Joe for agreeing to let the babysitter take their son to the park. Joe told her she was being a little over paranoid and she told him that was because a kidnapper has already stolen one Cory baby and may have an agenda against the Cory's and try to take another Cory child. Before they could discuss the situation any further, a kid came in the diner and told Joe he heard a strange noise in the trash can dumpster behind the diner that sounded like a baby. Joe told the kid to take him where he heard the noise as he, Paulina and the kid rushed out to go investigate.

As they exited, Vicky showed up and confronted Cindy by saying, "stay away from my son, you bitch or should I call you the wicked step-mother. Cindy tried to play coy, but Vicky wasn't buying it and asked Cindy what kind of a person would terrorize a child. Cindy told Vicky that Kirkland was good at making up stories. Vicky told Cindy that she doesn't care what kind of game her and Grant got going on, she was to leave Kirkland out of it. Cindy then told Vicky that she had information on Grant and if she went down, Grant was going to go down with her. Vicky asked her if the so called evidence was the what she cut out of Puffy. Caught in a lie, with no responses, Vicky told Cindy that she knew she was lying because all she does was lie. She then asks Cindy about the woman in the car with her who called herself "Marnie," and said she'd described a short dark haired woman before. Cindy continued playing coy and Vicky told her since she lies all the time she wanted to know if she'd been telling the truth the first time or covering for Marley. Cindy tap dances around and tries to fend off Vicky's fury. Vicky was all over Cindy and also asks her about her new friendship with Marley. Cindy just told Vicky that the story she told her the first time about the dark-haired woman was the truth and she can choose to believe it or not. Vicky says right now, I am leaning more towards not, but gives Cindy one final warning before leaving. She told Cindy to stay away from Kirkland or her breakup with Grant won't be the only thing she was going to be losing, next time it will be her front teeth and with that note, Vicky leaves. Following her encounter with Vicky, Cindy tries to call Marley, but gets no answer. She then rushes to Marley's house and warns her fellow conspirator that one of their secrets was in danger of being exposed.

Jake continues to question Marley about why she has brought up the rape to Vicky. Marley admitted to Jake she had told Vicky about what happened between them. Jake and Marley discuss and disagree about their past and the reason their marriage collapsed. Jake cannot believe how Marley has rewritten the way things were between them. He was amazed as he listens to Marley's recollection of their past. Jake asks Marley if she tried to commit suicide because of the rape. Donna overheard and knocked a picture over. Jake and Marley ran inside and Donna tried to point to a pen. Jake realized she wanted to write something, as Marley tried to tell him that she doesn't think that was what Donna wants. Jake asked Donna and Donna motioned that she wanted to write something down so Marley gave her mother the pen, reluctantly. Donna wrote a note, and as Marley read it, the phone rang -- Cindy calling from Carlino's. She held onto the note. Cindy tried to warn her that Vicky was on the way, but Marley hung up. She and Jake went back in the garden, and she showed him the note, which read: "Don't lie." Jake asked if Marley was lying. Marley continued lying and went back to the night of the rape. She told Jake after it had happened, Vicky might have said the word "rape" first, but they went back to his place and found him in a coma. Vicky told her they should not call the police, and Marley told him she had just gone along with it. She then added that nothing had ever been resolved, after that night between them. This time Jake's phone rang and he got the information on the baby that was found. He stepped away to take the call and Marley took the opportunity to spout more threats at Donna. Just then, Cindy rushed in and said they had to talk. Marley told her Jake was still there. Cindy warned her that Vicky was on her way over, and Marley made Cindy duck into a closet just as Vicky arrived. Vicky told Marley what Cindy had been doing with Kirkland. Vicky then asked Donna if she had been in the car with Cindy that nearly ran her down in the cemetery that day. Marley told Vicky that she doesn't think Donna was up to communicating right now, but Vicky said that Donna wanted to talk to her yesterday and now she wants to hear Donna's side of the story and would stay with Donna as long as she needed to be able to communicate with her. Jake came back in, and Vicky was startled to find that he was there and asked Marley why she didn't tell her that Jake was here. Jake told Vicky that he needed some answers from Marley, but now he has to go because he just got a break in the missing baby story. Vicky told Jake to hold up because Donna was going to try to tell her if she was in the car that day. Marley gave Donna a threatening look and Donna closed her eyes. Frustrated, Jake and Vicky left. Once they were gone, Cindy came out of the closet and Marley told her she now believed she would get Jake back once he realizes it was Vicky who drove her from him all those years ago.

Joe and Paulina found a baby in the dumpster where the boy had indicated. They weren't sure if it was Jasmine or not. Joe called Matt and said they might have found Jasmine. They agreed to meet at the precinct. Matt and Lila and everyone converged at the station and Joe asked if the baby was Jasmine. Matt said it wasn't. He pointed out that she had a little red mark on her heel that was not there now. Lila and Cass showed up and Lila ran to Matt holding the infant and thought it was Jasmine. Matt told her it wasn't their baby and Lila was crushed. Just then A couple came to claim their baby, and after returning the baby to her relieved parents, Joe explained to Lila and the Cory's how a network of baby snatchers seems to have set up shop in Bay City. Lila began to cry and got support from the whole family, who left to return home.

Joe and Paulina return to Carlino's and are relieved when the babysitter showed up at Carlino's with Dante. Joe promised he'd protect Paulina and Dante from anything that scared her in her past, and left. Paulina doubted it, and took out a locket from her pocket.

Lila asks Matt how are they going to get through this ordeal, while Matt comforted her. Cass and Rachel come in to also lend support and check for messages on Jasmine, while Lila explained how she was going crazy not knowing where the baby was. A call came in from a reporter and Matt took it while Lila and Cass go out on the terrace. Lila told Cass to tell her one of his stories to help take her mind off of the baby. Cass starts telling Lila jokes, but they don't help and she ends up bursting into tears. Cass holds and comforts her and she has a flashback of talking with Zak earlier about him telling her not to stop believing that she will get Jasmine back. Cass assured her Jasmine would come home. Lila told him if she believed hard enough, maybe it would happen. Cass was skeptical of that attitude, but made her comfortable on the terrace and then went inside to make a call. As she lied there on the lounge chair, Lila thought she heard Jasmine crying and called to Cass. Cass said she was dreaming, but Lila didn't buy that and was certain her baby was on the grounds and ran off trying to find her...

Friday, October 30, 1998

Gary, Cameron and Amanda ask Josie about the baby that was found. Josie tells them it wasn't Jasmine. Joe wants Josie to work undercover to catch the baby sellers. Gary doesn't want her to accept the assignment. It's too dangerous. He told this to Joe, who demands to know if there's a reason why Josie shouldn't work undercover.

Matt and Rachel begin to worry about the fact that they haven't received a ransom demand yet... maybe this was about more than money, says Rachel. Someone slips a piece of paper under the front door. Matt opens the door, but there's no sign of anyone.

Lila keep insisting to Cass that she did indeed hear Jasmine crying. She runs off to find her. She's disappointed when she can't find Jasmine, but swears she did hear her. She says it's just like Zak said it would be. Cass doesn't trust Zak... he likes playing with Lila's mind. Lila told Cass about Matt's marriage proposal and that she said yes.

Mr. Stark was bothered by Cass... he has too much influence over Lila. He orders Zak to fix it.

Josie told Joe that she was too recognizable for undercover work. Amanda volunteers to do it instead. Joe protests that it's too dangerous. Cameron offers to go with her. Joe says maybe, and the three of them leave to talk about it. Josie looks angry about having to turn down the assignment.

Matt and Rachel are disappointed that the paper they found was just a request from a reporter for an interview.

Cass doesn't like hearing Lila's news. She explains to him that Jasmine brought her and Matt closer together. Cass reminds her that they're in a crisis, and that once Jasmine was found, Matt's feelings could change. Lila gets upset and wants Cass to leave. Cass says she needs to be protected from Zak, not from him.

Zak arrives at the Cory mansion. He told Matt and Rachel that he has to warn them about Cass.

Josie says it's not a good idea for Cameron and Amanda to work undercover together. Gary offers to go as unofficial backup for them, but Josie told him he has to keep his doctor's appointment. They discuss the baby. Gary wants Josie to take a leave of absence, but she doesn't like the idea. Gary settles for her to ask Joe for less dangerous cases.

Cameron and Amanda approach a lawyer as a couple looking to adopt a baby quickly.

At Gary's appointment, the doctor told him that all the test results haven't come back yet, but those that did were good. However, among the results that didn't come back was one for the pituitary gland. If that was damaged, the doctor told them, it may be impossible for Gary to father a child.

The lawyer told Cameron and Amanda that it will take a few months to get them a baby. Amanda becomes panicky and pressures him to get them a baby right away. Her behavior makes the lawyer suspicious. He starts reaching into his jacket, asking who they really are. Cameron notices he's reaching for a gun, so he makes his watch beep, then says it's his beeper and makes an excuse to leave.

Zak told Matt and Rachel about Lila's episode on the roof of the Lumina building. Matt was shocked.

Lila discusses with Cass how Zak convinced her to go to the ball. Cass says Zak was exploiting how bad Lila felt about not being able to go to the party. Lila defends Zak and his ideas about making things happen by believing. She says it gives her hope that she'll find Jasmine. Cass tells her there's nothing wrong with hope, but that Zak was filling her mind with false hope, and that's what he finds problematic.

Zak blames Lila's actions on Cass. He says Cass brought her down with his negativity and pessimism, and that he has Lila thinking there's no hope left. Rachel says Cass was skeptical, not negative, but Matt was ready to believe Zak. Zak told them about the lawsuit Cass has used to threaten Lumina, and says that will only make it harder for Lumina to co-operate with the police. Rachel walks out.

Cass told Lila his suspicions that Lumina orchestrated every strange occurrence at the ball... including Jasmine's kidnapping. Lila listens carefully to him, but still refuses to believe that Zak had anything to do with it.

Matt discusses a T.V. appeal with Zak, and says he wants to offer a one million dollar reward for the return of Jasmine. Lila enters the room and says she wants to be included in the idea. Matt thinks the appeal will work better coming from Lila. She agrees to do it and leaves with Zak to start planning it. Matt finds Cass and told him to back off from Lila. He blames Cass for Lila almost jumping off the roof.

Cameron told Amanda that although it's obvious the lawyer was up to something, he doesn't think he has Jasmine. They share a romantic moment reminiscing about their relationship. Cameron told her he loves her and he always will. She says it's the first time she believes a man really loves her.

Gary told the doctor there can't be anything wrong with his pituitary gland because Josie was pregnant. The doctor agrees that if Josie was pregnant, there must be no problem, but he'll let Gary know when he gets the test results.

Cass can't believe what he's hearing. Matt asks him if he hasn't told Lila that there's no hope of finding her baby. Cass says of course he didn't tell her that. All he said was not to take what Zak says very seriously. Matt says Zak has filled Rachel and him in. He told Cass that he has no reason to even be there... he's not the baby's father. Cass says he's there because he cares about Lila, which was more than he can say for Matt. Matt says having the baby changed his feelings. Cass asks if that's why he gave Lila a "pity proposal". They almost come to blows. Cass reminds Matt that, all through the pregnancy, he was there for Lila while Matt just pushed her away. He says if Lila was going to jump off the roof, it was after she heard his proposal. He reminds Matt about Sofia, and accuses him of having no intention of following through with his proposal. Matt orders Cass to leave and stay away from Lila.

Gary talks excitedly about the future with Josie. He says after this child was born, he wants to have others. Now that he has Cameron back, he knows the value of having a brother. He suggests to Josie that if the baby was a boy, they can name him after his Uncle Cameron. Gary leaves, and Josie immediately phones Cameron and told him the problem just got worse. She told him about the possibility that Gary can't father a child.

Cass asks Joe if there's any news about Jasmine. Joe told him about the lawyer they were checking out. Cass advises him to focus on Lumina. Joe agrees with Cass's suspicions. Cass leaves. As he's walking past a limo, he's ordered inside. When he refuses, he's told it's his only chance to see Mr. Stark. Cass gets in the car.

Rachel reaches out to Lila and gives her emotional support. Lila looks overwhelmed by Rachel's concern for her. After Rachel leaves, Lila sits down and closes her eyes for a moment. When she opens them, Zak was standing there. He has her close her eyes again. He told her to take all of Cass's negative thoughts, put them in a box and set the box on fire. All the negativity will vanish in a puff of smoke. She visualizes this, and asks him, now what? He told her he may have a way to help her out.

In the limo, Cass realizes they've passed the city limit. He told the driver that this isn't the way to Lumina, but gets no response. He tells the driver to stop the car. The driver steps on the gas and the car accelerates. Cass asks where he's being taken.

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