The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 26, 1998 on B&B

An anonymous benefactor saved Sally from bankruptcy. Amber bought wedding rings, but Rick was having second thoughts. Rick's parents were delighted to see that Rick seemed interested in Kimberly. Ridge and the lingerie-clad Brooke got trapped in the Forrester elevator.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 26, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, October 26, 1998

Sally pleads with her banker to give her more time, especially now with Thorne's help. The bank can not extend the foreclosure based on speculation and forces Spectra to close. C.J. encourages his mother not to give up but Sally admits even she could not pull the rabbit out of a hat this time. The Spectra mail is delivered and Darla shockingly tells Sally there is a check for $500,000 payable to Spectra! There's no name on the check. Who could have done such a thing?

Brooke says Rick forgot about his worries while having dinner with the Fairchild's until Amber called and reality set in. Maybe Kimberly is just what Rick needs, Brooke speculates. Myles and Kimberly settle into their new house as Myles promises his daughter that she will love living in LA. Kimberly thinks she will also especially now that Rick is going to show her around. Rick drops by with Kim's purse and apologizes for not saying goodbye at dinner. Rick agrees to show Kim the ropes around school tomorrow. Amber shops for wedding rings that are inexpensive yet symbolic of her love for Rick. She decides on a pair which she says will make their engagement official.

Eric hopes the dinner tonight will have an effect on Rick. Brooke says it was good for Rick to get away from his problems and just enjoy meeting other girls. Brooke hates to see Rick plowed under by his problems all the time Rick leaves the Fairchild's while Myles tells his daughter not to get too attached to the first person she meets.

Rick returns home when Brooke mentions she is glad he had a good time tonight. Rick reminds her that he is still engaged to Amber. Brooke says Rick hasn't been himself lately and is worried he is taking on too much responsibility. Brooke reminds her son that although he has a responsibility to others, he also has a responsibility to himself. Amber calls and asks Rick to meet her at Insomnia after school tomorrow because she has a surprise for him. Amber says the baby says goodnight and Rick hangs up confused about his life.

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

Stephanie talks with Brooke about her chat with Amber and admits that she has been trying to convince the pregnant teen to consider adoption but adds that Amber is adamantly opposed to the idea. Disappointed, Brooke mentions the dinner last night and the girl that caught Rick's eye. However, the phone call from Amber spoiled his evening and Brooke asks Stephanie to continue to work on Amber. C.J. and Rick talk at the Insomnia. When Kimberly enters the coffee house, Rick points her out to C.J. who is impressed. However, when they talk with Kimberly, C.J. feels left out and leaves without saying goodbye. Kimberly mentions to Rick that they are going to be partners in a science project. When she leaves, she unknowingly passes Amber who rushes to Rick and gives him a big kiss. He's not impressed but she moves ahead and surprises him with the Celtic wedding rings. Sally visits her daughter and finds her alone in a dark house, lying on a couch. She urges Macy to go out and get her life going again. They're interrupted by a messenger delivering flowers along with a note that encourages Macy to believe that things will get better.

Wednesday, October 28, 1998

Taylor pleases Ridge when she reveals that Pierce has decided to cancel the project at work. He can't understand why she wants to remain with Pierce now that the project is over. She asks him if he asked Brooke to talk with Pierce about canceling it but he denies it and suggests they go away for a few days to celebrate. Taylor explains that she's got to clear things up with Pierce first. At the office Pierce stuns his employees with the news that he's ended the secret project but adds that he wants to go back on the lecture circuit. Brooke arrives and congratulates him on doing the right thing where Taylor is concerned. However, she also states that it must be obvious to him now that Taylor does have feelings for him. Pierce confides that it is too painful to think that way. After Brooke leaves, Taylor arrives and asks him why he canceled the hypnosis experiment. Refusing to say, Pierce urges her to drop the matter. Taylor starts to clear her desk but Pierce explains that he needs her. When Kimberly mentions Rick to her father again, he warns her about becoming too close to him. Amber admires the rings she and Rick are now wearing. When she starts kissing him, he begs off and claims that he's got to meet his science project partner. She jokes that he better keep his ring on to keep the other women away. Brooke talks with Ridge about the changes at Taylor's job. Ridge again states his displeasure at Taylor's working with Pierce.

Thursday, October 29, 1998

Thorne tells Stephanie and Eric that he wants to talk to them about his future. He has taken a job and he doesn't want any misunderstandings; he is going to help Sally save Spectra. Both Stephanie and Eric are outraged. Thorne says that he wants to help Macy. Her mother has worked herself ragged for the past 30 years to leave some kind of legacy for Macy and C.J.. Thorne says that Sally was about to go under until she got a last minute reprieve . . . Stephanie says, "Let her go under! Send her to the bottom with all the other bottom suckers!" Eric reminds him that Sally has stolen from them since she has been in business; just a couple of years ago, she tried to steal their entire showing---all of Grant's designs which belonged to Forrester. Thorne reminds him that they turned around and stole Spectra's head designer. Stephanie says that that doesn't compare with the lifetime that she stole from them. No, she says, we will not accept this.

Ridge is working on a bright red negligee when Brooke mentions that he looks pretty confident for a man who thinks that Pierce Peterson has designs on his wife. Why does he believe that, anyway? Ridge says that all you have to do is watch him as he looks at her or talks about her; his eyes light up. Oh yes, the man has a major case on my wife, he says. Then that is too bad for me, Brooke says but Ridge isn't amused. Brooke says that Taylor is with Pierce right now. How can he bear having his wife alone with a sexy, handsome and charismatic guy like Pierce? Ridge is sure that Taylor won't be with that job much longer now that the hocus pocus project has been cancelled. He wouldn't be surprised if Taylor hasn't cleaned out her office already. "How much you want to bet?" Brooke challenges.

Taylor tells Pierce that she will think about staying on. She mentions that Ridge would like for her to take some time off and possibly go on a vacation. This seems like a good time to do that. Pierce is worried that if she leaves now, she will never come back. Taylor wonders why he wants to keep her anyway since he no longer needs her. Pierce tells her that he needs her more than ever now. There are so many people out there that needs their help and he can't do it alone. When Taylor objects, he tells her that he can teach her what she doesn't already know; she is completely trustworthy; she has a brilliant mind, and she has a caring, compassionate heart. Taylor tells him that she has Bailey to help him but he sadly tells her that Bailey is no longer with him. I had to let Bailey go, he explains. He was becoming too dependent on me and that was crippling him. Taylor is surprised; she never saw any signs of that in Bailey. Pierce explains that he didn't either until it was almost too late. He says that Bailey is getting the help that he needs but their association is over. It is a painful subject for Pierce but now he says, she knows why he has so much more to do. Taylor says that she still needs to think about it but she wonders what he will be doing and what he will need her for should she stay with him. He says that he will go back to helping people the way he used to. Better yet, he says, let me show you. Taking her hand he pulls her out of the office.

Thorne tells his parents that he wants and needs their support, not their permission. He will not stand by and watch Macy and Sally lose their family business. Stephanie says that Sally is a survivor; she will be fine. "That isn't the point," Thorne says. "I have watched for months while Macy has been going through pain and there was nothing I could do to help her. I love our company and I would never do anything to hurt it, but if it comes to a choice between this company and Macy, Macy will win every time. I hope that at least you can respect that."

"You are willing to bet money that Taylor will not quit her job?" Ridge asks, surprised. She walks seductively up to him and says that it doesn't have to be money. Then what is your bet? Ridge asks. She tells him to call it and he says that if he wins, she has to give up Pierce Peterson. Okay, she agrees. If I win, you have to give up Taylor. "Then its for $100?" Ridge asks. Let's make it $500, Brooke says, she knows Pierce's power of persuasion. Ridge says that he can be pretty persuasive himself and Brooke agrees.

Getting back to business, Ridge asks her to take the negligee to Vanessa and have her put it on while he calls Taylor. Brooke goes into the changing room and calls out of Vanessa. When she doesn't get an answer with her first call, she decides to put the negligee on herself.

The camera pans a beautiful mansion with a large pool and fountains. As they walk up to the door, Taylor says that it is an amazing place and asks to whom it belongs. Pierce tells her that it is his home. They go inside and Taylor is overwhelmed with the insides also. Pierce asks if she likes it and she answers that she likes it very much. She sees some people with cameras and asks what is going on. He tells her that they are there to get a light reading; they will be shooting a new video here next week. One of his helpers comes up and gives Pierce a fax that just came in. Pierce looks it over and shows it to Taylor telling her that it is a list of interviewees. She says that it is quite impressive, but he doesn't believe he will use any of them. Even though all of them believe in what he does, none of them are the best that he can get. None of them understand his work like she does. "You want me to host this video?" Taylor asks. "Who better?" he asks.

Ridge knocks on the door and says that he is ready for the model. Brooke tells him to wait for just a minute. Ridge walks across the room and when he turns around, there is Brooke in the hot red negligee. He wants to know what she is doing; where is Vanessa? Brooke tells him that Vanessa wasn't available; she must have been busy with Clark. He wants her to go back and get dressed but she tells him not to be afraid; this is just business. Just then, the phone rings and when Ridge answers, it is Taylor returning his call. He asks where she is and she says that she is at Pierce's house. She explains excitedly that Pierce is doing a new video and wants her to be the host. She asks what Ridge thinks about that. Ridge wonders what there is to think about. "You haven't given him an answer yet, have you?" He asks. Just then someone comes up and needs to use the phone so Taylor says a hasty goodbye. Ridge turns back to an elated Brooke and tells her that Pierce has offered Taylor a job making an infomercial!

Ridge wants to go to the sewing room but Brooke doesn't want to go anywhere dressed in the negligee. Ridge is insistent but she is equally insistent that she will not leave the office. He grabs her hand and pulls her out of the office, protesting all the way down the hall. He tells her to stop protesting; he has a meeting and he doesn't want to be late. He reminds her that this is strictly business. Two men get off the freight elevator and as Ridge and Brooke rush by, they stare, openmouthed. They continue to stare as the couple waits for the elevator and Brooke is completely aware that they are staring. Once they get into the elevator, Ridge punches a button; Brooke reaches over and punches a different button, all the time protesting that she will not go anywhere dressed like this. He punches; she punches. Suddenly the elevator shutters and jerks to a stop and the lights go out. Screaming, Brooke throws herself into Ridge's arms as everything goes dark.

Friday, October 30, 1998

The elevator stops then makes a rapid plunge downward. Brooke and Ridge are thrown around in the elevator, ending up on the floor when it suddenly slams to a stop. Brooke is panicked and tells Ridge to do something. Ridge tells her that they are stuck and the elevator doesn't have an alarm. He begins to bang on the doors and yell for someone to help. He stops when he remembers that the walls to the service elevator are thick and no one will be able to hear them. What are we going to do? Brooke asks. She says that it is awful hot in here and wonders if they will run out of air. Ridge assures her that they will not run out of air. He then says that he can probably remove the service panel in the roof and climb out. Brooke is worried that he will hurt himself if he tries that. Okay, then, he tells her. We are stuck. Make yourself comfortable. She demands that he take his shirt off. When he hesitates, she tells him that she needs to put it on the floor to sit upon; she doesn't want to get the negligee dirty.

Amber is trying on some of Spectra's fashions and asking Darla if it is okay that she takes the clothes. Darla wonders what they will be able to do with them; they weren't even able to have a fashion show this season. Amber says that once she is married, she will probably only wear clothes from Forrester Creations. Oh you poor baby! Darla says. So you are getting married? Amber shows her the Celtic rings.

Rick arrives at Kimberly's home too study. She mentions that it isn't so bad here in LA after all; she was afraid of things she had heard of Los Angeles. Rick kids her about thinking the worse of their city before they get down to studying. When Rick begins to open his notebook, she notices his ring and tells him that it is different than anything she has ever seen. He simply tells her that it is new. He then says that they will have to gather a lot of leaves for their project. When he begins to name all the trees they will need leaves from, she tells him that they have all of those trees back in Nantucket. He observes that she is homesick. She says that she spent all of her life there. She tells him about the tree beside the house outside her bedroom and how she used to feed the birds and squirrels from her windowsill. She even has a picture and Rick would like to see it. She goes to find the picture.

Left alone, Rick looks around the living room; he picks up a picture of Kimberly and her father. He is studying the photo and other things when Myles walks in. "What are you doing?" He asks, gruffly.

As Brooke sits on the floor watching, Ridge struggles with the doors to the elevator. When he is giving up, she tells him not to stop; she likes to watch his muscles ripple. Giving up completely, Ridge goes back into the middle part of the elevator. "What shall we do now?" Brooke asks, getting up and coming close to him. "Twenty questions, truth or dare, or maybe some strip poker without the cards?" Ridge tells her that she never stops trying. She asks what she is supposed to do. She is trapped alone with the man that she loves who is practically naked. As she caresses him, he says that they should just talk. She tells him to pick a topic but when he doesn't she decides to start. "How's your love life?" she blurts out. Ridge is caught off guard but tells he to change the subject. "Not too good, huh?" Brooke says. "I agree, how could it be? Well, if it is any consolation, mine isn't too good either, but I do have my fantasies." Coming closer to him she begins to describe her favorite fantasy. They are trapped in an elevator. She is dressed only in a short nightgown and he is shirtless. "It is hot and dark," she goes on. Now she is stroking his chest and neck as she describes the fantasy further. "Knock it off!" Ridge tells her. "Does this bother you?" Brooke asks. "Yes!---No!" Ridge says, walking away from her. She laughs and asks him, which it is, yes or no. "Brooke, go back to your side, please!" Ridge pleads.

C.J. comes into the room as Amber is trying on another dress and tells Darla that his mother is looking for her. When Amber comes out dressed in a nice little black dress, he tells her that she looks good. She asks where Rick is and C.J. says that he is studying with his new lab partner, the new girl in class and she really wants Rick.

Myles apologizes for speaking so sharply; he was just taken off guard. He asks where Kimberly is and then he thanks Rick for showing Kimberly around the school and introducing her to the kids. Rick says that it was no trouble and that all the kids like her. Myles says that he isn't surprised; Kimberly has always been popular---though not in the usual way. Rick is confused. Myles tells him that his daughter would never sacrifice or compromise her morals for approval. She would never shave a few points off of her grades at school in order to impress some boy. Rick says that he knows that; he can see that Kimberly is real. Myles says that the word he is searching for is integrity and it is nice to see such perception in a young man. Rick says that if he is worried about turning his daughter loose in LA, then he doesn't have anything to worry about; she will have at least one person looking out for her. Myles says that he would never turn his daughter loose anywhere and he knows that he isn't worried. As Kimberly comes into the room, he tells Rick that it was nice talking to him; they shake hands and then Myles leaves the two to their studying.

Brooke sits on Ridge's shirt and hums a tune while moving her legs seductively, up and down, back and forth. BROOKE! Ridge shouts. "I'm just teasing, Ridge," Brooke tells him. "You know I would never go through with it. You are a married man---not happily, I know, but I have my standards. I only act this way because I know you would never go for it and if you did, I'd shut you down!" Ridge just smiles his "I don't believe you" smile. Getting up and going over to him, Brooke says, "You don't believe me? I'll prove it. Kiss me. I'll show you that nothing is going to happen." As they draw closer to each other and as their lips almost meet, Ridge turns his head to her ear. "Nice try, Brooke," he laughs as he goes to the other side and sits down on the floor.

Amber is disturbed. She wants Rick? "As a lab partner," C.J. hastens to tell her. Amber supposes that this new girl is one of those charity cases or a nerd; just one of those sweet little things. C.J. says that she isn't that sweet; she is HOT! "If you have something to tell me about this girl, then tell me now!" Amber demands.

Kimberly is surprised at her father; he isn't usually like that. Rick wonders what she is talking about; he was just being friendly. He then proceeds to tell her about their conversation, especially the part about her integrity.

Brooke sits on the floor of the elevator opposite Ridge. The timing has always been off, hasn't it? She asks. So much has changes, she says. But it isn't what has changed so much that bothers her; it is the things that haven't changed. She tells him that she still feels the same way about him; she still feels married to him. She feels cheated because they never have any time to themselves; she looks at him and she sees her husband. Ridge says that he had hoped that things had gotten better; you will just have to give it time, he says. "I do need time," she agrees. But, not the kind you are talking about." She reminds him of an old movie in which a man owns a magic watch, one that would stop the world from going around. She begins to scoot closer to him. "That is what I want," she goes on. "People are all around us all the time. All I want is to be alone with you---really alone. I want to share those precious moments with you where we communicate like we used to." She is right up next to him now, between his knees. "I want to feel with you what I am feeling right now. It is happening; we are frozen in time, stuck in this elevator." She pulls his face down to hers. She begins to kiss him; she kisses his chest and on down to his abdomen. "Relax, baby," she whispers. "No one will have to know." Suddenly, Ridge reaches down and grabs her wrists. He pushes her away and they stare at each other.

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