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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 26, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, October 26, 1998

Margo tells Tom that she is tired of fighting for their marriage and she wants out. Tom asks her to think about what she is doing and not to act so irrational before moving out. She informs him that he is the one that will be moving out as soon as she gets back from the Caribbean with a quickie divorce. Tom says that she is not being rational and she starts to yell at him. She says that he was the one not thinking and it is his fault. Adam comes into the room yelling at them to stop. He tells his mother that it is not Tom's fault. He jumps to a conclusion and thinks that they are fighting over Eddie again. Margo wants to tell Adam what is going on and Tom tells her not to say it. Adam wants to know what it is that he doesn't want her to say. Tom tells him that it is between Margo and himself and Adam should go back upstairs and let them talk this out. Before Adam leaves he tells them that they will work everything out and he apologizes to his mother. Tom tells her that he knows exactly how she feels because he has felt the same way. Margo is shaking her head and saying to him not to bring up Eddie. Tom says that it is not Eddie that he is talking about, it is Adam being Hal's child. Margo can't believe that Tom is bringing this up, she wants to know what is his point. He says that even though he was hurt by it, he still wanted to have a life with her. There is a knock at the door. Tom tells her to ignore it. Margo says that she can't. She goes to the door and it is Jessica. Tom thinks that she is there to see him. He asks her to come back, he and Margo are in the middle of something. Jessica says that she is not there to see him, she is there to see Margo. Tom gets furious, he realizes that Jessica is bringing a power of attorney to Margo to take with her to get the divorce. Margo asks Jessica to leave it with her and she will take it from here. Jessica tells them before she leaves that this is a conflict of interest and she hopes that they can work it out. Margo asks Tom to sign the document and he says NO!

Molly sticks her head in Emily's office and asks her if she found a blood donor with a bun in the oven. Emily informs her that she didn't need one after all, she IS pregnant. Molly doesn't believe her and Emily shows her the paperwork stating that she is pregnant. Molly thinks it is forged. Then she realizes that Emily is telling the truth and she asks if Tom knows. Emily tells her that Tom is very excited about it. Molly says yeah, right. Emily says that Tom is with Margo breaking off their marriage right now. Molly says more like down on his knees begging her forgiveness. Molly tries to convince Emily that they always stay with the wife. She tries to compare the situation with the situation she was in with Holden. Emily tells her to stop it, it is not the same. Molly tells Emily that she can leave Molly out of any more of her schemes, she has paid her dues. Emily says hello, do you want to work here, you will help anytime I need you. Molly leaves in a huff. Adam comes in and asks Emily if he can talk to her. Emily says sure. Adam tells her about his parents fighting and he doesn't know what to do about it. Emily knows that she can get some information from Adam, so she acts like she wants to help and tells him to tell her what is going on. Adam tells her that his mother has a bag packed and when he left, he saw Jessica Griffin arriving at the house and he is afraid that his parents are heading for a divorce. He goes on to tell her about one of his friends that his parents got a divorce and now he only sees his dad on holidays. Emily tells him that won't happen to him, whatever happens with his parents he will still see his father. Adam wants to know what she means and she says that she will talk to his father and make sure that he makes a good decision. She hugs him and tells him that he can come to her anytime, she will be his sounding board.

Hal is listening to John and Carly talking on the phone. John says something about the 50 million dollar trust fund. Carly tells him that she is going to tell Hal tonight. John says to keep him out of it. Hal listening in the hall, outside of John's office says 50 million dollars, that is it. John tells Carly not to mess things up and they hang up. John says that he doesn't trust Carly and he rushes out of his office to go see her and runs into Hal. John asks Hal if he wants something and Hal says no, he has to make a phone call. As Hal leaves, Lisa rounds the corner with her little book and movie cart and she wants to know why John is in such a hurry and is there a problem. John tells her that the problem is Carly. He tells her that Hal is close to finding out about the money. Lisa tells him that Hal was grilling her the other night at the Mona Lisa. John tells Lisa that Carly is going to tell Hal tonight.

Hal goes to see Barbara and tell her about the money. He tells her what a schmuck he has been. He says that he doesn't deserve to be a cop, Carly pulled this over him and he never suspected a thing. Barbara reassures Hal that he is a good man and someday Carly is going to be sorry for deceiving him. Barbara tells Hal how sorry she is for everything that she had put him through. They hug and Hal leaves to go home and confront Carly. After he is gone, John arrives. He tells Barbara that they need to talk about their future and Barbara tells him that any little shred of love that she had for him is gone. She tells him that she knows what he has been up to with Carly and she orders him to leave.

Hal arrives home and Carly is there. Hal says that he is surprised to see her there, he thought she would be out shopping. She tells him that as a matter of fact she was shopping earlier, for him. She give him a box and he opens it. There is a book inside. She tells him that it is a baby book of first. He sees that she has inserted a sonogram. He tells her that maybe they should start a book of first for their marriage. She is not sure what he means. He says like first lies. He talks about the lying about Jack and lying about running Julia down with the car. But let's go back to the very first time you lied to me about wanting to marry me and have my child when all you really wanted was 50 million dollars.

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

Hal tells Carly that he doesn't know how she can live with herself---getting pregnant for a pile of cash. She tries to explain that she was going to tell him everything and he says only because John called and warned her. Then Hal wants to know what the big rush was about, then it dawns on him, she has a deadline. Carly says that she is sorry that he found out this way. She tells him that she was getting the money for them, together and she didn't just pick Hal, she fell in love with him. Hal says that if it wasn't for Rosanna's incentive that she would have never given him a second look. He says that he can't figure out why she didn't marry Jack. Then he remembers that Jack was laid up with a knife wound. Carly says to Hal that she was going to share the money with him and there is plenty to go around. Hal says that he is not going to be involved in any way in getting the money and he is going to divorce her. She tells him that he can't do that and he says watch me and walks to the door. He says to her, "watch me and your trust fund walk out this door."

Georgia and Katie are at Yo's and they are getting to know each other. Georgia talks about not growing up with her mother and Katie talks about losing her father when she was very young. They talk about boyfriends and Georgia tells Katie about Eddie. Katie tells Georgia about the problems that are going on in her home and she confides in Georgia that her sister is Detective Love. Georgia can't believe that Katie is related to Margo Hughes. Katie is telling Georgia about the media and all the problems that they are causing the family. Over Katie's shoulder, Georgia sees Eddie come in. Georgia decides to get rid of Katie before Eddie sees her. She tells Katie that to relieve all the stress that she has been under that she should go shopping. Katie says that she doesn't have any money. Georgia tells her that a store at the mall is having a terrific sale and she should go check it out. Katie agrees that it will probably do her some good. When Katie is gone, Georgia goes over to the bar to see Eddie. He tells her that Brad gave him some time off to see if he could run into the mystery woman. He tells her that Brad gave him some advise about women, that if you don't act like you are interested they will become more interested in you. Then he makes a comment about Georgia being his best friend. Georgia says yep, that's right, I'm everybody's pal. She tells him that he should sit right there and his mystery woman will come in, she is sure of it. She walks back to her table to get her things and Kim comes back in and asks how she and Katie got along. Georgia tells her everything went great and that Katie left to go do some shopping. She says that Katie even gave her some advice about Eddie and Eddie is going to meet his dream girl tonight and it is going to be her (Georgia).

Jack walks into Lily and Holden's house and ask where Julia is. Lily says that she doesn't know where she is. Jack says that Julia told him that she couldn't hang with him today because she had to babysit for Lily. Lily says that they must have got their wires crossed. Jack says no, Julia has been pulling away from him. He asks Lily and Holden if they know anything to please tell him. They say that they don't know anything. The doorbell rings and Holden answers it, Julia is there with presents for Hope and Luke. Lily and Holden leave Jack and Julia alone and Jack wants to know why she has been so distant lately. He asks her if David did something to her. She tells him no. He wants them to have a romantic evening in Chicago like they had planned before the David thing happened. She says that she wants to, she just can't. Lily and Holden come into the room and Lily tells Jack to go outside. Reluctantly he complies and Holden goes with him. Lily tells Julia to go with Jack and to forget about David. Julia says she doesn't think that she can do that. What if she goes home with Jack later and she falls asleep and dreams about David and talks in her sleep. Lily says that he will just think that she is having a nightmare. Jack busts back into the room and says that David is not going to ruin their relationship while he is sitting under a palm tree somewhere. Julia grabs him and kisses him. Holden wants to know what Lily said to her. Later, Julia arrives at the restaurant and the waiter seats her and she wants to know where Jack is, he left before her. Jack comes walking up and starts singing to Julia and there are flashbacks of when they first met and after she was kidnapped by David and when they first made love. After he is finished singing, Jack tells her how lonely he was when he was working undercover. When he met her she filled a void in him. She is looking at him and then over his shoulder, she sees someone sitting at the bar. When the man turns around it is David. She knocks her drink over and yells, "Oh no, it's him, it's David."

Lily and Holden are enjoying Hope. Holden says that he knows that she knows who they are. Lily wants to know how he knows that. He says that when she looks at them she smiles. Lily tells Hope that her mommy was out of it for awhile and she was in a dark place. She hopes she never sees that dark place again. Then you see a dark place. A person is walking down a dark corridor and baby is crying somewhere. The person walks up to a door and the baby is crying from behind the door.

Wednesday, October 28, 1998

Julia knocks over her glass of cherry soda as she spots David. Jack strides over to the man but when he turns around it's not David, only an indignant diner who walks off. Molly is incredulous, first that Brad is building a dream house for Ben, then that Brad gets upset and walks off when she comments on this fact. Carly then arrives on the scene and spills to her cousin about Hal knowing all about the trust fund. Carly vows that she's not going to lose the $50 million as a bemused Brad listens in. Margo is surprised when Hal shows up at Jessica's office to start his own divorce proceedings.

Tom is disturbed when he walks into Emily's office to see Emily giving a pep talk to Adam. Tom lays down the law to her--stay away from his family. He is irate as he explains to her about the power of attorney Margo wants him to sign so she can get a quick divorce. He throws the legal document across the room. Carly and Brad trade verbal jabs, then Molly earnestly advises Carly to start a new life after the baby is born. Margo listens with a sympathetic ear as Hal castigates himself. She is adamant--it is not his fault. Hal realizes that Margo is not talking about him and Carly anymore.

Tom tells Emily that he came to her to resign, though he doesn't blame her--it's entirely his fault. He has to do everything to save his marriage, so in future Emily will have to go through his attorney to talk to him about the baby. Emily is despondent until she spots the discarded document--Tom will be free if he signs it, she realizes.

Georgia leaves Eddie at Yo's fantasizing about Katie walking through the door. First she's a seductive vamp, then a shy good girl. But it's his third fantasy, where they talk, that Eddie likes best. Georgia arrives at Fashions and discovers that she and Katie are wearing identical shirts. Georgia announces to Lisa that she wants a whole new look--she wants to look exactly like Katie.

Jack is understanding and advises Julia to go to a psychiatrist, like he sometimes did during his undercover work. Julia nixes the idea. Then let me help you, he pleads.

Molly flounces off when Carly won't take her advice--don't come crying to her anymore, Molly warns. Brad comes upon Carly trying to extricate herself from a folding chair and informs her that it's his--and it's expensive--say, $50 million? Hal sees no comparison between his marriage and Tom & Margo's--Margo's is worth fighting for. Margo is surprised (and so is Hal, for that matter) when Hal defends Tom, though not Tom's actions. Don't throw it away, Hal begs.

Tom returns to find a calmer Emily. He signs the required paperwork to be released from his contract from WOAK and Emily uses it to practice forging his signature.

Jack takes Julia to their posh room. The thunder from the storm that rages outside makes him recall their previous time in Chicago, and he begins to croon "Singin' in the Rain" to comfort her before tucking her into bed. Brad teases Carly about his price for freeing her from the chair, but when she won't talk about why she has to stay married to Hal to get the money, he finally relents.

Molly grabs the now-signed power of attorney out of Emily's hand and asks to be a reporter again. Eddie is agreeable to working overtime to help Brad build Ben's house, but he won't leave Yo's, telling his boss that he's convinced his dream girl is going to show up there. With Lisa and Katie's help, Georgia puts on a mini-fashion show, finally emerging with a sweater-set look that's just like Katie's. Katie realizes she left her umbrella at Yo's and rushes off to retrieve it.

Margo agrees to talk to Tom and wishes she could be as supportive for Hal about his problems. Molly is jubilant when she discovers what her show should be called--"In Your Face." An exasperated Emily finally agrees to let Molly do one segment and then, envelope retrieved, instructs the arriving messenger to deliver it to Jessica.

Julia bolts upright from her nightmare about David's arm coming up from his grave and pulling her down with him. She can't do this anymore, she says, and runs off as an oblivious Jack slumbers on.

Brad is amused at how shy Eddie becomes when Katie arrives. An arriving Georgia looks on in dismay from the doorway as Katie approaches Eddie. Don't I know you? Katie asks him.

Carly refuses to sign the power of attorney, and Hal threatens to get an annulment on the grounds of fraud. Meanwhile, Margo is still at Jessica's when the messenger arrives. She rips open the envelope and flips through the pages to see Tom's signature. It looks like she'll be on that flight to Santo Domingo tonight, Margo murmurs.

Thursday, October 29, 1998

Due to CBS News coverage of the space shuttle launch, As The World Turns did not air today. The pre-emption will not result in any missed showed as today's show will be shown tomorrow.

Friday, October 30, 1998

Eddie denies knowing Katie and after introducing themselves (first names only), she agrees to have coffee with him. She hastily withdraws, however. Emily learns from the messenger that Margo was with Jessica when the forged papers were delivered. Jessica thinks something's amiss with the signature. Tom warns Adam to stay away from Emily. After Hal threatens annulment, Carly takes the pen he shoves at her.

Emily is not our friend, Tom insists to his son. Carly hesitantly takes pen to paper but reports that the pen is out of ink. When a bitter Hal supplies her with another one, she balks. Emily pretends to be Margo and calls the airlines and figures that Margo must have left for the airport already--Tom will be home alone, she guesses. Susan stops her daughter as she's on her way out the door.

Tom breaks the news to his son gently, nevertheless 'fessing up to having been with Emily. Adam tells his father to shut up. Jessica recognizes the nuances in Tom's signature and believes he did it because he was forced to. Margo does not want to accept Jessica's view, and Jessica then gives her a caustic welcome to the world of divorced parents. Margo agrees to talk to her kids about the divorce--it'll just mean taking a later flight, she rationalizes.

Katie recognizes Eddie as being the guy who "stalked" her at the river. Eddie apologizes and backs off, and Katie halts his retreat. Adam chastises his father for lecturing Adam about sex and then being irresponsible himself. Tom accepts full blame and then drops the other bombshell--Emily is pregnant, and Tom is the father.

Susan asks Emily to come home again--she wants to be around the baby and have a real family. Emily refuses, saying she'd rather live on the streets. Susan is just as callous, telling Emily she'll never have Tom, even if he gets divorced.

Tom vows to his son that although divorce has been brought up, he's not going to allow it to happen. After Tom leaves, Adam rips up a picture of his parents from the photo album he made for their anniversary, then breaks down.

Hal returns to find that Carly still hasn't signed her name. She refuses to give up on them. Hal then walks out, promising to sue for the annulment. Carly realizes all is not list if Hal is not in the fact the father of her baby. She's thrilled when John shows up on her doorstep.

Katie and Eddie discover some common ground--they both have no love for the media. Eddie realizes that Katie is Margo's sister. Katie is equally dismayed to discover Eddie is the one who tried to "ruin" Margo's life.

He knows, Adam tells his mom, and when he sees her bags, he's bitter with the realization she's leaving to get a quick divorce. Adam won't believe her assertion that Tom signed the papers and he storms off. Margo finds the mutilated photo of her and Tom. Emily desperately tries to convinces herself and her mother that Tom will be there for her and her child.

Katie leaves in a huff, warning Eddie to leave her and her family alone. I wish I'd never met her, Eddie growls to Georgia. Tom isn't too proud to beg his mother for his old job at the Argus, especially since Margo isn't working, either. He accepts her offer of employment. Lisa is incredulous when she learns that Tom told Adam about the Emily affair. He'll know soon enough when the baby arrives, Tom alludes. Lisa questions the paternity but a hollow-eyed Tom claims it's his. Adam walks in and softly proclaims his father to be a liar for saying he'll fight for the marriage.

Barbara comforts Hal. John learns from Carly of Hal's leaving and wants to find Barbara before Hal can get to her. But Carly stops him from leaving--he's the only one who can help her.

Georgia comforts Eddie, who notices she looks different and gives her a backhanded compliment about her new look. Maybe he has 2 or 3 dream girls, Georgia hints. Eddie still can't stop talking about Eddie. Georgia realizes he cares what Katie thinks of him.

Hal and Barbara both express regret over their marital split and they fall into a kiss. Carly threatens to tell Barbara about John's insemination machinations on her behalf unless John gives Carly the name of the sperm donor.

Adam reveals to a disbelieving Tom that Margo is leaving to get the divorce. A harried Margo is on her way out the door when Emily shows up. Neither looks happy to see the other.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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