One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 26, 1998 on OLTL

Nora discovered that she was pregnant. Dorian and R.J. hid in Viki's cabin. Lindsay and Clint had another argument. Jessica broke up with Cristian. Roseanne confronted Jessica. Barbara confessed to Andrew that she had been the one to kill Drew and paralyze Cassie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 26, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, October 26, 1998

I. (i). Viki's Mountain Cabin
"A place so rustic I could 'moo'," says Dorian. R.J. likes being close to nature, but Dorian has bad memories of being locked up in the root cellar. R.J.: "Why did they let you out?" Dorian's elated that Blair has full custody of Starr, though she's disgusted that Todd was acquitted. R.J. says that's typical of Llanview justice. Dorian paints her nails and ponders why she couldn't be a fugitive somewhere more lush. They hear a car approach, but it's just Blair and Starr.

(ii).Country Club Terrace
Will and Roseanne begin their fancy date. She is happy to be one of the "haves."

(iii). Llanfair kitchen
Viki has prepared some good food for Jess, because she thinks Jess is undernourished. Viki has also brought out Jess's baby book for them to look over. Jessica is pretty down on herself, thinking she looked fat when she was two. Viki thinks she was perfect from day one.

(iv). Country Club
Lindsay continues snarking her cryptic statements at Nora, ignoring Nora's request that they have the discussion in the bathroom. Nora decides to escape from the table anyway, while Bo and Clint try to figure out what the blink Lindsay's talking about. Lindsay smirks and gloats, then Sam approaches and convinces her to go talk to him about family. When she departs, Nora makes a scene, wobbling and claiming to feel nauseous, while Bo and Clint support her. They escort her for some fresh air.

In the hallway in front of the rest rooms, Lindsay spits to Sam that she's willing to take the risk and tell Bo and Clint that Sam took the stud role in Nora's life.

II. (i). Viki's cabin
Blair tells the unseen fugitives to finish their arguing while she hangs out with Starr. Starr wants to leave because she misses her daddy. Blair tells her that her daddy misses her too, but now mommy has what she wanted more than anything in the whole wide world. She assures Starr that while her daddy's sick, they'll have a great time together.

(ii). Llanfair kitchen
"I am so not perfect," demurs Jessica. She tells Viki to take off her rose-colored glasses, because she's made mistakes. To Viki, that just makes Jessica human. Jess thinks Viki has never made big mistakes. Viki tells Jess that mistakes are what make people grow, and is proud of Jess for knowing right from wrong. Viki is sure Jess will never be totally foolish or do something wanton. Viki trusts and admires Jessica. Jessica is uncomfortable, and mentions that she isn't sure she made the right decision about school. She assures Viki that it has nothing to do with Todd living there with them. Surprise! Viki has invited Cris to dine with them. Jess flees to her room. Viki's confused, so Cris reveals that Jess broke up with him.

(iii). Country Club
Will and Roseanne toast to their happy date with sparkling cider. She's happy he's a lot more than just a preppy. She wonders why he's backing off from the heavy- duty- chasing mode of her. He just wants to stay in the now. They dance, and he mentions what "they" say about how it feels to fall in love. They kiss.

(iv). Country Club hallway
In front of the rest rooms, Lindsay admits that it's her years long bitter resentment of Nora that's motivating her to spill the beans. Sam takes her into the Ladies room to continue the argument, but outside, Will approaches with Roseanne, so they can't help but hear. Will hears his mother spit "If you hadn't gotten me pregnant and made me marry you we wouldn't be having this conversation right now."

III. (i). Viki's cabin
Dorian asks Blair what the deal is with Cassie. She knows something is wrong with Cassie, and knows Blair is lying when she says she's ok. Dorian wants to know if Cassie is completely healed. Blair looks straight into Dorian's eyes and again insists Cassie is fine, then tries to change the subject. She tells Dorian that they should be grateful that she has 'Her Little Girl' back for now. Dorian comforts Blair that she'll always have Starr.

(ii). Country Club
The two men escort the "failing" Nora back to her table. Clint is annoyed that Sam has taken Lindsay for so long, but insists he's not threatened. He huffs off to find Sam.

(iii). Ladies room
In the hallway, Will, with a worried Roseanne at his side, stands transfixed, listening to Sam and Lindsay's argument. We hear Sam say that he didn't force her down the aisle. Lindsay whines that she married him because she thought he loved her, but now knows he was just doing the noble thing. Sam says that they agreed to the marriage together. She snivels that he ignored her in favor of work and his dream of Nora, and proclaims she wishes she could cut him out of her life so she can have the life she deserves. She opens the door and sees Will, who backs -way- off and, leaving, barks that he gets the picture.

IV. (i). Viki's cabin
Dorian realizes that Blair's really worried that Todd's going to take Starr back. Blair says that it would cost her too much to take control. Dorian suggests that Blair could use a good lawyer... Sam. Blair admits that they broke up because he thinks she slept with Max. R.J. says that Max sure gives that impression. Dorian tells her to fight for Sam... to tell Sam the truth.

(ii). Hallway
Lindsay's self-pity- party now extends to the belief that Will will never speak to her again. Sam is, of course, comforting, but tells her to let Will alone and to trust him. Clint spies Sam telling her that he'll talk to Will, but stops her from following him when he leaves. She worries that he's heard too much, but he hasn't. Clint suggests that she just let Sam fix it. He's angry, because he realizes it's all about Sam and Lindsay. He warns her that she's going to have to make a choice. She looks irate.

(iii). Llanfair kitchen
Jess eavesdrops on Viki and Cris's conversation from the stairs. Cris tells Viki that he wants to spend his life with her, but doesn't know why she broke up with him. Viki suggests that he give her some space. Jess comes down and asks why he's still here.

(iv). Terrace
Will feels that his whole life is one big lie, and that he's been nothing but a ball and chain for his mother. Roseanne tries to make him see that she said that in anger, and anger makes people say stupid things. Will thinks this confirms his belief that he's the fault of all their problems. Roseanne disagrees. After more discussion, he winds up saying emphatically to her that she's not a part of his future. Sam approaches and tries to talk to Will, but he will have none of it and leaves. Roseanne tells Sam to give Will space, then follows.

V. (i). Llanfair kitchen
Viki lets the kids alone. Jess tells him to leave, over and over and over. She tells him that it's about her, over and over and over. She insists it's over. Cris tries to fight her, but leaves as she demands.

(ii). Country Club hallway
Lindsay asks if Clint just gave her an ultimatum. Clint reveals that while he thought they had a chance when they married, the spaces between them just keep getting wider because she keeps dragging her ex into her life every time there's any kind of crises. He blows off her pathetic excuses and coldly commands that while she's his wife, she should act like it.

(iii). Country Club
Bo tells Nora that he thinks the trouble with Lindsay is jealousy over the baby. Mr. and Mrs. Clint Buchanan return, but she has changed her mind over the thing she wanted to tell them. Clint tells her to say what she's got to say, so she stares open- mouthed at Nora.

VI. (i). Country Club
Nora tries to help Lindsay out of her predicament. She suggests that they just relax and try to be a family. The four of them toast to family.

(ii). Sam's house
Blair has let herself into the house, where Starr has fallen asleep on the couch. Sam comes barging in, shouting for Will, but stops when he sees Blair with her finger to her lips, hushing him.

(iii). Llanfair kitchen
Viki tries to find out what the problem is with Jess and Cris. Jessica is crying. Viki begs Jess to tell her what's hurting her so much, but Jess just can't. Will arrives. Viki hopes Will can help, and leaves them alone. Will thinks they both know what they need to do.

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

Cristian and Roseanne nursed their broken hearts. Will suggested marriage to Jessica again, but she refused and decided to have an abortion. Later, Roseanne suspected that Jessica was pregnant by Will and confronted her with the truth. At Sam's, Blair said that she hadn't slept with Max because her heart belonged to Sam. Blair then asked if she and Sam had a future together. Meanwhile, Todd sneaked into the penthouse to look for the tape, but was caught by Téa. "Tom" told Téa that he was looking for a tape that Starr had made for him. "Tom" and Téa went to St. James where Téa told Andrew that she was going to marry Todd again. Todd came back to the penthouse to see Starr, but Blair stopped him and threatened him with the tape. When that didn't work, Blair called Sam for help.

Wednesday, October 28, 1998

Dorian, R.J. and Mel

R.J. yells at Dorian for taking a walk outside, does she want to get caught, he asks. Dorian claims she doesn't care at this point, she just wants to be with Cassie. The two of them then debate which one of them was in the worst jail and decide in the end that neither of them want to go back there. Mel arrives and Dorian immediately starts bugging him about Cassie's condition. Mel insists that Cassie is fine and that Dorian can't visit her because the Mill House is surrounded by police. They have a fight, with Mel telling Dorian that she's in this predicament because of her "big mouth" and Dorian goes in another room to pout. In the meantime, Mel talks to R.J. and learns that the person who shot Drew was very short and slender, like a child. This unfortunately makes Mel think the killer was a drug-addicted kid. Dorian comes out and the two of them make up and make love. She's still not very happy though about the fact that Kevin is caring for Cassie when she's the one that should be there. Mel's visit comes to an abrupt end when R.J. notices a car driving by outside, he's worried they'll see Mel's car and come and investigate.

Nora and Asa

Nora is having breakfast at the diner when Asa corners her, demanding to know whether she is pregnant or not. Nora isn't sure, she's going to the doctor's that morning for the pregnancy test, a different doctor than the one she and Bo had gone to before. If Nora is pregnant, Asa promises he will not say anything to Bo about the real father of the baby. Nora goes to the doctor's office and has the test done. The doctor will call her as soon as the results are in.

Bo, Andrew and Sykes

Bo is at St. James Church lighting a candle for Drew when Andrew finds him there. Andrew thanks Bo for his donation in Drew's name, it paid for new bells for the church. Andrew leaves and Bo asks God to give him the strength and wisdom to find Drew's killer and to help him with forgiveness. Just then, Sykes arrives, lured there by an anonymous tip from Bo. Bo pulls out Drew's police badge and comments that Drew gave his life for that badge, Sykes owes it to Drew to do the best job he can to find his killer. Sykes insists he's trying, but Bo doesn't believe him for a minute. If Sykes really wanted to find R.J. and Dorian, they'd be in custody already. But Sykes knows they didn't do it and doesn't want to arrest them. Sykes refuses to give Bo any information and warns Bo not to lure him anywhere again with the false promise of a tip.

Cassie, Kevin and Kelly

Cassie is getting ready to go to work and Kevin and Kelly present her with a wheelchair to use. Cassie freaks, begging them not to make her use the wheelchair. Kevin tries to calm her and Kelly retreats outside when the discussion becomes more personal. Cassie again tries to return Kevin's ring, she feels that she's only half a woman and that Kevin couldn't possibly want her. Trying to prove Cassie wrong, Kevin begins kissing her, but Cassie pushes him away. Kevin goes outside to discuss the situation with Kelly, beating himself up over the fact that Cassie is in the wheelchair instead of him. They go back inside and insist that Cassie try the chair. She eventually gives in and even goes outside by herself. Right after Cassie leaves, Kevin gets a phone call from the secret informant(Sykes) that they are on the right track, that the person R.J. shot is the killer.

Joey, Barbara and Graham

Barbara joins Joey for breakfast at the diner after her shift at the hospital. Joey invites her to move into the carriage house with him, but Barbara is hesitant, her father will never approve. Just then, her father arrives and wonders where she's been lately. Joey bluntly tells him that Barbara's been staying with him most nights and gives Graham his phone number. Father and daughter speak privately and Graham is worried that Barbara will hurt Joey, just like she has every other man she's been with. Barbara berates her father for never having any trust in her and runs into Joey's arms. Joey heads back for the carriage house while Barbara takes care of something she has to do.

Cassie, Barbara and Andrew

Cassie (and her driver, whom Kevin hired for her) arrive at the church and the driver goes back outside to give her some time alone. Cassie clumsily wheels to the end of the aisle and speaks to God about her hatred of the shooter and what that person has done to her. She hears someone coming and moves to hide in the shadows. Barbara enters, sits in a pew and starts crying, begging for forgiveness. Andrew comes in and tries to comfort her, thinking she's upset by the two attacks she's suffered. As Cassie listens, Barbara tells Andrew that she's a bad person and can't live with this lie anymore.

Bo, Nora, Kevin, Barbara, Sykes and Graham

Nora comes into the diner to get her scarf, which she left there before. She runs into Bo and when he asks about the baby, she tells him she had a doctor's appointment that morning. Kevin also comes in and tells Bo about the tip he got from the mystery informant, that they're on the right track.

Before she goes to the church(See above) Sykes tries to talk to Barbara and warn her that Bo is closing in and he can't protect her forever. Bo sees them talking, but is too far away to hear them. Barbara rushes out, obviously upset, and Bo asks Sykes what's wrong. Bo comments that Drew mentioned Barbara the day he was killed, that Barbara was very upset. Graham comes over and interrupts the conversation, sending Sykes outside. Bo then talks to Graham and although he doesn't come right out and say it, he seems to be trying to tell Graham that he knows Barbara is the killer.

Thursday, October 29, 1998

Bo told Sykes that he thought Congressman Graham had hired someone to kill Kevin, but Sykes denied Bo's charges. Lindsay apologized to Will about her fight with Sam. Will then told Lindsay he was fine and that she should get on with her life with Clint. Roseanne confronted Will about Jessica's decision to have an abortion. Will told Roseanne that Jessica's pregnancy was a mistake. Viki asked Lindsay if she knew where Will and Jessica had gone off to. Will and Jessica went to the doctor, but he told them that Jessica had to be eighteen or have parental permission in order to terminate her pregnancy. Kelly admitted to Kevin that she was scared to go out and live her life, but he encouraged her to do all the things that Drew would have wanted. At St. James, Cassie listened in horror as Barbara tearfully confessed to Andrew that she was the one who had killed Drew and paralyzed Cassie. After he got over his initial shock and anger, Andrew suggested that Barbara go to the police. Barbara said she couldn't and then rushed out of the church. Hidden in the shadows, Cassie's anger and frustration grew. Barbara later met with Sykes and told him that she now knew what she had to do.

Friday, October 30, 1998

Nora, Bo and Asa

Nora arrives home and finds Bo looking over the police files about Drew's murder. Bo is determined to find Drew's killer, but promises Nora it won't get in the way of their new baby. The phone rings, it's the doctor telling Nora she's pregnant. Nora is thrilled, we're having a baby, she says, giving Bo a big hug. Bo's a little confused, they knew that already, but Nora excuses her reaction, saying it finally seems real now that the doctor's confirmed that everything is fine.

Asa comes over for a visit and when Bo goes upstairs, questions Nora about the pregnancy. She will admit nothing, the baby is Bo's, she insists. Asa's willing to go along with that, even though he knows the truth. Nora's worried about Lindsay, but Asa promises he'll take care of her. What Asa's worried about is what Sam will do, did he know beforehand what Nora's plan was? Not admitting anything, but hypothetically speaking, if she had slept with Sam, he knew the reason ahead of time and agreed it would be Bo's baby. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Nora helps Bo put together the crib for the new baby. She tells him how much she loves him and how lucky this baby will be to have Bo as his father. The phone rings and Bo answers it, but no one is there. "John, is that you", Bo asks. On the other end, Sykes hangs up without saying a word.

Kevin and Cassie

At the church, Kevin arrives and finds Cassie very upset. But for some reason, she doesn't tell him about hearing Barbara confess. Instead she talks about the hated she feel for the person that shot Drew and paralyzed her. Kevin promises to find that person and put them in jail for the rest of their lives. Prison isn't enough, says Cassie, she wants the person to suffer.

Barbara, Sykes and Graham

Barbara meets Sykes at the diner and says she has decided to confess. Sykes takes her to his office, sets up a tape recorder and Barbara begins to tell him about what happened that night, about having Munk call Kevin. Before she can get any further, Graham rushes in and stops her. He destroys the tape and tells Barbara not to say any more, she would spend the rest of her life in jail. Sykes tries to convince her that telling the truth is doing the right thing, but in the end she listens to her father and rushes out of the room. Sykes is furious with Graham, asking what is wrong with him, can't he see his daughter is in agony. But in the end, there's nothing Sykes can do, Graham threatens to reveal secrets that Sykes has hidden from the past.

Jessica, Will, Viki, Joey, Kevin, Cassie and Barbara

Jessica and Will are standing outside Viki's office, discussing the consent form she has to give Viki to sign. Will asks her to consider telling Viki the truth, but Jessica refuses. Just as she's about to go in, Joey arrives and she lets him go in first. Joey breaks the news to Viki that Barbara will be moving in with him. Viki is not thrilled, but seems willing to be open-minded about it. She just doesn't want to see Joey get hurt. Jessica enters and is about to have Viki sign the form when Kevin and Cassie arrive with the news that they have decided to get married tomorrow evening. Viki looks surprised, but then seems genuinely happy for them. Jessica congratulates them and tries to leave. Viki asks her about the form, but Jess says she can look at it later, its a permission slip to go mountain climbing. Out in the hall, Will asks if she got the signature and Jess explains that Kevin and Cassie showed up, she can't ruin their wedding. Will comes up with another idea, they can go to a state that doesn't need parental consent. After Jessica leaves, Barbara arrives and Cassie asks her to be a part of Kevin and Cassie's wedding!

Max and Kelly

At the Palace Hotel dining room, Max and Kelly are sitting together at a table. Max is trying to convince Kelly to team up with him to get The Sun away from Todd. And why do I need you, Kelly asks. Max mentions that he's run a newspaper before, The Intruder, when it was owned by Dorian. (They *finally* use a piece of OLTL's history and I can't even remember Max working at The Intruder, let alone running it!) Kelly still doesn't see why she needs Max's help to buy it, Rod's already agreed to sell it to her. But he's not really Rod, he's Todd, Max tells her and he intends to get the proof to show Kelly he's telling the truth.

Sam, Blair, Todd and Téa

Sam and Blair arrive at the Palace Hotel and join Todd and Téa, who are already there. Sam informs Téa that Todd snuck away to the penthouse to see Starr again and Téa once again explains to Todd that it could get him locked up. Todd complains that it wouldn't be a problem if Blair didn't tell on him, she's mean and wants to hurt him. As proof to back up his claim, he pulls out a copy of the contract he and Blair signed, giving her the Sun if he was incapacitated. It was signed on the day Blair helped Todd escape from the hospital, Todd points out, Blair made him sign it in return for his freedom, Todd claims. Sam is annoyed and takes Blair outside on the terrace. Blair claims she was just trying to think of Starr's best interests and promises to think about not taking the Sun away from Todd. Inside, Téa notices Todd writing on his list. At first he hides it from her, but finally shows it to her. What's it for, Téa asks. Todd says it's a list of guests for their big wedding.

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