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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 26, 1998 on GL
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Monday, October 26, 1998

by Soap Central

The DNA results are in, proving that Annie is dead beyond a shadow of a doubt. Phillip, Harley, Beth and Lizzie try to comfort a broken-hearted Alan. Reva can't believe it's over. Ben arrives with the will Annie sent him in which she bequeaths Alan her wedding vows, Beth her wedding dress ("for when Phillip wises up and dumps Harley"), and Reva an ancient coin with the Latin curse "you will have no love in your life." Vicky is spooked by the coin, especially when it's no longer in the wastebasket where Reva threw it. Vanessa asks Hart to give his relationship with Dinah a try. Meanwhile, Dinah calls Hart's cell phone and when Cassie answers, realizes that Hart was indeed with Cassie at Towers. Promising herself she'll be more careful this time, Dinah takes some of Vanessa's pills to lower her blood pressure. Sean and Cassie make a futile attempt to forget their problems for an evening. Ross says he'll stay in the marriage for the boys, but Blake won't be a part of a loveless union.

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

by Soap Central

Drew gets Jesse right where she wants him when Michelle reluctantly agrees to live with him in the loft above Millennium, across the hall from Drew. Phillip surprises Harley by blindfolding her and taking her to a bridal shop, where her friends are waiting to help her pick out a gown. Phillip returns to Spaulding, where he's upset to find Vicky hiring David to find the missing coin. Dinah has a relapse and Hart summons Rick over. Dinah "confides" in Rick that her condition somehow worsened when she learned Hart was with Cassie. Rick tells Hart that for whatever reason whenever Dinah feels Hart slipping away, she loses her desire to live.

Wednesday, October 28

by Angela Overmyer

Vicky asked David what sort of "friend" he considered her to be. He suggested that they take things slow and invited her to Josh and Reva's party. Alan happened to overhear the conversation and was upset that the Lewises were celebrating Annie's death. Vicky tried to explain that David was searching for the missing coin, but only upset him even more. Realizing how upset he was, Vicky asked if there was anything she could do -- he replied by asking her the impossible: to bring back Annie. After David left for the party alone, Vicky stayed and listened to Alan reminisce about Annie and his intentions to have a funeral service for her.

Josh, Reva, and Cassie prepared for the big celebration. When Sean showed up, Josh asked him to help him outside. He then confronted Sean by saying: "I thought I made it clear last time you were here, I don't want you in my house, I don't want you anywhere near my wife". Sean re-emphasized that nothing ever happened and nothing ever will and that he was only helping Cassie because they were friends -- NOT to score points with Reva. He offered to leave, but Josh changed his mind. Sean said he understood Josh's need to protect his family, but if he ever did Reva wrong then all bets were off.

Teri was digging through the box of evidence for the Stalker case when Frank walked in. He wanted to know why the vial of truth serum was in it and she told him it was in case Ken was indicted, they would have it as evidence. Holly showed up and confronted Frank about Ken. She thinks that they put the whole idea of him being the Stalker in his head, but Teri quickly came in and defended the truth serum. Teri also pointed out that nothing else has happened since Ken has been in jail. After Holly left, Teri asked Frank how he felt on the drug: did he feel controlled? How did he feel when it wore off? Frank told her that he felt completely fine and said he'd meet her at the Lewises. She took the vial of truth serum and put it into her purse saying: "you will never know what hit you!".

Meanwhile, on her outing with the boys to the park, Blake ran into Abi. She told her what had happened between her and Ross and how she was afraid he'd take the boys away from her. Abi thought that Ross would be fair, but she couldn't convince Blake of that. She left in a hurry, telling Abi that she had to stop him and protect herself the best way she knew how.

Ross, Ben, and Doris (the District Attorney) met to discuss Ben's case. Doris pointed out that Blake had refused to testify against Ross. Of course, the truth came out that Ross and Blake were over and Ben was thrilled to hear it. Holly showed up and heard the news as well and asked Ross to give it one more try. He called Blake and left a message apologizing for the night before and said that they needed to talk about it for the sake of the boys. Ben overheard and suggested Ross check his place, "that's where she usually goes when she needs cheering up". After hearing this, Ross punched Ben in front of Doris and Ben asked her to add assault and battery to the charges. She refused because Ben had provoked the incident.

Back at the Lewises, Josh was troubled by his lack of feeling concerning Annie's death. While Reva reassured him, Shayne started to play a tape of Halloween music. However, the tape was a message from Reva to Josh when she was scared by Annie. Sean and Cassie left for a walk and David showed up. As he was telling them about the missing coin, Marah showed them a coin that Tammy had found -- it was the same coin! At the same time, Teri showed up and asked what was going on. They were all trying to figure out how the coin had gotten from Alan's to wherever Tammy found it. Tammy told them that she found it on the desk near a picture of Josh and Reva.

Blake went to see Ben and told him that he was right -- Ross only came back to her for the boys. She begged Ben for help and told him that she needed him, just as Ross walked in.

Thursday, October 29

by Angela Overmyer

Blake told Ross that she will fight him with everything she has -- he suggested she check her messages, particularly the one he left suggesting they talk about everything. After Ben left the two alone (at Ross' request), Ross apologized and said that most of what he said was a result of fatigue. Blake didn't buy it and told him their relationship was over and that she wasn't giving up the twins. Later, she begged Ben to help her -- only he told her to take a hike. He is tired of being a "convenience" to her and asked her to forget his number and never call him again. He also added that next time he wants chicken soup, he'll call room service, "at least they serve it hot".

Meanwhile, Ross met with Jack and Anita Blackwell (experts in parental custody battles). He asked them to proceed with his case to get sole custody of the twins. Jack left to answer an important call and Anita reminded Ross that she was one of his former law students. Ross was flattered to learn that she once had a crush on him and considered him to be very attractive. Before she left, she suggested that he needed to go out and gave him her phone number.

Bill confronted Dinah and wanted to know if she took another pill. Of course, she played innocent and told him that he could search the room but wouldn't find any. Fed up with her, he threatened to tell Hart. She asked Vanessa to buy a wedding band for Hart with the inscription: Forever. Matt reminded Hart that he needed to sign a few papers at the Lewises, but Hart knew he would probably run into Cassie. He went in to tell Dinah that he had to go and she acted like it was okay. Once he left though, she was steaming. She asked everyone else to leave and then set her room on fire saying, "we'll show Hart it wasn't right for him to leave me".

At the Lewis party, everyone remained concerned about the coin. Teri asked Frank to join her for a beer afterwards, but he declined. Sean and Cassie talked, he wanted to know where they were headed and also thought that she needed to tell Hart the truth. He asked to think long and hard about it and when she gave him a hug of thanks, Hart walked in. Hart told her that seeing her in another man's arms kills him and then kissed her. Cassie got upset and told him that she couldn't do it anymore and Sean told Hart that there was something he should know and since Cassie wasn't going to tell him , he would. Meanwhile, Michelle told Rick that she was going to move in with Jesse -- he replied "over my dead body". Eleni returned to surprise Frank -- Teri watched disgustedly. Then she asked Josh if she could speak to him in private -- she needed a "man's perspective". She told him that Frank had been coming on to her and she didn't know what to do. She managed to get him alone and then asked him what was on his neck -- she wiped some of the truth serum on him. He sensed that something wasn't right and she ordered him to sit down.

Alan held a memorial service for Annie (no one else attended). He read his wedding vows and mourned over her death. Phillip showed up to comfort him.

Friday, October 30

by Angela Overmyer

Dinah set her room on fire to make Hart feel guilty for leaving her alone. The first time she called 911, she tried to sound frantic. After that she called Hart at the Lewises and Sean took the call. She demanded that he put Hart on the phone, but Sean hung up on her. Once again, he tried to tell Hart the truth, but Hart asked him to mind his own business -- Dinah's life depends on him. Their conversation was interrupted when Hart got a call from the paramedics, telling him that his house was on fire. They rushed to the scene to find Dinah being treated for smoke inhalation and burns. She sensed that something had happened to her face (because Sean and Hart were looking at her in an odd way) and panicked.

Cassie was confused about what to do -- she wants to be with Hart, but because of Dinah, can't. She told Reva that she had to leave town because the situation was driving her crazy. Frank got a call about the fire and he and Cassie left the party to go there.

Teri (Annie) set a few "ground rules": Josh will only remember the parts of the conversation she wants him to. She put a mask on of Annie and said "it's me honey, the woman you shared your wishes, hopes, and dreams with -- it's Annie Dutton and I'm back!". Josh was in disbelief and confused -- she told him she staged the boat accident and that she stole a corpse from the morgue. Then she told him that the real Teri DiMarco had a little "accident" and is in a coma. She has taken over the identity of Teri and now she plans on taking over Reva's, starting with Josh. He asked her what she was going to do -- "What I have planned for Reva is much worse that death!". She suggested to him that he will fall out of love with Reva and starting that night, Reva would start to get on his nerves. Josh was able to resist and told her that he loved Reva and she couldn't make him do this. Obviously, this infuriated Annie and she started to get very pushy -- then they heard Reva calling for Josh.

At Millennium, Drew was upset when Selena informed her of taking two weeks off. (There was also a box of Drew's belongings that had her baby picture in it -- it's the same one that Selena has!) Drew told her not to bother coming back and got nasty with her. Selena begged Drew to look at the picture of her daughter and explain how she could be so cruel. Meanwhile, Michelle shocked Jesse by telling him that she wasn't moving in with him -- "it just doesn't feel right". Jesse at first blamed Bill for somehow changing her mind, but then asked Michelle to marry him.

At the Lewis party, Lizzie managed to persuade Harley and Phillip to include all the kids in their wedding. Buzz sensed that something weird was going to happen, some sort of impending doom. Vicky enjoyed herself and surprised David by having fun.

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