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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 26, 1998 on GH
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Monday October 26, 1998

Dr. Evans tells Jason and Carly that AJ came to visit Carly. They try to hide their surprise. Evans asks Carly if she wants to include AJ on her visitors list, but after Carly sees the look on Jason's face, she says no. Jason takes off and finds AJ at an ELQ board meeting in the newly-renovated Port Charles Grill. Jason grabs AJ and throws him up against a table. The family sputters around, trying to get Jason to let go. I told you to stay away from Carly and Michael, Jason yells. Robin arrives and convinces him to let AJ go. Edward threatens to have Jason locked up. Jason was right, Robin says to AJ. You did this on purpose. She leaves in tears. Emily and Monica start yelling at AJ, who defends himself by saying that he was trying to see his nephew, and Carly was the only one who can allow it. Later, at the bike shop, Jason tells Michael about his visit with Carly. Robin arrives and apologizes for what happened in the restaurant. I know that this is partially my fault, she says. But I realized today how right you are about the Quartermaine's. Jason reminds her that Carly is Michael's mother and he has to do whatever it takes to protect her. But I love you, even when I'm mad at you, he says. Robin promises to never go behind Jason's back again. They all go home together. Meanwhile, at Fern Cliff, Carly tells Dr. Evans that she'd like to add AJ to her list of visitors after all.

Tony tells Bobbie about overhearing the Jacks brothers' conversation, including the fact that Jerry started the warehouse fire. Bobbie calls him a liar so Tony suggests he ask Jax. When Bobbie refuses, Tony realizes that she already knew that Jerry started the fire. Bobbie reminds him that he's the only threat to Lucas. Tony vows to find proof of Jerry's crime. At home, Bobbie tells Jerry about her encounter with Tony. Jerry suggests that he move out. She tells him how much she likes him being around and she doesn't want to lose him. Bobbie convinces him to stay and they share a passionate kiss--as Tony watches from the outside window.

Katherine breaks the kiss between her and Nikolas. She apologizes and tries to tell him that sometimes emotions get confused. He promises that it won't affect their friendship. They reminisce about their first meeting at Wyndemere. She tries explaining that her kisses were brought on by loss of love. Nik tries to warn her about Helena, but she doesn't agree. They part friends.

Jerry agrees to work for Stefan for 2 percent of the money he's going to transfer. Stefan suggests starting his inquiry with Alexis, since Luke is still out of town. When Jerry asks why he wants him to do the job, Stefan replies that it's because no one would ever think that the two of them were working together. Nik arrives and tells Stefan about his conversation with Katherine. Stefan accuses him of being indiscreet. Nik reminds him that they need to protect Katherine from Helena and he owed her the truth about Stefan and Laura. It's obvious Laura makes you happy--I'm not saying you meant for it to happen, but it did, Nik says. Laura will eventually see that. Kat bursts into the room. I hope I'm not interrupting anything, she says. She asks Stefan if he objects to her friendship with Nikolas. On the contrary, Stefan says. I wish we were friends as well. She gives him back his engagement ring and leaves. Stefan asks Nikolas if he wants to ask Laura and Lulu to live a Wyndemere. Nikolas says yes but questions whether it's fair to gain a family when Katherine and Lucky have lost theirs.

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

Jax and V enter a fancy restaurant. V's first lesson is to not be so polite, she needs to accept kindness as her due. V practices her table manners and then chokes at the prices on the menu.

AJ is telling the family about Ferncliff as Reginald passes out the mail. Emily receives a manila envelope. Edward congratulates AJ on his underhandedness in befriending Robin and Carly. Ned tells them both to just leave Michael alone. Katherine tells him that she can't believe he's already threatened about Michael taking his place at ELQ. Ned suggests that AJ and Katherine get married and become Mr. & Mrs. Suck-up. Monica enters and blasts Katherine for being "not only a squatter, but a thief!"

Alan's dealer meets him and Alan assures him that he won't be seeing him anymore - after he gets 75 pills so that he can gradually detoxify himself. The dealer won't sell him anything without receiving some cash, which Alan doesn't have. He suggests that Alan go pawn something else. Alan goes on about how unfair it is that they give you so little for the item and that after buying food and paying rent, you have nothing left.

Bobbie calls Liz and tells her that she's set some time aside for her. Liz tells her she knows she's been putting it off and she knows it's important. Lucky enters his room, where Liz quickly gets off the phone. When Liz tells him she has to go to a doctor's appointment, Lucky is worried, but then assumes that she's going to see Audrey. She hugs him tight and then leaves.

Katherine says that she already has 3 diamond bracelets, why would she want Monica's? Monica thinks that it's to get back at her for Katherine making a fool of herself accusing everyone of stealing her dresses. Katherine admits to being in Monica's room, but only to exchange flowers by their bedsides, because she didn't like hers. Katherine blames Reginald. Lila demands she apologize. Everyone fights and Emily slips out.

Alan is looking through his pockets and mumbles to himself that next month he'll be back home and he'll get it out of hock before Monica knows. He walks over to a bar to get a bag of chips and think of what to do next.

Felicia apologizes to Mac for being late to the diner. She's having more difficulty writing than she thought she would. Mac can only think about Robin. He's worried after what happened yesterday. He thinks he should have had Jason arrested. Felicia points out that he was also guilty of assault like that, against Ryan Chamberlain, Kevin. Mac sighs.

Jax teaches V the French words for her menu items. V is shocked that beef stew is $24.95, she's sure there are countries they could buy a cow for that much. Jax explains his feelings about the overpricing and the appalling way the world works. One of V's phones rings, turning out to be L&B business. She leaves the table and Jax pauses when he hears her lower her voice to mention that she can't speak for the arrangement they had with "Miss Barrett." Jax remembers Brenda. V returns and continues her instruction from Jax.

Mac says that Kevin deserved to get beat up when he first came, but Felicia accuses him of being jealous. Mac wants to know how the subject got changed, she did it on purpose. Felicia says that Mac is a fixer, a knight in shining armor, and that if Felicia thought that Robin was in any danger, she'd be right along side Mac at the cottage, but Robin doesn't need saving from Jason.

Bobbie expected Lucky to be with Liz. Liz didn't tell him and explains that Lucky takes things really hard and if he knew that she was having a follow up HIV test he wouldn't be able to think about anything else until she gets the results. Lucky makes it his job to protect her from so many things that she wanted to protect him from this. Bobbie understands and just thought that Liz might want him to be there since she won't be able to think about anything else either. Bobbie tells her that after this test, she'll be 99.9% out of the woods and that after 2 more tests, she'll never have to think about it again.

Lucky is working on the laptop when Nikolas comes knocking. Nik says there's something they need to settle right away. Lucky asks what about their mother, or should he call her Nik's mother now?

Emily is accosted by two guys outside the bar where Alan is. She starts yelling for her dad, but then gets frightened when Alan won't stop beating on the guys. Alan chases them off. Emily came to see him because he didn't come see her the last time he was at the house - when he stole Monica's bracelet. She says if he gives it back to her she can return it without anyone knowing. Alan admits to hocking it, but Emily doesn't think he can get it back.

Katherine and Monica continue to fight about the bracelet. Katherine can't believe Monica won't believe that she's changed. Monica tells her that dying has done nothing for Katherine except change her hair. When Katherine suggests that they could be friends, Monica replies that she needs food, sleep, a warm coat, her children, a good medical transcriber, and on occasion some sex - none of those Katherine can provide. There's one other thing she needs, her bracelet. Katherine tells her not to say she never tried and walks off.

Bobbie takes a blood sample from Liz, who is afraid. Growing up, she never had a sense of things to look forward to, but now there are.

Lucky and Nikolas discuss what they saw at Wyndemere, but Nikolas doesn't give Lucky any information. Nikolas tells Lucky that they already agreed that what Stefan, Luke and Laura do doesn't concern them. Especially with Emily depending on them, they need to go on like they have been. A web page comes up and Lucky says, "Oh no."

V and Jax see Alexis and Ned, calling them Lord and Lady Blazingham. They engage in imaginary conversation, spas and such, until V makes a blunder about roses. Alexis tells her that she needs to be able to speak about a variety of high society topics.

AJ asks Monica if she beat a confession out of Katherine. They discuss Alan and Monica asks if life is better or worse without Alan. AJ is kind of glad someone else is the black sheep. Monica apologizes for not paying more attention to AJ. He's unsure if the attention from Edward is a good thing. Monica says that she can never quite tell what AJ is thinking, and wonders if that isn't the way he wants it. AJ tells her to have a great day as she leaves, and Monica comes back to give him a kiss.

Emily says that she thinks about Alan all the time. She understands that he can't help himself, but he has to help himself. She almost wishes that something terrible, like her friend who died of an overdose would happen that would make him realize that. Alan assures her that he's detoxing himself. His real problem is that he's running out of money. He tells her that he doesn't have food money and may have to beg. He asks Emily for money, assuring her that it's for food. Emily starts to cry as Alan begs her for money. She gives him her allowance and then leaves, crying.

Alexis and Ned think that V will do fine. Ned thinks that Alexis should be the one going to Monte Carlo, but Ned would be too jealous. Katherine comes along and insults Alexis, has words with Ned and then leaves. Ned tells Alexis that if she can help him get the ELQ stock back, he can drop Katherine in a volcano - she'll be back of course. Katherine stops by to see Jax to tell him about the ELQ stock. Jax tells V that she's just keeping the stock warm for him.

Dr. Evans calls AJ and tells him that Carly wants to see him. Edward starts planning to spruce up the nursery.

Alan tells his dealer that this is the last money he'll ever see from him. The dealer also brought him a can of tuna, in case he starts whining about starvation again. Alan takes a pill.

Lucky tells Emily and Nikolas that he and Liz start at Emily's modeling agency tomorrow. He notices that Emily and Liz are very quiet. Lucky and Nikolas tell Emily they don't need to see what's in the envelope she brought, they already know. The website where the picture of Maggie was now has a photo of just Emily's face and a message telling browsers that "if you want to see more, to check back next week."

Wednesday, October 28, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jodi White.

Jax runs into Taggert on his way to see Dara. Taggert tells Jax that he doesn't think he deserved what happened to him. Jax graciously tells Taggert that he was just doing his job. As Jax walks into Dara's office to wait for her return, Justus walks down the hall and also runs into Taggert. Taggert sarcastically calls him the winner of the outstanding citizen award and asks if he has come to roll over on someone else. Justus comments that Taggert is no better since he used Monica to try and get to Jason. Taggert says that it was different because he was trying to put a criminal in jail. Justus accuses him of abusing the power of his office to which Taggert replies that Justus was trying to save his own worthless neck. Justus says that he is sorry that Jax got caught in the middle, but he didn't see Taggert turning down his commendation for outstanding police work. Taggert, knowing that Jax is alone in Dara's office, sends Justus in telling him that Dara is there.

Felicia is working on her novel when Mac walks in the front door carrying a HUGE pumpkin. Felicia takes pictures of Mac with the pumpkin. When Mac brings in two more pumpkins for the girls, Felicia asks where hers is. Mac tells her that he didn't get her a pumpkin, but he got her a costume. They joke around about a french maid costume. Felicia than gives Mac the news that she has an editor who wants to read her novel, but she has to finish it first. She wants Mac to help her with the stolen emerald scene one more time. She still can't figure out how he did it.

Audrey and Bobbie are lunching together at Ruby's. They discuss Liz and Lucky's internship at Emily's modeling agency. Bobbie is surprised that Lucky would do something like that, but Audrey assures her that Liz probably talked him into it. Audrey thinks it is sweet that Lucky is so protective of Liz, but she expresses some concern with the amount of time they spend alone together at Lucky's apartment. They are at an age where you can be friends one minute and in love the next and she would hate to think of them making a mistake... She stops herself and says that she is such a grandmother. Bobbie says that she doesn't think there is much to worry about. Audrey herself said how protective Lucky is of Liz and if there ever was a teenager capable of living on his own, it's Lucky. Audrey thinks that it's strange that Laura hasn't done anything about Lucky living away from home. Bobbie says that she can't fault Laura for that. Lucky left home for some valid reasons, and if there was any way for Laura to have him with her, she would. Audrey remembers when Liz used to be fascinated with all of the fashion magazines and the models. She is glad to see her showing some interest in some of the things she liked before the rape.

Liz, Lucky, Emily and Nikolas meet outside of Downtown Faces before Liz and Lucky start their internships. Emily reminds them to be careful, she is terrified that something will go wrong, but everyone reassures her. Liz promises that they will call the cops if anything seems suspicious. Emily says that she doesn't want anyone to play hero, because that would be redundant, they are already heroes. Nikolas promises that they will find this guy and Lucky reminds them that they only have a week. Emily asks if they are sure there isn't anything she can do, but Lucky tells her that everyone at the agency knows her and it would be too big of a risk. Liz points out that Nikolas has been with Emily at a couple of shoots so his presence at the agency would also be suspicious. Right before Lucky and Liz go inside, Liz says one for all and all for one. Everyone looks at her funny and she smiles and says that she just always wanted to say that. Liz and Emily hug and Lucky and Nikolas shake hands as they all wish each other luck. After Liz and Lucky go inside and Emily and Nikolas leave, a suspicious looking woman walks up to the agency and stares at the door.

Mac agrees to help Felicia again with the stealing of the emerald. She hides the emerald someone on her person. Mac grabs her and kisses her. Then he tells her that she is going about it all wrong. If she wants to do this right, the emerald should be on Mac. Felicia agrees and goes to hand the emerald to Mac. As she does, she realizes that he has stolen it from her once again. She begs him to tell her how. He says that they can try it one more time, but if he wins, she has to wear the French maid costume!

Mr. Yergin welcomes Liz and Lucky to Downtown Faces and asks if they know each other. Lucky says that they've seen each other around school. He then turns and introduces himself to Liz, who does the same. Liz tells Mr. Yergin how excited she is for the opportunity and how happy she is that Mr. Murty was able to work something out. Mr. Yergin says that Mr. Murty was very persuasive and that they are always happy to help out the local high school. He asks if they are interested in a modeling career. Liz asks who isn't, but Lucky says that he is more interested in the technical end, like photography. Mr. Yergin says that they don't have a studio, but the best way to learn any business is from the bottom. He asks if Liz has any experience answering phones. Liz replies, in her best phone voice, "Downtown Faces, how may I direct your call". Mr. Yergin laughs as he tells her she'll do just fine and shows her to the reception desk. He then tells Lucky to follow him to the mailroom. Lucky stalls as Mr. Yergin walks out of the lobby and asks Liz if she is going to be OK. Liz says that she will be fine and not to worry. As Lucky turns to follow Mr. Yergin, the phone starts to ring. Liz answers, "Downtown Faces, how may I direct your call?"

Emily and Nikolas are at the Quartermaine mansion. Emily is still very anxious and Nikolas is trying to get her to calm down and relax. He tells her that her family will start to suspect something if she keeps acting so edgy. Emily says that noone is home. Nikolas suggests a movie to take her mind off of things. Emily says no, what if Liz and Lucky call? What if Liz and Lucky get caught and get suspended and it's all because of her and her dumb modeling career. Nikolas tells her that Lucky and Liz can handle themselves and modeling is not a dumb career. At least not for her, she is really talented. He's seen her work. It comes naturally to her, like she was born to do it. Emily laughs and says that she does love to be in front of the camera. It gives her a chance to pretend she is someone else, whoever she feels like being. Nikolas asks when her next shoot is. Emily tells him that it is on Friday and she is really excited because it is going to be a hip hop thing. She knows she isn't that good at hip hop, but she knows enough to get her through the shoot. Nikolas asks her to show him a few moves. Emily happily agrees saying she should probably practice anyway and she wants to try a few moves that the choreographer showed her. She has Nikolas help her move the furniture to make room. She then puts up her hair, rolls up one leg of her overalls and turns on some thumping hip hop music. She performs a short routine for Nikolas and then convinces him to let her teach it to him.

Jax and Justus are in Dara's office, still waiting for her to return. Justus is on the phone and Jax is reading the newspaper and ignoring Justus. When Justus finishes his phone conversation, he asks why Jax is waiting for Dara. Jax replies that he is a convicted felon and that under the terms of his parole he has to get Dara's ok to leave Port Charles. He points out how ironic it is that Jason, the real criminal, is free while Jax is a registered Felon. Taggert returns to tell them that Dara is tied up in a brief and will be awhile. As Jax turns to leave, Taggert tells him that he meant what he said before. That the evidence against him kind of came out of the blue, but maybe he doesn't know that side of the story. Jax asks what he is trying to say, did Jason Morgan sell out his family? Justus tells Taggert to go ahead and spell it out. Taggert declines, citing the ethics of his profession, but tells Jax to think about who else in Jason Morgan's organization would have access to such information. Jax asks what the point is and Taggert tells him he just wants him to know who his friends are. As he leaves, he comments that Jax and Justus must have a lot to talk about.

Mac has once again stolen the emerald from Felicia and she still can't figure out how he does it. He tells her the name of the game is distraction, like a woman in a French maid costume. Felicia protests but is interrupted by V's arrival. Felicia has asked her to come because she wants her to read a chapter in her book.

Emily and Nikolas continue the hip hop lesson. Nikolas has now joined Emily in the hip hop look complete with one pant leg rolled up. As they finish the routine, Emily teases him saying she can't believe he has never danced like this before because he's so good. They decide to take a break and have something to drink. Emily thanks Nikolas for helping to keep her mind off of her troubles and then leaves to get the drinks. As Nikolas is fixes his pant leg, Katherine enters the room looking surprised to see him.

As Lucky watches from the hall, pretending to sort the mail, Liz is at the front desk of Downtown Faces when a famous male model walks up and starts to talk to her. She recognizes him immediately and compliments him on his work. He replies that she is obviously a woman of taste. He asks if she is going to be working there. Liz tells him that it is just an internship for a few weeks. He tells her that if she wants to make it permanent, he can help. He is the star model at the agency and if he tells them to hire her, they will. He goes on to say that Mr. Yergin could use some help because he just fired his assistant. Liz asks why the assistant was fired. The model tells her that the agency party line was for performance reasons, but he thinks the assistant was most likely running a scam, selling unauthorized photos on the side, it happens all the time. The model than asks Liz out for dinner on Saturday night. Liz politely declines saying she has other plans. As the model arrogantly tells her to cancel them, Lucky rolls through the lobby with the mail cart and deliberately runs in to the man's leg. He apologizes profusely, saying that it was an accident, but the model creates a huge scene that brings Mr. Yergin running to the Lobby. Mr. Yergin asks what is going on. Lucky tries to explain that it was an accident, but Mr. Yergin is not happy. The model storms off threatening Lucky if he has any bruises.

Liz tries to defend Lucky saying that it really was an accident. Mr. Yergin asks why Lucky was there in the first place. Lucky says that he was delivering mail, but Mr. Yergin points out that there aren't any office near the reception area. He accuses Lucky of ogling all the girls, and then asks if he just have the hots for Ms. Webber. Liz defends Lucky again saying that he didn't mean any harm. Lucky was just flirting, but now that he knows that she has a steady boyfriend, it won't happen again. Lucky agrees, he would never move in on another man's territory. Mr. Yergin is still angry and sends them both home for the day. He tells them to work out their problems between themselves before they come to work tomorrow.

Nikolas is surprised to see Katherine since Reggie told Emily that everyone was gone. He explains that he was helping Emily with a photo shoot and that Emily was showing him how to hip hop. Katherine says that Emily is lucky to have a friend like Nikolas and so is she. Katherine thanks Nikolas for not telling Stefan about the kiss. Nikolas says that he would never mention anything so personal to his uncle. Katherine says that she doesn't want to lose Nikolas' friendship. Nikolas asks why Katherine returned the ring to Stefan. Katherine says that the ring belonged to Laura and that from what Nikolas told her, it still does. Giving it back was the right thing to do. Emily arrives with the drinks and is also surprised to see Katherine since Reggie told her no one was home. Katherine leaves saying that she isn't surprised because Reggie likes to pretend that she doesn't exist. Emily hands a drink to Nikolas and they toast to friends.

Justus tells Jax that in case he was the one who gave the information regarding the Jacks family to Taggert. He tries to explain that he never thought that Jax would get hurt, but Jax stops him. He tells him that his Father and Brother would have been caught eventually and that the money he lost doesn't matter. He would have lost the things that were most important to him anyway. He will make the money back on his own. Jax also says that he can't help but suspect that detective Taggert must have something on Justus. He tells him not to apologize because everyone has to live with what they do.

V is reading Felicia's novel and asks if it is about her and Jax. Felicia admits that it sort of is about V and Jax. V says that she doesn't have anything against Felicia's writing, but what she wrote would never happen in real life. The heroine is completely transformed and the hero realizes that he loves her. In real life, that is totally implausible. No one wakes up one day and realizes that their totally reliable friend is their one true love. It makes for a nice story, but those things never happen in real life.

Mac arrives home and Felicia is working on her novel. Mac asks if the heroine got her emerald. Felicia says that she does, but she decided to throw in a plot twist and have the heroine disappear. Felicia notices that Mac has a bag and she asks what is in it. Mac laughs, but won't show her. He says that it is something that will help him have a very happy Halloween. Felicia asks Mac what he thinks is stronger, love at first sight, or the type that starts out as a friendship and sneaks up on you. Mac asks if this is a trick question and stalls.

V arrives at Jax's apologizing for being late. Jax gives V a gift. V opens the box and duscovers a very elegant and expensive evening gown. She says that he doesn't have to buy her presents, but he tells her that she will need it in Monte Carlo. V asks where he got the money, but Jax isn't saying. He tells her to go try it on and V reluctantly agrees.

Liz and Lucky arrive at the Q's to tell Emily and Nikolas what happened. Emily asks why there are done so early, did they find anything. Lucky says that they have good news and bad news. Mr. Yergin fired his assistant, Fred, a few weeks ago for conduct unbecoming or whatever. Nikolas asks if they think it has anything to do with the blackmail. Lucky says that from what they heard, the circumstances sounded a little weird so he could be the one. Emily is surprised because Fred was always so nice and Mr. Yergin told her that they had been friends for years. Nikolas asks how they can find him so they can talk to him. Lucky says that they didn't have time to find out. Nikolas says they can find out when they go back this afternoon. When they tell them that they got sent home early, and aren't going back until tomorrow, Nikolas immediately asks what Lucky did. Lucky gets defensive and asks how he knows it was him. Liz says it doesn't make any difference, they will go back tomorrow and Lucky can get into the computer and she can pump the model guy who gave her the information in the first place. Lucky tells her that she can't talk to the model, he's a sleaze bag. He won't be able to help them, he just wants to help himself to Liz.

Liz says that she isn't going to go out with the guy. Lucky walks away and tells her to just forget it. Emily interrupts asking who they are talking about. Lucky says that its just some guy who thinks he owns the world because his face is on a few magazines. Emily asks if he is tall with brown hair, brown hair and acts like he owns the place. Lucky nods and says that he is limping today because he bashed him with a mail cart. Nikolas says no you did not . Liz laughs and Lucky says yes he did. Emily says that his name is Peter Turnbill and he is the most obnoxious guy she has ever met, but if Liz thinks she can get some information out of him, it might be worth a try. Lucky disagrees saying that all the guy wants is to put a move on Liz and he doesn't want her anywhere near the jerk. Emily tells Lucky that he is the last person in the world that should be feeling jealous. Liz says thank you to Emily. Lucky asks Liz if he is the one being the jerk. Liz smiles and tells him that she thinks he is being very sweet. Lucky tells her she is right, if she wants to talk to the guy, go ahead, assuming that she can tear him away from the mirror. Nikolas says that he hates to be the voice of reason, but won't Mr. Yergin be watching them like a hawk after today. Maybe someone else should try to talk to the Peter Turnbill.

Out in front of Downtown Faces, the mysterious woman is on a cell phone telling someone that she saw Emily, Nikolas, Lucky and Liz together and she thinks they might be on to them. She knows that Lucky and Liz are interning and she wants to keep on an eye on them or they could blow the whole deal.

Back at the Q's Emily suggests that she take Nikolas to visit Mr. Yergin saying that he is interested in modeling. Emily and Nikolas will distract Mr. Yergin while Lucky and Liz snoop around his office for information. They agree it's a go and Liz teasingly says all for one and one for all again. They all laugh and Lucky gives her the thumbs up. They leave together to go to the agency.

Felicia is still trying to get Mac to answer her question about love. Mac says that it isn't a question of when love starts, but where it goes in the end. Felicia is pleased with his answer! Mac offers to show her what is in the bag he brought home, but discovers that Felicia has stolen it away without him realizing it.

V is very pleased with the gown that Jax has bought. She offers to give it back if things don't work out, but Jax tells her that she can keep it no matter what. He tells her to go try it on to make sure it fits before their trial run tomorrow night. As V turns to leave, she asks with surprise, what trial run? Jax smiles and tells her she will see.

Thursday, October 29, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jodi White.

Jason, Robin and Michael are eating outside at Ruby's. Ruby comes out and tells them that Michael is beautiful. AJ arrives and Jason immediately asks him what he wants. AJ asks if he can't just say hello to his nephew. Jason tells him that he knows he can't so why doesn't he just tell them what he really wants.

V arrives at Jax's dressed in jeans and carrying her new evening gown in a garment bag. Jax opens the door and is looking GREAT in a tuxedo. He has decorated the apartment with candles. Etc. He tells V that he wanted her to experience the ambiance of Monte Carlo and then chastises V for not wearing her dress. V tells him that she didn't want to get anything on it. Jax replies that a countess doesn't concern herself with such things. He tells V to put on her dress, polish up her manners and come back as a countess.

Jerry runs into Stefan at the Port Charles hotel. Stefan tells him that they probably should not be seen together, but Jerry tells him not to worry that he has something at stake too, he just wanted to give Stefan an update. Jerry says that he has laid the ground work to start transferring money from Nikolas' account. Small amounts at first and then larger. He hasn't found anything out yet about Katherine's fall from the parapet, but he's on it. He leaves Stefan and walks over to the table where Alexis is sitting.

Liz and Lucky are back working at Downtown Faces. Liz is answering phones and Lucky is pushing the mailcart. They smile at each other across the lobby. The mysterious woman is also in the lobby discussing some photos with another person. Emily and Nikolas arrive and walk up to the reception desk. Emily introduces herself to Liz and tells her that they want to see Mr. Yergin. Liz asks if she has an appointment. When Emily says no, Liz tells her that Mr. Yergin is completely booked for the day. Nikolas tells Liz that Emily is one of Mr. Yergin's clients and he is sure that Mr. Yergin can make time for her. As Nikolas is explaining things to Liz, Lucky "accidentally" runs into him with the mailcart. He apologizes saying he just can't get the hang of this thing. Nikolas gives him a look and says very funny. As Emily is threatening to report Liz to Mr. Yergin for being incredibly rude to a client, Mr. Yergin comes storming out of his office yelling for Liz to call the computer people because his computer has crashed. Lucky takes this opportunity to sneak into Mr. Yergin's office. Meanwhile, in the lobby, Mr. Yergin sees Emily and asks if she is there to prep for tomorrow's shoot. Emily says no, and introduces Nikolas as her boyfriend. She explains that he is interested in modeling and she hoped Mr. Yergin could help him out. The mysterious woman is still in the lobby watching everything. Lucky sits down at Mr. Yergin's computer to see what he can find.

AJ tells Jason that he has been cleared to visit Carly and he told Dr. Evans that he would let Jason know. AJ is surprised that Jason is so calm, he was afraid he would object. Jason tells him that if he scares Carly or makes her lose it, he'll do more than object. AJ laughs and says that Carly is not exactly the model of consistency, you never know what will set her off. Jason says that if AJ is going to see her, he is responsible for anything that happens. If he does anything that keeps Carly away from Michael for one extra day, he will be sorry. He may not be able to call a strike anymore, but he can still get to AJ. After AJ leaves, Robin says that it's started. When Jason asks what has started, Robin tells him that Carly is using AJ against him.

Jerry tries to join Alexis, but she tells him that she is expecting someone. Jerry tells her that he just wanted to thank her for getting Jax out of jail. Alexis tells him that there is no need to thank her because if Jax had taken her advice, he would have taken the deal and Jerry would still be behind bars. Jerry then tells her he's been watching her and he is impressed. Take Stefan's murder trial, proving Katherine Bell's will was a forgery was brilliant. Alexis asks him to get to the point. Jerry tells her that he would like her to do the same thing for him. He wants her to prove that the documents used to convict him were fakes, and clear his name. Alexis tells him to go away because she has no intention of pursuing this conversation with him. His records were real. Jerry says perhaps, but who is to say for sure.

Mr. Yergin is surprised when he finds out that Nikolas is a Cassadine. He asks if those are the same people who live in the middle of the lake. Nikolas laughs and says that that is one way of putting it. He asks if that is a problem. Mr. Yergin says quite the opposite. With that name and his look, he could have a great modeling career. He suggests that they go into his office and discuss. Emily and Nikolas, knowing that Lucky is still in the office, make excuses saying that they have to meet friends and they really don't have time. Mr. Yergin is very insistent and says that there would be no obligation until Nikolas signs a contract. Nikolas hears the word contract and says that that would be a problem, his family's lawyers are very strict about contracts. Mr. Yergin says that he will just go to his office and get a copy of the contract for Nikolas' lawyers to see. Liz tries to stop him by showing him some important messages, but Mr. Yergin isn't listening. He goes into his office despite all of Liz, Emily and Nikolas' protests and finds Lucky sitting at his computer. He angrily asks what Lucky thinks he is doing.

Lucky says he hopes he doesn't mind, he was just taking a look at Mr. Yergin's computer. Mr. Yergin tells him that his job is to deliver the mail and he has no right to touch anything in his office. Lucky apologizes saying he should have asked for permission first, but he saw Mr. Yergin complaining about his computer crashing and he thought maybe he could fix it. Mr. Yergin is still skeptical, but Lucky shows him what he did. Meanwhile, in the lobby, Liz, Emily and Nikolas are nervously waiting to find out what happened. As they are discussing what might happen if Lucky gets caught, Mr. Yergin and Lucky come out of his office with Mr. Yergin singing Lucky's praises for fixing his computer and saving him time and money. As Lucky leaves to deliver the rest of the mail, Mr. Yergin hands Nikolas a copy of the standard contract and tells him that the took the liberty of setting up some test shots. When Nikolas says that he think he needs a little more time to think about it, Mr. Yergin gets mad and tells Emily that if her friend wasn't serious, she shouldn't be wasting his time. A reluctant Nikolas apologizes and says that he is serious about modeling and agrees to the test shots.

Helena arrives for a meeting with Stefan who tells her that he heard she was interested in the net worth of Nikolas' estate. He hands her a piece of paper with the information she requested. Helena says that she knows what he is thinking, but she was only trying to protect Nikolas. Stefan's jealousy of Nikolas' wealth is palpable and as his grandmother, she just wants to be apprised of his current financial state. Stefan tells her to consider herself apprised and that the piece of paper in her hand is the closest she will ever come to Nikolas' inheritance. Helena laughs and tells him he should be less concerned with inconsequential details and pay attention to Alexis' plot to kill her. She looks over and comments on who Alexis is sitting with.

As Jax impatiently waits, V comes into the room looking fabulous in her designer gown and flippantly tells Jax that he knows she's worth waiting for. She apologizes for being late saying that she had to remove the diamonds she smuggled through customs in her unmentionables. Jax tells her that was a nice touch and offers her some champagne. When she hears a knock on the door, she leans over and tells Jax that if that is the detective from Brussels, she was with him the entire month of July. Jax tells her that it is her first test. He opens the door to a waiter from the hotel who has arrived to serve their dinner. He introduces Reese, the waiter, to one of the most intriguing woman in South America or any continent, the Contessa Isabella Castille. V smiles and offers her hand to Reese to be kissed.

Robin reminds Jason that Carly told him she didn't want to see AJ and that she must have changed her mind the minute Jason left the room. She thinks that Carly is trying to get to Jason. Jason agrees, but Carly just wants to get released and she is trying to press Jason into making that happen. Robin is surprised that Jason isn't going to do anything. Jason says that if he warns Carly about AJ, she will know that she is getting to him and if he tries to stop AJ from going he'll tell Carly and she be scared. When she's scared, she does drastic things. Robin points out that she could do something drastic to get AJ on her side. Jason asks what she could do and Robin tells him that she could tell AJ the truth, that he is Michael's father.

Jason doesn't think that Carly would tell AJ the truth. She came to him in the first place because she knew the Q's would try to take Michael away if they knew the truth. Carly is just pushing Jason to make sure he is doing everything he can to get her out.

Jax and V continue their dinner. Jax asks Reese what he thinks of his redecorating. Reese replies that it is very continental. Jax thanks him and says that he did it for the Contessa to revive her from her trip through the jungle. Reese asks which jungle and V replies that they all look the same, tigers and trees as far as the eye can see. They complete their dinner and V asks Reese to wrap up a piece of the cake for her. She laughs and says that it is just one of her little eccentricities. As Reese prepares to leave, V stops him and sticks a flower in his lapel as a remembrance of the evening. She then opens the door for him. Reese is delighted with her and tells her that she is a very unusual woman, and that unusual woman are hard to find. After he leaves, V is very happy with how things went. Jax is pleased as well, but tells her not to get too comfortable because the evening isn't over yet.

Nikolas, clearly uncomfortable, is posing for his test shots. Tom, the photographer tells him he has seen enough of the root canal pose and to please try something more cheerful. Emily laughs and tells him that means to smile. Tom asks him if he is really a prince. Nikolas says yes and Tom tells him he never would have guessed it, he seems like a normal guy. Tom asks if he likes sports. Nikolas tells him that he likes to ride and fence. Tom tells him to give him an En Garde. Nikolas reluctantly complies while Emily, watching from the side, smiles. Tom asks why Nikolas wants to model since he has family money. Nikolas says to meet interesting people, which Tom interprets to mean girls. He says that is why he got into photography. As they finish the roll of film, the mystery woman comes in apologizing for being late. Tom asks her to please reload the cameras. Emily recognizes her and asks her if she works at Downtown Faces. The woman says that she is there a lot, but she is actually Tom's assistant. As Emily and Nikolas discuss the shoot with Tom, the assistant unloads the film and she and Tom exchange a look.

Stefan interrupts Jerry's "visit' with Alexis and tells him to leave her sister in peace. Jerry leaves and Alexis thanks Stefan for rescuing her.

Nikolas' photo shoot continues with Tom telling Emily to jump in. He tells them to have fun with it, pretend Emily is the girl of his dreams, the love of his life. This is the first time he has ever touched her. Put both arms around her, gaze into each other's eyes, move closer, still closer. Nikolas is a little uncomfortable, but Emily is clearly enjoying this part! Tom runs out of film and stops to reload. Emily apologizes to Nikolas and thanks him for going through all of this for her. She hopes Lucky found something on Mr. Yergin's computer. While they are talking, Tom returns and has Nikolas put on a baseball cap. Nikolas is surprised because he thought they were finished, but Tom tells him coverage is the name of the game. As he starts to take more pictures, Lucky and Liz arrive saying that Mr. Yergin sent them to observe. Tom tells them to feel free to check it out. An amused Lucky and Liz watch while Tom continues to take pictures of Nikolas who is not very happy that he has an audience. Tom finishes the last roll of film and tells Nikolas that the brooding look really works for him. As Emily, Nikolas, Lucky and Liz leave together, Lucky teases Nikolas telling him that he has something to fall back on if the Prince business ever folds. Nikolas says he is doing his part, what about Lucky.

V's next Contessa lesson turns out to be dancing. V is very reluctant saying she has no rhythm. Jax tells her that a woman like the Contessa likes to be held in public by her escort. Dancing is a requirement, there is no way around it. As they begin, V glumly asks Jax if his shoes are new. Jax ignores her and tells her that the steps aren't as important as the rhythm. Before she starts she should listen to the music. They listen for a moment and then begin to dance. V becomes more confident as they continue to dance and Jax tells her that she is dancing like a real Contessa. He wants her to try a dip, but the music stops. They wait for the next song, which turns out to be the song that Brenda and Jax danced to when he rented the theatre in New York. As the music begins, Jax looks very sad and V immediately realizes that something is wrong.

Jax explains the significance of the song to V who suggests they call it a night. She says goodbye and leaves Jax alone with his memories.

Jerry and Bobbie are in the park sharing licorice. Bobbie chooses red licorice and tells Jerry a story about when she and Luke were young. Luke used to take her to the park just to get her out of the house and he would steal licorice from the local drugstore. Once they were caught by the police, who knew they were lying because their teeth were all black. He let them go just to be nice and Bobbie and Luke always ate red licorice from then on. Jerry tells a similar story of when he was young and says that maybe they were fated to meet each other. They smile and share a passionate kiss.

As Jason and Robin leave Ruby's Robin asks Jason if he knows how much she loves him. When Jason says yes, Robin says that that is how much she hates having their lives depend on someone as unpredictable as Carly. Jason tells her he can handle Carly. She always wants something, pushes too hard to get it, Jason shuts her down and she quits. It's a pain, but no one gets hurt. He kisses Robin and promises her that it will be ok.

Lucky tells Emily and Nikolas that he found out that Mr. Yergin's assistant was not only fired, but arrested for fraud. Right now he is sitting in Port Charles jail awaiting trial. The teens decide to go the jail tomorrow to try to talk to Fred. As they leave, Liz says that this could be it.

Tom's assistant tells Tom that she thinks the kids are up to something. She saw them together outside the modeling agency yesterday, but they pretended not to know each other when Emily and Nikolas where there today. Tom thinks it's just kids stuff. The assistant points out that Lucky already got caught snooping. Tom angrily tells the assistant to shut up, he will take care of it. As he stares at a picture of Emily from the bridesmaid shoot, he says he has Emily Quartermaine all to himself tomorrow. Such a shame. Poor thing. Just when her career was starting to take off.

Friday, October 30

Jason has arrived home, to find Michael dressed as a pumpkin. He calls out for Robin, who comes down dressed as a fairy princess. She reminds him its Halloween, but he doesn't understand. Robin explains to Jason that today is Halloween and she thought it would be nice if they dressed up. Jason says that he thought they were staying in tonight. Robin tells him that they are, but that she expects to have visitors and trick-or-treaters. Jason still doesn't get why Michael is all dressed up and Robin explains to a skeptical Jason why Michael needs to get a dose of make-believe every now and then. Just then, the Scorpios arrive in costume to celebrate Maxie's Halloween birthday party and Jason stares at Mac's Zorro outfit in unabashed dismay. After they all celebrate Halloween and the Scorpio's leave, Jason and Robin are talking about Halloween and he tells her he doesn't understand the point of dressing up to scare little kids. She explains the tradition to him and Jason admits that Michael had fun and so did he. He then leans in for a kiss and just as they are about to kiss, there is a knock at the door...more trick-or-treaters.

Laura has arrived at the restaurant to meet Stefan. She sits down and Stefan pours them some wine. She tells him that they agreed that she would be the one to make the next move in their relationship. Stefan talks about how the boys have been working together on the computer helping a mutual friend of theirs out on a project. Laura is surprised and delighted that they are spending time together. While she is happy to be informed, she tells Stefan he could have told her that over the phone. Stefan tells her that Nikolas's birthday is next week and wanted to discuss with her about doing something for him on this birthday. He then talks about how bittersweet Nikolas's past birthdays have been. Laura admits the personal ritual she has always went through to imagine her son on his birthday in the past. Stefan and Laura reminisce about the day their son came into the world. They each then talk about how they celebrated Nikolas's birthday and Stefan recalls when he first held Nikolas for the first time. He then tells Laura that he knows that she doesn't want to speak of their love, but he can see it every time he sees Nikolas. He then adds that perhaps this year, they can give their son what he has yearned for his entire life. Laura makes no promises and Stefan invites her to spend Nikolas's birthday with them. He tells her that they could possibly go to London or New York for the weekend. She laughs at this and tells him it would not be an innocent invitation, and she probably would not be going. He says that there was once a time in her life when she trusted him implicitly, but not anymore. She says that he is referring to a time where she thought Luke was dead, and he was her only friend. Stefan asks to put the past behind them and move forward. Laura says that she doesn't trust him enough. He claims that he is more honest than Luke. Laura then asks him to tell her the things he has tried to keep secret from her in the past. Stefan has a flashback to the time when they where on the island and he learned about Luke being alive, but kept that information from Laura because he was in love with her. As he comes out of his memory flashback, Laura tells him that she knows that he just thought of a secret that he didn't tell her and tells him in order to earn her trust, he should tell her that secret if he dares.

Lucky and Nikolas are at the police station hoping to try to pry out information from Fred about the blackmailer. As they wait to see if they'll be let in to question the guy, Nikolas and Lucky wonder if this is going to work. Nikolas can't believe that someone who was already arrested is going to admit to a new crime, but Lucky thinks he will. As the two discuss how they will question him, Taggert shows up and says well if it isn't Detective Spencer and Detective Cassadine. He then asks the boys why they are interested in questioning Fred. Lucky gives Taggert a story about investigating a place a friend works at, and hopes that Fred can give them information. Nikolas tells Taggert that its a modeling agency, and they want to make sure its OK for their friend to work there. Taggert tells them that Fred is a serial liar. Lucky says they just want to ask him a few questions and asks for 15 minutes. Taggert tells them 8 minutes only and as they go in to question Fred, they leave their backpacks on the desk. As they leave, Nikolas's cell phone rings, it is Liz begging him to pick up. Inside the interrogation room, Lucky and Nikolas are talking to Fred and Lucky shows him the picture of Maggie Christian. Fred tells them that she wasn't into porn and is surprised to see that picture of her. He then recalls Maggie being friends with Tom while she worked there, which surprises Nikolas and Lucky.

Liz is talking to her boss Mr. Yergin, who tells her that she would make a good model. She says that she doesn't think she has what it takes to be model. He shows her other model's portraits, and tells her to find what they have that she doesn't. He then leaves the office to go take care of some business while Liz looks through all of the portfolios of different models that Tom has taken pictures of. Glancing through Tom's portfolio, Liz spots a shot of Maggie Christian who was the other model that was blackmailed and is appalled to finally put two and two together. A horrified Liz calls the photo studio to warn Emily, but gets the answering machine and hangs up. She then calls Nikolas and Lucky to tell them what she has found out, but can't reach them. Liz then leaves to go and warn Emily.

AJ comes to visit Carly's and the doctor is concerned about him visiting Carly. He tells AJ not to upset her. AJ tells him if she becomes agitated at any time, he will leave. He then goes in to see Carly who is in her calm, cool and collected mode. They make small talk in front of the doctor and then Carly dismisses the doctor so she and AJ can talk alone. AJ asks her what changed her mind to let him visit. Carly asks if its OK for her to change her mind about seeing him. AJ asks her how much has Jason told her. She calmly tells him about the cottage, Robin, etc. He is surprised that Jason has been so honest with her, and how well she has taken the news. She tells him that things have a way of working out for the best. She then says that it won't be too much longer. AJ tells her that Jason hasn't told her everything. AJ then tells Carly that Jason's ability to influence her release has been greatly diminished when he left the organization. He then says that Jason walked away from his power, he is just a bike mechanic, He can no longer influence judges. Carly just listens and AJ tells her that he wants to help get her out and back with her son, but if she wants him to stay out, he will. She tells him that big favors don't come cheap and asks him what does he want in return and how would she repay him? AJ asks her what could she tell him that would help him to speed up the process of getting her out. Carly tells him that there is something and AJ then suggested that the Quartermaines might be able to help Carly.

Emily has arrived at the photo studio and is calling out for Tom. She gets no answer, but does see a note with her name on it, with instructions for her to put on a slinky white dress. Emily feels a little weird and the photo studio's atmosphere is dark and moody. Nevertheless, she changes into the outfit and comes out to find Tom waiting on her. Tom compliments her and tells her that he has gotten a job offer to use her for another kind of shoot. Something different and daring. As Tom is snapping pictures of Emily, he keeps talking to her about Brenda and about how models can screw themselves up. He then tells her to stay clean. Emily asks Tom about Nikolas's proofs and they talk about how the session went the other day. Tom tells her that shy can be sexy. He then goes off to reload his camera. Emily is left alone. She wanders around and finds Nikolas's proofs and says to herself, "Tom is right, shy can be sexy". She then sees another picture of Nikolas in the pile, naked. Tom comes back out and catches Emily gaping in shock at a nude photo of Nikolas and says "you are smart, sometimes too smart". He then informs the frightened girl she now knows too much about his private sideline. Later, Liz shows up at the photo studio, calling out for Emily. Tom finds her, and says "Shhhhhh, Not a word." Liz then recalls the rape and remembers the rapist saying the same phrase when he attacked her in the park and makes a terrifying discovery......

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