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Sharon told Tony about Nick and Grace's affair. Katherine had to vacate the Chancellor mansion. Katherine hired Michael to represent her. Nina learned that Ryan had left Phillip with Tricia. Victoria was admitted to the hospital.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 26, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday October 26 VICTOR is aboard the company jet waiting for take off. While waiting, he gives Nick a call in Denver. Nick is so worried about Sharon that he isn't all there when Victor talks to him. Victor tells him that he will be there in Denver within a couple of hours. He also says that he is proud of Nick's work so far; he is getting rave reviews from everyone. Victor says that Nick must be glad to have his wife there; she will be sitting in the audience during his finest hour. When Nick doesn't answer, Victor angrily tells him that the next time his father calls, he could try to be a little more responsive. Nick says he is sorry and hangs up. Where are you, Sharon? Why haven't I heard from you?

NEIL arrives at the jet and greets Victor. He mentions that Vicki has told him that his divorce to Diane is getting straightened out. Victor asks how his relationship with Victoria is coming along. Neil says that he loves her and plans to take care of her. When asked about the pregnancy, Neil says that he will treat the pregnancy as if it were his baby. Victor is glad to hear that because he thinks that Vicki is going through a lot and will need a lot of support. Jack finally arrives and Wally tells them to buckle up; they will be taking off soon. When they are airborne, Victor questions Jack about Brad, asking bout Brad -- has Jack seen Brad since the day he found him at the office? Jack says that he has no interest in seeing Brad. Victor mentions that Brad asked him for a job. Sarcastically, Jack says that that is all they need, to have Golden Boy back in the ranks. He assures Victor that Newman Enterprises will get along just fine without Carlton. Neil is looking on with interest at this exchange.

JOHN SILVA rests his case much to Jill's consternation. She wants to take the stand! John tells her that that will come later. Mitchell calls Esther to the stand. Reluctantly, Esther rises in her seat. She hesitates long enough that the judge has to order her to take the stand. Esther testifies about the night of the fire, taking all the blame on herself by saying that she was careless. Next, Katherine takes the stand. She talks about her husband, Phillip, and the home that she shared with him. She denies setting the fire and reminds the court that she risked her life trying to put the fire out. Katherine goes into her history with Jill and how Jill seduced her husband. Jill stands up and shouts that she isn't telling the whole truth. She accuses Katherine of killing Phillip and stripping her son of his birthright. Katherine testifies that the accident was the result of her being drunk at the time; it wasn't deliberate. When Phillip died, all she had left was his name and her status as his widow.

Once MICTHELL rests his case, John calls Jill as a rebuttal witness. She tells her story of the way she and Phillip fell in love, his divorce from Katherine and their marriage just before his death. When John finishes, he gives his summation to the judge. He says that Katherine has always hated Jill and has done one thing after the other to her out of anger and jealousy---never for monetary profit. That is the only reason she stripped Jill of her marriage and Jill's son of his paternity. Mitchell also gives an emotional summation; saying that Katherine would never do anything to ruin her home. He also says that Katherine doesn't deserve to be thrown out of her home until the matter is settled.

Later, the judge comes back with his decision. He says that if this were a criminal court, he would have to find Mrs. Chancellor innocent of arson. However, since this is a civil case, he feels that there is enough probable cause to make him believe that it is a possibility that Katherine could hurt the house. The house is too important to GC history to take that chance. Therefore, Katherine and Esther must vacate the premises within 24 hours and they have to stay out of the house until the case is settled in court. NO! Shouts Kay. NO! NO! NO! NO!

COLE comes home shouting for Ashley. When she shows up in the living room, she tells him that she has what he needs to satisfy his hunger. She leads him upstairs for a "nooner." Later when they come back down, he says he has to go back to the ranch and get some work done. She suggests that he move his office to the old chauffeur's quarters above the garage. He thinks it is a great idea; he will be relieved of the long drive to the Newman ranch a couple of times each day, and he will be nearby for more of these "lunches" with Ashley.

JACK and NEIL walk into an empty meeting room in Denver. Neil asks Jack what he should make of the talk on the plane about Brad Carlton. He wonders if Brad coming back to the company will have any impact on him and his job. Jack tells him that Bradley Carlton could not carry Neil's wastebasket. "You have nothing to worry about," he assures his friend. "Bradley is not coming back to Newman Enterprises if I have anything to say about it."

VICTORIA enters the ranch house and calls for her mother. Miguel tells her that Nikki is out and he doesn't know when she will return. Alone, Vicki says that she will have to make her decision without help. She wonders why she is hesitating; Neil is a wonderful man and he loves her very much. The doorbell interrupts her conversation with herself. It is Cole and he is looking for Nikki also. He tells Vicki that he is moving his office to the Abbot's. Vicki says that she is moving also; she is moving in with Neil. Cole tells her that he is happy that she has found someone like Neil who really cares about her. He says that no matter where their own lives may take them, they will always have a connection with the baby. He wishes her the best and hopes he will never forget it. He leaves and Vicki goes upstairs to pack her bags. Before long, Vicki comes downstairs, struggling with a couple of heavy suitcases. Suddenly, as she sets them down, she doubles over with pain in her side.

SHARON, her left arm still in a sling, struggles with a hamper of clothes that she has brought down from upstairs. She packs a suitcase with the clothes. As she snaps it shut, she looks up at the mantle and her eyes tear up when she sees all the happy family photos. There is a knock at the door and opening it, she finds Tony with a garment bag in his arms. When she wonders how he knew she was home, he tells her that he has his ways. Seeing her condition, he asks what happened. She tells him that a car in Denver hit her. Tony wants to know where Nick is; he must be going crazy worrying about her. Sharon brushes it off and asks what he has in the garment bag. He shows her the beautiful dress he has bought for Cassie when she is the flower girl in his wedding. Sharon gets a sad look on her face and looks away. What is wrong? Tony asks. He says that she is weirding out on him. The phone interrupts them. In a monotone, Sharon talks to Nick. He tells her that he has been waiting for her to call but she says that she has had a lot on her mind. He says that they need to talk and she replies that they have already done enough talking. She says that she has to go and she hangs up on him. Now Tony is sure that there is something wrong. As he asks her again, and she walks away, telling him to let it drop. But Tony sees the suitcases and tells her that he wants to know what is going on here; he is worried about her. Sharon breaks down and tells him about her trip to Denver. She says that at first it was wonderful. Her husband made her feel special and they had a wonderful night together. But the next day, she decided to go sightseeing while Nick and Grace got some last minute work done. The only problem is, she came home early and overheard them talking. The short version, she tells him, is that they had sex together. "My husband and your fiancée had SEX together." Tony is dumbstruck.

NICK puts the phone down and wonders why Sharon is doing this to him. It is almost as if she knows. He looks at Grace and demands to know what she told Sharon. Grace denies saying anything to Sharon but Nick doesn't believe her. "Did you tell my wife that we slept together?" He asks. Grace shouts back that she would never do anything like that. "You'd better not be lying to me!" He tells her, angrily. "YOU'D BETTER BE TELLING ME THE TRUTH!" The door opens and Victor walks in. He looks at the two of them. "What is going on here?" He asks. "Care to answer me, son?"

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Tuesday, October 27, 1998

by Soap Central

As one of the first sessions ends at the convention, people begin to wander around the room partaking of refreshments and renewing old acquaintances. Ryan teases Neil that he was off in his own zone during the last speech. Neil smiles and tells Ryan that Vicki is moving in with him. He hastens to add that it is a secret still and Ryan is the first one he has told. Jack joins them and tells them to mingle. They are here to meet, wine, and dine the honchos of all the other offices. As Ryan and Neil spread out, Jack joins Mary Ellen and Ben from the Atlanta and Seattle offices. They want to know what is going on back in GC. They say that Victor and his morals are causing problems all over for NE. They say that they are losing good people, losing good accounts, and in some places, the women are even boycotting the products. His worse blunder was spending all those millions to buy the Production Company only so that he could fire Leanna Love---who, by the way, was all that was keeping the Production Company afloat. What is wrong with Victor? Is he losing his grip?

CHRIS is looking at the name and address of the woman in Virginia and wondering what she should do now that she has it. Should she share it with Paul? Just then, Paul arrives home early and Chris slips the piece of paper into her skirt. Paul hands her a small bag as a surprise. Opening it, she finds a bottle of massage oil. Paul brings in a massage table that he has rented for the night and hints that Christmas is coming. He gives Chris one minute to get out of her clothes and get on the table. Chris leaves to undress after mentioning that this is Paul Williams' first step in baby making.

VICKI goes to Olivia's office even though it has been an hour since she had the pain in her side. She describes it to Olivia as only a twinge but says that she is being over cautious since she had some problems earlier in her pregnancy. After a quick examination, Olivia sends her down for an ultrasound.

NICK is shouting at Grace that she had better not have told his wife about what happened when Victor walks in. He demands to know what is going on but Nick and Grace hand him some garbage about this being the way that they work out their work problems; they each take a side then debate the issue. Sometimes they get a little carried away. Grace leaves, but when Nick goes to leave, Victor keeps him in the room. He doesn't believe a word that Nick and Grace have just uttered. He also wonders where Sharon is. Nick insists that he has to go and prepare for his presentation. Victor tells him to go ahead, but this isn't over; he will get back to him later.

KATHERINE visits Nikki and tells her how outraged she is that the judge ordered her out of her home. Nikki can hardly believe it but she tells Katherine that she is welcome to stay at the ranch with her and Victor. Katherine says that she is tired of this sick game that that bitter woman plays; obviously, she has no life outside of tormenting her. She is absolutely evil and the only way she can fight her is to fight to win. She has made a decision. Mitchell Sherman is a wonderful dear man, but he just doesn't know how to go for the jugular. She needs someone who isn't afraid to get down in the gutter; someone for whom winning is everything. Nikki gets a funny look on her face then tells Katherine that she knows a lawyer like that, but she doesn't know if she should recommend him or not.

JILL thinks that John is a genius; his work in the courtroom was nothing but brilliant! Now she wants him to have the judge send a marshal out to the mansion to make sure that Katherine doesn't destroy anything on her way out. John absolutely refuses and tells Jill that is she kicks her opponent while she is down, it can go against her. He warns her not to do anything that would make her actions look vindictive. However, Jill decides to hire a private investigator to watch the house.

TONY can hardly believe what Sharon has told him! He wants to know the entire conversation that she overheard. Sharon tells him that she heard Grace say that she could hardly believe that they made love together but it really happened and it was totally incredible. Tony says that he feels like a real chump. He knew that Grace had had this little crush on Nick since forever, but he never thought she would do anything about it. He had finally convinced himself that she was over it and he had nothing to worry about. Now she goes and does something like this. Nick still can't believe it! Only two weeks to go and they would be married. Now look at where they are. This hurts, he tells her. This hurts so much! Sharon tells him that when she heard them talking, she felt like she had died. She just spaced out; the next thing she knew, she was waking up in the hospital. You are lucky to be alive, Tony tells her. Sharon says that part of her still feels dead. Tony says he knows how she feels; he can't believe that Grace would give up all their plans for a quick roll in the hay.

BRAD visits Ashley in the lab. She is surprised that he is still in GC but she laughs at him when he says he is looking for a job. With all the bad blood between him and Victor---not to mention her brother, Jack---this should be the last place he would want to work. When Brad invites her to dinner, she wonders if that invitation includes her husband. Brad says that he forgot that they are a package deal now. She says that she is going to surprise him and accept his invitation.

SHARON is finally all packed and ready to go. "I have to leave," she tells herself. "I can't stay here, not after my husband has had an affair with my so-called best friend. But where do we go, my children and I?" Just then, the door swings open and Nikki comes in. She stops when she sees Sharon is home. Then she sees that Sharon is wearing a sling and has a bandage on her head. She becomes concerned and asks what happened. Sharon tells her that she was in an accident. Nikki offers to help her by taking the bags upstairs and unpacking them. Sharon tells her that these aren't the same bags that she took to Denver and they are bags that she is taking with her when she goes. "Goes?" Nikki asks, stunned. "I'm moving out. I'm taking my kids and I'm moving out," Sharon tells her. Nikki can't understand. What happened? Was Nick angry because you were a couple of hours late? Suddenly, she is sure that the thing that Sharon isn't telling her is that Nick was in the accident also. Sharon tells Nikki that Nick wasn't hurt; she is the only one who was hurt. "Then why are you going?" Nikki asks. Tell me, Sharon, I need to know." Sharon quietly tells her that she means no disrespect, but Nikki doesn't need to know; she is asking the wrong person.

PAUL is giving Chris a good massage. As he tells her that her wish is his command and he calls her Mrs. Williams, she tells him that every time he calls her that, she thinks of his mother. Paul says that except for the fact that they are both females, there are no comparisons. He begins to talk about his mother and Charlie. He knows that his mother's life is changing and she seems very happy with Charlie, however, Charlie will never be able to take the place of his father. Chris becomes involved in a fantasy where she and Paul go to Mary and tell her that they have wonderful news for her. Paul tells Mary that Chris went out and found Carl for them. Mary is overjoyed and asks how this happened. Chris tells her that it is a long and amazing story and they will tell her later. Right now, they want her to see her husband. Carl comes in and he and Mary embrace while Chris and Paul look on and smile. When Paul finishes with the massage and leaves the room, Chris gets up and goes to the phone. She calls Fantasy Travel and books a round trip ticket to Norfolk.

VICKI returns to Olivia's office after getting the ultrasound done. She is sure that she is overreacting and wishes that she hadn't jumped the gun by coming in this soon. She hasn't had another twinge and there has been no bleeding or spotting. But when the ultrasound results are brought in and Olivia has a chance to study them, she tells Vicki that she is going to admit her to the hospital.

RYAN and NEIL join Jack as Mary Ellen and Ben just as the two finish telling Jack that the company is in the toilet, thanks to Victor and his morals. Introductions are made all around and the subject is dropped. Grace comes in and Jack introduces her as one of the bright young wizards of the company. Nick arrives and introduces himself to Mary Ellen and Ben. Jack tells him that it is about time for his big moment and wishes him luck. Victor has come into the room and is standing on the sidelines watching. As the panel begin to assemble and people are looking for a place to sit, Victor's phone begins to ring. Answering it, he hears Nikki say that she knows that this is a bad time to call but it is an emergency. Victor is surprised when he learns that Sharon is home already. He is even more surprised when Nikki tells him that Sharon is packed and ready to move out with the children. He demands to know what has happened, but Nikki tells him that she has no idea; she tried to get answers from Sharon but she isn't saying much. She thinks that Nick must have behaved badly when Sharon was in Denver and now he may be losing his marriage. Victor tells her that he is on his way home right now. Don't let Sharon leave before he can get there. Victor goes to Jack and tells him that he is needed at home immediately; it is a matter of importance. Jack reminds him that his son is about to give the most important presentation of his career and Victor needs to be there for him. Victor says it can't be helped; he will have to miss it. Jack reminds him that everyone will be looking to him after the presentation; this is his business and he needs to be here to handle things. Victor tells him that he is the second in command and he will have to handle this. He doesn't want Nick to know that he has gone home. He doesn't want Nick to be told anything and he doesn't want him upset. Telling him once again to handle things, Victor leaves. "Oh, I'll handle things, Victor; don't worry about that!" Jack mumbles after Victor has gone. Moving out into the hallway, Jack makes a call. About to leave Jabot, Brad gets a call. It is Jack. He tells Brad that the panel is convening for Nick Newman's big presentation and guess who just walked out the door? "The poor sap doesn't know if he is coming or going," Jack says of Victor. "We have the wind at our back; I can feel it. It is only a matter of time now so stay tuned!"

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Wednesday, October 28, 1998

by Soap Central

NIKKI returns to Sharon's house just in time to hear her calling a travel agency. Nikki says that she knows that something happened to upset her but she has no idea what it is; she begs Sharon to tell her what is going on. All Sharon will say is that she has to be gone before anyone tries to stop her. Just then, Victor walks in the door. He is unprepared for seeing Sharon in bandages and wearing a sling. What happen to you? He asks. Sharon explains that a car hit her. He says that Nicholas wasn't hurt so he supposes that she was alone when hit happened. He wants to know what happened between her and Nick but Sharon says that it is between the two of them. Victor says that since it involves his son, it also involves his mother and him. All he wants to do is help but Sharon says that no one can help. Victor says that he left right in the middle of a very important conference; doesn't that show how concerned he is? He will do anything for his family.

CASSIE bursts through the door all excited and asking Mommy for a jar. Sharon reminds her of her manners. She greets Victor and Nikki and tells them that Lisa just found a bug. It looks horrible but it also looks beautiful. Sharon tells her where she can find a jar and she tells her to have Lisa punch a hole in the lid with the screwdriver. After Cassie bounces out of the house, Victor wants to know if she is going to destroy that little girl's live once again. Sharon says that she has no choice but Victor says that there is always a choice. He tells her that Noah is his grandchild and if he has to, he will stand in the doorway all night long to keep her from leaving. Sharon agrees to wait until morning but tomorrow, she is leaving! Sharon needs to go lie down for a while. She asks Nikki to tell Lisa to put the kids to bed for her. After she leaves, Nikki, with tears streaming down her face, wonders what could have happened. They were both so happy at the prospect of spending time together. Victor admits that Nicholas was distracted when he saw him in Denver; he blamed it on having to do the presentations but now he isn't certain. He says that they will get some answers as soon as Nicholas and that assistant of his gets home. Nikki appears surprised that Grace is with Nick and asks what she has to do with this. Victor says that he isn't sure but he assures her that he will find out.

In Denver, NICK is nervously preparing for his second speech. Grace comes up to him and offers to help him but he brushes her off. When Jack comes up to him and asks if he is ready, he says that he is as ready as he will ever be. He asks where his dad is and Jack says that he is in the men's room. Ryan and Neil come up and give him encouragement for his next big moment. When the speech is over, Nick sees Ben and asks if he answered all of his questions satisfactorily; Ben answers that for the time being, he has. He then wonders where Victor is. Before Nick can answer, Jack walks up. Jack tells Nick and Ben that Victor had to leave a while ago. He went back to GC but he isn't sure why. Nick says that he is tired and he thinks he would like to go home to be with his wife. He walks away and Jack tells Ben that Victor is off tending to personal problems. Ben says that the kid did fine but his dad is spending too much time on family matters right now. He is concerned; people are leaving the company. Jack tells him to hang in there; he is working on a fix right now. Mary Ellen comes up and complains that this convention is her only chance to rub elbows every year with Victor Newman and he isn't even here. Jack assures her that he is handling things. When he is alone, Jack mutters, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap. I guess that is true for you, too, Victor."

MICHAEL calls Diane and she is glad that he called. She hasn't changed her mind about the divorce. She wants him to get busy working out the settlement or she will find someone who will. Hanging up the phone, Phyllis, from the doorway, tells him that she is there to make his day better. Michael tells her that she can leave; he isn't interested in anything she has to say. She begins to rub his shoulders and guesses that he is down because of his famous client. When Michael tells her that Diane is throwing in the towel, she thinks it is so funny. She tells Michael that it is his fault; he had Diane believing that Victor Newman was a deranged kidnapper. "When all the time, you were the deranged kidnapper," Michael says. He says that he would like to see her in jail for kidnapping him. She says that one of these days he is going to be sorry that he didn't forgive her for that. One day, he will come begging for the kind of love she is willing to give him right now. She leaves and slams the door on her way out.

KATHERINE is in her living room playing with a glass globe. Esther wants to know if she wants to take her perfume collection and Katherine asks how she can. They don't have enough time to pack all of their things. They will have to leave them here and hope that Jill doesn't do anything with them after they are gone. When she sees how upset and frightened Esther is, she promises her that Jill will not get away with this; she promises that she will see to that!

Outside, a man sits in a car watching the house. He is frightened when Jill jumps into the back seat. She wants to know if that is all he is going to do and he asks what else he can do. She wonders if he has one of those high-tech gizmos that allows one to see inside the house. He gives her a look that speaks volumes. Next she wants to know if they can't tap her phone. He says that if she is a real good friend with the judge, then they can do it. When Jill begins to rant, he lets her know that he won't tolerate it. She crosses her arms and says that she isn't leaving the car all night.

ASHLEY and BRAD arrive at Gina's for dinner. They talk and flirt with each other until Cole shows up. Cole wasn't aware that they were having dinner with an old boyfriend. It doesn't take much to realize that Cole is jealous, especially when he asks when Brad will be returning to Italy. Brad says that this is too uncomfortable and he wants to leave. Both Ashley and Cole object and Cole says that he was only teasing him. Just at that moment, DIANE and MARISSA arrive at the restaurant and are greeted by Gina. She shows them to a seat nearby. Brad is whining about not having a partner at the moment when Ashley catches sight of Diane and Marissa. Cole says that there is a beautiful woman who will soon be free. Ashley adds that she will soon be Genoa City's newest multi-millionairess. Turning to look, Brad thinks he would like a closer look. Marissa looks up from their conversation and tells Diane that there is a good-looking man headed their way. Brad comes up to the table and introduces himself. Marissa excuses herself and leaves the two of them alone. Brad says that he always enjoys meeting someone who has survived Victor Newman; he himself is a survivor and he has lived to tell the story. In a flirtatious manner, Diane wonders if he might be get back at Victor for something but Brad says that he isn't interested in Victor. But he would be interested in helping her. Diane asks if he wants to help her because he bears ill will toward Victor and he says that he only has good will toward her. He asks if he can call her sometime and she asks if he remembers the number of the apartment; she didn't bother to have it changed. He promises he will call her sometime and she says she will be looking forward to it. He leaves and Marissa rejoins Diane. Shame on you, Marissa says. You are still a married woman. Not for long, Diane answers. Now I want my divorce more than ever. Back at the table with Ashley and Cole, Brad tells Gina to bring a bottle of the best champagne and put the dinner on his tab. He excuses himself and leaves the "love birds" alone.

TONY is in Crimson Lights remembering what Sharon has told him. He thinks that she couldn't have heard it correctly. After all, she only heard one sentence. While he is trying to convince himself that there is another explanation, Megan joins him. He tells her that he isn't good company right now and she asks what is bothering him. He says that she really doesn't want to get involved in this old man's problems. She denies that he is an old man and she tells him that as a friend she is interested in helping him. She thinks that it has to do with Grace; she hopes that she isn't just using him for her own ends. Back off! He tells her. Megan gathers her things and tells him that when he is ready to be nice, she can talk to him. She leaves him alone in his misery.

NICK is in his room talking to the desk clerk when Grace comes in. He is telling the desk clerk that he doesn't care about the view or the amenities, he just wants to get out of this suite. Grace asks what is going on and he tells her that he can't stay in the same rooms with her any longer. She asks why she is suddenly the enemy? He wanted her as much as she wanted him. He tells her that if he could erase that moment, he would. Since he can't, he doesn't want to be anywhere near her. As she puts her hands on his arms and tries to talk to him, he tells her to get her hands off of him. He says that they cannot work together any longer. Grace says that she knows it didn't mean anything to him but it did to her. He says that she is too insistent on thinking it meant more than it did, that it would lead to something more. He just hopes she didn't tell Sharon; she has already caused enough problems. She promises that she hasn't said a word to Sharon and promises that she won't say anything. He leaves and Grace is left alone with her tears.

TONY arrives home just as the phone begins to ring. Answering, he hears Grace's voice. She says she is so sad and lonely; all she wants is to get home to him. She senses that something is wrong and asks him if he has changed his mind about her. She couldn't bear it if they didn't get married. Tony says that he has been thinking of her also. She hopes that he has been thinking only positive thoughts. When he tells her to hurry home, she says that she will be there in his arms as soon as possible. When she hangs up, Grace is crying. "Oh Nick," she cries. "I wanted things to be so different---so different!"

Thursday, October 29, 1998

JILL is whistling when JACK comes in. She says she can tell he's in a good mood; the convention must have gone well. He makes a snide remark and Jill says even he can't rain on her parade because today, his friend Katherine is moving out by order of the judge. She tells him it's just a down payment on the big payoff -- when she is finally awarded the estate outright.

Jack can't believe that the judge put Katherine out of the estate. He wants to know if Jill was awarded the house and Jill tells him the final hearing isn't for another couple of weeks. But, she blathers on, the judge saw how unstable Katherine was for trying to burn down the house. Jack doesn't believe that's what happened. Jill states, "Well what you believe has the relevance of a dead toad on a country road." Jack asks her if she really believes that Katherine tried to torch her house because it was a given that Jill is going to win her case. Jill tells him that's exactly what she believes. Then Jack asks her this: what if Katherine is just biding her time until she can come out fighting. Jill scoffs at the idea. Jack tells her if that's the case then he wouldn't want to be in Jill's shoes, not in a million years.

Jack says that he's cautioning Jill and Jill tells him he's just trying to spoil one of the best days of her life. A phone call for Jill interrupts them. As Jack listens, he ascertains that Jill has hired a detective to watch Katherine move out. She tells him it's almost over. He watches in speculative amusement as Jill talks to her "dear, dear Phillip." She remarks that if he's watching she knows he's happy that she's about to have what he wanted for her. She sighs that this is the beginning of the end and smiles triumphantly.

KATHERINE tells ESTHER she should think of this as a vacation; they will come back. NIKKI comes in and asks if she knows that there's a car parked outside. Katherine knows that Jill hired a private investigator to make sure Katherine didn't trash her own home. She is outraged and tells Nikki she's going to make it her goal for Jill to pay for doing this to her. Then Katherine barks at Esther to get a move on. They only have fifteen minutes to get out of the house.

Nikki asks her if she really wants to leave Mitchell Sherman. Katherine reasons that Mitchell is a fine, upstanding man and therefore should not have to be on the same level with the likes of Jill. Katherine asks about this lawyer Nikki has in mind. Nikki tells Katherine that he's really the lowest of the low. "Certainly not any worse than the one who's defending Victor's ex-wife," Katherine remarks. When Nikki's only answer is the raising of her eyebrows and the widening of her eyes, Katherine understands. She tells Nikki that she plans to see Mr. Baldwin today. Katherine calls to Esther. It's time to leave. Robert will get their bags. As she is leaving the house, she raises her fist and vows, "As God is my witness, I will be back!"

TRICIA is finishing breakfast and reading the newspaper, when Phillip comes out of his room and asks where his breakfast is. Having turned down her efforts to make him blueberry pancakes the previous day, Tricia tells him, she didn't make him anything today; she thought he didn't like breakfast. Tricia continues to read the newspaper. Phillip says that today he is hungry. Tricia points toward the kitchen and tells him there's cereal and milk. This morning he can help himself. Phillip looks astounded at Tricia's cold reaction.

Getting a bowl of cereal and some milk, Phillip asks if his dad got back yet. Tricia tells him that if Ryan had gotten back he would be out here giving Phillip a big hug. Phillip inquires if Tricia knows anything about when Nina will be there to pick him up since she promised that she would be back today. Tricia tells him no, but if his mom promised to be here, she'll be here.

Phillip checks his watch and wonders where his mom is. Tricia tells him she has to decide whether he wants to be tardy or whether he wants to wait for his mother. He decides to give Nina five minutes; if she isn't there by then, he will let Tricia take him to school. Just then, the doorbell rings and Phillip rushes to get it. He throws his arms around his mom and wants to know how things were for her. Nina tells him it was great. Tricia grudgingly tells Nina she's glad things went well. Then Tricia suggests Phillip finish his cereal. He tells her he's not hungry anymore. On the edge, Tricia says that he told her that he was hungry; that is why she got him breakfast. Nina says he doesn't have to eat if he's not hungry. Phillip wants to go home and spend some time with his mom but Tricia asks if that won't make him tardy for school. Evidently neither Phillip nor Nina care. Tricia boasts to Nina that she and Phillip got along famously and she hopes that they can do it again sometimes. However, once she is alone, she rants about how spoiled Phillip is.

RYAN comes in and Tricia doesn't greet him as warmly as he'd hoped. Tricia is visibly trying to contain her anger. Ryan had hoped that he'd be back before Nina picked Phillip up. He asks if Nina said anything about him going out of town on business. Tricia tells him it didn't come up. Ryan states that he certainly hopes Nina isn't upset. Tricia then flies off the handle. She complains that she cooked for Phillip and played with him, yet he couldn't get away from her fast enough. She can't believe that Ryan is worried about NINA being upset.

PAUL calls out to CHRIS, telling her that the coffee is ready. They liked the massage table so much that they decide to buy one instead on continuing to rent. She asks what's on his agenda today. Paul tells her that he's got to go and find a father who has run off with his son and try to convince him to come back. That reminds Chris of Cassie. She tells Paul that nothing's ever been settled and Sharon's still vulnerable. Even though Sharon has Cassie living with her, legally Cassie is still someone else's daughter. Chris looks worried.

Chris explains to Paul that she talked to Millie, Cassie's adoptive grandmother, and tells him that Alice is back. Chris thinks she's moved back in with her mother and now wants Cassie back. "She's a flake," Chris explains. Paul now understands that if Alice wants Cassie back that it will be a long, drawn-out legal battle. Chris says that Cassie doesn't need that. She's been through so much in her young life. Ironically, she points out that Cassie is now living in a loving home. Chris thinks she should call Millie and find out the status quo. Paul asks if that's not a big risk. Chris tells him it's no more of a risk than doing nothing. If Alice comes to Genoa City wanting Cassie back, what will it do to Sharon?

In Madison, MILLIE is reading the mail when ALICE comes in and tells her that she's moving in with her boyfriend, Al. She tells her that she's going where she's appreciated. Millie tells her that she's done the best she could, considering how Alice has treated her. Alice accuses her of getting even with her by giving Cassie away. She still thinks Millie knows where Cassie's at, although Millie firmly denies it. Millie blows her top, telling Alice she never gave a damn about Cassie -- gone all those years without a backward glance. Alice flounces off to get boxes to start packing so she can move out of "this hell hole."

Chris calls Millie and asks if she's okay. She tells Chris that Alice is hell-bent on finding Cassie. When Chris asks why, Millie tells her it's because Alice thinks Cassie's family has money. Chris asks why Alice would think that. Millie tells her it's just wishful thinking, but the good news is that Alice is moving in with her new boyfriend. Maybe the obsession with Cassie will go away. Chris tells her that she's sorry Millie will be alone again. Millie says not to worry -- she'd forgotten how tough it was to live with Alice. Millie hears Alice and Chris tells Millie if she needs her to call her.

Paul asks what Chris found out. It looks like Alice is determined to find Cassie and that Alice is moving out. Paul is just as surprised as Chris was to find that Alice has it in her mind that wherever Cassie is, she's with people who have money. Chris is worried that Alice is going to find Cassie and screw up her life. "Cassie deserves better," states Chris.

NINA and Phillip are at home and Nina is unpacking. They talk about the writer's conference and he tells her that he bet she blew them away. Nina tells him she held her own. She asks how it was spending time with his dad. Phillip throws her when he tells her that he stayed with Tricia while Ryan went out of town on business. It's obvious Nina isn't happy about this. She asks if things were okay between him and Tricia. Phillip says that Tricia tried, but it wasn't any better this time than any of the other times. She tells him that she has to write a note about why he's late for school. "Take your time," jokes Phillip.

Later, Nina answers the doorbell and finds Ryan on her doorstep. He asks if Phillip is there and Nina tells him that she took Phillip to school. Ryan is disappointed that he missed him this morning. Nina testily says that Ryan evidently missed Phillip a lot more than just this morning. Ryan hangs his head. Nina asks why he fought so hard to have Phillip stay with him if he was leaving on business. Ryan tells her if was last minute command performance for Newman Enterprises.

Nina tells him he should have called Cricket and left him there. Ryan tells her that Tricia and Phillip got along fine. Nina says that's not the way she heard it. He tells Nina that Phillip is just going to have to accept Tricia as a fact of life. Tricia is Ryan's wife and Phillip's stepmother. Besides, he knows where all the negativity is coming from -- right here in this apartment and out of Nina's mouth. Nina is flabbergasted by Ryan's accusation. Nina reminds him that this was supposed to be an experiment and as far as she's concerned, it was a complete failure.

JACK has come to visit MICHAEL. He tells Michael about Victor leaving the conference early. Michael tells Jack that Diane has decided to settle. "Once and for all, she wants this thing over with," says Michael. Jack looks surprised and amused. Jack can't believe it. He asks if there's been movement on her list of her demands. Jack gets angry and implies that Michael hasn't done his job while he was in Denver. Michael tells him there's nothing that he could do. Diane is tired, at the end of her rope, and wants her life back.

Jack tells Michael that he must score at least a couple of the demands before she settles. He tells Michael that he's like to see Diane on the board of directors of both Jabot and Newman Enterprises, but if he can't get both, go for the board at Newman Enterprises. He can't believe that Michael has let it fall apart. Michael tells Jack he had little to do with it. Jack informs Michael to reign Diane in; they can't settle yet. "We're not ready," declares Jack. Michael wonders whom this "we" is. Jack just demands that he hold off the settlement and storms out of Michael's office.

ALICE comes out of the basement complaining about how dirty it is. Looking through all the junk, she finds that Millie saved all of her mail. She tells Millie it's just junk mail anyway, so she doesn't plan to read it. She also finds a red purse and a matching pair of shoes. While marveling at her find, the camera slowly zooms in on the return address of one of the manila envelopes. It reads: "Raymond Becker, Family Matters, Adoptions, 2250 Vista Road."

MICHAEL answers a knock at his office door and finds KATHERINE there. She tells him they need to talk and he asks why she's here. She tells him she needs a change and has been told he's just the man she's looking for.

SHARON is studying her face in the mirror and looking at the family pictures on the mantle; she in total despair. CASSIE comes downstairs and gives her a big hug. Looking at her mom, Cassie asks what is wrong. She wants to know if Sharon and Nick got in a fight.

Cassie is worried about Sharon. She tells her that Sharon looks like she's been crying. Sharon says she gets that way sometimes when she's tired. Cassie asks where they were going before Nikki stopped them, since she saw Sharon packing. Sharon tells Cassie she knows she has a lot of questions, she just can't answer them all right now. Cassie wants to know if she should go away and leaves Sharon alone. Sharon gets teary and tells Cassie that they'll never be apart again. Cassie smiles and says she was only talking about going to her room. Sharon smiles, but tells Cassie that she needs her so much. "I need you, too," states Cassie. Then she asks when Nick will be coming home. Sharon tells her as soon as he finishes his business. Cassie gets excited and says that then Sharon and Nick can make up. "Won't you Mommy?" she asks, almost pleading. Sharon turns away. She can't look Cassie in the face.

Friday, October 30, 1998

NEIL is in VICTOR'S office. Victor asks how his son did on the panels. Neil tells him he was just on his way to put out a memo about that. Victor remarks that he doesn't want to read about it in a memo; he wants Neil to tell him personally. Neil tells him that Nicholas held his own; even though he was a little thrown by Victor not being there, he did a great job. Neil also reports that Nicholas asked to come home to be with Sharon, but he and Jack asked him to stay one more day and then he could head home. Victor is pleased.

Then Victor bones Neil about Victoria. Neil tells him that she's doing very well. This also makes Victor happy. (Little does either of them know that she has been admitted to the hospital.) But Victor asks Neil to be particularly attentive to Victoria since this is her first child. While they are talking, Neil gets a call on his cell phone. It's Victoria and when she finds out where he is she tells him not to let on, but she needs to see him; she's at the hospital. Neil smoothly tells Victor that he must cut their meeting short. Something has come up. Victor tells him that he thinks they've covered everything. He tells Neil he hopes everything is all right. Neil says he hopes so too.

SHARON is sitting and staring. When she hears the knock on the door, she yells for whomever it is to go away. NIKKI calls out for Sharon to please let her in. Sharon allows her in, but tells her that she doesn't want to talk. Nikki pleads with her. She understands that whatever happened in Denver must have been horrible. CASSIE comes in, dressed in her Halloween costume. She's won first prize at school for her adorable kitten costume. She tells Sharon she's going down to the stables to show everyone her costume.

Nikki tells Sharon that when she watches her with "that precious little girl" and knowing what it took to bond with her, she just wishes that Sharon would change her mind. Sharon informs her that the only reason she's still here is because she's trying to decide what's best for the children. Nikki leaves, but tells Sharon if there's something she can do, she'll be up at the main house. After Nikki leaves, Sharon remarks that she wishes Nikki could do something.

CHRIS is scared now that Alice will find some clue that will lead her to Cassie. She tells Paul that if that happens, then Sharon will have a major disaster on her hands. Millie can't even call Chris safely. Paul tells her that they could rent a post office box and Millie can write Chris. Chris doesn't want Alice to intercept the mail and see Genoa City as the postmark. Paul tells her he has a private investigator friend who has a post office box that's not in Genoa City. He's sure that his friend would let them use it and his friend could check the mail daily. If Chris gets mail, he can alert them. Chris says that sounds good. She tells Paul that she has to go speak to Sharon.

MILLIE complains that ALICE is dragging everything from the basement. Alice tells her "tough, old woman." She's going through her clothes and Millie tells her that she's just wasting her life. Alice defends Al and tells Millie not to talk about her boyfriend. Millie tells her she's really messing up. Alice growls that Millie is the one who messed up by giving "her Cassie" away.

Alice complains that all Millie does is tear her down. Millie says she wants good things for Alice, but Alice doesn't believe her. Millie's never even met Al and she's already putting him down. Millie tells Alice he's unemployed. Alice asks if that the "be all, end all." Then she reminds her that Ray Becker had a job and gave her the one good thing in her life. Now Ray's dead and the papers are gone. "Good riddance," snorts Millie. Alice tells her that's a lousy thing to say. Millie asks if she's going to look through the box of mail that she saved for her. Alice picks it up and throws it on the couch beside Millie. She tells Millie she ought to toss it out and Millie along with it. She heads back to the basement.

MICHAEL cannot believe that KATHERINE CHANCELLOR wants to hire him. He knows that she's represented by Mitchell Sherman, who is a highly prestigious lawyer. Katherine agrees with Michael but she tells him that she wants him for a case that will require "a taste for the jugular."

Katherine bluntly tells Michael that she knows he's a man without scruples. He tells her he's a very aggressive attorney and he fights for his clients within the limits of the law. Michael is shocked when he finds that Nikki is the one who referred Katherine to him. "Victor's wife," he muses. "I'm glad you see her in that capacity," retorts Katherine.

Katherine tells him the whole story of Jill's case against her. He says that it sounds fairly simple. Katherine tells him she must warn him that her adversary is a "blood-sucking female" who will do anything to destroy Katherine's happiness. Michael asks who this woman is. Katherine tells him it is Jill Foster Abbott and her attorney is John Silva. Michael perks up with new interest.

Katherine says that she used to have respect for John until he represented the likes of Jill. Michael tells her that John can be a menace in the courtroom. Katherine tells him she's going to tell him this one time only and she won't say it again. She is 100% in Victor's corner on this case he has going with Diane Jenkins. Were it not for Michael's reputation, she wouldn't be here. If Katherine finds that he's using her case to further the case against Victor she will dismiss him and bring swift actions against him.

Michael tells her that before he agrees to be her attorney, he feels that he's not getting Katherine's respect. Katherine tells him she knows what kind of man he is and what he did to Christine, who is like a daughter to her. Michael tells her that was a long time ago. She tells him he'll have respect from her when he earns it. He promises that IF he takes the case, he will win it! "Whatever it takes?" asks Katherine. "Whatever it takes," he assures her. She tells him she'll have Mitchell send over the files. She tells him to have a good day and leaves. Michael can't believe that he has Katherine Chancellor for a client.

VICTORIA is in bed and looking very unsure. She is alone. Olivia comes in and Victoria tells her that she hasn't had anymore symptoms. Victoria wants to know what's going on. Olivia tells her that her blood pressure was up and her white cell count was up. Olivia thinks the blood pressure rise was due to her worry over the twinge she felt. The raised white count is indicative of an infection and they're going to pinpoint the problem by monitoring her. Victoria gets upset. She asks Olivia that although nothing seems wrong with the pregnancy now, could something develop. Olivia can't deny this.

Victoria implores Olivia to be straight with her, especially is there's something wrong with the pregnancy. Olivia tells her that it could be a condition called preeclampsia/Eclampsia**, and Olivia is sensitive to this because she had it when she was pregnant. She assures Victoria that Nate is a healthy little boy. Vicki asks about the infection. Olivia honestly tells her that there's a remote possibility that there could be an infection in the placenta. She wants Victoria to call someone in her family, but headstrong Victoria is determined not to bother anyone. Olivia says she needs someone to be with her to reduce the stress because Vicki's going to be there all day. Vicki assures her she'll call someone. Olivia will be back to check on her later.

MIGUEL tells Nikki that Victoria's bed wasn't slept in. Nikki tells him that so many things are going in with this family. The doorbell rings and Nikki half-heartedly welcomes COLE. He's come by to tell her that he's leaving the ranch. He tells her he's clearing out of the tack house. Cole thanks Nikki for her generosity and Nikki says that he has Victoria to thank for that. Cole tells her that he's setting up quarters at the Abbott home. Nikki glibly wishes him luck, then stops and picks up on something Cole said earlier. She asks him what he means by "at least one less person" around here.

Cole tells Nikki that he means Vicki. He then sees that Nikki doesn't know anything about Victoria's plans. Nikki wants to know where Victoria is going. Cole feels Nikki should talk to her daughter about this. Nikki tells him he evidently knows more than she does and she hopes he'll continue to keep in touch with Victoria, since it is his baby she's carrying. Cole says he plans to do just that.

In her office at Jabot, JILL is toasting the good news from JOHN: Katherine is out of the house. John guesses that she knew. Jill tells him that she hired a private investigator and she's hired a surveillance team to keep an eye on the house, just in case "the old biddy" decides to try anything. John starts to leave, but Jill asks him to stay because, as her attorney, there's something she needs to tell him there's something he needs to know before another moment ticks by.

Jill pours out her thanks for John, telling him what a wonderful job he's done for her. She's just thrilled. She tells him that she feels like celebrating and she gets John a glass of wine. Jill tells him that he's a force to be reckoned with. These are highly sexual overtones in Jill's facial expression and her body language. She tells him he's the man that's going to win it all for her.

Jill caresses John's shirt and tie. She tells John that he used to know her very well. John tells her that she's his client now. He starts to walk away, but she asks him if he ever thought of what might have been for them. She kisses his cheek and then his lips and then John responds passionately. Katherine, who asks if this is attorney-client privilege, fatefully interrupts them. John wants to know if he should leave them alone and Jill tells him yes because Katherine isn't staying very long or she'll call security. "I'll be in touch," states John at the door. "I bet you will," murmurs Katherine with a smile.

Jill tells her she has some nerve coming to her office. Jill sarcastically tells her that she's found a large cardboard box for her and Esther to stay out of the rain. Katherine asks if Jill is so sure that she'll have the last laugh. Jill informs her that the law is on her side. Jill tells her that Katherine is out and Jill is in. Then Jill asks her to leave. Katherine tells Jill that she taught Katherine something a long time ago -- don't get mad, get even. "I'm about to get even," declares Katherine and she walks out.

CHRIS comes to see Sharon. She asks Sharon if she was in an accident. Chris is very worried about her. She bluntly asks Sharon if she's thinking of leaving. Sharon says she may have to leave because her life is really a mess. Cassie comes in and thanks Sharon for making her costume. Chris picks up on the "Mommy" from Cassie. Chris cannot tell Sharon what she came for because she sees that Sharon is so distraught. She does offer to listen if Sharon needs a friend. She hugs her and leaves, very upset herself.

After Chris leaves, Sharon sits on the couch. Tears stream down her face. Cassie comes down. She tells Sharon that she wishes she could make he feel better. Sharon gathers Cassie up in her arms and tells her that she does make her happy every minute of the day.

Chris goes back to the apartment and tells Paul that something has Sharon emotionally distraught. She tells him about Cassie and how she and Sharon have bonded. "It's like her kids are the only thing she has," laments Chris. Paul tells her he's gone ahead and set up the post office box. Chris tells him that it's a good thing. If Alice is coming to Genoa City, she wants some advance warning. "That's the only way we can protect Sharon," Chris reasons. Paul contemplates with a furrowed brow.

Neil is at Victoria's bedside. She explains what happened and Neil is very upset that she didn't call him last night. She tells him she's scared and that she's very grateful he's there. They embrace. He continues to hold her and Vicki says she doesn't want to fall apart. Neil suggests that she tell her parents. She is adamantly against it. If anyone asks, she's staying with him.

Chris calls Millie and asks how she is. Millie tells her she's fine. She tells Chris that they can only talk for just a moment. Chris tells her that she has a way for them to keep in touch without Alice knowing. Millie gets a pen and Chris gives her the address. She tells Millie that they have to do this to keep Cassie safe. Alice walks in and Millie, who pretends it's a phone solicitor, says she's not interested, and hangs up.

Alice doesn't believe Millie's ruse. She tells her that's another reason that she'll be glad to go -- Millie's always lying to her. She goes over to the picture she taped up of Victor Newman several months ago and tells her mother that everything would just be perfect if she could find a man like Victor Newman. While Alice is looking at Victor's picture, Millie happens to see the manila envelope from Raymond Becker in the box of mail. "Oh my God!" Blurts Millie. Alice wants to know what's wrong. There is terror in Millie's eyes.

Victor is working when Nikki comes to see him. He immediately knows something's wrong. Victor asks about Sharon. Nikki says that she's still at the house. She asks Victor again about Nicholas. He tells her that he walked in on an argument between Nicholas and Grace Turner and it didn't seem like a business disagreement. Nikki asks him if he's thinking what she is. Victor tells her he doesn't want to think and doesn't want to jump to any conclusions until he's talked to his son.

Nikki tells him that they can discuss their daughter, then. Nikki believes that she's moved away from the ranch and in with Neil. Victor fairly explodes because Neil was just there and didn't say a word about it. Nikki says she has no proof, but it's a very strong hunch based on the fact that Victoria didn't come home last night, plus Cole said Victoria told him she was leaving the ranch. Nikki couldn't get Cole to say more after he realized he'd spilled the bean. Nikki asks Victor what he's going to do. Victor says that this is an unwise decision because Neil hasn't finalized his divorce and Victoria is close to her due date. Victor intends to confront Neil and he'd better have a good explanation for why he didn't tell Victor any of this.

**Eclampsia is a serious condition that happens late in pregnancy. It can occur during the last months of pregnancy and even sometimes during delivery. It is extreme toxemia of the pregnancy, which is basically a retention of fluid, abnormal protein in the urine, and an elevated blood count. It is also associated with kidney disorder and convulsions.

The preeclampsia/Eclampsia that Olivia has diagnosed Victoria with is the beginning of Eclampsia and can be treated successfully with early detection. However, it may also develop into full-blown Eclampsia, which usually requires hospitalization and complete bed rest as part of the regimen.

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