All My Children Recaps: The week of May 15, 2000 on AMC

Stuart and Esther met a father and his daughter, Marilyn, who wanted to go to Vegas. Adam got drunk and started a brawl at a bar. Tad decided to take a trip after suffering a breakdown on live television. Brooke talked to Reverend Freeman about Laura. Edmund and Alex admitted that they loved each other.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 15, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, May 15, 2000

Broadcasting live from the police station, Tad caught even himself off-guard with some of his statements. He informed all those listening that his show, "Nothing But The Truth," was about exposing "hypocrites and fraud." Tad, however, questioned how he'd received the authority to decide who's telling the truth and who's lying. Back at WRCW, Dixie watched her husband on a television monitoring and futilely pleaded for him to stop. She decided that she had to make a dash to the police station and save her husband from embarrassment and pain. On her way out, David stormed into the station and demanded to know what Tad was doing. David feared that Tad's on-air meltdown would jeopardize Leo's case. Dixie wanted to get past the doctor, but David wouldn't let her leave. David said that he was concerned that Dixie's emotions could cause her a health setback. Against her will, Dixie agreed to stay put. David asked Dixie how she felt about Stuart's death. It was the first time that anyone had asked her about her feelings. Dixie sobbed opened and admitted that her heart was aching over the loss of a special man. David took her in his arms and offered to drive her to the police station. Back at the police station, however, Tad refused to listen as Derek tried to get him to pull the plug on his broadcast. Tad announced that it was his bloodlust for revenge that had cost Stuart his life. Adrian arrived at that station and delicately asked his brother to end the transmission. Tad, though, responded by wrapping his arm around his brother and touting him as the perfect example of "a hero." He spoke of Adrian's many heroic deeds and thanked him for trying to stop his revenge plot against Adam. He smiled slightly and laughed as he noted that Adrian's requests had fallen on deaf ears. Adrian reminded Tad that the purpose of his live telecast was to have cleared Leo's name. Tad snapped back into the present for just a moment and walked over to Derek. There, he asked Detective Frye if he'd arrested Leo because of a "gut feeling" or because it was the east thing to do. Vanessa entered the police station and soon found herself as an unwitting example in Tad's lecture. Tad pointed to "perky" Greenlee and the "well-kept" Mrs. Cortlandt as possible suspects in Paolo's murder. He didn't just single them out, as he said that anyone in town could have offed the wannabe gigolo. Following the statement came an unexpected announcement. Tad looked into the camera and signed off --- for the last time. "I quit," he said softly. As the camera cut away, Dixie and David arrived at the station. Dixie walked over to her husband's side and gently teased him about how he never does things in a "small" way. Dixie convinced Tad that they should return to WRCW. On his way to the exit, Tad stopped and apologized to Derek for his antics. He remained firm on his assertion that Derek should not jump to the wrong conclusion about Paolo's killer. Vanessa, meanwhile, stormed over to Leo and demanded to know if he was behind the on-air debacle. Leo didn't distance himself from the plan, instead staying that "it seemed like a good idea." David listened as Leo informed his mother that Walter Hines wanted him to cop a please. Vanessa's face fell and David vented his outrage. Vanessa told Leo not to do anything until she had a chance to work some of her magic. Vanessa stomped off into the distance. David shook his head and told Leo that he could not believe that their mother was going to let him take the fall for something she'd done. Leo still refused to believe that his mother was capable of letting him go down for a crime that she had committed. David was so sure that he was right that he decided to make a friendly wager on whether or not Vanessa killed Paolo; there were no stakes. Leo was likewise sure that he was right about his mother and accepted the bet.

Gillian sauntered into the steam room at the local health club unaware that someone else was in the room. Ryan smiled at her and chirped that they'd have to stop meeting so often. Gillian grumbled that they were not "meeting" because their encounters were not planned. She asked that Ryan leave, but he wasn't about to honor her request. Ryan noted that he was there first --- and they were in the men's steam room. Gillian gasped and insisted that she was not in the wrong place. She eventually conceded that she'd made a mistake and stormed over to the exit. She grasped the doorknob, but it fell free from the door. She turned in shock and blamed Ryan for breaking the door. Ryan's eyebrows raised as he pointed out that it was Gillian who'd broken the door. They bickered back and forth as to who was the guilty party, but the arguing was getting them nowhere. Gillian thought about knocking on the door, but Ryan reminded her that they were behind a set of double-doors. The pair sat down and tried to pass the time. Ryan mentioned the latest Incredible Dreams dream request, the one from a young woman who was new to this country. Gillian thought that the woman felt much like she did when she first arrived in Pine Valley. Gillian softly stated that she'd gotten through her loneliness by finding someone to love. Things started to turn amorous, but Ryan abruptly pulled away when Gillian started stroking his chest. He determined that Gillian had planned to get locked in the steam room with him. Surely, he thought, she must have seen his name on the sign in list. Gillian was furious by Ryan's assertion that she'd set him up. She started pounding on the door and calling out for help. Ryan finally rammed the door with his shoulder. When it opened, he promptly stormed out of the room... leaving Gillian behind.

Back at the television studio, Tad told Dixie that he needed some time away --- not from her, but from what had become of his life. Dixie begged Tad to stay, but Tad felt that time on the road would clear his mind. Dixie told Tad how much she loved him and told him that they could work through things together. Though he was glad to hear that he was loved, Tad still felt that only some time alone would heal him.

Alex flew several feet away from the fuse box, landing with an audible thud on the ground. Guy strolled out from behind a cluster of trees and looked down at Alex. He checked her pulse and frowned. "Still alive?" he grumbled. "Damn." Guy positioned his hands in such a way that it looked as if he was going to snap Alex's neck. As he bid farewell to "Anna," Alex's eyes suddenly opened. She looked up at Guy and had a flashback to a time where Guy was her martial arts instructor. He was urging her to do something to save them both, but Alex was unable to comply. Alex fell back into unconsciousness and Guy returned to plotting her demise. Before he could act, Edmund's voice called out from nearby. Guy was forced to change his stance and pretend like he was tending to Alex's wound. Edmund arrived on the scene and ordered Guy to phone the paramedics. Guy casually walked off in the other direction. Edmund started CPR and after a short time Alex regained consciousness. At first she was alarmed, but soon became aware of her surroundings. Edmund took Alex back to the lodge and asked her what had happened. Alex recounted the phone call to her mother and the loss of power that led her to the outside fuse box. Edmund calmly told her that he'd just had the lodge rewired; there could not have been any electrical problems. "Somebody's trying to kill you," Edmund said. Edmund knew that Guy was somehow involved in the mess and raced off to find him. Before leaving, her ordered Alex to lock the door and not to open it up for anyone but him. When Edmund returned, he told Alex that Guy had split. He knew that they were on the verge of discovering "something big." In order to find out what it was, they needed to track down Guy.

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

In an office at WRCW, Greenlee sat at her laptop computer and tapped away another phony Incredible Dreams request. Leo entered the office and looked on in amusement. Finally, he broke his silence and sarcastically thanked Greenlee for getting him involved in Tad's on-air swan song. He was sure that his case had been jeopardized. Greenlee groaned that Leo needed to realize that other people had problems of their own. The implication that landing a man was on equal ground with being falsely accused of murder didn't sit well with Leo. Leo smirked and told Greenlee that they do their best work when they're undressed. Leo reached forward to unbutton the young woman's blouse. As he did, Ryan entered the room and asked the pair what they were doing. Greenlee leapt to her feet and claimed that Leo had been helping her with ideas for the web site. Ryan, though no longer an employee at WRCW, had agreed to drop by and smooth things over with advertisers who'd been unnerved by Tad's resignation. Becca wandered in and told Ryan that one of his appointments had arrived. Becca tried to leave with Ryan, but Leo called out to her and asked to speak with her. Becca turned him down coldly, so Greenlee jumped into the act. She told Becca that the "betting to get into bed" fiasco was her idea and that Leo had nothing to do with it. That still didn't make Becca feel any better. Greenlee went on to say that she'd actually been trying to do a good thing by making the bet. According to Greenlee, she wanted to fix Leo up and thought that Becca was a perfect match --- so she concocted the bet to nudge them together. Becca nodded her head and told Greenlee that she was sorry for misunderstanding her. She then broke into hysterical laughter. "My Granny Tyree has chickens smarter than the two of you," she cracked. Greenlee admitted that her lie was rather lame, but she continued to assert that she hadn't meant any harm and still wanted Leo and Becca to together. Becca sassed that Greenlee had a better chance of "gaining twenty pounds and wearing spandex." Becca turned and walked away and Leo once again lashed out at Greenlee for wrecking things for him. Greenlee rolled her eyes and asked herself why she'd ever let Leo seduce her. Leo's eyes widened as he corrected Greenlee: She had "begged" him for sex. Greenlee gasped loudly and slugged Leo in the stomach.

Liza hovered around Chandler Mansion looking for Adam. He finally showed up just as she was on her way out the door. She stuck around and tried to convince Adam that he had to get on with his life --- as hard as that may be. "You can't give up. You're not dead," Liza said softly. In truly atypical fashion, Adam told Liza that he no longer wanted to be Adam Chandler. He reminded her that she had Power of Attorney, and he urged her to use it to run Chandler Enterprises. Liza agreed to do that for him, but made him promise that he'd stay at the mansion; she and Colby would be moving to the Gatehouse. One day, Liza assured him, he'd wake up and realize that he was still Adam Chandler. Liza told Adam that she and her mother were going to the police station to retrieve Stuart's belongings. After Liza left, Adam vowed that he did not need anyone's help. "Adam Chandler's dead," he growled. Adam was about to smash a vase, but he stopped when a voice called out to him.

At the police station, Liza watched as Marian tearfully went through Stuart's personal effects. She came across a scorched cardboard box. She smiled and told her daughter that the box contained a desk of cards that Stuart had had specially designed. Marian's face had been placed on each of the four queens in the deck.

On their way to Las Vegas, Esther's truck broke down. They were forced to walk at least five miles in the arid conditions. They found refuge at an out of the way restaurant where a father and daughter were bickering over a one-way bus ticket to Las Vegas. The young woman, who preferred the name Marilyn to her given name of Mary Lynn, explained to her dad that her boyfriend had given her the ticket. Judd snapped that the "shifty-eyed handyman" couldn't be trusted and tore the ticket in half. Esther looked around and told Stuart that she wanted to get her vehicle fixed as quickly as possible and then get back on the road. Stuart overheard the father and daughter arguing and misunderstood the young woman's name. "Did you say your name was Marian?" he asked. "Marilyn," Esther shouted nervously. Her eyes bulged as she feared that Stuart's memory was returning. Judd wanted his daughter, the resident car expert, to make the couple breakfast because he feared that she'd steal the truck. Apparently, Marilyn had already done time in a juvenile detention center for auto theft and one more incident would land her in prison. She refused and was ordered to her room. Judd headed to the kitchen and Marilyn stormed off. Judd would later return and ask Stuart and Esther about their travel plans. He was intrigued by Stuart's memory loss. Judd returned to the kitchen and Esther went off to use the restroom. Stuart passed the time by playing a game of solitaire. Marilyn returned and pleaded with Stuart to take her to Nevada. She winked and said that she had "a thing" for older men. Stuart smiled and told the young woman that he could somehow sense that she wasn't like that. Stuart plopped down a pair of cards, but Marilyn told him that one cannot place two red cards together when playing Solitaire. Stuart shrugged and commented that he's always felt that the King and Queen of Hearts should always be together. Breakfast was served, but Stuart didn't eat much. Instead, he stared at the king and queen. Esther asked Judd if they could try to fix the truck so that they could get on the road. Judd, who'd only recently opened up the restaurant and neighboring filling station, exited the kitchen with a large wooden sign reading, "Queen of Hearts" printed on it. Esther pleaded with Stuart that it was time to go, but Stuart sternly commented that he needed to stay there.

At SOS, a group of teenage girls screamed and hollered in anticipation of Christian Burns appearance. Adrian tried to calm them down, but he had little luck. Tina dropped by to pick up her paycheck. Adrian asked that she help him out, but she agreed only after he agreed to pay her time-and-a-half. The pair continued their minor tiff about Tina's choice of profession. Tina continued to insist that Adrian had had things better growing up. Adrian, on the other hand, blasted Tina for making assumptions about his life. Adrian stepped away momentarily when a young man wearing sunglasses sneaked behind the bar. Adrian grabbed the man by the collar and plopped him on top of the counter. The young women went wild; Adrian had just manhandled the special guest. After the autographs were signed, all of the young women filed out of the restaurant. Adrian and Christian engaged in some humorous banter about the way the singer had been manhandled. Tina wandered by and explained a bit about how Incredible Dreams works. Christian loved the idea and agreed to head off to the hospital to see his young fan. Tina told Adrian that she wanted to talk about what was troubling them, but Adrian told her that he's not one to "spill [his] guts." Tina nodded and said that he was like that because he's always had so much more to lose than her.

Back at the station, Leo doubled over in pain as Ryan returned to the office. Greenlee told him that Christian was en route to the hospital and Ryan's eyes lit up. Ryan invited Greenlee to accompany him to the hospital and Greenlee was only too willing to accept the invitation. After Ryan left the room, Greenlee told Leo never to mention anything about their romantic adventures. Leo agreed, but warned Greenlee that the next time she hit him, he'd slug her back.

Arlene urged Adam not to take out his aggressions on a helpless --- and presumably expensive vase. Arlene sat down next to Adam on the sofa and told him that she knew what it felt like to lose a loved one. She likened Adam's grief for Stuart to the pain she felt over the death of her boss-slash-lover. Adam knew that Arlene must have come to collect on the money he'd promised her. When asked how much she wanted, Arlene requested a cool $100,000. Adam matched her request and offered to give her as much as $500,000. Arlene's mouth nearly hit the floor. There was just one minor setback: Adam was no longer handling his finances. Arlene was furious and lashed out at Adam for toying with her. She pointed out that all of Adam's friends were only his friends because he was a billionaire. So, in a sense, Arlene was telling Adam that no one would bow down to him if he had no money. Adam told Arlene that he was headed to bed, but Arlene noted that he'd probably get no sleep. Adam nodded and, for one reason or another, chose to hang out and have a drink with Arlene. Adam had a bit too much too drink and nodded off. Arlene smiled devilishly and remarked that this was "just like old times." She looked at Adam and purred, "Arlene, honey. You've finally found your pot of gold."

Wednesday, May 17, 2000

A grumpy Greenlee returned to WRCW from the hospital visit and lashed out at Leo when he asked her how everything had gone. In a snit, Greenlee revealed that only Christian and Tina had gotten to observe the "dream" coming true. Christian, Tina and Ryan appeared in the doorway. Greenlee tried to convince Christian to return to the hospital in the morning so that a camera crew could capture him interacting with Betsy. Repeatedly, Greenlee called the girl "Betty," showing that she didn't really care about the young girl's dream fulfillment. Christian offered to return in the fall after BBMak's tour; he said that he was really interested in helping to make his fan's dreams a reality. Greenlee became agitated and continued to pester the singer. Ryan finally tired of her routine and asked Leo to take Tina and Christian on a tour of the studio. Once the coast was clear, Ryan blasted Greenlee for her bad attitude. Greenlee explained that they needed to seize the opportunity to capture the moment to publicize the website. Ryan explained that the camera crew had been barred from the room because Betsy's parents didn't want their daughter to be taped. Greenlee was irked and told Ryan that he needed to keep the investors happy and make sure that those requesting dreams pay up. This was a chance to heavily promote the site and, in Greenlee's words, Ryan had blown it. Ryan's face fell. First, he asked Greenlee if she'd wanted in as a partner in the company. Then, he asked her if she was so disappointed by his business strategy why she continued to hang around with "a loser" like him. Greenlee was shocked into silence. She told Ryan that she didn't mean that, but it was too late. Ryan turned and walked out of the office. Leo returned and Greenlee immediately blamed him for everything that had gone wrong. Greenlee sat down and typed another bogus dream letter from her online alter ego, Cynthia. Later, Ryan replied to the message and urged Cynthia to meet him for a dance at the "rollout party" being held at SOS. He asked that she wear a white flower so that he'd be able to pick her out of the crowd. Greenlee checked her email and found the letter to Ryan. She smiled devilishly as she figured out how she'd make her next move.

Giddier than she's been in weeks, Esther skipped into the restaurant and told Stuart that the car seemed to be working. Stuart again stated that he wasn't ready to leave because he felt that there was "something about this place" that could help him regain his lost memories. Marilyn strolled in from the outside and informed the couple that they weren't going to be going anywhere anytime soon. The car was fixed, but only temporarily. In order to be good as new, she'd need to order a part. Judd breezed past and overheard Esther telling Stuart how badly she wanted to get to Las Vegas so that they could renew their wedding vows. He remarked that a Las Vegas wedding chapel ceremony didn't sound very romantic. Stuart offered to help Judd hang the "Queen of Hearts" sign outside the restaurant. Stuart was intrigued by the name, but even more so by Judd's explanation of why he'd decided to call the restaurant by that name. He said that he used to call him wife his "queen of hearts." Stuart's face lit up. "Of course!" he shouted. Esther watched nervously, but to her delight failed to make the connection to his own past. Esther asked that the part for her car be ordered as soon as possible. Marilyn assured her that it'd be done, but that it might take a while because she was driving a very old car. With everyone out of site, Judd counted up some money, placed it in an envelope and then placed the envelope in his denim jacket. From around a nearby corner, Marilyn watched her father closely. Judd left the restaurant to look for something and the young woman sprung into action. She plucked the envelope from the jacket and practically drooled as she counted the money. Aloud, she said that she was finally going to be able to make it to Las Vegas. She turned around and found Stuart smiling at her. To Marilyn's surprise, Stuart told her that he didn't want her to go because he'd miss her. She cracked a smile and asked him why he'd miss her; she'd been nothing but mean to him. Stuart told Marilyn that he was sure that her father would miss her. She doubted it, saying that he hasn't been the same since her mother died. Stuart handed the girl some money from his wallet and told her to use the extra money to make sure that she spent the night somewhere safe. Marilyn was amazed by Stuart's generosity and overcome by his concern. She handed Stuart his money and placed the envelope of cash back into her dad's jacket. She cleared her throat and said that she'd decided that she'd stick around until the part she'd ordered came in. She smiled and said that she wanted to make sure that it was replaced properly. When Judd returned, Stuart asked him if he could have a job at the restaurant. Judd warned Stuart that the pay wasn't good, but Stuart assured him that that was not an issue. Esther wandered back and was dismayed to hear Judd extend her a job offer as well. Stuart grinned merrily and told Esther that it looked like they were going to be sticking around for a while.

Arlene urged Adam to sleep off his drunkenness. In his ear, she whispered a subliminal message for Adam to seize control of Chandler Enterprises... and then give her a heap of cash. Marian and Liza returned home and stopped in their tracks upon seeing Arlene and Adam on the sofa together. Arlene put her finger over her lips to silence them. Marian was not pleased to see that Arlene's idea of "comforting" Adam included a bottle of alcohol. Arlene shifted her weight to one foot and told Liza that Adam owed her some money. Liza snickered and told Arlene that she didn't believe. Adam stirred slightly before waking up. He saw the three women standing nearby and groaned audibly. "The three witches... I'm doing MacBeth," he snarled. As he became more alert, Adam ordered the trio to leave his home. Arlene agreed to leave. Marian and Liza offered to call her a cab, but Arlene assured them that she could drive herself. Liza sat next to Adam and invited him to join them at the Gatehouse for a viewing of the latest edition of "Wave." Adam turned down the offer. Liza explained that Colby was now able to recognize Hayley when watching the television. As an added bit of good tidings, Liza explained that Colby sat with her doll and babbled on for minutes at a time. She and Marian both laughed and stated that it looked like the baby was mimicking Hayley. Adam cast them a cold glance and blasted them for trying to use Colby to make him feel better. Adam told Liza that she was right when she'd decided that she should keep Colby away from him. Liza headed upstairs to gather some of her belongings and Adam returned to a half-empty bottle of booze. Marian snatched the bottle away from him and sternly told her son and brother-in-law that she would not allow him to drink until he numbed his pain. Adam cocked his head and asked Marian why she cared about what he did. Marian explained that Stuart would have wanted them to be civil to one another. She said that she'd changed for the better since meeting Stuart. Adam coldly asked her how long she expected her reformation to last now that Stuart was dead. Matter-of-factly, Adam told Marian that his feelings for her hadn't changed: he still hated her. "The last thing I need is consolation from the town tramp!" he snapped. Liza returned to the room and scolded Adam for being mean to her mother. Adam told Marian that he's known Stuart longer than anyone and that none of Stuart's goodness had rubbed off on him. Marian swore that Stuart was still with her. "No he's not, you stupid woman!" Adam growled. "He's dead!" By now, both Marian and Adam were in tears. Marian stepped out of the room and Liza tried to get Adam out of his funk. She said that she'd leave behind one of Colby's stuffed animals so that Colby would have something to play with when she visited him. Adam told Liza to take the toy with her because he didn't want to be bothered by anyone again.

At SOS, Brooke approached Hayley and told her that Arlene had taken one of her cars. Hayley rolled her eyes as she figured out that "took" actually meant "stole." Brooke apologized for having had to trouble Hayley with the situation. Hayley begged Brooke not to let her mother "suck" her into her troubled life. Hayley said that she had to deal with Arlene --- because Arlene was her mother. Brooke, on the other hand, didn't have to be troubled by her. Brooke recited the line Arlene had muttered before passing out at the shelter, "I'm afraid I did it again." She was sure that Arlene had hit someone else. Mateo suggested that the call the police, but Brooke was opposed to the idea. Hayley informed Mateo that it was an off-duty policeman who'd struck and killed Brooke's daughter, Laura. Tina and Christian returned to the club, but Christian politely declined Adrian's request for BBMak to play at Incredible Dream's party. He explained that he and the rest of the band only had this one night off before starting their tour. Tina followed Christian out of the club and pleaded with him to reconsider. Christian sensed that Adrian was Tina's "bloke," or boyfriend, and said that he'd help her out. Tina explained that she and Adrian were not and item, but she admitted that a BBMak performance might nudge things in the right direction. Arlene swaggered into the club and smiled broadly upon seeing Adrian. She tried to win him over with sexual innuendoes, but it didn't work. Arlene wandered over to Brooke, Hayley and Mateo's table and flashed a grin. Brooke was relieved that Arlene was safe, but her face fell when she smelled alcohol on Arlene's breath. Arlene told Brooke not to worry because she could handle her liquor. "It's not like I mowed down a Girl Scout troop," Arlene replied with a laugh. Without warning, Brooke slapped Arlene across the face and flashed her an icy glare.

Thursday, May18, 2000

After speaking to Walter Hines, who tells Palmer he can't force Leo to plead guilty, Palmer tells Vanessa he washes his hands of the whole matter. But what about Leo, Vanessa asks. Ask your other son to help, he replies, pointing to David and Erica who are just entering the Valley Inn dining room. After being filled in on the fact that Walter Hines has given up Leo's case, David agrees not only to get Leo a new lawyer, but promises not to rest until the real murderer is caught. Vanessa looks a little nervous as David and Erica go over to their own table. She goes to "powder her nose" and calls Donald Steele, telling him she has a major story for him. A short while later, Donald arrives with a camera crew and accuses Erica of Paolo's murder. David jumps up and grabs Donald and in all the confusion, Vanessa manages to slip a bunch of letters tied with a ribbon into Erica's purse. Derek is called in to break up the fight and once he arrives, Vanessa "accidentally" knocks Erica's purse over and the letters fall out. Donald "just happens" to pick them up and glance at them, announcing that they are "love letters" from Paolo to Erica.

At SOS, Brooke is furious with Arlene for her comment about "running down a troop of girl scouts", and Arlene quickly apologizes, realizing she's endangering her current meal ticket. Mateo asks them to keep it down because the party will be starting soon and Brooke takes Arlene by the arm to escort her out of there. She has no intention of taking Arlene back to her house, though, and "subjecting Jamie to this". Arlene turns to Hayley for help, saying that she has no one else. You have the booze, Hayley reminds her before walking away. Brooke hustles Arlene out the door and brings her to the community center to sober up before she goes to the shelter. Arlene apologizes again, but also says that it was a long time ago and Brooke should be moving on with her life, she should have gotten over it by now. Brooke rips into Arlene, there's no way she could "get over" the loss of her child and if Arlene had any regard for life other than her own, she would know that. The confrontation is broken up by Grace, who takes Arlene to the shelter. Alone in the community center, Brooke remembers the day that Tom came and told her that Laura was dead.

In the meantime, Ryan is getting ready for the opening party of while keeping one eye on the door. Greenlee arrives with Leo through the back door and he asks her why she's carrying a white rose. Greenlee explains that "CyberCynthia", the person she's been writing to Ryan as, is supposed to show up at the party with a white flower so Ryan will recognize her. Just then, the front door opens and Gillian and Dixie enter. Gillian has a white rose tucked behind one ear and Ryan stares at her. Greenlee fumes about her ruined plan as Ryan approaches Gillian and asks what kind of game she's playing. Gillian doesn't understand what he's talking about and, with Dixie's help, finally convinces him she hasn't been emailing him as "Cynthia". Later, Ryan finds a discarded rose and thinks that Cynthia was there at the party but he'd missed her.

Adrian watches a bit jealously as Tina jokes around and laughs with Christian and is even more unhappy when BBMak dedicates their song to their new friend, Tina. After the performance, Christian has to leave right away, but offers to get Tina a job in marketing or PR with his band and gives her his cell phone number. Tina promises to think about it and tells Adrian he might have been right, it might be time to consider trying something new.

Edmund and Alex stopped by SOS briefly to talk to Adrian. He said that he checked out Guy's background and it's all a fake, and a very good fake, too. Guy must have had help from a powerful organization, Adrian feels, and warns Alex that she's in serious danger. Alex and Edmund head off to the police station and report everything that has happened to Derek. Unfortunately, there's little more that Derek can do than send out an APB on Guy, which has already been done. While they are still at the police station, the news comes in that Guy boarded a plane back to England an hour before. Edmund is determined to catch him and refuses to consider letting Alex come with him. Back at Wildwind, Edmund is packing and apologizes to Alex if his attitude seems chauvinistic, but he just can bear to lose another woman that he loves.

Thursday, May19, 2000

At the Valley Inn restaurant, Derek took the letters from Paolo that had fallen out of Erica's purse and told her if they turned out to be real, she'd be considered a suspect in Paolo's murder. Erica denies ever having seen the letters before, while Donald gleefully catches the whole thing on tape. David grabbed one of the letters and began to read it out loud, while Vanessa proceeded to look more and more nervous as he went on, worried that someone might realize Paolo wrote the letters to her, not to Erica. Derek takes the letters and leaves. Vanessa goes out into the lobby, where Donald catches up with her and insists she pay him right there. She does pay him, but Leo sees her and she's forced to quickly make up a story that she's doing it for Leo. After all, if Erica goes to prison for Paolo's murder, then Leo will be free. Back in the dining room, Erica is annoyed at David for seeming to doubt her innocence about the letters. David assures her that he believes her completely, he just wanted to see the expression on Vanessa's face when the letter was read out loud. He's convinced that Vanessa is the one that killed Paolo and is certain that if he rides her hard enough, she'll crack and confess. Upset, Leo goes over to the table where Ryan and Greenlee are having dinner and almost reveals the fact that he and Greenlee slept together. Ryan has to go back to SOS to meet with an important prospect, but tells Greenlee to stay there and talk to Leo. Leo tells Greenlee that he needs her support, she's the only friend that he has.

Adam is at a bar, drowning his sorrows and trying to forget who he is. That doesn't work, however, because Arlene soon walks in and joins him. Arlene shows him how to have a "good time" in a place like that and pulls another woman's man away to dance with her. Adam breaks up the ensuing fight and ends up dancing with Arlene himself. Just then, Donald Steele arrives and announces he's buying a round for everyone, then notices Adam is there. Sensing another scoop, Donald badgers Adam, asking him how it feels to be responsible for his brother's fiery death. Adam turns to throw a pitcher of beer and Donald and ends up dumping it on someone else instead. A bar-fight breaks out between the man and Adam, with Donald taking pictures of the whole thing for the tabloids..

At the community center, Reverend Freeman tries to get Brooke to open up about what's bothering her. She does tell him about Laura's death and challenges him to talk to God and to let her be the one to die instead of Laura. She then apologizes for what she said and quickly hurries out. He tells her that he's there if she needs someone to talk to..

Alex didn't immediately respond to Edmund's declaration of love and he tried to back off, apologizing because she still loves Dimitri and he shouldn't have said anything so soon. But Alex is in love with Edmund and tells him so, she never thought she'd be in love again and is so grateful that they found each other. They make love. When Alex wakes up, the housekeeper from Wales is lying dead beside her in bed and Guy is there, grabbing her by the throat. Fortunately, it was only a nightmare and she wakes up to find a note from Edmund on the pillow. He apologizes for leaving while she was asleep and tells her again that she loves her. Alex gets dressed and goes back to the hunting lodge. But when she opens the door, she finds Guy there waiting for her!



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