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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 15, 2000 on GL
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Monday, May 15, 2000

At Cedar's:

Rick and Abby discover that Lizzie isn't in her room. Beth and Jim come in and they are worried. Rick goes to see if any nurses are doing any tests on her. Meanwhile, Lizzie is outside sneaking through a door. She hides under a gurney. Beth looks through the drawers and notices that Lizzie's clothes are gone. Rick and Jim are going to look for her while Abby and Beth stay to wait and see if Lizzie comes back.

Ruth comes in with Charlie. She tells him that he has to have a checkup every three months. Jim comes out and asks Ruth if she has seen Lizzie. He describes her to Ruth as Charlie sees Lizzie under the gurney. Lizzie tells Charlie not to say anything.

Ruth tells Jim that she and Charlie will help them find her. They went in to the room and Abby started to attack her saying she was the one that put Michelle in jail. Ruth told her that she is there to help find Lizzie.

Charlie goes under the table and asks Lizzie why she was hiding. She told him that they took her dad away and she was going to see him. He told her that he has stayed in the same clinic before and knew where it was. Lizzie asked him to take her there and they left.

Phillip and Harley come in and want to know the latest about Lizzie. He starts taking control, as usual. Ruth comes back and asks about Charlie. Beth tells her that he went to the bathroom a while ago. Ruth runs out to find him. Phillip thinks that Charlie and Lizzie may be together. Beth finds Lizzie's horse. She is upset because she knows Lizzie wouldn't have left that behind unless she wasn't interested in getting well anymore.

At the Clinic:

Phillip wakes up with Lizzie's voice screaming for him to help her. Harley asks him if he is okay and he tells her about his nightmare. Harley tells him that he may be able to go see Lizzie as early as tonight if his last tests results come back ok. Phillip said that he is going nuts being away from Lizzie. Harley tells him that it will be okay because Lizzie loves him. She gives him a pep talk and tells him how great a father he is. He feels better. The doctor shows up and tells Phillip that he can go home.

Rick calls Phillip and tells him that Lizzie ran away. Phillip said he would be there as soon as he could.

At Tower's:

Reva overhears Josh ask Olivia to live with him and she runs out upset. Olivia told him to go to talk to Reva but he said his place was with her. Noah tries to give Reva a pep talk but doesn't know how. She tells him what she needs to hear and cries on his shoulder. Reva says she is just feeling bad about losing her past. He offers to get her out of there but she doesn't want to run from them. Olivia tells Josh that she feels that she shouldn't move in with him, knowing that he will hurt her. He tells her that he wants this, to be with her. He gets a call and leaves to get some papers out of the car. Reva comes over and talks to Olivia. She tells her that she felt silly running off before. She starts to tell her how she feels but Olivia tries to rub Reva's face in it all and tells her how she and Josh are real and he loves her now. Reva tells her that she came over to make peace but she is acting juvenile. Josh comes back in and talks to Noah. The elevator repa! irman comes over and tells Josh that Noah saved Reva the other day. Josh wants to know why he wasn't told. Reva comes back and tells Noah that she is ready to go. Josh gives Olivia back her key and asks her to come home. She takes it.

At San Cristobel:

Richard tells Tammy that she can still call him Daddy and to make it official he wants to adopt her so he can be her real father. She said that she doesn't want him to be her real father because real fathers always leave. Tammy leaves and Cassie tells him it is all her ex husbands fault. Richard tells Cassie not to beat herself up about something that was in no way her fault. Richard tells Cassie that he will not abandon Tammy or her. Tammy comes back; she wants to talk to him about the adoption papers. Richard tells Tammy that the paper is a promise that he will always love her and will never leave her or her brother. Tammy tells him that she wants him to be her daddy. She asks if they will do it next week right after the wedding. He tells her that would be as good a time as any.

At The Country Club:

Edmund tells Rob about Cassie's impending nuptials to his brother, Richard, the prince. Rob asks about SC and then asks if bigamy was legal there. Edmund told him it wasn't and Rob says that Cassie is in some trouble. Edmund tells Rob that he shouldn't go down there and cause trouble for her. He is concerned that his brother will get mad that he told. Rob told him that he would never rat out his new drinking buddy. He told Edmund that he would go to SC right then if he had some cash. Edmund told him he would help him out but he can't condone what he is about to do. Rob goes to make a call and Edmund told the bartender to play some liar's poker with Mr. Layne and to lose big and he will foot the bill and give he a hefty bonus to go along with it. Rob wins a lot of money from the bartender. Edmund tells Rob that he shouldn't go down there but Rob insists that he is going. He thanks Edmund for the info and leaves. Edmund smiles, he is very pleased with himself.

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

At the Bauer's:

Michelle is reading a baby book and eating ice cream when Drew comes in with two bottles of wine. Drew notices the baby books and deduces that Michelle is pregnant. She is so happy for her and dances around with Michelle. Drew asks about everything, how long she knew, how far along she was, how she felt, etc. Michelle says she found out the night before. Drew was upset that Michelle didn't tell her right off the bat and apologized for assuming that things were back to the way they were. She said she understands why Michelle may not be ready to be close with her again. Michelle tells her that she wants to be her friend, she just wanted to keep things between her and Danny for awhile. Drew understood. Michelle told her that she is about two weeks along and not feeling too much morning sickness yet. However she was acting very emotional from hormones. Drew asks her about what Danny was planning to do for a job. Drew offers to let Danny come in with her at Millennium. She said she wants some time off and Danny would be a great partner. Danny comes in and Drew congratulates him on the baby. She leaves and Danny tells Michelle they need to have a little talk. He starts to tell her about Carmen and the deal but Michelle said she would rather not hear anything about his mother right then, she had a great day and wants to leave it at that. She tells him about the baby book and looks at the back and sees Carmen's face in the author's picture. She shakes it out of her head and hugs her hubby.

At the Jail:

Pilar goes to visit Carmen with Bill. Carmen is angry that she brought Bill at her saying that she wanted to talk to her privately. Pilar insists that she speak in front of Bill. Carmen tells her about the deal the government wanted to make with her to turn states evidence and wants to know what she thinks about it. Carmen said it would effect them both greatly. Carmen tells Pilar that Danny and Michelle are going to have a baby and she may have to accept the deal and go away forever in order to protect that baby and wants Pilar to go with her. Pilar is very happy that she is going to be an aunt and is considering what her mom is asking. Bill tries to tell her not to listen to her mom but she tells Bill not to interfere, it is her decision to make. Bill tells Carmen to leave Pilar alone. He jerks Pilar away and tells her not to let Carmen scare her into doing something she doesn't need to do. She thinks it may be a good idea for her to go away. Pilar tells Carmen that she will think about it. Bill tells Carmen that the conversation is over and takes Pilar out of there.

Ross comes in and says that the feds are ready to make a deal. She says that she isn't making a deal until she gets what she wants and she hasn't exactly decided what she wants yet.

At the hospital:

David and Vicky come in and want to help find Lizzie. Phillip explains that he had been at the Bedermeyer clinic for some time and Ruth tells them that Charlie was there when he was recuperating from his surgery. Beth, Phillip, Ruth and Harley figure out what had happened and Jim, Phillip, Ruth and David head out to look for them. Harley heads out with Rick to the clinic. Phillip and Jim talk Beth into staying calm and in one vicinity while they look for Lizzie inside the hospital. Vicky asks what she can do to help. He asks her to stay with Beth. Vicky gives Beth a pep talk about how strong Lizzie is and how she will be back soon. She seems to make her feel a little better. Rick brings Lizzie back in and puts her back to bed. Phillip runs into see her. She hugs her dad and is glad he is back.

In the woods:

Charlie and Lizzie are taking a break, sitting on a log in the woods, while Lizzie is going through a coughing fit. They continue on to the clinic but Lizzie leaves her hat behind. Later, Rick and Lizzie come upon where the kids were and finds Lizzie's hat. They start yelling for the kids. Lizzie starts coughing again and Charlie goes to see what is wrong with her. She falls to the ground and says she is hot and cold at the same time. She faints and he calls out for help. Rick and Harley find her just as Lizzie goes into a seizure. Rick wraps her in his jacket and tells Harley they have to get her to the hospital. Harley goes after Rick's medical bag back to him and he gives Lizzie a shot. Harley takes Charlie to the side and tries to get his mind off things. Lizzie comes to and tells Rick that she was on her way to see her dad. Lizzie asked Rick if he was her doctor again and Harley told her that he was. Rick seems to have gotten some confidence back.

At the Clinic:

David and Ruth come in and they describe Charlie and Lizzie. The doctor makes a comment about Ruth's arrest and she gets upset. She turns to David and tells him that she is not an unfit mother. David tells her he wasn't even thinking of that. David looks over the building and comes back and tells Ruth that the kids aren't there. Ruth tells him that he knows he hates her because she messed up Michelle's trial and made him look bad. He told her that he isn't nearly as mad at her as she is at herself. She got emotional and told him about how Charlie was dying and how Carmen offered her money to lie about Michelle and when she said no, Carmen threatened Charlie. She is afraid that this is God's way of paying her back for her lies.

At Company:

Buzz and Selena are talking. She is trying to figure out her half of the bills for her new home. She tells Buzz that she doesn't want a free ride and will pay half of all the utilities. Buzz gets a call and tells Selena about Lizzie and Charlie being missing. Abby comes in and they talk about it some more. She was there to pick up some food for everyone. Buzz makes a comment about Rick and how he needs tons of kids and Abby said that he is right but that she is just not ready for children. Harley calls Buzz and tells them that they found the kids and that Rick wanted Abby to meet them back at the hospital.

At Tower's:

Danny talks with Ross about the deal they are trying to get Carmen to take. He feels he has no other options but to get Carmen to turn states evidence. Ross tells him to tell Michelle what is going on. He said he would tell her as soon as it is all over.

Bill tells Pilar not to fall for Carmen's scheming. She cries and tells him that she thinks she can help her mother.

Wednesday, May 17, 2000

In the park:
Reva and Vanessa are walking. They sit down on a bench and discuss their lives. Reva tells her about Olivia moving in with Josh. Reva tells Vanessa how she overheard his conversation with Olivia and how hard it was to hear. Vanessa remembers having to move on from Billy. Reva tells her plans about going to college and getting on with her life. Vanessa asks her what her ultimate goal is. She tells her that she would really be good at WSPR and she could still have time to go to school if that was what she wanted. Reva is bothered by the job just falling into her lap and being so easy. She wants to make the right decision. Vanessa tells Reva that she should take what she has a use it to benefit herself the best possible ways. She tells her to jump in and make her new life happen. Reva agrees to take the job and asks Vanessa what she had in mind. Vanessa tells her she will meet up with her later to talk over the particulars.

At the Lewis's:
Josh comes in to tell Marah and Shayne his news. He tells them that Olivia is moving in with him. They are not happy. He asks their opinion and they tell him they hate it. Shayne storms out of the house and Marah runs after him to calm him down. The kids come back in and don't want to talk about it. Josh tells the kids he knows that the changes hurt but even though he will always love Reva, they can't be together. He wants to let the kids know what is going on. Shane asks if they are getting divorced. Josh says no but Marah says that divorce is where they are headed. Marah lets it slip that Reva didn't want them to make a big fuss over it and Josh got upset that Reva told them before he could. Marah tells him that it was because Reva loves him and just wants him to be happy. Josh tries to reason with the kids but they don't want to talk, so they leave for school. He picks up a family picture and says it is really over. Reva enters the room and they look at each other.

In San Cristobel:
Tammy, Cassie and Richard are all dressed up about to have their pictures taken for the official portrait. An aide comes in with news that Cassie has a visitor. It's Rob. He looks her up and down and tells her she looks great. He asks if she missed him and Cassie started to get real irritated with him and asked him what he wanted and why he was there. Rob tells her that he is surprised at where he found her and his daughter and that a husband should always know where to find his family. He then turns and tells Cassie that he never signed the divorce papers.
Richard and Tammy are playing with the camera. Tammy tells him that she is glad he will be her dad. He tells her that he will tell everyone about his new daughter. An Aide comes in and announces that Edmund is on the phone. Edmund asks Richard to reconsider the wedding. Richard tells him he has no time to talk to him since he was planning his wedding. He hangs up on Edmund. Richard turns back to Tammy who tells him that she was sorry for reacting the way she did to the adoption. She said she was thinking about Rob and how he stopped loving her. She said that he was mean to her mom and made her cry a lot but that he (Richard) makes them both very happy.
Cassie tells Rob that she signed the divorce papers. Rob says he didn't and that they are still married. Rob starts to go tell Richard but Cassie stops him. She tells him to get out. The aide comes in and tells her that the photographer is ready. She tells Rob to stay there until she gets back so they can settle this. She leaves. Rob looks around and is amazed at "the score" Cassie had made.
Natalie tells Cassie to sit on the throne while Richard and Tammy huddle up to her. Rob is peeking through the door. They take the picture and Cassie goes to get RJ for the next picture. Richard kisses her before she leaves and tells her not to be gone too long. Cassie goes into the hall and again tells Rob to get lost. He tried to tell her that she didn't have his permission to take Tammy out of the country and then said that he was surprised she was marrying for money. Cassie says she knows what he wants. She says if he loves Tammy he will leave since she is finally happy. She wants to know what it will take to make him leave. She tells him he can have the diamond necklace she is wearing if he signs the divorce papers, goes away and never comes back. She gives him 10 seconds to think about it. He says she always was a Princess and now it is official. She says he was always a convict and it will be official if he doesn't leave.
Richard is telling Tammy a story. Cassie comes back into the room. She is looking at them together and smiling. Richard asks her if everything is okay. She smiles and says it is fine.

At the Bauer's:
Rick is having a bad morning when Phillip comes in and tells him that Harley had told him how he saved Lizzie out in the woods. Phillip told him that he is a great doctor and no matter what Claire did with one little grade years ago, Rick has proven himself and it should make no difference. Rick tells Phillip that it makes a difference to Abby and that she is pressing Rick to come clean. Phillip disagrees and tells Rick that he thinks the past should stay in the past. They talk about Beth and the baby and Phillip tells Rick that he has made peace with that. Rick tells Phillip that he understands he wants to go along with the lie to keep Jim and Beth's marriage together. Rick is surprised he changed his mind. Phil says he had a lot of time to think about it. Alan was his real father since he raised him. Justin was just his biological father. Phillip wants to let Jim and Beth be happy. Phillip says he will be part of the baby's life but will let them raise it. He says Edmund will keep quiet about the secret. Rick and Phillip joke around a bit and both are in a better mood. Phillip asks Rick to visit Lizzie as a doctor. He thinks Rick finding Lizzie was a good sign.

At the Country Club:
Edmund hangs up the phone after talking to Richard and says "Oh, Richard, never say I didn't try to warn you." Beth arrives and wants to meet quickly with him so she can get back to spend time with Lizzie. She asks him to read over her notes while she calls Lizzie. He goes over to the bar. The bartender tells Edmund that Beth is a babe and asks Edmund about Rob. Beth comes back and Edmund asks about Lizzie. Beth said that Lizzie wants to go with her for her checkup. She is real into being a big sister. She said she thinks the family thing could actually work. Edmund wonders if Beth may be settling for the LeMay man because the Spaulding one was taken. She says she is not settling that she loves her new family. Ed is complimenting her and tells her she deserves better. He apologizes and says if she is happy that is all that matters. Beth gets ready to leave; she wants to get back to her life that she loves. She leaves. Edmund thinks to himself, "You don't love your life, you just think you do."

Thursday, May 18, 2000

At the Bauer's:
Michelle is in the kitchen napping. Danny wakes her with a kiss. Michelle sees Carmen in a dream asking about how she and her grandchild are doing. She jumps and Danny asks her if she is all right. She said she is fine but that she has a surprise for him. Michelle leaves the room and Danny gets on the phone to call Ross. He asks Ross about the situation with Carmen. He is hoping that his mother has decided to take the deal; he doesn't want to say anything to Michelle until she gives them her decision. Pilar knocks at the door. She tells Danny that Carmen will agree to help the government if she leaves with her. Danny is against it but Pilar tells him she has already agreed. Danny asks her not to go through with it but Pilar tells him she has to for him and his baby. Pilar tells him that it is all her fault they are in the situation to begin with. Danny tells her that he wont let her do this and he leaves to see Carmen.

At Tower's:
Billy and Olivia are having a meeting. He asks her how she got Josh to ask her to move in with him. She gave him a look and he commented on her being cranky.
Marah meets up with Bill. She tells him a little about what is going on at home when she sees Olivia across the room. She tells him that she doesn't want to talk to her.

At the Lewis's:
Josh tells Reva that he told the kids and they took it all right. Reva admitted to telling Marah because she had been full of questions. Josh tells her that they need to talk about a divorce. Reva gets emotional and tells him that this shouldn't surprise her since she knew it was coming to this. They both get emotional and Josh feels bad that it had come to that. He feels like he had let his kids down. Reva and Josh say they will always be friends and they still love each other. They are both crying. Olivia walks up and sees them hugging.

At Millennium:
Michelle comes in to see Jesse. Drew had already spilled the beans about the baby. He congratulates her and notices something is wrong. He asks her and she says that she thinks Carmen isn't finished with her yet and hopes that she stays in jail. Michelle tells Drew and Jesse about the dreams she was having. Drew thinks if she would just tell Danny the dreams would go away. They tells Jesse about Drew's offer to let Danny come in to Millennium and he doesn't think it's such a great idea. Drew tells him it would be great, just the four of them. Jesse wonders if Danny knows anything at all about the business but Drew says they can teach him. Michelle gives Jesse & Drew some room to talk it over and Jesse says that Danny will always be a Santos and would always be associate with the mob and he thinks Drew should call the whole thing off. Jesse tells Drew that Danny's association with the mob will get someone hurt and reminds her of how he got shot in San Cristobel . He said he for gave Danny but he was the one holding the gun. Drew said they would have to have a good story to back out of the deal or honor it. Jesse says he understands how much Drew wanted to do this for Michelle and she says she wanted this for them. Jesse says okay, maybe it will be a good idea to let Danny in so she can be home more. But there are conditions...if anyone from Danny's past starts to cause problems the deal is off. Drew thanks him.
Frank is talking to Michelle, she tells them to be careful when they transfer Carmen because it isn't like no one has escaped before. Frank says deep down they all wanted her to escape. She says she's not prepared to deal with Carmen getting free. Carlos walks up and congratulates her on the baby. Introduces himself as Theresa's uncle. She wants to know how he found out about the baby. Carlos tells her that they are waiting on Danny's answer.

At the Jail:
Danny goes in just as Carlos is leaving. Carmen tells Danny that he has to take over the business but he refuses. He tells her that Pilar is not going with her either. Carmen said that if Danny doesn't take over the business Carlos has promised to get rid of Pilar. Carmen says that Danny has to make a decision between his sister and his wife and child. He doesn't want to make that decision and Carmen tells him that she wont help him then and she will rot in jail and not testify. Danny tells her to let Pilar go if she really loves her. Danny tells Carmen she is young and can start a new life for herself. Carmen doesn't look forward to start over in the middle of nowhere. She wants to return to her home and family. Danny says that can't happen. She needs to protect her children by doing this for them. Carmen cries and says she doesn't think she can do it without her family, the money and the power. Danny asks her to do it for her grandchild but Carmen doesn't think she can do it. Danny tells her it is the only way to be his mom again. Carmen tells him that she doesn't care about herself and she would take the deal for her children and for Danny's baby. Danny thanks her and hugs her.

Friday, May 19, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Richard brings in a rough draft of the adoption papers. He tells her that nothing is standing in their way any longer and kisses her on the neck. He mentions her diamond necklace and she tells him that she has to talk to him. Cassie starts to tell Richard what is going on but she is interrupted by Tammy. Cassie tells them that she has a few errands and leaves. She meets up with Rob in the courtyard and asks him if he signed the papers. He holds the papers up and tells her that he wants to talk about Tammy. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Richard sits down with Tammy and shows her the adoption papers. He tells her he wants to be a cool dad and never embarrass her. He tells her how he will learn all of the names of all the boy bands and he will always love her and protect her and always be there for her. Tammy believes he will be the best dad in the world. Rob will not give Cassie the papers till he gets to see Tammy; Cassie says no you want Tammy to be happy. Tammy comes in with the adoption papers and sees Rob. Rob says hi to her and tells her that her daddy is here; Tammy just looks at him and says I have a real Daddy now. Rob wants to know what Cassie is doing to Tammy; he tears up the divorce papers. Cassie tells Rob to do the decent thing; he tells her she turned Tammy against him. Richard knocks they need to talk he is so happy he goes into the room and there he comes face to face with Rob who says he is visiting his wife.

At the Jail:
Carmen is with Edmund. She tells him that she has had a change of heart and is getting out by turning states evidence against all the criminals she knows and he is at the top of her list. Edmund tells Carmen that he has nothing she can do to him, all his secrets are out and he isn't sure he believes her anyway. She tells him that she can tell everything she knows about his feelings for Beth. He is confident that Beth wont listen to anything Carmen has to say. She promises to take Edmund down when she gets the chance and he cant stop her. Edmund tells her not to tempt her. Eddie and Carmen threaten each other. Edmund calls for the guard, Carmen says his life is falling apart and he tells her to take her best shot.

At the Bauer's:
Michelle tells Danny about Carlos asking about the baby. She said it upset her how he knew. She tells him about Drew's offer for them to become partners in Millennium. She also tells him about her nightmares concerning his mother and how Frank told her that she would not be getting out. Danny tells her that she and the baby are the most important people in the world to him and that because of that he had to take drastic measures in order to protect them. He tells her how the other mob families are insisting he take over the Santos business and are threatening her and the baby. Michelle doesn't want any part of the business and Danny tells her that there is a way to get out of it but to do so means that Carmen will go free. Danny says the families are dangerous but Carmen can handle it by rolling over on them and on him. Michelle says she will come after her and the baby but Danny says she will protect the baby. Michelle wants there to be another way but Danny says there is no other way, Michelle says she will get rid of her and he will have no family to protect. Danny and Michelle talk about Carmen and the baby, Danny tells her Carmen will not be around and cannot hurt them, Michelle tells him she will leave him if he goes through with this.

At the Lewis's:
Olivia interrupts and asks to talk to Josh. He tells her he needs a little while longer with Reva and he would talk to her. She told him that she needed to talk to him then and that after that she wouldn't need to talk to him again.
Josh tries to tell Olivia that it wasn't what it looked like but she didn't want to hear it. She said that her sister had been rushed to the hospital. Reva wanted to know if they needed help with Jonathan and Olivia got defensive and told her that she is trying to get him back. Reva tells her that what she walked in on was them discussing divorce. Josh tells Olivia that he and Reva were finalizing everything, Josh wants them to all calm down, he wants to talk to Olivia about her sister. He says to Reva they have an agreement she goes outside for some air not a happy camper. Olivia apologizes she says she does not like Reva and thought he was putting her first again. Reva is outside when Noah walks up and says she looks like she just lost her best friend she says she did. Olivia asks Josh if he is ok. He says it was tough, she tells him about her talk with Marah. He says it is going to be hard for the kids and she says it will be hard for him too. It wont be easy but it is over and time to move on. Noah tells Reva that she has another friend. She is very hurt she tells him about the divorce. The earth didn't split and the stars didn't fall, she just feels empty. He wants to know if she wants to go roller-skating, she tells him he has a hell of a bedside manner. He says only with her. Meanwhile, Josh says he will call about flight arrangement because he wants to go with her for her sister, she tells him she is fine and he has work to do. He tells her they are together and she is his priority, she says she feels like she is not dating a married man. Back outside, Noah says he will take her out and they will do anything she wants, she kisses him and tells him to not take it personally she just wanted to know if she still got it, he says she still has it.

At the Spaulding's:
Holly and Blake come in with magazines for Lizzie. Susan tells Blake that she is reading her book. They chat a little about Blake's new book and Noah comes in. He tells them that the new chemo is working great. They all want to plan a party and Lizzie suggests they throw Beth a baby shower. Phillip and Beth are happy and proud of how great Lizzie is taking this. Noah is leaving he says things are going well; he does want to stay a step ahead and wants the list of marrow donors. Jim goes onto the porch to talk to Phillip who thanks him for what he did for Lizzie while he was at the clinic. Jim wants to know what it's like when your child is born. Inside, Beth talks to Harley about who all needs to be on the list. Harley mentions the baby and Beth looks worried.

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