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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 8, 2000 on GL
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Monday, May 8, 2000

At Tower's:

In the elevator, Cassie and Reva realize they are stuck. They make some negative comments about how they both didn't want to talk to each other but finally figure out that neither of them were angry with the other. Cassie filled Reva in on the past few months and ended up thanking her for coming to SC and setting Richard free from their past. She told her that was the turning point for them and things have been getting better ever since.

Richard and Buzz looked for Cassie and Reva. Cassie had mentioned meeting him at the car. They heard the alarm on the elevator and discovered that Reva and Cassie were in the stuck in the elevator.

Buzz told Selena and Blake that Reva and Cassie were stuck in the elevator. Ross and Buzz wonder if the women had anything to do with it but they said they didn't. Meanwhile, Richard demands the technician hurry and get them out.

Reva and Cassie made up and Reva apologizes to her sister. They tell each other that they miss each other and love each other. Just then Richard calls and asks Cassie if they are all right. She tells him that things are great. She hangs up and she and Reva catch up while they worked on the elevator. Reva told her about her recent television appearance and how she has had job offers. Cassie tells Reva that she wishes she could be part of her wedding but it would be too awkward for the people. Reva tells her she will be there in spirit. They hug and the elevator falls.

Drew shows up. She wants to congratulate Michelle and Danny. Selena talk to Selena about how Michelle forgave her. Meanwhile, at the party, Michelle just told Danny she was pregnant. They are both thrilled. Danny wants to tell everyone but Michelle doesn't. She tells him she wants to keep it just between them for now. Drew comes up and interrupts them. She hugs Michelle and tells her how happy she is for her. Drew leaves. Michelle tells Danny that she has been feeling different and thought she may be pregnant for a few weeks but now that she is sure she only wants to share it with her for a while.

Michelle tells Danny that she saw him with Bernardo and wants to make sure he isn't planning on bringing their baby in that mob business. He tells her that he wants nothing to do with that life ever again. They go out to leave and are toasted by their party.

Rick tells Claire that he never asked her to change his test scores and if she told on him she would have just as much to lose. She told him she would risk it just so she could have a relationship with Michelle. Rick reminds her that he didn't come forward because he didn't want to bring things down on his family and because he did go back unofficially and retook the test and passed. Rick told her that she should have just gone back to Chicago. She tells him that all she wants is a little time with Michelle without any interference from him. He agrees to let her stay in the garage apartment and then leaves for the hospital.

Claire goes over to Danny and tells him that she hopes they have time to get to know each other. He tells her not to get her hopes up where Michelle is concerned. She says, maybe in time, and he says maybe. She writes something down and goes to put it in Michelle's purse and finds the pregnancy test.

The party is breaking up and Claire is still shell shocked about the test. Claire asks if Michelle is all right that she looks different. She asks Michelle if she is pregnant. Michelle is blown away. She asks her how she knew that and Claire said it was just something a mother knows.

At the hospital:

Carmen asks Edmund to help her escape. He thinks about it when she offers him money and power but refuses in the end. Edmund told her he was trying to reform. Edmund tries to explain his reasons for reforming but she calls him a fool and tries to run. She yanks Beth out of the elevator and gets in but Frank sees her and stops her while Edmund checks on Beth. Frank informs Carmen that she just added a few more charges to her rap sheet.

Frank takes Carmen back to her room and handcuffs her to a chair. Carmen sees Pilar there and starts to cry. Pilar tells her that her tears will not get to her. Carmen said, "Of course not, you're too much like me." Pilar tells her she is nothing like her. Carmen tells her she has the same instincts that she does. She was able to trick Ben and Carmen and hid the barer bonds from the police instinctively. She tells Pilar that she is more like her than Danny or Mick ever was. Carmen tells her that they are so much alike that she will help get her out of this mess. Bill comes in and tells Pilar not to listen to Carmen.

Noah brings the results to Harley, Beth and Jim. The bad news was that Lizzie's condition had deteriorated and she is now very prone to infection. Beth wants to know why things are getting so complicated. Noah tells them that Lizzie needs a stronger dose of chemotherapy. Beth says, "No." that the chemo she is getting now has already destroyed her immune system. Jim tells her to go call Phillip and it may help her decide what to do.

Beth tries to call Phillip but has to leave a message. She hangs up and starts crying. Edmund comes up and asks if she is all right. She turns to Edmund and he holds her while she cries. She tells him that she is scared she is going to lose her daughter and doesn't know what to do. Beth tells Edmund that he has been a rock for her and she appreciates it.

Harley reads Lizzie a story that Phillip had wrote for her. Rick started to put an I.V. in for Lizzie but couldn't do it. Noah asks if he can help. Rick goes outside, Harley follows and Rick tells her that he is hyperventilating. He said he is upset and couldn't help Lizzie because he isn't really a doctor. Harley tells him that he is a real doctor and that it shouldn't matter that he didn't pass the test Claire altered, since he had passed it later on. Beth comes up and asks for Rick's help. She tells him that she needs his advice. She wants to know what he recommends about giving Lizzie a higher dosage of chemo. Rick tells her that he can't help her. She wants to know if there are any other things she should worry about. Noah comes out and asks her again what she wants to do. She looks at Rick and he tells her that Dr. Chase is the expert in that field and she should trust him. Beth and Noah go in to see Lizzie. Harley and Rick stay outside and he tells her that! he would feel terrible if anything happens to Lizzie because of him.

Tuesday, May 9, 2000

by Jenna Davis

At Tower's:

Reva and Cassie are stuck in the elevator when it falls a few floors. Richard is outside panicking. The technician tells him there must have been a short in it. Inside the car, the lights go out and Cassie got a cut on her forehead. Richard calls and gets Cassie. He asks her what floor they are on. They have no idea. The phone goes out and the lights flicker again. Reva thinks they should bust out through the ceiling. The elevator fell a little more and they gave up on that. They talk about Reva's new show with Vanessa and Cassie and her Prince. They apologize again about how they acted. Richard finally finds them and pries the door open. They are stuck between floors so they are going to have to pull them out a small area that is open. Noah shows up and says that he is there to help. He had heard that some crazy blond had gotten herself and her sister stuck in the elevator and knew it had to be Reva. He reached in to help pull them out and the elevator jol! ted again. Richard pulls Cassie out and then Noah goes back for Reva. He has hold of her and tells her she owes him a date. He yanks her out right as the elevator falls. Cassie thanks Noah for helping Reva. She asks what is going on with them and he tells her they are about to have their first real date but that they have been in a hostage situation as well as this elevator stunt. Cassie tells him to be careful of his intentions for Reva. Meanwhile, Reva and Richard talk. He is glad she is okay and she is glad he has made her sister so happy. Cassie and Richard leave, they have to head back to SC the next morning.

At Cedar‘s:

Harley comforts Rick after he froze drawing Lizzie's blood. He is feeling guilty and telling Harley how he has no confidence left in himself. Harley told him that he would be fine and that is a great doctor. Noah comes out and asks Rick if he is okay. He said Lizzie didn't understand why he had to draw her blood and not her Uncle Rick. Rick tells him it was just a long day but Noah thinks it is something more. He thinks Rick is too close to Lizzie to properly treat her. Noah thinks Rick should take himself off Lizzie's case and just be there for her as a friend. Harley takes up for Rick telling Noah that Rick is a very good doctor and they need him. Rick agrees with Noah and tells him that he will remove himself from the case. Harley tells Rick that she would want him as her doctor if she was sick and she thinks Lizzie still needs him. He appreciates her saying that but he isn't so sure he can help anymore.

Harley tells Rick that Claire won't tell anyone what happened, she risks losing as well. Rick tells her that Claire is a sick woman and she will do anything to get what she wants. He tells Harley that he can't let his family know, especially Abby. Harley told him that things wont be that bad and he should share this with Abby, she will understand. Rick doesn't think so. Abby comes in and says they need to talk. Rick tells her to let her go first.

Rick tells her about how hard Medical School was and how he got hooked on amphetamines. He said he was depressed all the time and didn't want to live but he had to take his tests so he wouldn't embarrass his father. He said he took a bunch of pills right before he took his medical boards and failed miserably. She didn't understand how he could be a doctor without the tests. He told her how Claire changed his grades. Abby asks him if he would have ever told her if Claire weren't an issue. She tells him she doesn't know how she can help him.

At Company:

Abby comes in to talk to Claire. She wants to know what is going on between her and Rick. Claire tells her that she only came back to reconnect with Michelle and has no involvement with Rick. Abby tells her that there is something more. Claire tells her that the Bauer's and her have bad blood ever since the adoption. Claire asks Abby if she is sure she is the problem or could it be that there is something else and they are substituting her as the problem. Abby tells her she thinks she made a mistake coming there and bids Claire goodnight.

Olivia, Billy, Josh and a new client, Wes, are talking over a new deal. Wes is flirting openly with Olivia and asks her to go out for a drink. She looks at Josh and agrees. Wes asks why no one has snatched her up yet and Olivia tells him that she just got out of a relationship. Josh asks to speak to Olivia. He asks her what she is up to. She tells him that she is going on with her life. She can't compete anymore and is moving on. Olivia goes over to Wes and Billy tells Josh they need to have a talk.

Harley came in and overheard Claire leaving Rick a message. She hung up the phone and told Claire not to blackmail Rick. Harley told her that Claire has made her angry and she doesn't want to have her as an enemy.

Outside, Billy tells Josh that he has to get his life in order. He tells him that he sees how much he cares for Olivia and how he wants her in his life. But to do that he needs to make a decision and either go ahead with the separation or leave Olivia alone. Billy asked him if he had to choose who would he stay with. Josh said probably Reva because she is the mother of his children. Billy told him that a year ago he would have said because he couldn't live without her. So Billy theorized that Josh should go with his heart and not with obligation. Josh got up and went inside and told Olivia that he wanted to talk. He said he was ready to move on with her. She told him she wasn't playing games with him and left with Wes.

Wednesday, May 10, 2000

by Jenna Davis

At the clinic:
Phillip is in his room in the hospital. He hears a knock on the door. Harley comes in and hugs him. He says he is not contagious anymore. She kisses him. He still has to stay a few more days but is ready to leave. He wants to see Lizzie. Harley tells him that they had to increase the dosage of chemo and Lizzie starts that this afternoon. She said that they will have to wait and see how it works. Phillip is frustrated that he can't be there for Lizzie. Harley is helping Phil set up the videophone. He is sorry he didn't think of it first. Harley tells Phil that Jim is taking good care of Beth and Lizzie. Phillip gets a little upset hearing about Jim. He apologizes and says that he misses his daughter and wants to be there. Harley says he shouldn't be jealous of Jim because he is her father. Phil asks Harley why the phone isn't working. He wants to see Lizzie. Lizzie is wondering why the phone isn't working. Jim says he is trying to dial out on the hospital phone system. It is ringing. Phil is finally able to see Lizzie and she can see him. He tells her he misses her. Phillip is asking Lizzie about her treatment. She says she is okay but may feel a little sicker and has to stay in the hospital. Phillip says he has to stay in his clinic too. He wishes they could be in the same hospital. He will be out soon and will rush to see her in a few days. She says she misses him and they lose the connection. Phillip is upset.

At the hospital:
Lizzie wants to go home after her chemo but Lillian says she needs to be watched this time. Lizzie is upset and wants to leave. She says that since her dad left she has gotten sicker. Lillian and Beth try to reason with her when Jim comes in and tells her she can make Phil come to the hospital by magic. Lizzie wants to know what the trick is to get Phillip to her. Jim asks Lillian and Beth to leave. They are all intrigued. Jim takes out a high tech phone and monitor to hook up to Phillip. Lizzie is impressed. Lillian is happy at how good Jim is with Lizzie. She says she had her doubts but sees that Beth is happy. Beth says she really is in love with Jim and really is happy. In her heart it is Jim's baby. Lillian is worried about Phillip but Beth trusts that Phil will keep the secret. Beth peeks into Lizzie's room and smiles. Lillian asks her when she realized that she loved Jim and didn't feel like she was settling with Jim. Beth says it was gradual. Lillian thinks the feelings have changed since Phillip has been away. She is glad in a way that Phillip was away to give Jim and Beth a chance to be happy. Beth says she is lucky to have Jim and the baby will be lucky to have Jim as a father. Jim overhears and hugs Beth. Lillian leaves after the phone call. Jim and Beth are outside the room. The nurse gets them and is calling for Dr Chase. Lizzie feels really ill and is very upset.

At the Bauer's:
Michelle and Danny are kissing in the Bauer kitchen. They are happy to be alone for the day. Michelle notices Danny's expression and wonders what Bernardo said to him. Danny says not to worry. Michelle wants to know if she looks pregnant and mentions Claire's comment. They discuss names for the baby. Claire enters the kitchen to pick up the key to the garage apartment. Michelle is surprised. Michelle says she thought Selena lived there. Claire tells her Selena is moving in with Buzz. Claire mentions she lived in that apartment when Michelle was born. She insists she doesn't want to be pushy. Danny says the new living arrangement is not okay with him. Danny tells Claire she doesn't really know Michelle and Michelle deserves happiness and he doesn't want anything to stand in Michelle's way. Claire says she understands and she made a mistake. She just wanted to get to know Michelle. She will go back to Chicago. She asks Michelle if that is what she wants. Claire will honor what Michelle wants. Michelle tells her not to go yet. Michelle tells Danny that she wants to talk to Claire. She tells Claire that she thought it was bizarre that Claire looked at her and knew she was pregnant. Maybe there is a connection and she would like to explore that. She offers to make Claire coffee. Claire is happy. Michelle asks Danny to leave them alone for a while. Danny kisses Michelle and leaves. Claire tells Michelle she is lucky to have someone who loves her so much. Claire says she wasn't used to be spoken to so forcefully by someone "like that" (the Santos family). Michelle says he is out of that life now. Claire apologizes for her snide remarks about Danny. Michelle says Danny's family is not her favorite topic. Michelle offers to make coffee. Claire apologizes for moving in to the garage apartment without more notice. She is happy to be with Michelle. Michelle is looking for a pen and finds the note from Claire in her purse. She realizes that Claire lied about how she knew Michelle was pregnant since she peeked in her purse. "You flat out lied!" Danny is on the cell phone outside the Bauer house. Carlos appears and wants to go inside and meet Danny's wife. Danny tells him to stay away from his family. Danny looks upset. Danny is talking to Carlos. Flowers are delivered for Michelle and they are from Claire. Carlos reads the note about Congratulations on the expected baby and Danny is upset that Carlos knows Michelle is pregnant.

At Company:
Rick apologizes to Abby. She is upset that he didn't come home last night. He slept at the hospital. She wished he had come home. He was upset with himself. Abby doesn't like that he didn't trust her enough to tell her about his secret. She wants him to confess to Charles Grant and "fix it." Rick says he will lose his license and never be able to practice medicine again. Abby says Rick doesn't have to tell the whole world, just Charles Grant. Rick says that Charles will be legally obligated to turn him over to the medical board. Abby says it can't stay a secret forever and he has to deal with it. Claire is holding it over his head. This secret will come out one way or another. He can control the outcome if he comes clean. He wants time to think about it. Abby is annoyed since she thinks he wanted her opinion. She says his future children should be able to look up to him. He says as long as he is married to her he doesn't have to worry about having children. Abby tells Rick not to bring in other issues. They are arguing. She says he is avoiding the real problem. Rick says she doesn't want to have kids. Abby says he is twisting things and is being melodramatic. They are really angry. Rick wants to know what has happened to their marriage. Abby doesn't like it either. She wants to go home to talk. He says he has to go to work. Abby wants him to get someone to cover for him. He says it is his job at least for now. They are both emotional and teary as he leaves. Theresa and her Uncle Carlos are at Company. She says Danny needs to take over for Carmen. Carlos says that Bernardo talked to Danny and he will come around. Theresa says Carlos needs to convince Danny to come back to "THE FAMILY." Theresa tells Carlos that Danny needs to put aside his feelings and come back to the "Community." Carlos says he will talk to him. Danny just needs a little leverage to nudge him back to "The Family."

Thursday, May 11, 2000

At Cedar's:

Lizzie is complaining to Beth that her stomach hurts. Jim tells Beth that Noah is out for the evening. Lizzie wants Rick to help her. The nurse tells Beth that the on call doctor will be in soon. Noah enters the room. He asks how she is. Noah orders more tests. He tells her she will feel better in ten minutes. Beth wants to know why Noah wasn't there when Lizzie needed her. Noah sends her outside with Jim. Jim tries to reassure Beth. Reva is outside and asks about Lizzie. Beth sits down looking pained and says it is the baby. Noah examines Beth. There is no premature labor but she must relax. Reva sits with Beth while Jim goes to call Susan on the phone. Beth is crying and Reva is sympathetic. Beth says she thought when she married Jim she would give Lizzie a good life. Reva tells her they will get a second chance. Noah reassures Lizzie. He says that her stomachache made her feel like she was going to die but she didn't and now she feels better. Lizzie tells Noah she won't! have any more chemo no matter what he or Beth says.

Noah tells Lizzie it is going to get worse before it gets better. He tries to reason with her. Lizzie starts to cry and hits him. Noah hugs her and Lizzie apologizes. He tells her to get mad at him whenever she wants but not at the medicine since it will make her better. Reva is looking at them in the doorway. Later, Noah watches Lizzie sleep and kisses her as he leaves the room. Reva tells him Jim and Beth went to dinner. Noah is surprised she is still there. He asks her for a rain check for dinner. She says one date and this was it. He will call to reschedule. She decides to wait for him and they will start evening over again.

At the Country Club:

Noah and Reva enter the bar. Reva is self conscious about her nose (apparently broken in the elevator). Noah's pager sounds. It is a message about Lizzie. Reva offers to drive him to the hospital and he can use the phone on the way.

At the jail:

Edmund comes to visit Carmen. She tells him not to apologize. He tells her that he can't help her. She threatens him with the SC accident but he still refuses to help. Carmen tells him not to turn his back on her. She asks if it was because of some stupid promise he made to Richard. Edmund says escape isn't practical and where will she go. She will be on the run for the rest of her life. She is better off with a good lawyer and cutting a deal. Edmund is trying to re-evaluate his life and is trying to figure out that he can't be happy taking from other's happiness. He asks Carmen when she was happy last and wouldn't she want a normal life with friends who support her. Carmen says he has gone over the edge. She thinks he is doing it for Beth. She thinks he is in love with her but Beth won't have anything to do with him. He is a fool. Edmund tells Carmen that he isn't in love with Beth. Carmen says he doesn't stand a chance with her. Carmen asks him if he think it will change ! Richard's feelings toward him? She says he would take the throne if he could. She taunts him and says he is a fool. She begs him to wait as he leaves. Later, Carmen is still hearing Edmund's words while pacing in her cell. Danny arrives. Carmen asks him what he is doing there. He says he came here to help her. He will give her one chance to redeem herself.

At the Bauer:

Outside, Carlos congratulates Danny on Michelle's pregnancy. Danny is upset that he knows. Danny tells Carlos he doesn't want any part of the business. Carlos can have his mother's business. Carlos needs Danny's help. Danny says it is not his problem or his business. Carlos threatens to visit Michelle in 24 hours if he doesn't change his mind. Danny threatens Carlos if he goes near Michelle. He tells Carlos to take the business. Carlos tells Danny he can't get out of the business; he is in it for life just like his father. Carlos repeats the 24-hour time limit.

Meanwhile Inside, Michelle asks Claire why she lied about seeing the pregnancy test. Claire starts to leave. Michelle stops her and says she hasn't been completely honest either. Michelle didn't ever think of Claire much. She overheard Ed call Claire when Maureen died. Michelle wondered why Claire never contacted her when she needed someone. She was hoping Claire would call or come and see her. She would even have loved to read a letter. She wondered what kind of mother wouldn't try to call her. Claire said she didn't know Michelle wanted to hear from her. Claire apologizes for not contacting Michelle when Maureen died. She said she didn't think Michelle wanted to hear from her. Claire gave her up and tried to forget her. Michelle thinks that she gave her up to advance her career. Claire can never be her mother. Abby walks in and wants to know what was going on. Claire leaves. Abby asks Michelle if she wants to talk. Abby goes upstairs. Michelle opens the door and sees Claire! crying outside the kitchen. Michelle goes down and Claire tells Michelle she didn't want her to see her crying. She doesn't usually cry. Claire tells Michelle she was afraid that she couldn't give Michelle what she needed. She could never be as good as Maureen. When Claire saw Michelle at the airport, she thought they might have a chance. Michelle starts to cry and they hug. Abby sees them through the window. Claire leaves. Back in the kitchen, Abby asks Michelle what happened. Michelle says Claire is not a monster but she isn't perfect either. Abby congratulates Michelle on being pregnant. Michelle wonders if it makes Abby feel pressured. Abby says no and offers to listen if she needs someone to talk to. Michelle asks if she trusts Claire. Abby says they don't really know Claire but she should take it slow. She shouldn't let her into her life if she doesn't want to.

At the clinic:

Phil is on his bed at the clinic. Rick enters his room and said Lizzie is fine. Rick is just checking up on him. Phillip says he isn't contagious any longer but still has to stay a few more days to be near Lizzie. He thanks Rick for standing by Lizzie when he couldn't be there. He tells Rick he is a great doctor. Rick is upset and needs to tell Phillip something. He can't be with Lizzie or any patients anymore. He is not a doctor and never has been.

Rick tells Phillip about the tests and what Claire did. He told him that he passed the test a year later, unofficially. Phillip feels responsible since the trouble started when he covered for Phillip. Rick doesn't blame him or Harley. Phillip blames Claire for making trouble. Rick tells him that he and Abby are fighting about this and Abby blames him for lying. Phillip offers to help him and asks him how bad things are with Abby. Phillip says Rick is a good person and a good doctor; one mistake doesn't change that. Rick tells him about the panic attack with Lizzie and says he won't be that good doctor ever again. Phil tells Rick he will hire a lawyer to help him. There is a way and Phil will figure it out. Rick tells him to stop since it is Rick's fault and he needs to take the blame. Phil reassures Rick. He trusts him with Lizzie and with his life. Rick tells him he froze. But Phillip knows that Lizzie is okay. He tells her that on his worst day he still didn't hurt anyone. ! He is a good doctor. He wants him to take care of Lizzie. He tells Rick to go and be a doctor. They hug and Rick says he won't let Phil down.

Later at the Country Club:

Ed is in the bar remembering Carmen's taunting words. He is drinking at a table. A man is standing at the bar, talking to the bartender about a job and says he tended bar before. He used to live in SF with his wife, Cassie Layne. Edmund overhears the conversation.

Friday, May 12, 2000

On the Plane:

Richard and Cassie are kissing. They had a great time in Springfield and are talking about her reconciliation with her sister. She feels badly that she is so happy with her family and he and Edmund are still on the outs. Richard tells her that he is glad and that she is so happy and still believes after everything that Edmund has potential and will be okay. Even though he still will not forgive Edmund for what he did to her he does think he may change. Cassie says that it may be the best thing since now there are no secrets and his people still wants her as their princess. She says at least now nothing can hurt them. Richard told Cassie that he has something for her and gives her a mother's day card. He tells her that he wants to adopt Tammy and RJ. She hugs him and says yes she would love for him to be their father. He tells her all his plans to teach Tammy to waltz and RJ to play football. Richard just hopes that Rob would object to his adopting Tammy. Cassie te! lls Richard that Rob only brought trouble, women and drugs. She doesn't want to see him again. He tells her that she has a new life and he will always take care of her. She tells him about her fantasies about him. He admits to fantasizing about her also. They kissed and he told her how much he wants her. She asks if he is sorry they decided to wait. He says yes when they are close like this, but he will wait and give her the wedding of her dreams.

At the country club:

Rob is trying to get a job tending bar. They ask for references and he mentions that his ex wife lived in town but she may not give him a good reference. Edmund came over and asked Rob if he was married asks him if he was married to Cassie Layne. Rob said that he was and Edmund gets that gleam in his eyes. Rob asks Edmund knew Cassie. He says he has met her. Rob tells him about his marriage and that he wasn't into commitment and that Cassie expected too much. He got into a little trouble with the law and when he got out Cassie didn't want any part of him. Edmund asks if he will try to see Cassie, then thinks better of it. He gets up and walks away. Rob tells Edmund that Cassie is not really his ex since he never signed the divorce papers but it is just a technicality and doesn't matter since she is not marrying anyone else. Edmund debates whether this is a setup to see how he will react in the situation and starts to leave again. But being the bad guy he is he just cou! ldn't resist and turned back to Rob and offered to buy him a drink.

At the jail:

Danny tells his mother he will not go back into the business. Carmen says he will never get out but Danny says she will help him get out. He wants her to turn states evidence and tell on the other families to help herself. Carmen asks him if he realizes what he is asking. She said she would be dead if she does that, he mentions the Witness Protection Program but she isn't interested. Danny tells her he needs her protection and help to get out of the business. He says that her business will be destroyed while she is in jail but if she were to turn states evidence they wouldn't come after Danny. He says they can make it look like she turned on them too. Carmen still says no. Danny asks her to do it for her grandchild--Michelle is pregnant. Danny asks Carmen if she remembers feeling that she would do anything for her children. She says she always protected them. He wants his child to be safe and wants Carmen to help him. He has less than 24 hours before Carlos and Bernardo make! their move. He asks her to give his child a chance. Danny told her that there was no time to think about it. He said that they could all be dead within 24 hours.

At the Hospital:

Rick goes into Lizzie's room. They hug and joke around and he tells her that everyone comes upon bumpy times in their lives and it has even happened to him.

Abby and Michelle are at the Hospital for her OB appointment. They are in the waiting room. Danny will be there later. Abby tells Michelle Rick will be happy. Michelle wants to tell Rick.

Rick tells Lizzie he will take her to Hawaii when she gets better. She says she is not that brave. He says she is brave and that she has a very good doctor. He will be there and hold her hand. She wants him as her doctor but Rick says he is better being her friend. She gives him a hug and tells him she loves him. He promises to be there for her. Abby is watching them through the doorway. Rick tells Abby that Lizzie needs rest and can't receive visitors. Abby is there to see him and wants him to come home to talk. They argue briefly and then he agrees to come home. Michelle comes over and tells him she is pregnant. Rick is very happy for her. Michelle was hesitant about telling him since she knows how much he wants his own child. She says this will bring her and Danny closer.

Lizzie wakes up in her hospital room and the nurse tries to comfort her. Lizzie asks her to leave the light on. She is tired of being brave and won't do it anymore.

Rick apologizes to Abby and they talk about Michelle a bit. He tells her he needs to check in on Lizzie before they leave. They go in the room and Lizzie is gone.

Michelle is talking to the doctor. She says, "my husband will be so excited."

At Tower's:

Noah and Reva are having dinner at Towers. Noah asks about Josh. She says they are separated and Josh is seeing someone else. Olivia and Wes enter Towers. Josh comes in after and asks to speak to Olivia alone. Josh tells her he is surprised that they are on their second date. Wes raised the offer and said he will pay Lewis more money for the job. Josh wants to know what Olivia did to make Wes offer more money. Reva tells Noah that a year ago she couldn't imagine life without Josh and now she can and is getting on with her life. She asks him why he is still single to which he implied that he may have not found the right woman yet. Reva asks Noah why he never talks about himself. He is mysterious. She wants to know his deep dark secrets. He says he is simple and down to earth. Reva doesn't believe it.

Olivia tells Josh that she slept with Wes to get him to increase the offer. She says anything for the company. Olivia gets mad and tells Josh she wouldn't sleep with anyone for business and not when she was involved with Josh. Josh apologizes. She tells him if he can't commit to her he doesn't have the right to tell her what to do. Wes asks Olivia if everything is okay. Olivia tells him she and Josh are talking about business and he leaves. Josh tells Olivia that she is right. He is crazy about her and he wants her in his life. He wants her to believe it and he won't let her walk out of his life. After a while Olivia finally told him that they had no commitment they weren't living together and Josh asked her to move in. Reva comes over to say goodbye to the couple and overhears him asks Olivia again to live with him.

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