The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 15, 2000 on B&B

Morgan stopped her artificial insemination procedure because she'd decided that she wanted to know the father of her baby. Taylor was floored when Morgan asked if Ridge could be the father of the baby. C.J. set out to tell Becky about the cancer but wound up proposing marriage to her.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 15, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, May 15, 2000

With Morgan secretly listening from outside his office, Taylor discusses with Ridge whether Morgan knows what she's doing in trying to have a baby. Taylor suggests that from a psychological standpoint, she feels that Morgan is trying to recreate something from her past. Anxious, Morgan bursts into the office and manages to stop the flow of conversation. Eric and Sally try to calm a worried Amber as they wait for word that C.J. has told Becky about her cancer. Meanwhile, C.J. tries to tell Becky but finds that he can't. When she complains about the pain she's been feeling, he offers to make an "Amber smoothie" for her and pours a few of her pills into the drink. Becky starts talking about seeing her son walk which jolts C.J. into realizing he must tell her now. Before he can, Becky clutches her stomach in response to a terrible pain. He tries to call for an ambulance but she stops him. C.J. assures Becky that he will be there for her no matter what happens and promises to take care of her son forever. Though Becky panics at the way he's talking, she then guesses that he's hinting about marriage. Caught up in the moment, C.J. pops the question.

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

At Amber's Apartment, C.J. is on his knee asking her to marry him. Becky tells C.J. that they must talk about it. C.J. says that he can't imagine his life without her. She wants to know what is really going on. He reminds her that while they were in Santa Barbara, he told her he would show her how important she was to him. Becky tells C.J. that she knows that he loves her but his mother will be upset when she finds out. Becky had promised her that she would not distract him from school. She tells him that they have time. C.J. says that they do not. Becky ask what happens when the reality sets in, he says that wants to take care of her. She kisses him, and he holds her.

At Doctor Palmer's office, Morgan is waiting for the doctor as Taylor arrives. Ridge is out parking the car. Taylor is concerned that Morgan will have another episode like last time. Morgan assures her that it will not happen again. Morgan shows Taylor the description of the "donor." Taylor looks at the description and says that he sounds a lot like Ridge.

Ridge arrives in the office shortly and sees the folder labeled "father's details," but Morgan takes it away. Morgan thanks them both for coming, as she knows they think she is making a mistake. Taylor says it isn't that, it's just happened so quickly. The doctor appears shortly to tell Morgan that he is ready for her. Taylor tells her that she does not have to do this. Morgan tells her that she wants to and hugs Taylor and Ridge.

Back at Amber & Becky's: She wants to wait and C.J. says no. He imagines their wedding day...Becky suggest that they get engaged, but C.J. says no. She means more to him than that just a girlfriend. Becky tells him that this was her wish she had made at the wishing well; that they would last forever. C.J. asks, "Say that you will marry me, Becky." With tears in her eyes, Becky says yes, and they kiss as he holds her.

At Stephanie's house, Amber wants to call Becky to see what is happening. She picks up the phone, but Eric takes it away from her. Sally says they know what is happening: a young woman, whom her son loves very much, is being told she is dying. Sally wonders how C.J. will get through it. Amber wonders if something went wrong and thinks she should be there. Stephanie wonders if maybe she is right; if this isn't handled just right, the results could be disastrous. Sally says that Becky is probably telling C.J. to move on without her. Let them enjoy their possible last moment together. Stephanie is concerned but Sally is certain that C.J. is capable of doing this. The love that they share has changed C.J. and made him more mature. When Becky is told the truth has to be done the right way. Amber wonders if Becky will "disappear", Stephanie doesn't believe that will happen as long as they all remember her. Eric comes in with the baby and says they are ready to go. Amber takes the baby, and they leave.

Shortly after, at Amber's apartment, Amber starts telling her how sorry she is. Becky looks confused; she looks up and sees Stephanie, Eric, Sally and Little Eric in the doorway and wonders what is going on...

Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Sally, Stephanie, Amber and Eric are stunned when Becky announces that she and C.J. are getting married. Sally asks to speak with C.J. alone. Sally understands why it was so difficult for C.J. to tell Becky about her illness, but she wants them all to sit down now and tell Becky the truth. C.J. doesn't want to tell her until after they're married.

Stephanie tries to point out to Becky how impulsive C.J.'s proposal was. When Amber hears that the marriage is what Becky wants, she promises to help make it happen. Stephanie and Sally try to convince Amber and C.J. that it isn't fair to Becky to keep her condition a secret. C.J. fervently tells his mother that this is all he has to give Becky and begs her not to take it away. Meanwhile, Becky tells Eric that if Sally hates the idea so much, then they won't get married. They can wait a year or two.

When Sally and C.J. return, Sally gives her permission and her blessing for C.J. to marry Becky. C.J. and Becky embrace, expressing their love for each other. Dr. Palmer explains the insemination procedure to Morgan and outlines the chances of success. Morgan is clearly nervous as the doctor gets started, even with Taylor and Ridge there for support. Right before he begins, Morgan panicks and runs out of the room.

Thursday, May 18, 2000

Clarke is utterly shocked when Sally tells him that C.J. proposed to Becky. Sally explains that, thanks to their son, these will be the most fulfilling months of Becky's life. C.J. tells Amber that he's certain about his decision to marry Becky. Amber shows C.J. her wedding dress, explaining that she wants to give it to Becky now. Taylor tells Stephanie that she knows about Morgan's abortion and wants to how she could have pressured a seventeen year old girl into doing such a thing. Stephanie insists that Ridge was merely infatuated with Morgan and becoming a father at that age would have ruined his life. Stephanie warns Taylor to keep Morgan at arms length and not be drawn in by her. Taylor checks in on Morgan, who insists she's okay and thanks Taylor for her understanding. Stephanie tells herself that Morgan is not the woman that Taylor believes she is and hopes Taylor is careful. Becky is thrilled when Amber shows her the wedding dress. C.J. is stunned when Clarke tells him that he's not getting married.

Friday, May 19, 2000

Clarke asks C.J. if he would have proposed if Becky wasn't dying. He also points out that when C.J. marries Becky, little Eric will become his son. Clarke insists that it's not fair of C.J. to let Becky make plans for the future without first telling her the truth. C.J. storms out. Clarke tells Sally that he hopes that he got through to C.J. Morgan tells Taylor that she wants to get pregnant, but artificial insemination isn't the right way for her to do it. She doesn't want a husband, just someone to father her child and she knows who she'd like it to be. Morgan asks Taylor if she would let Ridge father her child. Becky tries on the wedding dress and thanks Amber for everything that she's done for her. When C.J. comes over, Becky hides the wedding dress. C.J. explains that there's something he must tell her, even though he doesn't want to. C.J. informs Becky that his father doesn't approve of their wedding plans. C.J. wants to marry her right away, but there's something he has to do first. He gives her a beautiful ring with an infinity diamond. He tells Becky that their love will last forever and he wants forever to start now. They kiss.

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