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Paul and Nick saved Victoria. Victor told Ashley that he loved her. Diane allowed Ashley to assume that Diane was pregnant with Victor's baby. Ashley discovered that Victor had conspired to trick the Abbotts into defaulting on their loan.
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Monday, May 15, 2000

The Tree House:
We see Victoria and Gary through the cracks in the tree house. Victoria is trying to talk to Gary, but he tells her to shut up and goes outside to get some air. She keeps calling to him to come inside and talk to her and he finally goes in. She says his name and he tells her to shut up again. With tears streaming down his face, he sits down and put his head in his hands. Victoria tries to get through to him but he just looks up and stares at her. She tries to tell him that they can make up a story that they were out of town and that's why they were missing. She tells him that nothing will happen to him. In Gary's warped mind Victoria keeps morphing into Gabrielle (his old girlfriend) who is taunting him and telling him he is pathetic. He lunges at Victoria and she hits him in the head with the lantern. He falls unconscious to the floor. She tears at the tape around her ankles and gets it off and then she tries to escape. Gary grabs her by the ankle as she passes him. She falls to the floor and they struggle. Victoria screams at him that she gives up.

The Ranch:
With the sound of helicopters overhead, we see Nikki pacing back and forth in the living room. Sharon comes in the front door, explaining that she and Nick and the kids were away and they just heard the news. Nikki wants to know where Nicholas is and Sharon tells her that he went to the office to see Victor. Nikki is happy to know that the family can still pull together in times of tragedy.

Victor's Office:
Vic is talking on the phone to Paul who is telling him how the search is going. Vic tells him that he has faith in his abilities. Nick comes in and explains that he and Sharon were away and wants to know what's going on.

The Tack Room:
Paul and Lynn and the fellow who is handling the phones are wondering if there might be some sort of refuge, such as a summer cottage or a relative's house that Gary could be hiding in. Lynn goes to call the ad agency to see if anyone there knows of anything. Ross Lee comes in and Paul doesn't look overjoyed at seeing him.

Malcolm is telling Dru that it was Sid who begged him to stay to do whatever it took to get her straightened out. Dru says she doesn't need to be straightened out. He says fine and tells her he's going to catch his plane. She stops him and says she doesn't want to lose her career over all of this. Malcolm tries to tell her that she has some unfinished issues with Neil, but she won't admit it. She tells Malcolm that going to bed with Neil was just sex ... there are no deep dark feelings. He doesn't believe her. She tells him she's got to go out and schmooze with her clients after her big shoot and takes off.

Olivia's Office:
Neil arrives after being called by Olivia. She tells him that Aunt Mamie has invited them all to dinner at the Abbott house. He says that Lily will enjoy the family get-together. They discuss how hard it is going to be for Neil to say goodbye when Lily goes back to Paris. Ryan and Tricia's:
Ryan comes home early and Tricia wants to know what he's doing there. She knows he is making excuses just to check on her. He goes to the office late, calls every couple of hours and comes home early. She says she knows he is worried about her. She asks if he thinks she is going to harm herself.

Crimson Lights:
Nina arrives to join Tomas and tells him that Phillip is going to stop by on his way to baseball practice. Tomas is happy that he is finally going to meet "the guy in the pictures". Nina is nervous. Tomas kisses her hands and they smile at each other, while across the room, Phillip (who is a teenager now) is watching.

The Tack House:
Ross snidely congratulates Paul for flushing out the real stalker and cracking the case. He tells Paul he wants to help in the search. Paul says they don't need his help with the search, but he has some questions for him. Paul asks Ross if he has any idea where Gary used to hang out after working hours. Ross says that they were never all that close and he doesn't know of anyone who was close to him. Paul barks at him asking if he's sure. Ross gets uptight and tells Paul that if he hadn't spent so much time trying to pin this on him, that he would have solved this by now. Ross tells Paul he has no one to blame but himself for the mess Victoria is in ... and then he leaves. Lynn tells Paul that Ross is a jerk and he shouldn't listen to him. Paul says the truth is that Ross is right.

Victor's Office:
Victor tells Nick the story about Paul realizing that Gary was the stalker and that when they got to his apartment, they were too late. Nick tells Victor about seeing Gary before and how he had lied to him. He says if he gets his hands on Gary ... Victor tells him to stand in line!

Ryan and Tricia's:
Ryan says he doesn't think Tricia is going to harm herself. She says that she will try to get better. She says she hasn't heard from Meg and she's worried. Ryan tells her that Meg called him at the office and she is in Boston staying with a friend. Tricia whines that Meg would rather call him, but why wouldn't she because Tricia destroyed her life. Ryan tries to comfort her by saying the wounds will heal. He says that he is hungry and suggests that they go out to eat. Tricia doesn't want to because she thinks everyone will talk about what a horrible person she is.

Crimson Lights:
Phillip comes over to his mother's table and Nina introduces him to Tomas. She asks Phillip if she can get him a drink and he says yes, that he'll go with her. Tomas raises his eyebrow at that. At the counter, Phillip asks Nina if Tomas is more than a friend.

Olivia's Office:
Olivia tells Neil that Malcolm thinks there is a lot of unfinished business between him and Dru. Neil gets a little testy and as much as tells Olivia to mind her own business. Olivia is a little taken aback by that.

The Ranch:
Paul comes up to the main house to update Nikki on what is happening. Sharon asks what Ross was there for and Paul says he wanted to help. Nikki asks if Ross gave any indication how dangerous Gary was. Paul hesitates for a minute and then tells her that Ross and Gary weren't all that close. Nikki goes to make coffee. Sharon asks Paul why he hesitated and thinks he is holding something back. Paul tells her that Ross said that Gary is a complete loner, which fits the profiler's description. He thinks Gary could be very dangerous. Paul is very concerned for Victoria.

The Tree House:
Victoria is tied up again. She begs Gary to stop this and let her go. He cries and apologizes for lunging at her. He hears the helicopters and says he has to get out of there because it is getting too dangerous. He says he can't stay and he can't take her with him, and he can't leave her there like this because eventually she will get out of the chair and turn him in. He can't have that, so he's going to have to do something to make sure she doesn't do that. He puts more tape on her mouth as she whimpers and then he goes out the door.

Olivia's Office:
Olivia tells Neil she is sorry that he thinks she is meddling in his life. She says that she doesn't agree with Malcolm and she thinks that Neil has done all that he can. Neil says when he sees his daughter; he fantasizes about her being with him all the time. He says then he hooked up with Dru and he got his head handed to him. Olivia says, "no comment". Neil changes the subject and tells her she looks pale. She says that's what a lady likes to hear. He tells her he is concerned about her and if she needs him, she knows she can call. Then he leaves.

Malcolm has waited for Dru while she was schmoozing, and when she gets back, she is surprised to see that he is still there. They banter back and forth about her and Neil's relationship. Malcolm tells her that Neil was really upset that she left. He says Neil had been so hopeful after he and Dru made love. Dru asks Malcolm where he got that idea from and Malcolm says it was straight from his brother.

Crimson Lights:
Nina tells Phillips that she is dating Tomas and asks him if he is ok with that. Phillips says he should be used to it (somebody sMackenzie that kid). They get his drink and head back to the table. Tomas chats it up with Phillip about baseball and soccer. He tells Phillips that he plays soccer too with a group of guys. Nina is all excited and suggest that she and Phillip go watch him sometime. Phillip says ok, but he's obviously not too thrilled with the idea. His friend comes and they take off to practice.

Ryan and Tricia's:
Ryan is concerned that Tricia feels so paranoid. She says she is just not ready to face everyone yet. He asks her when she will be and she tells him that she is going to keep on praying that time will heal things. He gives in and goes to get take-out for dinner.

Dru Tells Malcolm that she appreciates him coming all the way to Paris to talk to her and that it helps her. He asks how it helps. She says she doesn't want things to be tense with her and Neil, that they have a child to think about. She says they didn't say goodbye on very good terms, but now that she has some clarity from Malcolm, she thinks they can move on. Malcolm can't believe what he's hearing. She asks what did he expect that she was going to rush right back and remarry Neil? Malcolm asks if she would and she says not unless Neil could come to terms with her career and give her the support that he's never given her before. Malcolm says he can't guarantee that. Dru says, then she can't have a relationship with Neil. Malcolm shrugs and says he's going, but that she needs to have a conversation with Neil about all this or the tension will never be relieved and it will only cause problems for her work and herself. He kisses her cheek and leaves.

The Ranch:
Nikki is serving coffee. The phone rings and Paul answers it. It's Lynn telling him they have some news and for him to come back down to the tack house. He hangs up and bolts out the door.

Crimson Lights:
Nina and Tomas are talking about Phillip and Nina sees Ryan come in. Tomas turns to look at him and says he looks like a man who is at the end of his rope.

Victor's Office:
Nick is pacing and Victor is busy writing something at his desk. Neil comes in to finish a discussion that he and Victor were having earlier, but Victor tells him to come back in a half-hour. Victor tells Nick to go out to the ranch to see how things are going out there. He tells Nick that when all of this is over, he wants to talk about the trip to Milwaukee. Nick says he will tell him all about it. Nick goes to leave and Victor tells him to drive safely.

The Tack House:
Paul rushes in and Lynn tells him that the helicopters made an I.D. of Gary's car in a parking lot a couple of miles from the ranch ... but when they turned around and flew over it again, the car was gone.

The Tree House:
Gary comes back and is really spooked by all of the helicopters. He takes the tape off Victoria's mouth. She tells him that her hands are numb. He rants that she hit him and he mumbles that he is totally screwed now. She says not if he lets her go. He shouts at her to stop lying to him ... that he's got to think. He paces around trying to think and finally says, "ok, there's only one way to do this". She asks him where he went before and he tells her, to get something. She asks what and he says, "something to make sure you're no longer a threat to me", and he presses the tape back over her mouth. He goes out the door. Victoria is shaking and crying in fear ... as the credits roll.

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Ryan meets up with Nina and Tomas at Crimson Lights and updates them on recent events. He tells them that Megan and Tricia finally had it out and that Megan has left town. Nina again urges Ryan to get Tricia into therapy. Later, as Ryan considers taking a job in Seattle, Keith tries to talk Tricia into to going to England with him. Meanwhile, the Jabot/Newman saga continues as Jack goes to see Victor and let him know that he and his family are keeping Victoria in their prayers and that they are there to help in anyway that they can. At the same time, a panicked Jill tells Ashley about Nikki's offer and that the balloon payment is due in 24 hours while Neil has a meeting with Forsythe and coaches him on how to handle Jack. When Forsythe speaks with Jack, he explains to him that he will definitely be refinancing Jabot's loan, but that he can't get it in writing until the president of the bank approves it. He assures a nervous Jack that everything will be settled by May 22. Back at the ranch, Paul tells Nick and Nikki that Gary has been seen at a store not far from the ranch. Putting two and two together, Nick figures out that Gary is holding Victoria at the treehouse on the ranch. As he and Paul rush to get to her, Victoria continues to try to reason with Gary and get him to let her go. Instead, Gary grows even more angry and begins to force sleeping pills down her throat. When Nick and Paul break in, Gary puts a knife to Victoria's neck.

Wednesday, May 17, 2000



Gary is mixing the sleeping pills with water for Victoria to drink. She asks him what he's doing and he tells her that he wants her to drink something. She tells him that she won't drink it but he then forces her to drink it as she screams for him to stop. Outside, Paul and Nick hear this and rush to Vicki's aid. They bust in the door and Gary grabs Vicki with the knife to her throat and tells them to stay back. Nick yells to Gary to let her go but Gary continues to back away and almost falls out of the tree house but is stopped by a rail. Paul grabs Vicki and pushes her toward Nick who grabs her and comforts her. Paul grabs Gary and pushes him to the floor with his hands behind his back.

Outside the tree house the police handcuff Gary and read him his rights as Victoria, Nick, and Paul look on. They take Gary away and Paul suggests to Vicki that she go to the hospital. She doesn't want to but they tell her that she should and she agrees.

At the main house Nikki is worrying that they haven't heard anything yet. She tries Nick's cell phone but Sharon tells her that it's not working because they forgot to charge it before they went to Milwaukee. She is about to go to the tack room when Paul walks in and tells her that they found Victoria and she's on her way to the hospital. Nikki asks if Victoria is hurt but Paul assures her that she is not, they just want to make sure that everything is okay. As they rush out the door Nikki asks Paul if he contacted Victor but Paul tells her no. Nikki calls Victor and tells him that Victoria has been found and to meet her at the hospital.

Meanwhile, at Newman Enterprises Ashley stops by to comfort Victor. She assures him that Victoria will be found and she will be okay. Victor thanks her for being there and they hug. He tells her that he loves her. She responds that she never thought she would ever hear him say those words to her ever again. The phone rings. It's Nikki. Victor hangs up and tells Ashley that Vicki has been found and he needs to leave for the hospital and he does.

At the penthouse, Marissa is trying to get Diane to look at the papers for the house that she looked at and liked. The buyer is ready to move ahead but Diane doesn't want to look at the papers. Marissa reminds her that her deadline to move out is approaching. Diane doesn't want to hear it because she believes that she will be able to stay on at the penthouse. The doorbell rings; its Michael. Diane tells Michael that she's disappointed that Victor hasn't reached out to her during Victoria's disappearance. In fact, she hasn't seen him since she was abducted. She guesses correctly that he's been staying at the ranch. She wishes that she could find a way to be there for him so she can show him how much she cares. Michael receives a phone call from a reporter friend who tells him that Victoria has been found. Diane decides to use this to her advantage to find Victor to let him know how glad she is that Victoria has been found. Michael tells her that she is the only person he knows who would try to use something like this to her advantage.

At the hospital, Nick is waiting outside Vicki's room while the doctor is seeing her. Sharon and Nikki show up first and Nikki wants to know how Vicki is and wants to see her. Nick urges her to wait until they hear from the doctor first. Victor arrives and wants to see Victoria too. The doctor comes out and tells them that Victoria is okay but they want her to stay in the hospital at least overnight so they can monitor her. They also want to do a CAT scan to make sure she didn't get a concussion from her fall. Victor, Nikki, Nick and Sharon go into the hospital room to see Victoria and they all hug her.

Meanwhile, at Newman Enterprises Ashley is still at Victor's office as Diane walks in. Ashley comments that Diane is too late to see Victor. Ashley tells Diane that Victoria has been found and is okay. Diane wonders if Ashley was there when he got the news and Ashley tells her that she was. Of course, this infuriates Diane and as Ashley leaves she tells her that her world is about to blow up and nothing but heartbreak lies ahead.


Neil is sitting in Gina's as Jack walks in and is seated at a table not far away. Mr. Forsythe walks in and sits at the bar and has a drink. Jill walks in and sits down with Jack. She tells Jack that she wishes they could have gotten something in writing from Forsythe. She tells Jack that they should still look for funding elsewhere in case Mr. Forsythe doesn't come through. Just then, Jill sees Mr. Forsythe walk across the room unaware that he has spotted Neil and sits down at the table with him. Neil, obviously, aware that Jack is in Gina's also tells Mr. Forsythe that Victor would not like them speaking in public especially since Jack is sitting at a table not far away from them. Jill decides that she is going to go speak with Mr. Forsythe to see if she can get something in writing from him. Jack tells her not to because it will make them seem desperate. Jill doesn't care and gets up and goes over to where Forsythe was sitting but when she gets there he AND Neil are gone and she wonders where he could have gone that fast. She goes back to the table and Gina walks over to tell them that Victoria has been found. Jill decides that since that ordeal is over, it is the perfect time to talk with Nikki about helping Jabot out of their financial problems.


Ryan returns home to tell Tricia that he got Neil to allow him to go to Seattle to settle a union dispute and wants Tricia to go with him. Tricia tells him that she is going to London with her father instead. She tells him that she needs to get away. She doesn't think going away with Ryan will help her. Before they can finish their conversation, the doorbell rings; it's her father. He asks her if she's packed and ready to go. Ryan tells her father that Tricia is not going. They begin to argue and Tricia tells them to stop. She tells Ryan that she is going to London with her father and goes in her room to pack. Ryan urges Keith to do what is best for Tricia and allow her to stay with her husband but Keith doesn't want to hear it. Ryan tells him that running away and leaning on her father's shoulder will not solve her problems. Keith blames Ryan for part of Tricia's problems because she doesn't feel like she's been a good wife to him. Ryan can't believe that Tricia shared the most intimate details of their relationship with her father. Keith tells him that she did and the best thing for Tricia is to come to London with him.

Thursday, May 18, 2000

Already in shock over Diane's revelation that she is pregnant with Victor's child, Ashley is struck with another blow when she reads a note left by Victor's secretary. In it, she finds out that Victor has purchased the Jabot loan and has been working with Forsythe behind their backs. Meanwhile, John visits Jack in his office and demands answers as to why he was kept in the dark about Jabot's financial problems. Jack explains everything and apologizes to his father, assuring him that the loan has indeed been extended and they have nothing to worry about. After he finds out that Victoria will be fine, Victor leaves the hospital and heads back to his office where he finds Diane waiting for him. At the same time, Nikki heads to Gina's for dinner and runs into Brad. Brad tells both women that he may be taking the job offer in Europe and leaving town for good. In the midst of their conversation, Brad receives a phone call from Ashley asking him to bring Nikki over to Jabot for a meeting. Elsewhere, Malcolm interrupts Neil's meeting with Forsythe. He tells his brother that Dru doesn't really want to be in Paris. He tells him about his conversation with Sid and that Dru doesn't really want to continue her modeling career. Ryan and Tricia continue to discuss her travel plans and Ryan tells her that if she chooses to go to London with Keith, it could mean the end of their marriage. Finally, Tomas and Nina share a romantic moment at her place. When Phillip arrives home, Tomas offers to leave, but Nina tells him to stay.

Friday, May 19, 2000

Still devastated by Victor's betrayal, Ashley informs Jack that Forsythe has no intentions of extending Jabot's loan and that they have to come up with the money to pay it off immediately. When Victor calls, Ashley promptly hangs up on him leading Jack to assume that his nemesis is behind everything. While Jack confronts his sister and attempts to get the truth out of her, Jill comes in and tells them that Nikki and Brad have arrived and are waiting for them in the conference room. Ashley tells Jack that it's time that they concede that this is their only way out. Jack agrees and they go and make a presentation to their potential saviors. After hearing them out, Brad says he doesn't want to invest. Over at the penthouse, Victor is left wondering why Ashley is so upset with him. Diane comes in and, not letting on that she has just seen Ashley, pleads with Victor to let her stay on at the penthouse a bit longer. Victor takes little time to refuse her request. Later, he meets with Forsythe who tells him he is beginning to have second thoughts about deceiving the Abbotts. Elsewhere, excited about Tricia's decision to accompany him to Seattle, Ryan heads over to Nina's to tell them the good news. He arrives just in time to interrupt an argument between Nina, Phillip and Tomas. When he breaks the news, a distraught Phillip begs his father if he can come with him, but Ryan says no. Over at the coffee shop, Warton confronts Nick and Sharon and demands an apology from them for accusing him of being Victoria's stalker. Sharon concedes that they were wrong and are sorry, but Nick, still not trusting Warton, offers him money to leave town for good. Warton refuses the offer, saying he just wants to live a normal life and come and go as he pleases. Later, Warton calls a friend to talk about an upcoming "job". Meanwhile, as Neil and Dru continue to argue about their relationship, Malcolm goes to visit Olivia at the hospital. As Malcolm tells his ex-wife that Dru is back in town, Olivia becomes agitated and ends up collapsing on the floor.

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