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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 15, 2000 on GH
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Monday, May 15, 2000

Laura dropped by the studio to show Liz the photos that prove Lucky is in Port Charles and was shocked by Liz's reaction. Liz admitted that she'd known for a few days and had spoken to Lucky herself, adding that he'd also been to see Lulu. She said she hated not being able to tell Laura the truth, then told her about Lucky's visit to the studio and his strange, distant behavior. Liz admitted that she still loves Lucky, and Laura encouraged her not to give up, that he's still the person in the portrait she painted. They made a bit of small talk, Liz apologized again, and Laura left. Liz put away her paintings, holding the portrait and declaring "This is who Lucky is", closed up and went home. Later, after she went to bed, Lucky returned to the studio, broke in, and gazed at his portrait thoughtfully.

At the Port Charles Grill, AJ and Hannah continued to trade barbs with Carly, and she threw her impending marriage to Sonny in their faces. The argument began to heat up, with Hannah calling Carly a "heartless bitch", and Mike stepped in and broke things up before they got totally out of hand. After a few parting shots, Carly allowed Mike to escort her home. Arriving at the penthouse, she invited him in to see Michael, but since Michael was asleep Mike didn't stay long. Before he left, he warned her against looking for trouble and said that since she is pregnant her job is to walk away from fights, not incite them. Carly rose to the new argument, replying that Mike had ditched his son without bothering to see if the next guy was beating him up, and therefore was in no position to offer parental advice; he should deal with his own guilt rather than lay it on her. He replied that all that may be true, but Sonny isn't walking away and he needs her to be careful. Carly said she needed no favors from Mike, and he cataloged the ones he'd already done her with Jason. Carly replied that he'd better make more of an effort to get along with his future daughter-in-law or he'd never see his grandchild, and he in turn warned her that she'd better "be good" or she'd wish she'd never met his son..

Back at the Grille, AJ and Hannah returned to their dinner after Carly and Mike left. AJ tried to explain his attraction to Carly and told Hannah about their trip to Hawaii. Hannah suggested that he still misses her, and he admitted that he misses being Michael's father, being a successful businessman, and a respected member of the family - he misses what he had when he was married to Carly, but not Carly herself. She always wanted Jason, and he couldn't be Jason. Hannah observed that when he's sober, AJ is a terrific guy and suggested that he stop trying to live in terms of other people. They exchanged a few more pleasantries and left. Later, AJ returned to the bar alone and ordered a vodka..

Luke encountered Lucky on the docks, and for the first few minutes Luke did all the talking with Lucky just standing there looking at him. Luke told Lucky that if he ran away again he'd just follow him and would always be able to find him since "he taught him all his best moves". Lucky replied that "if it doesn't go your way, you force it" and Luke realized they were back to the rape again. Lucky expressed anger about the rape, and said that they had given up on him when they thought he was dead, not even bothering to search. Luke asked "what did they do to your head?" Lucky maintained that Helena did nothing and all Faison did was lock the door, but it gave him time to think about the lies Luke and Laura had told him. His parents, he said, were his role models - meaning that he wanted to be like his mother's rapist, and be programmed to look for a woman who has secret affairs and children she never tells him about. He explained that he finally concluded that "bad is bad" and that he didn't want anything to do with Luke and Laura, that he cannot trust them. Laura appeared then, and was at first overjoyed to see her son, but her face fell when she realized he wasn't glad to see her in return. Lucky insisted he had no interest in tawdry reunions, and when Laura asked, "what's wrong?" began to list some of Luke's "wrongs'. Laura asked what she had done, and he replied that she was a liar. He said that they never seemed to realize that there are consequences for their lies and manipulations, and that for making Faison angry the consequence was that he gave a year of his life. He stated that he wanted nothing to do with either of them, warned them to stay away from him, and left. Laura called out, begging him to stay, but Luke said to let him go.

Laura and Luke speculated about what had happened to their son, comparing notes and discovering that he'd seen Liz, Lulu and Mike. They agreed that his twisted version of history is Helena and Faison's doing, but whatever the cause, his anger is real and it is directed at them. Luke looked at the photos Stefan took, and Laura explained that she'd gone to Luke's office to show them to him but encountered Felicia. Luke replied "One thing at a time - let's deal with Lucky first", and she agreed. They decided that they have to figure out what's been done to him, and Laura instructed Luke to let her know what he finds out when he speaks to Helena. Luke said "did I mention Helena?" and Laura replied "no" and walked off, leaving Luke smiling a little and shaking his head..

We had a replay of Friday's shooting of Roy. Bobbie heard the shot and raced to Sonny, demanding to know where Roy was (he had slipped into the water, vanishing). Bobbie was frantic, but Sonny explained that it was just a truck backfiring and instructed Johnny to take her home. After Bobbie left, Larkin expressed concern about the "witness", but Sonny assured him that it would be all right since Bobbie is his fiancée's mother. Sonny returned Larkin's gun to him, and Larkin preserved the fingerprints, explaining that he'd chosen this spot because the current will take the body away.

Johnny took Bobbie to the safe house, and after a while Sonny arrived, too. They were congratulating each other on their performances when Roy got there, joking about this "death" being much easier than the last one. Roy explained how he'd been able to stay under the water with his little portable oxygen tank. They rehashed their performances, and Roy admitted to being a little unnerved when he didn't see the gun switch. Sonny explained that he'd done it when they were searching Roy for the vest, and cautioned Bobbie to act grief-stricken for a while as Larkin is a little uncomfortable with her as a witness. He said he'd tell Johnny to pick Bobbie up in 1 hour, then left and Bobbie and Roy fell into each other's arms. Roy told Bobbie that she'd done a really great job of putting Larkin and his men off guard, and said that they couldn't have pulled it off without her. Bobbie made him promise to keep her in the loop for any further developments, and he agreed.

Sonny arrived at the penthouse to find Carly asleep on the sofa. He woke her, and then confided that Roy is fine and that Bobbie knows that. He asked why she wasn't in bed, and she admitted that she was worried about him. He said that she never needs to be, but she said that nonetheless it was good to have him home safe, and he hesitantly replied that it was good to come home to her. It was cute, and they ended with a kiss.

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Jax is about to begin a luxurious breakfast at his penthouse when Chloe comes downstairs. She decides she has time to join him before she goes off on her second radiation treatment at GH. Alexis is going with her much to Jax's discomfort. After Chloe leaves, Jax receives one of his typical "I will bury you with my deal and wallet calls." Ned rings the bell and is delivering Eddie Maine tix for Jax and Chloe to attend the concert. Ned wants to hear how Chloe is doing. Jax fills him on that she is with Alexis and not him and that he feels completely frustrated. Jax asks Ned if he wants to sell him his ELQ stock. Ned says no way. Ned also asks Jax to try to figure out why he is going after Chloe's family. Especially, if he is trying not to add stress to her current situation. Ned points out to Jax, that the Q's are Chloe's family. He reminds Jax he could lose more than just the takeover deal. Jax looks as though he is listening. He asks Ned one last time if he will sell! his stock. Ned sticks to his guns and says no.

Juan and Emily are putting up fliers for the upcoming Eddie Maine/Juan concert. Taggert happens upon them and tells them what they are doing is illegal and they had better get on to class. Hannah comes along and Taggert stops to chat. Hannah warns Taggert that he could be putting his job at risk by even talking with her. Taggert assures Hannah that he wants to be with her and he thought she wanted to be with him. They grab hands. Hannah says just when she gets close to him she wants to run. Taggert urges her not to run and pulls her in for a kiss. Of course, just then Sonny comes up and looks semi-amused. Before he can get anything out, Bobbie runs up saying she must speak with Sonny. Taggert and Hannah excuse themselves and say they will go back to the station. Bobbie says she can't thank Sonny enough for all he has done. Sonny tells Bobbie that Roy wants to see her and that he will arrange it. Bobbie addresses the upcoming nuptials between Sonny and Carly. He is sure it is the right thing to do. Bobbie reminds him that Carly had a marriage of convenience with AJ and it didn't work. Sonny shoots back that he isn't AJ and knows he will treat her right.

Stefan is at GH and comes across Tony. Tony is obviously exercising his newly operated on hand. Stefan asks how the therapy is going. He gets a typical Tony response, as Nurse Spencer looks on. Stefan tells Tony he does not feel he is appropriate for the job of Chief of Neurosurgery since he is not able to perform surgery yet. Tony assures him he will be soon, but Stefan tells him his kidnapping charge is also a problem. A disappointed Tony walks away and Bobbie laces into Stefan for having the nerve to call Tony a kidnapper. Stefan insists that when Lucky turns up, he will clear his name. Bobbie snipes at him that the one good thing to come of this is that Laura finally sees him for who he really is..

Chloe and Alexis arrive at GH. Tony comes over and tells Chloe that when they are ready to begin he will come get her. Chloe tells Alexis that she feels empowered by the treatments and she feels hopeful. She asks Alexis to keep her secret, until she knows for sure. Helena walks up as Chloe and Alexis are talking and is thrilled to see them. She explains that she would love to help Chloe and has wanted to ever since she came upon her crying on the docks. She also knows exactly what Chloe is suffering from and what her treatment plan is. Alexis wants to sue and tells Chloe they should. Chloe and Alexis cut her good intentions off. Tony comes to get Chloe and they agree that Alexis should stay and wait. Alexis makes a call from her cell. She demands to see the person on the other end and references that Helena must be stopped. I know it is Stefan. When Stefan arrives at GH, Alexis fills him in on the latest Helena/Chloe news. Stefan tells Alexis that they must use each other and Jax in order to defeat Helena. Alexis is upset about Stefan's lack of compassion for Chloe's plight. She tells Stefan that she doesn't want Jax or Chloe hurt.

Felicia is in Texas talking to her grandmother about taking the girls' home. Mariah doesn't want them uprooted when they have just begun to settle in. Neither does Felicia, but she assures her grandmother that they will not be uprooted again. The girls walk in and Georgie runs to her mother. The ever angst-ridden Maxie is not pleased to see her mother. She wants to know what Felicia is doing there. Felicia explains it is time to go home. Maxie informs her mother that they are happy there and don't wish to go. She adds insult to injury when she tells Felicia that if she takes her home, Maxie will run away, just like her mother does. Mariah asks Felicia to give the girls a moment with their great grandmother. Felicia listens outside as Mariah pleads her case. She will go with the girls to PC if they promise to try to make things work with their mother and if Maxie won't run away. Agreed. Felicia thanks her grandmother. She tells Felicia that if it happens again she will take the girls and bring them back to Texas and that will be the end of it.

Sonny is at the safehouse with Roy. Larkin calls on Sonny's cell phone and says he is changing the parameters of the deal. He wants more money. He threatens to mess with Carly when Sonny says it can be done.

Roy and Bobbie are again reunited at the safehouse thanks to Sonny. Roy tells Bobbie things are moving faster than they thought. Larkin already wants more money. He tells Bobbie to tell Hannah not to antagonize Larkin and to keep her distance. Bobbie tells Roy she will do it. She fills Roy in on Sonny and Carly's upcoming wedding news. He doesn't seem to think it is as big of a deal as Bobbie.

Sonny stops in at a baby store and is browsing the cradle and crib scene. The clerk says she can help. Sonny doesn't need it until he spots one he likes. She offers to let him look at some catalogues so he can customize it. He has to special order it and it may take some time. (I can already see where this is going))
Sonny looks thrilled as she goes to retrieve the books..

Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Jax and Edward are at each other again. Jax sternly informed Edward that he needed to call a board meeting. Edward refused and Jax rebutted by stating that he would call all the stock holders if necessary, because now that he owns more that one third of ELQ stock, he plans to take over as CEO of ELQ. Basically, Edward's days are numbered. Edward returned the threat and informed Jax that he does not know what he is in for. Jax said that Edward was finished and he should just bow out with grace. Then Lila entered the room and asked to speak with Jax alone. Edward did put up a fight, but then left. Jax assumed Lila was going to ask him to abandon the take over, but she surprised him. Her remark was that it does not matter to her one way or the other. Lila commented that she hopes Jax will consider the long range costs and implications involved in taking over ELQ (meaning especially family and taking care of Chloe I am not sure Jax picked up on Lila's clue). Lila also said she hoped Jax was more clever than Edward. Jax then politely excused himself. Edward returned to find out how Lila faired and did Jax retreat. Lila told Edward she did not asked Jax to withdraw. She told Edward, you started this madness and now you will have to finish it yourself (Go Lila!).

Felicia was victorious in convincing Mariah and the girls to come to Port Charles. Of course the girls immediately wanted to phone Mac. Felicia unable to stop them allowed the girls to call him and invite him to dinner. Mac immediately came home after being totally shocked by this new development (he looked like if looks could kill Felicia would not be alive). After the initial hugs from Georgie and Maxie, Mariah took the girls to go shopping while Mac took this opportunity to lay into Felicia. He started off with accusing her of using the kids to set him up. Mac and Felicia continued to trade various insults back and forth. The final insult arrived when Mac said, Felicia I don't want you in my life anymore. I will setup a time to see the girls separately when you are not around, this is not a package deal.

Alan and Monica were on good terms today. Both of them were anxious to get Tony back as Chief Neurosurgeon of General Hospital. Unfortunately, Stefan stands in their way and is totally opposed to the thought of Tony being reinstated.

Stefan ran into Chloe at the hospital and tried to pick her brain about the accident. Stefan is more determined to bring down Helena in any way possible. He is definitely a man with a mission. Unfortunately, Chloe was of no help. She promptly informed Stefan that she too would love to take down Helena, but she did not see the driver who struck her.

Luke asked Alexis to stop by his office to discuss Lucky and Helena. Luke advised Alexis that he knows that she is also trying to gather information to put Helena away, so he suggested that they pool their efforts and share information. Luke said he has to know what exactly Helena has done to cause Lucky to regress emotionally. Luke is almost sure that Lucky is suffering from some type of mind control. Alexis agreed to share information with Luke.

Laura and Lulu went to the park and who appeared Lucky. Laura tried to reach out to him but it was to no avail. Lucky asked her to stop the memory lane tour. The only reason he was there was for Lulu and that she is the only reason, not Luke or herself. Laura could not leave Lucky without saying to him that Luke and I are your parents, we are not perfect, but we love you. Lucky remarked that love cannot fix everything (this is surely the key phrase of the day).

Later on in the day, Laura showed up and Luke's. They agreed that Lucky wants nothing to do with them. They almost decided to leave Lucky alone and wait, but both said that would be impossible for them to stand back and do nothing.

Liz continued to struggle with Lucky's coldness to her. We find her in the church, where they exchanged vows, lighting candles, and praying for some sort of miracle for "her" Lucky to return. Nikolas showed up at the church too. Nikolas was worried about Liz and wanted to check up on her. Liz thanked him for his thoughtfulness, but politely asked to be left alone. Then Lucky appeared at the door. Really to hesitant to go in, so he turned to walk away when a woman entered the church. Lucky hid quickly behind the last pew. This lady, she appeared to be the resident minister, asked Liz what she was doing there and could she offer assistance. At first Liz refused her help, but then Liz wanted to ask one question. What do you say to yourself when you still love someone, but the love that he had for you isn't there anymore? Liz poured her heart and story out to this woman. She responded by saying that Lucky has been through an ordeal and it takes a long time to heal from a trauma. Lucky probably has not even dealt with all his issues and cannot deal with the love that they shared. At this moment, Lucky removed himself and went out of the door. The minister further mentioned to Liz that she needed to give Lucky time, be patient, and keep hope. Remember the bible passage that Love endures all things . . .. and never gives up. You have to be strong. The woman left the church and Liz went up to the candles and declared her love to Lucky again and asked him to believe it.

Chloe and Jax met at the park after her radiation treatment. They were their normal playful selves. Chloe suffered from another severe headache. She informed Jax that she definitely wants in on the war against Helena. It makes you wonder just how Helena remains alive with all the enemies she has collected lately.

Lucky went to Helena's yacht and informed her that he was leaving town for good. He could not stand to hurt Liz because she is a good and kind person. Just as Helena tried to convince Lucky to rethink his position, Stefan entered.

Note at the end of the show: It was dedicated to Kimberly Ann Robinson (August 28, 1970 April 17, 2000). GH's executive producer, Wendy Riche, says, "She was a dear member of the 'General Hospital' family who served as a grip on our night crew and will always remain a friend in our hearts. She will be terribly missed."

Thursday, May 18, 2000

Stefan confronted Lucky and Helena and tried to convince him to denounce Helena and admit that she'd held him prisoner, but Lucky stuck to the story that she'd actually rescued him. Lucky refused to become involved in the "sick feud" between either his parents and the Cassadines or Stefan and Helena, and left them to argue between themselves. Helena looked after Lucky, commenting that she admired his independence, but Stefan replied that that independence is the flaw in her plan and will inevitably lead to her undoing. He suggested that she had used mind control on Lucky, which she denied as ludicrous, but warned her that the longer Lucky is in familiar surrounds and routines, the less control she will be able to maintain.

Chloe found Felicia sobbing on a park bench and tried to comfort her. They talked about the children, and Chloe suggested that Maxie and Georgie need Felicia to reassure them that they are central to her life and that she will not leave them - in other words, pay more attention to them. She agreed, and left with new determination..

Sonny and Roy met at the safe house. Sonny at first balked at wearing the recording device Roy offered him, explaining about the Brenda debacle, but eventually gave in. He later met with Larkin, gave him the $1M and got him to admit (on tape) that he'd demanded the money in return for leaving Sonny alone, that he'd want more money in six months and that he'd forced Sonny to shoot Roy..

Bobbie went to visit Carly at the penthouse. Carly pressured her mother to tell her what Roy was up to with Sonny, but Bobbie refused, saying that she'd have to take it up with Sonny herself. Carly pointed out that she'd allowed her mother access to the desk when she needed it, but Bobbie stood firm. Carly was upset, but she and her mother exchanged hugs and "I love you"'s before Bobbie left..

Ned (as Eddie Maine) and the band tried to rehearse, but Ned was unhappy with the band and himself. Juan and Emily watched, and Emily reassured Juan that his turn on stage would come soon. Alexis showed up and fabricated a conflict with the promoters to end the rehearsal before the band members got too fed up with Ned. After the band left, Ned played just for Alexis, and they both seemed pleased with the results..

Bobbie went to BJ's grave, as it is the anniversary of her death. Tony came by a few minutes later and they reminisced about their daughter. After Bobbie left, Tony apologized to BJ for using her death as an excuse for hurting people..

Felicia ran into Mac in the park and told him again that she was sorry for what she'd put him through. They talked about when Maxie got BJ's heart, how Felicia had been by her bedside twenty-four hours a day, and Mac said that the girls need her to be that same kind of mother to them now.

Chloe went home to Jax after talking to Felicia, and told him how much she appreciates him. Later, she had a dream in which Stefan, seated by the music box, told her that "it will not work; you know it will not work".

Sonny returned home to the penthouse where Carly was anxiously waiting. She explained that she was afraid for him, but he assured her that there was nothing to be afraid of, that he knew how to stay out of jail. She tried to bargain with him, saying that she'd wear his ring if he demonstrated good faith by telling her what he was up to with Roy, but he explained again that it was safer for her to not to know details of his business. That way, he said, if he were ever to be arrested, she could honestly deny knowing anything about it. She was reluctant to give up her "leverage" and wear the ring, but he convinced her that they were on the same side and reminded her that his ring was a symbol of his promise to take care of her and the children. She eventually relented and agreed to wear his ring and marry him. He took the ring and proposed, vowing to respect her, love the children and never leave, and then placed the ring on her finger as she repeated the vows..

Bobbie went to Roy at the safe house, and he told her what had happened with Larkin. She wanted to come with him to tail Larkin to the Grand Keys, even producing some fake ID that Luke got for her (she is now Carol Levinson). They were debating the issue when Roy got a call saying that Larkin was already at the airport gate, so he reluctantly agreed to take her along with the stipulation that she follow his directions without argument, and they hurried off..

Friday, May 19, 2000

While Edward lobbied for Sonny's support against Jax's takeover of ELQ, a drunken AJ confronted Carly. Carly and AJ's exchange got more and more heated and Sonny was later horrified when he heard Carly's screams as she fell down the stairs at the Quartermaine mansion.

Luke interrupted Felicia's tentative rapprochement with her daughters. A chance meeting between Liz and Lucky at the boxcar ended in a kiss. Bobbie and Roy followed Larkin to the Grand Keys.

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