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Passions Recaps: The week of May 15, 2000 on PS
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Monday, May 15, 2000

Timmy dons his tux and brushes up on his ballroom dancing to practice for prom night. Meanwhile, Tabitha uses a divining rod to search for Harmony's next likely hot spot. In Boston, Tina suggests to a skeptical Luis that the Cranes might have turned Sheridan against him somehow. Julian is annoyed to discover that the goon he hired to impersonate Luis is still hanging around Harmony. Tabitha heads to the jazz club with Timmy in tow and is ecstatic to see Julian hitting on Eve while Simone huddles with Chad at a nearby table. Standing in her brother's library, Sheridan is warmed by the memory of a kiss she once shared there with Luis. Crystal hems and haws when Chad begs her for information about his birth mother. Tina decides to get at the truth by phoning Sheridan and asking her straight out why she changed her tune about Luis. Eve pulls Crystal aside and entreats her old friend to leave town immediately.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2000

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Chad excitedly informs Ethan how Crystal is going to tell him all about his parents. Meanwhile, Crystal has second thoughts about telling Chad about his parents, fearing he will be hurt by the truth. Later, Chad suspects Ethan may be having doubts about marrying Gwen. Chad suggests to Ethan that he may be falling in love with Theresa. Ethan denies loving anyone other than Gwen, but he's clearly rattled by the idea.

Theresa is convinced Ethan will soon realize his love for her. She encourages Whitney to acknowledge her feelings for Chad, but Whitney stubbornly insists Chad is not even her type. However, Whitney lights up when Chad arrives. Whitney is thrown when she thinks Chad is staying in town because of her.

Luis is released from jail when Hank arrives and announces that Sam has posted bail for him. Luis is outraged over Sam having to put up money for his release since Sheridan shouldn't have had him arrested in the first place. Tina advises Luis to talk to Sheridan about what made their relationship go wrong, or he could be missing out on the love of his life. Luis' anger grows when Hank informs him he has been suspended without pay from the police force until the kidnapping charges are dropped. Luis decides to confront Sheridan, but Hank advises against it, hoping to keep the two apart.

Sheridan blasts Alistair and Julian over their lack of concern for her safety. The father and son duo worry Sheridan is softening towards Luis.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2000


Theresa encourages Ethan to think of the woman with whom he is going to spend the rest of his life. He is disturbed as his fantasy about kissing Gwen turns into a fantasy about kissing Theresa. While still fantasizing, Ethan kisses Theresa for real. The kiss gives Theresa hope about Ethan's feeling for her, which she subtlety tries to get him to admit. Instead, Ethan hurriedly leaves and later guiltily begs Gwen to come home soon.

Chad calls Whitney on her feelings for him when she assumes he is staying in town because of her. When Chad reveals he was talking about Crystal, an embarrassed Whitney claims she has no interest in what Chad does. However, she later drops her cover as she joyfully reacts to the news that Crystal could lead Chad to his real parents. Meanwhile, Eve breaks down when she looks at a baby's outfit and rattle hidden in a box in her closet.

Julian and Alistair plot to make sure Luis and Sheridan never figure out who was behind their breakup. Sam stops by to plead Luis' case and nearly catches Julian with the "Luis imposter" mask. Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan continue to argue over his arrest. Luis demands to know why Sheridan suddenly became resentful of him and she prepares to tell him the truth.

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Thursday, May 18, 2000

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Theresa and Whitney:
Whitney quarrels with Theresa, telling her that she has no interest in Chad and that the only reason Ethan kissed Theresa, was because of the conversation he had with Chad. Theresa however, is confident after her kiss with Ethan and tries to convince Whitney that she has feelings for Chad, by 'asking nature.' They pick a yellow flower and begin to remove the petals, as Theresa says -- she loves him, she loves him not. It ends with Theresa saying that Whitney loves Chad. Whitney smiles, but tells her that it is ridiculous, since if she did it again, it would show quite the opposite. Theresa denies this, saying that Fate would not allow that to happen. Whitney gets upset at the mention of Fate again. They sit down on a nearby bench and talk. Theresa tells Whitney that Chad was planning to leave Harmony, when he suddenly gets a lead on his family, it's Fate. Whitney does not believe. Then, Theresa tells her that Chad's parents could possibly be friends of her parents already! Whitney tries to hide a smile and says that there is a one in a million chance that Theresa could be correct. Theresa then tells Whitney that if she does not admit her feelings to herself, she may lose him to somewhat else -- like Simone. Whitney tells Theresa that Simone only has puppy love for Chad and that he would not get involved with someone like that. He would want someone more mature. Theresa interrupts and says maybe like you. Whitney again denies this, but with less affirmation. She then tells Theresa that she should stick to daydreaming about her and Ethan. At the mention of his name, Theresa jumps up from the bench leaving her scarf behind and drags Whitney off to the Book Cafe

The Book Cafe:
Chad walks up to Eve when he sees her crying and says that he finally understands what is bothering her. He tells her that he knows why she is crying -- that she had a loss in her past. She asks him how he knows about her loss and he replies that no one told him, but he saw it in her eyes. The song had quite an effect on her. Eve is a bit relieved that he doesn't really know. Chad then says that he thinks Eve likes music more than she wants to let on. He says that music gets to him as well, and he thinks about all that he has lost in his past. Eve speaks up, saying that sometimes, looking back to the past does not always give you the answers you are looking for. She stands up and walks away, leaving Chad with a confused expression on his face. Later, Theresa and Whitney arrive at the book Cafe and Whitney, nervously looking around, asks her what they are doing there. Theresa replies that she has to check up some books and magazines on love to give her ideas on how to get a man to realize that he is in love. They walk over to the bookshelf as Whitney still looks around. Realizing Whitney's nervousness, Theresa remarks that she is afraid or disappointed at not seeing Chad. Whitney denies this, then says that Chad is probably following up on the connection to his family. Theresa then reaches over and hands Whitney a book with the title "AN IDIOT'S GUIDE TO LOVE." Whitney is offended, saying that she does not need a book to tell her what her love is -- it is Tennis. Theresa then goes back to the books telling Whitney that she is determined to get Ethan to realize that he is really in love with her. Whitney again tries to tell her friend that Ethan does not love her, that he is in love with Gwen. Just then, Chad comes out of a back room and notices Whitney and Theresa talking. He walks up to them and asks how they are doing. Theresa, with a smile on her face, replies that things are great. They all talk and it comes up that Eve was in the Cafe earlier and she and Chad talked. Whitney is surprised at this, especially when she realizes that her mother was crying. Chad tells her that Eve was affected by something in her past that she kept to herself and that the Jazz song reminded her of it. Whitney does not believe that her mother would keep something that painful to herself. She gets sad. Chad notices this and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that her mother is her role model and that when she is sad, it makes her sad. Chad then remarks on her eyes, and that they are just like her mother's except for the sparkle that are in them. Theresa walks up and listens as Chad talks about love and how music has such an effect on people, making them realize feelings that they previously couldn't see. Theresa takes this to heart and decides to use music to open Ethan's eyes.

The Crane Mansion:
Ethan is in the living room deep in thought, when Sheridan walks in, nervous and worried about Julian's whereabouts. She asks Ethan if he has seen him, relating to him what happened when she spoke to Julian earlier. She tells Ethan that she is worried that Julian would go to Luis and just make things worse. Sheridan tells Ethan that she went over to see Pilar and bounced into Luis. She was surprised to see him out of jail, but he reacted very badly to seeing her. He told her that he couldn't trust her any more and that he didn't want her in his life anymore. Ethan sees her expression and asked her if she is worried about Luis. She says no. She wanted to show him that he had no right to Chloroform her and drag her back to Harmony without her permission. Ethan defends Luis saying that it was under extenuating circumstances, there were two assassins on the lose from the drug cartel who wanted to kill her. He saved her life. Sheridan agrees with him, but remarks that Luis still had to right to do what he did. They sit down on the couch, and she remarks that she should return to Harmony, but Ethan persuades her to stay. She remarks that she could help with the wedding. Ethan gets back into his pondering mood and remarks to Sheridan, that Theresa has already taken care of everything. Sheridan says that Gwen must be happy to have Theresa here to set up everything for her. Ethan then remarks that he misses Gwen and wishes that she were here. He thought that she would want more to do with her wedding. Sheridan notices that something is bothering him. She asks about it. Ethan finally replies that he is afraid that he may lose Theresa's friendship. Sheridan is confused, until Ethan confesses that he kissed her. A surprised Sheridan asks Ethan how that happened and he explains that Theresa had come up with the idea that he and Gwen should leave the church in a horse-drawn carriage. She told him to close his eyes and picture himself with the woman he loves, then he pictured himself kissing Theresa. He opened his eyes and realized that he was really kissing her. Sheridan repeats that Ethan was kissing Theresa when she told him to think about himself being with the woman he loves. She asks him why that is. Ethan gets a bit defensive and says that he loves Gwen. Then heads out the door, followed by Sheridan. They head to the park. There, Ethan notices a scarf on a bench and picks it up. He holds it in his hands and touches it. He remarks to Sheridan that it is Theresa's scarf. He says that it is strange how he'd be the one to find it. Sheridan is confused. Ethan then tells her that Theresa believes in Fate and he wonders what she would say if she knew that he found her scarf on that day. Sheridan then remarks that it's the same day that he kissed her. Ethan comes back into reality and gets a bit on edge. Sheridan then says that she only wants him to be happy. He replies that he loves Gwen and that he probably only kissed Theresa because of his talk with Chad Harris earlier that day. Things calm down and Sheridan thinks about Luis and says that since she does want to see him and he obviously does not want anything to do with her -- things between them are over.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Luis opens the door to see Julian standing there. He gets upset and asks why he's there. Sam tells Luis to calm down because he doesn't need anymore trouble on his hands. Luis again asks Julian what he is doing at his front door. Julian says that he is not in the habit of discussing business matters at the door. He tells Luis that he may have a solution to his problem. Sam interrupts and asks Julian what could have changed from earlier that day when he asked him to talk to Sheridan about dropping the charges on Luis. Julian replies that he understands how easily family members can disagree and that he could make it so that Luis' charges disappear. Luis does not believe him. Julian replies that he does not like to come to this side of the track but he was thinking about Pilar and how they would have to duck her pay on the days that she will not come to work but go to see her son in prison. Reluctantly, Luis lets him in. Julian explains that he has connections in high places and that he would get Luis' record cleared. Luis replies that there must be something in all of this for him (as there always is when it comes to the Cranes). Julian denies this at first, then says that there is one thing that Luis could do. He will have to stay away from Sheridan for good, having absolutely no contact with her. Luis turns down the offer, saying that Julian is only using this opportunity to bribe him again. Sam pulls him away and tells him to accept the offer, since he already agreed to himself that he didn't want anything to do with Sheridan again. Luis replies that agreeing to this means that he would be getting in with the Cranes and he did not want them to win. Sam tells him to think of it as getting something for nothing. He'll be rid of the Cranes for good, and besides, he needs the money to send Theresa and Miguel off to college. Luis turns and walks up to Julian, finally agreeing to the proposal. Julian is happy. As he is about to leave however, he tells Luis that there is a condition to the agreement. Their conversation must not be disclosed to anyone, especially Sheridan. Meanwhile, in Paris, Roger and Pierre enter a storage room to hide out. They remark that Interpol is definitely after them and that Sheridan is now all the way in America. Roger remarks that they will find Sheridan and get rid of her, because she is the only one who can link them to the drug cartel.

The Russell House:
We see Eve pull out a box of baby's clothes from a closet and start to cry as she holds them. Later she picks up the phone to make reservations as the Harmony Jazz Club, and asks the manager if Crystal will be there. The man replies that he does not know. He tells Eve that Crystal has not showed up and he thinks that she may have already left town. As Eve hangs up, she thanks Crystal and moves over to look out the window. At the Jazz Club, the manager hangs up the phone and turns to see Crystal walk in the club. She says that she is not planning to leave now, no matter what.

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Friday, May 19, 2000

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Eve is relieved, assuming Crystal has left town. She doesn't realize her friend is still in Harmony because she feels obligated to tell Chad about his past. TC is troubled when he walks in on an emotional Eve. Eve is affected while comforting a patient who is reeling from the loss of her child after giving it up for adoption. TC notices how deeply Eve is affected by the woman's situation and devises a plan to get his wife's mind off her work.

Theresa plans to use music to make Ethan realize he loves her. Theresa and Whitney search TC and Eve's bedroom for a song with the perfect lyrics. The two are puzzled when they stumble upon Eve's secret box of unused baby clothes. Theresa and Whitney also find a tape of songs, not realizing Eve is the singer. Theresa finds the perfect song on the tape to awaken Ethan's feelings for her. Meanwhile, Ethan continues to be affected by Chad's suggestion that he is falling in love with Theresa. He makes a slip about marrying Theresa. Ethan also fantasizes about dancing with Theresa when Chad tells him to imagine dancing with the woman he loves.

While the kids plan the high school prom, Tabitha vows Miguel will not survive prom night. Kay pushes the committee to approve a site for the prom where she can best torment Charity. Tabitha observes as Charity has a disturbing premonition about the prom. Charity murmurs that the prom must not take place on a boat. Tabitha plots to use this piece of information to her advantage.

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