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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 15, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, May 15, 2000

Ben is visiting Denise at Bob and Kim's house. They have a long talk about their relationship and what they are going to do about being together. Ben tells Denise that he can't be without her and he wants to marry her. She agrees to marry him, but they have to wait a certain length of time and she won't be able to wear his ring. Ben understands and they hug and kiss. Bob walks in and sees the two kissing. He slips out before they can see him and then as he reenters the kitchen he yells out something to Kim to let Denise and Ben know that he is there. The two part and act like they have not been up to anything. Bob walks in and sees Ben and says that he didn't know he was coming by this morning. Ben makes up an excuse as to why he is there and he must be going to the hospital now. Ben leaves and Denise tells Bob that she has to go take care of Hope. As she is leaving the kitchen, Bob asks her to come back down and talk to him after she is finished with Hope. Later, Denise comes back into the kitchen and tells Bob that she feels like she is being brought into the principles office. Bob tells her about walking in on she and Ben earlier when they were kissing. He explains that he knows that she and Ben have strong feelings for each other, but while Kim is having a hard time with Andy's disappearance, could she not see Ben? Denise tells Bob that she and Ben are once again engaged and she will not be able to stay away from him. She says that she does respect Kim and she won't display her affection for Ben in public.

At the Java Underground, Lisa is sitting at the bar having a drink and Isaac come over to her and asks how his favorite high roller is doing? As they are chatting, Emily walks in with her latest edition of her "magazine." Isaac asks her if she is making home deliveries of her "rag." Emily tells them how she is going to turn "The Intruder" around and make it a reputable paper. Isaac and Lisa laugh at her. Lisa sees Tom walk in and she goes over to him. They discuss Emily and her buying "The Intruder." Tom asks Lisa to come home with him and spend some time with the boys. She says that she wants to go into the back room and do some gambling. Tom tells her that she has been spending too much time gambling. At that moment, Rolland Jefferies comes up to Lisa and says that he has been looking for her. Lisa introduces Rolland to Tom and Tom tells her that he knows his name, he put him in jail last year. Tom accuses Rolland of buddying up to his mother to get back at him. Tom and Lisa start to leave and Rolland makes another remark. Tom turns around and Rolland takes a swing at him. Tom ducks and then he punches Rolland. Isaac and some of the waiters pull Tom off of Rolland. Emily is watching everything that is going on. Isaac makes Rolland leave and then he walks over to Emily, who is already starting to write the story. Isaac tells her that she doesn't have any proof that anything happened. Isaac walks away and Emily looks up at the security camera. She takes out her cell phone and calls in an emergency call that there is a fight going on at Java Underground. When Hal and some other policemen show up, Isaac and some of his bouncers go over to talk to Hal. Emily sneaks in the back to get the security tape. Isaac convinces Hal that everything is under control. Lisa asks who would have called in the disturbance and Isaac mutters "Emily." Emily comes walking up with that smile on her face and she tells Isaac that he really has a hopping place here. Tom tells her that she had better not make something out of the incident that just happened. She flashes him that smile and says, "What are you talking about?" Isaac leaves to go to the back room to get the security tape for Hal. When he returns, he tells Hal that someone had stolen the tape. Hal says that he will get some eye witnesses to talk to him. Isaac tells Tom that his security guy had said that he just put in a new tape that morning. Emily slips out the front door, but before she goes out the door, she opens her purse and pulls out a tape and looks at it, then she leaves. A little while later, Ben comes in the front door of Java Underground and most of the people have left and there is no music playing. Ben says that this doesn't look like a good sign. Isaac looks up and says that this is the cherry on his night. Ben tells him that he stopped by to tell Isaac about he and Denise being engaged again and it was because of him that he went and talked to her. Isaac has a smart remark to make back at Ben. Ben tells him that he just wanted to thank him. Isaac asks if he is supposed to say your welcome? Ben says that he is family and he wants him to come to the wedding with Camille. Isaac tells Ben that if he wants Camille at the wedding, he will have to ask her himself, they are not speaking at the moment. Ben tells him that if he wants to talk, he will be there for him. Isaac tells him congratulations and they shake hands. Ben says, "Thank you." And Isaac says, "Your welcome."

Simon is trying to get out the door with Rose's headdress. Lily is blocking him and they start to fight over the headdress. From behind a screen, the woman with leopard shoes is pointing a gun at them. The security guard comes running and tries to calm the two down. The gun disappears behind the screen. Rose comes running in and Simon tells her that he will take the headdress to get it repaired. Lily stops him at the door and tells the security guard to take him away and don't let him near Rose. Lily takes the headdress from him and the security guard makes Simon leave. Lily tells Rose that the piece of costume jewelry that she had put in her headdress is not what she thinks it is. Rose tells her that it is a piece of glass. Lily tells her no and takes it over to a mirror and cuts the mirror with the diamond. Rose says that she saw that done in the movie, that means it is a real diamond. Lily tells her that this piece of jewelry will make all her dreams come true. Simon calls Rose to warn her that she is in grave danger. Rose tells him to stop calling her and she hangs up the phone. Rose tells Lily that Simon had said that they are in grave danger. Lily tells Rose that is his way of scaring her and keeping her in his control. They decide to stay in Rose's dressing room for the night with the security guard outside their door. As they are settling in for the night, the lady with the leopard shoes walks up behind the security guard outside their door.

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Jake is at the Lakeview and he is reading Emily's most recent edition of "The Intruder." It is the edition with Tom punching out Rolland Jefferies at the Java Underground. Emily walks in and catches Jake reading the paper. She teases him about being interested in the "dirt" on Oakdale. Jake hassles her back and then she introduces him to her new star reporter. Jake turns and sees Chris Hughes walking in the door. Chris walks over to Emily and Jake and Jake jumps on him for working for "The Intruder." He tries to get Chris to work for "The City Times." Chris refuses. He tells Jake that Emily gave him his first chance and he is going to stick with her. Jake finally gives up and leaves. Chris and Emily sit down at a table. Tom, Nancy and Lisa walk into the Lakeview. Nancy sees Chris sitting with Emily and she starts over to him. Tom tries to stop her but she tells him that she is going to get to the bottom of this. She walks over and rakes Chris over the coals for having anything to do with Emily. She tells him that Emily has put his brother through enough and he shouldn't have anything to do with her. Chris tries to explain but his grandmother gets more upset and leaves. Emily walks away to get something and Tom comes up to Chris and asks how he likes being in the hot seat? Chris says that he should be used to it. They see Emily coming back to the table, so they pretend to have an argument and Tom leaves. When Emily gets to the table, she congratulates Chris for putting up with his family. She tells Chris that she has a special assignment for him. She wants him to dig up some dirt on Lisa. Chris tries to talk her out of it, but she wants Tom's family to pay for everything that they have put her through. Chris agrees to take the assignment.

Katie is finishing her second piece on women's issues. Holden decides it is time to take a lunch break and tells the crew to take two hours and then get right back to the station. Katie suggests that they go to her apartment and kick back and have something to eat and then they can finish the next two segments there. Holden agrees and leaves. Katie goes to Henry to ask him for a favor. She suggests that Henry call after she and Holden get to her apartment and make up some excuse that he can't come over for lunch so she can be alone with Holden. At first, Henry won't go along with her plan. Then she says that she will back him up in any idea that he has in the future. Finally, Henry agrees. After Katie gets to her house and has the food from the Pampered Palette delivered, Holden shows up. The phone rings and Henry can't come over, something has come up at the station. Holden and Katie will have to work alone today. Katie doesn't answer Henry back right away and he asks if she can't talk because she has her tongue in Holden's ear. She tells him that she will tell Holden about his scheduling problem. She hangs up and tells Holden that Henry can't come over to work, there is a problem at the station that he needs to take care of. Holden says that they will miss Henry, but they have a lot of work to do and they had better get started. Katie has that smile on her face again.

At the hospital, Molly is exercising her hands, trying to make them stronger. Abigail shows up with flowers and says that she is sorry that she didn't show up yesterday for Mother's Day. Molly tells her that it is OK, she understands. They have a long heart to heart about when Molly gave up Abigail and how she has felt all these years not having her daughter with her. They are both crying and Abigail is pressing Molly about when she will get her memory back. Jake comes to the door and hears the conversation and interrupts to save Molly from lying to her daughter. Molly and Abigail are chatting with Jake and Susan comes in and sees that Molly has eaten all her food today. She tells Molly that she will be released today. Molly is so excited. She tells Abigail to go to school and Jake will help her get home and they can spend some time later together. Abigail leaves and Molly picks up the phone. Jake asks her who is she calling? She tells him to listen and learn. She calls the station and Henry answers the phone. Molly plays dumb and tells Henry that she would like to speak to Katie Paretti. Henry tells Molly that Katie can't come to the phone and can he take a message. Molly tells him that she is being released from the hospital and she will be moving back into her apartment today. He says that he will give Katie the message and they hang up. Jake tells her that she is bad.

At Molly's apartment, Holden is trying to work, but all Katie has on her mind is eating strawberries and making moaning sounds as she eats. She tries to get Holden to try a strawberry but he is not interested. Katie scoots closer to Holden on the couch and then the door flings open and Molly comes in with Jake right behind her. She sees Holden and Katie there and asks if she is early for her homecoming surprise party? Molly, still playing dumb, says that Katie must have not got her message today. She is released from the hospital and she is going to move back home. Katie, taken totally by surprise, says that she will pack her things. As Katie is picking up her things and packing them, Molly asks Holden if she could come to the station and hang out. She thinks that this might jog her memory. Holden tells her that she is more than welcome to come to the station, but he doesn't want her to over do it. Katie chimes in and says that should take it easy. Molly says that she will take it easy, she just wants to work on getting her memory back as soon as possible. Katie gets all her things together and she and Holden are starting out the door. Jake comes up with a good idea, Molly could use her old dressing room to relax if she feels like she is overdoing it at the station. Holden asks Katie if this will be OK with her and Katie says that she will do anything to help Molly get her memory back. Holden and Katie leave and as soon as the door is closed, Molly and Jake burst out laughing. Jake asks, "Is she a good witch or a bad witch?" Molly tells Jake that she just bought some more time with Abigail and she can spend some time at WOAK. She gives Jake a high five and says, "Score one for the come back kid."

When Katie and Holden get back to the station, Katie goes to Henry and asks why didn't he warn her about Molly? He tells her that she doesn't want him to be an enemy, she will regret it. Katie says that if Molly remembers all the stuff they did, they are both going to regret it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Lucinda is furious to see Emily wooing one of Lucinda's biggest advertisers. Kim feels betrayed when she is notified of the hearing and learns that Denise initiated it. Lily shows Rose the fake diamond she had made up to fool Simon.

Simon calls Rose to let her know he's getting out on bail. Kim confronts Denise but she insists that John didn't coerce her into signing the papers. Tom warns Lisa not to seek revenge on Emily--let him handle it. Later, though, Lisa orders Julia to dig up dirt on Emily.

Lisa and Julia notice Emily's edginess about her briefcase. Lily proposes to Rose that they switch places so Rose can have her diamond appraised without Simon following her. Lisa distracts Emily by refusing to serve her while Julia swipes Emily's briefcase. Julia is on her way out when she is waylaid by Jack.

Denise reiterates to Kim that John didn't persuade her--she wanted to sign the papers. Horrified at the thought of Lily cutting up one of her wigs, Rose decides to cut her own hair to look like Lily and the two have fun trying to mimic each other's accents.

Denise cautions Kim not to make everybody else think the same way she does, but Kim blasts her for not being honest about her own motives. Jack senses Julia is hiding something. When Emily notices her briefcase is gone, she accuses Lisa of stealing it and asks Jack to arrest her. Jack recognizes Emily's description of it. Kim accuses Denise of wanting Andy to be dead so she could be with Ben and announces she's leaving.

Jack orders Julia to let him in her room. Lily exults when she passes herself off as Rose to the security guard but her excitement is short-lived--Simon shows up. Bob forcefully stops Kim from making airline reservations to Chechnya--he's not going to lose her in a war zone. Kim's response is to run out. Simon senses "Rose" is nervous but agrees to meet her after the show. Lily-as-Rose is dragged out by the girls to get ready for the show.

Thursday, May 18, 2000

Emily accused Lisa of stealing her brief case while Chris rushes to defend Lisa. Lisa thanks Chris and Emily gets mad at him. Emily explains that the brief case was her fathers. Chris tells her to cool down or she could be facing a slander suite. Emily agreed to watch herself. A while later Chris and Lisa talk and Chris defends Emily. He also compares himself to Emily as the "black sheep".

Jack turns up at Julia's room because he saw her leaving with the brief case. Julia try's to seduce Jack to change his focus. jack isn't buying the seduction and wants the brief case...which he finds. Julia tries to blame Jack for her not having time to search it in hopes of him caving. It doesn't work. Jack and Julia fight over the brief case and end up making love. After Jack and Julia make love Jack returns the case to Emily who wonders who had it. jack tells her to just be happy she got it back. Emily seems to already know who had the brief case though.

Molly shows up at WOAK and makes Katie nervous. Molly surprises Katie and Henry in hopes that returning to the station would help her regain the so called lost memory. Katie tries to talk Holden out of letting Molly hang out at the studio saying it may be more harm than good. Abigail shows up and helps Molly talk to Holden to try to get Molly a job at WOAK. Holden said he needed to talk to Kim first.

Lily has to go on for Rose who is at the jeweler. After a few minutes Simon catches on to the switch when Lily messes up on stage. Simon shows up at Rose's dressing room after the show and definitely figures out the switch. Rose runs into her dressing room to tell Lily the diamond is real only to find Simon there with Lily.

Friday, May 19, 2000

Bryant calls Jennifer while she's at dinner with Barbara and invites her over. Kim tells Bob she intends to fight the petition. When Rose refuses to retrieve the diamond, Simon pulls a gun on her. Kim accuses Denise of using Andy and Denise decides to move out.

Bryant uses Abigail's expertise at playing pool to win back the money he's lost. Simon threatens to kill Lily if Rose doesn't take him to the jeweler. Denise runs to Ben and tells him Kim is throwing her out. Rose capitulates and Simon insists they take Lily with them.

Jennifer is ecstatic when Barbara suggests they invite Bryant to dinner so Hal can get to know him better. Discovering the jeweler has gone home for the day, Simon holds Lily and Rose prisoner in Lily's hotel room.

Ben surprises Denise when he invites Reverend Horner over to marry them. Silencing her doubts, Denise slips off Andy's wedding ring and the two are married in a brief ceremony in Ben's living room. Bryant takes Abigail back to the mansion in gratitude for the money he won betting on her.

When Jennifer arrives she's puzzled by Bryant's reluctance to let her inside. Ben carries Denise off to his bedroom. After feigning sleep, Rose grabs the gun away from Simon.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan


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