One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 15, 2000 on OLTL

R.J. attacked Bo at Nora's memorial service. Viki went to Cherryvale for her first chemotherapy. Asa lied in court. Nora called Sam but was unable to speak. Ben admitted that Renee and Asa were his parents. Asa tricked Lindsay.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 15, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, May 15, 2000

Skye sneaks into Max's bedroom to get some lovin', but instead finds Blair. Blair brags to Skye that she and Max are getting things back on track and if Skye had come in the room a few minutes earlier she would have seen that for herself. When Max walks in the door in a robe, Blair expects him to make Skye move out. Instead he pulls her into the hall, to speak with her privately. He tells Skye that he thinks Blair is definitely up to something and is waiting to figure it out. He also tells Skye that he still needs her and doesn't want her to move out of the Buchanan mansion. Behind the door, Blair whispers that she's almost got Max right where she wants him.

At the Cherryvale Clinic, Nora hears Sykes and Rae talking behind a curtain in her room. She knocks over a glass in order to get their attention, but they instead just call a doctor into the room and then leave. Dr. McIver tries to figure out Nora's identity. He sends bulletins out with a picture of her to all the police stations, and listens to the tape of Asa's confession. At the Llanview PD, the fax received with Nora's picture gets inadvertently pushed to the floor...

The whole town of Llanview gathers for Nora's memorial service, with the exception of Asa. Rachael stands up to say some words and then passes the microphone to Bo. As Bo speaks of the goodness and truth that Nora lived for, R.J. jumps up and screams to Bo that he is a hypocrite! All the while, Nora watches this televised event from her own hospital bed.

Lindsay comes to Asa with a proposition: free Will, and she will provide him with a grandson and a piece of "much bigger Rappaport game than Will..."

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Nora continued to call out for help, but when Colin arrived, he misunderstood her pleas and turned off the television. Colin then sedated Nora before she could reveal her identity. Later, Viki arrived at Cherryvale for another round of chemotherapy and came close to entering Nora's room. Viki ran into Colin while at Cherryvale and learned that he was married to Melanie. Max delivered Antonio a message from Andy. When Antonio did not respond well, Max went ahead and presented him with divorce papers. Rae accompanied John home from the hospital and their time alone together was interrupted by Sophia. John and Rae both insisted to Sophia that they were merely friends, but Sophia had a hard time believing their protestations. Bo attempted to make peace with R.J., who angrily rejected his offer to call a truce.


At Cherryvale, Viki is just about to enter the wrong room(Nora's room)when a nurse walks by and corrects her. As she begins typing in her daily journal, Colin arives to talk to her about her chemotherapy treatment. They also talk about the train accident and Viki states that a close friend of hers was killed. Colin mentions the unidentified woman in the other room and though Viki offers to sit with her and keep her company, he declines her offer as the woman is heavily sedated. Later, Viki begins treatment with her sons by her side. A cosmetologist stops by to discuss getting a wig made for later and though Joey tries to get her to leave, Viki wants to hear about it.

Will and Melanie are at the cabin, waiting for Jessica's return. Lanie thinks Will should be in the hospital but he assures her he feels ok. He admits his love for Jess and is surprised when Lanie doesn't seem to still feel the same way about Colin, her husband.

Everyone arrives at the courthouse for testimony in a new hearing for Will, regarding the tape that was made. Ben pulls Jess aside to inquire about Viki, but she shrugs him off, telling him he has no right to ask since he hasn't been around for her. Cris inquires if the people who helped Will would get in trouble. Bo assures him that he noticed who helped and no one went after them.

Jared helps to put Matthew to bed and after, he and Rachel get to know each other a little better.

Nora dreams of her children but when she goes to see them, she's invisible. As she wanders around her house, yelling that she's there, she notices the symbols of mourning and realizes they're for her.

Bo testifies about the new evidence that Jess and Cris obtained, knows it was Asa on the tape and is familiar enough with his tone of voice on the tape. Just then, Asa walks in. Cris testifies that they knew that Asa had something to do with the whole thing and Jess admits that she tricked her grandfather into confessing by siding with him. After her testimony, Asa tries to speak with Jess but she walks away. Hank wonders whether Asa knew about the taping prior to it's being done. Asa insists on taking the stand and tells the court that Jess confused him because of his heavy medication from by-pass surgery, that he really didn't know what he was saying. Will robbed the foundation. Bo says that he's ashamed to be his son. After, Asa apologizes to Jess for "telling the truth" and he forgives her. Jess tells him she hates him and disowns him. Judge Fitzwater gives her decision:the taping of the conversation is a felony since it was done without knowledge and at this time, she is! upholding the conviction until it is known for certain that the tape is gone.

Roseanne and R.J. converse about the problem with Bo though R.J. says he has an "inside track" on the situation. Antonio comes by and hands Rosie his divorce papers. It's all her fault, he tells her. She told Andy the truth, Rosie insists to Antonio, but she must have wanted the divorce before that. This angers Antonio, who speaks about how much Andy means to him. He tells Rosie to forget Cris because losing love is like dying. She accuses all of the men of blaming their problems on everyone else, but she's doing the same, he tell her, because she blames Jess for hers.

Bo tells Sam it's not over. He spies Melanie in the crowd outside of the courtroom and though he runs after her, he doesn't get to her. Cris goes to Will and tells him about the hearing. Jess takes off after court and heads for the hospital. Ben follows her and spies Viki, lying in bed, getting her chemo treatment.

Thursday, MAY 18, 2000

Asa's Mansion

In Asa's office, Blair prepares a martini for Max because he's "been working so hard" and she admits that she is working extra hard to prove herself to him. As Blair tells Max she has made a dinner reservation for the two of them, Skye comes in and announces that the cook has prepared dinner for she and Max. Blair and Skye ask Max which dinner invitation he will accept. He decides that a better idea might be "a good book" but is saved when Asa shouts for him from the living room.

In the living room, Asa tells Renee he is going to disinherit Bo and Clint and all his grandchildren because "in a court of law...Jessie called me a liar...Bo called me a liar..." When Renee stands up to him, Asa threatens to cut her out of his will, too. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't give it all to the only real son I have left." Renee warns Asa that given time, Max will disappoint him also. Asa disagrees, offering that Max is the only son he can count on. Renee warns Max that if he can't "convince" Asa that disinheriting his family is a bad idea, she will. Max advises Asa that his family will "come around" given time, but Asa insists that he doesn't have time because "Ben Davidson is gonna kill you if you don't kill him first." Renee is outraged by this statement but Asa insists that he knows it is true because he keeps dreaming about it - over and over. When Asa storms out of the room, Renee tells Max she is going to change her will "the first thing tomorrow morning" and orders him out of her sight. Renee takes her baby's bracelet out of her pocket and asks, "Where are you? Who are you?"

Back in the office, Blair and Skye insult each other about their respective "love" lives with Max. Blair tells Skye that sex doesn't equate with Max's love, but Skye informs Blair that Max is "wise to your so-called reconciliation" and doesn't trust her. Skye promises Blair that her "mission in life" is to find out what Blair is up to. Blair promises that Skye will be wasting her time, but Skye offers her new allies, Asa and the affidavit that Blair signed taking all the blame for Max's scheme if Asa should find out the truth that Max is not his son. Blair is shocked by Skye's possession of the document and doesn't want to believe that Max gave it to her.


In the courtroom, listening to Bo talk about his "mystery woman of destiny," Hank wonders if she can be real. Bo is sure she was real but doesn't know her name or anything else about her which is bothering him. "She made me see things we already knew each other, without even talking...when I had a hard time coming to grips about Nora's death...she showed up again and she said just the right things to me again...chances are I'll never see her again anyway..." Hank warns Bo that if there is a next time he should "push destiny along" by getting her name and number but, in the meantime, he offers Bo "something to help you get your life on track" - his badge - which Bo gratefully accepts.

Later, Ben confronts Bo outside the courtroom. "I have to know how you can tell someone you love...and respect...that Asa Buchanan is your father?" Bo apologizes for Asa's lies earlier in the courtroom and promises that he won't let Asa hurt Jessica and Will any further but Ben interrupts him. "This is about being Asa's do you live with it? How do you expect people to respect you you when they know who you came from? Who you really are?...I want to know what it's like to be Asa's son...How do you rise above what he is?" Bo's simple explanation is that "he's not the man he used to be anymore" either because of the heart attack or Max's influence, he's not sure which. However, because Asa is anything but simple, Bo tries to explain that even though he always made up his own rules, "at least he had reasons and if you understood his reasons, you could forgive him." But Asa's most recent behavior can't be explained or underst! ood by Bo and because of this he offers that "it's worse for me because I'm his're made me who I am today...hopefully it's not all that bad..." When Bo wonders if Ben is having the "same problems" with his own father, Ben explains he is "having a hard time reconciling who I am right now" but doesn't divulge any further information. Bo theorizes that "it's not all about genes or family're your own're the good son of a bad man, too."

Sam and Nora's House

Sam hugs Melanie and says he understands why she "had to stay away." When Melanie offers her condolences for Sam's loss, his memories of Nora come flooding back. "I wish you'd known Nora, you'd have liked her...she was smart, sensitive, beautiful...I don't really feel like she's gone...maybe I'm just kidding myself, trying to keep her here with me a little longer." Melanie tells Sam that she heard about Nora from Will; she informs a surprised Sam that she has been treating Will for his injuries and although it was "touch and looks like he'll be fine...he's very strong and brave...I'd never lie to you...he has no idea what his next move will be...I'm afraid for him." When Melanie asks Sam to convince Will to turn himself in, Sam stops her before she can divulge where Will is hiding. "He's better off on the run...after the hearing today I'm convinced he's not gonna get a fair shake...all my life I always believed in right versus wrong that right wou! ld win...but today one man lied and that lie won." When Melanie wonders how Lindsay will take what happened in court, Lindsay appears in the doorway and hisses, "Why don't you get your hands off Sam and ask me yourself...Is this payback time?..How is Colin?..Living happily ever after?..Trouble in never did understand the man..." A little bit of their history is shared when Melanie informs Lindsay that Colin was the one who ruined their marriage, but finally Sam interrupts the chilly reunion to tell Lindsay that Melanie had been treating Will. Instead of being grateful for the news about Will, Lindsay wanted to know why Melanie had come to Sam with the news and not to her - her own sister. She also demanded to know where Will was but Sam nixed that idea for Will's safety; instead he promised to "handle it" but Lindsay berated him for how he had "handled it" with Asa in the courtroom, "You let Asa walk all over you son'! s a fugitive because you don't know how to handle Asa Buchanan." When Sam protested that he "handled Asa the only way I know how, by the rules" Lindsay accused him of only fighting dirty with her and again demanded that Melanie tell her where Will was. When Melanie "took Sam's side" and refused to tell, Lindsay was livid and stormed out of the house.


In Nora's room, Colin mutters about Nora having to be 'Jane Doe' instead of his preferred 'Scarlett' but he doesn't understand when Nora keeps repeating 'Nora Buchanan...Nora Buchanan' and instead gives her more pain medication. "When you wake up maybe you can tell me who you are." Nora quickly falls asleep but later, when the power goes out in her room, she awakens and tries to call for help.

In Viki's room, Jessica holds Viki's hand while Joey tries to calm his mother with relaxation techniques and a special CD he had made for her. Outside the door to her room, Ben peeks at Viki's chart but doesn't go in. Instead, he vows, "Blondie, hang in there. Whatever it takes, whatever I have to do, I'll be there for you." Before he is spotted, Ben leaves to seek answers from Bo. An agitated Kevin demands that Colin "do something" to make his mother more comfortable during the chemotherapy treatments. Colin explains that everyone reacts differently and he will adjust the dosage and the mixture of drugs for the next treatment so hopefully Viki will feel better. A nurse interrupts to inform Colin about a "problem in Room 1183" when the power goes out and Colin responds with, "Scarlett's room?" The nurse answers, "the Jane Doe." Colin excuses himself and after he leaves Kevin and Joe wonder if he's "for real."! Kevin observes that "this guy's got flaws...he's too good...nobody's perfect." Viki pronounces him a "perfect doctor" and Jessica considers him "charming." Viki is amused when her children start to tease each other about Colin. Her discomfort eases and she falls asleep. Kevin, Jessica and Joey leave their mother's room and don't see Nora being wheeled into Viki's room.

FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2000

Lindsay's Gallery Apartment

Lindsay wakes up to see Asa in her bedroom. She yells at him to get out. Asa figured Sam's baby is Bo's since she admitted to not being pregnant. (Looks like her schemes failed her again.)

The Lodge Inn

Bo asked the manager if he remembered the woman who was in the adjoining room. He flashed him his badge to get some info.

Nora's House

Melanie thanked Sam and he thanked her for saving his son, Will. Melanie asked if he was sure that he didn't want to know where Will is, he said yes, because if he did then he would be obligated. Ben came in and met Melanie, unaware Lindsay had a sister. Melanie went upstairs to get dressed, Ben told Sam he will fix what's wrong between him and Viki.

Cherryvale Clinic

Viki awakes to see Nora is sharing her room. Her vision is hazy, but she calls out to Nora.

The Gallery Apartment

Asa asked Lindsay for proof of Matthew's paternity. In return, she asked for proof he'll keep his word about freeing Will. He calls out to Max, and in walks in the Governor. "He'll guarantee Will's safety," Asa said. Max has the biggest smirk (...don't trust them!!)

Nora's House

Ben told Sam nothing would change the fact that they're brothers. Sam asked what's wrong, but Ben just hugs him and leaves.

Melanie's dressed and sees Sam at a standstill and asks what's wrong. "I don't know," Sam said as he stared at the front door.

Cherryvale Clinic

Colin is asking around for his ‘Scarlet' and two nurses tease him about it. He flirts with them and then they mention his wife is going to send his bags packing one day. "She's as loyal as a fox, she'll never leave me, even if I stray occasionally," said Collin. (What a sleaze!)

The Lodge Inn

The manager asked Bo for money in exchange for info. Bo paid for her name and her place of employment. He found out she is a surgeon.

Cherryvale Clinic

Viki, still out of it, called out to Nora, who's unconscious. She exclaims, she's alive and asks what is she doing here.

Nora's House

Sam again thanked Melanie for caring for Will. They talk some more and she mentions how great of a mother Lindsay is.

The Gallery Apartment

The Governor hands her a document reinstating the deal Will had made with the DA. She asked the Governor if the document was genuine and he looked at Asa, then said yes. Lindsay said no deal, for Will to serve no jail time. Max said he confessed so he has to serve something. Lindsay told him to shut up, then Asa gave in. She asked the Governor and again he said okay after checking with Asa, of course. Lindsay jumped up and hugged the Governor and explained to him that Will was only running because he was scared. The Governor said it was okay and Max walked him out. Lindsay told Asa she knows he must be agony, even though he's not showing it, for letting Will go. He said she drives a hard bargain and said he wants his grandson with his family. (Asa's not good on his word, don't trust him nor his monkeys! -Max and the Governor)

Cherryvale Clinic

Viki is up and sees Kevin, Joey, and Jessica all in her face and no Nora. She asked where did she go? She had a bed right beside her. They convinced her it was the drugs playing tricks on her mind. She gave in and agreed.

In another room....Colin was checking Nora's vitals and mentioned she shouldn't have been put in a room with a chemo patient. Again he was over-complimenting her and she tried to speak, but he told her to rest and it will take a while before she will have her voice back. Colin leaves her and walks into Bo. Nora recognizes his voice and whispers his name.

The Gallery Apartment

Lindsay told Asa he will not do a thing. She said Bo will get his son and he will get his. She explained how he wouldn't believe him if he tried and so Asa agreed that the deal will go down her way, but told her to call Bo now.

Cherryvale Clinic

Collin escorts Bo into the lobby. Bo asks where he can find Melanie and he asks him why. Bo said it was personal.

Nora grabs the phone from the end-table and dials a number.

Colin tells Bo he knows Melanie pretty well and said he never met him before and then asked what's Bo's relationship to her.

The Gallery Apartment

In her robe, Lindsay stares at the phone from her bed.

The Cherryvale Clinic

Bo's phone rang and Colin asks what his name was again. Bo said he didn't mention it. He answers's Lindsay begging him to come see her. He's worried so he leaves after Colin attempts to see what he wants with Melanie. (Out comes Dr. Colln's green-head as he gets a taste of his own medicine.)

Nora's call didn't go through she got a busy signal. (It's not like she could have said anything anyways!)


Vik gets walked in by her kids into the living room where Ben awaits her. (How did he get in? Does Viki have a maid we don't know about?) Ben tells her he needs to speak with her so her kids take a hint and leave them alone. Ben apologizes for not being there when she needed him.

Asa's Mansion

Asa hands some liquor to Max to celebrate another attack on the Rappadavisons. "Poor Sami, he'll never know what hit him." (I hate u Max!)

Nora's House

Sam asks Mel why she won't leave Colin. She said she still loves him and he knows the right thing to say for her to come back. "If you want a divorce, I can make it happen," said Sam.

The Gallery Apartment

Lindsay waits for Bo and got dressed already. She imagines Nora being there and Nora tells her Bo's not Matthew's father because she doesn't know that for sure. She said she does and she's telling the truth for once so she should appreciate that. Nora replies that she really wants her baby. (Oh! She got you there!)


Ben tells her if he tells her his secre,t they can't go back. She says okay and Ben confesses that Max is an impostor, that he is Asa's real son. Viki's mouth dropped. (So Viki's in love with another Buchanan, no biggie'. Lindsay and her have something to share. )

Asa's Mansion

Asa tells Max that Will will still get his because he lied to Lindsay. Max asked why wasn't he in on it, Asa said same reason he didn't tell him about his fake brain damage. Asa further explained that the Governor owes him more favors than he cares to remember and he'll do whatever he says. Then tells Max that he told the Governor that Lindsay was unbalanced and for him to go along with whatever he said to get her off his back. Max laughed at their triumph. (I can't wait till Asa gets his and then kill Max for his perjury!)

The Gallery Apartment

‘Nora' asks about Sam, and how Lindsay could do this to him if she really cares for him. (Nora, what about Bo when you told him about Lindsay's sperm change-a-roo? Or Sam when you were on your truth quest?) Lindsay said he'll get over it. 'Nora' tried to guilt trip her and she said she killed her baby and now they're even. Bo's at the door and asked Lindsay what is it now, more truth Bo. (I don't think he has anymore forgiveness in him Lindsay.)

Nora's House

Melanie meets Matthew and holds him while Sam tries to convince her to divorce ‘Colin the sleaze.'

Cherryvale Clinic
Nora tries to call again and gets through. Sam says hello on the other end and she tries to speak, but is able to do nothing but whisper, so she scratches the phone.

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