One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 8, 2000 on OLTL

Rachel returned to Llanview after her mother's death, though Sam insisted that Nora was still alive. Ben and Blair agreed to team up against Asa and Max. Skye left for Pine Valley. Colin took Nora to Cherryvale Clinic. Lindsay tried to make a deal with Asa.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 8, 2000 on OLTL
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MONDAY, May 8, 2000

Lindsay admits to Bo that she was pregnant. She explains to him that she didn't want him to be with her only because of the baby. Bo feels bad for not believing her at the wedding. Lindsay knows it sounded desperate when she blurted it out to him that day and understands why he didn't believe she was pregnant. She apologizes for not telling him, and for keeping it from him. Bo grants Lindsay forgiveness and the two embrace.

Sam confides in Viki his belief that Nora is still alive. She supports him and tells him to keep hope alive. Rachael shows up in town and is comforted by Jared who doesn't know she is Nora's daughter. When R.J. walks in and sees the two together he freaks out. Hank jumps between Jared and R.J. and pulls them apart.

Jess receives a call from Will and Ben grabs the phone from her. Ben begs Will to tell him his location, but Will doesn't respond and hangs up. Ben follows Jess to the diner who gets Cris so they can bring Will food and clothing. When Ben attempts to jump in his car to follow them, Blair is in the car stalling him and trying to seduce him. Ben is unable to follow Jess and Cris to Viki's cabin. Meanwhile, Will hallucinates about his parents and earlier family life. Just as Jess and Cris arrive at the cabin, State Troopers are waiting for them!

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Tuesday, May 9, 2000



Lindsay realizes that she was wrong about Nora. Nora didn't hate her. Bo tells Lindsay that he wishes he had been with Lindsay when she lost their baby. Lindsay tells him that he has already done enough for her by letting Will escape and coming to forgive her. She wants to do something to help him now. Lindsay realizes she has Nora to thank for suggesting that Lindsay tell Bo about the baby to try to make something good come out of the bad. Bo and Lindsay agree that they both want to help each other see that to honor Nora. Bo calls the police department to check on the status of the search for Will.

He tells Lindsay that they haven't found any sign of him yet. Lindsay asks if Will would be in a lot of trouble if they caught him; Bo admits that he would. They'll just have to take it one step at a time, Bo says. Lindsay comments that it's the same way for them. Bo agrees. They agree that neither wants the other to feel like they're alone. Lindsay would be happy now just having Bo as a friend. He agrees that being just friends is about all that he can handle now. He talks about how Nora knew that he needed to forgive to get on with his life. She gave him that key to the future when she was dying.

After Bo leaves, Lindsay sits in front of the candle she lit for Nora. She tells Nora that she never wanted her to die. All she wants is to make Bo happy and to love him. "Good-bye, Nora," Lindsay says, and she blows out the candle.

Near Ben's Car

Ben angrily pulls away from Blair's kiss and tells her that she isn't desirable to him. He loves Viki and only Viki. Ben then accuses Blair of just trying to "snag the real Buchanan heir." Blair says that she just wanted to kiss him. Ben tells her that he will never admit to being Asa's son--Sam is his brother, now and always. Blair tells him that she still thinks they can get in bed together if Ben's interested. "Unless you can get Asa to admit that he framed Will, we have nothing to discuss," Ben tells her.

Blair wants Ben to help her nail Asa and Max, too. Ben says that he just wants to help his family. Blair tells him that she almost makes him feel ashamed of herself; All Ben wants to do is help the people he loves. She just wants Max to hurt as badly as he hurt her. She and Ben agree to help each other. Blair tells Ben that she mostly needs money, and he quickly writes out a check for her. Blair takes the check and asks if it was really that easy to resist her. She's not used to getting turned down. She offers to help get Ben and Viki back together, but Ben declines her offer. Blair kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Asa's Mansion

Asa raises a glass and says, "To you, Nora. I'm gonna miss you like hell." Viki comes in and tells Asa that he better raise another glass to Jessica because he's killing her just like he killed Nora. Asa says that he loves Jessica. Viki tells him that if he can live with himself after doing this to her daughter, he really can live through anything. Asa claims that it is not his fault Nora was killed and Jess got hurt. Viki disagrees. Asa went after Will to get at his family, and Will shouldn't have to go to prison to pay for Asa's sins. Jessica loved and trusted Asa, and he betrayed her. Asa says that he will find a way to make up for Nora's death. He wants to add on a new wing to the hospital in Nora's wing. Viki is angry at this idea. She tells Asa that he can't buy Jessica or Nora back. The only way he can make up for this is to tell the truth about Will.

Asa reminds Viki that Jessica is "not the only injured party." She scammed him. Viki says taht Jessica had to do it to save Will from going to prison. Asa claims that he saved Jessica from "that thief." Asa didn't cause the train to crash. Viki tells him that he destroyed his own family in the process of destroying Sam's. He has a chance to make this right by telling the truth now. Asa still says that WIll is the one who let Jessica down. If her life is ruined, it's his fault. Viki tells Asa that wherever Nora is, she is ashamed of him. So is she, and so is Jessica. She leaves.

Meanwhile, outside of the main room, Skye comes downstairs and finds Max sitting on the stairs. She tells him that she missed him a lot and asks him to come upstairs with her. She says that this will make Blair suffer. Max agrees but is not ready to give up on Blair. Skye suggests that maybe it is time for her to give up on him and tells Asa who Ben Davidson really is. Viki walks in. "What do you mean by that?" she asks. Skye comments that it would be really interesting if Viki knew. She and Max fight about it for a moment until Viki decides she deosn't want to hear it. Whatever they have to say doesn't matter. Viki leaves and Skye apologizes for joking about telling Viki. They kiss, and Blair comes in. Blair sees them together, but that doesn't stop her from begging for Max's forgiveness.

Viki's Lodge

The state troopers question Cristian and Jessica on their reasons for being at the cabin. Cris and Jess insist that the reason they are there has nothing to do with Will Rappaport. Jess adds that she is not friends with Will anymore. Cristian breaks in and says that he and Jessica came there for "privacy." Yes, he's married, but it was a mistake marrying his wife. Jessica starts yelling at Cristian, since it was his idea to come to the cabin. One of the officers says he heard something falling inside. They want to go in to make sure it's safe. Cristian stops them, telling them that they'll need a warrant to go in. The officers tell him that they're looking for a dangerous fugitive, and they have probably cause for a warrant. Jessica tells Cristian to stop it. She screams at him for making her go there. "Do you really want all of Llanview to know about this, including your wife?" She adds that now they are one step away from being arrested.

Meanwhile, inside, Will has stumbled to the door and fallen in front of it. Outside, one of the officers tells Jessica that he doesn't want to cause trouble. They just want to make sure that their fugitive isn't hiding there. Cristian decides to let them in, and Jessica agrees, telling them not to tear the place apart. She opens the door and finds Will gone. Cristian takes the officers upstairs and Jessica checks on Will, who is hiding in the closet. She talks to him, but he doesn't respond. The officers come back satisfied. Cristian wishes them good luck finding Will. He claims he "hates Will's guts" and wants him arrested. The officers start to leave but find a note which reads, "Good-bye Jessica." They wonder who wrote it.

Jessica claims that she and Will came to the cabin after his sentencing. She told him it was all over because she wanted to be with Cristian and suggests that Will may have written the note afterwards to make her feel bad. She tells the officers to go catch Will. Cristian promises to call the police if Will gets anywhere near Jessica. They leave, and Jess and Cris congratulate each other on fooling them again. Jessica opens the closet and finds that Will is still unconscious. Jessica is afraid he wrote the note knowing he was dying.

Cristian carries Will back to the couch as Jessica tries to convince Cristian to let them bring Will to a doctor. Cristian says that it's a bad idea. Jessica attempts to wake Will up. He finally does and Jessica promises that she won't let anything happen to him. Will hears her voice all distorted as she talks to him about coming home to freedom and happiness. Will dreams about walking into clouds. He sees Nora in front of him and they smile at each other.


Viki catches up with Ben, who promises her that he will find Will and Jessica. Viki knows that he will because that's who he is. She says that she trusts him with her daughter's life and that's all she needs to know. She thanks him.

Cherryvale Crash Site

Bo walks around the crash site. "Nora, I couldn't save you, but you saved me. I forgave Lindsay and I'm sorry I didn't figure out how good that felt until now. I'm sorry I wasn't able to make you understand how good it feels. I hope you know that I forgive you. I do. So where do I go from here?" he asks, standing alone near the crash site.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2000


Max doesn't believe that Blair wants him back and figures it must be some kind of scheme she's trying to pull. Skye tells him it's a trap. Blair insists that she loves Max and she knows that he loves her too. Her actions indicate otherwise, Max informs her, but Blair acknowledges that she couldn't go through with trying to seduce Ben because of all of the love between Max and his parents and family. Skye thinks it's Ben who wouldn't go along with Blair which is why she's back. She distrusts her, but Max wants to speak with his wife. He knows she won't do anything unless she can get something out of it, like money and wants to know what's going on. Blair insists she wants to save their marriage and wants Max to say he doesn't love her. Skye, who has remained in the room, suddenly cries out as she spots something in the newspaper (it's a picture and article about the death of her uncle, Stuart Chandler, in Pine Valley).

Rae stops in to visit John at Cherryvale with a bag full of get well cards. She breaks the news about Nora and John is anxious to leave the hospital to help Bo now because he didn't help with rescuing her. He's happy that Rae is there to help him work through his own injury. Rae tells him about the clue Daniel left, "Go back to where you started" and wonders if it's really a lie but at any rate, will be staying in Llanview for awhile to search for her daughter. She also found out that she too, is adopted. John says he will help her to find her daughter and understands everything since he is adopted as well..

Bo is back at the train wreck site, searching for clues. Melanie turns up and wants to help. He explains about Nora's death and the fact that they had unfinished business. She too, is looking for a missing person with whom she had issues. They both concur that their situations were complicated. As she turns to go, Melanie advises Bo that important people will always be there;he needs to find the people and things that they touched.

Will is unconscious and sees Nora. He wonders where they are since he thought she was dead. Nora, who is surrounded by an aura tells him to go back to his loved ones, but Will offers her his hand so that she can return with him. She tells him to leave without her as Will hears Jess calling him.She continues on to the light ahead until she remembers Rachel and Mattthew. At the same time, Cris and Jess try to get Will to wake up. Jess continues talking to Will, trying to bring him back, while Sam, driving alone, sees a light and knows it's Nora. Suddenly, the light begins to fade and Sam cries out for Nora not to leave.

Rachel, Matthew and Hank are at Nora's place where Rachel tells her dad she is observing the Jewish tradition of mourning, as are her grandparents in Chicago. Bo comes by and the three of them look through a photo album, at some happy moments in the past. They all expect to see Nora come through the door at any moment.

As John and Rae are chatting, two state troopers enter the room, to grill John on Will's escape from the train. He informs them that when he last saw Will, he was chained up. Rae is indignant over the fact that they would suspect John of anything. When Melanie walks in to check on her patient the others leave. In the hallway, Rae jumps on the cops, asking them how dare they think that John is anything but honest and puts them in their places. Back in the room, she gloats that the men had no further questions for John.

Will wakes up and tells Cris and Jess that he saw Nora and tried to help her while she was with him. The others remind Will of what has happened to her and realize they need to get a doctor. Will calls out for Lanie at Cherryvale and as Jess is familiar with who she is, goes off to get her.

Skye begins crying about how her family has forgotten her. She needs to leave but she'll be back, she informs Max, because they need each other. Blair and Max have no idea what has just happened, but Blair wants to know about their own future. Max says he will have to think about it.

At Cherryvale, another doctor tells Melanie she should leave but she wants to stick around for Colin. Jess appears and wants to know if she's Lanie and she wonders if she knows Will Rappaport. Melanie answers yes to both questions. At the cabin, Will tells Cris he's tired and has a headache and Nora was left behind.

A man is trying to revive Nora and begins to give her CPR. Her face (and that of her companion) is bruised and appears burned. When he is unsuccessful, he cuts away her clothes and performs a surgical procedure. Nora breathes and Sam, in his car, smiles.

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Thursday, May 11, 2000


Asa's Mansion

Blair is nervously copying the files from Asa's computer onto diskettes when Max catches her and wants to know if she is copying the files for Ben. She hides the check she received from Ben but ‘admits' that Ben has "something to do with this" - he had seemed like the perfect way to punish Max. Blair ‘confesses' to Max that she hated feeling so totally alone, that "when we're not together things just go crazy" and since she really wanted to forgive Max she had come up with a "surprise" for him. She offers one of the computer disks as proof of her surprise, but he "makes another selection" and prints out a document he finds on that disk. Max is shocked by what he reads: "I, Blair Buchanan, promise never to reveal that Max Buchanan is not the real and rightful heir of Asa Buchanan. In the event that someone reveals it, I take full responsibility for perpetuating the fraud. I arranged for Max Holden to be declared their son. Max Holden was unaware of my actions."

Blair assures Max that "when we're together we can think our way out of any problem" and reminds him of their successful trip to Las Vegas last year where "everything right happened for us." She professes to "want to go back to that as happy as we were then..." Her words and actions seem to have convinced Max: "Things got so far out of control that I didn't think we could ever get back together but this paper is a pretty good start...sign it." Later, Max and Blair retire to Max's bedroom to "make some more of that luck."

Viki's Cabin

Will is writhing in pain as he tells Cristian that his head feels like it's going to explode. He begs Cristian to stop his pain and when he can't, Will demands to "go see Nora...Nora's not dead, I was just with her." To keep Will awake and in the moment, Cristian calls him "chicken" and challenges him to fight for Jessica, "No way you're gonna get out of have to live so Jessica can choose." Later, after promising Jessica that she "won't do anything to take Will away from you," Melanie arrives with Jess to examine "Silly Willy." Melanie informs the trio that Will should be in the hospital for "a head CT and maybe emergency surgery" but Will refuses. Cristian convinces Melanie to try drugs on Will at the cabin first because he is sure that Will "can make it...he'll do it for Jessica." While Melanie starts a steroid I.V. drip to help Will's brain swelling go down, she shares memories of Will's childhood and "pinky swears" to help Will survive.


Colin has used all his epinephrine to get Nora breathing; he pronounces her a "very lucky woman" and tells her "someone's definitely on your side." He takes off his shirt and covers a shaking, shocky Nora, observing that his "Scarlett" "wears a train explosion pretty well." Colin uses a piece of sheet metal from the train as a back board and tapes Nora to it for transport to Cherryvale. In a one-sided conversation, Colin observes that Nora seems like "more of a '57 Chevy convertible blowing in the up loud...singing along...I bet you know all the words."

At Cherryvale, Colin informs the ER staff of Nora's injuries (post-traumatic arrest, crushed pelvis, smoke inhalation, broken right hand, first degree burns to face, neck, hand and wrist) and observes they've "got a lot of work to do." Later, Nora stabilizes and Viki's surgeon congratulates Colin on saving her life. Colin explains that with "a little faith and a little luck" the train car shifted, he pulled her out, threw her over his shoulder and doesn't remember anything else until he woke up in the woods to find "Scarlett" not breathing. The doctor observes that "most families had given up hope of finding anyone alive, someone's gonna get some pretty wonderful news." He orders Colin to get his arm sutured so that he will be ready to "sign on tomorrow" to Viki's chemotherapy treatments. Later, a cleaned up, good-looking Colin assures a sleeping Nora that "someone out there misses you...we'll find them...they're pretty lucky to get to spend the rest of their lives with you...look how happy you've made me and I've only known you for 22 hours." After Colin leaves the room, Nora opens her eyes and calls out for Matthew.

Sam and Nora's House

Bo answers the door to accept delivery of a food basket for Sam who still isn't home; he is reminded of how "special" Nora was when the delivery guy refuses a tip because Nora had helped his brother out for free. While Bo is looking at the photo album again, Lindsay stops by with an excuse of bringing baked goods to Sam. Bo explains that he has "a feeling Sam's out there looking for one could have survived...I never felt so helpless..." but Lindsay assures Bo that he is "honoring Nora by doing what she wanted" (by forgiving Lindsay) and wants him to know that she is "honoring her by being a better person." Admitting her great jealousy of Nora and all she had ("everything I wanted: happiness, security, a future, this house"), she now confesses that even when she did the most horrible things, she never stopped caring for Bo. Bo, all too easily, accepts Lindsay's words and wants "to think about the future." On cue, Matthew cries and Lindsay offers to help Bo care for him so Rachel can sleep. Holding Matthew, Lindsay tells Bo that it would have been nice to have "one of our own" and that she doesn't know what she will do if Will can't come home. "Just when I need a good scheme, I'm fresh out of ideas." [Not for long...see below] Lindsay asks Bo if he wants to hold Matthew but Bo is uncomfortable with the idea so Lindsay ‘explains' that she doesn't want Sam to come home and see her with Matthew because he "doesn't think I should be trusted" with him. When Bo thinks this is strange, Lindsay twists her explanation of the "kidnapping" incident making Sam out to be the bad guy. Bo agrees that Matthew could use "a little extra loving" and goes to get Matthew's blanket. Exposing her next "scheme," Lindsay tells Matthew that "Bo should be your Daddy...and you shouldn't have to grow up without a mother."

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Friday, May 12, 2000


Lindsay tried to make a bet with Asa for him to get Will off. Her bargaining chip was a grandson for her son. (A little late don't ya think?) Asa doesn't look like he's buying it though.

Laney (a.k.a Melanie) fixed Will up, but he's not out of the woods yet. She got him walking around just in time to walk in on Cris and Jess in a comforting embrace.

Colin is still calling Nora his 'Scarlet.' He faxed a description of her to the Llanview police station, but no one will be able to see it because of other faxes that came; if only Sophia was doing her job instead of filling out a police acamedy application.

R.J. insisted on justice by having Bo arrested. Hank has no problems arresting his best bud, but he feels the case would be thrown out. So while his back was turned R.J. swiped the file and walked out. (Can't blame a man for wanting justice after getting beat up because you said a few unfriendly words!)

Rachel is getting ready for the funeral service for Nora and Sam has accepted her offered to sit with her and 'daddy.' "We could celebrate her life even if she isn't dead," Sam said to Bo once Rachel left.

Rae convinced the doctor to release Sykes. His room is now being occupied by Nora. He paused before leaving to get something he left from there.

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