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Port Charles Recaps: The week of May 8, 2000 on PC
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Monday, May 8, 2000

Lucy was devastated when she learned that Scott adopted Christina, but legally Lucy had not adopted the child. Eve was delighted when she received the gift of a wedding dress from Rae Cummings. Kevin told Eve that in many ways, Julie reminded him of his own mother and vowed not to let Julie raise Christina. Ian Thornhart, the new doctor at the hospital, helped Chris save the life of an injured boy. Later, Ian accused Karen of being on drugs.

Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Frank and Courtney are at the Recovery Room. She asks if he's okay and he says it's weird knowing he was shot there but he's fine. He says it's this thing with Christina; he's just getting used to Neil being his son. He feels that what's best for Christina is what's important. She seems happy with Scott and Lucy so maybe that's where she should be. Neil sits down and says he thinks they should tell Christina who her real parents are. Otherwise, she'll wind up really confused. He says they can do what they want but, as soon as she's old enough, he's telling her that he's her brother.

Lucy and the baby are sitting on the sofa as Scott comes in. He asks how they are today. Lucy asks what he's doing; is he going somewhere? He's going to take care of some things at the hospital. Is she okay with that? Not really but he didn't ask her. The only thing that matters to her right now is Christina. He says she and Christina are the only things that matter to him. Then how can he just go off to work? They have a big fight ahead of them and he has things to take care of. Okay, she says, go. He tries to kiss her goodbye but gets her cheek. Lucy seems so hurt and withdrawn. He leaves and Lucy told Christina she will take good care of her. Forever. Karen arrives to watch Christina so Lucy can go out. Lucy exits and Karen decides they should play peek-a-boo.

At the Recovery Room, Julie and Chris, talking with their lawyer, are amazed to hear that Lucy has no rights to Christina. They agree to be on their best behavior. They tell the attorney no one knew Julie was pregnant aside from them and Rachel. Chris excuses himself to go back to work and runs into Frank on the way in as he's going out. Frank confronts him but Chris says he sure felt differently when it was him and Neil! Frank couldn't wait to tell Joe and claim his son. With that, Chris leaves.

In Claire's room, Eve is telling her her condition - and that she can't and won't take her off dialysis. To Claire's question about Eve feeling powerful, Eve says she's never felt more helpless. At least they have that in common, says Clair. Eve exits and runs into Scott in the hall on his way to see Claire. They talk about Claire and Eve says wanting to die seems like giving up to her. She's trying to see it from both sides. Scott told her that, if it makes her feel any better, he's not going to help her with her mission to die. Eve leaves and Scott went in to see Claire. She is glad to see him but he says he's not there for the reason she thinks he is...

Courtney waits on a bench in the park as Lucy arrives. Lucy says she has thought about Courtney's proposal

At the Recovery Room, Frank and Julie discuss Christina and her fate. She asks if he remember when he cared if she was happy...

At the firehouse, Karen searches frantically thru her purse and pockets for her pills. Finding none, she gets a bit frantic and calls some into the pharmacy in someone else's name. She also asks them to deliver them.

Scott told Claire he won't represent her. He asks why she didn't mention that she had signed her proxy - and her rights - away. She says that's what she gets for trusting her own father. She told him bitterly to go back to his perfect life. He says she doesn't know about his life. She says she knows about Dominique's life - she's living it. Scott says no one can know what Dom went through.

Chris approaches Eve at the desk about Claire. She told him that when you take the easy way out, you hurt other people. Except for him and Julie. He asks if she thinks that what Julie's been going thru is easy and Eve relies that she think everything Julie does is what's best for Julie - no matter who she hurts. Chris insists that everything Julie's done has been to protect Christina. He reminds her of what she did when she thought her son was alive. He told her she either has the worst short term memory or is the world's biggest hypocrite and stalks off.

In the park, Lucy and Courtney continue their discussion. Lucy` says she was stressed out when Courtney first brought this up. Courtney says she understands; she almost Neil to the leukemia. She knows what it's like to be afraid that every day with your child could be the last. That's why she offered to help Lucy. Lucy says that's why she's there; to protect her child and her family. Lucy asks how Frank feels about being the baby's birth father. Courtney replies that Frank is on the fence but could be persuaded to do the "right thing." Lucy asks if Courtney can make Frank come down on their side? Courtney says she knows where Frank's buttons are. Lucy told her that she doesn't care what Courtney has to do to accomplish this and that's why she's going to give her $10,000. There will be more where that came from when Frank publicly comes out on her side. Courtney assures he she will see that Frank does the right thing for Christina.

At the Recovery Room, Alexis arrives to advise Frank at Sonny's request. They sit down and Alexis says she'd like to ask Frank about his daughter. She told him she has lots of experience in custody cases and that his initial consultation has been taken care of - by Sonny. She says Sonny understands this sort of thing. Frank told her that he feels that if Chris and Julie take Christina from Scott and Lucy, the child's situation will become worse. He wants to prevent that at all costs. Alexis says okay, then they'll talk about his rights.

Karen, at the Firehouse babysitting, calls the pharmacy again to ask that her rx be delivered. She told Christina that everything will be okay.

Scott offers to help Claire find an attorney but that he can't do it. Claire says she understands what its like for him to have to face this all again. No, he says, he doesn't think she does. She begs him to consider it but he says he can't. She asks that he keep an open mind and he exits.

Eve and Chris, in the hospital hallway, as Eve explains why her situation is different from Julie's; she didn't try to kill anyone for starters. Eve says she was just reacting to save her child and Chris says that's what Julie was doing too. Chris says since Julie was locked up, her behavior was understandable. Eve reminds him of what Julie has done and told Chris that he's as crazy as Julie is if he believes what he's saying. What if Julie gets custody and someone else brainwashes her? Eve sees one potential disaster after another. He says Julie is just like Eve and exits. Eve looks very annoyed.

Scott went to the place he feels closest to Dominique and remembers her words to him when she found out she was sick.

Lucy, leaving the park, pauses to watch a mom pushing her daughter on the swing. She sits to watch.

Wednesday, May 10, 2000

As Karen continued to go through withdrawal, it began to impact her ability to care for Christina, who scratched her forehead after breaking a lamp. Meanwhile, Ian surprised Chris and Joe with the news that Karen was using drugs. A worried Joe decided to go looking for Karen, while a devious Chris planned to use the information to his and Julie's advantage. Rachel and her mother continued to plot against Kevin. Courtney remained determined to steer Frank away from Christina due to her financial arrangement with Lucy. Kevin blasted Scott for withholding the truth about Christina's adoption from Lucy. Eve wrestled with her own insecurities as Kevin became more entrenched in Lucy's problems. Scott and Kevin agreed to work together to prevent Julie from getting anywhere near Christina.

Thursday, May 11, 2000

Kevin comforted a devastated Lucy after she learned she had been barred from attending the hearing that will decide if grounds exist to rescind Christina's adoption. Chris and Julie accused Scott of being an irresponsible father for leaving Christina with a drug addicted Karen. A disbelieving Scott was forced to ask Karen to take a drug test, and was shocked when she refused. Lucy learned that Scott was considering helping Claire and took it upon herself to inform Claire that Scott would not be able to handle her case.

Friday, May 12, 2000

Devastated by the questioning, a resentful Karen lashed out at Scott for not being there during her childhood and blamed him for her drug addiction. Meanwhile, Lucy learned about the incident and blasted Karen for jeopardizing Christina. Lucy's rant against Karen led to a bitter argument between her and Scott, which was later interrupted when Lucy received an anonymous death threat. Chris told Eve about Karen's slide back into drug use. Eve told Kevin that he would be moving in with Victor and Mary for the week leading up to their wedding. During the course of their conversation, Kevin told Eve that the paperweight on his desk had been a gift from Grace, his former girlfriend. A cryptic Rachel promised her mother that Kevin would pay for his actions. While speaking with Julie, Rachel said that a woman named Grace had given her the paperweight she was fidgeting with.

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