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Leo and Vanessa learned that Trey was the son that she had given up many years earlier. Anna kept her pregnancy a secret from David. Maureen got confused after seeing a photo of herself holding Maddie. At Brooke and Edmund's wedding, Maddie spied Maria and followed her into the mausoleum.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 19, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, August 19, 2002

As Tad waits for the Nevada Hospital to fax him the personnel file on Maureen Gorman, Tad is caught red-handed by Jake. Tad tries to cover up, but Jake does NOT buy ANY of Tad's stories.

As Edmund and Brooke kiss at Wildwind , Maureen is about to knock on the door, but David grabs her before she can. Maria is at first frightened and then thrilled to see David and asks him HOW he knew WHERE to find her. But Edmund hears something outside and alerts the Security Guard to step up patrols.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Trey asks Maggie to join him in a cup of coffee, but Maggie turns him down. But Leo overhears and is surprised when Maggie tells Leo that Trey has frequently made efforts to 'bond,' which kind of creeps Maggie out. Leo urges Maggie to take Trey up on his offer in order to pump Trey - because Leo is convinced that Trey is trying to find all of the Proteus drug money and leave town with it.

At the same time, in the Hayward Suite, Anna tries to check out David's story about getting a call to go to Wildwind for a medical emergency, but finds that the medical emergency service NEVER gave David a message of that kind. Aidan suddenly arrives on Anna's doorstep and asks Anna to help him locate his missing friend - Maureen Gorman.

Back at Wildwind , Maureen insists to David that she is positive she has been at Wildwind before, but David hustles Maureen away to the Marick crypt to avoid the stepped up security checks.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, as Leo tries to convince Maggie to take the opportunity to pump Trey, Greenlee arrives and tells Maggie NOT to help Leo - but Leo finally convinces Maggie to help.

As Tad tries to convince Jake that Tad has a good reason to be using Jake's fax machine, Nurse Sandi comes back in and asks 'Dr. Martin' about a problem she has with her toe when she wears a certain pair of shoes. Jake lectures Tad about impersonating a doctor and, when Tad finally admits his real reason for using the fax machine, Jake lectures Tad about messing with Brooke's wedding plans. But Tad takes one look at Maureen's file - which includes a recent photo - and Tad rushes off to see Brooke, almost forgetting to leave Jake's stethoscope for Jake.

At the Hayward Suite, Aidan realizes that Anna is expecting. However, when Anna expresses some reservations about her delicate condition, Aidan promises to keep the knowledge secret. Aidan sets Anna's wheels in motion when Aidan observes that BOTH Aidan AND Anna are looking for missing people!

Meanwhile, at Wildwind , after Edmund goes upstairs to check on the kids, Tad arrives and eagerly hands Maureen's file to Brooke. But Brooke seems terrified of the file. However, when Tad shows Brooke that the photo in the file does NOT look like Maria, Brooke heaves a sigh of relief, and tells Tad that, for her wedding present, Tad has given her peace of mind!

Inside the mausoleum, Maria tells David that she has dreams about Brooke and Brooke is always trying to tell her something important, but Maria always wakes up before Brooke delivers her message. Maureen tells David that Maureen believes she has been at Wildwind before and that Wildwind IS the castle that Maureen keeps sketching. However, David points out that Wildwind is a famous castle that is often written up in magazines and suggests that Maureen probably just saw a picture of Wildwind in a magazine and that Maureen's mind is playing tricks on her.

Maggie tracks Trey down at the boathouse and Trey finally confides to Maggie that the Kenyon family are NOT his biological parents. Trey goes on to tell Maggie that his biological mother 'threw him away,' - and then he kicked around from foster home to foster home until he found the Kenyon family.

Back in the mausoleum, David tells Maureen that she COULD be arrested for murder if she stays in Pine Valley. Maureen asks David WHY Brooke lives in the big castle that Maureen has been drawing for years. As Maureen and David argue, David notices Maria's Memorial plaque and Maureen notices David's glance and is horrified when she looks at the Plaque, and Maureen whispers that that Brooke English woman was asking questions about someone who has died. When Maureen turns around and sees Maria's Memorial Plaque, Maureen demands answers from David about Maria. David finally tells Maureen that Maria is the woman whom Maureen killed.

Leo visits 'Nessa' - his mother's latest 'alter' - and Leo apologizes for the way he has treated her.

Maggie finds Leo at the Hospital and reports that Trey just talked about his family and that Trey had a hard life.

But Leo decides that maybe Trey's family IS the answer - Vanessa's case was high profile and Dad Kenyon was supposedly the one who was supposed to take over Vanessa's case, but DAD Kenyon NEVER showed up. Greenlee points out that maybe Dad Kenyon thought it would be a waste of time - since Vanessa's case NEVER went to trial and probably NEVER will!

Leo tells Greenlee that he wants to go to Ohio to track down Trey's roots.

Meanwhile, back at Wildwind , Brooke warmly thanks Tad for finding Maureen's file with a picture, but Brooke decides to hide the file when she hears Edmund coming.

As Aidan and Anna compare notes about Aidan's missing friend and Anna's missing husband, Anna begins to suspect that David MIGHT know something about Aidan's missing friend. Aidan and Anna leave together to try to track down Maureen Gorman.

Back at the Hospital, Greenlee tells Leo that she will NOT go with him to Ohio to track down Trey's family. Maggie also tells Leo that she wants to stay 'out of it'.

After Tad leaves Wildwind , Edmund lets Brooke know that he has found the file she was trying to hide from him.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Bianca was in her room trying on dresses for her first day of work when Maggie walked in. Maggie helped her out by telling her that all the dresses look like the 'heir of Enchantment', so she should take them off. Maggie told her that she looks too much like Erica, but Bianca decided that it's better then being her "ugly, duckling, daughter." Maggie tried to talk her into dressing down, and more like herself, but Bianca told her that she needs to dress the part if she's going to work at Enchantment. Maggie said that whatever dress she wears, it'll make her look "girlie." She told her that being fem isn't exactly like....and Bianca finished her thought, "Being gay?" She assured Maggie that she is feminine, despite being gay. Maggie told her that that wasn't what she was thinking, and she then reminded Bianca that Frankie helped her become herself, outside of Erica's influence. Bianca admitted that she might be backsliding. Maggie assured her that she could pull off any outfit that she wanted. She then changed the subject and asked Bianca to go swimming. Bianca reluctantly agreed and tossed Maggie a swimsuit. Maggie told her they could change at the lake, since there will be just the two of them.

Holding up the envelope, Edmund asked Brooke what he would find if he opened it. He went ahead an opened the envelope, pulling out the information on Maureen Gorman. When he gave Brooke a quizzical look, she told him that Tad wanted them to have proof. Edmund finished, "That Maria's dead?" Brooke explained to him that she was obsessed with finding Maria, and Tad put her mind at ease. Edmund understood and told her that he loved Maria, but it's not time to put it all behind them. Brooke fell into his arms. Edmund sat Brooke down and asked her, again, if she still wants to live in Wildwind, with all of Maria's memories. Brooke assured him that Wildwind is their home, and she doesn't mind the memories of Maria. On his way upstairs to check on the kids, Edmund told Brooke that there are no ghosts in the house. After he left, Maddie snuck into the room and ran into Brooke's arms. Brooke asked her what was wrong, and she said, "Daddy said we have ghosts in the house." Brooke reassured her that ghosts don't exist, and Daddy was just teasing her. Maddie told her that her mommy's an angel. She's invisible, but that's okay 'cause she has pictures. Edmund gave her another picture, of him and Maria on their wedding day, and asked Maddie to put it on her shelf in her room. Maddie said, "Can I?" before throwing her arms around her father. As she went back to bed, Maddie remind Brooke that she's going to start calling her mommy after the wedding. With Maddie gone, Edmund climbed up next to Brooke on the couch and asked her if this felt like home. Brooke told him that it felt like her whole heart was here.

Maureen asked David, "What do you mean I killed her?" She tried to explain to David that Maria couldn't be dead, because Brooke was looking for her. David responded that she wanted to believe Brooke was looking for Maria, but she wasn't, "because you killed her!" Maureen told David that she thought she killed a man, but David told her he lied about that. She asked for details of the death, and, after stalling, David sputtered out that she hit her with her car. Maureen told him that she should just tell Brooke, and maybe they'd like to know. As she was leaving the mausoleum, David stopped her by telling her that it wasn't an accident. She hit her because she hated her. Maureen pressed for details, and finally David was forced to tell her. He said that he and Maureen were together, but he was having an affair with Maria. When Maureen found out, she tracked down Maria and drove over her. He pulled Maureen from the wreckage and nursed her back to health. Maureen was in tears at this point and told David that she couldn't have done it, but he told her she did. Finally, Maureen dried her tears and told David that she has to go to the house and turn herself in. She left the mausoleum, with David chasing after her.

David caught up with her outside the mausoleum and told her that she can't turn herself in. She remembered David telling her that Maria had a daughter, and she couldn't bear killing a woman who had a child. As she moved to leave, David stopped her by telling her that she has a child. Maureen stopped and David said that if she turns herself in, she'll never see her again. But, if she doesn't, he might be able to help her. Maureen began asking him for more details about her daughter, as he escorted her back into the mausoleum. He told her that she was widowed, and he can't tell her who's taking care of her daughter. However, he'll arrange for her to see her as long as she promises to leave this house and never return.

Maggie and Bianca ran up into the boat house shortly after Maggie scared Bianca in the water. Bianca told her that she doesn't like swimming when it's dark out, but Maggie told her that it just appears that she's scared of her. She accused her of shying away from her ever since the champagne incident. Bianca denied it, but Maggie said that's the reason Bianca is pushing her towards Tim, because she doesn't want to get to close. When Bianca asked her why she's talking about this, Maggie responded, "Because I like you." Bianca made up an excuse to be leaving, but Maggie wouldn't let her. She began asking questions about how Bianca knew she was gay, and about how Frankie knew. Bianca began answering her questions, but then stood up and said that she has to be home in bed, right now. Maggie thought she freaked her out, but Bianca told her she doesn't mind talking about this, except that she does look just like Frankie. She said that it's still hard. Bianca grabbed her towel and left, followed by Maggie.

Brooke and Edmund began a drink of champagne when the security guard knocked on the door. He informed Edmund that someone had been in the graveyard and mausoleum. They chalked it up to neighborhood kids, and Edmund told him to let him know of anything else suspicious. Brooke said, "Uh, oh, ghosts?" And he responded, "None that I can't wrangle, honey." Later, Edmund asked her if she was ready for bed, and she said she was. He reminded her that it was her last night as a free woman, but she told him that all her dreams will come true tomorrow when she becomes Mrs. Edmund Grey. He told her that his life will be perfect, as he kissed her.

Maureen was in disguise at the airport as David bought her a ticket to Puerto Vallarta. She asked him again to let her see her daughter, but he told her that she can't see her now. She'll be arrested and won't get to spend any time with her. David told her to get on the plane and he'll contact her. Maureen reluctantly agreed and left to board her flight. Later, David was pacing in the concourse when he saw a man run up to the ticket agent demanding a ticket to Mexico. She told him that the plane had already left, and the door won't open until it arrives in Puerto Vallarta. David breathed a sigh of relief.

As Maggie walked Bianca to her door, Bianca thanked her for coming to visit her. She said it was just what she needed. Maggie said that Frankie would be proud of her for what she's doing, and she told Bianca to "knock their mascara off" at work tomorrow. Bianca smiled, and said, "Goodnight."

Maureen was sitting in her seat on the plane when she heard a baby crying from across the aisle. She had a flashback of Brooke holding baby Maddie and promising Maria that she'll look after her. Maureen began breathing heavily and said, "Brooke has my baby. David you lied to me." She stood up, stopped a flight attendant, and said, "I have to get off this plane."

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

At Enchantment Val took Bianca into her mother's office. She tried to protest but Val said her office was being painted and redecorated so since her mother was at a meeting she could use the boss's office. Bianca said a cubicle would be just fine but Val told her that she sits at the right hand of Erica and that means perks! Val told her to just unwind "This will be all yours one day" and ran off. Bianca sat down behind the desk and wondered what she was doing there. The phone rang and Bianca talked to the person then authorized some action to be taken and hung up. She said to herself "Maybe this is do-able." A woman rushed in and introduced herself as Erica's assistant Callie. She was a bit short and condescending to Bianca, who was polite back. Bianca said she didn't want anyone to go easy on her because she's Erica's daughter and Callie humphed and then began to tell her about a huge problem. The phone rang and Bianca spoke to Val, who explained more of the urgent problem and said Bianca had to take care of it. The rather snippy Callie said "Looks like the future of Enchantment is in your capable hands." Bianca got on the phone and asked "Who got to Alonis?" She listened as the other person asked her questions and then answered "I don't know" as Callie got in her face and told her as the boss she couldn't say she didn't know. Val walked in as Bianca hung up and she said it just couldn't get worse. Val said yes it could.

Meanwhile at Revlon Greenlee walked into her office and was disgusted to find Kendall sitting at her desk. She immediately got on the phone to security and ordered them to get up to her office right away and take care of the intruder. Kendall tried to argue with her and finally just pulled the plug on the phone. She told Greenlee that she had stolen a big spokeswoman away from Enchantment and brought her over to Revlon. Greenlee was skeptical until Kendall told her it was "Alonis." Greenlee was reluctantly impressed and asked how she got to Alonis. Kendall said she explained that Enchantment would just exploit her. Kendall asked for a promotion and Greenlee was astounded that Kendall thought she was even employed, much less deserving of a promotion. Kendall told her this wasn't a freebie but Greenlee disagreed and told her to leave. Casey, a co-worker of Greenlee's, came in and bowed on her knees to Greenlee, saying she was bowing before greatness. When she stood up she gushed all over Greenlee's accomplishment of getting Alonis away from Enchantment. Greenlee was speechless and Kendall took that opportunity to introduce herself as Greenlee's assistant. Casey welcomed her to Revlon then rushed out to set up a campaign for Alonis. Kendall smirked at Greenlee and asked how it felt to be a genius? Greenlee said she loathed Kendall but Kendall said they needed each other because they're both after the same thing. Greenlee finally agreed to hire Kendall but told her this won't be easy and it won't last. Kendall was quite pleased with herself and demanded some perks with her new position. Greenlee laughed at her and told her to get herself a new wardrobe, something a bit classier than she was used to. Kendall said she'd be Greenlee's fashion clone and Greenlee told her if she ever showed up in an outfit she herself owned it would be her last day of work. Greenlee told Kendall that she reminded her of herself but that wasn't necessarily a compliment. Kendall just smiled and left.

Trey stood next to a sleeping Vanessa and recalled a conversation he had with her. He left the room rather upset and ran into Maggie in the hallway. She asked why he let Vanessa get to him, since she's not his mother or anything. Trey said he has seen how Vanessa/Nessa cares about her sons and felt lucky that he got a second chance with his adoptive family. He changed the subject by complimenting Maggie on how good she looked and wondered if the dress code for candy-stripers had changed. She said she was going to a wedding and he asked if she was going alone. She said no and changed the subject back to Vanessa. She asked what her aunt talked about when she was awake. Trey wondered why she was so curious, but Maggie said it was because Vanessa had killed her sister and tried to kill her. Trey was suspicious and said Maggie used to blow him off but now she always had time to talk to him. He asked who was putting her up to this. Maggie denied everything and said he seemed to think there was a conspiracy going on. Trey apologized as Maggie's phone rang. She answered it and it was Bianca asking for her help. Maggie said she'd be right there and hung up. She asked Trey if they were all clear and he said yes, so she took off for Enchantment. Trey glared after her. Then he went back into Vanessa's room. He bent over close to her face and said quietly " Thought you'd never see me again, didn't you?." Her eyes popped open and she asked him what he'd just said. Trey said he was just joking. "Nessa" gushed about how good he's been to her and thanked him. Trey was dumbfounded and didn't quite know how to react. She went on about how kind he was and that she trusts him. "We'll have a much better relationship than you had with Vanessa" she told him. Trey rushed out of the room very upset and said to himself "Why now?"

Back at Enchantment Callie and Val stood in the office while Bianca franticly made phone calls and tried to solve the crisis. Finally Bianca hung up the phone and told them that she headed off the press and was talking to Brandy's reps in 2 hours. Val was quite impressed and said she was her mother's daughter and that Erica was going to be so proud. Even the sour faced Callie was smiling. Maggie walked in as Val and Callie told Bianca she did a great job. They left and Maggie said it didn't look like she needed her help. Bianca told her what had happened and how it all worked out. Maggie was thrilled for her but Bianca said it was just beginner's luck. Maggie handed Bianca a gift, saying she had planned to give it to her after her first day but since she'd done such a great job already she wanted her to have it now. Bianca was thrilled and opened it to find an engraved leather business card holder. Bianca was touched and didn't quite know what to do. Maggie asked if she wanted to go to Brooke's wedding with her but Bianca said she didn't think it was a good idea.

Liza arrived home and Winifred welcomed her back. She told Liza they'd had no word from Adam and said "Miss Mia" had been handling everything. Liza found Mia in the study ordering flowers to be planted on the grounds. When Mia hung up Liza asked her how long she had known that Adam was planning to kidnap Colby. Mia told her she was being paranoid but Liza believed that Mia knew more than she was admitting. Marian rushed in and told Liza she had just heard from Stuart who said Colby was fine and they were in Boise. Liza asked Marian if she told Stuart that Colby is there without her permission. Her mother said no but that Colby was fine and not to worry. Liza threw a fit but Winifred interrupted by calling Marian to the kitchen. Marian said Adam wouldn't do anything to hurt Colby as she walked out. Liza told Mia her lawyers found paperwork Adam planted making it look like she had given him permission to take Colby out of state. Mia said she was on Liza's side and that Adam had gone too far. She said what he was doing was cruel and that she'd do anything to help Liza get Colby back. "I'm your sister, you can trust me" Mia told Liza. Liza wasn't sure she believed that but said she hated not being able to trust her. Liza said Adam had used her illness against her and Mia said that was unforgivable. Liza said his plan is for the whole world to think she's crazy and that he wants Mia as a witness. Mia again said she'd do whatever she could to help Liza. Liza said there was nothing they could do, that she couldn't fight Adam and win. Mia told Liza to go get some rest so Liza went upstairs. As soon as she was gone Mia sat at the desk and got out some paper. She began to write a note to Adam saying "You're right, Liza did exactly what you said she'd do."

Leo walked up the path to a house in Ohio. He checked the address then knocked on the door. When an older man answered Leo told him he worked with the man's son, Trey. The man punched Leo in the face and slammed the door closed. Leo got off the ground and banged on the door. The man opened it and told Leo he was playing a sick joke. They argued and Leo pushed his way into the house, saying he came to get some answers. Leo said he knows Trey but the man (Mr. Kenyon) ordered Leo to stop saying that name. "My son is dead!" he told Leo. He said Trey had died years ago. Leo said he was sorry, he didn't know. Leo looked around the room and told Mr. Kenyon he wanted to explain why he was there. Leo asked if he was still a practicing lawyer and did he ever represent a Vanessa Cortlandt. Mr. Kenyon didn't recall working on a case for her. Leo picked up a photo and asked if that was his son. Mr. Kenyon said yes, just before he drowned. He told Leo what had happened. He said Trey was just out of law school and that he had told his son to take a break. Trey went sailing and a storm came up and capsized the boat. Leo asked Mr. Kenyon to look at something and handed him a newspaper clipping with Trey's picture. Mr. Kenyon was surprised to see Ben "Shep" Shepherd in the paper. He told Leo it was a friend of Trey's from law school. Leo told him that this guy says he's James "Trey" Kenyon III. Mr. Kenyon got very upset and demanded Leo leave the house. Leo left but stood outside on the sidewalk and wondered what "Shep" was trying to pull.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Hayley comes into the living room at Wildwind to find Brooke a nervous wreck. Hayley tries to calm Brooke by telling her she looks exquisite in her wedding gown. When that doesn't work, Hayley reminds Brooke she is marrying the love of her life. Hayley asks if Brooke is worried about living in Maria's shadow. Brooke replies that it is not Maria's shadow she's worried about. Maddie and Aunt Phoebe come in, breaking the tension. Maddie gives Brooke a heart tattoo that came from Laura. Laura sent it as a Something New gift for Brooke to wear in a place only Edmund would see. Hayley gives a blue garter while Phoebe offers her earrings as the Something Old. Maddie has a special gift for the Something Borrowed. She gives Brooke a handkerchief embroidered with the initials MG.

Edmund stands at Maria's nameplate in the Wildwind mausoleum. He tells her that he never thought this day would come. He is finally happy. He knows he and the kids will always hold a special place in their hearts for Maria though. Tad comes in and says he understands how Edmund must feel he needs Maria's blessing. Tad says Dixie is still with him the way Maria must still be with Edmund. Tad and Edmund have a heart to heart talk about Brooke and the bad feelings that have come between the three of them. Tad promises not to come between Brooke and Edmund ever again.

Maggie comes to Enchantment to ask Bianca if she is going to the wedding at Wildwind. Before Bianca can answer, Tim comes in asking Maggie if she is ready for their date to go to the wedding. Maggie hesitates then says she wouldn't call it a date; they are just going to a wedding together. Bianca tells them she will go if she manages to get her work finished in time. After Bianca leaves the room, Tim accuses Maggie of being afraid of being alone with him. Maggie tells him it's his imagination; she's not scared at all. To show him, she agrees to go to the wedding with him with or without Bianca.

Anna gets a call from the station telling her that a woman matching Maureen Gorman's description was seen at the airport. The officer tells Anna there's more. Ms. Gorman was seen with a man...Anna's husband. After Anna hangs up, David comes in with breakfast. He was worried that she was out all night on a case and didn't even bother to call and leave a message. She asks him how he manages to trust her, then mentions that she wanted to ask him what he was doing at Wildwind, but followed her heart and allowed herself to believe in him. In order to feel closer to him, she wants to share more of her life with him and invites David to question her about her job. He asks her what she was doing on her all-night case. Anna tells him she was closing in on a woman named Maureen Gorman.

David manages to keep his cool and asks a few more questions trying to seem interested, but not too interested. Anna tells him that Maureen got on a plane and is now off their radar. David is relieved, but Anna is disappointed that he didn't take the opportunity to tell her the truth. David then asks Anna what the good news was that she wanted to share with him the night before. She tells him it doesn't matter. She was going to tell him she solved the case, but it didn't turn out that way. She promised David that when she solves the Gorman case he will be the first to know.

Maria lets herself into the chapel which is all decorated for the upcoming nuptials. She tries to hide as someone approaches, but it is just the flower deliveryman. He assumes Maria is the bride and asks her where he should put the bouquets. Maria hears Edmund's voice outside and runs away. When Edmund enters, the flower guy tells him the bride was just there, but didn't want the groom to see her. Sam comes in upset that he has to wear a flower in his tuxedo. He tells Edmund he doesn't need a new mom because he already has one. He is afraid that if he calls Brooke mom then he will hurt his real mom's feelings. Edmund explains that there is always room in the heart for more love. Sam is reassured.

The Wedding Begins:

Hayley assembles the kids then realizes Maddie doesn't have her bouquet of roses. Maddie says she left it in the living room. Hayley is about to go get it for her when Brooke calls Hayley to help her adjust her dress before she walks down the aisle. Hayley turns to Maddie and tells her to run really fast, get the flowers and come right back. No stopping for cookies in the kitchen. Maddie agrees. Meanwhile, Maria has wandered into the living room and picked up the small bouquet. After Hayley arranges Brooke's gown and train and Jamie comes to walk Brooke down the aisle, Brooke looks around and asks where Maddie has gone. The camera shows an empty living room with the bouquet of roses lying on the floor.

Friday, August 23, 2002

While waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin, David overheard Maggie ask Anna about the test results. David asked Anna what test results they were discussing. Anna lied and said she was waiting for DNA results from the lab about a case she was working on.

Meanwhile back at the Valley Inn, Leo is trying to find David. Greenlee entered the hotel room. She asked why Leo wanted to meet her here rather than at their condo. Leo explained about Trey's impersonation as Trey Kenyon, III and that his real name is Ben Shepard. Leo thought Trey might have bugged their condo so he met Greenlee at the Valley Inn. Greenlee noticed the bruise on Leo's lip and was concerned for Leo's safety.

Trey talked to someone on his cell phone at Pine Valley Hospital and discovered Leo found out whom he really is. "It's now or never, Nessa." He said to himself as he charged into her hospital room. He demanded answers from her. Nessa was confused. What was he talking about? "Tell me about the child you abandoned, demanded Trey. Nessa at first denied she had a third child, Leo's and David's younger brother. The confrontation between Trey and Nessa was interrupted by Leo's cell phone call. Leo told Nessa that Trey wasn't who she thought he was and that he was dangerous. He implored her not to let Trey into her room. Trey, hearing that it was Leo on the phone, signaled to Nessa not to let on he was there. Nessa quickly ended the call. Leo realized something was wrong and left for the hospital.

After Trey badgered her, Nessa finally admitted it was true she gave the baby up for adoption. She asked how Trey knew. Did Trey's father tell him since he handled the adoption. "No," Trey told her but he found out some information from the delivery room nurse, Mabel, especially the part about her not wanting the baby. Trey angrily recounted how unhappy the childhood was of the baby she didn't want. Nessa wasn't sure of the connection between Trey and the adopted baby until Trey gave her legal papers about the adoption. As she began to read them, Leo barged into her room and grabbed Trey shoving him against the wall. Leo shouted out his real name, Ben Shepard. Nessa recognized the name and begged Leo to leave Trey alone. "He is your brother," she told Leo. Leo's jaw dropped.

Wondering why the procession had not started, Edmund asked Hayley about the delay. Upon finding out that the flower girl (Maddie) and misplaced her flowers, Edmund announced to the waiting guests that the delay was due to a missing bouquet. After Maddie found her bouquet in the living room, she left for the wedding. Maria came out from her hiding place in the living room and saw the picture of her holding Maddie when Maddie was a baby. Maria wondered why her picture was at Wildwind. After putting the picture in her purse, she decided to find Brooke to get some answers. She left for the wedding chapel.

Finally Maddie appeared at the chapel with the missing bouquet. The wedding procession began. Maddie sweetly sprinkled petals as she walked down the aisle. Sam followed as the ring bearer. Hayley was next and then the bride appeared on Jamie's arm. Edmund gave Brooke a loving smile. They exchanged vows they had written. Edmund went first. He told Brooke of his love for her and the happiness they will have together forever. When he told Brooke how much he admired her integrity and honesty she interrupted him and he stopped her. No editing, he reminded her. It was then Brooke's turn and she pledged her love forever to Edmund. She told him about what was given to her as something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new given to her that day. Brooke had a brief anxiety attack and asked Edmund how she could be so lucky to be loved by him. She then paused and Edmund became concerned. He asked her if she was ok. He assured her no one would take away his love for her.

As Maria entered the chapel and peeked through a crack in the door, Edmund and Brooke exchanged rings and were pronounced man and wife. While Edmund and Brooke kissed, Maddie turned around and saw Maria watching them. Maria quickly left the wedding chapel as Maddie left the ceremony to follow her. Maria went to the mausoleum and sat on the floor hidden from view. Maddie entered the chamber and quietly called out, "Mommy?"



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