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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 19, 2002 on GH
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Monday, August 19, 2002

Edward collapsed and Alan and Monica said he had a stroke. Skye was blaming herself because she was arguing with him. Alan and AJ went in the ambulance with Edward and the rest followed.

Scott was questioning Lucky and Nikolas about Rick's death. Lucky's fingerprints were all over Rick's car and Scott ended up having him arrested. Later Roy met with Alcazar outside and Liz, who had been locking up, listened to what they were talking about. Alcazar told Roy that he had something Sonny would like.

Police Station:
Scott asked Lucky where his father was but Lucky said Vegas. He ended up getting booked and Nikolas called Alexis to come and help Lucky. She came and was asking Lucky if he had killed Rick. He said he didn't; they found Rick dead at the Scorpio attic. "Your solution was to take his body and put it in his car?" Alexis asked. She commented about how like his father he was. She said she would be back.

Everyone was concerned about Edward. They had him stabilized and he asked for Skye. She told him she had the contract and he said he had more copies. All of a sudden he took a turn for the worse and went into a coma. AJ left the area and ran into Courtney who had come to see him.
Tony was talking to Lesley and she said how it was her idea to bring Rick back to give Laura away. She wanted to see him face to face and put their past away.

The Oasis:
Sonny confronted Courtney and they talked. She told him how she ended up there and she wanted him to stay away and not help. He agreed, for now. He told her that when she's paid the money back and her boss still wouldn't let her go, to tell him that Sonny was her brother. After Sonny left her boss came over and he had the wrong idea that Sonny was her little fling on the side. She didn't tell him that Sonny was her brother. He told her to go home early.

Sonny's penthouse:
Carly was going on about the twit, Liz, to Jason. Jason told her to stay out of his life. They went round and round about that. When Sonny got home he told Jason to keep his eye on Courtney when she was at the Oasis, working.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Police Headquarters
Lucky tells Alexis that he didn't kill Rick Webber, he and Nikolas found the body in Felicia's attic. He tells Alexis that he doesn't know who killed Rick. Lucky accuses Scott of being the murderer. Alexis states that she needs to talk to Luke, but no one knows how to contact him. Lucky believes Scott is framing his father, and tells Alexis to concentrate on Scott as the perpetrator, claiming he has evidence against Scott. Nik visits Lucky at the station, and Mac worries that they are checking each other's story. Mac gives Scott the preliminary medical evidence verifying that the blood found in the attic is Rick's. Lucky suggests Nik pay off the policeman who pulled them over and wrote them a ticket then night they disposed of Rick's body. Nik suggests they cooperate with Scott so he won't go after Gia. Lucky speculates that maybe Laura killed Rick. Alexis asks what Scott was doing leaving Luke and Laura's wedding and going straight to the attic. He replies it was his "DA's instincts." Lucky is adamant that he is not going to implicate his parents. Taggert escorts Gia into headquarters and tells her that she is an accessory-after-the-fact. Taggert accuses Nik of making Gia's life a living hell. Nik and Lucky eye the Rick Webber murder evidence box. The police inventory the box, and find a locker key. Nik clandestinely acquires the locker key. Taggert tries to convince Gia that her relationship with Nik has been about Nik.

Felicia's Attic
Scott is investigating Rick's murder with the police when Nik arrives and Scott's asks if he's going to admit his conspiracy with Lucky to commit murder. Nik accuses Scott of planting evidence. Nik tells Scott that neither he nor Lucky had anything to do with the death, nor Scott counters with Lucky and Nik moving and hiding bodies as a hobby. Scott threatens Nik's girlfriend, Gia, of being an accessory-after-the-fact, and that juries don't go easy on rich kids. Scott returns to the attic. Alexis arrives and accuses him of returning to the scene of his crime.

Alcazar's Compound
Zander tells the mystery woman's attendant that he is there to sell Sonny's business information to Alcazar. He tells her he doesn't know about Sonny's and Jax's love life, and doesn't care. Zander claims he was useful to Sonny, and imagines that Sonny betrayed his loyalty. He asks when he'll be released from the compound. The mystery woman continues to query Zander about Jax. Zander, under the influence of alcohol, and possibly drugs, collapses. The attendant reassures the mystery woman that Zander will stay until she has all the information she wants. Zander is coming out of his drugged stupor, and meets the mystery woman.

Kelly's Restaurant
Liz tells Carly she needs to get a message to Jason immediately. Liz says she's been leaving messages all over town for Jason, but he hasn't called her back. Carly tells Liz if Jason isn't returning her calls, there's probably a reason for it. Liz says its about "business." Liz says her information can possibly save Jason's life. Courtney ditches work claiming a family emergency.

Sonny's Penthouse
Sonny tells Jason to prevent anyone from touching Courtney at the strip club, but to use discretion. AJ bursts into the penthouse announcing he'' found Sonny's jacket in his apartment, and Sonny is to stay away from Courtney. AJ accuses Sonny of not caring for Courtney. Carly calls Jason at her penthouse and relays Liz's message. Sonny tells AJ he isn't worth the pain and humiliation that Courtney is suffering for him. Jason tells AJ to get out when it looks like Sonny is going to tell AJ that his wife is a stripper. Courtney arrives after AJ leaves and she's looking for AJ. She wants to know if Sonny told AJ about her stripping. Courtney admits to Sonny that AJ is weak. Sonny tells her AJ is too pathetic to take care of his own mistakes. Courtney says she'd rather take off her clothes for money than take money from Sonny. Sonny wants to know what there is to love in AJ. Sonny tells Courtney he doesn't know if he can keep his promise not to take care of Courtney's problem. Courtney leaves, and Sonny tells Carly that AJ showed up and then Courtney was scared that Sonny would tell AJ what she's doing at night. Carly assures Sonny that one day AJ will show his true stripes to Courtney, and then she'll leave him. Sonny notes the paradox that he used to own a strip joint, and now his sister is working as a stripper to support her worthless, drunken husband. Carly tells Sonny that developing taste in men is a rite of passage from women, and its how they learn. Carly says that Courtney is in this situation because she ignored good advice.

The Park
Liz tells Jason she overheard Alcazar and Roy talking about Sonny. She says he told Roy he has something Sonny wants more than anything in the world. Jason tells her to stay out of it. He tells her to stop eavesdropping and warning him, and to stop risking her life for him. He reminds her of recently being shot in the arm, and how easily she could have been killed. Liz's attempts to insinuate herself into his life are not working.

The Oasis
Jason shows up to keep an eye on Courtney. Coleman introduces himself to Jason. Coleman alludes that his girls are available for other favors, except Daisy (Courtney) who's his. Jason leaps onstage to Courtney's rescue when a customer attempts to man-handle her.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Coleman thanks Jason for protecting Courtney but when Jason wants to talk to her, he's informed that he'd have to pay if he wants a "private dance." Jason then he explains how he's just there to act as a personal bouncer for her. Too bad Courtney doesn't seem too happy about it. She thinks that it's just another way that Sonny is trying to take control of her life.

The Quartermaines learn that Edward may not recover from his stroke and are asked to determine how long they would want to keep Edward alive under these circumstances.

Alexis finds Scott in the Scorpio attic and interrogates him about the 20-year-old memories that Laura had been suppressing and what his part in the potential crime was. She then shows him the picture that Lucky had developed of Scott covered in what appears to be blood. Of course, Scott denies it and says that it could be anything from motor oil to Popsicle juice. Alexis then focuses on Scott's potential motive for killing Rick.

Scott goes to the PCPD and discovers that an item is missing from Rick Webber's personal effects because it was left unattended in the police station. The missing item is a key to a bus locker.

Nikolas takes Rick's key and he and Gia find out what's inside the lockers. It turns out to be a human head stuffed inside a bag. Later, Scott goes to the locker and finds it empty.

Lila offers Ned the job of heading ELQ while Edward is unable to. Although reluctant, Ned agrees to handle things. Reginald tells him how happy he is that he is in charge of ELQ and points out that whoever controls ELQ controls the Quartermaine family. Ned is then given a stack of Edward's papers and in that stack, there's a copy of Skye's contract with Edward. Later, Skye stops by, having realized that there are more copies of the contract and takes the one from Ned's stack of papers when he isn't looking.

Ned talks to Alexis at Kelly's and the subject of marriage comes up, thanks to Lila. For a few minutes, Ned had Alexis in a panic, thinking that he was going to ask her to marry him. Much to her relief, he was merely concerned about keeping her healthy for the safety of her unborn child and forces her to drink a glass of milk.

AJ goes in to see Edward and makes his peace. Despite the years of pain and rejection his grandfather had given him, AJ thanks him. He thanks him for bringing him to Courtney, who changed his life for the better. Courtney over hears this and is moved by her husband's love for her. She promises to always be there for him.

Liz and Jason run into each other at the docks and they talk for a few brief moments about Jason's life being too dangerous. Liz wants to know how he feels about her, and he tells her that she already knows. Too bad she doesn't. He explains the danger one more time and then leaves.

Skye goes to see Edward when no one else is around and talks about her worries that there are more contracts waiting to ruin her life. She even talks about how much easier her life would be if Edward were to die. Soon, Jax comes in to comfort her.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Skye stays near Edward's bed in ICU. She begs for him to wake up and get rid of the contracts he has lying around and just let her be with Jax. Jax shows up to check up on her and Edward. Alan and Monica show up. They tell Jax there concerns for Edward's health and the stress he has been under since Jax tried to take ELQ away from him. Jax reassures them he has no interest in ELQ anymore and that all he wants now is to marry Skye. Skye tells them that she loves Jax and has no interest in ELQ anymore. Meanwhile, Edward's secretary, Petra shows up at GH to give Ned an envelope addressed to him from Edward. Inside the envelope is a letter from Edward to Ned. It tells Ned that he can not trust Skye and warns him to keep her away from ELQ and that she plans to take it over and that if anything happens to him it is Skye's doing. Ned also finds a copy of the contract Skye signed with Edward concerning ruining Jax in exchange for being soul heir of ELQ. Ned is livid and shows up later to show Jax the contract. Jax gets an important phone call and has to leave GH and ignores Ned. Ned confronts Skye with the contract copy. Skye doesn't deny that she signed a contract with Edward and tries to explain to Ned why she betrayed Jax and how she loves Jax and realizes he loves her and now she doesn't want ELQ. Ned informs that because she didn't abide by the contract, it is null and void and therefore she is not entitled to be sole heir to ELQ. She tells him that she made a mistake because she didn't trust in love and that she realizes what she did and wants to be with Jax only. Ned agrees to let Skye tell Jax what she did herself before he hands him the contract. Jax overhears them talking and gets suspicious. Skye tearfully tells Jax what she did and why she betrayed him with the contract. Jax is speechless at first and Skye tells him that she loves him and that he has to believe her. Jax replies, "Why should I believe a word that comes out of your mouth." Alan confides in Monica that he has wished his father dead many times and that despite how mean Edward is, he still loves him and doesn't want him to die. Monica assures him that Edward is too stubborn to die like this.

Carly is informed by Michael's friend Brian's mother that Brian can no longer play with Michael at his home because he is living with Sonny again. Carly accepts her decision and tries to explain to a confused Michael about why Brian had to go home early and why he can't play at his home anymore. Michael asks Carly why Brian's mom doesn't like Sonny. Carly tries to explain to Michael about what Sonny does for a living without scaring the kid. Michael sort of understands. Meanwhile, Sonny and Jason corner Alcazar and his men near the docks. Sonny asks him what he has as leverage against him or that Sonny wants. Alcazar doesn't tell him much but that he isn't afraid of Sonny's threats and warns Sonny. Sonny and Jason talk on the docks about Alcazar. Sonny instructs Jason to put men on to watch and tail Alcazar's movements and watch over the docks and watch his yacht for activity. Jason looks through some binoculars into Alcazar's yacht. All they can see is him talking to someone with their back to them. While this is going on, The "mystery woman's" nurse checks on Zander who is still woozy from the drug she gave him earlier. She asks him again about Sonny and Jax's private lives. She tells him that her mistress once loved both Sonny and Jax and wants to know if she has been mentioned by Sonny. Zander doesn't remember hearing about Sonny's ex-loves and that if Sonny was with her mistress, he never talks about her and seems to be well over her. The "mystery woman" overhears their conversation through the door. Alcazar also overhears them afterwards and realizes that Zander has been hiding out and giving his "woman" information through her nurse about Sonny and Jax. He enters the chamber that Zander is being held in and confronts him. Zander offers up the information he told the woman nurse about Sonny and Jax and thinks that Alcazar will let him spy on Sonny and Jax for him. Alcazar tells him that he doesn't have any use for Zander and now Zander knows too much and must be eliminated. Zander looks at him in shock. Meanwhile, Sonny returns home. Carly distracts Michael and asks to speak with Sonny upstairs. Michael plays around with the video camcorder and leaves it on record and sets it down not knowing that it is recording what is going on in the living room. Sonny and Jason return again and speak about Alcazar not knowing they are being recorded. Sonny tells Jason that he doesn't care what Jason has to do even if it means destroying Alcazar and putting on his boat and sinking him. Michael returns with Carly later and plays the tape in the camcorder back and watches Sonny and Jason talk.

Friday, August 23, 2002

Though Skye tries frantically to explain, a seething Jax informs her he never wants to lay eyes on her again. Marcus is appalled when Scott brazenly uses little Lulu to pressure Lucky into talking. After watching the tape of Sonny threatening to send Alcazar to the bottom of the harbor, Michael asks his daddy if he ever hurts people. Meanwhile, Alcazar orders his henchmen to throw Zander overboard and make the drowning appear accidental. Skye begs Jax to believe that she's changed and urges him to fight for their love. Nikolas shows Alexis the skull he unearthed in Rick's locker at the bus station. Carly misinterprets her young son's anxious questions about boats sinking. Later, Michael quietly slips away from the penthouse. Ignoring Skye's pitiful entreaties, Jax walks out on the weeping woman. Alcazar roughly interrogates his lady friend's nurse. Nikolas tells Lucky the time has come to give Luke up to the police. A desolate Skye drowns her sorrows in a succession of martinis. Carly grows frantic to discover Michael missing. Jax offers Ned his shares of ELQ. Alexis confronts Scott with Teresa's skull. AJ finds Michael wandering along the waterfront. Drunk and bitter, Skye returns to the ICU to take her revenge on Edward.

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