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Monday, August 19, 2002

Michelle tells her dad about the videotape and that Danny told her he would be willing to kill someone for her. Ed tries to help Michelle see all the positives about her husband. He counsels her to look at the whole picture of their marriage, not just focus on Danny's capacity to threaten violence. Ed sees in Danny a caring husband and a loving father, not a bit of the sadistic behavior that Michelle seems to be so concerned about. Michelle says she could be more forgiving if it weren't for Robby. Just then, Danny walks in the door. Danny tries to make amends, to heal the fracture in his marriage. He and Michelle end up making love. But afterwards, lying in her husband's arms, Michelle cries the tears of someone who has said goodbye to her best friend.

Phillip helps Rick pack up his things and ready to go home from the hospital. Rick fills Phillip in on the fact the Reva turned off Richard's life support. He also tells Phillip he feels an overwhelming sense of need to watch over Richard's family and help them out in any way he can. Phillip tells his best friend, that for right now, his job is to help himself heal. Then he can move on to saving the rest of the world, as usual. Then the topic turns to Beth and her latest step in the quest to know more about her life as Lorelei. Phillip goes on to mention that he managed to get Gus out of Harley and Zach's life for good. Harley interrupts with a phone call asking Phillip to please come down to Company. Tammy shows up to wish Rick well - and ends up crying to him about the loss of her stepfather and the predicament between her mom and Reva. Rick offers his support and his friendship to Tammy.

Eden and Nicky/Gus talk old history in regard to their vendetta against the Santos family. Apparently Eden is still out for revenge. Gus tells his sister that he has let go of that hatred. Eden is astounded and furious with her brother. He tries to explain that the fight against the Santos' was consuming him and changing him in ways he could not abide. Eden still cannot believe her brother would betray her and their father this way. Phillip arrives, and he can hardly believe it when he sees Gus sitting there. He lays into Gus saying he thought they had a deal - Gus leaves town, and Harley gets Zach back. Gus says he did leave town, he just came back. And by the way, the wad of money that Phillip tried to bribe him with, he gave that to a nun in Chicago. Eden sees this as a good time to 'fade away' and makes a run for the ladies room. Harley, hearing that Phillip tried to bribe Gus out of her life, lashes out at Phillip. How can Phillip continue to use their son as a pawn? Phillip cannot believe that Gus is worth all of this strife in their lives. Gus says if he'll just listen to Eden, all of Phillip's worries about Gus' character will be put to rest. But when Harley goes to fetch Eden from the restroom, she's gone. Phillip leaves. Harley is distraught. Gus tells her Eden won't get far because he took her wallet hostage when she wasn't watching. Harley is inconsolable and sees no way for their relationship to survive all that has transpired.

Marah runs into to Fr. Ray. She has been remembering all of the best and worst times with Tony. She is unable to hide her tears and distress. She tells Ray her life is falling apart, that she doesn't know right from wrong anymore, she doesn't understand anything. Ray tries to help Marah understand that she and her family have been through a lot and she is just reacting as anyone would under the same stress and grief. He encourages her to believe in herself and her ability to be strong, to follow her good instincts. Ed shows up and tells Fr. Ray that he has great news: Ross has offered his office downtown, rent free, as the space for the new free clinic that they are going to open together. When Marah leaves, she goes to Tony who has just closed down Infierno for the night. Marah says she needs his help -a recommendation for a lawyer, for her mother. They are talking in darkness due to rolling brownouts, the cause of the hot weather and high electrical usage in Springfield. When Marah is brought to tears over her mother's situation, Tony is compelled to come closer to comfort her. He tells her he really misses her. Of all people, Eden comes walking in the door asking, "What's a girl got to do to get a drink in this town"?

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

At the Bauer house, Michelle has gotten up after making love with Danny. He comes down to find her in the kitchen. She had tried to forget about Danny almost killing Edmund, but she can't get past it. Danny tries to explain himself again, but they just can't agree. Danny leaves and goes to inferno.

Eden shows up at Inferno as Mara is getting Cass Winthrop's phone number from Tony. She wants the best lawyer for Reva. Tony tells Eden the club is closed, but she heads to the bar and makes herself a drink. Mara is about to leave and Tony tells Eden it is last call, she makes herself another drink as she observes Tony and Mara. After Mara leaves, she asks Tony his girlfriend's name. He tells her he and Mara aren't together, but she says she could see how he feels about her. She tells him she'll pay for her drinks, wouldn't want him getting in trouble with the boss, then tells him she doesn't have her wallet, but she could work it off. He tells here where the stairs are to leave and comments that he's the boss. She acts impressed, and Danny walks in and introduces himself, as Danny Santos. Eden flashes back to her conversation with Gus about getting even with the Santos family.

Ben comes into Company with a couple of young girls from the Beach Club. He sees Marina talking to Shane and apologizes to her for hurting her feelings the other day. She gives him a bad time about the young girls he's with. The girls are Lizzie and her friend. The friend tells Lizzie how she heard that Shane's mom killed a man. Shane can hear the whole thing from the bar. Marina gets angry and confronts the girl. Marina says Shane can hear everything. Lizzie is embarrassed, but her friend continues. She says Shane better get used to people talking about his Mom. Marina throws the girl out of Company. Shane says she didn't have to throw her out, but Marina says she's his friend. Ben wants to know if Marina would go to the Gala with him if he changed his plans, but Shane jumps in and says she's going with him, and Marina plays along. Later Shane tells her she doesn't have to go with him, that he said that to get to Ben, but she says she wants to go with him. When Mara shows up, Shane tells her that people are talking about Reva. She tells him she's found a good lawyer for Reva, not Ross, but Cass Winthrop. Ben wants to know if she's still going to the Gala with him, she says yes, she's not really into a party, but she wants to support her Aunt Cassie.

At the Mansion:
Phillip tries to call Beth, but gets her voice mail. He's angry and throws something as Olivia walks in. She starts to leave and he tells her to stay. He tells her he can't reach Beth and shares his frustrations about his ex wives with her. She wants to know why the air conditioning is off and he tells her because of the brown out. She tells him she wouldn't think the Spaulding family would go along. He tells her that Lizzie is staying overnight with a friend and he had the boys taken to the pool house where they have AC, and Alan won't be back from Chicago until the next day, so it's just him and Olivia. He tells her about a CD that Lizzie burned for him of "Oldie" songs from the 80's and how that makes him feel. That it seemed like just yesterday that he was in high school, now he has ex wives and a teenager. He puts the music on and starts to talk about his Sr. prom. Olivia is surprised he can dance, he tells her he went to boarding school, so he learned how to dance and he pulls her up to dance with him. They slow dance as he tells her about their prom and how he was there with Mindy and Beth was with Rick. She's surprised and he tells her that he and Beth got together after that night, after they were crowned King and Queen of the prom. He tells her how he and Beth danced at the prom and he never wanted it to end, and while he's telling the story, they get closer. Olivia is thinking the same about her dance with Phillip. Alan comes home early and sees them in the study, but doesn't say anything. Afterwards, Phillip tells her he is not the answer for her, that she is with Alan and they are going through a rough spot, and he's with Beth, and they are having a rough spot, but they are together and that's what he wants. Olivia tells him he misread, she was just letting him show her his fancy dance moves, but nothing else. He apologizes if he misread and she tells him that she is also taken.

Michelle shows up at Inferno with Robby, Danny asks why she brought him down so late, he should be home asleep. She tells Danny it's all about Robby. She reminds him of when she was pregnant with Robby and Danny pushed her away and how he didn't want to be with her and Robby because he wanted to protect them. Danny remembers. She tells Danny that if they stay together, Robby will grow up as a Santos also, and will have to make the same choices Danny has struggled with, and she can't let that happen. She tells him that as much as she loves him, she has to love Robby more, and if Danny really loves them, he'll let them go. Danny doesn't know what to say, he's shocked over what Michelle has just said. Michelle picks up Robby and leaves. Danny thinks about following her, but struggles with what to do and stays at Inferno. At home, Michelle is in the kitchen, hoping he will change his mind about things and come home, but he doesn't.

Olivia, alone in the study, puts the music back on and begins to dance by herself, as if she's still dancing with Phillip. Phillip sees her from the hallway and watches her.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

At Company

Marina ran in and asked buzz where was her dad. She gave buzz the hat she had on. Frank enters. Marina told him that it was time for him to get with the program. She pulled out boxes of clothes for frank to try on. Marina and Frank exit. Marina enters. She told Buzz that when Frank came in for him to show his appreciation. Marina said they both needed to help Frank get a date, and he needed a new look. Frank enters. Dressed in black leather pants and a black striped shirt, buzz said he didn't recognize him.

Marina enters. She gave Frank a leather jacket to try on. Frank had to admit that he looked quite good. Marina told him that she paid for it with his credit card. She gave him the bill. Marina exits.

Outside of Company

Edmund introduced himself to the prosecutor. He commented that he wanted to see this prosecuted to the fullest of the law. When she tried to leave, he told her that a prince was struck down in his prime. She said she had every intention of winning. Edmund wanted to know how she would feel if he could guarantee it. Edmund gave her the papers listening everyone's confession from the hearing at the hospital. She said she figured he was doing this for a financial gain. But Edmund said she needed to put a face on the crime that they jury and judge can sympathize for. He suggested Cassie so that people can see her pain. She wanted to know if he could deliver her. He said yes.

Frank told Buzz that Marina had another outfit she wanted him to try on. But Buzz said it might work and everyone needed some help some time. He told Frank that Holly was busy with Ed Bauer. Frank told Buzz that he might be pushing her away by putting pressure on her. Frank tried to convince Buzz how sexy he was and he needed to put out some charm. Frank suggested he do it right away. They both go back inside of company. Buzz exits.

Frank told Marina that she gets to be more like her mother every day. But then Frank decided she was more like Harley. Marina said it isn't too late for him to find someone.

At the Beacon Hotel

Cassie was talking to the creditor about the Beacon Hotel and how she as going to pay. She abruptly hung up telling them they would get their money. Blake enters. Cassie asked Blake if she ever wished her dreams were the real world. Blake said that is why she was there to help her get back on her feet. Blake reminded her that Reva was her sister and she cannot let them do this to her. She told Cassie that Reva had been arrested for Richard's murder. Cassie was shocked that Reva was in jail. Blake told her that it was Edmund's idea. Blake pleaded with Cassie to help Reva. But Cassie said the charges were true and Reva made a decision that wasn't hers to make. Blake said she wouldn't get Richard back and she knew Cassie didn't want to lose her sister. Blake reminded Cassie that Reva did what she did to spare Cassie. Bake said she would have done the same thing, but Cassie said that Reva did it without even thinking. But Blake said that Richard asked Reva for help to shield Cassie. She felt that Cassie was angry with Richard, and since he isn't around she was blaming Reva. Blake apologized. Cassie explained that RJ cut himself on a piece of wire at the hotel and she has to concentrate on other things. Blake suggested that she stay at their old house. Blake said that she needed to sort things out. Edmund enters. Edmund wanted to talk to Cassie. He strongly suggested she attend Reva's bail hearing. Cassie asked Blake to leave. Blake exits. Edmund said that what Reva did was wrong. He suggested that she attend the hearing because she deserved justice. Edmund exits. Blake enters. Cassie told Blake that she was going to the bail hearing, so Blake offered to drive her.

At the police station

Ross told Reva that it would be good to find Josh. He said he told Shayne to keep trying to get in touch with josh in Russia. Ross said that he couldn't seem to find Marah. But Reva doesn't want Marah involved because Marah was struggling with this dilemma. Ross said if they don't win, she would be in jail for a long time. Ross exits after answering his phone. Marah enters. Marah said she ran into someone who reminded her that a person doesn't turn his or her back on someone who needed you. Marah handed Reva a note with Cass Winthrop's name. She admitted that she got it from Tony. Ross enters. Ross wanted to know what she was going to plea...not guilty or guilty. Reva said she was going to plead guilty, but if she does that will admit she was wrong. She continued to add that she wasn't wrong, because she did what Richard asked her to do. With a shaky voice, she said she wished they could have seen the look in Richard's eyes. Reva told Marah that she wasn't gong to call Cass Winthrop. Ross said she would have to let him do the talking to court.

At the bail hearing

Ross told Reva that he would be back. Reva told Marah that she was glad she was there. Reva asked Marah if Cassie knew about the bail hearing. Reva admitted that was scared. Ross enters. Edmund enters. He asked Reva what it is like to be the angel of death. Reva told Edmund to stay. Edmund said he wasn't the only person coming to see justice. At that moment, Cassie enters.

At "My Friend's Couch", Ed's clinic

Holly asked about Ed Bauer being there. Ed enters. Ed told Holly he was ok. Holly said that ever since he came back, Buzz had been unnerved. Holly suggested she would like to write an article about the clinic. Holly began to help Ed on putting together a bookcase. Ed said he couldn't have the same relationships he had before he left. Holly confessed that since he came back she found herself scrutinizing him. Sitting on the floor, they kiss. Holly apologized for kissing Ed. Buzz enters. Holly explained to Buzz that she came over to do an article. Buzz and Holly exit.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

At Company

Gus enters. He asked Harley why she didn't return his calls. He apologized, but she said he didn't sound very sorry. Gus commented that he knew his sister and she didn't steal his wallet. Harley insisted that Phillip would keep Zach from her. She showed Gus a letter from the Mayor that said he wanted to have a meeting with her and the Chief. The letter basically stated that the Mayor was curious as to why she still had her badge. So she said being with Gus had now caused her to lose her job. Harley said that the Major wanted her badge. But Gus said he was probably blowing smoke, and he said he could fix it. He figured if he could get his sister back and postpone the meeting with the mayor everything would work out. He reminded her that when they moved in together they made some vows. He doesn't want her to take this all on herself. Harley decided to go to the hospital to see Rick and she instructed Gus to do what he had to do. Gus exits.

Outside of Company

Officer Manny brought Eden back to Gus. Gus told her to go to Phillip and tell him the truth. They decided to play the game the used to play as children. If Gus loses, then Eden had to go talk to Phillip. Eden said if she wins, Gus had to leave Harley.

At Cedars Hospital

Mel was helping Rick put on his jacket. As they were kissing, Tammy enters. Mel exits. Rick wanted to know what was on her mind. She said that she was wondering if he felt guilty because he got to live and Richard didn't. Mel enters. She told Tammy they both feel terrible about what happened. Tammy asked them if they feel guilty. Rick said he would help her in any way they could. Mel exits to answer pager. Rick told her to feel comfortable talking to him. Tammy said she was upset because of how Richard's life ended. Tammy couldn't understand why Richard wanted to die. Rick tried to comfort her by saying that Richard was in a lot of pain and maybe he didn't want his family to see him that way. Tammy wished Richard had talked it over first. Mel enters and informed them that Reva had been arrested. Mel said she would keep an eye on Will and RJ. Tammy exits. Rick told Mel that Tammy is trying to heal, but she kept getting ripped apart.

Rick thanked Harley for taking care of Jude. He explained that Phillip told him about Gus. Harley informed Rick about how Eden, Gus' sister, took off before they could get the problem resolved. After getting a page, Harley called Gus. He told her what had happened with Jake, Chief of Police.

Harley asked Rick to do her a favor. Jake visited Harley in the hospital. Rick enters. He said that he was Harley's doctor. Jake said he was returning to the station and if there was anything she needed to call. Jake exits. Harley told Rick that she was going back to Chicago.

At the Bail hearing

Cassie told Edmund she was not there to help him. When Reva asked why she was there, Cassie answered that she was there because of the story in the newspaper about Richard. They enter the courtroom. Ross told Reva to focus on getting out on bail. Blake told Ross how Edmund arrived while she was trying to convince Cassie to come to Reva's rescue. Shayne enters. He told Reva that they are trying to find Josh.

Reva stood up and pleaded not guilty. Ross asked the Judge to set bail. But the prosecutor disagreed. Miss Wolfe called Edmund Winslow to the stand. She asked Edmund how he felt when he learned of Richard's death. He proceeded to say that nobody called to tell him about it. Edmund said that Cassie told him to leave when he went to visit Richard in the hospital. When Ross objected, Edmund said he objected to him. Staring at Reva, he slammed Cassie for not providing him with the opportunity to see his brother. Ross didn't have any questions for Edmund.

After Ross explained about Reva making the decision that Richard asked her to, the Judge said he would like to make his ruling. But Cassie stood up and said that she would like to say something. Miss Wolfe asked her how she felt when she learned of Richard's death. Cassie said she felt like she was living on an emotional roller coaster. She said what happened to Richard is a family matter and she wanted no part of the proceeding. Miss Wolfe asked if she thought what Reva did was right. But Cassie repeated that she didn't want any part of the proceeding. She was instructed by the Judge to answer the question. Cassie said she didn't think that Reva should have done it.

The Judge said there would be a brief recess while he made a decision. Reva refused to talk to Edmund and told him that he conspired with the DA. She told him he had no compassion. But Edmund screamed that she thought that everything she did was right. Reva started to attack Edmund and Shayne intervened. The Judge rushed in and wanted to know what was going on. He instructed them to escort Edmund out of the courtroom. Reva apologized for her behavior. He said that bail is revoked for the present time and he was holding her in contempt until she can control herself. Marah and Shayne watch as Reva is handcuffed.

At the beach

Marina brings Tammy something to drink. Tammy told Marina that it seemed there was nothing she could do. Marina said she was sorry and wished there was something she could do. When Marina asked Tammy why she didn't call Lizzie, Tammy said with Marina she doesn't have to be strong. In order to distract Tammy, Marina wanted to talk about Richard.

At the police station

Gus tried to talk o Jake, the Chief of Police. Upset, Jake told Gus they had a meeting with the mayor. Gus said that Harley is sick and cannot make the meeting. Jake understood and assumed Harley had a 'germ thing'. Jake said he would call the Mayor and cancel the meeting.

At the Beacon Hotel

Cassie told Tammy she was sorry that she had to see that at the bail hearing. They discussed Josh and Reva's wedding and how happy Richard was. They both decided to stay at the Beacon until they figured out what to do.

Friday, August 23, 2002

Olivia receives the news that Lorelei's diary is sitting on bookstore shelves right now. Sam attempts to caution Olivia against taking credit for this, even though it's pretty obvious she did arrange to have the diary published. Sam doesn't think Phillip is going to be very happy with the person responsible. Phillip walks in looking for some documents and Olivia begins to bait him about Beth's whereabouts. Phillip is led to ask if things are so bad between Alan and Olivia - what is keeping her staying at the mansion? Just then, Alan comes in from shopping and says he happened to find a little something that he claims has Olivia's "name written all over it." Fearing Alan has discovered a published copy of Lorelei's diary, Olivia opens the gift bag with hesitation. When she finds a jeweler's box, she is relieved and surprised. The box contains earrings, which unbeknownst to Olivia, are actually microphones with which Alan intends to snoop on his ladylove.

Beth is in Mexico and finds the mission chapel that she drew in her painting. A priest recognizes Beth as Lorelei. Beth fills the priest in on who she is/was and why she is at the mission. The Father doesn't want to answer Beth's questions regarding Lorelei's past with the mission. He encourages her to look around and to pray that God will reveal whatever she is supposed to remember. Beth dissolves into tears wandering about the chapel and attempting to remember why this mission is significant to her/to Lorelei. She recalls Phillip's frustration with her drawing of the mission and her obsession with recovering all of Lorelei's actions and involvements.

Ross and Blake subletting Olivia's apartment begin to get a bit steamy. When Blake goes to the kitchen for some refreshment, Blake discovers that the refrigerator is filled with canned whip cream. Ross shakes a finger at her in mock judgment. A little bit later, Holly drops by the apartment and catches Ross and Blake in mid-"dessert." Then Ed shows up with a house-warming gift too. Blake thinks it's wonderful that her mom and Ed are 'on the same wavelength' after all these years. Holly confesses the kiss that she and Ed shared earlier. Meanwhile in the other room, Ed is sharing about the kiss to Ross. "What about Buzz", Blake asks Holly? And over in the living room "What do I do now", Ed asks Ross? When Holly and Ed leave, both Blake and Ross excitedly tell each other about The Kiss. The doorbell rings, again, it's the catering guy from downstairs. Apparently he was told he could store some things in the fridge, and he's come to retrieve his whipped cream!

Eden and Gus stand in the middle of a highway. Whoever moves first is the loser. As a truck comes closer, Gus and Eden argue over Harley and whether or not she is 'worth it'. Eden implores Nicky/Gus to move from the road, she calls him crazy. He says yeah, crazy in love with Harley. Eden pulls Gus from the roadway as the truck whizzes by. He claims victory in their game and drags Eden off to find Phillip. When Gus introduces Eden to Phillip, he is unimpressed, and in fact invites them both to leave. But Gus presses forward and tells Phillip that Eden is the one who pushed the guy off of the roof, the one that he has been covering for. Phillip doesn't believe them or the cover-up story. Gus persuades Phillip to at the very least check out their story. Phillip says he will. As they go to leave the mansion, Gus makes Eden replace the expensive knick-knack she was attempting to steal. Phillip receives a call from Beth saying she is on her way home, she is done with chasing after Lorelei's ghost. He tells her to use the jet, and she says that is just what she hoped he'd say. As she is leaving, she chances upon a large book that is an official record of the goings-on of the chapel. Beth reads that Lorelei Hills and Bill Lewis were married right there in the chapel! Her mouth falls open in astonishment. Beth asks the Father if the record is correct. He tells her yes, Lorelei married Bill. That he married them himself. The priest is amazed that Beth does not remember any of this. She comments that she does know someone whom she bets remembers every detail of that night. Beth puts in a call looking for Bill Lewis.

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