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Passions Recaps: The week of August 19, 2002 on PS
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Monday, August 19, 2002

Eve gets some bad news about Antonio's last CAT scan. She consults with a specialist. The specialist confirms what Eve already knew. Antonio has a near fatal condition where any upset could kill him instantly.

Luis and Sheridan try to hash out their feelings. Luis finds out that Sheridan and Antonio were married in another life. He asks Sheridan who she wants to be engaged to. He also tells her that if she takes Antonio home to her cottage, Antonio will expect to sleep with her. Luis says that he could not take that. Sheridan says no one can appreciate the horrible position she has been put in.

Charity finds out that Timmy died and she has his heart. Kay explains away Charity hearing her voice in the ice cave. After Charity is left alone. fire and smoke appear in her room. The zombie decides to pay the real Charity a visit.

Whitney and Theresa are reunited when Whitney pays a visit to the Crane mansion. Gwen eavesdrops in on their conversation and hears that Theresa will use the baby to try to get Ethan back so they can be a happy little family. Gwen then goes downstairs and listens in on Chad and Ethan. Chad cannot believe that Ethan still does not trust Theresa after all Theresa was willing to do for him. He tells Ethan that he could never be truly happy with Gwen when he still has so many unresolved feelings for Theresa.

Mrs. Wallace and Beth fight over a picture of Luis. Mrs. Wallace falls and ends up at the ER. ve admits Mrs. Wallace. Beth sees Antonio and hears the astounding news that his Diana is really Sheridan Crane and he still plans on marrying her. Beth sees this information as a glimmer of hope that she and Luis are not through. Mrs. Wallace tells Antonio that she needs to set him straight about Luis and Sheridan.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

The zombie pays the real Charity a visit in her hospital room. She brings Charity a gift. It is a TV remote. She uses it to show Charity her future which includes pain and suffering. Charity sees Kay taking Miguel away from her forever.

Eve stops Mrs. Wallace from telling Antonio that Sheridan is also engaged to his brother Luis. Beth sees this as hope that she may get yet a third chance with Luis. Eve's worst suspicions are true. Any upset or shock could kill Antonio instantly.

Sheridan tells Luis that as Diana she loved Brian with all her heart but Sheridan Crane loves Luis and always will.

Simone keeps sticking it to Kay that Miguel will always love only Charity. Kay asks Simone where her "boyfriend" Chad is and why he is not with her. Simone pulls out the card she thinks Chad sent to her and shows it to Kay. Kay asks Simone if she is sure that Chad meant the card for her.

Chad tells Ethan about the misunderstanding with Simone. He says he is more worried about his relationship with Whitney than with Simone. He fears that Whitney will break up with him again.

Whitney tells Theresa that she and Chad made love. Theresa is happy for her friend. She tells Whitney not to let anything stand in their way, not even Simone. Theresa says that this is how she feels about Ethan. She will never stop trying to get Ethan. Theresa says she will roll over Gwen's cold dead body before she lets her get Ethan. Gwen overhears and vows not to lose Ethan to Theresa again.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

The zombie pays a terrifying visit to the real Charity. She shows the real Charity so much pain and suffering for all the residents of Harmony that Charity begins to scream. Miguel finds her on the floor of her hospital room. She tells Miguel that Kay took him away and there is so much more in store for them and everyone else. Kay sees this as a glimmer of hope.

Beth also has hopes of keeping Luis when she finds out that Antonio still thinks he will be marrying Sheridan. Sheridan and Luis tell Pilar that Sheridan intends to marry Luis once they go together to tell Antonio the truth.

Pilar fears that her sons will end up killing each other. Pilar tells Luis he must tell Sheridan that he was engaged to Beth. Beth beats Luis to it and spills the news about their engagement to Sheridan. She tells Sheridan that they fell in love all over again and decided to get married. Mrs. Wallace listens in and calls her daughter wicked.

Chad thinks Whitney plans to break up with him when she tells him that they must have a talk about their relationship. Whitney takes Theresa's advice to heart and tells Chad that they must tell Simone as soon as possible that they are in love. She tells Chad that she may be selfish but she can't give him up because she loves him too much. They kiss.

Gwen is sick of watching Theresa use the baby to snare Ethan back into her life. She calls Theresa on it. She asks Theresa if she ever babysat when she was younger. She asks her how it is possible for her to have been around children but not know how to take care of a baby. She points out to Ethan that it is all just a ruse to get him back. Gwen tells Ethan that Theresa is once again lying and manipulating to get him back.

Tabitha casts a wicked spell to blow through Harmony tonight. Everyone feels the evil cold wind.

Ethan tells Theresa he was right...people don't change and he still can't trust her.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Grace goes to see Charity. Charity tells her aunt about the zombie's visit. Grace assures her niece that Miguel will always be there to take care of her and nothing will ever tear them apart. Grace then corners Kay and asks her if she is the one who brought evil back to Harmony. Kay gets angry and tells her mother that there are some things that they need to "put on the table." Kay accuses her mother of not loving her and always taking Charity's side. Kay says she is treated like a second class citizen by her own mother and that Grace never sticks up for her. Kay challenges her mother to name a time when she took her side over Charity's. Grace can't. Kay says that her mother does not love her. Grace reminds Kay that Charity needs love because she is an orphan. Kay says that the minute Charity walked into the Bennett house it was Kay who became the orphan. Grace tries to touch Kay but Kay recoils and says, "Take your hands off of me you bitch!"

Antonio knows that something is being kept from him. He is determined to find out the secret that everybody seems to be hiding. Eve orders him back to bed but he plans on doing some snooping first. Eve tells Pilar that Antonio's condition is very serious and if he finds out about Luis and Sheridan or is suddenly shocked, it could be fatal.

Beth purposely lets it slip to Sheridan that Luis was engaged to her when Sheridan disappeared. Beth then says she cannot believe Luis did not tell her. Sheridan is furious with Luis. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that she knows that she dropped that bomb on Sheridan on purpose. Beth denies it. Sheridan gets even more angry at Luis when she realizes that he and Beth became lovers again. She cannot believe how mad Luis got over her relationship with Antonio when he was just as guilty of doing the same thing.

Theresa is caught lying to Ethan again. Gwen corners her into admitting she knows everything about babies and was trying to get closer to Ethan by pretending not to. Ethan tells Theresa he does not trust her and probably never will. Theresa accuses Gwen of poisoning Ethan's mind against her. Ethan tells Theresa not to blame this on Gwen. Ethan says he cannot ever forgive her. He says today could have been a great day with sweet memories but she turned it into a horrible day and she did it all by herself. He says that she ruined any chance they had to be happy.

Friday, August 23, 2002

Kay has it out with her mother. She tells Grace that she doesn't care what her mother thinks of her anymore. Grace goes away in tears and cries on Sam's shoulder. Grace tells Sam that Kay is harboring feelings for Miguel and actually thinks she has a chance with him if Charity were out of the picture.

Kay says that she doesn't care what people think anymore. No one else cares about her happiness so she is going to take what she wants. Kay tells Simone she swears she will get Miguel no matter what.

Gwen's maneuver to expose Theresa's lie worked like a charm. Ethan walks out on Theresa and leaves with Gwen. Whitney and Chad try to console Theresa. She feels she must go to Ethan now and explain to him. Chad stops her. He says to give Ethan his space. He tells Theresa that he just had a talk with Ethan before all this happened and she blew whatever second chance Ethan was willing to give her. Chad and Whitney leave to find Simone and finally tell her the truth. They both decide that they must tell TC also. They fear his reaction if he hears about them from someone else. As they get to the Russell house TC walks out and orders Whitney and Chad inside and then he hollers for Simone. TC says they have something to settle.

Luis and Sheridan argue about his involvement with Beth. In the heat of the argument, they kiss passionately. They decide to stop fighting, apologize to each other and call a truce. Mrs. Wallace tells Antonio he can find out what people are keeping from him if he asks Luis and Sheridan outright.

Gwen and Ethan begin to make love. Gwen purposely moans loud enough for Theresa to hear. Theresa is crushed. Antonio finds Sheridan and Luis together in an embrace and asks them what the hell is going on.

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