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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 19, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, August 19, 2002

Marlena browses through the psychology books at Dotcom. Spotting Jack, Jennifer and Abby there on a family outing, she goes over and chats with them. Abby wanders off when she sees Chloe sitting alone and talks to her about bone marrow transplants. Abby tells Chloe that she had one when she was a baby. The adults come over;Jack, Jennifer and Abby excuse themselves. Chloe apologizes for her behavior at Brady's loft and says it was a mistake to go there. Chloe tells Marlena that she feels Brady is too negative about her illness. Marlena defends Brady to Chloe and says that ultimately Chloe will have to do what's best for her health regardless of what Brady or Philip thinks. Philip joins Chloe just as Marlena is paged.

Chloe confides to Philip that she's afraid that either a donor won't be found or that the transplant won't be successful. Philip tries to cheer her up. He tells her that he wants to travel the world with her. The Titan jet is at their disposal and they can go anywhere she wants. Chloe decides to take him up on the offer...

Colin arrives at Tony's and finds him in his catatonic state uttering Marlena's name. When Tony speaks to him Tony snaps out of it. Colin tells Tony what he was saying and suggests therapy. Tony asks Colin to convince Marlena to be his doctor. Colin says all he can do is ask her he can't force anything. Colin leaves.

Colin turns up at Dotcom. After giving Philip permission to take Chloe on a short trip he heads over and picks out the same book as Marlena. He very briefly speaks with Jennifer and thanks her for using the Spectator to help find Chloe a donor. He brings up the painful past of Jack's involvement in the tract five land deal that resulted in Abby having to have a bone marrow transplant. Once Colin leaves Jennifer tells Jack about Colin's questions about the past. She also tells Jack that she has forgiven him for running out on them when they needed him the most a long time ago. They realize that Marlena and Colin bought exactly the same book. Guessing that it has something to do with Tony they run and get the last copy for themselves...

Outside Colin gets a call from Tony saying that he's got Marlena where he wants her. She arrives at her office and is startled when Tony shows up. He tells her what Colin overheard him saying in regards to she being the only one who can unlock his dreams. Marlena refuses yet again to treat Tony, but does tell him that he can tell her about anything he learns through therapy off the record...

Brady mopes over Chloe. Isabella appears and tells him to listen to Marlena and ask Roman for help. Brady isn't crazy about asking Roman for help but is willing to try if it helps Chloe. Brady arrives at the police station and asks Roman to find out if Dr. Sykes is indeed in the witness protection program. Roman refuses saying that the program cannot be compromised for any reason as too many lives are at risk. Brady freaks and storms out. Brady gets home and lashes out at Isabella for sending him to Roman in the first place...

Lexie and Brandon "get it on." They are barely finished when they hear Abe beating on the door. Lexie begs Brandon not to reveal that she's there. Brandon answers the door says Lexie isn't there and lets Abe look around telling him to let himself out. Abe sees Lexie's scarf. He picks it up and leaves. He returns to the police station knowing Brandon lied. After Lexie leaves him, Brandon vows to take her away from Abe forever...

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Sami is thinking of a way to get Brandon when he suddenly shows up at her door. He demands to know why she dumped him, but she refuses to tell him because of Victor's threats. As the fight escalates, Billie arrives because someone reported the disturbance. Sami tells Billie to mind her own business and cries that she wants Billie, Brandon, and Nicole to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Nicole tells Victor that she has a surprise for him tonight and she plans to accept his proposal. Victor is thrilled and goes to the Salem Inn to book the bridal suite for tonight. He runs into Roman, who warns him that Nicole is poison. Back in her apartment, Nicole has a nightmare of being handcuffed to Victor. She wakes and is surprised when Colin comes over. He wants to vent and eventually goads Nicole into having sex. Still steaming, Sami goes to confront Nicole and arrives just as Colin is leaving Nicole's place; she follows him and catches him in a lie as he tries to cover. Victor calls Nicole and she assures him she can't wait for tonight. Brandon knocks on her door and demands to know what she's done to Sami.

Billie panics when she overhears Roman on a phone call with the Commissioner and assumes she's being thrown off the force. She confides in Bo, and he offers to talk to the Commissioner himself. She declines, but is touched that Bo believes in her enough to offer. She calls her mysterious contact and reveals she may be out of the station soon. Billie leaves; Roman returns, hands Bo a key to the Salem Inn, and says Bo's spending the night with Billie.

Jack and Jennifer argue about Colin and how she pushes Jack away every time they get close. He storms off and goes to see Billie for an exclusive about the drug bust. They commiserate together about being town pariahs and talk about convincing everyone that they're not pining over old flames by dating each other. Meanwhile, Bo comforts Jennifer as she gushes over Jack and realizes she may still have feelings for him. As she thinks Jack can't hurt her again, she sees Jack and Billie making plans for their first date.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

A hit man is out to get Victor, and to save him, Bo must go undercover as Billie's lover-at the order of the police commissioner. Of course, Bo doesn't want to take part in the operation, but does to save his dad. Billie however is ecstatic although she doesn't show it in front of him. Roman warns Bo that he has to keep quiet about the operation and cannot tell Hope. When Bo later talks to Hope, he learns that J.T's surgery went well, Barb delivered her baby, and that Hope will stay in Iowa a little longer to help Barb adjust.

Sami questions Colin about his relationship with Nicole. Initially, Colin tells Sami to buzz off. Then tries to turn the tables on her by accusing her of having an initiate relationship with Tony DiMera and of using Tony to win Brandon's affection. Sami denies having any feelings for Brandon and also dismisses his claims about Tony being her lover. Colin then gives Sami an excuse as to why he was at Nicole's apartment. He tells her they were planning a charity event. Sami later confronts Nicole about incident and threatens to tell Victor about Colin's visit. Luckily for Nicole, Colin warns her about Sami before she incriminates herself.

Lexi makes a visit to Abe's house in hopes of reconciling with him. Abe confronts her as to where she was the night before. Lexi tells him she was at a hotel. That's when Abe informs her that he knows she was at Brandon's. He displays her scarf, which he took from Brandon's apartment. Lexi then accuses Abe of constantly unfairly attacking her. The two argue, and Abe announces that their marriage is finished for good. He later calls Mickey and tells him he wants to proceed with the divorce.

Suspicious that Sami is shunning him because of Nicole, Brandon confronts his sister.

Nicole denies doing anything to Sami. She lets Brandon know that she thinks it is good that he and Sami are not together. Nicole then announces her plans to accept Victor's proposal. Brandon tries to convince her not to marry Victor and to find someone she loves. Nicole tells him she is through with the love thing and that at this point in her life she only wants the power, respect, prestige that comes along with being Mrs. Victor Kiriakis.

Meanwhile, a mystery man lurks in the shadows of Salem. He watches Billie from a distance as she purchases lingerie for her night with Bo during their undercover operation.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Belle and Shawn lose track of the aliens at Salem Place. They find them walking off with food from a food stand without paying. Security grabs them. Belle pays for their food and gets them out of trouble with the police. They take the aliens up to the hill where the spaceship landed and the aliens lay down on the ground. Shawn gets them up. Belle convinces Shawn they need to look around for the key Cassie drew in the picture. As Shawn and Rex go to climb down the cliff, Rex slips over the edge but Shawn pulls him up safely. They go down another way to look for any remains of the spaceship but find nothing. When they come back up, Belle sees something shiny up in a tree. Shawn climbs up and hits it down to Belle. It turns out to be a blue key just like the one John took from Tony and the picture Cassie drew.

Philip tells Chloe he is taking her to New York City for their getaway trip. Nancy overhears and says NO WAY. Chloe begs to go. Craig says he thinks it will be good for her to get away. Nancy finally agrees. Nancy and Craig give Chloe a gift to make her fell better . . . it's a wig that looks a lot like her own hair. Chloe loves it. Chloe and Philip go to Salem Place to buy new clothing for their trip. They run into Brady. Just as Chloe is about to tell Brady about their trip, Philip covers it and they walk away. Chloe wants to know why he didnšt want to tell Brady about their trip and Philip says he wants it to be just between them. The Wesleys' detective shows up and tells them that Chloe's biological father hasn't been seen since he testified against a drug lord a few years ago. Nancy thinks he is dead.

Isabella appears to Brady and tells him to go back and talk to Roman again for answers. Brady explains why he can't go back. Brady goes to Salem place and runs into John. He asks John how he got through Isabella's illness. John tells him Faith got him through. Brady decides to head off and see Roman again. Brady asks Roman if he reconsidered telling him where Chloe's father is. Roman tells Brady that he can't TELL him anything as he pulls out a folder from his locked drawer and lays it on the desk. Brady nods in understanding as Roman leaves the office. Brady writes down all the info he needs on Chloe's father.

John tells Roman he feels as though something big is about to go down. Roman confirms his feelings. Roman confides to him that there is a hit out on Victor for crossing Stefano by revealing the secret airfield that Lexie tried to escape on. John says he wants to help but John wonšt let him. John says hešll do what he has to do.

Friday, August 23, 2002

Chloe packed for her trip to NY with Philip. She told Philip on the phone that she was glad he didn't tell Brady about the trip. After she hung up, Brady showed up at her door. Chloe didn't want to let him in. Brady pushed his way past her when he saw her suitcase by the door. He was worried that she was going back to the hospital. Brady demanded to know where she was going. After she told him the truth about her trip to NY, Brady admitted that he was jealous of Philip. While Brady was defending himself against Chloe's accusations of pessimism, he suddenly revealed that he was leaving town find her father. Chloe was stunned, because she doesn't even know her father's name. Brady brought Chloe up-to-date on the search for her father. Chloe protested Brady's plan to go after her father. Brady pointed out that her father may be a bone marrow match or he may have other children who could be a match. Chloe reluctantly agreed to let Brady go, but insisted that she would go with him.

Cassie was freaked out about the blue key they found on the hillside. Belle convinced Shawn not to turn the aliens over to the authorities until they've had a little more time to figure out the mystery. When Belle and Shawn tried get the aliens to communicate about the key, Cassie flashed back to she and Rex as youngsters being held in a room. A man in a lab coat uses the blue key to unlock the door, leaving the two youngsters alone and crying. Shawn realized that Cassie was unable to say what she was thinking and again was determined to find his dad and let out the alien secret. After he left to find his dad, Cassie became frantic and called Belle the "enemy who must die." Belle calmed her down and got them to tell her that the key was to a "cage." Cassie repeated the words of the man in the lab coat in her flash back: "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite." Belle didn't understand. Belle asked if they meant that they were kept in a cage. When Rex went outside to get their bag, Cassie went after Belle with a power saw.

While Nicole was getting ready for her date with Victor, he showed up at her apartment. Victor wanted to know why she has been so tense. Nicole flashed back to her make-out session with Colin. Sami was outside Nicole's apartment eavesdropping. Victor's phone rang; it was Bo. After Victor tried to put Bo off, Bo informed him his life was at stake. Suddenly, Bo had Victor's attention. Bo told him that an assassin was thought to be arriving in Salem today. Victor immediately canceled his date with Nicole and left to meet Bo. Sami then made her presence known, taunting Nicole that perhaps Victor had gotten wind of her afternoon romp with Colin. Nicole tried to throw her out, but Sami was there to bargain. Sami's silence in return for Nicole getting Victor to allow Sami to date Brandon. Sami continued to explain the benefits of her scheme, reminding Nicole of all she has to loose if Victor finds out about Colin. Nicole was very nervous at the idea, but turned on Sami and began threatening her. She reminded Sami that Victor has the tape that proves she perjured herself in the custody trial. Nicole put on her flashy, skimpy dress and went to find Victor to put an end to Sami's plots.

Meanwhile, Roman told Billie that her undercover work with Bo would be her big chance to prove herself. Billie informed Roman that she planned to have Bo in bed by the end of the evening. Roman told her that this stake out was no joke. Bo walked up during their bantering and Billie assured them both that nothing would go wrong.

Victor arrived for his meeting with Bo. Victor insisted on being at the Salem Inn to help bring down the assassin. Bo said no way, but Victor assured Bo that Nicole was not coming and that he had to be part of the action. As Philip approached his Dad, Victor assured him everything was fine, to go to New York and have a good time. Victor told Philip he loved him and gave him a hug. Philip was then very suspicious at his dad's behavior.

Shawn found Roman and told him he needed Bo. Roman told Shawn that Bo was working under cover and couldn't be reached, but Shawn wouldn't let Roman help him with his problem. Roman got a call from the commissioner and Roman forwarded the message to Bo that the assassin had arrived in Salem.

Shawn continued to try to find his dad. He ran into Philip at Salem Place, and he told Shawn that he had just seen Bo heading for the Salem Inn. Shawn headed off to find him.

At the Salem Inn, Bo and Billie are undercover as a "couple" in the lobby as Victor checked in to his suite. They were observing a suspicious man with a briefcase and began to kiss to cover up their staring. Just then, Shawn entered the lobby to see his father kissing Billie.

Outside the Inn, Sami had chased down Nicole and they began to argue. Nicole informed Sami that she knew Victor had just been dropped off at the Inn and she intended to convince him to take Sami down, tonight.

Philip bought a beautiful diamond hairpin for Chloe. He tried to call Chloe to tell her, but had to leave a message.

Back at the Salem Inn, Billie followed the suspicious man with the briefcase. Bo was eyeing another guy who appeared to be reaching in his jacket for something. Just then, Nicole and Sami burst into the lobby arguing. Victor was stunned to see them and looked to Bo for help. Bo was still watching his suspect. The suspect pulled a gun and pointed it at Victor. Bo already had his gun pointed at the suspect, but Nicole, Sami and an unknown guest were blocking his shot. Bo yelled for everyone to get out of the way, just as the gunman fired his weapon...

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