One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 19, 2002 on OLTL

Lindsay realized that Viki and Niki were the same person. Rae blackmailed Asa into marriage. Antonio and R.J. fought at the police station. R.J. told Keri that Antonio had attacked him. On the deserted island, Ross sensed a change in the weather.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 19, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, August 19, 2002

Viki attacks Allison, who grabs for the gun. Viki lunges for the gun after her attempts to trick Allison into leaving fail. A shot is fired during Viki and Allison's struggle. Max is momentarily concerned about Roxy's safety but leaves a message for Nora telling her to speed up the divorce.

Todd steals the raft after misinterpreting a close moment between Téa and Ross. Blair promises a hurting Starr that she would never keep her and Todd apart.

To further cover his alibi, a guilt ridden R.J. doesn't accept Cristian and Carlotta's offer of a truce. Keri and Antonio fail to resolve their differences about R.J. Keri hands Antonio her engagement ring.

Rex observes Chad comforting Jessica.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Jen arranges dinner for three. Natalie is to be the guest of honor, as she fells badly for having accused the girl of trying to have her boyfriend for her own. Cris conveys that he doesn't think its such a good idea, but Jennifer tells him everything is set and their guest is on her way. Cris is surprised to learn that Natalie agreed to the arrangement, but believes the lie and is off to collect the food his girlfriend ordered. No sooner is he out the door that Jen picks up the phone to extend the invitation to Natalie, who is shocked by the gesture and tries to beg off explaining she has alot on her mind. Jen empathizes, saying she knows what she must be going through, as she is worried about her own Mom being on the run. Besides, she wants to make amends for the insensitive way she had been treated and her presence would make Cris very happy. Finally, she is worn down by her hostess and accepts the invitation. Jennifer hangs up, satisfied that her efforts to conceal the contempt she harbors for her nemesis was sucessful. Al stops by the loft and is surprised to learn it was Jen's idea to invite Natalie to dinner. Knowimg better, he asks Jen what's up. She answers that she hates Natalie and would rather have her in her sights than alone with Cris. He likes this foreign side of her. Jen isn't sure if Nat set the fire, however, she is positive Cris is heavily influenced by her and doesn't know what to make of the alibi. She is positive, though, of her motives and wants to see Natalie squirm. Al advises her to be careful and asks if there is any news about Lindsay. She replies that she hasn't heard anything. But now she could understand how her mother might have been provoked by betrayals and lies into doing the things she has, and that Lindsay was probably disgusted with being mad all of the time and chose to get even with those people that hurt her.

Cris returns from the restaurant and catches Natalie outside of the apartment. They both agree that they couldn't get around Jennifer's plans for the evening. Natalie apologizes for interrupting Cris's and Jen's relationship. She also takes full blame for the kiss they shared, but Cris won't accept that and is about to say something else when Jen opens the door.

Al splits, wishing everyone have a good evening. Jen begins to plate the food and seats Natalie and Cris on the sofa. The two seem very awkward being so close to one another but Jennifer is determined to create her own atmosphere and even offers to sit on the floor. Cris gets a call from Break Bar saying he is needed downstairs, but blows it off. Jen encourages him to tend to the business at hand. He complies, stating he won't be very long, leaving the girls alone.

Lindsay hears a gunshot ring out from the basement, as Niki tried to wrest the firearm away from Allison but failed, nearly getting shot for her effort. Niki is being menaced by her kidnapper, who maintains possession of the gun. Lindsay starts to make her way to the basement, but her partner prods her back up the stairs, explaining she had found a weapon and fired it. Terrified by what the crazed woman might do next, she phones R. J., leaving a message that Allison has become unglued and needs his help to get away from her. Allison steals behind Lindsay and grabs the phone out of her hand. The frightened woman contends that she is worried about her daughter and was trying to contact her. Lindsay wants to know why the gun was fired. Allison discloses she was merely testing the weapon in case they should need it while escaping to Canada. Allison accuses Lindsay of being paranoid when she mentions hearing screams coming from the basement. She suggests Lindsay ready herself to leave the house while she goes downstairs to ensure they haven't left anything behind.

R. J. is on the phone with the LPD trying to arrange the return of his money clip. He is quickly fed up with the person on the other end of the line and hangs up. Lindsay calls but he doesn't pick up, instead leaving it for the machine to answer.

Allison informs a bound and gagged Niki that she will be her insurance on the road. Meanwhile Lindsay phones R. J. again, this time playing the blackmail card. He picks up the phone, lying he had just arrived home. He advises her to make the best of things with Allison and to ditch her on the road. If he were to meet her at Rae's house they would all be in a world of trouble because he may be followed there. He shouts at her to stop phoning him.

Téa pleads with Todd not to leave the island. She admits she can't be with Ross because she still loves him. She accuses him of the same feelings. Todd responds that he wants his kids back and Téa to be part of his family. In tears she holds on tight to him as Rayburn looks on. Ross approaches, and Todd denies he was stealing the raft. He affords them their privacy while he goes off to find bindings for the unfinished water craft. Téa and Todd collect food for their homeward bound voyage, and he conveys to her that he blames Blair for not forgiving him. She shoots back that he doesn't make things easy on the women that love him, adding she could neither forget or leave him.

Keri wants to return the engagement ring to Antonio, but he won't accept it. He implores her to reconsider breaking up with him, but it is he, she responds, who is leaving her. He explains he will always be a cop and can't help being suspicious of her father. Keri tells him that the larger issue is he won't believe her and still thinks she is lying to alibi R. J., beyond that her father will always be a divisive influence in their lives. Antonio claims to have ruled out the possibility that she is lying, and reminds her of their love for one another. It isn't enough she says, because his hatred for her dad out weighs his love. She could not endure his questioning her veracity in the future since she is an honest person and a part of R. J.. No matter how much he reasons otherwise, her argument remains, why start something that is doomed to fail. In tears he besieges her not to leave him and refuses to accept the ring, telling her to keep it. She can't, as it represents a hope that will not come to fruition. Crying, she leaves the diamond symbol of their love on the counter and heads toward the door. He imagines his proposal and their time on Maui, while he holds the ring and tosses the counter screaming "damn you R. J.."

Keri enters the apartment while her dad is on the phone with Lindsay. He hangs up, lying it was a telemarketer. She tells him it's over between her and Antonio.

Natalie tells Jen she has a headache and has to leave. Jennifer grabs her by the shoulders, blocking her way to the door.

Ross notices a storm on the horizon, coming in fast.

Allison is in the car when Lindsay notices the trunk is ajar. She opens it and discovers with horror, Viki gagged, bound and unconscious.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

At the police station Antonio is hoping to get a message from Keri while Ben and Bo talk about finding Viki and getting her help. Bo interviews a hospital security guard who identifies Lindsay as the woman he thought was Rae except that she had dark hair and not the blonde in the picture. Buchanan realizes that this occurred at the same time that Jen was at the hospital. He just can't believe the prisoners split up. Ben recalls that Allison paid him a visit at the same time. He's concerned about Viki being found by Allison. R.J. stomps in and demands that Antonio stop calling Keri. The police officer orders him out but tells him that he will prove that R.J. was involved in the prisoner break. R.J. taunts him, Antonio pushes him and soon the men are physically fighting. After they're pulled apart, R.J. tells Bo that he will be pressing charges and stalks out. Bo tells Antonio he's off the case and wonders why he always lets R.J. provoke him. Antonio pleads with the commissioner and promises to rein in his temper. Bo agrees but warns him that he'll have him back in uniform walking a beat if he lets him down. Ben expresses his fear about Allison to Antonio who promises to find them.

Jen's upset that Natalie wants to leave her special dinner and doesn't want to be her friend, but Nat claims to have a headache. When Cris returns though, she gives in and agrees to stay for some tea since Jen seems to be trying so hard. Cris can tell that something's wrong. A bubbly Jen exclaims that she wants to celebrate the three of them being friends and runs off to get her camera for some pictures. She urges an uncomfortable Cris and Natalie to get closer, takes a picture, and then snaps a picture of the three of them together as well. When she receives a phone call from Antonio seeking out Cris she urges her boyfriend to go to his brother as he sounded upset. She makes sure to give him a big kiss and tells him she can't live without him. Cris gives her an uneasy smile. The girls sit down for some tea and Jen lays it on thick. She knows how people lean on Cris, she explains. Girls always have crushes on him but Cris is very loving to her and never even looks at anyone else. She thinks that because Nat was dumped by Seth that perhaps she has a crush on Cris too. Nat disagrees as Jen continues that she and Cris have a deep connection and she doesn't want Nat hurt. Jen goes into great exaggerated detail on her love/sex life but Nat states that her headache has gotten worse and she really needs to leave. After she's gone Jen announces to the air that she's not finished with her yet.

Blair finds an old birthday card to Todd in a desk drawer and tosses it out. Chad returns and inquires about Starr having the wrong idea about them. Blair says she explained their working relationship to her and suggests that anyone who thinks anything otherwise is crazy. Chad agrees that he only works for her now. She thinks Chad is cute by being ethical on his questioning of this new working relationship and thinks he meant to call her old. He retorts that she's smart, sexy and talented among other things and Sam overhears as he arrives to talk to Blair. Blair attempts to introduce the men but the previous incident at Capricorn is recalled. She immediately puts an end to that talk and asserts that Chad is highly qualified to take the job. When she gets an emergency call and leaves momentarily, Sam pressures Chad on why he applied for the job. The young man mentions the great learning experience and his college credit as two very good reasons but Sam doesn't buy any of it. Chad only wants another chance with Blair, he insinuates. Blair returns and Chad hands in his paperwork and leaves. She hopes they weren't talking about the Capricorn incident, she tells Sam. He suggests that Blair needs protection and that Chad is not really there for any kind of credit. She's touched but explains that she's an independent woman and can take care of herself. Actually, he's there to advise her that divorce papers will be arriving; she'll wait for him before she opens them. He wants her to rethink Chad's hiring. Blair gives him a hug and they accidentally lock lips. They look uncomfortably at each other and apologize. When Sam leaves he runs into Chad and advises him that Blair has changed her mind about the job.

Keri listens to Antonio on the answering machine when Carlotta arrives to smooth things over since things were tense when she and Cris came to visit R.J. Keri springs the news that she and Antonio are over. Carlotta is upset for the pair. Keri admits they love each other still but that Antonio thinks she's lying about R.J.

Cris arrives at the police station in time to witness the fight and tells his brother he's out of control. Antonio will definitely prove that R.J. is involved. Bo arranges for Ben to make a plea over several radio stations for Viki's safe return and then hears that there's been a report of gunshots at Rae's house.

A horrified Lindsay spots a tied-up and gagged Niki in the car trunk but Allison orders her into the car to take over driving or get into the trunk with Niki. Later, as the pair is heading towards Canada, Lindsay tries to reassure Allison that everything will work out ok and that she's very grateful to the woman for getting her out of prison. As Allison dozes Lindsay attempts to reach for the gun but a startled Allison awakens and accuses her of having a sneaky expression on her face. As Lindsay denies this, Niki begins to make banging noises from the trunk. Allison believes it's a code and thinks she and Lindsay are working against her. She becomes irrational and demands that Lindsay interpret the banging noises. Lindsay swears she's not in cahoots with Niki and is actually happy about the kidnapping to get her away from Dave. She's sure Allison and Dave will be together, she says. She almost has Allison convinced to turn the car around when Ben's plea to Viki comes out over the radio. He loves her and wants her safe return. Lindsay has been lying, Allison snarls.

Bo checks out Rae's house where another officer finds the bullet hole in a wall. Bo locates the prisoners' clothing.

Keri daydreams of a wonderful getting back together with Antonio. Instead of Antonio coming through the door, it's a bruised up R.J. He was attacked by Antonio, he announces.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Bo is at Rae Cummings house and has discovered that this is where Lindsay and Allison were hiding out. Antonio comes in and Bo says he was hoping someone else would take the call, that he better sit this one out. Antonio asks what he means and Bo tells him it isn't good for him or the case. Antonio says he wants to prove R.J. helped them and Bo tells him it isn't about what he wants. Antonio tells Bo the case will not be compromised, he promises. Antonio then says, "Now what's up?" Bo responds by telling him Allison and Lindsay had been there. Bo fills in Antonio; neighbors heard a gunshot and one of the officers found the bullet hole. Bo tells him they must search every inch of the house and try to find out when they left.

Allison has taken Lindsay and Niki/Viki to the Buchanan cabin. She throws Niki/Viki to the couch and says Viki is wanted by the cops and no one will figure out she is hiding out in her own place. Lindsay tries to ask questions about Viki being wanted by the police. Allison says "Put a lid on it or I will muzzle you permanently."

Asa is yelling on the phone to the television studio threatening if they run that interview about Rae Cummings again he will sue their station for every penny they have. He slams down the phone and says that is the end of it as Nigel walks in. He says he has met every one of the demands on the damn list. He throws the wadded up list across the room. Nigel picks it up and Asa says he has dropped his civil suit, taken the website off the internet (, taken the interview off the television station and now they are done. Nigel says "She does have both of us – you and me". Asa replied back "go ahead and say it Nigel – She has us over a barrel". Asa is still angry, as he fixes himself a drink he is ranting about how "Rae thinks she has won but at least he won't have the FBI crawling all over him. Nobody needs to know how I got my fortune and I intend to keep it that way even if I have to make nice to this phony quack". Nigel adds, "Let sleeping dogs lie". He adds "But how can you be sure she will play nice with you?"

Rae is at the Palace talking with Renee, Renee is worried about Viki and Rae tells her she is so sorry, but Renee replies that is between her and her conscience. Rae then tells her she won't be staying at the hotel any longer. Renee questions if she is able to go back home, but she says no. Rae tells Renee she must tell her everything about her and Asa.

Troy and Nora are still at the cabin and are outside putting out a blanket on the ground and Nora says she still feels the toxins from the cabin and would rather take her chances with the outdoors. She says, "Isn't the water just perfect Troy", and he hears Joanna in his mind saying the same thing. Nora asks, "What is it?"

Max is being silly with Al at the house packing up Roxy's things saying, "The old ball and chain is gone" Al says how can you be sure she is really gone? Camera goes to an unconscious Roxy in the trunk.

In the Buchanan cabin, Allison has tied up Niki/Viki. Lindsay is worried about being killed by Allison, but Niki/Viki says not to worry, they are worth more to Allison alive than dead. Allison overhears and says, "So not true and I don't care!"

Nigel is worried saying "Aside from a lobotomy how can they be sure Rae will keep her word?" Asa says "Nigel don't start, Gretel would have chewed off her arm to get out of the mess she was in, I gave her everything she wanted. I am not going after her in public, I am not suing her into the poor house and in fact I am staying as far away as I can from her and she will not publish that exposé." He crumples up and throws the list of demands from Rae saying "well that is done". He smiles saying it sure was fun tormenting her, while it lasted. Rae/Gretel is telling Renee about how Asa was her patient and really opened up to her, but they are interrupted by Shawna and Mollie, who are questioning how she got the hospital to drop the lawsuit. Renee misunderstands and thinks Asa is being a good man once again and she is delighted, saying this is what she has wanted for so long – an absolute miracle, thanking Rae for all her help counseling him. She tells Rae she can stay at the Palace as long as she wants. Rae tries to stop her but Renee rushes out saying when Asa faked his own death it was Rae who told her he was hiding his feelings. She assures Rae that she is welcome at the Palace forever as she runs out and Rae says, "I don't think so".

Bo and Antonio are searching Rae's house and realize that Allison and Lindsay have not been gone long; maybe an hour or two as there is fresh food on the kitchen table. They are down in the basement and realize something happened down there, as it was such a mess, knowing Rae was so organized she would not have left it that way. Bo has a gut feeling and says he knows something happened down there – a struggle. He knows Lindsay is not violent, her weapon of choice is manipulation, but that Allison is another story –"I pity anyone who gets in Allison's way". He looks around the basement trying to find clues.

Allison is so paranoid, she thinks Niki/Viki and Lindsay are in cahoots and tells Lindsay not to even look at Niki/Viki and she calls Lindsay a Judas, saying she just lies to her and she lied to her about Dave, that she isn't her friend. Allison says everyone is against her and if Lindsay keeps looking at Niki/Viki she will blindfold her. Lindsay says "You wouldn't be here if not for me". Niki/Viki says she would make a better partner than a hostage. She tells Allison that everyone will be looking for her and they would pay big bucks to get her back, skies the limit. Safe passage for her to get across the border – "What do you say, can we cut a deal?" she asks Allison.

R.J. comes over to Max's house and Al is questioning the fact that Roxy has left without a fight and Max says she is gone; R.J. comes in and says, "You didn't do what you suggested did you? Max says, "You think I killed her"? God no!" R.J. replies, "Good, I can't get mixed up in your mess, I got enough trouble of my own".

Antonio is still saying that whoever helped Allison and Lindsay had to be a local and it is R.J. that helped them and says he is sure his prints are all over. He reminds Bo about the money clip, Bo tells him to be careful, one slip and R.J. walks. Antonio tells Bo that he and Keri have broken up and it is over. Bo tells him he cannot have another altercation with R.J. and that he cannot let anyone's emotions get in the way of this investigation. Antonio says he won't lose his emotions again because he will nail R.J. and then get Keri back. Bo says one step at a time. Antonio says he wants to find Allison and Lindsay more than ever and they will implicate R.J. Bo stops him, saying that is why he wanted him off the case and says go upstairs and search. Just then Bo sees scratches on the floor. He says something was dragged either down or up. He looks around the room and sees the trunk. Bo opens the trunk and finds Roxy inside unconscious.

Allison has tied up Lindsay to a chair and Lindsay is begging her, saying Sam will get her off. Niki/Viki says she is the one that can help her, that Sam won't help Lindsay. They keep bickering back and forth and Allison says, "I know what I am going to do." Lindsay tells Allison there should be a reward since she is an escaped convict and that Allison can have the reward. Niki/Viki says "Lindsay stupid, she's an escaped convict too." She takes Niki/Viki, ties her to a chair and says she is going to leave the cops a nice little present of two blonds. Niki/Viki says "and where are you going" Allison adds, "anywhere I damn well please." Lindsay says she can't just leave them there and Niki/Viki says to shut up, at least she isn't killing them. Allison takes Lindsay's cell phone and says if anyone is looking for her tell them she has gone where they feed blondes to the lions for lunch. Lindsay tries to get Niki/Viki to work with her. She says, "quit calling me Viki, I am Niki Smith and I work alone."

Troy wants to go back to the cabin but Nora is insistent, putting blankets out on the ground saying it is better than the rusty springs on the bed. She learned all about camping from Hank as they went camping a lot when they were married. They are sitting on the blanket with Nora saying how nice it is when a relationship ends that you walk away with something and look back years later and you just feel warm. Troy is thinking back about Joanna and says he never had that experience and Nora says "Well since you have never been married you will have to take my word for it". Troy has a faraway look on his face.

Nigel gives Asa the final printout of the www.Gretelisafraud website. Renee comes in saying, "You big hunk of Texas bluster, I am so proud of you. I heard all about it from Rae Cummings, you got the hospital to drop the lawsuit, you cancelled the website" and she says she takes it as a sign that he is still the man she loves – the man she once loved. She says that if Asa can give Rae a second chance then she can give Asa Buchanan a chance. He adds, "What makes you think I want to give you a chance"? She says maybe with some more therapy. He says "Renee meet me at the Palace in an hour and wear something I like". Nigel says it will be wonderful to have Ms. Divine back in their lives. Maybe something good will come out of all this.

Shawna and Mollie are giving Rae a hard time at the Palace bar and Rae asks if they are old enough to be in there? Shawna is saying she is not dropping her lawsuit, in fact maybe she will call her lawyer to up the stakes, saying "Hey Mollie how about another round of drinks." Rex is hitting on Mollie and Mollie says whatever Shawna wants, she gets. Rex says he has Jessica's sports car and invites her out; she gives Shawna her drink and Rex and Mollie leave. Shawna adds that she is going to ruin Rae, and she can't wait and leaves. Rae calls someone and says, "It is me, are you sure you know what time to be there – ok we are all set."

Lindsay realizes Viki is really Niki and says, "oh well, we still need each other." They are jumping up and down in their chairs trying to untie each other, arguing who will untie whom first. Lindsay says you won't leave me here like a sitting duck, I will not go back to prison, I will kill you first - and then they hear a gunshot. They look up to see Allison at the door.

R.J. is telling Max that Llanview's finest is trying to pin the escape of Lindsay and Allison on him and tells him about Antonio's attack on him. R.J. says he has an alibi as he was watching television with his daughter. He tells Max that if Antonio comes sniffing around to help him out and Max says whatever you want me to say. R.J. tells Max that if he had done something to Roxy he would cover for him and leaves. Max asks Al if he thinks something really happened to Roxy? Al asks Max if R.J. was serious about Max hurting Roxy and Max assures him he didn't hurt her. He replies that he doesn't know but she didn't take very good care of herself. Al is reading the paper about "No suspects in the Rapapports fire" saying people get away with crimes all the time. Max assures him he did nothing to her and that the last time he saw her she was going to take the trophy bowl back to Rae's house and she was pretty wasted.

Bo and Antonio are interviewing Roxy and she is babbling about the knot on her head and she is telling them about how she was bringing back the "bowl" since she had taken it for safekeeping, going on how she was trying to do the right thing to please Max. Antonio keeps interrupting her asking her about Lindsay and Allison. She says "I don't know nothing about Lindsay" that it was Allison that put her in the trunk, "she left me there for dead." She yells at Antonio again about getting off her back, she notices her watch is broken and that it must have broke when Allison shoved her in the trunk. Bo notices the time on it and Antonio leaves knowing how long Allison has been gone. Roxy is sitting on the couch saying, "Hey what about me, did anyone report me missing?"

Nora and Troy are talking about going on a great vacation as soon as Lindsay is put back in jail and Nora mentions she is a little cold and going in for a jacket, but how inviting the water looks but guess it is probably very cold. Troy has memories of Joanna saying, "Troy is that you", "Yes its me." She is laughing at him and he says "stop it Joanna." She replies you can't stop me - make me - make me and he says to himself "but I did stop you Joanna, I really did." Nora comes back with a sweater and asks if he is ok. He says yes, it is just the water. She thinks he is remembering that she almost drowned and he says he just can't get it out of his mind, that he doesn't know what he would do if he lost her. She says I can't think of a worst way to die than drowning and Troy says neither can I.

Back at Asa's house Nigel hands Asa a flower and says give it to your date. Rev. Carpenter comes in and saying to Asa, "You know why I am here, isn't that why you are all dressed up. Am I early?" Asa says "come back at Christmas, that is when I give to charity." In comes Rae with a bouquet and dressed in white and says, "Asa you know why he is here don't you? Rev. Carpenter is here to marry us."

Bo is still talking to Roxy at the Cummings house and she is telling him that Allison left with Lindsay and also they had Viki. Max has gone to Rae's house and looks in the door and sees Bo talking to Roxy, he shrieks. Roxy is saying Allison tortured her and that she wasn't alone – She had Viki.

Allison comes in and says her car broke down and her and Niki/Viki start arguing. She says it must have been a sign that she was to finish off them. Niki says, "Allison you can't use that gun – you are out of bullets, I counted them." Allison says, "Niki you must have flunked math class, I have one bullet left and the big question is which of you should I use it on Lindsay or Niki/Viki?????"

Friday, August 23, 2002

With Rev. Carpenter at her side, Rae informs Asa that she is to take her place as the next and tenth Mrs. Bucanhan. The perspective groom meets her announcement with amazement and balks at the incredulous notion of marriage. Rae requests that Nigel and Andrew give her a private moment with the groom to be. Once alone, Asa reasons that he has met every last one of her demands. She holds a differing position, relating that Shawna and her friends are going forward with the civil law suits against her. He promises to make the problem disappear or at the very worst pay any monetary damages. His offer does nothing to deter her intentions, as the broader problem is that she doesn't trust he will keep his part of their bargain. Besides, she reminds him of the relentless campaign he waged against her, and wants to prevent him from ruining anymore lives. As lady of the manor, she will impose on him the same misery he did her, and there wouldn't be any need to blackmail him for money since all he owns will be hers and everything she possesses his. Asa points out she hasn't any assets, with that she waves the audio tapes of their therapy sessions at him, indicating that's what she is bringing into this sham of a marriage. Andrew interrupts their conversation inquiring if they are prepared to begin the ceremony. Asa seeks out the counsel of his butler, who suggests he suck it up and get on with it. The beleaguered tycoon instructs the Reverend to begin the ceremony.

Max spies Roxy through a window in Rae's house speaking with Bo. It occurs to him that he cannot claim spousal abandonment now that his wife has resurfaced. He makes a call and arranges to push up his meeting with the judge for the next day.

Roxanne imparts all of the information she can recall during the time she had been held captive by Allison. She relates that no one had been hurt and Viki had been in the trunk prior to her being knocked out by her captor and pushed into it. Max bursts in making a specious fuss over his wife. Meanwhile, the commissioner receives a call from Antonio informing his boss that the car Lindsay and Allison had absconded with had been recovered and the fugitives must be somewhere in the vicinity of Llantano Mountain. Max continues to hover over Roxy, explaining he hadn't hung up on her but was disconnected. He convinces the still woozy woman he was worried about her. His plan is to lavish his wife with attention and keep her occupied so that he may obtain the elusive divorce he is so desperately seeking. Bo makes another phone call.

Rex and Molli are furiously locking lips near the Bucanhan cabin, when he abruptly breaks the mood by asking if Shawna had ever been there. The girl is taken aback and asks if he finds her friend attractive. He responds with diplomacy saying they are both hot. She accuses him of wanting to be with her so that he might gain access to Shawma, adding that's the reason why most guys pretend to get close to her. She storms off, leaving him behind.

Ross notices a change in the wind direction, and seems visibly disturbed by the occurrence.

Todd had told Téa that he couldn't forget her. She wants to know for sure, from him, if he can admit those feelings out loud. He says he can, and besides he thought they had already gone through that and agreed they were each on the same page. Having settled the issue, he wants her to help him win Starr and Jack from Blair. This leads her to think he may be using her, but Todd reiterates it is her he wants. She is reluctant to give him her trust and inquires once more if she is being used and wants to be sure he hasn't any residual feelings for Blair. He endeavors to reassure the woman he wants nothing to do with the mother of his children, removes his wedding band and throws it to the ground. He puts her on notice that its time she's gotten over Rayburn. Téa makes herself comfortable on the cave floor. Todd hovers over her. They seem poised to make love.

Al flashes back to the blaze he set in Jen's room. His thoughts are interrupted by a visit from Jessica. She tells him with certainty in her voice, that she knows who the arsonist is. He begins to explain his involvement, when Jess blurts out her theory that her mother, under the influence of Niki Smith, set the blaze and set Natalie up to take the fall. Gabrielle silently listens in on the conversation at the door. She hears her son agree with the girl, even encouraging her notion. Jessica hopes she is wrong and Al expresses his sympathy. Just then Gabby lets her presence be known. Her son continues, the police are concentrating their resources on looking for the wrong person. Gabrielle is sincere when she tells Jess she hopes her mother will be found. She thanks Al's mother for her good thoughts and leaves. Gabrielle notices something is terribly wrong with her son and is intent on learning what it is. She insists on knowing why is so quick to think Viki is the arsonist and remembers he had blamed Natalie for the fire. He retorts that the scenario Jess theroized makes perfect sense. She doesn't buy it.

Renee mistakenly believes Asa reversed himself and ceased torturing Rae and made up for the horrible things he had put her friend through. Seth comments on her splendid appearance and she tells him she is waiting for Asa to arrive for their dinner date at the Palace dining room. Ben stops by the hotel to visit his mother. She tells him how heartfelt his on air radio appeal to Viki was. He wants to believe she will return, but is reluctant to buoy his own hopes. He receives a call from Bo and leaves to meet him. Seth is curious why Asa would be keeping his lady waiting and suggests she telephone him. She instead opts to head for the mansion.

Allison menaces Niki and Lindsay with the single bullet packed gun. She decides to take aim at Niki, since Viki took Dave away from her. Niki convinces her otherwise, lying that Lindsay had been wanting Dave for years. Lindsay denies the accusation and the two bicker loudly, which unnerves their captor. She quickly collects herself and says she has decided who would die. Her announcement is interrupted by a knock on the door. She undoes Niki's ropes so she could get rid of whom ever is at the door by pretending to be Viki. No one would question her presence there since it is her cabin. Niki finds Molli on the porch, who explains she is stranded and needs to use the phone. Niki blows her off, but she doesn't accept no and rudely pushes her way past the woman and into the cabin where she is taken hostage. Allison is in a state of paranoia and laments about her unhappy youth. She goes off on a diatribe about never having the chance to fall in love and marry.

Ross interrupts Téa and Todd with the news that their opportunity to leave the island has passed, as the shifting winds will keep them trapped there for months.

Gabrielle has had enough of Al's lies and exclaims it was he who set the fire.

Renee walks in as Andrew is about to pronounce Asa and Rae husband and wife.

Bo and Antonio, followed by Ben, seize the cabin. Lindsay gets loose and struggles with Allison for the gun. Niki runs for the door and is scooped up by Ben in an effort to protect her. Antonio takes aim at Allison and fires his weapon. Ben and Niki fall to the floor.

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