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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 19, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, August 19, 2002

When Amber orders Erica out of Rick's office and threatens to call security, Erica ignores her and points out that Amber has hurt Rick more than once. Amber counters the claim by accusing her of pretending to want to be her friend so that she could get close to Rick. Erica denies it but Amber goes on to hint that she believes she set her up to be drugged by Lance. Erica is astounded that she would think that but Amber mentions that Lance's sudden death is the only thing keeping her from finding out the truth. As tensions rise, Amber pushes Erica who falls and hits her head on Rick's desk. Caught in Lance's apartment, Sheila hides behind a scarf and pretends to be crying over the man's death. Taylor tries to ask her about Lance's involvement with her friend but Ziggy arrives in time to order Taylor out so that the woman "can grieve." After Taylor leaves, Sheila angrily tells Ziggy that Taylor will not stop snooping and she insists that Erica not be connected to this mess. Taylor secretly watches as Ziggy escorts the "grieving woman" out. Rick takes Bridget into his confidence about Amber's claims concerning Erica. Though Bridget doubts the story, Rick admits he thinks it's worth investigating.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

C.J. teased Bridget about hanging around the Insomnia on her day off. Bridget revealed that she was not happy because she had a miserable summer. She told C.J. that she should have been at a modeling assignment in Hawaii rather than in LA. Later, C.J. denied to Darla that he has any feelings for Bridget. He did tell Darla that he is doing something nice for Bridget-giving her a private party and fixing her up with Scott. Darla encouraged C.J. to pursue Bridget himself.

At Las Olas, Massimo again saw Sheila and flirted with her. She questioned him about his yacht cruise. Massimo surmised that Sheila is a dangerous woman.

At Forrester Creations, Amber telephoned 911 to help Erica. Erica had fallen and hit her head while she and Amber were arguing. Rick entered the office and immediately assumed that Amber was responsible for Erica's injury. At the hospital, Rick hovered over Erica. Erica notified Sheila that she had hit her head during an argument with Amber. Sheila told Massimo that she would meet him at Las Olas in a few days. Amber observed Rick hovering over Erica. Rick accused Amber of intentionally pushing Erica to hurt her. Rick told Amber he is tired of all of her explanations and told her to leave the hospital. He would not listen to a word that Amber had to say about the accident or the fact that Erica wants to break up their marriage. Amber sadly realized that she is losing Rick to Erica.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

by Anna

At the hospital, Rick stayed at Erica's bedside, holding her hand. In the hallway, Sheila, in disguise, talks to a nurse to gain information on Erica's condition. She eyes Amber angrily when the nurse tells her that the test results haven't come back yet, but Erica was unconscious when she arrived. In her hospital room, Erica tells Rick that she's afraid her mom won't come to see her. Erica admits that her mom hasn't always had her priorities right, and she wants to make Erica can take care of herself and be a fighter. Rick assures Erica that he will stay by her bed as long as the nurses will let him. He also tells her that he will be there for her, even if her mother doesn't come. When he leaves the room, Sheila, disguised in a nurse's uniform, enters. While Erica sleeps, Sheila holds her hand and tells her everything will be okay. When Rick comes back in, Sheila makes a quick exit. On her way out of the room, the doctor comes in to tell Rick that all the tests came back negative, and Erica will make a full recovery.

In the hallway, Taylor arrives and Amber fills her in on what has happened. As Sheila listens from around the corner, Amber tells Taylor that Erica was mad that Amber accused her of being behind everything that has happened to Amber. Amber admits that they fought, and Erica fell and hit her head on the table. When Taylor leaves, Sheila, still in disguise, tells Amber to stay away from Erica.

At the Insomnia, Bridget chats with a friend, telling her about a special night that C.J. is planning for her. Bridget tells her that she is grateful for C.J.'s friendship after having been through so much lately. Bridget denies having any feelings for C.J., so her friend asks to be set-up with him. When Bridget hesitates, it seems that she does have some feelings for him after all.

C.J. talks with the guy that he has set Bridget up with. He admits to his friend that he's not ready to start dating again, and that's why he's getting Bridget a date with someone else. After his friend leaves, C.J. asks Bridget to be at the Insomnia tomorrow night for a fun evening. He doesn't tell her that she will be spending the evening with the other guy, and Bridget assumes that she'll be going out with C.J.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

C.J. inquired as to whether or not Bridget would still be available for his surprise. Bridget assumed that C.J. was planning a date with her. Bridget and Betsy picked out clothing for Bridget's date with C.J.. As C.J. planned the Hawaiian date for Bridget, Darla encouraged him to date Bridget instead of setting her up with Scott.

The doctor released Erica from the hospital. Rick insisted that Erica recuperate at his house. Erica revealed to Rick that she does not know who her father is. Amber told Taylor she was angry because Rick was with the woman who is trying to tear her and Rick's marriage apart. James Warwick telephoned Taylor to notify her that his father had died.

Bridget entered the Insomnia and was impressed by C.J.'s Hawaiian decorations. She was also surprised to discover that Scott would be her date for the evening.

Friday, August 23, 2002

Released from the hospital and staying at Rick's home, Erica talks with Rick about her father and his being absent in her life. She doesn't understand how he could be so disinterested in her life that he would let himself not be involved in her life. She doesn't know the history of her parent's relationship or that real name is not Erica but Mary. Rick tries to comfort Erica.

Stephanie and Taylor also discuss James (Erica's father). . After Sheila managed to get out of town with Mary, Stephanie feels that she let Mary down because she had promised that she would protect her from her mother, Sheila. Stephanie and Taylor can't help but wonder at what kind of life the child might have if James is not in her life and she only has Sheila as a role model. Taylor tries to comfort Stephanie by telling her that Stephanie did everything that anyone could have done, including almost losing her life in dealing with Sheila.

Bridget is upset that her date is with Scott and not C.J. as she had hoped it would be. Scott persuades Bridget that they should have a good time after all the planning that C.J. put into making their evening great. Although she's disappointed that it's not C.J., Bridget realizes that Scott is a nice guy and agrees to go along with the date. C.J. and Darla think they have found the perfect spot to watch how the evening goes for Scott and C.J. but Bridget discovers them (especially C.J.) watching them. Bridget decides to turn the tables on C.J. by appearing to get close to Scott. It doesn't help C.J. that Darla keeps making comments about how well the two of them seem to be getting along. Soon it becomes apparent that C.J. cares more for Bridget than even he realized. When Bridget allows Scott to kiss her and she seems to be into as much as Scott is, C.J. can't take anymore and storms over to interrupt their date asking Scott what he thinks he's doing with Bridget!

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