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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 19, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, August 19, 2002

by Andy

As Henry bails water on deck, Lucinda goes inside the ship to talk with Simon who is struggling to steer them through the storm. A knife- toting Donovan grabs Henry's hand and pulls himself onboard, ordering Henry to keep his mouth shut. Simon challenges his look-alike on deck and survives after the two tumble overboard. Hearing that no liver is available for Margo, Katie asks Chris, Bob and John about a live liver transplant in which part of a liver is given to the patient. Bob doesn't like the idea because it endangers the donor's life but Katie insists on being tested. While Chris gives Margo the news about her immediate need for a transplant, Bob warns Katie that donors sometimes die from the procedure. Bob eventually agrees to have Katie tested but Margo orders Katie to go home. Craig is caught off guard when Sierra shows at his door in the midst of his argument with Lucy. Offering to go to Lucinda's with her daughter, Sierra leaks to Craig that she's here because of a call from Carly. Surprised by Tom, Aaron tries to offer a reason for being inside the Hughes' house but only serves to look more and more guilty. Aaron finally runs out after Tom gets a call regarding Margo and seeks assistance from Carly. Aaron returns home and confides in Holden. Sierra brings Lucy to Holden's and invites Aaron to come to Lucinda's with her and Lucy. After agreeing with Paul to postpone their wedding for the time being, Rose tosses the diamond overboard.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Tom arrives at his house to find Aaron in his house, but runs off after receiving a call about Margo being in the hospital. After Margo learns Katie is her donor she doesn't want to accept the offer knowing what the dangers are for her sister. Tom however tries to convince her by telling her he and their children need her and he doesn't want to lose her. She tells him she needs to think. Hal later shows up and tells Margo his problem with Barbara and Will and later decides to go find Will. Before leaving Tom tells Hal he was going to get to court to reverse the custody papers, but he hasn't had a chance since Margo was rushed back in the hospital. Hal understood and mentioned there was more than one way to "skin this cat." After thinking, and talking to Tom again, Margo decides to accept Katie's offer however she must first speak to Simon about it who is on his way home from Avanya.

Craig still not wanting to accept Lucy and Aaron's relationship, Carly tries to get him to give in a little, however she later runs to the hospital to tell Katie that Simon and everyone are fine and on their way home. Carly also tries to explain to Katie she shouldn't lie to Simon about donating part of her liver to Margo since the operation is a dangerous procedure.

Lucy and Sierra show up at Lily and Holden's to talk to Aaron. Sierra seems more accepting of the budding relationship between the two and lets them go and talks to Lily and Holden. When they return, Aaron explains about his troubled past and Sierra still lets them stay together but mentions she will set some ground rules for them with Craig.

Hal finds Barbara at the Lakeview who just finished a meeting with Rosanna. Barbara finds out Rosanne is backing out of their business contract involving BRO. Barbara now feels Rosanna may give her company to Craig and Barbara expresses her unhappiness. Rosanna gives Barbara 24 hours to decide what she wants to do. Barbara's day gets worse when Hal shows up questioning her parenting of Will since he is staying in a hotel with a sitter and Hal isn't aloud to know where he is.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Lily is happy to receive a call from Rose, who is back in the States. Rose tells Lily that she is fine and will be coming back to Oakdale soon. Aaron walks in and tells Lily that everything went well with Sierra. He also thanks Lily for saving his job at the Country Club.

Meanwhile, Holden sees Tom at the hospital and they discuss the broken trophy that Aaron had under his jacket. Tom says he has other things to worry about right now but Holden tells him he will take care of the situation. Holden comes home and questions Aaron about the trophy. He says that he wants to try to understand him. Aaron says he can't explain because he doesn't understand it himself. Holden suggests Aaron see a psychologist but Aaron refuses. He wouldn't want Sierra to think he was crazy.

Craig tells Rosanna he doesn't want to go to the hospital to see Margo because he can't fix the situation so he'd rather not be there. Rosanna tells him that she got out of the contract with Barbara. However, she says she felt sorry for Barbara and gave her a little reprieve but that this second chance will be a "lovely present" for Craig.

Aaron and Lucy share a kiss. After Aaron leaves, Sierra tells Lucy they should talk about sex. Lucy says that Aaron knows she is not ready for that step. Lucy tells her mother that Rosanna is causing trouble and she didn't like being under her supervision. Sierra is shocked because Craig told her that Katie was keeping an eye on Lucy. She is angry that Craig lied and left their daughter in his girlfriend's care. Lucy says that Rosanna doesn't even love Craig - she saw her kissing her old boyfriend. Sierra is not going to let Rosanna get away with controlling Craig or Lucy. As Sierra leaves, Lucy tells her that the way to get to Rosanna is to let her think that Craig still loves Sierra.

Sierra goes over to Craig's place and introduces Sierra and Rosanna. Sierra wants to talk to Craig but Rosanna stays because she says she is "aware of the situation." Sierra says Aaron is "a nice young man." Rosanna offers her advice - that Lucy should go back to Montega. Sierra says Rosanna is a very clever woman and so is her daughter. Sierra tells Rosanna to stay out of Lucy's life. As Rosanna leaves, she passionately kisses Craig and they agree to meet for a nightcap. Sierra tells Craig that she is allowing Aaron and Lucy to see each other and Craig tells Sierra about Margo. She comforts him and he decides to go to the hospital.

Sierra goes downstairs and tells Rosanna that Craig won't be meeting her for the nightcap because he is going to the hospital. Rosanna says to Sierra that she doesn't want to take her place with Lucy. She then mentions that Craig is over Sierra and she knows this because Craig said they were not intimate when he went to Montega. Sierra laughs and says, "If Craig said that then sure, why not, it's true." She then says that in Montega it was just like old times and "those old times were great"

Tom talks to Margo about her Living Will and the Do Not Resuscitate Order. Tom is upset that he didn't know about it but Margo says it is only a precaution because she doesn't want to put her family through any unnecessary turmoil.

Katie finally gets to talk to Simon on the phone. He is in Florida and waiting to clear customs. Katie decides not to tell him about her surgery. Later that evening, Katie and Margo are prepped for their surgeries. Katie lies to Margo and tells her that Simon knows about the surgery. Margo thanks Katie for saving her. They try to get some rest but it is difficult because the impending surgeries are on their minds.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

by MJ

Bonnie informs Isaac that she has bought Lisa's partnership for Java Underground. Isaac refuses to accept the partnership. Attitude gets the best of Isaac and Bonnie's breaks up with Isaac accusing him of loving Java more than her. Bonnie decides that in time she too can love Java more than Isaac.

Holden attempts to reason with Aaron. As usual Aaron isn't interested in listening. Holden leaves Aaron to think about things.

Alison meets with Emily and Susan at Java. Emily and Susan tell Alison that they are going to start family counseling together that afternoon. Alison storms out declaring she will in no way take part in seeing a shrink. Barbara overhears the fight between Emily, Susan and Alison and tells Emily that she will never take part in Will's life.

Alison shows up at the Snyder barn to amend her friendship with Aaron. Aaron accepts her new attitude toward their friendship.

Lily receives a phone call from Tom telling her about Aaron being caught in Tom's home. When Lily questions Holden, he tells Lily that in order so that they will not push Aaron away he feels Aaron needs to come to a realization on his own that he needs to start facing up for events in his life.

Craig walks in on Lucy packing up her final belongings to move permanently to Lucinda's house. While Lucy leaves, Rosanna arrives to break up with Craig. Because Sierra told Rosanna that Craig slept with her while in Montega. Craig declares that although he has never known Sierra to lie, he did not sleep with his ex-wife. Rosanna genuinely hurt by the news that Craig slept with Sierra is confused as to why he would choose Sierra over her. Rosanna confesses to Craig that she has deep feelings for Mike, but sent him packing so that she could concentrate her feelings toward Craig.

While visiting Margo and Katie in the hospital, Katie asks Craig to keep Simon from the hospital until after the surgery. Craig reluctantly agrees. While visiting Margo, Craig runs into Lucy and Sierra at the hospital. Sierra admits to Craig that she lied to Rosanna about sleeping with him. Sierra tells Craig that she will admit the truth to Rosanna only if he cancels the restraining order against Aaron.

Friday, August 23, 2002

At the hospital, Katie gives Margo a new hairdo. Tom and Casey come in to tell the women good luck on the operation. As they leave, Craig comes in to give his well wishes to his sisters. He helps Margo onto her gurney. She tells him that Tom knows about the living will and he doesn't have to keep it a secret if they need to use it. Craig tells her that they won't need to use it. Margo is wheeled out of the room. Craig tells Katie how brave she is and that he is proud of her. He walks out into the hall and Sierra is waiting for him. He tells her that women are the stronger sex. Sierra laughs. Craig asks Sierra if she was at the end of her life, who would she like to be there holding her hand. Sierra tells him that she would like the man that she spent most of her life with. Craig shakes his head in acknowledgement and leaves.

Lucinda, Paul and Henry come home to Lucinda's house. Lily is there to meet them. She is so happy to see them all. She asks where is Rose and Lucinda tells her that she stayed with her father in Florida. Paul breaks the news to Lily that Rose won't be returning to Oakdale anytime soon. Lily asks about their wedding and Paul tells her that Rose needs some time to herself. Paul leaves to make a phone call. Lucinda walks over to Henry and takes a drink from his hand. She tells him that he needs to go to bed early because he will be in her office at 7:30 am sharp. He tells her to just give him twenty thousand dollars and they will be even. Lucinda yells at him and says that is not what they are going to do. She gives him some slack and tells him to be in her office at 8:00 am, sharp. As Lucinda walks away, Henry says, "Yes, Boss Lady."

Aaron calls Lucy and tells her about his test score and that he passed. She is so happy for him and asks if he is at the barn. He says that he is and she says that she will be right over. When she gets to the barn, she hugs and kisses Aaron and says how much she missed him. Aaron asks her about the restraining order and she says that she doesn't care about it. She says that her mother will understand. The two hug again.

At WOAK, Bonnie walks into the studio and finds her mother. She wishes her well on the broadcast and tells her mother to take care of Marshall. Jessica reassures her daughter that she will not let Mr. Travers get the best of her. Jessica is called to the stage for some instructions. Marshall walks in and sees Bonnie. He walks up behind her and tells her that it is a joy to see her there. Bonnie tells him that she is only there to watch her mother tear him apart. Bonnie walks away and Marshall gets an evil smile on his face. Later, Marshall is telling the cameraman to keep the camera on him at all times. As Bonnie walks by, she hears Marshall say to himself, "She may not know it, but today marks the end of Jessica Griffin's career. Bonnie walks away to go find her mother and warn her.

At Craig's suite, Simon walks in and finds a note from Katie. She tells him to open the bottle of bubbly that she has left and she will be home to him soon. He sits down on the couch and is confused. He sits back to rest. Craig walks in and sees Simon on the couch. Simon asks about Katie. Craig fills him in on what Katie is doing for her sister. Simon is taken aback. He leans against the door and then tells Craig that he needs to be with her. Craig tells him that he should go to her. Simon leaves to go to the hospital. Sierra walks up to the door as Simon is leaving. She gets there just in time to hear the message on the recorder that Lucy left for her father. Lucy tells him in her message that she misses him and then she says goodbye. Sierra tells Craig that Lucy is a good girl and she does love her father. Craig tells Sierra that he has a phone call to make. He calls Marshall Travers and tells him to lift the restraining order. Marshall says that it will be done and then he tells Craig that he should send one of his reporters to WOAK. He adds that fireworks are about to fly. Craig thanks him for the heads up and hangs up the phone. Sierra thanks him for lifting the restraining order. She says that she will go and give Lucy the good news. Craig walks her to the door and at the door they give each other a kiss and a hug. As they are hugging, Rosanna walks up and sees them.



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