All My Children Recaps: The week of July 19, 2004 on AMC

Ryan prevented Adam and JR from regaining control of Chandler Enterprises. Maria admitted to Ryan that she had known and loved Zach previously. Jamie was arrested after drugs were found in his apartment. Tad tried to convince JR to tell the truth. Tad and Brooke worked to free Jamie.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 19, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, July 19, 2004

Everyone prepared for the ground-breaking ceremony for the Miranda Montgomery Center for Women and Children.

At the site, Bianca asked Maria to make the dedication speech because she didn't want the day to be about her own loss, but to be a positive way to keep Miranda's memory alive. Maria demurred and Bianca asked Edmund to write remarks for her to give, but Edmund also demurred, telling Bianca she had to speak from her own heart and it would be okay to cry. He spoke eloquently to her of the hope and future she's building for other children. Maria sat on his lap and they kissed.

Zach went to Kendall's and she assumed she was in Pine Valley to see Erica. She told him about Erica being in rehab and Zach was interested in the Center and offered to make a contribution. Kendall was suspicious and he explained it was a way to help Erica and to reduce the negative stigma associated with casinos. Kendall asked him to take her to the ceremony and they noticed that Michael's condo was up for sale. Kendall was giddy about seeing Ryan's face when Zach whips out his checkbook.

Reggie and Jamie went to the police station to see Seth. Derek was not amused and Danielle explained they only wanted to make sure Seth stays away from her. Derek warned them all to stay away from Seth. Danielle ran up to a cop and gushed over him, remembering him from her childhood. She found out from him that the DA is offering Seth a deal if he names names. Jamie worried Seth wouldn't rat JR out and wished JR would admit what he'd done. Reggie reminded him to focus on saving Babe and Jamie said he was ready to go up against his brother. Jamie and Reggie left for the ceremony but Danielle said she was grounded and couldn't go.

JR and Adam tried unsuccessfully to talk Babe out of bringing Bess to the ceremony. Babe also wanted JR to smooth things out with Jamie soon. JR and Adam were scheming to get Chandler Enterprises back when Ryan came in and informed them he'd just bought more Chandler stock from the stockholder they'd try to buy out. JR was upset with Adam for such shenanigans, but Ryan told him to stop pretending he wasn't in on it. Ryan reminded JR of their agreement to keep Adam out of the company and JR said he'd changed his mind and wanted his family company back. Ryan also warned JR he was turning into Adam and JR took it as a compliment. Ryan reminded him of the upstanding young man he used to be and urged him to not turn into another Adam, evil and lonely. Ryan urged him to follow the love he has for Babe and Bess instead. JR stood his ground about the business belonging to the Chandler's and Ryan fired him, saying his office would be packed up and sent over. As he left, Ryan told Babe there is no JR anymore. Babe overheard JR's angry tone and wondered if he was going after Jamie. He said no and Babe was thrilled to hear he'd been fired and discussed clipping coupons and other money saving tips. JR agreed to go to the ceremony with Babe and Bess.

Greenlee chewed Jonathan out for ruining a shipment of Fusion lipstick by not using a refrigerated truck for delivery. Jonathan offered to pay the damages, but Greenlee told him he couldn't afford it. He apologized for Ryan hiring him without asking her first, but she was gracious and even offered to replace him with Simone to protect him from Kendall. He said he can handle Kendall and had already refused another offer to go to bed. She warned him that Kendall was still scheming to get Ryan back and Jonathan asked if Kendall still had a shot, why did Greenlee marry him. Greenlee admitted she knew Ryan still loved Kendall when she married him but he makes her happy and things keep getting better. She was adamant she had not married him for his money. Ryan showed up and told Greenlee he lost a friend today. Jonathan suggested a portion of the new fragrance line profits go to the Center and that they do free makeovers for women re-entering the work force. Greenlee said she was going to stay at work instead of attending the ceremony and she and Jonathan poured over the books.

At the site, JR and Babe saw Jamie and Reggie. JR apologized and reached out his hand, but Jamie only wondered if he was sorry for drugging his wife or for getting caught. Maria was shocked to see Zach arrive with Kendall. So was Ryan.

Tuesday, July 20

Lily attends the ground-breaking with Jackson. He explains euphemisms to her, like saying "lost a baby" instead of "the baby died." Lily practices her speech about not liking to touch people when they offer a handshake and how she should tell people it's nice to meet them, even if they don't look good.

As Krystal comes down the stairs at Chandler Mansion, Tad appears to give her a hug. Krystal thinks from his bright mood that he must not be up to date. She informs him his sons are targeting one another and questions whether Babe is married to a drug fiend or if Jamie is a psycho stalker. Tad can't believe either son guilty. Adam steps in and stands up for JR. Tad leaves for the ground-breaking ceremony when he learns JR and Jamie are both there.

Krystal calls Adam on the carpet for his slipperiness. She accuses him of standing up for JR even though he's guilty of drugging Babe. Adam tells her he could come up with a better smoke screen than that - if he needed one that is. Krystal warns him if he's lying no one in the Chandler house will ever see Bess again. Adam tells her he wants the truth to come out as much as he does. He tries to convince her they're on the same page. Krystal is shocked when Adam hugs her. Krystal leaves for the ground breaking. Adam receives a phone call and is pleased to hear "something" happened so quickly.

JR finds Jamie at the gathering and apologizes for accusing him of drugging Babe. He wants Jamie to just admit he was off base and forget everything. Jamie tells him his peace-maker act is no more convincing than his feigned innocence. Jamie tells him the only way out is for JR to apologize to Babe and seek professional help. Babe tries to make peace between the brothers. Reggie steps in and stands up for Jamie. JR tells Reggie it's a family matter and to get lost. Tad joins the crowd and also asks Reggie to leave. Tad wants to talk to his sons alone. Reggie leaves with a parting shot that the drug dealer is naming names as the talk. JR and Jamie sling accusations at one another as Tad looks on. Tad tells both of them to shut up and listen to what they're saying. It's crazy. JR walks off angry. Jamie tells Tad a story about the look in JR's eye when he lied about leaving Jamie's new bicycle behind Tad's car when Jamie was eight. Jamie tells Tad that JR recently admitted to him that he is the one who put the bike there. Jamie continues saying that JR had the same look in his eye when he lied about the bike that he has now. "He is lying. You'll see," Jamie tells Tad.

Zach arrives at the festivities. Ryan asks whether he is crashing the party. Kendall volunteers that she invited Zach and introduces him to Bianca. Maria spots Zach's arrival and plays nervously with her necklace. Kendall thanks Zach for helping her mother. Ryan points out that Erica was tied to her bed. Zach responds that was the doctors' decision. Kendall agrees that Zach's hospitalizing Erica probably saved her life. Later, Ryan warns Kendall that Zach is not to be trusted and tells her to keep him away from Bianca. Kendall responds that Ryan lost all rights to ask anything of her when he waltzed out of her life and into Greenlee's.

Dani literally bumps into Edmund at the police station. She tells Edmund she's trying to get the lowdown on a perp. Edmund offers a little free advice. He tells her to act like she already knows everything and just get the guy to confirm her suspicions. Dani gets the info she wanted. Edmund offers her a ride to the ground-breaking so she can share the news with Reggie.

David finds Bianca before the ceremony. He tells her he can't donate tons of money right now but he can offer his medical expertise. David volunteers to oversee medical activities at the Miranda Montgomery Center. Bianca thanks him and tells him how proud Miranda would be of her honorary Uncle David right now. David tells Bianca she's too good to him as they hug while Krystal, Babe, and Bess look on.

Ryan pulls Zach to the side to ask about his obsession with the Kane women. Zach asks Ryan if he's family. Ryan tells him he's the closest thing they have and while he doesn't care what Zach does to Kendall, he better stay away from Bianca.

Jack calms Bianca's public-speaking butterflies before the dedication speech. Lily joins them and tells Bianca how sorry she is that she "lost" Miranda. Bianca takes the stage. She thanks Ryan, Kendall, Maria, Brooke, and Myrtle for volunteering to sit on the board. Bianca then delivers a heart-rending speech about how the center will give help and hope to women and children who have fallen through the cracks of our society the same way Miranda brought her hope. JR, Babe, and Bess watch from the front row as Bianca speaks. Kendall joins Bianca and hands her the spade for the ceremonial ground breaking. Kendall then takes the stage to thank the donors including JR, Palmer, Brooke, and Edmund. Bianca thanks David for coordinating the health clinic and her Uncle Jack for donating the land. Then she thanks Ryan, without whom none of this would have been possible, for donating the funds for the actual building. Kendall introduces a benefactor Bianca is not yet aware of, Zach Slater. Zach announces his donation of a week's profits from the new hotel and casino he's opening nearby. Everyone, including Bianca, questions Zach's motives.

Maria pulls Zach aside and tells him to stop insinuating his way into her life. She says she will quit the board if she has to in order to get away from him. She tells him they are as over now as they were five years ago. Ryan catches her telling Zach off and wants to know how Maria knows Zach. Maria admits to Ryan that she not only knows Zach, she loved him.

After Bianca's speech, Adam pulls JR out of the crowd to share some news with him. Lily overhears their conversation, during which JR vows to get rid of Babe and says she has "lost" Bess forever. When Lily sees Babe again, she tells her she's sorry her baby died. Bianca corrects Lily saying it was she who lost her baby, that Babe's baby is fine. Lily says she must have heard wrong.

Jamie, Reggie and Dani talk about how much they hate busting JR for drugging Babe. Dani points out he probably won't spend much time in jail with his daddy's money. Detectives crash the party. They think they're there to arrest JR. Instead the police take Jamie into custody.

Wednesday, July 21

Bianca and Zach spoke after the dedication ceremony. She questioned his motive for donating money to the center. He boiled it down to good business but she thought there was more to it. Zach said that her words had moved him and that he too had lost someone who needed him. Bianca visibly relaxed and Zach said he hadn't really dealt with the loss yet, or the feeling that he should've done more for this person. Bianca said she could understand. He said maybe he was trying to find absolution. Bianca thanked him for sharing but said it still didn't explain his fascination with her mother or sister. Zach said he met Erica in Vega and that she was beautiful, funny and terribly sad. He said she had spoke about Bianca, Kendall and Miranda and that she loved them all very much. He said he met Kendall when she was looking for Erica and that was all there was to them. Bianca asked if he followed Kendall to Pine Valley. Zach said he was on his way to a new casino and Pine Valley was just a convenient place to stop. But that now it felt like there was a reason for him to have stopped here. He said that when he heard Bianca speak at the dedication she touched him and he wasn't easily touched anymore. He started to leave but Bianca stopped him and said he was welcome to work with them for the sake of the center and the sake of whoever is missing in his life. She went back to find her friends.

Ryan continued questioning Maria about her relationship with Zach. She admitted that they were lovers, but that was a lifetime ago. Ryan pushed for more information and called Zach a jerk, which ruffled Maria's feathers. She got defensive when she told Ryan he was digging into her life. He said he wouldn't do it if it wasn't important. Maria finally told Ryan how she and Zach met, he had picked her up outside Vegas when she was hitchhiking. She said that the second they met "It was electric, it was beautiful and we never spent another minute apart." But then she explained that it made David crazy that she was involved with someone and he made up the story about her killing someone. She believed David and so she ran away from Zach without an explanation. Ryan said Zach was there to win Maria back but she said no, that he knows she's Maria not Maureen now. Ryan asked how Edmund felt and Maria said she hadn't told him anything. Ryan said he'd run a background check on Zach and came up with absolutely nothing and that it freaked him out. He wanted more dirt on Zach but Maria said they had made a pact not to discuss their pasts. Ryan said she had thought she had a reason to keep quiet but wondered what Zach's reason was. Maria said Zach was a decent person and there was no reason not to trust him. Ryan still didn't agree with her and walked away. Maria started to return to the dedication site but found Zach standing in her way. He told her they didn't have to work together on the foundation board, they could do it by fax and email. Maria thanked him and said she was ok with working with him just as long as he understood how "I feel or don't feel." Zach said she had made it perfectly clear. Maria went on her way.

At the groundbreaking site everyone but JR and Adam stood in horror as Lt. Perry arrested Jamie. Reggie told the cop he had the wrong guy as he tried to lead Jamie away. Tad stopped him and the cop threatened obstruction of justice. Lt. Perry said they had a sworn statement from Seth the drug dealer that Jamie bought drugs from him to "get a lady friend in the mood." Jamie yelled at JR that he was turning into Adam as the crowd went wild. The cop led Jamie away and Tad said he'd meet him at the station. Krystal told Tad she knows he loves both boys but that she has to look out for Babe. "I'll be praying for Jamie" and walked towards Babe as Brooke joined Tad. She was livid and demanded that Tad tell her everything he knew. Tad began to tell her what had been happening. Reggie went over to Lily and Jack. Jack told Reggie not to be a street hero when Reggie said he had to help Jamie. Reggie agreed then went to where Danielle and Maggie were talking. They discussed how JR bought Seth. After hearing everything Tad had to say, Brooke was concerned that Jamie might be guilty because he still loved Babe. Tad said sadly "Either way, I lose a son." He and Brooke left for the jail. Babe walked up to David and asked for an apology because he was wrong about JR. JR joined them and David told him his wife had such a sweet soul and wondered what they did to deserve it. He then said he wouldn't apologize. JR turned to Babe and said as long as she knew the truth he didn't care what anyone else said. He led her away to take her back home. Krystal told David to just admit he was wrong. David said he wished he was wrong. Krystal said "You just saw which boy got arrested!" David replied "How difficult do you think it is for a Chandler to get around the law?" Bianca joined Maggie, Danielle and Reggie. Reggie told them they would have to take down JR themselves and they left together. Maria returned and found Edmund. They kissed and decided to go home. Zach watched as they left happily. Adam, Opal, Palmer and Joe all began arguing about which boy was the guilty one. Adam and Palmer sided with JR, Joe and Opal believed in Jamie. Joe pointed out that JR had a drug history and Jamie didn't. He and Opal walked away from Palmer and Adam.

Kendall ran into Ryan and asked if he had seen her "guest." Ryan said no and then asked if she found him to be smug. Kendall said no and began to walk away. Ryan stopped her and said he had to tell her something that she needed to hear. Kendall listened as Ryan said that Zach came to Pine Valley for a reason and that there was guaranteed fallout for people he loved, "and you'll regret your role in it." Kendall asked "Do you think I brought him here to spite you?." Ryan just snarled "Consider this fair warning. Remember all the lives you destroyed with the last man you brought into town." He left Kendall standing in shock.

In Lt. Perry's office Livia and Jamie sat at the desk across from him with Tad and Brooke standing behind them. Livia argued that the cops were believing a known drug dealer over a kid with no record. She demanded the cuffs be removed but the cop refused, saying they had a search warrant and found a bag of drugs in Jamie's apartment. Livia asked if they had fingerprints and the Lt. said forensics was working on it. Livia asked Jamie if he had friends over, if he had a landlord with a key, if he had a roommate. Jamie answered yes and Livia said there was reasonable doubt. Tad told him to take the cuffs off and Lt. Perry stood up and said there was one more detail to look into. He took Jamie out of the room. When Lt. Perry returned Derek Frye was with him. Livia tried to get him to let Jamie go but he handed Tad a stack of papers, saying "This was on Jamie's computer." Tad looked at the stack and said "Oh my God!"

In his cell Jamie sat on the bed looking lost. David walked up to the bars and Jamie told him to go away. David said he was there to help prove JR put the gun in Jamie's hand and pulled the trigger.

At the Chandler mansion Babe and JR sat down in the living room. She was very upset and wondered how she could've missed the signs about Jamie. JR pretended to be upset too and said he didn't see it either. He claimed that Jamie was obsessed with Babe and wanted her so he could "best his big brother." She felt bad because she could usually trust her instincts about people, and said she didn't want to be a person who couldn't trust others. JR said he would help her get that back eventually. "You trust me right?" he asked. Babe snuggled against him and said "With my whole heart and soul." She went to see Bess and Adam came in. He and JR discussed the plan they had and Adam said he was impressed with JR.

Maggie, Bianca, Danielle and Reggie went to Maggie's apartment. When they went in they found the police had been there searching for something. One cop was still carrying something out and told Danielle to leave before her father found out where she was. She went outside with him and got information from him as the other 3 started picking up the apartment. They argued more about who was guilty, with Bianca being the only JR defender. Danielle returned and told them the cop told her they had found a "stash", the same pills that got Babe sick. Maggie wouldn't believe that they were Jamie's and Bianca stuck up for JR. She said they had sworn not to become like their parents and she was sure JR would never stoop to this. Reggie and Danielle said the drugs had to have been planted by JR. Maggie was horrified, "Last night we let him in to wait for Jamie!." Bianca said he was never alone. Maggie asked where the drugs were found and Danielle said stuffed between the sofa cushions. Maggie said "Right where JR sat!." Bianca still tried to defend JR but Reggie told her she was just too sweet. Maggie wondered why they took Jamie's computer too.

Thursday, July 22

Maggie confronts JR with her suspicions about him planting the drugs that were found in the couch at her apartment. JR, acting as if he is unsure of what Maggie is talking about, asks Bianca to explain. Once she does, JR insists that he is innocent but Maggie doesn't believe him. Babe, who started to round the corner into the living room where they were, stops short at hearing them talk. JR then asks Bianca if she thinks he is capable of framing his brother in a crime so horrible. Babe takes this opportunity to walk into the room, and says that she would like to know her answer as well.

Maggie continues to attack JR - proclaiming that she is stunned Babe and Bianca are so easily falling for his lies. JR maintains his innocence, but admits that the only way Maggie will be happy is if he confesses to the whole thing. Bianca tells Maggie that she grew up with both JR and Jamie - and knows that they are both great guys. She can't picture either of them doing something so horrible.

Looking as if she is holding something back, Adam asks her if she has something to add. Bianca goes on to say that everyone knows what Adam did to Dixie - and she can't help but wonder if he was the one that framed Jamie.

Falling in line, JR turns to Adam and demands to know if he had anything to do with the evidence against Jamie. He follows by saying that if Adam is guilty, he will take his wife and child and move so far away from him that Adam will never see them again. Adam says that with his reputation, he understands why he would be a suspect. However, he says, he hopes that he has finally learned from all of his mistakes and that he has grown into a father that JR can be proud of and trust.

Maggie wonders aloud if this is Chandler Theatre, and notes that it is all an act. She goes to leave and then quickly changes her mind. She decides that she wants to go look at JR's computer, but Adam stops her in the foyer. JR tells Adam to let her go if it will make her happy but Adam refuses to give over control of his house to a "street urchin."

Incensed (because she is pre-med.), Maggie asks if Bianca is ready to go. Bianca wants to stay a little while longer, so Maggie tells her to watch her back, and leaves. Back in the living room, JR apologizes to Babe for all that is happening and how it is affecting the family. Babe insists that nothing can break them up.

Once Adam and Bianca rejoin them, JR starts in again about his innocence and says that he overheard that Tad would be retaining Livia for Jamie's defense. JR says that he wants to talk to Livia - to make sure that she has everything she needs to get the charges dropped.

When he leaves, Adam apologizes to Bianca for not telling her how beautiful the dedication ceremony was. He wants to make a donation, but Bianca tries to decline because JR already made a sizable contribution. Adam says that he wants to add on to the gift. As he walks away to get his checkbook, Babe notes that Bianca must know Maggie well because of how long they have known each other. Babe asks if she believes in Maggie's convictions, and if she thinks JR really is capable of drugging her. Ironically, Bianca says (as they hear MiraBess start to cry over the baby monitor) that no father could do something that horrible to his baby's mother.

A little later on, as Bianca feeds MiraBess while Babe looks on, Babe asks Bianca if she thinks there is anything amiss with her marriage. After a quip about not being an expert on heterosexual relationships, she tells Babe that she has only seen love in their relationship, and that they are the poster couple for monogamy. Bianca notes that Babe gave him a daughter and she can't see JR doing anything to purposefully mess that up. That being said, she adds that Jamie has always been straight laced and she can't believe that he would drug Babe for sex either.

Over at Jamie and Maggie's apartment, Reggie is starting to go stir-crazy and wants to leave and try to find something that will help Jamie out. Dani tries to convince him to stay - and sits in front of the door to solidify her intentions. Reggie tells her that she isn't a threat because he could move her out of the way if he really wanted to. Frustrated, Dani gets up and offers some crazy alternatives (breaking into the Chandler house, uncovering a paper trail) to find out the scoop on JR.

Reggie laughs because her ideas are ludicrous, and with her out of the way, runs for the door. Dani begs him not to go - and says she can't lose him.

Meanwhile, down at the station, Brooke and Tad review the emails allegedly between Jamie and Seth while Derek and Livia look on. There are also emails that Jamie supposedly wrote but never sent to Babe. Tad is skeptical because the "lovey dovey" language used is not Jamie's style. Brooke notes that there is a reference to a crush that Jamie had in the 2nd grade and wonders aloud who else could know about that.

Livia notes that the emails, which are sent to and from "S" and not Seth, are circumstantial at best and that they could have been planted. Brooke wants to talk to Seth, and Livia insists that it's the least that Derek can do. Derek says that he can't because it is out of his hands. Curious as to why, Derek confesses that a lawyer named Arch Maddon is representing Seth. Livia knows that this lawyer is a high roller and usually defends the rich and famous. His minimum fee is $200,000. Tad suspects that Adam is footing the bill.

Tad and Brooke continue to question Adam's involvement but Derek refuses to budge. Tad says it scares him to think that Adam is involved - because if so, JR is as well.

Back at the apartment, Reggie pauses because he wants to know what Dani means. She tries to make up something that makes sense on the fly, but Reggie calls her out - she is worried about him. Dani denies it, but Reggie doesn't believe her. They banter back and forth for a few minutes and then he starts to leave. Just then, his cell phone rings and Derek Frye is on the other end. He asks to speak to Dani. Reggie kids around for a minute and tells Derek that Dani isn't with him. Derek isn't fooled and Reggie finally hands the phone over.

Once on the phone, Derek asks Dani for a favor - and in return he'll overlook the fact that even though she is grounded, she is still out and about with Reggie. He asks her to bring Reggie down to the station so that they can talk. He promises that he is not trying to pin anything on Reggie or arrest him for anything. Dani hangs up, and relays the message to Reggie. At first, he refuses to go but somehow Dani convinces him.

David visits Jamie in jail to try to convince him to work together to save Babe from JR. Jamie brings up David's past, wondering if his solution will be to use Libidizone or his castration drug to get people out of their way. Jamie tells David that he doesn't trust him and he certainly doesn't want to work with him. David admits that he doesn't like Tad, and that he's not too crazy about Jamie - but that Jamie may be his only hope for saving Babe.

Jamie declines - but David says that maybe he didn't make himself clear: he wasn't giving Jamie a choice. He demands that Jamie help him, but Jamie holds strong in the face of intimidation. David tries to convince him that they should call a truce because they both want the same thing, and they both love Babe.

Jamie accuses David of using anything and anyone to decimate the Chandlers - including his daughter. Frustrated, David tells Jamie that he is proving the theory that the Martins are dumber than they look. He continues to try to change Jamie's mind, but all Jamie gives him is this: while he hates what JR has done, he still loves his brother, and wants to get JR the help he needs. He doesn't want JR's life to blow up in his face. David notes that the feeling is obviously not mutual.

Brooke and Tad show up with Derek, and David takes his leave after asking Jamie to think about what he said. Derek lets them go into the cell to talk to Jamie and leaves a guard in his stead. Brooke hugs Jamie and tells him that they believe him. Jamie, disbelieving what just happened, fills them in on what David wanted. Brooke tries to excuse David's behaviour by saying that once before, David tried everything he could to save his daughter (Leora) and it didn't work. She surmises that he is trying again, hopefully with better results. Tad comments that something like that might make sense if David were actually human.

Tad then shares the emails the police got from Jamie's computer and Jamie laughs them off. He tells his parents that he hasn't written anything that stupid since the 5th grade. He informs Tad and Brooke that JR must really hate him to do all of this - and that he really needs to get out and help JR before he crashes and burns.

Livia stops by to tell them that she is working on getting the bail hearing moved up, but that Jamie might need to spend a night in jail. Seeing Brooke distressed, Jamie tries to assure her that it will be just like when he was away at camp. Brooke and Tad reassure Jamie that everything will be all right, and then take their leave.

Once they arrive at the station, Derek asks Dani to wait outside the room so he can talk to Reggie alone. At first Dani doesn't want to go but Derek finally gets her to leave. When she does, Derek tells Reggie that he can't clear up Jamie's case with only cops and evidence. He says that he needs someone on the inside that can provide him with information, advice and guidance. Reggie says that where he comes from, a person that does that is called a snitch. Derek says it's more like a get out of jail free card. Reggie asks if his probation would be forgotten. Derek said that it would, depending on the information received - which he expects will be good.

Reggie says he would consider it if Derek would sweeten the pot by throwing in his daughter. Derek flips out on Reggie for referring to Dani as if she were just a piece of meat. He threatens to beat Reggie down for commentary like that. Reggie tells Derek to calm down because he was just kidding. Reggie goes on to say that he won't snitch on his best friend - even if he were guilty. He tells Derek to take his offer and shove it.

Back at the apartment, David stops in to see Maggie and she fills him in on her confrontation at the Chandler mansion. They both vent their frustrations about having their suspicions but not being able to prove them. They acknowledge that Babe has to love JR very much, and that he and MiraBess are her life. She will fight like hell to keep them, and keep them safe.

David tells Maggie that with all Babe went through with the baby, he wasn't going to let JR take the baby away. He assures Maggie that everything will be all right, and as he prepares to leave, Maggie asks what he plans to do. He tells her that the less she knows, the better.

Livia arrives back at her office to find JR sitting in her chair. Not amused, she asks him to get up, and then tell her what he wants. Through a song and dance, Livia uncovers that JR wants to know if the knowledge she gained by working with him (when he wanted to sue Babe for bigamy and then take the baby) could be used against him in the current investigation. She tells him no, and he is clearly relieved, and says that he is over that now and is very happy. Livia doesn't buy it, but tells him that information will never see the light of day.

She goes on to inform him that regardless of that fact, she is not stupid and will be obligated to share any information she finds about the guilty party to the authorities. JR says that's all he wants, and offers to make a donation towards her legal fees. She declines, and invites him to leave.

Outside of her office, JR receives a text message that says, "Meet me at Babe's new home." With a sinister grin, JR says "Thanks, Dad" and takes off.

He shows up a little while later at a padded cell, and we hear Tad ask what took him so long. Stunned, JR asks what he's doing there. Tad tells him that this is the very place that Adam locked Dixie up in all those years ago. He wants to know if that's what JR wants for his brother - and his wife.

Babe shows up at the jail to visit Jamie.

Brooke shows up at the Chandler mansion. Adam immediately says that Jamie got himself into his mess all by himself. Adam doesn't want to talk about it - and Brooke is glad because she wants to talk about JR.

Friday, July 23

Jonathan serves Greenlee and Ryan dinner and the couple jokes about Jonathan's unlikely cooking skills. Jonathan brings out a sizzling rigatoni, and Greenlee and Ryan seem to like the dish. Their meal gets interrupted when Kendall stops by for visit. She immediately starts bashing Greenlee for their loss of $100,000 in cosmetic products. Greenlee admits to her mistake and Ryan seems shocked she didn't tell him. Kendall suggests that Greenlee resign for lying and pay the loss out of her pocket, until Jonathan fesses up. He tells Kendall and Ryan that he made the mistake and he should be the one to get fired. Kendall happily agrees and leaves, with Greenlee trailing behind. When Greenlee goes outside, she tells Kendall that she's not upset about Jonathan's mistake; she is upset about Jonathan rejecting her again in the bedroom. Greenlee even gloats that Ryan is falling in love with her. Kendall tells her to keep dreaming and leaves. Back inside, Jonathan explains to Ryan that he lacks hands on experience and he should leave. Ryan tells him he is not going to fire him because it is one mistake and sometimes with all Fusion's drama, it can be hard to get the job done. Jonathan doesn't want any take-outs. He says that if was at any other workplace, he would be out in a heartbeat. Ryan tells him he isn't at any other place, he is with he and Greenlee's company. Jonathan seems shocked to get a second chance and goes to clean the kitchen. Greenlee comes back inside and finds Ryan sitting alone in the dark. He thanks her for covering for Jonathan and then kisses her on the forehead. When he says Jonathan seemed to act strange, Greenlee informs Ryan about Kendall's attempt to get Jonathan in bed for round two. When Greenlee says she is going to bed, Ryan doesn't move. He says he will up later and continues to sit in the darkness with his thoughts.

Adam asks Brooke why she wants to discuss JR, when Jamie is the one behind bars. At first, Brooke defends Jamie, but then she breaks down, saying that if she had taken Jamie's obsession with Babe more seriously, then he would not have gone to such measures to win her. Adam hugs Brooke with a smile, although Brooke looks as though she is going to be sick in his arms. Mary waltzes in, shopping bags dangling on both arms and when she sees Brooke, she immediately begins to apologize for Jamie's unfortunate lock-up. Adam takes Mary to the side of the room and when they begin to argue, Brooke pulls out a mini-tape recorder from her purse. She tries to find a good spot to put it, but is distracted when Mary leaves and Adam turns his attention back to her. Brooke stuffs the recorder back in her purse and asks Adam if they can go somewhere else more private. Adam takes Brooke to the library and then goes to check on some tea. When he leaves, Brooke tries to find a good spot again, but drops the recorder on the floor behind the desk when Adam comes in. They resume talking about Jamie and Brooke asks him if he could find out anything about Seth's lawyer. Adam agrees and then Mary barges in, reminding him about a party they are going to attend. They begin to argue and Brooke stashes the recorder behind a statue on the bookshelf. Shortly after, she leaves and thanks Adam for his kindness. When she leaves, Adam tells Mary that he knows she is scheming him and wants to see how far she will go. When Mary asks why, he says that he admires Brooke because she will do anything to save and protect Jamie.

Babe tells Jamie that she never meant to lead him on, and Jamie quickly tells her that what is happening to him is not her fault. She should be blaming her husband, not him. Babe tells Jamie that if he going to continue insulting JR, then she is leaving. When she begins to walk away, Jamie asks how Bess is doing. Babe answers that Bess is fine and that JR loves her so much. When Jamie asks Babe if JR shows her that he loves her, she doesn't answer. Jamie rambles on that JR never talks about their future, moving out of the mansion, constantly ignores her, and she usually has to ask for attention. Babe accuses Jamie of stalking her at night, "I mean, how else could he know all of those things?" Jamie says he doesn't have to stalk her because he knows JR and they both know he has changed. He tells her that JR has the "look" back, which means he is scheming revenge on his next prey. His eyes get cold and hard and he looks right through you, not right at you. Babe says that JR would not want to get revenge on her, but Jamie disagrees that after all of the lies she has told him, JR has more than enough to bring her down. Babe still will not accept Jamie's theory and tells him that JR was right about his obsession with her. Jamie tells Babe about the fake emails and that at one time, he could have wrote them, but he didn't. He got over her because he wanted her and JR to be happy. Now he cares about her as a friend and he cares about Bess too. Bess says she will take care of Bess, but Jamie brings up JR again. He tells her that with JR in the way, she won't be in Bess's life at all. Babe tells Jamie that she hopes he can get the help he needs and rushes off. Jamie prays to God that he help Babe before it's too late.

JR is obviously thrown back by seeing Tad at in the padded room. He immediately tries to cover his tracks by saying that he would never throw Babe in there; he just wanted to see how far Adam would go. Tad does not believe JR and offers him a lifeline? a way to be saved before it's too late. "OK Tad, save me then," JR says. Tad tells him that JR is a great person because he was raised by Dixie but can't get any further because JR refuses to talk about Dixie. Then Tad reminds JR of all the horrible things Adam did to Dixie to keep JR away from her. "You have a choice to make," he tells JR. He can either be like Adam or be his own person. JR says he has a great marriage. Tad doubts that and reminds him reading books on divorce law only one week after he was married. Tad tells him that if he didn't frame Jamie, then he can help find the real person who did it. JR does not bite and constantly compares himself to Jamie. JR thinks that Tad never thought of him as a real son because he was not as good as Jamie. Tad tells him that he loves him and Jamie equally; he will always consider JR to be his son. When JR asks Tad what he would do if he was guilty, Tad says he will still be next to JR, supporting him and still loving him. JR does not seem convinced, tells him and Jamie to rot in hell, and leaves.

Tad and Brooke meet in the park. Tad tells Brooke he is proud of her for using the tape recorder and actually hugging Adam. Unfortunately, he thinks it is too late to save JR.

JR is sitting with Bess, telling her how much he loves her. Jamie is in jail, thinking of Babe. Both men have the same horrible vision of JR throwing Babe out of the house, with nothing left but her screams echoing against the walls and fists beating on the door. Then JR goes to pick up Bess, who stops crying, and tells the evil mommy is gone forever.



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