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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 19, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, July 19, 2004

Preparing for the preview, everyone is wished well by Ridge. He gives them all a pep talk to help them relax and put them at ease. Ridge sees Rick and wants to know why he is even there. He tells Rick to stay away from Caitlin.

As they are preparing Caitlin for the show, Thomas comes in. He says he hardly knows the girl in the chair readying herself for her future. He presents Caitlin with some flowers for her debut. He makes a point of telling her that because he pulled a few strings, he is able to stay and watch her preview. She tells him that she appreciates that, but, she really would rather he not be there. She needs to focus on the show and she is afraid she might get spooked by his being there. She hopes he understands. He tries to give her a kiss, but all the people who have worked on Caitlin's hair and makeup, have said to stay away. He finally ends up leaving.

Darla and Thorne talk. Darla is hoping all will go well. What will Thorne do? He says if he approves of the fashions, he will say so, otherwise they will hear his opinion.

Everyone enters the room waiting for the preview. Eric and Stephanie are there. Thorne arrives bringing Darla, who has had some experience in the fashion field herself, and of course, Ridge. A question is asked about Rick's presence. Ridge tells them that he was busy with something else. Ridge comes forward, and starts to tell his ideas for this line. He wants to shock and grab people's attention with them. He wants his designs to say to the young women wearing them that they don't play fair. In other words, says Thorne, the naughty side of Forrester. The show starts, and the designs are revealed. Eric looks on studying them, Stephanie is amazed, Darla looks at Thorne, and, Thorne, is shaking his head. After the preliminaries are shown, Ridge announces that this next one could be the show stopper, and Caitlin is wearing it herself. She comes out, walks down the runway and back again. She does this a second time enjoying herself completely. Ridge nods that she should do it again. As she does so, Thorne stands up and says that's it. The other models are dismissed, leaving Caitlin standing there. She asks Ridge if she should stay, and, Ridge tells her to give them a few minutes. She leaves the area.

While the show is going on, Oscar enters Rick's office. He is looking at a picture of Caitlin. He goes on, to Oscar, about the possibilities of this young woman. Oscar tells him that he has a "thing" for her. He saw them at the wedding. Rick acknowledges the kiss given to Caitlin. He says it was just a kiss. It can't work out. Oscar asks him if he has told her yet. He says no but he will soon.

Later, Caitlin enters Rick's office herself and finds him alone. She shows the outfit off to him. He is truly smitten with her, but, tries to contain himself. He calls the outfit a stunner and of course, she is also. Caitlin tries to say that they should celebrate by having lunch together, but, Rick puts her off. Another comment is made by her, and again, Rick tells her no. Rick tells Caitlin, that last night, they just got carried away with the moment. Sometimes things just don't work out.

Back in the showroom, Ridge wants to know what Thorne is trying to do. Is he trying to say that the President of the Company is putting down his creations? He recommends that Thorne sticks to what he knows and does best and it is not the creative and design area of the company. Ridge also suggests to Thorne that the reason he was made President of the company, was because Eric did not know that he (Ridge) would be coming back to Forrester. The two of them start to argue again and this time Darla steps in. She asks Ridge why he has to be so mean to everyone, including his Mother and Thorne. Ridge uses an "attitude" on Darla and Thorne has had enough. He warns Ridge for one last time not to speak to his wife in that tone. Ridge asks him what he thinks he is going to do. Thorne shows him. He hits Ridge and Ridge falls to the ground.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

At Forrester Creations, Eric helped Ridge off of the floor after Thorne had knocked him over with a punch in the face. Ridge smugly told Thorne that he hit close to home that is why Thorne punched him. Thorne began to throw another punch, but Eric stopped him. Eric announced that he has decided to stick with the new Ingénue line. Stephanie supported Thorne in her feeling that the line is all wrong for the classic Forrester Creations look. Eric asked Thorne to apologize to Ridge for the punch. Thorne was surprised by Eric's request, but apologized to Ridge very quickly then left the room. Eric advised Ridge to make peace with Thorne; otherwise Eric would make a war of his own.

Amber met Oscar at the Bikini Beach Bar. Amber told Oscar that she is aware that Rick was interested in Caitlin, but that now their relationship is over. She pumped Oscar for information about Forrester's new line. Amber assumed that Rick had created the new line with her in mind as a designer. Oscar disappointed Amber when he revealed to her that Caitlin will design and model the new line.

Meanwhile at Forrester Creations, Rick did his best to avoid being alone with Caitlin. Caitlin caught Rick alone and confronted him about his avoidance of her. Rick revealed he is too old for Caitlin and that Ridge had spoken to her father about keeping her safe. Caitlin protested to Rick that she is old enough for a relationship with him. Rick suddenly decided to take Caitlin to the cabin at Big Bear.

Stephanie later apologized to Ridge for her behavior at his wedding. Ridge was put out that Stephanie did not apologize for supporting Thorne over the new Forrester line. Ridge revealed that he feels Darla is responsible for the problems between him and Thorne. Ridge warned Stephanie to keep Darla away from him if she wants peace in the family. Later Darla walked into Ridge's office. Ridge boldly told Darla that he would push Thorne out of the company. Darla was equally as bold. Darla told Ridge that to deal with Thorne he must go through her.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Rick and Caitlin arrive at Big Bear. After the two go swimming, Rick wraps Caitlin in a towel and they kiss.

Darla warns Ridge to back off of Thorne and to stop being a bully. Ridge accuses Darla of stirring Thorne up, saying that before he was married, Thorne was content to work in the shadows.

Ridge shows Brooke the designs from the new line. She agrees with Ridge that the look is just what Forrester needs.

At Spectra, Sally is going over the bills when Clarke comes in to wish her a happy birthday. She is worried that the company might not last much longer. Spectra employees enter with a cake and sing to Sally. Darla arrives after Sally blows out the candles. Sally thanks everyone for being loyal to the company, but is afraid that Spectra might not survive much longer without a miracle. After Sally leaves, Clarke and Darla discuss the situation.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Clarke again tries to convince Darla to steal the Ingénue proofs for Spectra. Darla decides against it, only to accidentally pick up the proofs and bring them to Sally, thinking it was birthday photos she had for Sally as a gift. Sally tells Stephanie of her business troubles.

Samantha assures Hector that the Forresters are watching out for Caitlin. Hector calls Caitlin's cell phone, but it is out of range.

Rick opens up to Caitlin about his past with Amber.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Ridge is interrupted in his office by Thorne. Ridge asks him if he has seen the proofs and does he like them any better now. Thorne wants to know if he made the changes to pacify him, because, if he has..... Ridge says no. He doesn't want to pacify him; he wants to work with him. Ridge feels if they could, the line would be great. Ridge indicates to Thorne that they both want the same thing for the company, they just disagree on what that is. Ridge says they can get over it, if Thorne will face the real problem. Thorne asks if it is Darla. Ridge tells him that he tried to apologize to Darla but she would have nothing to do with it. Thorne also lets Ridge know that Darla wasn't threatening him, she was just sticking up for herself. Thorne says, if we want to work together, we need to keep off the subject of his wife. Thorne tells him to keep an open mind about Darla, and Ridge agrees that he will, if Thorne will keep an open mind about his designs. They shake hands.

At Spectra Fashions, Sally says that, while looking at the latest collection, Spectra has finally knocked off a dud.

Clarke asks everyone to leave so Sally can have a few moments to herself. Darla comes in to see Sally. She has brought with her, an envelope. She tells Sally that it will make her feel better. Sally puts it aside. They talk about Saul and the heyday at Spectra Fashions. Darla indicates that she will always be there for Sally. There isn't anything she won't do for her. Darla leaves and Clarke enters the room. He pretends to notice the envelope on her desk and asks what it is. Sally tells him that it is a late birthday gift, from Darla and she said that it would please Sally very much. Clarke says that if she won't open it up, he will. He does so and finds Forrester Creations new Ingénue designs inside. Sally cannot believe it. She calls Darla to find out if she really wanted to give this to her. Darla says yes. She just printed them off. Sally, all of a sudden, has her energy back and calls the troops together.

Rick brings Caitlin home. She asks Rick in as her Father is out. He enters and she walks up to him and kisses him and tells him that she is thanking him for the day. Samantha enters the room, as Rick prepares to leave. She says no to him, not until she is told what is going on. Caitlin says they were just hanging out and went swimming. Samantha tells her that she disappeared from work and no one could find her. Caitlin is concerned that she will tell Hector what is going on. Caitlin tells her that they kissed and that's all. Rick interrupts her and says he knows where to draw the line; he wants to keep Caitlin safe also. He tells Samantha that Ridge does not want them to be together either. Caitlin walks Rick out, and while outside, she once again kisses him. Samantha sees them through the window.

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