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Bobby proposed to Brittany. Devon moved in with the Winters family. Cameron asked Sharon what would be in it for him if he found a way to help her. Cameron told Grace to get out of town, or she would go down with him.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 19, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, July 19, 2004

Kevin goes to the coffeehouse and is angry that his plan with Daniel didn't work out. He is mad that Daniel didn't warn him that Lily hangs out at the Rec center with her friends. Daniel says they have to think of another plan to get Lily's family to respect Kevin again. What if Lily was in danger and Kevin saved her somehow? They decide that a pretend mugging would be inadequate, but Daniel seems confident that they will think of a good plan. Kevin says they need to think of one fast, or he will soon be taking a bus out of town.

Nikki goes to talk to Cassie about her real father Frank, but Cassie says she would rather not talk about it. Cassie feels that she has a real mother and father and Frank was never a part of her life. They go to the Rec Center together.

When J.T. sees the ruby earring on the child skeleton, he grabs it and puts it in his pocket. The body must have been there for more than 30-40 years because the concrete from the old building had been poured on top of it. J.T. goes to the Rec Center and tells everyone what happened. He asks Cassie where the tape of that child with the earring was stored. Cassie gets it for him. J.T. tells Nikki and Cassie that he wants to watch the tape one more time. Nikki looks at the tape mysteriously. J.T. goes to loft and calls Paul. Lynn tells him that Paul has left town. J.T. tells Lynn to leave a message that he called.

Brittany is shocked that Bobby has asked her to marry him. She's not sure what to do at first, and asks him to give her some time. Bobby doesn't want to give her more time. He wants an answer and he can't wait. Brittany is confused. She wants Bobby to ask her in a way that doesn't sound like "Whaddaya say we get hitched babe?" Bobby understands and he asks Brittany to sit down and get comfortable. He tells her since the day he met her, she changed his life. He had seen something in her eyes that gave him hope, taught him what it was like to live again. From that day he couldn't imagine being without her. He starts to trail off a little, but Brittany pulls him back on track. When he asks her, she says yes.

Drucilla is still upset that Neil won't consider having Devon stay with them for awhile. Neil says that he saw something earlier that may have changed his mind about Devon. Neil explains the scene he saw at the Rec center. When Drucilla hears that Kevin was there she gets mad. Neil tells her that Devon stuck up for Lily and told Kevin to leave. Drucilla seems proud.

Devon tells Lily that he is going to have to leave Genoa City and go to another group home. He says he feels sad, he was just starting to get used to living there and now he has to leave again. Lily wishes there was something she could do. Devon says that he will email Lily.

Lily goes to her parents and tells them about Devon. Drucilla is upset that they would want to send him away again so soon. It would take away Devon's self worth. Neil says he's sorry to Lily. Lily wonders if there is something they can do. Drucilla says she may have a plan.

Victor leaves a message on Nick's cell phone expressing his concern finding out that Sharon was arrested from a secondary source. Ashley knocks on the door. Victor invites her in, and she tells him that the psychiatrists have agreed to let Victor spend time with Abby, but only with supervised visits. Victor doesn't know what this means, and when he finds out that means that his time with Abby will be with Ashley and Brad, he doesn't like the terms. Victor wants to spend quality time alone with his daughter. Ashley pleads with him, telling him that she is trying to do what's best for everyone. Victor says he knows where she's coming from, and cares about her more than she knows, but he will not agree to those terms. Ashley tells Victor to save his words.

J.T. can't believe Brittany is going to marry Marsino. He doesn't believe that she even loves Bobby. Brittany says she does. Brittany says it's her life and she can make her own decisions. J.T. asks her to look him straight in the eye and tell him she is in love with Bobby Marsino. Brittany looks into J.T.'s eyes and says, "I love Bobby Marsino and I want to spend the rest of my life with him." J.T. leans over and kisses her passionately, then asks her to say it again. She slaps him.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Victor learns that Sharon has been arrested and demands to know what's going on with his daughter-in-law. Nikki breaks down and tells him the whole sorted mess with Sharon/Nick/Cameron/Grace. He can't believe no one told him anything and firmly believes if he had been involved it wouldn't have gotten this bad.

Drucilla passionately presses Neil that they need to be there for Devon and offer him a real home. Neil has his doubt s but relents to Dru's pleas.

Devon and Lily chat about his imminent departure. They both wish he could stay in GC.

Michael and Nick talk with Webber about his talk with Cameron. Cameron came off clean. He had a somewhat plausible explanation for all his actions recently. They press him to keep the pressure on Cameron.

Sharon tries to get Cassie to open up about Frank but Cassie doesn't care. He was never a dad to her and she never got a chance to know him that way, partly because of her. If she had told her when he was last in town she might have gotten to know him better. She was afraid back then of what Cassie's reaction would be like.

Jill storms in on the Abbotts while they are having breakfast and angrily presents Brad with the report he so rudely demanded the day before. She resents his attitude towards her Men's Line and is convinced he wants to axe it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Gloria excitedly told Kevin about her date, but when he found out it was with John Abbott, he warned her not to mention his name. He wouldn't tell Gloria the details of what had happened with Colleen, and Gloria decided she was going to date John anyway. She wanted to build a life for herself. Sooner or later, if Kevin stuck with her, he'd be taken care of, too. She left to get her nails done (charging it to Michael).

Lauren and Michael met at Yves, and Michael talked about his fears concerning whether or not Kevin was even capable of turning his life around. He said he thought Gloria might be doing more harm than good, because she didn't recognize Kevin's need for professional help. Michael clearly felt guilty for failing his brother earlier in the lives. Lauren had nothing but praise for the man Michael had turned into. In spite of his own childhood and his mistakes, she admired him. Michael got tears in his eyes, put his hand over hers, and thanked her. Lauren told him that she hadn't hired Kevin at the boutique not because she didn't think he was capable of bookkeeping, but because he still had a little crush on her that she didn't want to encourage.

Across the restaurant, Damon and Phyllis talked over the situation with Daniel. Damon said that Daniel had made it clear that he wanted to live alone with Phyllis. Phyllis thought Damon was trying to get rid of her, especially when he said that he'd like some time alone to work out some of his own issues about his past. He reassured her that their relationship was strong. Right now, she needed to work on her relationship with her son.

Victor was furious that he had been excluded from the situation with Sharon. He told Nikki that he'd always taken care of his family; she should have told him. Nikki said it hadn't been her place to tell him. Nick had wanted to handle it alone, and it was Nick's family who was being affected. Victor wanted to go immediately to see Cameron and deal with him, but Nikki said that it would further alienate Nick from him.

Sharon and Nick tried to think of a way to outwit Cameron. He was obviously obsessed with Sharon, and when he couldn't have her, he'd decided to destroy her. Sharon wondered if she should try to entrap Cameron by pretending to seduce him, maybe wearing a wire in case he incriminated himself. Nick was against that idea, and said they needed to take some time to develop a plan that wouldn't endanger her. When Nick left, Sharon decided to go alone to Cameron's hotel suite. He let her in with a curious look.

Devon was in a panic when he realized that Neil, as well as Drucilla, were talking to Mrs. Davis. He was afraid Dru was telling her that he'd stolen a wallet, and next the police would show up. Lily said that her mother wouldn't do that to him. When Devon wanted to run away from the rec center, Lily persuaded him to stay.

Drucilla let Mrs. Davis believe that Neil was in favor of Devon moving into the Winters' home, then Neil showed up and figured out what was going on. The two talked privately for a few minutes, then he pretended to Mrs. Davis that he was in favor of it. When Mrs. Davis left, Lily and Devon came in, wanting to know what was going on. Dru and Neil told Lily to meet them at home in an hour. They then went home and had it out. Neil thought it was a mistake to let Devon live there, but Drucilla said it was the only option and it was temporary until they could find him a foster home. Neil finally gave in, against his better judgment.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Sharon goes to see Cameron to plead for mercy. She says that she has told people downstairs that if she doesn't return they will come looking for her. Sharon asks if there is anything she can do to get Cameron to help get her out of this mess. Cameron won't admit to anything, and Sharon tries to convince him that she is not wearing a wire by taking her shirt off seductively. Cameron seems to like it, but tells her he can't help her. She thanks him for nothing and just as she is about to leave Cameron mutters something about what he would get if he were to help her. As Sharon turns to him and they come close enough to kiss, Cameron backs away and says he knows for sure now that she is playing with him. Sharon admits only to trying to save her life. Cameron will have to think about it.

Victor wants to help Nick get revenge on Cameron. He also wants to help get Sharon out of jail. Nick says that he and Sharon have a plan and he would rather not have Victor make things worse. Victor is upset that Nick won't let him help his family.

Ashley smiles as she watches Brad and Abby playing together. When Francis takes Abby to the dentist, Brad and Ashley begin to argue. Ashley thinks it would be best to just go along with what Victor wants. Brad is outraged. He says that if that's what she wants, fine. But he will do anything to keep Abby away from Victor. Even if it means the end of Brad and Ashley's marriage.

Dru wonders how she got so lucky finding someone like Neil. Neil tells her that for better or worse, they have made this decision. Dru is excited to set up Devon's room for him. When Lily and Devon come home, Neil says hello. Dru comes in the room and Devon wonders why everyone is smiling. Lily happily tells Devon that he can stay with them for awhile. He doesn't believe it at first. Drucilla explains that it is not a permanent situation, only until they can find a group home in Genoa City that will take him. Drucilla explains that she doesn't want Devon to have to go to Green Bay to start a whole new life all over again. He has just finally made friends and is doing well at the Rec Center. Devon keeps mentioning that it's not a permanent arrangement. He seems overwhelmed by the Winters' kindness.

Damon sees Diane at Yves and offers to buy her a glass of wine. He asks her how things are with Jack. Diane says almost non-existent since Jack left Jabot. Diane wonders how Damon is coping with his new girlfriends' teenage son. Damon seems surprised that Diane knows so much about his personal life. Diane says it's the talk of the town. Damon says it's Daniel's desire to move out of his apartment. Diane thinks Damon may somehow be expressing his fear of becoming too intimate.

Phyllis tries to convince Daniel to get used to living with her and Damon. Daniel says he wants to have a place of his own with Phyllis. He doesn't feel comfortable living at Damon's house. He says that if Phyllis won't oblige, he will just go find his own place.

Michael is getting a massage when Chris shows up to talk to him. She says it's nice to see him like that. Michael teases her and says that she had her chance. They talk about their family problems, Chris with Danny and Daniel, and Michael with Kevin and Gloria. Michael offers Chris her old job back, but Chris says she is unsure about what she wants to do right now. She says that she will think about his offer.


Ashley and Brad had another discussion about their different perspectives of the situation with Abby and Victor. Brad said that he would protect his daughter even if it hurt his marriage. Ashley said she was giving in to the inevitable to keep the tension from affecting their daughter. Ashley thought it might be good that she was going away for a few days on a business trip. Brad finally agreed that Victor could have private time with Abby when Ashley got back, but meanwhile, Ashley was to tell Victor to stay away from him and Abby. Abby came home from the dentist and went upstairs to help her mother pack. Brad assured Ashley that he did love her, but she'd made it possible for the man he hated most in the world to have a continuing effect on their lives.

Devon was overwhelmed by all the rules Neil threw at him for living in the Winters' home. When he protested, everyone began talking at him at once, until he demanded that they stop. Dru asked to speak to him alone. Lily left after assuring Devon that he was wanted there. When they were alone, Dru reasoned with him. She knew how he felt. Although he denied being scared, Dru said that he was afraid it could all be taken away from him. But he should get comfortable and become part of their family. If all it took was obeying a few rules to help him have a chance at a better life, it was a small price to pay. He should look forward to the future, graduating with pride and going on to college. All those were opportunities that the Winters could give him.

Grace arrived at Nick's to find Cassie alone. Cassie was thrilled to see her. They talked about what was going on with her parents, and how upset Cassie was. Cassie explained some of her confusing feelings about Frank's death. Grace assured her that she knew Sharon hadn't hurt anyone, and Nick would never let anything bad happen to her mother. Grace helped Cassie and Noah put together a surprise for their parents, but her desire to see them was cut short by a call from Cameron. He warned her that if she helped bring him down, she was going down with him. There was a ticket waiting for her at the airport, and she'd better use it. Grace said goodbye to Noah and Cassie, and told them not to tell their parents she'd been there at all, to take all the credit for the surprise themselves.

Nick wasn't pleased that Sharon had risked going to see Cameron alone, but he was interested that Cameron seemed to be taking the bait. He made Sharon promise that from now on, they'd handle Cameron together. He told her that Nikki had explained the entire situation to Victor, who as usual wanted to take over. But everyone else staying out of it was their best shot at exposing Cameron's plot against her. When Noah called and summoned them home, Nick and Sharon went back to their house. Noah and Cassie had sneaked out the back door to sleep at Victor's house. They'd set up a romantic dinner for their parents with a meal, candlelight, and music on the stereo. As Sharon and Nick danced, Sharon begged him not to let anyone take her away from all that.

Raul was trying to finish some paperwork for college when Brittany came home. When she questioned again why he was leaving, Raul said it was a good opportunity for him. He'd wait until her bandage was removed and he knew she was okay, but then he'd be gone. When Brittany told him that she'd accepted Bobby's proposal, Raul exploded. Marsino was the wrong man for her, and she'd one day realize that. He berated himself for ever believing he had a future with her. Apparently she'd rather be with a manipulative man who was old enough to be her father. In fact, maybe she liked all the attention from Bobby because she'd never gotten it from Frederick. J.T. came home in time to overhear the last of their fight. After Brittany slammed off to her room, J.T. told Raul he should fight for her. Raul said there was no point. She wanted Marsino, not him. So he was stepping aside.

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