One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 19, 2004 on OLTL

Adriana broke up with River after finding him with Shannon at the quarry. Natalie and Paul moved into the Angel Square Hotel. Kevin sued Kelly for full custody of Ace. R.J. asked Rex to spy on Evangeline and hired someone to beat up John. Michael and Marcie found a set of human remains at the Love Center building site. Sonia faked a beating.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 19, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, July 19, 2004

Natalie throws in John's face the fact that she is moving in with Paul. Kelly confronts Paul about the anonymous notes that Kevin received questioning his paternity to Ace. Kevin fill sin Asa on his plans to fight for custody for Ace. Paul turns good for Natalie. Todd and Blair won't tell Viki the truth about Ace and Kelly. Kevin tells Viki he is suing for full custody of Ace. Blair and Todd decide not to tell the truth about Ace.

Adriana finds River and Shannon making out. Shannon is upset that River didn't care about her enough to look back. Shannon seeks console in John. Natalie tells John she know about him and Evangeline

Jessica is concerned about how Sonia fits into their new life.


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Dorian tries to apologize to David who did not accept. Todd offers David a partnership to buy CRAZE. Todd would give David a fifteen percent share if David pretends to be the buyer so that Kevin would more likely sell. David asks Kevin who tells him he will think it over. Dorian surprises David at the office wearing a sexy lingerie but it's Todd who got the shock of his life. Dorian and David make up in his office. Todd busts Star and Travis writing an article on the Banner website. An angry Todd punishes them by not letting them see each other. Kevin calls Kelly and asks her to come over. Kelly doesn't know he is going to serve her with petition for custody of Ace.

Lindsay suggests to Rex that he goes back to school and become an architect. Rex still wants to buy back Ultra Violet. He asks Lindsay to try asking R.J. to sell to him. R.J. refuses to sell. R.J. tries to talk to Evangeline but John shows up. R.J. calls Rex and makes him an offer. R.J. will sell Ultra Violet back to Rex if he works on some errands for him. The first errand being to find out if Evangeline and John are only "friends."

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Tico and Sonia talk about living in Llanview and their new-found relatives, the Vega family. They plot to individually win the affections of Jessica and Antonio.

Stopping at the quarry for some alone time, Antonio and Jessica discuss Tico and Sonia and whether they should be trusted. Back at the apartment, Antonio is alone with Jamie when Sonia drops by, waiting until she sees Jess leave. He is immediately suspicious as Sonia begins to fill him in on her background, about how Jess and Tico are more alike, much like she and Antonio. As she continues on, talking about family honor, she suddenly grabs him and begins kissing him with enormous passion. Antonio pulls away abruptly and reminds her that they were only together as a result of his doing undercover work. He turns down her offer to return to her employ at the Hookup, which she plans on reopening.

Kelly waits for Kevin who called to say he's coming to see her. She tells Dorian that he sounded nice and since he's really Ace's daddy, though not biologically, he's probably going to get back together with her, since he obviously misses the baby. Carlotta stops by first, out of concern for Adriana who has been refusing to come out of her bedroom. Following close behind, River arrives and demands to see Adriana, but the girl, who has come downstairs, is enraged and rebuffs his overture to her. The women prevent him from getting close and he is ordered out. Adriana finally discloses the reason for her anger. At the same time, Dorian calls Blair, asking her to stop by and help Kelly out since she appears to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Blair refuses. Before Kevin can get there, Tico startles Dorian by being the next visitor through the revolving door. After calling her Dorian Lord Santi, but being quickly advised that it was only a very brief marriage, he is very agreeably introduced to Kelly. When he learns of his half-sister's unhappiness, he reminds her of his promise to protect her. He presents the women with their jewelry (the pieces with the code numbers) and though Carlotta is reluctant to take hers at first, he charms her into accepting it.

Natalie and Paul settle into their new place together and receive their first visitor, Kevin, who wants Nat to turn over the proxy for her votes on the Banner. Though suspicious, Kevin manages to have her believe that it's to "lighten" Viki's load. Before agreeing, she asks that Kevin give Paul a job; when he offers him the position of corporate pilot, she gives her approval.

Todd and Blair celebrate her being editor-in-chief of Craze after Todd announces that he plans to "steal" the magazine from Kevin. He explains that David is fronting for him, using Dorian as the person planning to make the purchase. Blair thinks that David will fail but later, they learn that Kevin is indeed planning to go for the deal. Blair learns that Todd has grounded Starr for her role in tampering with the newspaper and is delighted at Todd's new take on parenting. Todd realizes he's feeling happy.

River shows up at Nigel's hotel and begins woefully playing the lobby piano with great expression. A woman checking in is drawn to the playing and sits down to question him. She introduces herself as Anita Vaccaro, a professor at Julliard and she sees great promise in his talent.

Attempting to sway Jess into turning over her votes to him, Kevin is thwarted when she figures that it's to take a stand against Todd and not to help Viki as he states. She informs him that she plans to let Joey and Nat know the truth about his maneuver. When he storms off, she places an immediate and agitated call to Joey. Overhearing her tone, a passing Tico offers to help with her crisis. She mentions her changing brother and how he seems to be out for revenge. Coincidentally, Antonio arrives, pushing Jamie in her stroller. He's obviously disturbed at seeing the pair and invites Jess to accompany him on his walk. Sonia approaches Tico and tells him that Antonio really wants her; he just can't accept it yet.

Anticipating great things, Kelly welcomes Kevin into Dorian's house and attempts to make small talk. When Kevin quickly and brutally announces that he's suing for full custody of Ace, she snaps. Dorian intercedes and the women manage to get Kevin out of the house right away. An hysterical Kelly rants and grabbing a knife, begins stabbing at herself in a family portrait.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

In order to find out more about John and Evangeline's relationship, R.J. hires Rex to spy on the couple as they get to know each other better. Rex reports back to R.J. after watching Evangeline join John in his room

Antonio warns Jessica not to trust Tico. When he finds out she has set up and interview with his cousin, Antonio voices his concerns. As the interview progresses, Jessica realizes that Tico is avoiding her questions. At the end, she still wonders what he has been doing for the last year. In an attempt to get Antonio's attention, Sonia tears up the Hook Up and tells him someone attacked her.

At the Love Center, the crew again cleans up the site. Marcie and Jen discuss their relationships. When Michael calls, Marcie tells him that things are going better than she expected. Michael surprises Marcie with a visit to the center. Before he can leave, Marcie notices something in a pile of dirt. Michael informs her that she found human bones.

Daniel's jealous side begins to show when Bo and Nora are thrust together again. Nora convinces Daniel that they have a future before running off to catch an elevator. Once inside, the elevator comes to a sudden halt with Bo and Nora inside. Bo blames Nora for the elevator getting stuck, causing an argument to ensue. Dumping her purse, the two decide to try to escape the elevator.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Bo and Nora continue with their attempts to get out of the elevator, while Daniel receives the news that the cable holding the car is fraying. After trying to get the escape hatch open, the ceiling of the elevator collapses, revealing that the hatch is open. Their relief is short-lived when Bo points out that the wires crossing the opening are live. The pair is warned not to move and realize the danger of the situation. After Daniel cuts the power to the car, Bo hoists Nora through the hatch. Hearing the car fall, Daniel assumes the worst but finds that Bo and Nora managed to get out before falling down the shaft.

Despite Sonia's begging, Antonio refuses to stay with her and puts a police officer on guard instead. Tico informs Jessica that he intends to buy Lion Heart, the estate that was owned by Mitch Lawrence. Antonio questions Tico about the men that attacked Sonia. Antonio continues to be suspicious of his cousin. Tico warns Sonia that messing with Antonio could ruin things for both of them.

Todd suggests that he and Blair have another baby, but she insists on focusing on their relationship first. Starr bargains with Todd to ease the terms of her punishment in order to help him with a surprise for Blair. Blair returns to find the penthouse turned into a replica of Venice and in turn tells Todd that she has put a bid on a house. Todd later asks Blair to marry him again.

John and Evangeline make love. While the manager of the Angel Square Inn sleeps, R.J. steals a key to John's room. Overhearing them discuss their relationship, R.J. starts making plans to get even with John. After saying an awkward good-night to Evangeline, John finds a man lying in the hallway of the hotel. When he checks on the man, he is attacked from behind.

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