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Passions Recaps: The week of July 19, 2004 on PS
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Monday, July 19, 2004

Gwen dreams of the day she can give Ethan their child. Fox arrives with the news Theresa has collapsed. Fox tells Gwen and Ethan that Theresa collapsed after hearing about Antonio and Pilar. Eve learns Theresa's baby is in distress. Ethan and Gwen get the news that the baby is going to be okay. They go to see Theresa and she asks to see little Ethan.

Whitney, Chad, and Fox follow Theresa to the hospital. Away from Chad, Fox tries to talk to Whitney about their feelings for each other, but Whitney asks Fox to leave her alone. Chad talks to Fox and tells him he knows something is bothering Whitney. He questions Fox, but Fox plays dumb. Chad tells Fox that he knows Whitney would never cheat on him because she loves him.

Whitney goes outside on the roof where Julian is trying to avoid being seen. The two end up trapped together. Julian tries to make small talk with Whitney, but she lays into him. Julian finds out that Whitney knows Fox is in love with her. Whitney tells Julian to mind his own business, and Julian realizes that Whitney is in love with Fox too.

Alistair tells his girlfriend that Sheridan had to be killed in order for him to protect himself and his empire. Sam happens upon the scene of Sheridan's burning car. He finds Sheridan and Luis hiding in the bushes, alive. Luis tells Sam someone planted a bomb in the car. Luis is positive that Alistair is behind the bomb. Sheridan thinks she is a jinx and she wants to leave Luis to save his life. Luis promises to protect Sheridan and bring Alistair down.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Theresa asks to see little Ethan. Gwen says no, but later agrees in order to calm Theresa. Ethan and Theresa talk while Gwen is gone until Whitney interrupts. Whitney yells at Theresa about lying to Ethan and Gwen and demands that the lies stop and Theresa confesses to Ethan and Gwen. Whitney tells Theresa that she knows she's not going to want to give her baby up when she has it. Theresa changes the subject to Whitney and Fox and Whitney ends up storming out of Theresa's room and sees Julian and Eve hugging.

Julian calls Whitney on her feelings for Fox. Whitney denies she has feelings for Fox. Fox rescues Whitney and Julian from the roof and Whitney tells Fox that Julian is harassing her. Fox lays into Julian for bugging Whitney. Julian explains to Fox that he knows Whitney feels guilty for loving Chad and having feelings for Fox and she doesn't want to be admit it. Julian tells Fox to be there for Whitney. He explains that Eve's secrets are about to come out and Whitney will need him to be strong for her.

Katherine tries to convince Martin not to go back to Harmony. She is convinced Alistair will try to kill him. Martin tells Katherine that he feels guilty because his children have suffered because of him leaving. Martin knows the only way to protect their children is for him to go back to Harmony. Katherine reluctantly agrees to let him go and helps him pack.

Luis tells Sam that he has to protect Sheridan from Alistair. Luis wants to get Sheridan out of town before Alistair learns she's still alive. Eve tells Luis that Pilar wants to see Paloma. Eve tells Luis that Miguel called Paloma and she is refusing to come home. Luis decides to go to Mexico and get Paloma himself. Luis and Sheridan are happy that they are getting out of town before Alistair realizes they're alive, just as Alistair comes into Eve's office and sees them. He lets it slip that he tried to kill Sheridan and Luis. He then learns that Sheridan and Luis are planning a trip to Mexico. Luis notices that Alistair is rattled by the mention of Mexico.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Luis and Sheridan are in disguise headed to Mexico. Alistair tells his goon to follow them and kill them as soon as they land in Mexico. Alistair is determined to keep Luis and Sheridan from finding out that Martin and Katherine are alive. Sheridan is worried about the flight, but Luis calms her.

Katherine decides she is going back to Harmony with Martin. Martin tells Katherine it's too dangerous for her to follow him and Alistair would kill them. Katherine says she is either going back to Harmony with him or on the next flight. Martin is worried about how Pilar will take the news that he left her for Katherine comes out. Martin tells Katherine that he is flying on the same airline Sheridan and Luis are flying in on.

Eve heads home with Julian to face the music. Julian offers a last minute chance to run away with him but Eve decides to stay and face the consequences of her actions. Julian refuses to let Eve face T.C. alone. T.C wants to put Aunt Irma to bed, but Liz refuses to let him. T.C. finally puts his foot down and heads upstairs to ready Irma's room. T.C. comes back down and Aunt Irma wakes up and starts calling her names.

Ivy talks to Charity about Ivy drinking. Ivy remembers Liz telling her she's going down tonight. Kay tries to keep Miguel by her side to keep him from finding out Charity's leaving town. Kay pulls her bandages off so she'll start bleeding and then guilts Miguel into staying with her. When Miguel leaves anyway, Kay decides to leave the hospital. She's in too much pain so she calls Tabitha and asks her to step in and help. Charity recalls happier moments with Miguel before she leaves.

Whitney is talking to herself when Fox happens upon her. Fox asks if he can talk to Whitney, but she angrily tells him to go away. Fox tries to apologize to Whitney, but she won't hear of it. Fox angrily explains to Whitney that he has been nothing but a gentleman and a friend to her and she has no reason to hate him. Whitney tells Fox that she can't help any more drama in her life and Fox remembers Julian's warnings that Eve's life is about to crumble. Fox decides to back off. Fox tells Whitney he'll leave Harmony if it will make her happy. Whitney tells him not to leave, that she needs him as a friend. Fox asks Whitney if she is in love with him.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Katherine remembers Sheridan as a child and how cruel Alistair was to her. Katherine swears she can hear Sheridan crying but Martin reassures her that her memories are stirred by talk of Harmony. Katherine has trouble breathing when Alistair reflects on how he'd like to choke her. Sheridan remembers the same memory Katherine had of them star gazing. Martin and Katherine are kissing goodbye at the airport when Sheridan and Luis unknowingly find them. Katherine sees Sheridan and Luis.

Whitney denies having feelings for Fox. Fox calls Whitney on her feelings for him and she lashes out at him saying he's confusing her. Fox asks Whitney if she's upset because she's conflicted about her feelings for him and Chad. Whitney yells at Fox to shut up. Fox realizes that Whitney does have feelings for him.

Charity shares an emotional goodbye with Ivy. Tabitha tries to distract Miguel so he won't realize Charity is leaving town. Kay calls Tabitha who hangs up on her. Kay frets that Miguel is convincing Charity to stay in town. Kay calls Tabitha again and she tells Kay Miguel went to see Charity. Endora sets bats on Miguel to prevent him from reaching Charity. By the time Miguel gets to the Bennett house, Charity is gone. Miguel gets to the bus station and yells for Charity not to leave, but she does so anyway.

Aunt Irma continues to call Eve names and T.C. questions why. Aunt Irma tells T.C. how Eve started singing in a blues club and got addicted to drugs. She also tells that Eve became a prostitute to support her drug habit. Aunt Irma then tells how Eve met a rich white man and became his mistress. T.C. loses his temper and demands Irma apologize to Eve. Liz is furious T.C. doesn't believe Aunt Irma. Eve ends up confessing to T.C. that what Irma says is true.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Whitney insists to Theresa that she is in love with Chad. Theresa asks Whitney if she's sure, and Whitney says she hates Fox. Theresa grills Whitney and suggests that deep down Whitney always knew how Fox felt about her. Whitney kisses Chad and tells him how much she loves him repeatedly in front of Fox who sees through her act. Whitney then tells Fox that she and Chad are getting married, to Chad's shock.

Miguel cries on Fox's shoulder about losing Charity. Simone goes to visit Kay and learns Charity has left town. Simone has doubts that Kay will live happily ever after with Miguel. But Kay is insistent that now that Charity is gone, Miguel will fall in love with her. Pilar tries to convince Miguel to go after Charity. He says no at first, claiming he can't leave Maria, Kay, or Pilar while they are sick. Pilar urges Miguel to follow his heart. Miguel goes to see Kay and tells her he's going after Charity.

Martin and Katherine lovingly watch Sheridan and Luis, which Luis notices. Luis and Sheridan think Martin and Katherine look so familiar and Sheridan confronts them. Katherine and Martin side step being recognized by their children by coming up with fake names. Luis chalks up the recognition to chance. Katherine convinces Martin that they need to spend some time with their children and Martin agrees. Martin and Katherine agree to drive Luis to the hotel Paloma is staying at. Sheridan looks into Katherine's eyes and realizes she does know her.

Eve tells T.C. that Aunt Irma isn't lying. She confesses her past to him. T.C. still refuses to believe what Eve's telling him. T.C. and Aunt Irma get into a war of words over Eve's past. Eve tries again to get T.C. to believe her, but he thinks she is putting on an act for her aunt. Eve confesses how she's eaten up inside over carrying this secret and how she wants the truth to come out. T.C finally begins to believe what Eve is telling him. T.C. flies into a rage and tears the house apart. Julian is lurking outside the Russell home on the phone with Alistair who is gloating that Eve and Julian's past is catching up with them. Eve rushes out into Julian's arms, crying she's lost her family.

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