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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 19, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, July 19, 2004

A sleepy Sami and Lucas lie in Sami's bed on a rainy morning, snuggling. After professing their love to one another again, she goes to make breakfast as he fixes the bed. He tries to coax her back to bed, distracting her long enough for her to accidentally put salt in the French toast mix instead of sugar. After the awful first bite, Lucas forces down the rest of the breakfast, making faces all the while. They argue a little about Shawn and Belle until finally Sami takes the last bite of the French toast herself. She gags on it then realizes that Lucas was trying to spare her feelings. Sami playfully pulls him into the shower with her and they discuss how happy Will will be to see them together.

At the loft, a brand new Belle walks in on Philip in the bathroom. She apologizes but he insists that they have to learn to share close quarters. Philip turns on the radio long enough to hear a news report on the death of Hope Brady which stirs up Belle's melancholy. "I feels so selfish," she says because she hopes it will bring Shawn home. After telling her that she is addicted to Shawn, they make a pact to not discuss personal issues with one another. The pact lasts all of one minute before he hops in the shower and she starts to blather on about Shawn coming home again on the other side of the clear shower curtain. When the doorbell rings, Belle is sad to find Kate at the door with breakfast and coffee. Kate is just as disappointed to learn she didn't interrupt anything. While Belle showers, Kate and Philip argue about whether he should put the moves on Belle. They make a quick detour to discuss the possibility of Kate and John but Kate says that is ridiculous.

Down at the Salem Police Station, Bo tells John that his heart can't accept Hope's death even if his head can. Shawn, Sr. pops in to tell Bo to let Hope go but Bo gives him the brush off. Once Bo has had breakfast, he theorizes that Patrick and Hope are likely with Jennifer and her abductors. Working of that theory, he realizes that both planes disappeared in the same general area.

On Captive Salem Island, Abe and Roman bad cop/bad cop Patrick while Hope hovers nearby trying to keep the peace. Bordering on frantic, Patrick keeps pleading to be set free so that he can find Jennifer. With raised eyebrows, Roman and Abe explain their belief that he is in cahoots with their captor and that Patrick is just too scared to tell the truth. When Patrick says that if he searches for Jennifer alone he won't be noticed, Roman takes this as confirmation that Patrick knows that they are under surveillance for sure. Unsure of the next step, Roman and Abe ask Hope to make the decision on Patrick's status since she trusted him enough to come to the island with him. Still believing Patrick to be a decent guy, Hope asks for Alice's opinion on the matter. A stoic Alice Horton tells Hope, "if he wants to save Jennifer, he would be completely honest" but that she doesn't believe he is being honest. Sensing defeat, Patrick threatens, "Unless you let me go, Jennifer and her baby are doomed."

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Hope tries to convince Roman and Abe to let Patrick go. Roman refuses, thinking Patrick will lead them to their captor. Patrick goes to the bathroom and tries to escape, but Roman and Abe catch him and tie him up. Hope and Abe go to the force field. Abe throws a stick through it to show Hope how strong the current is. Hope notices a keypad and caution light near the force field. Abe throws another stick through it and Hope realizes that throwing the stick throws off the current for a few seconds. Abe tells Hope to throw the stick and he's going to run through it. Instead, Hope throws the stick and runs through it herself, ending up electrocuted.

Bo refuses to believe Hope is dead and continues looking for her. John tries to help Bo and tells Bo he knows how he feels. John and Bo commiserate over losing the loves of their lives. Bo finds a teddy bear among Zack's things and John recognizes the bear. On the island, Roman and Marlena talk about the bear she was buried with and how she doesn't know what happened to it. John goes to see Sami with the bear and ask her if she recognizes it. She tells him it's Will's bear that Marlena gave him and Sami put it in the coffin with Marlena.

Sami and Lucas are enjoying a shower together when Kate drops by with some cookies to be sent to Will. Kate lays into Sami telling her no man will ever love her, including Lucas. Lucas then comes out of the shower and Kate realizes he and Sami are now a couple. Kate and Sami point the finger of blame at each other and Lucas tells them they are family now and he wants Sami and Kate to call a truce. He tells them Will is caught between his love for his mother and his grandmother. Lucas tells them he won't choose and he won't force Will to choose, so they have to learn to get along with each other for their family's sake.

Jack and Jennifer both are delirious. Jack leaves to go find Jennifer some food and falls in a hole. Jennifer forces Jack to gather all his strength and climb out of the hole. Jack tries to convince Jennifer to leave and get help.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Shawn is in the cage he's being held in thinking about the answering machine message that Jan played for him and starts yelling for her. Jan enters dressed as a cheerleader asking him "What is it pumpkin?", then proceeds to do a cheer for him, "S is for sexy, H is for hot, A is for awesome, W is for wow, N is for never going to leave this place again for as long as you live!" Shawn tells her that's great but that's what she needs to do, to let him go before Belle makes a mistake with Philip. Jan says that it's too late, that she already has and he needs to get over her. He says he'll never give up on Belle because she's the woman he loves, she's never going to be with Philip, and that they'd made a promise to each other that they would never break things off without talking it through first. Jan tells him that he hasn't called her even once, that Belle got tired of waiting and that she and Philip are the perfect couple and that it's time to let nature take it's course. She leaves and says that Belle is never going to give up on Shawn, Shawn will never give up on Belle unless they both know for a fact that it's over and that she knows what to do. A bit later, Jan is in another part of the house talking to herself saying, "I'm so smart, taping love monkey's every move, look at you on tape, yummy little cookie." She goes on to say that with the new software she has she can patch the audio to give Belle the ultimate blowoff, that she'll run into Philip's arms and he'll be all hers. She ponders how she could have really messed with her mother with that audio splicing technology when she was growing up and goes on to play the message she's spliced together to leave on Bo & Hope's answering machine saying hi to his mom and dad, telling him he's sorry he hasn't been in touch but his cell phone died and he was finally able to hear about Marlena, that he loved them both and to give his love to Zack. Jan listens to it with a smile and says, "Gosh Shawn, did you forget to mention Belle? She's going to be devastated." In the cage, Shawn smiles and says that he knows how to take care of Jan. Later, Jan enters the room where Shawn is dancing around with her pompoms thinking how Belle will never know what hit her and that things are looking up now with her out of the picture. Shawn grabs her by her necklace, pulling her against the cage and choking her. She gasps for breath telling him to stop, that she can't breath!

At Titan, Brady is having a talk with the office's legal council, who is telling him that he wishes he had better news, but that the contract for the concert hall expired at midnight, and if funding hasn't been found the contract would be dead. Brady tells him that Victor had counted on him to fulfill his wishes, and so did Chloe and that he was going to call Bo and Philip. He calls them both, and reluctantly they agree to come in. Meanwhile, Nicole is in the reception area telling the secretary that she wants Victor's nameplate taken off of his door. The secretary tells her that that's a decision for the board, Nicole says that she is Mrs. Kiriakis and her husband was not wonderful, that he gave her 24/7 grief, that there was a new sheriff in town so she should call maintenance and have it removed! The secretary says that that is sacrilegious, that Victor had built Titan from the ground up. Nicole says that it was a company, not a church and Victor certainly wasn't God so it wasn't sacrilegious. Brady comes out and says that he agrees with the secretary and that Nicole is making a mistake. Nicole asks why it shouldn't be replaced, Victor was dead, she was alive, she needed and office and she wants it. Brady tells her that this isn't the way to go about it, and how can she say she has Titan's best interest at heart, that Victor was the reason why people did business with Titan. Nicole counters by saying that the secretary was the one giving her grief. The secretary says she was trying to be respectful, and Nicole says and I respected you by not firing you. Brady drags Nicole into the office saying he wants to talk to her and closes the door behind them. In the office he tells her that if she wants to succeed there she has to be able to convince the employees that she's going to carry out Victor's visions for Titan, that she doesn't want to erase his memory, and to carry forth with the plans for the concert hall. Nicole questioned that, saying she thought those plans were dead in the water. He tells her that he just talked to legal and that they have one more chance and wants to know if she's game. Nicole said that of course she wants to help, and wanted to know if he'd changed his mind about accepting her jewelry to help fund it. He tells her no he hasn't but it wouldn't pay for one day of work, that they have to go to the root of the problem. Nicole says he's not referring to Bo and Philip and he says yes he is that they're on their way in for the meeting, the phone rings, signaling their arrival and Brady goes to pick it up. Nicole thinks about how things couldn't work out better that she was just a few steps away from getting everything she wanted, including Brady. Brady asks her if she's ready and thanks her for being so supportive. Bo, Philip and Belle have arrived at Titan. Bo sees Belle and says that it looks like she's moved on from Shawn to Philip. Belle explains that he's subletting for Mimi since she's living with Rex. They all go into the meeting and argue back and forth about Victor's wishes, how they weren't Victor's that Brady just wants to get Chloe back in town, etc. At the end of it all, Bo and Philip both refuse to support the project. As they're leaving, Bo calls home to check his messages and hears the one that Jan has left for Shawn and holds the phone up for Belle, telling her that Shawn has called, she says oh my god and later rants when Philip asks her what it said, saying that he didn't say anything about her at all, that he hadn't even mentioned her name. Inside the office, the legal council is telling Brady that he did his best but at this point the only thing that the members of his family were going to agree on was to disagree. Brady wants to know why, and the attorney tells him that if he wants his honest opinion, it's because of Nicole. Nicole re-enters the office and Brady tells her it's over, that his family had voted it down and that Chloe would never come home. She massages his shoulders and comforts him telling him to relax, that he had a bright future and that he's going to go a long way. Meanwhile she's thinking that now that Chloe was never coming back, she would be right by his side and nobody would ever stop her.

On the island Caroline is out walking with a basket full of rhubarb. Victor shows up asking her if she's going to make one of his favorite rhubarb pies, she that he has time to make it with her since he's not running Titan or anything. He says he'd like that but he's troubled. Caroline asks him what's wrong and asks if it's Nicole. He says she always could read him well and says it's not long before Nicole poisons his whole family. Caroline wants to know how she can help ease his mind and he says she can't; that Nicole is a monster that he created, that his slut of a wife caused a rift in the family, pitting Brady against Bo and Philip. Caroline says it's obvious that Nicole is in love with Brady and Victor says she's obsessed and it scares him, that Nicole is a cold-blooded killer and if Brady rejects her she might try to kill him. Caroline tells him how she was in a similar position as Brady, loving two people at the same time. Victor says he doesn't want his grandson getting involved in any of that, that he's too much like his mother, trusting, fair, and led by his heart rather than his head, that Nicole was too smart to leave any evidence behind and that he should have cut her loose when he had a chance. Caroline tells him that he was in love with her and he responded by saying that he only loved one woman in his life and it certainly wasn't Nicole. Caroline touches his face and thanks him for saying that and that she was flattered, and goes on to say that in Salem he was always so protective, sincere and grateful. Victor tells her that he always tried to be respectful of her relationship with Shawn and didn't want to upset her or her family. Caroline says that when Shawn came back from Ireland from seeing his sister and heard that she and Victor had spent time together she thought he was going to have a heart attack. Victor tells her he misses being a part of her life and wishes he could undo his mistakes. Caroline says they've been through that before, that they can't change the past. Victor says that he never stopped caring about her and loves her very deeply, she starts crying and they end up kissing.

Meanwhile Marlena is still trying to get Patrick to tell her what he knows, he denies having any knowledge about anything and that his only concern is to get out of there and find Jennifer. Marlena says that it's impossible to get through the force field and he says no you're wrong, she says you know how to get through it don't you. Patrick says he doesn't, but that Jack got through it and so could he. Marlena says that there was a power surge when Jack went through, that he could be dead, that Tony found his compass and Abe had found his shredded backpack. Patrick said that Jack is resilient and he'll prove it by risking his life to go after Jennifer and saving her. Roman and Abe are outside examining Hope, her pulse is erratic, but without a defibrillator there's no way to regulate it. Abe says that when he was a paramedic in Chicago and there were budget cuts they had to find ways to treat people in similar situations. He goes out and picks a bunch of fronds, Roman asks him what he's going to do with it, Abe says that he's going to try to save her life because the sap in the fronds was a natural salve. Hope comes to and insists on going to Patrick thinking he's the key to get through the force field. At the house Patrick is continuing to try to get Marlena to let him go saying that he's not a saint, but he's not responsible for kidnapping Jennifer, he wants to help her and her baby and if they let him go he'll get through the perimeter. Hope enters and asks him how he's going to do that. Abe threatens Patrick telling him he'll do whatever it takes to get the information out of him, Patrick says he has nothing more to say and that they might as well just kill him. Abe tells him to be careful what he asks for. Hope asks to see everyone outside and tells them she wants to question him alone, Abe says no way, but Marlena says he and hope have been through a lot together with the plane crash, etc., and says, just in case..and gives Hope a knife. Hope returns to the room and Patrick sees the knife and says you're kidding right, Abe told you to kill me, and asks what they did, draw straws because there were better weapons for her to use unless she's trying to be as torturous as possible. Hope tells him to stop being ridiculous, that she wants answers. Abe sets off to check the perimeter on the west side of the island; Roman and Marlena head off and sees Caroline and Victor kissing. Roman wants to put a stop to it and Marlena tells him that they have a history together, that the kiss was innocent and there was nothing wrong with that. Roman says that it might be innocent on Caroline's side but not Victor's. Marlena says that they might never see their families again, it's not wrong of them to find comfort in each other because at the end of the day they're all they have. At the house Hope agrees to release Patrick, but only on the condition that she goes with him. He says that sounds familiar and that he didn't think so; Hope says he has a choice, he can stay there or let her go with him.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

by Joan

At Jan's, a desperate Shawn reached out of the cage trying to strangle his captor for the keys. But Jan faked unconsciousness and broke away. At the Loft, Philip comforted Belle who was upset about Shawn. Jan made an unexpected visit with another plan. Trying to convince Belle that Shawn was gone for good, Belle blurted out she still loved him. But Belle refused to reveal the one action Shawn might take to prove he no longer loved her. From her home, Jan called Belle to say, "I know where Shawn is."

At Sami's, John brought the teddy bear found at Bo's house. Lucas recounted placing Will's teddy bear in Marlena's coffin. While accusing John of removing it to punish Marlena for being the Killer, Sami confirmed to him that it was Will's. Finding stitching she had done herself, Sami also found some peanut butter on the bear, which she believed was from Zack. Confused as to why anyone would rob the coffin, the three rushed to Marlena's grave, finding it undisturbed. But Sami protested at John's suggestion that they exhume the body.

On Salem Island, Marlena defended Caroline's affection for Victor. Despite her love for John, she told Roman it was a comfort having him there, learning that Roman felt the same way. Looking for more clues, Marlena recalled praying when she realized she was buried alive. Her prayer was interrupted by a whirring sound, "like a machine." This was followed by a "clicking noise as if I were switching tracks", and then falling. Finally, blinded by a bright light, Marlena called it surreal. Abe suggested the possibility of someone using subterranean tunnels under St. Luke's once used as an underground railroad. Remembering the night of Doug's attack, Marlena realized she might have been unconsciously told of such tunnels when hiding from John in the crypt.

Patrick appeared to have knowledge about the Island's dangerous terrain as he insisted on searching for Jen alone. When Patrick refused to divulge anything, Hope offered him a deal - leaving with her or not leaving at all. Outside, Hope was overjoyed at hearing Doug's voice. Following their brief reunion, Hope returned inside the house to find Patrick had escaped. Chasing him to the force field perimeter, Hope saw Patrick trying combinations on the keypad with the coin in his hand. As the two struggled for the coin, it was knocked out of their hands remaining suspended in mid-air in the force field. Hope watched as Patrick jumped through and then poked a branch into a hole in the force field. Following him, Hope asked Patrick about the coin. Insisting she go back, Patrick claimed that he noticed the coin's metal had an effect on the field.

And as Jack finally pulled himself out of the hole, Jennifer found what she believed to be hope for saving them both. As he found Jennifer crossing an unsteady rope bridge, Jack watched helplessly as the rope threads broke. As Jen turned back towards him Jack couldn't reach his wife as the bridge collapsed towards a ten-mile drop below.

Friday, July 23, 2004

by Joan

At Jan's, Shawn fantasized speaking to Belle just outside his cage. Kissing her Shawn found he was kissing Jan. At the Loft, Belle received a call from Jan who planned returning later to reveal where Shawn is. Calling her a born liar, Philip sensed Jan was up to something. Warning a gullible Belle to follow Marine tactics and "know your enemy", Philip traced Jan's call to Kent Island.

At the Salem PD, Bo was unable to accept Tek's findings of blood near the wreckage scene of Hope's plane. Interrupted by John's request for a Court Order of Exhumation, Bo was more concerned about finding the living. Sympathizing with Bo, John insisted that Hope and Marlena's loss might be connected, while Sami begged that Bo let her mother rest. In agreement with John, Lucas was called a traitor by Sami. But saying John isn't always wrong, Lucas said it would haunt Sami if they didn't investigate. As Marlena's next of kin, John was granted the Order while Sami threatened never to forgive Lucas for taking John's part.

On Salem Island, Hope realized her initial instincts about mistrusting Patrick were right as she questioned him. Denying he was working for Jen's kidnapper, he admitted deliberately stepping behind Jen's car. According to Patrick, his boss was dangerous. "If he found out I turned on him, I'd be dead. You'd be dead." In exchange for a money deal gone badly, Patrick accepted an assignment to target Jen and bring her down. But touched by Jen's kindness, Patrick was unable to go through with it. Hope's strong slap to Patrick's face was said to be for a mosquito but Hope blamed him for targeting Jen. Furious for withholding info from Abe and Roman, Hope was sure he knew more. Reminding her that he tried to save Jen from the private plane, Patrick insisted that releasing all the captives into the jungle would endanger them as Jack was, based on his bloody knapsack.

Jack could only see the watery ravine beneath the collapsed bridge but no sign of Jen, but his attempts to find a way down failed. Finding her locket, he recalled their early days together leading up to their reunion on the Island. Weakened by fever, he looked at the Deveraux family picture inside the locket, resigned that he would soon meet Jen to spend eternity together.

At Jan's Kent Island vacation home, Jan was surprised to find Shawn and Belle at her door asking for Shawn while he called out for help. On Salem Island, Hope refused to let Patrick go on alone. And at Marlena's grave, Sami screamed "you can't do this to my mother" as gravediggers attended to the Court Order of Exhumation.

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