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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 19, 2004 on GL
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Monday, July 19, 2004

After covering herself with dirt, Lizzie limps back into the party. She interrupts Tammy and Joey's dance to fall into Joey's arms. She tells the party that some drunken guys were trying to get her into their car. Danny asks for the names of the guys. Lizzie tells Danny she didn't recognize them, but they said something about going to the park. Joey tells Tammy he should take Lizzie home.

At the mansion, Lizzie tells Joey she's sorry she ruined their date. He quickly reminds her it wasn't a date. Lizzie asks Joey to dance, and she kisses him. Stunned, Joey tells Lizzie this isn't what he wants. She accuses him of still being in love with Tammy. She shows him the video from the beach of Tammy's venting about his bad habits. Lizzie apologizes to Joey for breaking his heart. Upset, Joey leaves, but not before planting a kiss on Lizzie as he walks out the door. A thrilled Lizzie tells Beth she just had the best night of her life.

Tammy tells Sandy she doesn't believe Lizzie's story. She vows to win Joey back, while Sandy tells Tammy any guy would kill to be with her.

Danny heads to the park and finds two drunken teenage boys. He assumes they are Lizzie's "attackers" and begins to rough up the teens. The boys swear they haven't been to a party, and a confused Danny lets them go.

The police have Tony's club surrounded. Michelle lurks in the shadows, and calls Tony to warn him. The cops enter the club, but all they find is Tony looking over his books. They warn Tony they will be back. Once the coast is clear, he tells Michelle to stay out of his business. She asks Tony if he ever tried to go straight. Tony says yes, but it didn't work. Back at the house, Michelle apologizes to Danny for running out of the party. He gives her the cold shoulder. Michelle asks him what mob life was like. Danny tells his wife he was born into that life and hurt a lot of people. He thanks God everyday that part of his life is over. Michelle asks about Tony's criminal life, and Danny says he tried to get out, but he liked the excitement too much.

At the station, Ross tells Frank the file connecting Darci to the mob was found in his briefcase. Harley says someone is trying to frame her brother. Ross asks Frank if he had any knowledge of Darci's connection to the mob prior to today. Frank says yes, but he promises he'd never seen the file before. Harley informs Gus of the anonymous tip about someone in the department withholding evidence. Ross suggests Frank take a couple of days off and appoints Gus as Chief of Police. Harley asks Gus who would frame her brother.

Meanwhile, Alex is having a heart-to-heart talk with Buzz about her past coming back to haunt her. Buzz tells Alex that Frank is just doing his job, and his son is the most honest man he has ever known. Gus calls Alex, but she sees the name on the caller i.d. and ignores the call. Gus leaves a voice mail saying she'd better call him or she'll be sorry. He says she's finally gone too far.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

At the Beacon lobby, a bent rose from an admirer is delivered to Olivia. She is sure it is from Phillip, who happens to be on the other side of the lobby making a call on his cell phone. She runs over and tells him to grab onto the thorns, and squeeze really good and tight. Phillip ignores Olivia, and asks her for any news from Bill Lewis. When she replies Bill is giving her the cold shoulder, he tells her he doesn't want any excuses and to just get it done. Flabbergasted, Olivia leaves the desk as Jeffrey approaches. He has just returned from Europe. He opens a bottle of pills and reviews a file on Dinah. Back in Europe, Dinah's phone rings. It's Jeffrey. As she holds on to Cassie's credit card and compliments Jeffrey on their wonderful evening together the other night, he informs Dinah it's NOT a social call. Meanwhile, Cassie calls on the phony credit card account she kept open to track her imposter. While she is calling to check on the card's recent activity, she sees the words "Princess Cassie, Woman of Mystery" on the cover of a magazine. And then, a similar headline on ANOTHER magazine...

On the phone, Gus can't find appears she has run off to a spa. When Harley comes in and inquires about to whom he was talking, Gus lies and says it was the station. Gus reminds her he is now the acting chief of police. Eliza the caterer arrives. "Mrs. Spaulding" has made a change in the menu as of this morning. Gus figures out Eliza actually spoke to Alex today. He demands to know where she is. Meanwhile, at the Spaulding mansion, Alex intercepts Gus' call. It seems she is hiding from him. Alex then makes a call to Fritz. She asks that one million dollars be transferred to a private account in Missouri, and to deposit it in the names of Brad Green and Frank Cooper...

Harley is very bothered by Alex's interference. Gus and she discuss possibly putting the wedding on hold to help Frank. Ross calls Frank to a meeting at the station. Frank maintains his innocence regarding the file found in his briefcase. Ross tells him that as Darci could have been his motive, perhaps he could've experienced a moment of weakness to protect the woman he loves.

Jeffrey reminds Dinah that her freedom will be short-lived if she continues to impersonate Cassie. She agrees, on the condition Jeffrey confesses to dreaming about her. He hangs up on her.

Cassie combs the royalty magazines for perhaps a picture of the woman impersonating her. RJ asks her to tell him a story. Cassie tells a tale of a little boy who lived on a farm, and how a princess appeared with wonderful stories and luxuries. RJ notices "the princess" is in one of the magazines. Cassie views the photo, and sees "the princess" has her back to the camera. "Who is it?" Cassie wonders... At that moment, Edmund interrupts the moment with ice cream.

Jeffrey pounds his keyboard as he sips water with the pills, and recalls finding the dirty, ragged and imprisoned Dinah. He recalls how he told her he could pass her off as royalty. Dinah had his full attention. Jeffrey is brought back to the present when Edmund approaches him, and asks about the woman who is impersonating Cassie...

Olivia arrives at Bill's. He is redecorating. Olivia reminds him they can work well together. Bill continues to resist her.

Ross advises Frank the "Darci defense" could get him out of it. Frank once again proclaims his innocence. Harley arrives and points a finger at "a Spaulding" as the guilty party... Harley believes Marie lied. Frank demands Harley stay out of it. Harley wonders if Brad Green, in the moments before his death, uttered the words "god free" to name his accomplice... Frank and Harley discuss the possibility of Gus finding out his family is behind everything. Ross announces the iron clad case against Frank. Ross makes Frank's suspension permanent.

Gus finds Alex at the mansion. He out right accuses her of framing Frank. She denies it, as if to be a helpless victim. She tells him that turning her in would be a big mistake. Marry Harley, and in one year, all of this will be long forgotten. Gus points out to Mrs. "god free" that Frank could lose everything. He announces he is done with Alexandra. She turns the tables on Gus, and tells him to tell Harley they are co-conspirators.

Olivia ignores Bill's insistence that she leave his apartment, and prepares to help him redecorate. Phillip calls Olivia, and reiterates that she come through for him. Bill's resistance and Olivia's begging, mixed with Phillip's orders, is hilarious. Bill almost gives in to Olivia's advances, but all is interrupted when Bill's foot slips into the can of paint.

Jeffrey tells Edmund there are no updates on Cassie's case, and how it is not his only case. He tells Edmund Interpol is about to make an arrest. In Cassie's forgotten purse, they discover the magazines...

Alex demands Gus tell Harley the truth. She tells him maybe Harley will forgive him. Phillip walks in on them. Gus leaves to have a talk with Harley, leaving Alex and Phillip standing there...

In another flash back, Jeffrey coaches Dinah on how to be royalty. She wonders what type of princess she will be. Jeffrey tells her she will impersonate Princess Cassandra Winslow, a.k.a Cassie Layne. Dinah freaks as she says, "You mean Cassie fell in love and became a princess, while I am in here?" The old hate and rivalry Dinah felt for Cassie all those years ago returned in her eyes... Back in the present, Dinah reads Cassie owns the Beacon. She pulls out a creepy scrap book containing news clippings and pictures of Cassie...

Cassie admits to Edmund she kept one credit card. Edmund tells her there must be something missing in her life in Springfield. Cassie admits it's true...

Harley learns of the bank account set up in Frank's name. Gus advises Harley he has something to tell her...

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

At Tony's place, Michelle walks in looking for him. The place appears empty. Then, the cops surround the establishment. Tony comes in from the other room and sees her. She barely has time to respond when the cops, lead by Frank Cooper, come bursting inside. Michelle asks "What do you want, Copper?" Frank corrects and says, "It's Cooper!" Michelle asks them to leave. Frank replies it's not over, and suddenly, the police barrage leaves. Tony looks proudly at Michelle. The music gets louder and louder. She awakens suddenly. Danny is there. He tells Michelle she must have been dreaming. She says it was more like a sign. Meanwhile, Tony runs into Jeffrey at the Beacon. He leads on that Jeffrey tried to raid his club the other night. Jeffrey implies among Tony's "friends" is his cousin's wife Michelle.

Cassie confesses to Edmund she is missing control in her life. She feels the imposter has taken control of her life. Edmund tells Cassie he believes she is talking about "us."..

Alan confronts Alexandra to say he heard from Phillip that she is going away. Alex claims perhaps to prison. Alan reassures her that Gus will continue to protect her. Alex counters that Gus' loyalties lie with Harley. Alan's face wears the same look it used to many years ago when he did not approve of Harley, yet he realizes the seriousness in what Alex is saying about Gus. Alex doubts Gus will protect her. She tells Alan she is preparing for the inevitable. Alan reminds her Gus is a Spaulding.

Harley tries to figure out who would frame Frank. Gus sits Harley down to talk. He says he cannot marry her. He cannot marry her until he tells her something...Gus tells Harley they have to postpone their wedding for Frank. Harley unendingly begs for it to go on as planned.

Cassie proclaims how rewarding she felt helping people when she was a princess, and tries to assure Edmund it is not about their relationship. He announces he has a way to give Cassie what she is missing, and a way to take it all away from the imposter...

Tony asks Jeffrey to leave Michelle out of it. Someone hits Jeffrey's car. When he goes to check it out, Tony calls Michelle. He leaves her a message, telling her not to drop by the club anymore.

Michelle tells Danny she hates the living room decor. Danny informs her she decorated it. He suggests re-doing the living room, to make her happy. Michelle jumps on the idea. Robbie comes in and Michelle and he leave for the park and the mall. Danny is left alone. In a chair that Michelle announced she hated, Danny professes his love for it.

Alan tells Alex to put on a happy facade. Alex vents about how difficult that will be to do. Alan announces his tailor is coming over to fit Gus for his tux. He informs Alex she must go to Harley's to meet with the other bridesmaids and the seamstress. Alex fusses and says she does not want to go, but agrees she should go.

Harley says to Gus that he will never lose her...

Michelle and Robbie run into Reva at the park. Michelle tells Reva it's time to make some changes, beginning with the living room - starting with new chairs. Reva tells her to go all out. She offers to keep Robbie while Michelle goes to the mall.

Danny walks up while Tony and Jeffrey are conversing. Tony leaves, while Danny tells Jeffrey to stop hassling Tony. Jeffrey tells Danny Michelle might not let him...

Edmund tells Cassie they are going to make a splash; however, Edmund chooses to keep his plan a secret. Cassie begs for just one little hint.

Gus views his tux. Alan picks up on Gus' tense mood. He tells Alan he will prove Frank was framed. Alan declares he has no doubt about it. The tailor arrives from London. Best man Frank arrives and Alan starts to become nervous.

Blake, Marina and the seamstress gather at Harley's. Blake expresses her displeasure when the seamstress begs for a cigarette. She turns out to be a relative of Joey Lupo. Thanks to Blake's blabbing, Marina finds out about Frank's suspension. She refuses to be left in the dark and wants to know everything. Marina nearly explodes when she finds out Frank was set up. Just then, Alexandra enters...Harley fills Alex in on why Marina is upset. Cassie arrives. The girls venture upstairs, leaving Harley and Alex.

Frank implies Alan is nervous. Alan tries to distract, and falls all over Frank, offering to buy his tux for him. He declines. Frank asks Alan who could afford to set up an account in his name. Alan tells Frank he will be exonerated. Gus assures Frank will not take the fall, and then looks squarely at Alan.

Jeffrey tells Danny he could subpoena Michelle's phone records to prove Tony could cause her a lot of problems. Reva walks in to the Beacon with Robbie, and encounters them. She informs Danny Michelle should have called by now...Reva offers to keep Robbie longer while he checks up on Michelle. Danny finds Michelle is not with Tony. Michelle arrives at the light house with a new chair.

Harley and Cassie point out amongst themselves that Frank must have gotten too close to someone or something, as Alexandra looks on...

Edmund pulls an invitation out of his briefcase - which is to the same sort of event which the imposter would attend. In Europe, Dinah RSVP's to the same invitation...

Danny discovers Michelle is not at home. Michelle sets up her new chair at the light house, and turns on the music to dance to. As she dances, Tony comes in...

Alex returns home and announces Gus didn't talk to Harley. She says the wedding will go on as planned. Alan isn't so sure.

Gus shows Harley his tux. Harley assures Gus the truth always comes out...

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Danny, overwhelmed by guilt, tells Father Ray about causing Michelle's accident. His cousin tells him to overcome his guilt and just love Michelle if he hopes to put his family back together. Danny is determined and swears he won't let anything interfere with that. Meanwhile, Tony finds Michelle in her hideaway at the lighthouse and agrees to keep it secret from Danny. He leaves her there and goes back to the social club where Danny confronts him. Danny tells him he doesn't want Michelle involved in Tony's life and for the first time, asks what his intentions are regarding her. Tony denies having any intentions and says Danny is just frustrated because he doesn't know his own wife. Later, Danny tries to tell Michelle she can tell him anything and discovers she's gotten a tattoo. Later, Tony has a sexy dream about Michelle.

Phillip and Olivia pretend to bicker in front of Bill, while Josh warns him about Tony. Josh learns Bill broke the rules to acquire property to put up a mall. They get into an argument and Bill resigns from Lewis Construction. Olivia sees all of this and is enthusiastic about spying on Bill for Phillip.

Tammy is confused when Joey blows her off. She is unaware Joey has seen Lizzie's footage of her venting about him. Later, Lizzie informs Tammy she and Joey kissed. Before Tammy can respond, Alan calls the intern meeting to order. He insults all the kids' products and gives them their next assignment. After Alan is done, Tammy, who's been stewing, confronts Lizzie. Tammy calls her a liar but is crushed when Joey admits he did kiss Lizzie.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Danny and Michelle are outside Company but are told by a cold Marina that the place is closed for a private party. There dinner plans gone, Michelle suggests they see Tony, a suggestion that makes Danny visibly uncomfortable. Michelle correctly guesses that they had a fight, but Danny tries to blow it off.

Ray enters Tony's office, wondering why Tony called him. Tony tells him that he had a dream he didn't like and needs guidance. Upon hearing that the dream was about a woman, Ray doesn't see the problem but is slightly startled when Tony ways it was about Michelle. But he shrugs it off telling Tony that the dream might not mean anything. He says it could simply be that Tony is uncertain about Michelle and he wants to protect her. They talk a little about Michelle. Ray states his doubts about Michelle going back to being the person that she was. He tells Tony they need to help her along and deal with who she is now. Just then Michelle and Danny walk in. When they enter, Ray leaves. Michelle tells Tony they need to have something settled. She wants to talk about the argument he had with Danny. But like Danny did, Tony shrugs it off telling her they're always fighting. Satisfied, Michelle shows him the real reason she came--to show him her tattoo. As Tony admires it from a distance, an excited Michelle starts telling the guys about her experience. She then tells Tony that she has him to thank since he was her inspiration. Things are starting to get too hot for Tony and he tells Michelle and Danny to leave since he's busy. Outside, Michelle apologizes to Danny for dragging him out there, but states that it was important for her to show Tony since he's the only one who gets her, aside from Danny. Danny tells her that understands completely. Impressed by his ability to say the right thing, Michelle kisses him--while Tony watches from inside.

After their plane ride, in which Edmund presented Cassie with her choice of evening gown, Cassie and Edmund arrive at the charity auction in Venice. Cassie thanks Edmund for making her feel like a princess and not thinking she's crazy. Edmund accepts her thanks and tells her that it's customary for them to be announced when they enter. But Cassie doesn't want to do that since it might alert the imposter. They step out on the balcony. As they're outside, Dinah enters the ballroom and is announced as "Princess Cassandra Winslow." When Cassie, who hasn't heard anything because she's outside, enters the ballroom, Dinah's back is directly toward her so neither woman get a look at the other. Later, Edmund spots this exquisite dagger that is being auctioned off--it's from the Shakespearean period. He admires it and so Cassie suggest that he bid on it. But he says it's too rich for him. Secretly, Cassie puts in a bid. A little later, Dinah also admires the dagger. It turns out, Cassie loses the bid--by a lot. Curious, she asks the hostess who won the bid, the hostess points out Dinah, whose back is turned again. Cassie goes to talk to her, but Dinah slips out before Cassie can get to her. Later, Cassie is shocked to learn that the winning bid came from "Princess Cassandra Winslow", while Dinah admires her new acquisition and wonders of it ever drew blood.

The Spauldings and Coopers are getting ready for the engagement party. Phillip pressures Olivia to go with him, even though she doesn't want to. Buzz tells Alex that Frank has suspicions about her. Alex assures Buzz that she knows nothing and he believes her; he actually thinks it was Salerno who set Frank up. Meanwhile, at Company, Frank is upset

because he hasn't been able to get a hold of Ross all day. At Harley's, Gus is complaining about the stuff in the papers about Frank and tells Harley that he won't rest until Frank's exonerated. But Harley just wants to put all that behind them for tonight. Gus is assuring her that her family means just as much to him as his own and he wants to help Frank. He tells her that he feels guilty about getting Frank's job, but she assures him that he has nothing to be guilty about. Just then the phone rings. It's Darci warning Harley that Frank is stressed out. Just then Frank (who's obviously had a few beers) gets on the line and tries to put on a brave front by saying that he's fine.

Everyone's at Company now. Frank can't stop staring at Alex and goes to get another beer. But Buzz is behind the bar and refuses to give Frank one since he's had enough. He tells Frank that the evening is about Harley and he won't let him ruin it. Across the room, Gus quietly asks "Mrs. Godfrey" how she is. Alex tells Gus that she thinks he did the right thing by not telling Harley. She's still concerned about how long he'll keep the truth from her. Gus assures Alex that he'll continue to lie but warns her that he does have limits.

Later at Company, Phillip comments to Olivia about how happy Gus and Harley look. It's clear that Olivia's not happy and Phillip suggests that she simply accept her situation. Olivia asks if he misses having something real. He simply tells her that he had that with Beth and Harley. Olivia asks if they shouldn't be pushing for that instead of what they have, but Phillip tells her they've both had their chances. A little later the pair, who've been isolating themselves in the back all night, both decide to leave. Outside Olivia notes that she's amazed they actually agreed on something without harsh words and attitude.

Back in the party, Harley's trying to comfort Frank, but he still keeps insisting that he's fine. But she's not buying it. She thinks he's a time bomb with a smoldering fuse. She tells him she wishes Brad Green had named his accomplice or said something more substantial than "God free" before he died. Frank remarks that death beds aren't the only places to drag out a confession, a comment that startles Harley, but Frank tells her to just forget about it. Buzz then gives a toast to Gus and Harley, building up Gus by calling him a man of integrity and truth. Right after, Alan gives a toast and tells Harley that he'll be proud to have her as his daughter-in-law and have his family associated with hers. After Alex demurs from speaking, Frank steps up. He starts to give a very heavy handed speech, which is layered in hostility, and is escorted out by Buzz. Gus follows him out and tells Frank that everyone is sick about what happened to him, while Buzz urges Frank to put his problem to rest until after the wedding. Inside, in an effort to deflect from what just happened, Darci toasts Harley and then inadvertently calls Alexandra "Mrs. Godfrey"!

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