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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 19, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, July 19, 2004

Lily and Holden argue about whether Molly should continue to stay with them since she is being pursued by Starziak and putting their family in harm's way. Jack arrives and offers Molly protection, but Molly tells them she has solved the problem herself and will be moving back to her suite in the Lakeview. Jack says he will post a guard outside her room.

Hal tells Dusty he is cleared of murder charges and that he can go. Because Lucy is with them, Dusty tells Hal to "look elsewhere" for the killer. Lucy does not understand why Dusty is being so cryptic, and Dusty tries to reassure her that he is being up front and does appreciate her. He rejects Lucy's offers of food and company and tells her that he is probably going to leave town.

Craig gets a visit from Wade, who wants his blackmail money. Craig has received the money from Sierra and is waiting for the check to clear and be deposited into an offshore account. Then Craig will transfer it to Wade's account. Jack and Nicki pay an unexpected visit, and Wade has to hide in another room. Jack is investigating Starziak's intimidation of Molly at Lucy and Holden's house, and he asks Craig is he saw anyone suspicious. After they leave, Wade continues his shakedown. Craig tells him he never wants to hear from him again, nor is he to go anywhere near Lucy...ever.

Jordan meets Jennifer, and he is loaded with toys for Cabot's first birthday. They begin planning a special trip for just the two of them, and Jordan arranges a two week cruise of the Greek Isles for them. Barbara sees them kissing, and they tell her their plans.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna reads James' note that asks her to come see him. When Paul arrives, she lies to him and tells him she is going to Emma's to pick up Cabot's present, and Paul agrees to watch Cabot. Instead, Rosanna visits James at the prison. Rosanna tries to get tough with James, but he issues a challenge of his own. He tells her Paul's living at Fairwinds is a distraction to her marriage, and she is to boot out Paul and consummate her marriage with Jordan! He also suggests she join forces with Barbara as an ally.

Barbara goes to Fairwinds with a present for the baby and finds Paul in charge of Cabot. She and Paul argue over James' involvement in Cabot's bizarre disappearances. Barbara reveals that Paul himself is the reason James' is harassing Rosanna, and Paul throws her out.

At the Lakeview, Molly tries to settle in. With a guard outside her door, she reconsiders her previous statement and once again agrees to testify against Starziak. Holden tries to comfort her, but Molly sends him home.

Back at Fairwinds, Carly arrives with a present for Cabot and she realizes how much Pauls cares for her sister. Carly goes home and tells Jack that she is relieved that Molly has gone back to the Lakeview and not taken them up on their offer to give her a temporary home. The doorbell rings, and it is a distraught Molly who asks them if she can move in.

Dusty visits Craig and tells him he "has his number." Lucy surprises them both and wonders why Dusty is there. Lucy says she is looking for Sierra. Outside, Wade hides in the bushes and watches and waits.

Barbara places a call to James and complains that he is not doing anything about breaking up Jordan and Jennifer and Rosanna and Paul. James tells her to relax, that certain plans are already in place. Jordan and Jennifer return to Fairwinds to find an overly cooperative and friendly Rosanna. She even gives him a warm hug.

Jordan stuns Rosanna by telling her about his plans to take Jennifer to Greece for two weeks.


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Molly turns up on Jack and Carly's doorstep. Molly is terrified that Starziak will come after her. Jack suggests that Molly stay with them for a short while. Jack suggests that they call the trauma house so Molly can talk with someone. She says no. Carly is upset because even though they thought it was the right thing for Molly to leave Lily and Holden's because of the kids, didn't mean she should go to their house, with their children. Jack tells Carly that Molly really needs them right now and she agrees. However, she wishes that Molly weren't such a magnet for trouble. Carly says, you can pick your friends but not your family. Molly overhears Carly saying that she is afraid Molly will lead Starziak right to their home. Jack goes to take care of the baby. Molly reveals to Carly that she heard most of the conversation. She tells Carly that she didn't bring any of this on herself. She didn't want it to happen. Carly tells her that she still loves her. Molly needs to learn how to deal with things herself. Carly's little boy comes downstairs, and says, when is she leaving? Carly rushes the boy upstairs.

Craig is called down to the police station by Hal. Hal wants him to go over the events of the day of Creel's death. Craig once again tells him that he was taking a shower and Lily brought him towels. Hal tells him that Dusty was found to be not responsible for Creel's death. Creel did tell Dusty, however, that the person responsible for setting up Lucy's kidnapping, was Lucy's father. Lily comes into the office to go over her alibi for Craig. By the time the investigation by Hal is over, Craig is told by Hal that his iron clad alibi just fell apart. He leaves the room and Lily and Craig stand there. Craig asks Lily if he can confide in her, and of course, she says yes. Craig tells her that he just learned something, that he was told Creel spoke some last words saying that Lucy's Father was responsible for her kidnapping. He tells Lily that if it wasn't him, then it had to be Alan. Craig asks about the background on Alan. Lily says that he is either squeaky clean or covers his tracks really well. She says they can't just drop it because if Lucy wants to go back to Montego with them how can they make sure that she will be really safe? Craig says the only way to make sure, is to keep her there. Lily says that she doesn't know how long she can keep quiet about her suspicions.

Lucy greets Sierra with a big embrace. She is glad to see her Mother and needs to talk to her about a couple of things. Craig makes an effort to excuse himself so they can talk alone, but gets a phone call instead. It is Hal and he would like him to come down to the police station. Craig leaves, leaving the two women to talk. Lucy tells Sierra that her Dad and Grandmother are smothering her and she has no privacy. She has discovered that she has feelings for Dusty and she would like time to explore where this thing with Dusty is going, even if it means not going to college. Lucy tells her Mother she and Dusty have a connection. Yes, he is older, but it doesn't make a difference to her. Alan comes to Craig's. He tells everyone that Dusty is very protective of Lucy. Lucy realizes that Dusty is at Metro and leaves. Sierra then asks Alan what else there was that was said. He tells her that Dusty implied that Craig was very controlling where Lucy was concerned. Sierra replies that Craig, even with his problems, always loved his children. He would do anything for them. At Metro, Lucy comes in the door and runs to Dusty. She brings him something to eat and tells him that it is nice to be taking care of him for a change. Dusty tells her that they need to talk. He says that sometimes when two people are involved in a situation, they get close. However, the situation is over now. He walks away from Lucy leaving her sitting alone. Lucy gets up and walks to the door. Looking back, she sees Dusty removing the necklace she had given him and then putting it back on. She goes out the door with a slight smile on her face.

Dusty speaks with Alan about Lucy. He tells him that there were only two people that knew about Lucy's whereabouts. Craig and Alan. Dusty had told Craig and Alan that he knew where Lucy was hidden but when they got there, she was gone. Alan said there were three people. Dusty knew also. After Dusty tells Alan that Craig is driven by two things, money and his kids, he tries to make Alan realize that Craig needed to be the hero when it came time to rescuing Lucy. When he divorced his wife, Rosanna, he lost everything, but, especially his daughter's respect. Dusty says the proof is out there, and he will find it.

Jordan and Jennifer announce that they are going away for a short while. Rosanna remembers that James told her to forget about the annulment and consummate her marriage. Rosanna says that Jordan cannot go away. They all need to be there to protect Cabot. Jordan disagrees. He says that by letting James see his grandson they have bought themselves a little time. Paul agrees and says that he will even work from home to make sure that Cabot remains safe. Jennifer and Jordan go to get Cabot so they can celebrate his birthday, leaving Paul and Rosanna alone in the living room. He reminds her that with them gone, that the two of them will be alone. Rosanna tells Paul that he ruined everything. Paul says that nothing is ruined. They will celebrate Cabot's birthday and then get on with their lives. Rosanna tells him that someone should tell James Stenbeck that. He controls everything. Paul says it's because they give him the power. Jordan and Jennifer have told themselves that what James says, doesn't matter, giving themselves freedom by taking a stand. Rosanna is interrupted by the entrance of Cabot, Jennifer and Jordan. Paul goes up to Rosanna to ask her what she was going to say, and she says nothing. Paul tells her that he wants to help her, if that is what she wants. She embraces him and says yes, that is what she wants also. Jennifer and Jordan leave and Rosanna lights a cupcake with one candle on it and makes a wish. Paul brings her a glass of champagne, and toasts Rosanna, saying that she is a wonderful Mother. Paul tries to lighten Rosanna's mood by telling her that he loves Cabot, and, she says that's good because Cabot loves him. He says also that he is falling in love with Cabot's Mother. He turns to Rosanna and says I love you. She is afraid of James Stenbeck.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Susan and Alison enter Lisa's shop to look for a wedding gown for Alison. Alison is pre-occupied by the Treasure Hunt contest and Susan says that she should be focusing on her wedding gown. At Metro, Aaron receives a phone call from Curtis. He needs time off. Aaron says no because he is working, but Dusty hears him and says, he may. Back at Lisa's shop, Susan receives a phone call from the hospital and has to leave. She tells Lisa that if Alison likes the dress, to put it on hold, and she would manage it, somehow. In the meantime, Aaron arrives at the shop to see Alison. Lisa tells him that Alison is in the dressing room but, would he do her a favor and watch the shop for just a few minutes while she runs to the bank. He agrees. Alison comes out of the dressing room, in the wedding gown of her dreams. Aaron is dumbfounded. She asks him what the problem is, and, he responds by saying that his mind is on the contest. He tells her that there is a guy who all ready has five keys and could win with this one. Alison says that can't happen. He looks at Alison again and tells her that Chris is very lucky. Aaron receives another call, telling them that they need to get going on the clue. At that point, Alison and Aaron run out of Lisa's with her wearing the wedding dress.

Emily goes to speak with Chris about the Treasure Hunt contest. She tells him that she can't be his partner any longer. She tells him that she only did that because she was jealous of his relationship with Nikki. They spent so much time together, she felt neglected. She leaves. Bob and Chris talk. Bob says that Emily has really changed. The old Emily would not have made that choice. Chris agrees, and says that Emily is great. He forgot just how great she was.

Nikki is at the police station when her boss comes in and tells her she is being taken off the case involving Starziak. She is packing up her things when Emily comes in to see Hal. They talk and things seem to go from bad to worse. Hal comes in and asks what is wrong, and then Emily asks him if he would like to go to lunch. Hal appears irritated that she even came down there, and when he tells her that he is too busy, she leaves. Emily comes back to find Chris and she does. She says that she is back in the contest.

Dusty calls this guy, Eddie, and tells him he is paying him and he wants some information. He needs his help in order to help Lucy. Aaron comes in to welcome Dusty back. Lucy enters the club but stays out of sight. When they are finally able to talk, she tells Dusty that she told her Mother she would not be returning to Montego with Alan and her. She wants to stay in Oakdale, with Dusty. She tells Dusty, that she knows he cares about her.

He tells her that one of them must keep a clear head before something starts. He wants her to leave and not look back. He tells her that she has her friends, her school, her sororities, to look forward to in the days ahead. He tells her to trust him. Dusty kisses her on the forehead and she grabs him and kisses him lovingly. Lucinda comes in and announces that she has fired the guard who was supposed to be watching Lucy. He allowed her to come into the club, unescorted. Dusty said that was a good move to make. When they arrive home, Lucy tells Lucinda that nothing happened today that she didn't want to happen.

At Jack and Carly's home, they are planning to drop the children off at Emma's for as long as necessary. When Jack is told that Molly is upstairs, he tells Carly that the police have spoken with Starziak's men, and none of them have seen him. They have posted a guard outside the door to insure the safety of all inside. Through a pair of binoculars, Starziak looks on and sees his target, Molly. Jack, Carly and the children leave, leaving Molly there alone. Again, Starziak knows that she is now alone. He plans on killing her that day. A knock comes at the door and it is the guard to announce that Molly has a visitor. It is Holden. He has brought her a bag of goodies. First, a good romance novel, followed by a chocolate bar and finally a deck of cards. She thanks him and after playing kid card games, Holden leaves. Molly offers to fix the guard outside a sandwich, which he graciously accepts. Starziak comes up to the guard telling him, he is his replacement and in the course of checking his identification, Starziak takes out a gun and shoots the guard. In the meantime, Molly has finished making the sandwiches and brings one to the door for the guard. When she opens it, he falls in. Molly panics and tries to bring him in the house. Molly rushes for the phone but cannot call out. She looks up to find Starziak standing in front of her. He says to her, "hi honey, I'm home."

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Mike and Henry come rushing into the police station looking for Nikki. . Henry asks Mike if he has poppy seeds in his teeth. Mike told Henry to relax and his teeth were clean. Hal approached and asked what they were doing there. They said they had come for Nikki. Hal said she left. Henry said why? Hal said maybe it's the cologne you're wearing and the poppy seeds in the teeth. Henry gave Mike a look! Mike and Henry arrived at Yo's and found Nikki shooting pool with the guys. Henry started to flirt with her but Nikki shot him down. Mike told her that Henry was a good guy and to give him a chance.

Emily and Chris were reading the next clue for the key. Emily started to get a little melancholy. Chris thought she wanted to talk but Emily continued to figure out the clue. She finally solved the clue and Chris kissed her cheek in excitement. After a moment, they both got up and left to find the map. Meanwhile, over at the mill, Alison, who was still in a wedding dress, and Aaron got a hold of the map after a struggle with two other treasure hunters. Aaron figured out the key was at the pond and they rushed after it. Chris and Emily arrived at the mill and discovered the map gone. Chris said even though they didn't get the key, they should celebrate figuring out the clue. As they were ready to leave, Emily cut her hand. Chris fixed her up but as they were getting ready to leave Emily fainted. At the pond, Alison discovered where the key was and went into the water to get it, wedding dress and all!

Lisa finished up with a customer and went looking for Alison. She became alarmed when she could not find Alison or the dress, which was quite expensive. Kim came in and wanted to try a new restaurant then realized Lisa was pre-occupied. After explaining to Kim what happened, Lisa called Susan. Susan came and Lisa flatly accused Alison of leaving with the dress and not paying for it. Alison and Aaron arrived a little while later and a shocked Lisa told Alison that she had just bought her wedding dress!

Jack and Carly were enjoying a romantic afternoon out while Molly was at the house being threatened by Starziak. Starziak killed her security guard and Molly pleaded with him to leave her alone and that she would not testify against him. Starziak fired the gun above Molly's head to scare her but had every intention of killing her. Molly kicked him in the groin then scratched him across the face. Starziak was ready to kill her when Jack and Carly arrived home. Jack heard the commotion, told Carly to call Hal and drew his gun. As Starziak was about to fire Molly hit his arm with fireplace poker and broke it. Molly was hysterical and kept telling Jack to get him out of the house. Jack decided not to wait for backup and left to take Starziak to the hospital against Carly's wishes. Jack said everything would be ok and he left. As they were driving to the hospital, Starziak reached under his pant leg and pulled out a switchblade. Jack received a call from Carly but Jack couldn't talk. After professing their love for one another, they hung up. Starziak pulled the knife on Jack and told him to do what he said or Jack would never see his family again!

Friday, July 23, 2004

Molly talks with the police officer telling him that she begged Jack to get Starziak out of the house. The officer tells her they may need to ask her more questions later. Carly wants to know if Molly needs anything and she says no. Carly begins to remember how wonderful the day was with Jack. Carly is telling Molly that she wishes Jack would call. The doorbell rings and it is Holden and Parker. He has brought him back to her because he was getting a feeling that something was wrong. Carly tells Parker that all is well. Parker wants to wait up for Jack's return. Carly says that she doesn't know when that will be and suggests they go upstairs and play some games while they are waiting. Molly tells Holden that the guard that was there when he came to visit was the one that was shot to death by Starziak. Holden comforts Molly. Carly comes back downstairs and is still concerned she hasn't heard from Jack. Holden is calling the hospital for some news for Carly, but cannot get any. A minute later, the phone rings again. This time it is Hal. He tells her that he doesn't know where Jack is either.

Starziak has a knife to Jack's throat. He tells him to everything he says and he may let him live. Jack goes to grab for the knife and a scuffle begins. The car goes off the bridge leaving Starziak and Jack unconscious. Starziak is the first one to come to, and as he tries to step out of the car, he falls hanging onto the car as it hangs over the edge of the bridge. He screams for help, bringing Jack back to consciousness. Jack grabs at Starziak bringing him safely back into the car. At that point, Starziak tries to kick Jack out and in doing so both he and Jack and the car go over the bridge entirely.

Margo receives a phone call from Jessica. Ben walks in and discovers that Margo has just hung up on her. Ben wants to know, what's up. He tells Jessica that he thinks he has figured it out. Margo must have cheated on Tom with Doc. Ben tells her he feels sorry for Tom. Ben doesn't know how Tom will ever be able to trust Margo again. Their marriage could be over. Jessica asks Ben to drop the subject of her and Margo. He doesn't want to see the two of them fighting, when now is the time that she needs her the most. Ben came home to give Jessica her prescription. He receives a call from the hospital and has to leave. Jessica tells Ben, that even though she cheated on him before they were married, he was able to forgive her. Will Tom do the same? Ben says he forgave her, but they weren't married yet. The vows they took before God and the promises they made to each other changes everything.

Alison tells her Mother at the hospital, that when she wins the money, she will pay her back for the dress, and then one day after her and Chris are married they will all laugh at this. Alison finds Chris and walks up to him. She has some things to tell him, and, she would much rather it be from her than the nightly news. She tells him about the key and the wedding gown. He doesn't seem to be too concerned. He tells her that he has to go and take care of something, leaving her standing there. Alison leaves and goes back to the pond, where she ruined the wedding gown she had on. While there, she discovers Aaron. Aaron talks her into skinny dipping with him. She tells him that the water is not soothing her and gets out. Alison says that all the money doesn't matter when your Mother is mad at you and your boyfriend doesn't care.

Chris has brought Emily to the emergency room to get treatment for her hand. She spots Alison while there and hides, so she won't discover that the two of them have been working as partners. Later, Emily tells Chris she doesn't like what they are doing. She doesn't like going behind Alison's back. Chris tells her that even though it is technically wrong, they are doing it for the right reasons. Chris and Emily meet again at the hospital. She is trying to make up a story about why she hurt her hand.

Hal and Nikki talk. Hal tells her about the dead officer. He says the only good thing to come of it all, was the fact that they got Starziak. He tells Nikki that he is very proud of her.

Margo has called Doc. She asks him why he wasn't honest with her. He doesn't know what she is talking about. Margo keeps after Doc. She tells him she is paying the price. She didn't sleep with him, yet, she is being blackmailed. Margo tells Doc she wanted to be this brave person and tell her husband, but, she couldn't, and now she is being blackmailed. Doc tells her Jill was like a screaming lunatic and she found herself being fired on the spot. Doc says when that happened, they were no longer talking about either Margo or Doc, they were talking about Jill getting and remaining out of control. Margo asks Doc what else he didn't tell her.

Tom is at home. He is holding a picture of Margo and himself. His son comes downstairs and questions him about what is happening between Mom and him. Tom says it is just work. His son leaves for his friends house. The doorbell rings and Tom goes to answer it. It is Jill from the Grove Country Club. She says she knows what an upstanding man he is. What a premium he must place on integrity, therefore she wants to tell him about Margo and Doc Reese. Tom says he is not interested in gossip, or what she heard. She tells him it's not about what she heard, but, what she saw. Jill tells Tom about the locker room incident and the steam room, where they were seen coming out wearing nothing but towels, and no one else was there. They were climbing all over each other in public and it must kill you thinking about what they did in private. Margo enters the house. Jill is there and says, why Mrs. Hughes, we were just talking about you.

Doc arrives at Jessica's. He tells her if she wants to be protected about that night, he must know any little thing about the fallout from that night. Jessica's phone rings and she must take a call in the other room. Doc says that he will wait. Doc sits down, waiting for Jessica. He discovers her bottle of medication on the table. She re-enters the room, and Doc faces her with the big question. "Are you pregnant?"

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