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Abigail Deveraux
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Actor History
Meghan and Michael Nelson
October 19, 1992 to December 8, 1994
Allison and Jillian Bull
February 1998; temporary replacement
Paige and Ryanne Kettner
December 20, 1994 to June 5, 1998; November 2000 to January 2001
Megan Corletto
January 31, 2001 to August 2003
Jillian Clare
Ashley Benson
Emily Montague
April 2007; temporary replacement
November 29, 2018 to February 21, 2019; August 1, 2019 to September 5, 2019 (Chad & Abby in Paris on The Days of our Lives App); November 11, 2019 to May 27, 2020
Other Names

Abigail Johanna Deveraux (full name; in honor of her maternal great-great-grandmother [Abigail] and her paternal grandmother [Josephine])


Born October 19, 1992

Aged to 16 in November of 2004

Celebrated her 17th birthday in April of 2005

De-aged to 20 in 2012

Died June 10, 2022


Reporter at the Salem Spectator (and also in charge of the newspaper as of January 4, 2022)

Former PR manager for DiMera Enterprises (November 2017)

Former receptionist for the Salem Police Department (April 2017 to November 2017)

Former PR manager for DiMera Enterprises (March 2017 to April 2017)

Former PR assistant at Salem University Hospital (February 2014 - July 2014; November 2014)

Former college student

Intern and model for Mad World Cosmetics (January 2012 - September 2012)

Former student assistant for Austin Reed (January 2012- March 2012)

Former intern at Salem University Hospital (Summer 2011)

Formerly worked at a pub in London

Formerly worked at Max Brady's garage


The DiMera mansion in Salem

Formerly at Laura's house in Boston

Formerly at the DiMera mansion in Salem

Formerly at a psychiatric facility somewhere in Florida

Formerly at the DiMera mansion in Salem

Formerly at Apartment #234 in Paris

Formerly at the Horton house in Salem

Formerly at the DiMera mansion in Salem

Formerly at the Bayview psychiatric facility

Formerly at the DiMera mansion in Salem

Formerly at the Martin mansion in Salem

Formerly at the DiMera mansion in Salem

Formerly at the Shady Pines psychiatric facility

Formerly at the DiMera mansion in Salem

Formerly at Apartment #623 in Salem

Formerly at the Horton house in Salem

Formerly somewhere in Europe

Formerly somewhere in New York

Formerly at Jack and Jennifer's house in Salem

Marital Status

Married to Chad DiMera (February 21, 2019)

Past Marriages

Stefan DiMera (married October 26, 2018; divorced December 21, 2018)

Chad DiMera (married October 4, 2017; divorced October 26, 2018)

Dario Hernandez (married July 4, 2017; annulled September 27, 2017)

Chad DiMera (married March 15, 2016; divorced June 27, 2017)


Jack Deveraux Sr. (father)

Jennifer Horton (mother)

Jack Deveraux Jr. (brother)

Gwen Rizczech (paternal half-sister)

Harper Deveraux (paternal adoptive grandfather; deceased)

Camille Deveraux (paternal adoptive grandmother; deceased)

Duke Earl Johnson (paternal biological grandfather; deceased)

Jo Johnson (paternal biological grandmother)

Bill Horton (maternal grandfather; deceased)

Laura Spencer (maternal grandmother; deceased)

Tom Horton Sr. (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Alice Grayson (maternal great-grandmother; deceased)

James Spencer (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Carrie Spencer (maternal great-grandmother; deceased)

Sid Grayson (maternal great-great-grandfather; deceased)

Abigail Grayson (maternal great-great-grandmother; deceased)

Steve Johnson (paternal biological uncle)

Adrienne Johnson (paternal biological aunt; deceased)

Mike Horton (maternal uncle)

Stephanie Johnson (paternal biological cousin)

Joey Johnson (paternal biological cousin)

Tripp Johnson (paternal biological cousin)

Joseph Kiriakis (paternal biological cousin; via adoption)

Victor Kiriakis II (paternal biological cousin; via adoption)

Sonny Kiriakis (paternal biological cousin)

Jeremy Horton (maternal cousin)

Lucas Horton (maternal half-uncle)

Will Horton (maternal half-cousin)

Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton (maternal half-cousin)

Arianna Grace Horton (maternal half-cousin once removed)

Earl Duke Johnson (paternal biological great-uncle; deceased)

Tommy Horton Jr. (maternal great-uncle)

Addie Horton (maternal great-aunt; deceased)

Mickey Horton (maternal great-uncle; deceased)

Marie Horton (maternal great-aunt)

Sandy Horton (maternal first cousin once removed)

Julie Olson (maternal first cousin once removed)

Steven Olson (maternal first cousin once removed)

Hope Williams (maternal first cousin once removed)

David Banning (maternal second cousin; deceased)

Spencer Olson (maternal second cousin)

Shawn-Douglas Brady (maternal second cousin)

Zack Brady (maternal second cousin; deceased)

Ciara Brady (maternal second cousin)

Scott Banning (maternal second cousin once removed)

Eli Grant (maternal second cousin once removed)

Sarah Horton (maternal first cousin once removed; via adoption)

Melissa Horton (maternal first cousin once removed; via adoption)

Jessica Blake (maternal first cousin once removed)

Nick Fallon (maternal second cousin; deceased)

Nathan Horton (maternal second cousin; via adoption)

Claire Brady (maternal second cousin once removed)


Thomas DiMera (son; with Chad)

Charlotte DiMera (daughter; with Chad)

Flings & Affairs

Dario Hernandez (fake engagement to fool immigration officials)

Ben Weston (dated/lovers/engaged)

E.J. DiMera (lovers/affair)

Cameron Davis (dated/kissed)

Max Brady (dated)

Josh (dated)

Crimes and Misdeeds

Made Austin Reed think that they had slept together in an attempt to break up his marriage (December 2011)

Conspired with Andre DiMera and Laura Horton to fake her death (June 2016 - December 2016

Lied to immigration officials about being in a relationship with Dario (June 2017)

Health and Vitals

Aplastic anemia (developed as an infant; successfully treated with a bone marrow transplant)

Posttraumatic stress disorder (developed after a near-death experience; first exhibited one of the symptoms [hallucinations] on March 11, 2016)

Dissociative identity disorder (developed on January 19, 2018 as a coping mechanism after accidentally killing Andre DiMera in self-defense)

Alternate Personalities

Dr. Laura (the "gatekeeper" personality, based on Abigail's maternal grandmother; first seen on March 1, 2018)

Gabby (based on Gabi Hernandez, who had intentionally killed Nick Fallon in self-defense years earlier; first seen on February 16, 2018)

Brief Character History

Jack and Jennifer Deveraux were both overjoyed when their firstborn child, Abigail Johanna, was born in 1992...but Abby (as she was known during childhood) entered the world in dramatic fashion; Jennifer went into labor while on the road with Jack during a storm, and they were forced to deliver their daughter together in a nearby cabin. Fortunately, everything worked out, and the trio quickly settled into life as a family.

Just eight months later, Abby developed aplastic anemia. Jack, as a survivor of Hodgkin lymphoma, was not eligible to donate bone marrow, but Jennifer's friend and colleague Austin Reed was deemed to be a viable candidate and was happy to help. Abby began to recover after a successful bone marrow transplant, but Jack soon learned that her condition had been linked to the consumption of polluted water -- a development he had set in motion years earlier, when he had been overseeing his adoptive father's company and had ordered workers to dump toxic chemicals in the town's river as a way to save money.

Jack left town, believing that Jennifer and Abby would be better off without him. Jennifer eventually moved on with Peter Blake, whom Abby began to look at as a father figure, but then Jack returned and tried to pick up where he had left off with his family. Peter was determined to prevent that from happening, and Jennifer was initially reluctant to trust Jack again, but Abby grew to like the thought of having her parents back together. After a series of misadventures over the next few years -- including her father being framed for various crimes and sent to prison [where soapcentral.com's comprehensive recaps begin in December of 1996], her mother being presumed dead, and even a stint with a traveling circus in between -- Abby finally got her wish, and the reunited Deveraux clan decided to start a new life together in Africa. [June of 1998]

Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned; Abby was next seen two years later, living with Jennifer in Ireland instead of Africa -- and Jack wasn't with them. [October of 2000] Bo Brady soon ended up in Ireland and crossed paths with Jennifer and Abby, and they all headed back to Salem together to spend the holidays with loved ones. Jennifer didn't want to talk about why things had ended with Jack, but Alice Horton conspired to get them back in each other's orbit in the hope that they would find a way to work things out. Abby was also rooting for Jennifer and Jack to reunite again, and she was overjoyed when they finally remarried. [May of 2003]

Tragedy struck just a few months later, when a serial killer known as the Salem Stalker attacked Jack, who ended up on life support as a result of injuries sustained during the attack. [October of 2003] Abby was outraged when Jennifer made the difficult decision to take Jack, an organ donor, off life support while his organs were still viable. Things started getting better after Abby learned that Jennifer had conceived a child with Jack before his death, but tensions arose again when doctors determined that the child would likely be born with severe mental and/or physical disabilities, if the pregnancy even lasted that long, and that Jennifer would likely die during the delivery. Terminating the pregnancy seemed to be the only real option, at least from a medical standpoint, but Abby managed to convince Jennifer to give the "miracle baby" a chance.

A few months later, while Abby was away at summer camp, Jennifer began to suspect that Jack was actually still alive. [June of 2004] The search for answers led Jennifer to Melaswen, an island where Jack and the rest of the Salem Stalker's victims were all being held captive, and the couple eventually reunited and celebrated the birth of their son, Jack Patrick, who defied the odds and received a clean bill of health. During an attempt to escape from the island, Jennifer and Jack Patrick (known as "J.J.") got separated from Jack, who was presumed dead once again (but was actually still being held as one of the Salem Stalker's captives). Jennifer and J.J. returned to Salem, where Abby's old feelings of resentment resurfaced; meanwhile, Jack made several more attempts to escape, and that persistence eventually paid off. [April of 2005]

With the entire Deveraux clan finally back together again in Salem, Abby worked things out with Jennifer, and the future seemed bright...but Jack was soon diagnosed with a terminal illness. [June of 2005] Jack tried to hide the devastating news from Jennifer and Abby so there wouldn't be a specter of death hanging overhead during their final days as a family; they eventually figured out what was going on, but he still chose to fake his death and disappear when he began to suspect that the end was near. [December of 2005] Unforeseen circumstances drove Jack to drop the act a few months later. [June of 2006] Jennifer and Abby had mixed feelings about Jack's return because he was still living on borrowed time, but a friend's last-minute discovery of an experimental drug changed everything. [August of 2006]

More good news soon followed in the form of exciting new job opportunities for Jack and Jennifer, prompting them to move to London with J.J., but Abby was preparing to enter college by then and had just secured a job of her own, so she decided to stay behind in Salem. [September of 2006] Abby, who had not yet had a serious romantic relationship, began to develop feelings for her slightly older and considerably more experienced boss, but she found it difficult to get involved with him because of a disapproving family member who had resolved to keep an eye on her in her parents' absence. [April of 2007] The relationship ended shortly after it began, prompting Abby to join her parents and brother in London.

A few years later, Jennifer returned to Salem, and Abigail (as she is generally known in adulthood) soon followed. [Early March of 2011] J.J. was attending a boarding school in London at that time, but Jack was nowhere to be found, even after Jennifer had a near-death experience. Fed up with Jack's antics, Abigail encouraged Jennifer to move on -- and Jennifer eventually decided to do just that, filing for divorce and starting a new relationship with Dr. Daniel Jonas, who had moved to Salem while Jennifer had been living in London. Abigail, meanwhile, got off to a bad start with another one of Salem's newer residents, a young man who had been raised as Chad Peterson-Woods, and things got even worse when she learned, as he had only recently learned himself, that he was actually Chad DiMera, youngest son of Salem's most notorious evildoer, Stefano DiMera...but she found herself drawn to him nevertheless. [Mid-March of 2011]

Jennifer and Abigail were both shocked when Jack finally resurfaced and revealed that everything they had been led to believe about his absence was, in fact, false. [October of 2011] Abigail had mixed feelings about Jack's return, but they eventually reconciled. [November of 2011] Chad was there to support Abigail every step of the way, and they grew even closer as a result, but they both had wandering eyes, so they ultimately decided to just be friends...although neither realized at the time that the other was interested in someone else. [December of 2011]

Abigail, who had transferred to Salem University after leaving London, secured a work-study job at the college. Professor Reed just so happened to be the new man Abigail had set her sights on, but he had no reason to suspect that his teaching assistant was interested in him -- after all, he was not only older and married but also the man who had donated his bone marrow to save her life when she had developed aplastic anemia as an infant. Abigail eventually resorted to drastic measures in an effort to get Austin to see her as more than just a friend. [February of 2012] The plan failed, though, and after witnessing some of the fallout, Abigail admitted defeat and made things right so the ruse wouldn't ruin Austin's life. [March of 2012]

Abigail tried to move on and start making better decisions, leading to a more appropriate relationship with Dr. Cameron Davis. Meanwhile, Jennifer got back together with Jack. [a href="/days-of-our-lives/recaps/2012/120402.php#fri">April of 2012] But just as things were getting better for the Deveraux clan, a gas leak in the tunnels under Salem resulted in a series of explosions that damaged many of the town's structures, including one in which an autism benefit was being held as a show of support for a cause that had been important to a beloved resident who had recently died. Jennifer, Jack, and Cameron were all at the event -- as was Abigail, who ended up in a precarious situation after the explosions began. Jack managed to rescue Abigail but got trapped in the same precarious situation in the process and wasn't able to escape before things got even worse. EMTs eventually informed Jennifer and Abigail that Jack was dead. [Mid-August of 2012] Devastated, Jennifer and Abigail briefly left Salem to be with J.J. and scatter Jack's ashes as a family. [Late August of 2012]

Shortly after returning to Salem, Abigail suddenly started showing interest in having sex with Cameron, but he sensed some hesitation on her part every time they were alone together, and he didn't want to take advantage of the fact that she was in a vulnerable place, so he decided that it would be best to break up with her. What Cameron didn't know at the time was that Abigail had been sending him mixed signals not just because she was struggling to process her father's death but also because she was still a virgin. [September of 2012] Abigail eventually cleared the air with Cameron, who agreed to give their relationship another shot and let things progress at her pace. [February of 2013] However, by that point, Chad also wanted another shot with Abigail -- and he had no qualms about competing with another man for her affection. [June of 2013]

While Abigail was struggling to choose between Cameron and Chad, the latter man suffered a head injury. [Early July of 2013] Chad wasn't particularly concerned about the matter, but Abigail strong-armed him into getting a checkup after he started experiencing dizziness and migraines in the days following the incident. [Late July of 2013] As luck would have it, Cameron was the only doctor who was available at the time of Chad's hospital visit. Cameron saw something alarming on Chad's CT scan, and two other doctors agreed that it could be a brain tumor. Cameron advised Chad to see a specialist right away. [Early August of 2013] Chad later admitted to Cameron that the specialist had confirmed the existence of a brain tumor.

As a matter of pride, Chad didn't want anyone else to know about the brain tumor, and Cameron was, of course, obligated to stay quiet because of doctor-patient confidentiality; Abigail, meanwhile, remained torn between the two men. [Mid-August of 2013] Cameron felt bad about what Chad was going through and started pulling away from Abigail as a result, claiming to be too busy for a relationship. Abigail pretended to have already chosen Chad anyway, despite having seemingly been preparing to fully commit to Cameron instead. [Late August of 2013] Cameron was quick to point out that staying single was also an option, hoping to spare Abigail the pain of falling in love with a dying man, but the advice was ignored because it didn't make much sense without knowledge of Chad's diagnosis. [Early September of 2013] Abigail started officially dating, then eventually slept with, Chad -- and Cameron grew even more concerned after finding out about the latter development by accident. [Mid-September of 2013]

Chad insisted that Cameron didn't need to worry about Abigail because everything was going to be okay. Chad bragged to Cameron about having used the power of the DiMera name to gain access to a cutting-edge treatment that most doctors didn't even know about yet. Cameron started to suspect that something was amiss after figuring out that the treatment was only being offered at one place in the world and that no one at that place had ever heard of Chad before. Chad's brother E.J. DiMera, who had found out about the brain tumor by accident, convinced Cameron that there was a reasonable explanation for the discrepancy -- and then, moments after that conversation ended, someone fired a gun at the engagement party they were all attending. Chad was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, and Cameron expressed concern that the treatment for the brain tumor could complicate the treatment for the gunshot wound, prompting E.J. to admit that the brain tumor wasn't actually being treated because it had never truly existed. [Mid-October of 2013]

Chad survived and soon realized that Cameron knew the truth about the brain tumor. Cameron was disgusted with Chad for having pretended to be dying as a way of gaining the upper hand in their battle for Abigail's affection. Cameron promised not to say anything to Abigail but urged Chad to do so. Chad confessed to Abigail and explained that lying about the brain tumor had been a spur-of-the-moment decision that had been made when it had seemed like Cameron was taking advantage of the situation. Abigail was furious with Chad but was also furious with Cameron. [Late October of 2013] With everything out in the open, Chad headed to Boston for additional medical care, and Cameron headed to Africa to start working for Doctors Without Borders, leaving Abigail single once again.

In the weeks following Chad's departure, Abigail and E.J. kept ending up back in each other's orbit. E.J. tried to convince Abigail to give Chad another chance but was unsuccessful. Chad later found one of Abigail's most prized possessions and asked E.J. to return the item to its rightful owner. Meanwhile, Abigail was getting dangerously close to uncovering a secret that involved E.J.'s fiancée. During an attempt to stop that from happening, E.J. ended up sleeping with Abigail, marking the beginning of a passionate but short-lived affair. [January of 2014]

E.J.'s fiancée eventually found out about the affair and went to great lengths to make Abigail's life miserable as a way of getting revenge. Abigail was publicly humiliated but found comfort in the arms of a new man, Ben Rogers, who had recently moved to Salem. [July of 2014] Just as Abigail's relationship with Ben was getting serious, Chad suddenly returned to Salem to confront E.J., seeing the affair as an act of brotherly betrayal. Chad also lashed out at Abigail, feeling like the affair had been a form of payback. [September of 2014] A few weeks later, E.J. was shot and then declared dead, leaving both Chad and Abigail with mixed emotions.

Chad and Ben got off to a rough start due to their shared interest in Abigail. On multiple occasions, Abigail saw Ben and Chad's rivalry get physical. Ben had a temper and was quick to confront bullies -- particularly men who seemed to be mistreating women. As details about Ben's past began to emerge, this behavior started making more sense; Ben, whose real name was Oliver "Ollie" Weston, had a secret half-sister, Jordan Ridgeway, who was also living in Salem, and they were both hiding from Ben's abusive father, Clyde Weston, who eventually tracked them down. Abigail grew closer to Ben during this time but still felt drawn to Chad.

Chad made a point of getting involved with Jordan, but Stefano considered Abigail a more suitable mate. Chad ignored Stefano's advice at first but reconsidered after things went south with Jordan. Although Ben was still in the picture, Chad slowly began making progress with Abigail, and they eventually had a one-night stand. [Early June of 2015] Stefano was pleased with the development because Abigail was about to inherit something of great value. Chad soon realized that Stefano had an ulterior motive for encouraging the reunion. Determined to thwart Stefano's plan, Chad claimed to have only slept with Abigail to prove a point. [Mid-June of 2015]

Meanwhile, Clyde was pretending to be a changed man, and Ben was starting to buy the act. When Ben began to suspect that Abigail was hiding something, Clyde encouraged spy tactics as a way of figuring out what was going on. Ben put a tracking app on Abigail's cell phone -- and, with its help, found out about the one-night stand. [Late June of 2015]

Abigail tried to forget about Chad and move on with Ben, who decided to play along. [Early July of 2015] A complication arose, however, when Abigail ended up pregnant and couldn't be certain about whether the father of the baby was Chad or Ben. [Mid-July of 2015] Meanwhile, Ben confided in Clyde about Abigail's one-night stand with Chad -- and Stefano's interest in the matter. Suspicious, Clyde started spying on Stefano and found out about the inheritance Abigail would soon be receiving. Clyde also figured out that Abigail was pregnant and that the paternity of the baby was unknown. Clyde convinced Ben to propose to Abigail then started working behind the scenes to ensure that the baby's inevitable paternity test would state, whether true or not, that Ben was the father. [Late July of 2015, Part One] At that same time, Chad decided to try to reconcile with Abigail. [Part Two] Shortly after taking a paternity test and receiving the results, Abigail accepted Ben's proposal, despite still having feelings for Chad, then confessed to being pregnant. Ben found out how far along Abigail was then did the math and realized that the baby could be Chad's. [Mid-August of 2015]

Stefano ordered Chad to stop Abigail from marrying Ben so they wouldn't lose the inheritance. Instead, Chad warned Abigail about Stefano's interest in the inheritance. Abigail appreciated Chad's intervention but accidentally blurted out the news about the pregnancy during their conversation. Stefano kicked Chad out of the family mansion as punishment for the act of defiance. [Late August of 2015, Part One] Chad went to a bar and started drinking then tried to hit on one of the bar's other patrons but struck out. [Part Two] The following day, the woman who had rejected Chad's advances was found dead in a park near the bar, having been strangled with a necktie. [Part Three] The police quickly zeroed in on Chad as the prime suspect in the murder investigation. Abigail was horrified and found it hard to believe that Chad could ever do such a thing.

Another woman, Paige Larson, was murdered a short time later, in the same manner as the first, and Chad again emerged as a likely suspect. [Early September of 2015, Part One] Abigail still wasn't convinced, but Chad had gotten blackout drunk before each murder and therefore feared the worst. However, J.J. was back in Salem by this point, had a romantic history with Paige, and had reason to believe that Clyde was to blame. [Part Two] Chad started undergoing hypnotherapy with Dr. Marlena Evans in an effort to remember what had happened during the blackouts. [Mid-September of 2015] After one of those sessions ended badly, Marlena was attacked, but Chad returned to apologize just in time to prevent another tragedy. Unfortunately, Marlena misinterpreted Chad as the attacker instead of the rescuer. [Late September of 2015] Abigail helped Chad hide from the police. While Chad was in hiding, Abigail's cousin Will Horton stumbled upon proof that the Necktie Killer was actually Ben. Despite having always considered Will a friend, Ben claimed a third victim to prevent the truth from being revealed. [Early October of 2015] Chad figured out Ben's secret but was nearly beaten to death during the ensuing confrontation and ended up in a coma. [Mid-October of 2015]

Chad emerged from the coma with memory loss and was arrested, but Abigail continued to suspect that someone else was behind the murders, which infuriated Ben. During an argument, Ben blurted out the truth to Abigail. [Early November of 2015] Meanwhile, Stefano blackmailed someone else into taking the fall for the crimes, forcing the police to release Chad, who continued undergoing hypnotherapy with Marlena after they cleared the air. Chad eventually remembered everything, but by then, Ben was holding Abigail captive at a cabin on the outskirts of Salem, and a midwife was in the process of helping them deliver their son. Abigail was horrified when Ben shot the midwife to tie up loose ends after Colin Weston was born. [Late November of 2015]

The police eventually got a lead on Ben and Abigail's whereabouts but were unable to immediately pursue it because of a snowstorm that was passing through the area at that time. Chad braved the elements alone and managed to track down Abigail and Ben but was subdued during the rescue attempt. Ben restrained Abigail and Chad then set fire to the cabin and fled with Colin. [Early December of 2015, Part One] Abigail and Chad managed to escape, and Ben was soon apprehended, but Colin was nowhere to be found. Ben's last remaining hint of sanity was gone by the time the police started their interrogation, but Abigail was able to determine that Colin had been left at a motel near the cabin, and that was just enough information for Chad and J.J. to locate the infant. Abigail changed the boy's name to Thomas Jack Deveraux and got back together with Chad. [Part Two]

Chad continued undergoing hypnotherapy with Marlena in an effort to recover a few memories that were still missing. Chad's brother Andre DiMera interrupted one of the sessions and began an elaborate brainwashing procedure that was designed to convince Chad, who was still under hypnosis at the time, to dump Abigail and go after Marlena's daughter Belle Black as a favor to the DiMera family. [Mid-December of 2015] Abigail eventually figured out what was going on -- and also figured out that Chad, not Ben, was Thomas' true biological father. [Late December of 2015] Finding out the truth about Thomas helped Chad fight off the brainwashing procedure. [Early January of 2016, Part One] Abigail and Chad reunited once again. [Part Two] A short time later, Chad proposed to Abigail, who happily accepted. [Mid-January of 2016]

Abigail and Chad began preparing for their wedding ceremony -- but Ben escaped from a psychiatric facility right before the big day. [Early March of 2016] Chad wanted to wait until after the wedding to tell Abigail that Ben's whereabouts were unknown, but J.J. refused to play along. Abigail was horrified and soon started having disturbing experiences that suggested that Ben was back in Salem, but no one else was ever able to verify that any of those experiences had actually happened, even during the wedding ceremony. [Mid-March of 2016, Part One] More strange incidents occurred during Abigail and Chad's honeymoon. [Part Two] After returning to Salem, Abigail and Chad tried to set a trap for Ben, who took the bait -- or so it seemed to Abigail, who had actually been imagining most of the events. [Late March of 2016]

Ben really did visit Abigail a short time later, on a night when Chad and J.J. were both distracted. [Early April of 2016] Abigail seduced then subdued Ben, determined to take control of the situation. When Chad arrived, Ben was being burned alive, and Abigail was watching gleefully. Chad put out the fire, ignoring Abigail's protests, then summoned the police to deal with Ben. Abigail lashed out at Chad for having saved Ben's life. [Mid-April of 2016] Marlena diagnosed Abigail with posttraumatic stress disorder and recommended immediate treatment at a psychiatric facility. Abigail, whose family had a history of mental illness, panicked and fled with Thomas. [Late April of 2016, Part One] Chad and J.J. managed to locate Abigail and Thomas, and Abigail agreed to get treatment for Thomas' sake, realizing that the situation was hurting the child. [Part Two] Abigail had second thoughts upon arriving at the psychiatric facility but decided to stick to the plan after experiencing more hallucinations involving Ben. [Part Three]

Things got worse, not better, at the psychiatric facility -- Abigail continued having hallucinations involving Ben, started pushing away loved ones, and even got burned after setting another fire. [Late June of 2016, Part One] Chad decided to break Abigail out of the psychiatric facility, but she escaped before he could set his plan in motion. [Part Two] Abigail fled from Salem, leaving behind a letter for Chad, and was later presumed dead as a result of Andre's interference. [August of 2016] Abigail's maternal grandmother, Dr. Laura Horton, later determined that Abigail's posttraumatic stress disorder had gotten worse at the psychiatric facility because the doctors there had failed to properly treat the condition. [Mid-November of 2016, Part One] Abigail seemed to be doing better, thanks to a new treatment plan. [Gabi Hernandez, though, so Abigail was initially reluctant to interfere with that budding relationship. [Early December of 2016] Abigail decided to return to Boston with Laura after catching Chad kissing Gabi. [Late December of 2016, Part One] Abigail couldn't resist saying goodbye to Thomas first, though, and Chad stumbled onto the scene. Chad was stunned to learn that Abigail's death had been faked and that Andre had been in on the plan from the very beginning. [Part Two] Abigail took Chad's arrival as a sign that they were meant to be together. Chad had mixed emotions about Abigail's return but agreed to try to forgive and forget. [Part Three]

Abigail eventually managed to regain Chad's trust. [January of 2017] Abigail knew, though, that Chad still had feelings for Gabi -- and Late March of 2017, Part One] Abigail initially found that comforting, seeing it as proof that Gabi ultimately didn't mean quite as much to Chad. [Part Two] After discovering, on the day of the vow renewal ceremony, that there was actually more to the story, Abigail bowed out of the competition and encouraged Chad to move on with Gabi. [Mid-April of 2017, Part One] Chad tried to object, but Abigail refused to reconsider. [Part Two]

Abigail soon filed for divorce. [Mid-May of 2017, Part One] Abigail then agreed to marry Gabi's brother Dario Hernandez, who was facing deportation. Dario claimed to only want a green card out of the arrangement, despite having confessed to being in love with Abigail months earlier. [Part Two]

Meanwhile, Chad and Gabi ended up in Greece together, each there for a different reason. Chad and Gabi began to reconnect during that time, and things escalated when they got stranded on a deserted island while trying to return to Salem together. By the time Chad and Gabi were rescued, they had taken their relationship to the next level.

Chad and Gabi were both stunned to learn, upon returning to Salem, that Abigail and Dario were planning to get married. Abigail was just as stunned when Chad fast-tracked their divorce as a knee-jerk reaction to the news. [Late June of 2017, Part One] Abigail and Chad's divorce was finalized on the day of a party that was being held, in part, to celebrate the safe return of those who had been stranded on the deserted island. Deimos, again out for revenge, dressed up as a waiter and spiked the partygoers' drinks with a mind-altering drug. While under the influence of the drug, Chad and Abigail privately renewed their vows and shared a kiss. The following morning, Deimos was found murdered, and all of the partygoers were suspects. [Part Two]

That same day, Dario convinced Abigail that they needed to get married right away because Immigration was about to pay them a visit -- and Chad stumbled upon them during their impromptu wedding ceremony. [Early July of 2017] A short time later, Abigail realized that Dario had been producing counterfeit money and had also been stealing money from one of Chad's companies. Abigail threatened to alert the police unless Dario agreed to stop producing counterfeit money and also agreed to return the stolen money. Dario refused to cave to either demand then showed Abigail incriminating evidence that linked Chad to Deimos' murder. Abigail went to Andre for advice on how to deal with the stalemate -- and Andre's wife, Kate Roberts, who had known Chad's mother and was protective of Chad as a result, overheard the conversation and revealed that Dario had exaggerated the severity of the deportation situation to guilt Abigail into marriage in the hope that their platonic relationship would eventually turn into a real one. [Mid-July of 2017]

Abigail, Andre, and Kate enlisted the help of Chad's nephew Theo Carver, a computer genius, to destroy the incriminating evidence. Meanwhile, the police found out about Dario's crimes through other means. Dario gave the FBI the name of an accomplice in exchange for an immunity deal then informed Abigail that they were entering the Witness Protection Program. Abigail went along with Dario's plan in order to buy Theo more time to destroy the incriminating evidence. Chad, who still didn't know about the incriminating evidence, was furious to learn that Abigail was planning to leave Salem again. Chad confronted Abigail and Dario just as they were about to head to the airport. While arguing with Chad, Abigail received confirmation from Theo that the incriminating evidence had been destroyed. Just then, a vehicle approached Abigail, Chad, and Dario at top speed, as if the driver was intentionally trying to hit one or more of them. [Late July of 2017, Part One]

Dario jumped out of the way, and Abigail pushed Chad out of the way. The driver struck Abigail then kept driving. Chad called for an ambulance to assist Abigail, and Dario fled in fear, feeling like the intended target of the hit-and-run driver. Abigail was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, and Andre filled Chad in on Dario's machinations while they were waiting for an update from the doctors. Chad, whose best friend Part Two]

Gabi stepped aside and encouraged Chad to be with Abigail, who was expected to make a full recovery. Chad reunited with Abigail then headed over to the police station to tell the police that Sonny wasn't the person who had killed Deimos. Chad and Sonny walked each other through their respective recollections of the night in question and eventually realized that neither of them had killed Deimos -- they had simply each stumbled upon Deimos' dead body after the real killer had fled the scene. Chad and Sonny shared their story with a judge, who bought it and released them both from police custody. Chad proposed to Abigail that same day, unaware that Sonny had also just proposed to Paul Narita. Each couple shared their good news with the other, and they all agreed to have a double wedding so neither couple would upstage the other. In the weeks that followed, the hit-and-run driver (Dario's accomplice) was arrested, and Dario (still on the run) helped Abigail secure an annulment as a way of making amends.

After seeing an announcement for the double wedding in a newspaper, Ben again escaped from a psychiatric facility then crashed the big event. Abigail and Chad assumed that Ben just wanted to mess with them a bit more, but Ben actually just wanted to let Sonny and Paul know that Will was still alive. The news affected everyone at the wedding but was particularly significant to Sonny and Paul because Sonny had once been married to Will (who had, at one point during that marriage, had a one-night stand with Paul). Sonny had never stopped loving Will and was therefore unable to go through with marrying Paul after Ben's shocking (and, as everyone would soon learn, true) revelation, so the double wedding never got back on track, but Abigail and Chad had their own ceremony later that day.

Abigail and Chad settled back into married life and soon started working together at DiMera Enterprises as the company's PR manager and CEO, respectively. Kate was also working at DiMera Enterprises at that time, heading the company's fashion division, Countess Wilhelmina -- and was convinced that Chad belonged with Gabi, not Abigail. Gabi had started a clothing line, Gabi Chic, a few months earlier, so Kate offered to make the line a part of Countess Wilhelmina in the hope that doing so would cause problems for Chad and Abigail. Meanwhile, DiMera Enterprises was reeling from a series of failed business dealings that suggested that someone was sabotaging the company from within -- and Andre seemed to be the prime suspect.

Andre denied being the saboteur and vowed to help the other DiMeras solve the mystery, but the company was still under attack when the family hosted a New Year's Eve bash that winter, and at the stroke of midnight, two uninvited guests interrupted the celebration. The DiMeras only recognized one of the party crashers, Vivian Alamain, and they were stunned to learn that the other party crasher was a corporate raider who had once been known as Sam Maitlin but had recently adopted a different name -- Stefan Octavius DiMera (Stefan O. DiMera) -- after being identified as Vivian and Stefano's long-lost son. Vivian and Stefan announced that, with DiMera Enterprises in a vulnerable state, the company's board members had decided that it was time for new leadership and that Stefano's namesake was the perfect candidate. [Early January of 2018, Part One] Vivian and Stefan insisted that someone else had been targeting DiMera Enterprises and that they had simply taken advantage of the situation -- which, of course, was perfectly legal -- but Chad, Abigail, and Kate were all convinced that Vivian and Stefan were the saboteurs...and Andre played along, despite having been helping Vivian and Stefan the whole time in the hope of gaining more control of the company. [Part Two] Andre considered Vivian an ally and believed that they were both just using Stefan as a figurehead to further their own goals, but the truth was that Vivian and Stefan were a united front and were planning to eventually double-cross Andre. [Mid-January of 2018, Part One]

A few weeks later, Gabi was preparing to relaunch Gabi Chic as part of DiMera Enterprises, unaware that Andre had been plotting with Vivian to take full control of the clothing line. Andre fired Gabi on the eve of the relaunch, after Gabi Chic had already been signed over to DiMera Enterprises, so the company would get to keep every cent of the clothing line's profits. With that order of business out of the way, Vivian had no further use for Andre and began making arrangements to end their partnership for good. That same day, Chad found new evidence that suggested that Andre was the saboteur, but Abigail remained convinced that there had to be another explanation. [Part Two]

Andre was found murdered the following morning, and the police had no shortage of suspects. [Part Three] The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, and a bloody urn was found near the body. Anna DiMera, the widow of Andre's look-alike cousin, Tony DiMera, had never liked Andre and was known to carry an urn that contained Tony's ashes, but the police eventually determined that Anna had simply argued with Andre on the night of the murder and had been forced to leave behind the urn at the end of the argument. [Early February of 2018] With Anna cleared, the police turned their attention to Gabi, who had been wearing a distinctive coat on the night of the murder. The police had uncovered surveillance footage that showed that someone had been at the scene of the crime that night, wearing an identical coat, during the period of time in which the murder had likely occurred -- and, on top of that, the police knew that Gabi had crossed paths with Abigail earlier that night and had seized the opportunity to vent about wanting to kill Andre for having stolen Gabi Chic. Worst of all, everyone knew that Gabi had already proven to be capable of murder in the past. There were other suspects, but all of the circumstantial evidence was clearly pointing in one direction, so Gabi was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Gabi was offered a manslaughter plea deal but refused to take it, insisting that the police and the district attorney were falling for a frame-up that the real murderer had orchestrated. Gabi tried to stay positive, knowing that the police were still looking for a key piece of evidence -- the lid of the urn -- and that the real murderer was probably still in possession of not only that item but also Gabi's employee identification badge, which had gone missing on the night of the murder and could have been used to grant the real murderer access to Andre's office. [Mid-February of 2018, Part One]

Gabi was out on bail when a woman sneaked into the DiMera mansion and tried to plant the urn lid and the identification badge in Stefan's bedroom. Stefan caught the woman, who looked like Gabi from behind but was actually a disguised version of Abigail, and they had a strange conversation. [Part Two] The following morning, Stefan realized that Abigail didn't remember anything about that particular conversation. [Late February of 2018, Part One] Stefan turned to the Internet for answers and determined that Abigail had developed dissociative identity disorder and was responsible for Andre's death. [Part Two]

In the days that followed, Stefan had more encounters with Abigail's alternate personality (who came to be known as Gabby) and read about Kimberly Donovan's experiences with dissociative identity disorder. Vivian also met Gabby and threatened to inform Chad that something was going on with Abigail's mental health again. Gabby panicked and lunged at Vivian with a fire poker, but Stefan managed to defuse the situation. [Part Three]

Vivian wanted to alert the police that the wrong Gabi had been arrested, but Stefan insisted that they couldn't do that because Gabby had caught them with Andre's dead body on the night of the murder and knew that they each had a motive to commit the crime. Stefan and Vivian were still trying to figure out how to handle the situation when Chad nearly caught Gabby roaming around the DiMera mansion -- but another alternate personality took over, knowing that Abigail would be sent to a doctor if a loved one figured out that something was amiss, and did an impression of the host personality that was convincing enough to save the day. [Early March of 2018, Part One]

Stefan had been interested in Abigail since arriving in Salem. Abigail had rejected Stefan's advances, but Gabby was much more receptive. Stefan decided to protect Gabby and persuaded Vivian to go along with the plan. Vivian planted the urn lid and identification badge in an overnight bag that belonged to Gabi's daughter then provided the police with an anonymous tip about the items. Gabi was caught trying to dispose of the items and was sent back to jail to await trial after failing to convince law enforcement officials that Stefan had planted them. [Part Two]

Stefan told Gabby about having arranged for Gabi to be found with the incriminating evidence. Gabby identified as Gabi and therefore interpreted Stefan's plan as a betrayal. Stefan ripped off the alter's wig to prove that Gabby was really just Abigail in disguise -- and the other alter emerged again to do damage control. Stefan learned that the other alter was Dr. Laura, the all-knowing gatekeeper personality who stepped in to protect Gabby and Abigail as needed. Dr. Laura confirmed Stefan's suspicion that Abigail had killed Andre and had developed dissociative identity disorder to cope with the weight of that crime. [Part Three]

Stefan wanted to make things right with Gabby and threatened to expose Abigail's dissociative identity disorder unless Dr. Laura agreed to cooperate. Stefan apologized for having shattered Gabby's beliefs about being a real person. Stefan urged Gabby to fight Dr. Laura for control of Abigail's body. Gabby forgave Stefan and decided to take the advice. Stefan promised to help Gabby tackle the challenge. [Mid-March of 2018]

Stefan claimed to need Abigail's help with a business meeting in Hong Kong, giving Gabby an opportunity to get away from Chad and other people who posed a threat to the alter's existence. [Late March of 2018, Part One] Chad followed to keep an eye on the situation, knowing that Stefan was interested in Abigail and might also be Andre's true murderer. [Part Two] Stefan and Gabby scrambled to stay one step ahead of Chad and a few of Abigail's other loved ones who also happened to be in Hong Kong at that time. [Part Three] Stefan created a diversion to keep Chad and Abigail's other loved ones busy for a while then prepared to treat Gabby to a night of romance. [Part Four] Gabby made the mistake of listening to a voicemail message from Chad, giving Abigail an opportunity to emerge, but Dr. Laura managed to intervene then refused to continue cooperating with Stefan. [Part Five] Dr. Laura rushed back to Salem with Chad, who mistook the alter as Abigail, and Stefan followed with the hope of regaining control of the situation. [Part Six]

Dr. Laura gave false testimony as Abigail during Gabi's trial in an effort to seal the defendant's fate. [Early April of 2018, Part One] Chad remained certain that Gabi was innocent but also refused to believe that Abigail would ever tell a lie on the witness stand, so Kate suggested that Stefan might have taken a page out of Stefano's playbook and resorted to brainwashing to get away with Andre's murder. [Part Two] Gabby tried to overpower Dr. Laura later that day in the hope of regaining control of Abigail's body, but their host escaped during the distraction and rushed off to the hospital to confide in Marlena about hearing voices and losing time. Marlena started to give Abigail a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder, but Dr. Laura managed to take over again just then. Dr. Laura confirmed Marlena's suspicion then insisted that they needed to keep that information to themselves. Dr. Laura faked a shift back to Abigail's personality after realizing that Marlena wasn't going to cooperate. Dr. Laura scheduled a follow-up appointment with Marlena while posing as Abigail then left the hospital. [Part Three]

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