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Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 16, 1998 on PC
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Monday, March 16, 1998

Ellen is talking to Bobby Mancusi about Matt's whereabouts as she gets a phone call. Matt is on the other end and told her to pretend it is someone else if she is not alone. Ellen pretends that she is talking to Dr Quartermaine about a patient and Matt figures out that Bobby is with Ellen from her description of the patient. Matt told her to get out now! Ellen tells Bobby that she has been called to the hospital for an emergency, but he seems determined to keep her there.

Dr VanZandt and Lucy talk about his resignation. He told her that he has received a better offer from another firm. Lucy assumes that the offer has come from Katherine Bell. Kevin reassures Lucy and told her that she doesn't need people who will jump ship at the first sign of trouble. Lucy replies by saying that "No one wants to sail on the Titanic". Kevin tells Lucy that she can turn her company around without VanZandt. Lucy hypes herself up until her stockbroker calls and says the rumor is out that her chemist is leaving and her stock could plummet.

Karen is still against dissecting the research animals. She wants to keep him alive and observe him.

Grace tries to keep Matt from going to Ellen. Mike comes and offers to go and try to save Ellen. Meanwhile, Mancusi pulls a knife on Ellen to try to get more info about Matt. Ellen admits that it was Matt on the phone, and tells Mancusi that Matt is sending the police over right away. Mancusi tells Ellen that if that is true, he doesn't need her anymore and punches her in the face, knocking her to the floor. He then sets her apartment on fire.

Karen, Joe, and Jake tell Dr Devlin that the ferret escaped through the air conditioner duct and hit the fan and there isn't anything left of him. Devlin told them to do things by the book from now on and to also use lab rats.

Lucy talks to Kevin about the streak of bad luck she has been having lately. She gets a call about the sale of Rex's merchandise and learns that all of his possessions are fakes.

Mike arrives at Ellen's as the fire is blazing. He breaks through the door just in time to carry her out the door to safety.

Lucy calls her jeweler to come and appraise her emerald ring. He told her that it is also a fake and is worth only a few hundred dollars. Kevin tells her to be happy that she has her health and freedom. She told him that any woman who has him wants for absolutely nothing.

Karen names the ferret Freddy and told Joe that she is taking him home so that he can be safe. Dr Devlin walks in on them as Karen is putting the ferret into her bag, so Joe makes an excuse to get out of there with the bag.

The paramedics rush Ellen into the ER where she is treated by Chris. Meanwhile, Matt and Grace wait patiently for a call from Mike about Ellen. Matt is worried that he is placing his friends in danger. He finally tells Grace that Bobby Mancusi is his brother!!

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

Matt told Grace that it was his own brother that shot him in the back. Mike calls to tell Matt that Ellen is in the hospital and is okay. Matt says to tell her that he is sorry. Matt told Grace that his brother is going to regret ever showing his face in PC. He then pulls a gun out of his duffel bag.

Ellen thanks Mike for saving her. He gives her Matt's message. They discuss what they are going to do to get Matt to safety. Ellen wants to call Scotty for help because of his past history with hiding in Canada. Ellen feels that he can be trusted. Chris comes in to check on Ellen and puts a piece of tape over the call button so that he can eavesdrop on conversations in her room.

Julie and Frank have another disagreement over Lark. Julie thinks that it is time to give up on her and send her back to the juvenile center. Frank asks for Julie's support with Lark, but she told him that she cannot be perfect, and that it what she would have to be to be able to tolerate Lark. She told him that she just does not like Lark. She feels that they are fighting because of Lark. Frank cuts their conversation short to get to the court hearing on time with Lark.

Scotty comes to see Ellen. She and Mike ask for his help with Matt and he agrees to help. Meanwhile, Matt told Grace about his past life and how he worshipped Bobby. Matt was the baby of the family and tried hard to please everyone, but drew the line when it came to killing. Bobby did not like Matt's decision.

Chris was busy trying to listen in on Ellen's room as Bobby walks up pretending to be the Federal Marshal. He asks if Ellen is a patient and Chris told him that she is, but offers to give the Marshal some information that he has on Matt.

Frank returns from Lark's hearing and told Joe that he was able to get the judge to let her off with community service. Joe commends Frank on his hard work with Lark, but told Frank that she is a problem and has went out of her way to alienate everyone in the house including him. Frank defends his actions with Lark and he and Joe get into an argument.

Scotty calls Matt and told him that they are going to the airport and are leaving for Canada. Chris is preparing to take Bobby to the location that Matt is at.

As Joe and Julie talk in the hospital, Lark walks in and surprises them. She chose to do her community service at the hospital, obviously in an effort to upset Julie even more.

Matt and Grace share a passionate kiss as they prepare to say goodbye. Meanwhile, Mike prepares to meet Scotty and Matt at the hotel. Outside the hotel, Chris and Bobby prepare to go to Matt's room. Chris offers to go along because Matt knows and trusts him. He looks a little worried as Bobby pulls out a gun.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, March 18, 1998

Victor calls Kevin and told him "It's time".

Chris and Bobby knock on the motel door. Grace lets them in. telling them that Matt has left and didn't tell her where he went. As Bobby prepares to leave, Matt comes out of the closet with a gun. He demands that Bobby drop the gun and get on his knees. Chris asks Matt what he thinks he is doing, this is a Federal Marshal. Grace gets Bobby's knife and additional gun. Matt told Chris who Bobby really is. All the while, Matt is holding a gun to Bobby.

Kevin calls the institution and told them to check on his father. He learns that his father is missing.

Lark reads to a patient. Jake comes in and she told him what she thinks the patient's diagnosis is. She told him that she is a pre-med student and her name is Chloe. She asks Jake about med schools.

Matt and Bobby discuss their past lives and what happened between them. Matt told Bobby that he would never have testified against him if he hadn't shot him in the back. Matt told Grace to call the police, but Bobby tells them that he came with a little backup support.

Jake told Joe about the pre-med student and her diagnosis.

Kevin talks to the police about his missing father. The police start looking for him. Lucy tries to reassure Kevin that his father is ok.

Bobby told Matt to call Dr Burgess. Matt told Bobby that if he has hurt Ellen, he will kill him. Bobby told him to call her apartment to see who answers the phone.

Lucy gets a call from Serena telling her goodnight. Kevin realizes just how late it is and gets even more worried about his father. Kevin takes the blame for his father being lost because he feels that he has been neglecting him. Kevin receives a call from GH. His father is there.

"Chloe" and Jake discuss her first day. Jake asks her out for coffee and she accepts.

Matt calls Ellen's apartment and asks for Ellen. Ellen told Matt that her mother is with her. Matt told Bobby to let Ellen go. Bobby agrees to let her go for a trade; Matt's life for Ellen's.

Thursday, March 19, 1998

Faced with an impossible choice, Matt finally lowers his gun and told Bobby he'll make the swap. After a couple of orderlies manage to locate Victor, Kevin is appalled to see how disoriented his father has become. Guessing that his dad has gone off his medication, Kevin asks Jake to run some tests but Victor roughly pushes the intern away. Later, with the help of some gentle persuasion from Lucy, Victor agrees to let Kevin draw a blood sample. Julie has another showdown with Lark and is forced to pull rank to get the girl home. Following Bobby's departure, Matt warns Grace and Chris not to contact the police until he's figured out a way to free Ellen and Alice. Upon learning the new development, Scotty volunteers to attempt a rescue of Dr. Burgess and her mother. Jake makes a date to meet "Chloe" for coffee. Though Lucy tries to reassure him, a guilt-stricken Kevin kicks himself for not keeping a closer eye on Victor. A weeping Alice told Scotty how the Mancusis took Ellen away. Afterwards, Matt enlists the assistance of a jittery Chris as he heads into another encounter with his lethal family.

Friday, March 20, 1998

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