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Monday, January 15

Ben feels certain he's closing in on his runaway sister. Meanwhile, Frank demands some answers after finding Arianna asleep on the sofa in his basement. At the lighthouse, Lucy pulls away from Kevin's kisses and insists she only came for his forgiveness. Outside, a woozy Eve topples forward into Ian's waiting arms. Claiming she has nowhere else to go, Arianna convinces Frank to let her stay. Alison accuses Jamal of shutting her out, then tearfully asks if he wants to break off their relationship. Ian helps Eve into the lighthouse, where she assures Kevin she no longer feels she needs to recall what happened during her incarceration by Harris. As Ian and Lucy both shudder inwardly, Eve suggests to her husband that they start their lives anew by publicly reaffirming their marriage vows. Frank shyly asks Karen out on a date. Ben tracks Arianna down just as Ian returns home. Eve apologizes to a guilt-ridden Lucy for "misjudging" her. Later, however, Eve is outraged to learn how Lucy altered her DNA results.

Tuesday, January 16

After Jack phones from the police station, Livvie wonders if there's some way to prove that Chris framed his kid brother. Ian orders Ben to back off when he finds the intruder trying to drag Arianna away. Eve snarls at Lucy, then is startled to learn that Kevin already knew about the altered DNA results. After Garcia orders Lucy to accompany him down to the station house, Kevin tries to calm his outraged wife by reminding her how his old friend saved his life during the fire. Later, Kevin explains to Eve why Lucy thought she was protecting him by changing the test results. Fed up with Ben's threats, Ian gets physical to move Arianna's pompous brother out of his apartment. Livvie grows angry when Chris easily sees through her clumsy attempt to seduce him into making a confession. As Lucy and Jack's paths cross at the precinct house, they exchange sob stories about their unfortunate brushes with the law. Later, Lucy's histrionics land her in jail. Arianna begs Ben not to turn her over to their vindictive family. Disturbed by hazy memories of an intimate moment with Ian, Eve urges Kevin to make love to her.

Wednesday, January 17

After Arianna describes her symptoms, Ian purchases a home pregnancy test for his houseguest. Still confused by her feelings for Ian, Eve tries to push the images out of her mind by getting closer to Kevin. When Lucy phones from jail, hoping Kevin will help bail her out, Eve intercepts the call and shows her rival little sympathy. Devastated by a positive result on the pregnancy test stick, Arianna balks at answering Ian's questions about the father of her unborn child. When Ian presses her again, Arianna tearfully confides that she was raped. Lucy is taken aback to discover that Eve paid her bail. Arianna explains to an appalled Ian how her family blames her for the rape and how they've decreed that she must pay with her life for the dishonor she's brought down upon them. Livvie awkwardly introduces her father to her boyfriend after Kevin walks in on a moment of passion. Later, Kevin warns Jack he'll live to regret it if he ever hurts Livvie. Lucy suggests to an irate Eve that she stop living a lie and return to the man she really loves so that Kevin can move on with his life.

Thursday, January 18

Kevin walked in on Lucy talking to the universe. Lucy admitted that she was probably just saying everything that she would like to say to Eve, but promised that she wouldn't put Kevin in that position.

While Ian is waiting for Arianna to finish with a doctor's appointment, Joe confronts him about their new roommate. Ian explained that the situation was only temporary and that there was nothing going on between them. Joe didn't seem as concerned about those issues as he was about what Eve would think when she found out that the woman that hit her was living with Ian.

Eve went to tell Karen about the bracelet. She decides that the only way for her to remember is to go back to where they were held by Ian. Karen decided to go with her so when Frank showed up at the door for their date with gardenias she canceled suspiciously.

Scott blasted Kevin about the way he is treating Lucy. Scott thinks that it is Kevin's fault that Lucy is in her current condition. He tried to explain that if Kevin doesn't tell Lucy that there is no future for them that she will just keep on hoping. Lucy walked in while Scott was talking about how she just sits and takes it from Kevin. Lucy finished Scott's sentence by claiming what a helpless victim she is.

Kevin told Lucy that Scott was probably right and he had been giving her mixed signals. Lucy responded by saying that she was reading his signals perfectly. She said that she knew that he wanted her and she wanted him. Lucy said that while she was out in the hall and they were feeling sorry for her she realized that she really doesn't need either of them. She told Kevin that if he wants to be with Eve to go for it and said the same for Scott and Laura. Then, she confidently said that she would be fine without them and she was going to make a better life by herself and said goodbye.

Joe pressured Ian about his feelings for Eve. Ian explained that Eve and Kevin were going to renew their wedding vows and that Eve had made it clear that she didn't want to remember the time she was missing. Still, Joe wondered if that is what Ian really wanted. Ian said that his main concern was that Eve was happy so he was going along with whatever she wanted.

Karen and Eve made their way through the entire compound, but the memories weren't flooding back like Eve had hoped. Karen began to wonder if there was anyone in the compound with them when they heard a door move scaring them even more.

Friday, January 19

Ian brought Arianna home from her first checkup and got her started on her pre-natal vitamins right away. Arianna seemed worried and Ian wondered if she was considering an abortion. She told Ian that abortion was not an option especially since she just heard the baby's heartbeat. She was, however, worried about how she was going to support herself and a child. Ian assured her that he would take care of both of them.

Karen and Eve discovered that the ghost in the compound was only a cat. Eve started to remember things about the small space that she was held captive in. After she remembered what the sleeping arrangements had been, both women really wondered if Eve and Ian really had made love. They continued to search for answers and found a letter that Eve had written to Kevin soon after she had been abducted.

Lucy arrived back to her suite ready for major changes. The first order of business was to get the best designer, stylist and real estate agents she could find as soon as possible. While she was waiting she took a good look at pictures of Kevin and Scott and even took off her wedding ring. While getting fitted for a new wardrobe, Lucy was overjoyed with her new "single" outlook on life, but that changed a bit when the real estate agent, Darryl Gordon, showed up. Lucy immediately got rid of the others and offered to go out for a drink with Darryl to go over their business.

Jamal surprised Alison with a ride on his newly refurbished motorcycle. Alison enjoyed herself much more than expected so they celebrated in a barn they found along the way. Here, they both expressed how much they didn't want to be without each other and their previous fight seemed to evaporate.

Ian mentioned that he didn't think that Arianna should stay with him any longer. At first, Arianna thought that he didn't want her there because of the rape, but Ian was more concerned with her safety. Arianna explained that she was sure Ben would go back and lie to their family to keep her safe, but Ian wasn't so sure. Then, Arianna accused Ian of wanting her to leave because if he was living with another woman, it left no chance for him and Eve. Ian stood by his reason of protecting her safety, but Arianna explained that with no money or job there was nowhere else to go. Ian seemed to come up with an idea so he locked all of the doors and said he would be back shortly.

At the Recovery Room, Lucy and Darryl ordered drinks and started to discuss real estate. Lucy said that anyplace would be suitable as long as it wasn't a lighthouse or firehouse. Darryl chose to show her the paperwork on a house that he hadn't shown anybody else yet. Lucy decided that that was the house for her just be looking at the picture. Shocked, Darryl went along with her and decided that their meeting was over. It was obvious that neither of them wanted it to end so Darryl decided to show Lucy a good time and got her up in the middle of the Recovery Room to dance. After the dance, they were both having such a good time that they decided to continue their date somewhere else. As Darryl was getting the car, Lucy decided that it was ok to have fun even if it had only been a short time since she last had a man on her arm.

Ben surprised Arianna at Ian's and told her that she was not going to get away this time.

Eve felt confident that she was in love with Kevin and that's who she should be with so reality it was Kevin standing there.

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