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Monday, February 26

Jamal gives an excited Alison her first lesson in driving a motorcycle. Back at the bike shop, Travis' buddies jump Jack when he tries to prevent them from wrecking the place. Gabriela offers to keep Arianna company while her husband is away. Meanwhile, on the island, Ian anxiously leans over a feverish Eve. Livvie begs Chris to help his injured brother. Gabriela rails at Joe after Arianna lets it slip how he "played dead" to scare Ben into fleeing the country. Chris snaps Jack's separated shoulder back into place just as Jamal and Alison return from their ride and gaze in dismay at the trashed shop. An agitated Gabriela reminds Joe how important he is to her. While Arianna looks on wistfully, Joe and Gaby share a tender kiss. Eve briefly regains consciousness and smiles at Ian but soon slips back into the "other world". After giving a guarded statement to the police, Jack quietly explains to Jamal how Travis meant to send him a pointed message.

Tuesday, February 27

Amused to find Frank cooing to "Nellie" as he works on the ancient computer, Karen presents her friend with a collection of old 45's and a record player to use for inspiration. Lucy comes to the hospital for an appointment with Dr. Newman but gives Kevin the cold shoulder when he inquires about her health. As her fever finally breaks, Eve told Ian about the dream which made her feel so close to him. Frank and Karen share a dance to a nostalgic number from Roberta Flack. A gloomy Kevin told his father why Lucy is so furious with him. Urging Kevin not to give up hope, Victor suggests that his son take some positive steps towards changing his life for the better. Frank feigns enthusiasm when Karen receives a tempting offer from a hospital in Tennessee. Lucy is devastated to learn that the injection Rachel gave her months ago rendered her permanently infertile. Later, Kevin is startled to find Lucy standing on the roof of the hospital, staring down at the sidewalk far below.

Wednesday, February 28

When Livvie appears unexpectedly at Alison's door, Jamal encourages a hesitant Jack to make his pitch. Meanwhile, Estelle's nurse reports to Chris on Livvie's latest movements. Warning Mac and his officers to stay back, Kevin cautiously approaches Lucy as she leans over the edge of the hospital roof. Chris decides to shift his strategy to solidify his position with Livvie. Lucy explains to a startled Kevin that she's been trying to talk down the woman perched precariously on the ledge just below. Grieving for her husband, Sarah told the shrink she just wants to stop the pain but Kevin employs some of Lucy's personal philosophy to convince the woman not to jump. Chris dazzles Livvie by arranging for her to meet her favorite singer, who claims that he and Dr. Ramsay go way back. Lucy scolds Kevin for thinking she would become suicidal just because she wasn't pregnant with his child. Later, Lucy sadly reveals the heartbreaking news she received from Dr. Newman.

Thursday, March 1

As Ian declares his love, Eve reminds him of the wife who waits for him back in the States. Meanwhile, Arianna is disappointed to receive a telegram informing her that her husband's return will be delayed again. Kevin comes upon Lucy gazing sadly through the viewing window of the hospital nursery. Arianna asks Gabriela to help her learn how to be more like a "typical" American woman. Fighting back tears, Lucy told Kevin she knows she must adjust to the fact that her fondest dream will never come true. Gabriela guesses that her new friend is hoping to fashion herself into the kind of woman who will appeal to Ian in every way. Ian explains to an elated Eve how he managed to send his vicious brother-in-law packing. Later, Eve asks Ian to make love to her. Gabriela treats Arianna to a complete make over.

Friday, March 2

As they exchange lingering kisses, Eve removes Ian's wedding ring from his finger and begs him to make love to her. Frank grows frustrated in his efforts to get "Nellie" back in operation. Though Karen advises him to give up, Frank stubbornly insists he won't quit until he fulfills the promise he made her. Lucy sits alone in the park, mournfully trying to relinquish her lifelong dream of having a child of her own. On the island, Ian and Eve finally consummate their long-simmering passion. Afterwards, May a eavesdrops on the happy couple as they speculate that they have always been together through the long passage of time immemorial. Lucy decides to say goodbye to the longings of her inner child and face an uncertain future alone. When she returns home, however, she's amazed to find that Kevin has filled the entire place with dozens of brightly colored balloons and plenty of cotton candy. Thanking her for keeping him going through the rough times, Kevin declares his love to Lucy.

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