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Monday, March 5

Lucy and Kevin spend the night together. Karen phones from Tennessee to check in on Frank and is pleased when he confides that she's been on his mind all evening. Maya secretly slips morca into Ian and Eve's drinks to help them relive their past and to confirm their belief that they have loved one another throughout eternity. In their shared dream, the couple travels back in time and imagine themselves as an artist and his headstrong model in the Paris of the early 1800's. An irate neighbor complains to Lucy about Sigmund biting his dog but Kevin gets the worst of the argument when the man hauls off and punches him in the nose. Later, Lucy receives her divorce papers from Scott and admits to Kevin how much she regrets the way she's messed up her life for so long. Karen and Frank steam up the phone lines during a late night chat. Maya's husband warns her that she gave their guests too strong a dose of morca. Frank is puzzled when "Nellie" suddenly springs to life.

Tuesday, March 6

Arianna received a visit from the INS agent and covered when the woman questioned her as to Ian's whereabouts. Arianna claimed to know where Ian was and assured the agent that she and Ian were happily married and that he would be home soon. Nurse Kim Chris's spy and Estelle's nurse had given Chris an update on Livvie. She had pilfered a letter that Livvie had written. When Chris read it, he smiled and called a friend of his, the dean of the Port Charles medical school. He arranged to bring Livvie to the school and thanked his friend for the favor. Livvie went to the Alison's and Jamal's garage to see if she had left the letter there and she ran into Jack instead. Jack contended that she hadn't just been looking for a letter, she had also been looking for him. Frustrated by his taunts, Livvie slapped him, then pulled him into a long hot kiss. In Paris, Eve and Ian basked in their love for each other. Eve decided to leave her husband to be with Ian, but before she could, her husband walked in. Eve said she would go with him, but told Ian that she would always love him. Her husband declared the duo would never be together and he shot at them. Eve jumped in front of Ian and took the bullet for him. As she died in his arms, Ian vowed never to leave her. In the present time, Eve woke up, but Ian didn't. Maya believed that whatever Ian was experiencing in the past was keeping him there. She told Eve that there was a possibility Ian would never awaken, and Eve yelled trying to wake up Ian, But it was no use. Ian was still unconscious.

Wednesday, March 7

On the island, May a told an anxious Eve that wherever Ian is something powerful is holding him there. Meanwhile, in long-ago Paris, a grieving artist cradles the lifeless body of the woman he loves. Livvie haughtily informs Jack that his kiss meant absolutely nothing to her. Frank attaches a new monitor to "Nellie" in hopes of getting her hard drive humming. Arianna arrives and asks permission to redecorate the Scanlons' basement apartment in order to make the INS believe her story. Jack calls Livvie's bluff after catching her peeking at him through the window of the bike shop. Frank suggests to Arianna that she might want to make a fresh start in a home of her own. Eve tearfully begs Ian to come back, then is elated when her lover finally opens his eyes and smiles at her. Frank gives Arianna the keys to his old loft and invites her to make herself at home. Slyly employing his inside information, Chris scores points with Livvie by submitting her name to the pre-med program at PCU. As his guests prepare to

Thursday, March 8

Amanda comes to the bike shop with a peace offering for her wary granddaughter. Gabriela drops by the loft to deliver a belated wedding gift from the nurses and is surprised to find that an excited Arianna has already decorated the entire place with an eye to pleasing her man. Meanwhile, as they return to Port Charles, Ian reassures Eve that he'll soon have Arianna safely relocated in another town, leaving the way clear for the two of them to be together forever. Amanda invites Alison and Jamal to move into separate rooms in the west wing of her mansion. Irked with her granny's obvious attempt to manipulate her yet again, Alison angrily reminds Amanda that she will not allow anyone to run her life. Gabriela cautions a bristling Arianna to remember that her marriage is on paper only. Eve and Ian hastily invent a cover story when the INS agent again appears at the Scanlons' basement apartment with more questions about the Thornhearts' union. Later, Eve suggests to Ian that they keep his wife in the dark about their time together on the island. Tipped off by Joe, Ian heads to the loft to speak with Arianna and is startled when she greets him wearing a filmy negligee.

Friday, March 9

Tinkering again with the old computer, Frank is surprised to see a melancholy message appear on "Nellie's" monitor. Gabriela chides Joe for not warning her that Ian had the hots for Eve. Meanwhile, at the loft, Arianna explains to her husband why she changed their address during his absence. Eve inadvertently blurts out to Kevin the truth about Ian's marriage of convenience. Revealing how Ian saved her life on the island, Eve assures a wary Kevin that she's truly happy with her new man. Arianna can barely hide her disappointment when Ian pronounces their latest living arrangement the perfect cover for the INS. Joe advises Gaby to stop meddling in the triangle which is beginning to form around Ian and the two women in his life. Frank receives a sultry answer to his e-mail, then is puzzled when Karen told him she never sent or received any messages. Kevin is slashed by the agitated wife of one of his patients. Eve's unscheduled arrival at the loft makes for an awkward moment.

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