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Monday, June 11

Concerned about his missing brother, Chris hires a private detective to locate Jack. Meanwhile, Kevin and Lucy attempt to piece together a puzzle as Jamal struggles to keep Alison's frayed nerves from unraveling completely. Caleb happens upon Livvie deep in the woods, then slips away from the girl without saying a word. Intrigued by his first glimpse of Sam, Chris makes a pass at her but is startled when she explains that she's come to the hospital in search of Jack. Questioned by her suspicious father, Livvie claims that she and her friends caught Jack stealing from the bike shop and forced the young man to leave town in disgrace. Later, Livvie privately told Jamal and Alison about her encounter with a stranger who seemed to recognize her somehow. Sam evades Chris' questions about his kid brother, then flees when he threatens to call the police. Caleb trails Livvie to Lucy's place, where he looks longingly -- and creepily -- through the window, promising that this time everything will work out for him and Livvie.

Tuesday, June 12

Frank cautions Karen to keep mum about their amazing adventure in time. Ian and Eve return to town and head to General Hospital to check on Arianna. Jamal pays a call on Billy and is unpleasantly surprised when the former racer suddenly changes his story and insists he knows nothing about Zach's criminal activities. Victor told an agitated Ian that his wife has already been spirited out of town and into a protective program. Later, Ian receives annulment papers along with a note from Arianna expressing her gratitude to her now ex-husband and the woman he loves. Zach explains to a fuming Jamal how he "persuaded" Billy to clam up. Joe and Gaby make plans to spend the weekend together. Eve has an uneasy reunion with Chris. A jittery Livvie confides to Alison how she can't shake the creepy feeling that she's being watched. After Jamal glumly reports that Zach has outmaneuvered him once again, Livvie secretly arms herself with a switchblade. Chris' private eye fills him in on how Jack began a motocross race near the Canadian border but hasn't been seen since. Jamal suggests to Alison that the time has come to call in the cops.

Wednesday, June 13

by Jill

Eve and Ian continue to celebrate at the recovery room as Lucy and Kevin walked in. Lucy was very relieved to see that Ian was OK, however, She was still convinced that there was trouble in the woods for someone. Ian told her all about Michael, Caleb and the Monastery as Eve talked to Kevin. Eve told Kevin that she was expecting and was thrilled when Kevin told her how happy he was for her, and was glad that things were coming together for her. He went over to congratulate Ian while Lucy was on the phone. They were talking about the baby as Lucy came back to the table and overheard their conversation. She tried to hide her sadness and told Ian and Eve that she would throw a big party for them. Kevin knew that the news of Eve's pregnancy had upset Lucy. He kissed her and tried to cheer her up, but was interrupted by a phone call from Victor. His friend Abe had to be taken to GH after having some kind of an episode while they were fishing near the woods.

Jamal told Alison that he is confident that he is doing the right thing by going to the authorities, no matter what the outcome is. They talk about their life together, and how much better each of their lives have become. Jamal told Alison what he wanted her to do in case he went to jail, and Alison tried to reassure him that things were going to work out. He told her that he would call he as soon as he could, but she insisted on going to the police with him.

Livvie approached Zach and he told her that he was surprised that she was alone. She told him that she was going to make him pay for killing Jack, and pulled out the knife. As she held the knife to his throat he taunted her to kill him, but could not do it. He broke lose from her grasp and told her that he knew she was not a mean person and grabbed her and started kissing her. Screaming and crying she managed to cut his face with the knife and get away. Zach turned around to find her and sees Caleb staring at him instead. When he asked who he was Caleb told him that they has business to take care of. Zach told him that if it was about the diamonds he didn't have them. Caleb told him that he had interest in something more precious than diamonds, and he was about to become Zach's worst nightmare. He questioned the blood on Zach's hands and face. He then told him that it was not nice to mistreat women, a certain women, pushed him up against the wall and grabbed him by the throat.

Livvie ran to safety, fell to the ground and hysterically apologized to Jack for not being able to kill Zach.

Thursday, June 14

Though Alison frets that her boyfriend will take the fall for Jack's death, Jamal reminds her that they owe it to their pal to tell the police the whole truth. Meanwhile, Zach is found lying at the bottom of a ravine with a broken neck. A worried Victor summons Kevin to the ER after an old friend begins acting peculiar during a fishing trip. Caleb follows Livvie into the woods and informs the young woman that he is her future. As Abe becomes violent and has to be restrained, Kevin attempts to discern what's affecting the normally congenial judge. After declaring Zach dead, Chris told Frank that the young man didn't have a drop of blood left in his body. At the precinct house, Jamal prepares to tell his story but stops short when he hears that Zach has met with foul play. Caleb's soft words begin to mesmerize Livvie. An agitated Victor suggests to his son that something unholy is living in the woods on the outskirts of town. Chris demands some answers from Sam, who bitterly claims that Jamal and Alison murdered first Jack and then Zach.

Friday, June 15

Alarmed to see Abe with his hands around Kevin's throat, Lucy whacks the judge with a bedpan. Jamal assures Livvie he knows she had nothing to do with Zach's death, then asks the girl if she saw anyone else as she fled from the bikers' lair. Eve suffers her first bout of morning sickness just as Ian tries to pour out his heart. After sedating his patient and transferring him up to the psych ward, Kevin explains to Lucy his father's theory that something attacked Abe in the woods. Though Chris expresses skepticism about her story, Sam continues to insist that Jamal killed Jack with help from his blonde bimbo and Livvie. Meanwhile, Livvie told Jamal and Alison how Caleb has apparently been following her around for several days. Angered to overhear Chris' conversation with Sam, Kevin accuses the young woman of lying to advance her own private agenda. Caleb returns to the basement of the old monastery and stares at the portrait of his Olivia. After Ian finally manages to blurt out a marriage proposal, the entire Recovery Room bursts into cheers as Eve happily accepts. Despite Kevin's objections, Andy puts out an APB on Jamal and his friends. Livvie encounters an apparition of Jack in the woods.

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