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Monday, June 18

Kevin snarls at Andy for putting out an APB on his daughter and labeling Livvie and her friends "armed and dangerous". Meanwhile, in the woods, Livvie gasps to see Jack suddenly appear before her. Though Michael begs his twin to get professional help, Caleb triumphantly reports that he's found another Olivia to replace the one he lost. Ian presents a delighted Eve with a traditional Irish ring to symbolize their hearts united forever in love. Insisting that Jack can't be dead, Lucy advises Andy to call off his storm troopers but the detective refuses to give up the search for his prime suspects. Michael threatens to turn in his brother if Caleb doesn't stop attacking innocent people. Finally convinced that the apparition is real, Livvie rushes to embrace Jack just as an astonished Alison and Jamal arrive on the scene. Ian and Eve decide to ask Michael to perform their wedding ceremony. As Livvie clings to Jack, an incredulous Jamal reminds her and Alison how they buried their friend and sat by his grave all night. Caleb locks his twin in the basement of the monastery. As Kevin and Lucy approach Livvie and the others, a nervous police officer advances on the group with gun drawn.

Tuesday, June 19

Karen decides to cheer up her kid sister by taking Serena on an adventure to New York City. As she draws Joe's blood, Gabriela encourages her boyfriend to believe that this latest HIV test will come back negative just like all the others. Thinking about how blessed he's been in his life, Joe asks Gaby if she would consider moving with him to Appalachia to provide medical care for the rural poor. Jack assures his worried friends that he isn't hurt after the nervous rookie cop fires off a shot in their direction. Gaby told a pleased Joe she'd be willing to sacrifice her life in Port Charles to be by his side wherever he goes. After the police depart, Lucy and Kevin question Livvie about Jack's abrupt departure and miraculous reappearance. Meanwhile, unable to explain how Jack continues to cheat death, Jamal told Alison he's going to pay a visit to the grave they dug for their "late" friend. Scared about performing in front of a crowd, Gaby grows jittery as the Nurses' Ball nears. Jamal, Alison, Livvie and Jack return to the farmer's field and are amazed to find the grave blown open from the inside.

Wednesday, June 20

by Jill

Eve and Ian returned from signing divorce papers. Ian suggested that they spend a quiet evening at home, but Eve reminded him that they needed to start getting ready for the nurses ball. Eve knew that Ian didn't like attending events like this and told him that they didn't have top go, but Ian insisted telling her that this would be there first public appearance as an engaged couple.

Jamal, Alison and Livvie took Jack back to the bike shop still amazed that he was really alive. Jamal was very disturbed by the whole situation. He knew Jack was dead when they buried him, and now he was standing there without a scratch on him. Jamal questioned Jack about everything that has happened to him but Jack told him that he didn't know how he got out of the coffin and couldn't remember anything. Frustrated by all of Jamal's questioning, Jack went outside to get some air. Caleb appeared lurking around the corner of the shop watching Jack. He whispered to himself that he was surprised that Jack had made it back so fast, but that it didn't matter. He began to approach Jack, but ducked back behind the shop when he saw Chris coming. Jack coldly greeted Chris as they walked back into the shop. Chris told him that he was concerned about him and had tried to find him. Chris made an inappropriate comment about Livvie and Jack grabbed him by the throat, pushed him up against a shelf and held him there. It took Jamal, Livvie and Alison to pull Jack off of Chris. Gasping for air, Chris angrily told Jack that he may be alive, but he was dead to him. After he left the shop Jamal told Jack that he had an iron grip on Chris, and wondered what was up? Again Jack had no answers for Jamal.

Gaby was still trying to get out of performing at the Nurses ball that evening. She told Joe how nervous she was, not only about performing, but also about getting Joe's test results. Joe told her that he had just received word that the board had approved them both, and they would soon be starting a new life together. As Gaby headed out, she ran into Caleb. He said hello to her and, staring hard at him, she asked him if she knew him. He replied that she would soon know him very well.

As Lucy was confirming the night's final details with Don, Kevin came to break the news to her that there had been a water main break at the hotel, and the room that the ball was to be held in was badly flooded. Lucy got hysterical as Kevin told her that almost everything, including her gowns, was underwater. After calling every possible place in town, Lucy was convinced that they would need to cancel the ball. Totally crushed, she went up on the roof to regroup. Kevin tried to remind her that for as long as he could remember some sort of catastrophe always seemed the plague the ball, but that she had always managed to pull it off, making each year's event bigger and better. Lucy disagreed with him and told him that this year it was over, but then she looked over at the landing pad, smiled and told Kevin that she had an idea that could make it happen after all!

Thursday, June 21

As the Nurses Ball continues, Lucy reminds her guests how miracles can happen with enough research and enough compassion. Meanwhile, down in the ER, Karen frantically searches among the many victims of the train and bus collision for her missing sister. During her singing debut, Gaby knocks some eyes out by suddenly going into a strip tease as an astonished Joe tries to put an end to the exhibition and Caleb watches approvingly from the shadows. During the next break in the action, Kevin reluctantly brought Lucy the news about the accident which has filled the hospital's emergency room beyond its limits. Putting on a brave front to hide her own fears, Lucy returns to her emcee duties to introduce the next number. In the midst of the chaos in the ER, Joe receives the lab report containing the results of his latest HIV test and is thrilled to learn that he's still negative. Lucy sheds tears of joy when Scott and Frank bring Serena home safely from the accident scene.

Friday, June 22

As a pale Jack stumbles through an alley, an angry Sam, bent on revenge, greets him with three tough friends of hers and vows to make him pay for what happened to Zach. Insisting he did not kill Zach, Jack warns her to leave him alone. Alison is touched when Jamal remembers their first date a year ago and surprises her with a present. Amazed by Gaby's striptease performance at the ball, Joe escorts her home where he is astounded by her immense desire for him. Arranging for a gurney full of pizzas to be delivered to the ER, Lucy continues with the Nurses' Ball tradition and is embarrassed when her dress is suddenly torn from her, leaving her almost in her underwear. After savagely beating the thugs, a deranged Jack grabs Jamal when he arrives and throws him against a wall, knocking him out. Later, Jamal orders Alison to stay away from Jack. Tired of waiting for Jack at the bike shop, Livvie leaves and unexpectedly runs into Caleb who quickly convinces her to come away with him. After they make love, Joe complains about how rough she was. He's stunned when she announces that she has decided to stay in Port Charles and won't be going to Bounds Corner with him. Lucy shows Kevin the bullet she thinks hit Jack.

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