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Monday, August 27

Anxious to return home and warn the others about "Michael," Lucy and Kevin prepare to depart for Port Charles. Jack and Livvie arrive at the bike shop arm in arm and warmly greet a surprised Alison and Jamal. Alarmed to learn that Michael is no more a priest than he is, Ian rushes off to find his pregnant wife. Meanwhile, at the old monastery, a grinning Caleb corners Eve and reminds the terrified woman that her child belongs to him. Lucy encourages her young cousin to come to America with her but Rafe hesitantly explains that he cannot leave Transylvania. As they say their goodbyes, Rafe presents Lucy with a special crossbow outfitted with a silver stake designed to eliminate the Morley vampires once and for all. As Eve frantically prays for help, Michael momentarily re-emerges and releases his grip, then begs his frightened friend to run. Livvie and Jack's normal appetites begin to return, making them hopeful that their vampire tendencies are fading at last. A shivering Eve watches in horror as Caleb and Michael fall into a violent quarrel. Kevin told Lucy why he believes "Michael" is a separate personality which has acted as Caleb's talisman all along. Ian arrives at the burning monastery and manages to pull Eve to safety but Caleb vows to pursue his unborn child to the ends of the earth.

Tuesday, August 28

Despite hours of research and experimentation in his lab, Chris is stymied in his efforts to find the key which will restore Jack, Gabi and Emilio to their fully human form. As Kevin and Lucy return to Port Charles, Livvie told her father how she was bitten by Caleb and now fears he's coming back for her. While the others brainstorm about the best way to destroy the vampire, Eve volunteers to act as bait to draw Caleb out. Though Ian vehemently objects, Kevin reminds Eve's worried husband that this may be the only chance they have to end their long nightmare. Meanwhile, Chris apologetically informs Jack and Livvie they'll have to quarantined separately until Caleb is vanquished. Lucy explains to an incredulous Ian how she learned that she is a bonafide vampire slayer. Up in the psych ward, Jamal asks Gabi to lure Caleb to the hospital by sending the message that Eve has gone into labor. Kevin privately thanks Lucy for stepping up to the plate to save his daughter.

Wednesday, August 29


After checking around the hospital, Frank concluded that the only people who felt Caleb's spooky wind where the ones involved in the plan to trap him. Fearing that he would go to Livvie first, Jack broke down the door of his room and when to Livvie's room.

Caleb met Gaby on the roof where she had been calling for him. Instead of going along with the plan, she told him all about the trap the others where trying to set for him. He told her that everyone would soon be sorry. He suddenly disappeared when Lucy opened to door to the roof. Lucy asked Gaby why she was alone; that they had all felt Caleb's presence. Gaby replied that she had been calling for him, but he had not come. Knowing that she was lying, Lucy and Kevin questioned her further. Gaby then told her that no plan, or no one could stop Caleb now. Jamal sadly told Gaby that she very well may have killed them all.

Caleb then began to terrorize the hospital. First he appeared in the room where Livvie and Jack where. He arrogantly taunted them and then told them that no one stands in the way of his destiny, and they where all about to have the longest night of their lives. He disappeared again and reappeared behind Chris. Fully engrossed in his research, Chris blew off Caleb's first comments, thinking he was another doctor. He was terrified when he realized who it really was. Caleb asked him why he was trying so hard to reverse all of his work. He told Chris that instead of doing all of that research, he could get his information first hand. He then bared his fangs and bit him.

Caleb continued his evil journey stopping next to see Eve. Ian quickly came at him but Caleb hurled him against the wall. Rushing to his side, Eve asked Caleb what he was going to do. Caleb knelt down beside her and touch and stomach. He then asked Eve why she was wearing a hospital gown. She told him that she thought she was in labor, but it was a false alarm. As Caleb spoke, Eve was able to look him straight in the eye and began calling for Michael. He told her that Michael was gone, and backed away from her, but she continued to call out seeing that Caleb was struggling to stay in control. Once he had the upper hand over Michael, he quickly disappeared. Kevin and Lucy came to warn them, but they told them that Caleb had just left. Eve told them that Michael's presence was still there, and she knew that she could get to it again. Kevin thought that they should all be together, so he sent Jamal to get Jack and Livvie and was having everyone gather in the on-call room. Lucy sensed that something was wrong and told Kevin that she would catch up.

Caleb then cornered Jamal and Alison in the stairwell. He continued his callus taunts and threw Jamal down a flight of stair when he came at him. He then grabbed a terrified Alison and began kissing her. Lucy came through the door of the stairwell and confidently ordered Caleb to let Alison go. He released Alison from his hold and tried to bully Lucy. She didn't back down, which intimidated him, so he quickly disappeared once again. Kevin walked in just as Caleb had left and Lucy triumphantly told him that what had happened, and that it was Caleb's arrogance that drove him, and she was sure that she could defeat him. She then brought her silver bow out from behind her back.

Livvie confessed to Jack that she wasn't sure if she was strong enough to fight Caleb. Jack assured her that their love could overpower Caleb's evil, and to keep thinking about that whenever thoughts of Caleb entered her mind. As they where talking, Chris stumbled into the room. Jack asked him if he was OK, and Chris replied that their friend had just bitten him. At first they thought he was joking, but he took a few steps and collapsed to the floor. Kevin and Lucy walked in as Jack was trying to see if Chris was alive. Kevin asked Livvie to quickly get him help and looked up to find that Livvie had vanished. Caleb had willed her up to the rooftop. Livvie begged Caleb not to harm anyone else, but Caleb told her that just wasn''t possible. He told Livvie that she had betrayed him, and now everyone was going to pay...beginning with her.

Thursday, August 30

Alison finds drops of blood on the desk that Chris was working at and fears the worst. Jamal told everyone that their only hope is Gaby and he is going to make her see the light. While everyone is tending to Chris, out cold on the bed, Kevin and Jack worry about Livvie. Jack tries to figure out where Caleb has taken her, the catacombs or his villa but Lucy told them he is near by and tries to convince Kevin that Caleb does love Livvie and won't harm her. Caleb is mad at Livvie telling her she betrayed him. This upsets him greatly and makes him want to destroy everyone and everything. Livvie told him she was confused and didn't mean to hurt him. Caleb isn't buying it and told her everyone will pay, especially her.

Alison told Jamal she fears for their safety. What if Caleb is with Gaby. Jamal promises to protect her and takes her in to see Gaby. Gaby isn't too happy to see Jamal and told him so. He begs her to help them take down Caleb, but she holds her ground believing that Caleb will come back to get her, that he loves her. Jamal told Gaby he isn't going to waste his time on her if she wants to throw her life away on someone like Caleb. He warns her that he will soon be dead because they know of the talisman and what it is. Everyone is standing around trying to figure out where Caleb and Livvie are when security calls to inform Kevin that the two have been spotted on the roof. As they turn to go the door slams shut and locks. Livvie tries to explain to Caleb that she still does care about him but Caleb says she lied to him the entire time they were together. He gave her everything and all she can say is that she cares for him? Livvie can't explain, she thought she loved him and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Caleb wonders where he went wrong, and tries to make her remember them being together. She begins to remember and then remembers her love for Jack and the pain Caleb inflicted upon Jack. She bargains with Caleb with her life, that she will go with him and be the family he wants if he lets everyone else go. Caleb doesn't want her this way, sacrificing her life for her family; he wants her heart and soul, to love him like he loves her. Jack bursts in and told Caleb Livvie doesn't want him, nobody does.

Nothing is working in the room - not the phone, the call button or the faucet. Kevin is beside himself with worry and Eve calls out to Michael to help them. Someone smells smoke and notices that the bed has burst into flames. Livvie told Jack to leave as Caleb holds Livvie. Jack refuses and told Caleb to let her go but Caleb refuses telling Jack that she is his wife. Jack told him that Livvie chose him over Caleb and is pathetic that he has to hold on to a woman this way, against her will. Their love is strong enough for them to survive. Caleb yells that he is in her blood and that Livvie gave herself willingly and continues to taunt Jack of their honeymoon night. This enrages Livvie and she breaks free of Caleb's hold. This gives Jack the opportunity to go after Caleb. He grabs him telling him to shut up about everything and throws Caleb over the hospital roof. As Livvie and Jack try to leave the door to the roof opens and Caleb enters telling them no one leaves.

Trying to put out the fire, they start screaming for help. Some are beginning to pass out from the smoke. Lucy is mad and starts ranting that they will not die, not like this. She will not give into Caleb and his evil, good should triumph over evil.. She demands that Caleb fight her face to face. She screams, "Open the door" and the door unlocks freeing all inside. Gaby breaks free of her restraints and plots her next move to save Caleb from impending doom. Caleb pushes Jack away telling him he can't be killed. Livvie begs to Caleb not to hurt Jack anymore. She will go with him but Jack refuses to let her go. Caleb yells that Livvie will do what he wants her to do. He should have killed Jack from the start. Jack told Caleb nothing will stop their love. Caleb grabs Jack by the throat and starts choking him. Livvie begs one more time for Jacks life. Eve bursts in yelling, "No-Michael will not let you hurt anyone again.

Friday, August 31

As Caleb is choking Jack, he is being bombarded by Eve begging Michael to come and Livvie telling Caleb that she will go with him. Kevin told Caleb it's all over but Caleb informs him the fun is just beginning. Livvie is begging Caleb to stop killing Jack as Kevin holds her back telling her that Eve must get through to Michael. Eve pleads with Michael to remember when they met. Michael starts to come out. She keeps repeating that she believes in Michael, that his heart is pure. Caleb trying to fight Michael releases Jack and falls to the ground. Michael looks to Eve and told her he would do anything for her. Gaby runs in calling for Caleb. As Eve yells for Michael and Gaby yells for Caleb, Ian runs in to get Gaby out of the way. Lucy shoots the crossbow only to hit Ian.

Karen and Frank tend to Chris informing him that he was bitten by Caleb. When told that his vital signs are normal he seem disappointed that he did not become a vampire. Michael begs Eve to help him. Gaby continues to yell for Caleb. Jamal grabs Gaby and she passes out, due to a shot of some sedative that Alison stole from downstairs. Eve moves in closer to help Michael only to be grabbed by Caleb. He told her that Michael is gone and he tries to claim Livvie and Eve's baby. Livvie bargains with Caleb to take her and let the other go, but Caleb doesn't want her that way. He wants her love, unconditionally. Eve yells for Michael to come back and help, remember the love that is there for him. Caleb is confused and lets Eve go. The voices in his head begin to take over, Michael, Eve, Livvie, Kevin himself are all bombarding his mind. Michael comes out and calls to Eve. Lucy gets ready to take another shot as Michael begs for god to help him. He asks for peace and an ending to his torment. With arms stretched out there is a strike of lightening that hits Caleb and he is taken. As they all look on in amazement, they go to each other and comfort one another only to look back to where Caleb was standing to see a pile of dust blow away in the wind.

They are all thankful that it is over but feel they need closure and decide to give thanks at the chapel. Eve distraught over losing Michael says she need to pray for his lost soul. Karen arrives on the roof to check everyone out. Lucy is disappointed that she wasn't the one to get rid of Caleb. Kevin reassures her that she did a wonderful job and it wouldn't have been done without her. Jack and Livvie say they feel better and with Jamal and Alison agree that since the head vampire is gone then all the semi-vampires will return to normal. Jamal attempts to make amends with Gaby. Livvie apologizes to her father and Lucy for her part in the mess. Kevin thanks Jack for sticking to Livvie and saving her. Livvie can't believe it's over and declares her love to Jack. They start discussing their plans for the future. Frank gets the news that Caleb is dead and releases Chris from his restraints. Chris is disappointed at the news. In the chapel Eve told Ian how upset she is that she couldn't save Michael. Father Vincente arrives with Emilio who is visibly better and gives thanks to all who have helped. Gaby apologizes to Emilio for what she did. The rest of the group, minus Jack and Livvie, arrive at the chapel and Ian asks Father Vincente to lead them in prayer.

Jack and Livvie prepare to leave but Livvie wants a few minutes to collect her thoughts. Jack thinks they should go elsewhere but Livvie asks what is there to be frightened of, Caleb is gone. As Father Vincente finishes his service, everyone in the chapel look to each other and proclaim their love for one another. Lucy apologizes to Ian for shooting him. Eve went into labor. Livvie turns to leave with Jack and is called back by Caleb's voice. He told her their souls are bound together forever. As she listens to Caleb, she opens her hand to find the ring Caleb/Michael has been wearing.

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