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Monday, September 10

Eve awakened from a nightmare thinking that they named the baby Caleb. Ian tries to comfort Eve and assured her that Caleb is gone now and a distance memory. Eve threatened to take Daniel home before Caleb got him away from them. Livvie told Caleb that she would never love him of her own free will. She heard strange music coming from a jewelry box and she opened it unleashing some kind of power. Jack discovered the strength he thought was gone was back. He was frightened that he was a becoming a vampire again. Jack told Alison that he thought he still might be a vampire. He also told her that Livvie was still feeling the effects of Caleb and could not get him out of her head. Ian told Eve that she and Daniel must stay in the hospital a little longer because she needed some rest. A distraught Eve told Ian that Caleb was still out there and that they should take Daniel home and never leave there again. Eve feared that Caleb will take Daniel away. Alison tried to comfort Jack and said that it was just a bad reaction from everything that he had been through but Jack had other thoughts. Livvie could still hear Caleb's voice and slammed the lid shut on the box. Ian tried to reason with Eve about Caleb. He told her that Caleb was gone . Eve told Ian that Caleb was still watching and waiting to take Daniel away. Alison tried to help Jack pick up the spilled clothes from the suitcase. Alison said that Jamal and Jack and Livvie and herself all need to take a trip together but Jack nixed the idea telling her that Livvie can't get Caleb from her head and that they needed this time together. He also told Alison that if Caleb were still alive he'd kill him all over again for what he had done to Livvie. Jack couldn't reach Livvie on her cell phone. As Livvie ran from the cave she ran into a mysterious stranger who told her that there is an evil man in the area that attacks women. She asked him if this guy had fangs. Livvie told herself that she needed to get a grip on reality. Livvie saw a snake but didn't believe it was real. Eve and Ian argued about her leaving the baby while she went back to her room to rest for a while. She reluctantly agreed to go when the nurse assured her no harm would come to Daniel. Jack worried about Livvie and told Alison that Caleb wouldn't quit tormenting Livvie. The snake bit Livvie.

Tuesday, September 11

Due to the horrible tragedies befalling our nation today, all soap operas were pre-empted today. Presumably all network programming will resume tomorrow with no episodes lost.

Soap Opera Central would like to extend our deepest, heart-felt sympathies to any and all persons affected by these horrific events.

Wednesday, September 12

Due to continuing news coverage of yesterday's attacks against The United States, all regular daytime network broadcasts have been put on hold. Therefore, no soaps will be shown today. It is unclear when programming will resume as normal. However, Soap Opera Central will remain on deck and provide complete coverage as soon as we are able.

Again, the thoughts and prayers of all those involved in Soap Opera Central -- our staffers and visitors -- go out to everyone touched by these horrors.

At this time, one may find comfort in the words of Agnes Nixon, a profilic soap opera scribe and creator of All My Children and One Life to Live.

Speaking of the "kinship of humankind under God," Nixon writes:

The great and the least
The weak and the strong
The rich and the poor
In sickness and health
In joy and sorrow
In tragedy and triumph
You are All My Children

Thursday, September 13

Due to continuing news coverage of the attacks against America, regular network programming has been pre-empted.

Friday, September 14

Due to continuing coverage of the attacks against America, all daytime programming has been pre-empted. It is anticipated that regular broadcasts will resume on Monday, September 17th with a rebroadcast of this past Monday's episode. All networks have pledged that there will be no lost episodes. By rebroadcasting Monday's episode, that will allow the shows to be back on the correct day for each broadcast. Stay tuned to Soap Opera Central for complete details.

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