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Monday, September 24

Rafe told Lucy to focus on the light and love and she'd be safe. As Ian was investigating a noise, a cabinet fell on him and he found something which upset him. Kevin and Lucy answered Eve's call for help. Rafe inadvertently walked in on Livvie and Jack. Livvie was terribly rude to Rafe. Jack and Rafe talked downstairs as Livvie thought of Caleb. Kevin helped Ian back to the loft. Ian practically shoved Kevin and Lucy out the door and insisted they'd worked too hard for their family to let anyone take it away. A gloved hand wrote a note saying Ian is not who he says he is.

Tuesday, September 25

Valerie showed up at the bike shop. Eve and Karen talked about what had happened the previous evening. Frank offered to help Ian clean up the garage but Ian declined. Kevin found a note which said that Ian is not a good man and that the writer is worried that Eve may be in danger. Valerie's intentions showed and Jamal was uncomfortable. He told her it was only one night and there was no reason to upset Alison. Eve told Karen that, though she knew it was crazy, she still feared Caleb. Karen reassured Eve. Kevin arrived and offered to help Ian also but Ian declined again. Frank and Kevin wondered why Ian was so tense. Valerie claimed she was not coming on to Jamal who offered to drive her home more to get rid of her. Kevin told Victor about the note and they wondered if Ian could have planned the kidnapping himself. Ian had to go to the hospital and Eve was immediately frightened by strange sounds in the hall. Alison met Rafe. Frank told Kevin he was also concerned about Ian's behavior. Ian arrived at the hospital to be told he hadn't been paged and Eve got locked out - with Danny inside.

Wednesday, September 26

Livvie arrives at Eve and Ian's apartment to find Eve frantically trying to open the door. The baby can be heard crying inside. Livvie offers Eve her cell phone, which Eve uses to call 911. While they are waiting for help to arrive, they watch the baby through the patio door window. Although he has stopped crying, Eve is anxious to get inside. She pleads with Livvie to help her. Livvie covers her hand with her coat, and then breaks the glass. She reaches inside and unlocks the door.

Eve comforts the baby as the firemen arrive. As Eve is explaining the situation to them, Livvie hears Caleb's voice saying Daniel should be their baby. Livvie shakes off the feeling, then told Eve about the nightmares she has been having. She understands Eve's obsession with the thought that something is not right. Eve offers to let Livvie hold the baby. As Livvie cradles him in her arms, she swears she would protect him with her life. Later, as Livvie is leaving the apartment, she once again hears Caleb's music.

Kevin confronts Ian at the hospital saying he wants to talk about the kidnapping. Ian is angry that Kevin wants to bring up something that happened so long ago. Kevin persists and begins asking detailed questions. He wants to know exactly how it all happened. Kevin also wants to know why Ian's garage is locked. Is he hiding something? Ian evades the questions then leaves. Once he is gone, Kevin calls Mac Scorpio. He asks Mac for the police report on Eve and Ian's kidnapping.

At the bike shop, Rafe introduces himself to Alison as Lucy's cousin. Jack arrives and told Alison the rest: Rafe is a vampire slayer from Transylvania. Alison is afraid that Rafe's presence means vampires still roam Port Charles though Jack assures her Rafe is "off duty". They convince Rafe to visit what is left of the monastery. He is concerned at the news that Caleb was actually living in a house of God. Rafe told them they should concentrate on the good in their lives, not look for trouble. Still, he agrees to go to the monastery and check it out. Jack, Rafe, and Alison walk through the darkened ruins of the church. Rafe stands very still then pronounces all evil gone from the place. He can only sense sadness. Jack flashes back to a memory of a fight he had with Caleb in the church basement. He disagrees with Rafe saying he can still feel Caleb's presence. They are about to leave when something falls from the rafters as Alison screams.

Thursday, September 27

Worried about a wedding jinx, Lucy and Kevin swear Victor to silence about their impending nuptials. Eve explains to Ian how she got locked out of the loft and then panicked because she was separated from their baby. A shaken Livvie hears Caleb whispering how he plans to continue wreaking horror on the good people of Port Charles. In the ruins of the monastery, Jack and Rafe struggle to extricate an unconscious Alison. Out of Lucy's earshot, Kevin told his father how he had Mac make him a copy of the police report on Ian's kidnapping. Livvie tries to convince Caleb that she feels nothing for him anymore. Jack employs some superhuman strength to lift the fallen tree off of Alison. After sending Jack for help, Rafe uses his own supernatural powers to instantaneously heal Alison's injuries. Ian admits to Eve how he was once accused of murder after trying to protect a woman from her abusive husband.

Friday, September 28

Gaby feeling a little strange, begins to come on to a priest. Yelling her name she snaps out of it and apologizes while running out of the room. Jack is worried his superhuman powers have returned after freeing Alison. Livvie asks Caleb why she can see him now and not before. He told her that her desire for him is bringing him back. When he is strong enough he will have everything he wants.

Gaby visits Jamal at the bike shop telling him that she is having symptoms of being a vampire again. She wants to know if anyone else is feeling the same way. Chris is euphoric and jumping around the interns room. Karen yells at him to settle down and tell her what is the matter. He claims that his latest experiment is going to improve life. Looking at Karen strangely, Chris begins to come on to Karen as Karen stands back wondering. Alison asks Rafe if he believes that Jack's powers are returning. Rafe isn't sure. Showing concern for Alison, Rafe asks if she is all right. Alison confesses to Rafe that she does not remember getting hurt, but that she does feel wonderful... a sort of calm peaceful feeling. Rafe told her to hold on to that feeling. Livvie tries to convince herself she is dreaming. She went to touch Caleb but can't. Caleb told her he is not physically there yet, but that she 'can' feel him in her mind and heart. As everyone else's love fades he will become stronger and more present. He explains to her that her love for Jack is a fading love. His love will last forever. He told her the next time they meet she will see more of him. Livvie becomes sleepy and went to lie down. Caleb whispering that she will have no memory of their conversation. Jack runs in to find a half naked Livvie asleep on the rocks.

Karen told Chris to back off or she'll let him have it. She tries to get out of him what is wrong but he refuses to tell her. Rafe tries to make alison get checked out but she refuses. Alison asks Rafe about himself. As he told her his story she says to him he is holding back something. He asks her if anyone has held back anything from her, even Jamal. She defends Jamal to the end. That they are in love and there is nothing they don't know about each other. Rafe wonders. Jamal questions Gaby why she thinks she is having symptoms again. She told him that she came on to a priest but left before she went too far. She asks Jamal if he has any clue as to why this is happening. Jamal told her that Kevin thinks it is some sort of psychological flash back. Gaby begs Jamal not to tell anyone what happened especially Alison since she already doesn't like her. Jack wakes Livvie who falls into his arms begging him not to leave her. He asks her where her clothes are but she has no answer. Then he questions her on why she is there in the catacombs but she can't remember why she went there. Looking into his eyes she begs him to love her always. He promises but she still has her doubts.

Jamal asks Gaby to stop putting down Alison. Gaby who seems a little more angry now, tries to tell Jamal that Alison is nothing more than a spoiled little rich "white" girl. Alison is not one of them. Jamal told Gaby to stop, but Gaby asks Jamal if Alison knows everything about him, including the fact that he slept with Valerie. Just as she says this Alison walks in and asks what is going on. Livvie told Jack she has no clue how she got into the catacombs. He asks her if she is sure. All she remembers is leaving Eve's place to go home and the next thing she knew, she was waking up in the cave. She can't figure out what it is, but that she feels as if she is in some sort of dream state but that nothing makes sense to her. Jack told her that everything is beginning to make sense and he doesn't like it. Caleb is in the corner, making the strike mark in the air. One for him.

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