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Monday, October 1

Alison took the news about Jamal and Valerie too well. She wondered when Jamal planned to tell her and was hurt but understanding when he said he wasn't until she caught him in another lie. Eve told Ian she understood and accepted his past as Kevin dug deeper into it. Gaby confided in Frank who told her Joe had met someone else. Lucy overheard Kevin investigating Ian and demanded an explanation. Kevin suspected a pattern in Ian's behavior. Frank offered to help Gaby who realized how much like Joe he really was. Alison was convinced that Valerie wants Jamal back. She said she trusted Jamal but not Valerie and left ostensibly for a walk. Lucy asked Kevin to let his suspicions about Ian go but Kevin pictured what might have happened during the kidnapping. Alison visited Valerie and returned her gift and warned her to back off Jamal. Kevin got a phone call from a mysterious woman as Ian tore up her picture.

Tuesday, October 2

Frank and Karen discussed Chris and Gaby. Kevin tried to find out who had called him and Lucy was unable to distract him. Livvie brought Jack snacks and avoided talking about how he had found her. A street light exploded injuring Gaby. Jack insisted Livvie remember what happened but she got angry and denied she had ever been in love with Caleb. Lucy succeeded in distracting Kevin. Gaby was nearly hysterical in ER as Karen cared for her. Chris hovered close by, snuck some blood and ordered tests Karen did not ask for. Gaby declined a ride home from Frank and asked him not to visit for a while. Lucy was awakened and uneasy when she heard Kevin call out "Eve." Livvie slept as Caleb's voice promised that the "seeds of doubt" he had planted would bring about the end of every happy couple in Port Charles.

Wednesday, October 3

Eve and Ian are spending a relaxing day in the park with their baby. The conversation turns to a dream Eve had the night before of their kidnapping. Ian asks if she has been talking to Kevin, but Eve says no. When she asks Ian to explain his question, he changes the subject. Eve continues talking about the kidnapping. She brought up the point that if not for the kidnapping, they might not have gotten together. They wouldn't have had Daniel.

Eve believes the kidnapping changed their lives for the better. She and Ian have a light-hearted discussion over what to tell Danny about how they got together. Eve calls their meeting a miracle. She feels someone stepped in and changed their fate.

Lucy wakes Kevin by slamming their bedroom door. She asks if he had any interesting dreams the night before. He answers no, confused. She demands to know why, after a night of incredible lovemaking, he called out his ex-wife's name in his sleep. Kevin explains that Eve has been on his mind. Lucy thoughts parallel Eve's. She told Kevin that if not for the kidnapping, he and Eve would still be together. She asks if he's sorry he lost Eve because maybe he and Eve could have had a baby.

Kevin assures Lucy he is not pining for Eve. Despite Kevin's reassurance, Lucy's mind drifts to thoughts of all the strange things happening in Port Charles. She thinks that maybe all the incidents are somehow connected. Lucy leaves and went to the park. Rafe is there. He says he came to help her.

Livvie and Jack are at his apartment. Jack is excited, telling Livvie all the plans he has made for the two of them, but Livvie says she has other plans. She wants to visit her mother. Jack is concerned, he wants to go with her, but Livvie says no. She says Jack is smothering her with his plans for twenty-four hours of togetherness. She feels he is watching her, waiting for her to go crazy.

Jack says he is afraid that visiting her mother will bring Livvie memories of the way Caleb tricked her into thinking her mother was well. He told her the last thing he wants to do is suffocate her and agrees to back off. They make plans to meet later in the day, then Livvie leaves. Jack is sitting alone on his bed as the ceiling fan begins to spin.

Outside in the alley, Livvie hears Caleb's music. She sees an image of him leaning against the building wall. He told her to follow the sound of his voice.

Kevin gets into his car. A voice told him not to turn around. It is the woman who called the night before-it's the woman who wrote the mysterious note. She told him she is afraid for Eve and that Kevin must stop Ian from hurting her.

Thursday, October 4

Lucy asks Rafe the real reason he came to Port Charles. Ian and Eve are arguing over Eve's attempt to do some housework. Ian wants her to relax and Eve wants him to stop treating her like she can't take care of the baby. Kevin drives the mysterious woman to the woods and asks her who she is. She explains to Kevin that she was once involved with Ian and that Ian is responsible for the death of her husband and for leaving her for dead.

Chris believes he has discovered what makes a vampire tick and decides to experiment on himself. The mysterious woman, named Anna Marie, told Kevin how she, her husband and Ian were in Africa at the same time. Ian was in love with her and arranged for them to be kidnapped. In an apparent escape Ian killed her husband and as Anna Marie ran from Ian, he pushed her infront of a moving car and left her for dead. Ian is furious with Eve, telling her she is getting too upset. Eve told him to back off and leave her alone. Ian tries to calm her down. This enrages Eve and she flies off the handle throwing everything she can get her hands on. Rafe asks Lucy what is it that she feels is wrong. She told Rafe of everyone's problems and doubts. He told her she may be on to something, but doesn't tell her exactly what; that everything happening is not just a coincidence.

Rafe told Lucy to leave the dark side alone, When the time is right he will tell her what they need to do to rid Port Charles of the evil that lurks about. Kevin has doubts to the woman's story and asks her why she is coming forth now after so long. She told Kevin that she has been watching Ian for years and now that he has a baby she fears for the baby's life. Kevin told her he can't believe Ian would hurt his own son. She responds by telling Kevin that Ian killed her child too, when he killed her husband and left her for dead. She then runs out of the car. Ian told Eve to get a grip. Chris ready's himself for the injection of vampire serum. Karen walks in.

Eve told Ian she has no idea why she is acting the way she is. They had a lovely day and when they got back to the apartment everything fell apart. Ian told her it's ok and they kiss and make up, but Eve still wonders what is going on. Chris told Karen that it's not what she thinks. Karen grabs Chris's notes and realizes he is working on the vampire serum.. She threatens to go to Alan Quartermaine with all the evidence. She grabs the syringe and they fight over it accidentally stabbing Karen in the shoulder with the serum. Lucy asks Rafe what he is afraid of but he won't tell her. Upset that Rafe doesn't trust her, Lucy leaves. Rafe begins to run after her but has a flash of things to come. He sees Lucy being killed by Caleb. Anna Marie calls out in the catacombs. Caleb answers and told her she did a good job. Her next assignment will be better and more fun. She is transformed into Livvie.

Friday, October 5

Eve talks to Daniel as he cries. She told him that they need rest. As she tries to calm him down, she decides to take him for a drive to get both her and the baby out of the house before it drives them crazy.

Kevin looks at a picture of Ian's ex, Ann Marie, and remembers how she told him that Ian killed her baby. He calls Eve and starts to leave a message on her answering machine, but says that when she gets the message to forget he called...

Chris tries to wake Karen up, but finds that she has no pulse, even though she is breathing fine.

As Livvie sleeps in the catacombs, Caleb marvels at how Livvie tricked her father into thinking she was Ann Marie. He told her that no one will ever suspect her. When Livvie wakes up, she calls for Caleb and told him that she had a nightmare, but she can't remember what it was about. He told her to go back asleep and dream about something wonderful. She dreams about the first time they made love, as he says that it is only the beginning...

Kevin breaks into Ian and Eve's apartment and looks around for something to back up Ann Marie's story.

Chris injects Karen with some adrenaline, and she wakes up immediately. She remembers about their struggle and asks what he shot her with. He told her that it was a struggle and she stuck herself. When she finds out that it was Gaby's old vampire blood, and that he THINKS he screened out all the bad parts, she slaps him.

Jack calls the hospital that Rachel is at. He asks the nurse at the desk if her daughter Livvie is there. She told him that Rachel hasn't had any visitors all day. Alison then shows up and asks him what's wrong, and he told her that Livvie lied to him.

As Livvie wakes up, Caleb asks if her dreams were better. She says they were, but she has to go because Jack will worry. Caleb says that Jack doesn't trust her because a temporary being's love is just that - temporary. She says that it's because of what he's doing to everyone. He says that as everyone gets weaker, he gets stronger, and they'll never find out it's him because everyone is so busy mistrusting each other.

Jack told Alison about the day that Livvie was naked in the catacombs, but didn't know how she got there. Alison says that it sounds that something is wrong with her. Jack say that it fells like Caleb all over again, and he went out to find her.

Caleb told Livvie that what they are doing is the only way that he could get his powers back. She says that it feels wrong hurting everyone, and Caleb says that guilt is the most annoying of human emotions. He says that she shouldn't feel guilty since when she leaves, she doesn't remember anything. Livvie asks Caleb when she can remember. He says that soon she will have him and the baby that they deserve. She leaves.

At Ian and Eve's, Kevin finds a photo of Ann Marie that says: "Dear Ian, you didn't have to kidnap me to make me fall in love with you." Kevin wonders if Ann Marie was telling the truth.

Karen asks Chris what's going to happen to her. Chris asks her to help him with his research. She says that she is going to turn him in. When he tries to stop her, she throws him across the room.

Eve comes home and asks Kevin what he is doing in her house.

Livvie comes home to find Jack waiting for her. As he asks her where she was, Caleb laughs at how his plan is working...

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