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Monday, November 19

Ian walked in on Eve and Kevin kissing. Ian and Kevin exchanged words. Jack and Rafe talked about Livvie. Jack suspected that Caleb put up Livvie to drugging his drink but Jack was unsure if Caleb could rule from the grave. Lucy saw Caleb with Livvie. Livvie said that Caleb wasn't with her as Caleb mysteriously disappeared. Eve told Kevin that no harm had been done. Kevin was angry at Ian for sleeping with Lucy but didn't tell Eve. Eve thanked Ian for not getting angry at Kevin who was drunk. Eve told Ian that the kiss meant nothing. Jack told Rafe that Livvie was hearing Caleb's music box in her head and seeing his ring everywhere even after Caleb was supposedly dead. Jack also told Rafe that he once found Livvie half dressed asleep in the catacombs. Jack and Rafe decided to go to the catacombs to check things out. Meanwhile Livvie maintained to Lucy that Caleb wasn't there and that he is dead. Lucy has finally put things together that Caleb is the one turning everyone against each other. Ian tried to tell Eve that he slept with Lucy but couldn't when she said that neither of them would ever be unfaithful. Ian couldn't tell her the truth them. Lucy arrived at Kevin's. Lucy tried to tell Kevin the truth about Caleb but Kevin was angry. Livvie meanwhile found the pictures of Lucy and Ian making love. Lucy showed Kevin the picture she tried to take of Christina but that picture only shows a shadow and she was convinced that it was Caleb. Livvie told Kevin that Lucy was over reacting and that she didn't see Caleb at all. Kevin was really mad at Lucy for talking about Caleb in front of Livvie. Rafe lets it slip that he is dead but Jack didn't pick up on his words. Jack found the music box and opened it up and the music started playing and then a bolt of light came out and he passed out. Rafe closed the music box really fast. Caleb had a vision of the people in in Port Charles who meant him harm and he then summoned a higher power with all the strength that he had as someone comes back. Lucy left knowing that Kevin was angry with her. Kevin decided that no one else needed to see those pictures of Lucy and Ian making love so he threw them in the fire but secretly Livvie had kept one picture to show to someone.

Tuesday, November 20

As Chris tried to duplicate his notes on the serum, Karen came in. She wanted to tell Frank the truth but Chris said not to. Alison was delivering muffins to the hospital staff when Rafe brought Jack in. James and Caleb talked, James gave him the music box and told Caleb that Livvie may be the source of his problem. Livvie appeared demanding to know who James was. James said Livvie was humanizing Caleb not the other way around. Chris told Karen he was recreating his research to free her but she had been rundown and wondered if she was returning to normal anyway. There was nothing physically wrong with Jack and Alison and Rafe try to wake him up. Karen's blood work is back to normal. Rafe found his Boss posing as a janitor and was praised. Livvie gave Caleb the picture but James still was worried and pointed out that Livvie didn't want to feed. He told them that the alternative Caleb sought would weaken the bloodline. Gaby arranged for Frank to visit Karen at rehab. James gave Caleb the "Morley cape" to help bring him back with just a night's rest. Caleb slept with James watching over him.

Wednesday, November 21

Outside of the Recovery Room, Valerie runs into Livvie causing Livvie to drop a stack of papers she is holding. As Valerie helps Livvie pick them up, Livvie explains they are papers from the bike shop. Livvie leaves, and Valerie spies an errant paper on the ground. She picks it up and begins to read. It is the DNA results stating that Jamal is Hope's father. Valerie is shocked and surprised. Livvie watches, pleased that the plan is all coming together.

Jamal comes in and Valerie pounces on him asking how long he's known about Hope's paternity. He explains to her about Alison's suspicions, and how she was the one to order the tests. He confesses to visiting Hope, then explains that he thinks it is best if he and Valerie back off. They shouldn't interfere with Hope's life with her adoptive parents. Valerie tries to convince Jamal otherwise, but in the end he agrees only to ask them for pictures. Valerie asks one more thing. She doesn't want Alison involved in the situation.

At the hospital Ian told Lucy that he and Eve are making progress. Lucy is happy for him. She wishes Ian the best and told him to go home to his wife. Once Lucy is alone, she pulls a deck of tarot cards from her purse. The card she draws is the Grim Reaper. Lucy went to the catacombs in search of Caleb. Inside the cave, she calls for him challenging him to appear. Instead, James is there. He applauds Lucy's bravado, then asks her, "What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost!"

Eve finds the photo of Ian and Lucy together in bed just as she is on the phone with Ian. Eve drops the phone, unable to speak. There is a knock at the door. Kevin is there to pick up Danny. Immediately, he knows something is wrong. Eve tries to deny it, but Kevin sees the picture in her clenched hand. A tearful Eve breaks down and cries on Kevin's shoulder while asking, "How could they?" Kevin admits that he was the one who hired the private investigator to follow Ian. He never expected the results shown in the pictures though. Eve's heartbreak turns to anger as she remembers how Ian has hurt her over and over again. She vows he won't get away with it this time.

Eve rushes to the hospital going straight to the drug cabinet. She finds a bottle of Sodium Pentothal. Truth serum. As Eve leaves the room, she runs into Ian. When he asks why she is there, Eve told him she came to pick him up for dinner. Ian is pleased thinking how well things are going between them. Eve told him he is in for an amazing evening.

Alison finds Jack in the woods. He is shaky and barely coherent, but manages to get out the word Catacombs. After a while, he is able to say more. He told Alison he found something terrible in the catacombs. A box. Inside was evil darker than anyone could imagine. He told her it was like looking the devil straight in the eyes.

At the lighthouse, Kevin puts Danny down to sleep, then sits in a chair watching, and thinking of Lucy. Eventually he falls asleep. Suddenly, there is the sound of wind outside the window. Kevin checks it out, but sees nothing. There is not a cloud in the sky. Going back to check on the baby, Kevin notices a Tarot card on the floor. It is the Stranger card.

Thursday, November 22

Ian prepares a beautiful evening for him and Eve, dinner, quiet music and just the two of them talking and Eve plots to get at the truth. Hiding in her purse she has a bottle of sodium pentathol and a syringe. She hopes to inject Ian and get at the truth behind his background and his "affair" with Lucy.

Kevin questions Raffe as to the truth about Caleb being back. Livvie, upset that Kevin is mentioning Caleb's name, begs Kevin not to bring it up anymore. She is trying to forget him and is tired of everyone blaming him for their misery. Kevin out of the room, Raffe congratulates Livvie on her performance and Livvie promises that Caleb and she will triumph over all.

Jack searches through his books to find the answer to Livvies behavior and the possibility of Caleb being back. Just as he is about to give up he remember how much he loves Livvie and vows to help her. Sitting reading he hears the mysterious music of Caleb and knows that he is back.

Lucy faces off with Caleb in the catacombs. She pulls out her trusty crossbow and takes aim only to have James take it away from her and throw it away. As she runs through the woods Caleb is hot on her trail. Caleb told her to prepare to meet her end.

Friday, November 23

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, Port Charles was not shown today. This preemption was expected and there will not be any lost or missed episodes. Programming will resume Monday where Thursday's show ended.

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