All My Children Recaps: The week of September 9, 2002 on AMC

Adam threatened to fight Liza for custody of Colby. Edmund tried to cope with Maria's memory loss. Anna forced David to sign divorce papers. David discovered that Anna was pregnant. Frank asked Simone out on a date. Petey blackmailed Kendall after she and JR shared a kiss.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 9, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, September 9, 2002

Kendall is surprised to find Chris Stamp at her door. Chris tells Kendall that he has discovered that someone set the fire at Erica's Place to cover up the theft of Chris' Proteus files.

At the Pine Valley Hospital, Trey demands to know why no one appears concerned that Vanessa has apparently escaped. But Joe informs Trey that Chris has ordered Vanessa held as a material witness and

Chris later informs Trey that Vanessa is being held under Federal warrant.

In the careening limousine, Greenlee finally discovers that her captor is a grinning Leo - who announces they are taking some time out for a little hanky panky.

Back at the Hospital, Maria tells Brooke that she believes that Brooke saved Maddie's life the night of the plane crash, and that Maria will owe Brooke forever for that one act alone. Edmund adds his thanks to Brooke.

Elsewhere in the Hospital, Anna reassures Tad that no one outruns justice forever, not even Dr. David Hayward. Tad and Jake suggest to Anna that perhaps Maria's disappearance had something to do with another experimental drug David wants to keep under wraps.

David regains consciousness in Aidan's room. Aidan has a sledge hammer and tells David that his expertise is in obtaining confessions from terrorists. David tries to convince Aidan that Aidan is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and that David can get him help - but Aidan reassures the terrified Doc that Aidan is perfectly fine and is merely there to punish David for his many sins by crushing David's surgeon's hands beyond repair. However, when Aidan swings the sledge hammer, he misses David's hand.

Back at the Hospital, when Maggie learns that David has been arrested, she tells Anna that David is the only person in her life who has ever taken an interest in her. Anna informs Maggie that, regretfully, David will probably end up in jail.

Brooke has a tense meeting with Isabella and Mateo in the hallway outside Maria's room. Isabella and Mateo finally have a tearful reunion with Maria - and are saddened that Maria remembers neither of them. Isabella and Mateo reassure Maria that they love her and she will remember them in time.

Trey calls Leo to tell Leo that Vanessa is still missing but Chris Stamp has something to do with her disappearance.

As Leo and Greenlee pull the limousine over for some hanky panky, they are arrested by a local constable.

At Trey's Loft, as Chris explains to Kendall that someone set her up to take the fall for the fire, Trey returns home and overhears. Trey hurries up to the loft and urges Kendall NOT to cooperate with Stamp - who has already ruined her life.

Aidan releases David but Aidan reminds David how easy it was for Aidan to capture David in order to extract Aidan's own brand of justice and Aidan sternly warns David to get out of Pine Valley. David returns to his Suite and hastily packs. Maggie catches David just before he leaves and tells her cousin that she appreciates the interest he has taken in her. David tells Maggie that he will NOT be returning to Pine Valley. Anna catches a glimpse of David as he leaves with his bags.

After Isabella and Mateo leave Maria's hospital room, Jake asks Edmund to leave also so that Maria can speak to Aidan. Isabella asks WHY Maria's husband would be asked to leave so that her daughter could be alone with a perfect stranger like Aidan. Isabella asks WHAT Aidan is up to with Maria.

After Chris leaves Trey's Loft, Trey begins to give Kendall all sorts of reasons WHY Kendall should NOT cooperate with Chris. But Kendall begins to suspect that it was TREY who set her up to be blamed for the fire at Erica's Place.

As Maria sleeps in her hospital room, she remembers Edmund promising to love her forever. Edmund looks in at the sleeping Maria and promises: 'I love you and we WILL know love again!'

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Leo and Greenlee were sitting on the couch in the sitting room of Mr. and Mrs. Tuttle. Lureen Tuttle just informed them that they were making out in front of their church, and she threatened them with jail time. Leo offered to work something out, but Earl Tuttle entered the room and told them that all they have to work out is their jail sentence. He informed them that they violated two city ordinances, and were spotted by four women waiting for a bus to Atlantic City. Leo tried to reason with him, but he told them that they have to wait for Sheriff Pike to give the all-clear that the jail cell is fumigated. Greenlee finally lost it and said that she has no intention of spending time in some bug-bombed jail cell. She started to walk out of the room, but was stopped when Earl said he'll throw her in their, fumes or not. Leo tried to calm her down as he went to speak to Earl privately. He told him about Greenlee's father dying, and his mother trying to kill her. Earl didn't seem to buy his story, and Leo pulled out some money, offering to work something out. Earl asked him if he was bribing an officer of the court, and said that he's in a whole lot more trouble. Leo laughed and said that he was just offering the money as services rendered. When Earl asked, "What for," Leo told him that, because he's also Justice of the Peace, he wanted him to marry himself and Greenlee. Leo asked Greenlee to play along, and then proposed to her. When she accepted, Leo asked Earl if $50 would be enough for the wedding, and then could he let them go, because he didn't want his knew wife locked up in a jail cell. Earl appeared ready to accept the deal, until Leo made reference to "renew my vows." Earl replied, "Renew?" He looked at Greenlee's ring and asked, "Isn't anyone gonna tell me the truth?" Leo and Greenlee tried to mutter out an explanation, but Earl told them to zip it and asked, "Do you want to renew your vows, or not?" When they said yes, Earl said, "Let's get to it." The Tuttles conducted the service, and Leo and Greenlee renewed their vows. After the service, Mr. Tuttle left the room, and Mrs. Tuttle presented them with a gift that they give to all new couples. She told them to go ahead and slip away, and she'll try to talk Earl down. Leo and Greenlee left their house, as Lureen smiled after them.

Kendall was awakened by a buzzing door. When she answered it, she discovered J.R. holding a bouquet of flowers. She took the flowers and invited him in. They both appeared nervous, as J.R. finally admitted that he can't stop thinking about her. Since she was only wearing a robe and a nightgown, she told him she had to go get dressed. After she left, J.R. said to himself, "Lame, J.R., totally lame." When Kendall returned, he apologized for being an idiot and barging in. She told him that she invited him in, and they can't just forget that last night happened. He said that there's nothing wrong with them hanging out, like friends, and she agreed. J.R. noticed Trey's shoes at the end of the couch, and said to Kendall, "I don't believe it. You have a boyfriend already." She explained to him who Trey is, and he apologized for jumping to conclusions. The topic turned to Ryan, and Kendall admitted that she misses him everyday. J.R. said that Ryan had a way of dealing with him and making him feel good, and she has that same way about her. He said he never felt that connected before, but she reminded him that that doesn't mean it's going anywhere. She reminded him that what happened between them can never happen again. She told him that he'll make some girl happy someday, but he told her that he didn't want any girl, he wanted her. She said that she'll mess up his life, but he said it's already messed up. She thanked him again, but repeated, "We can only be friends. Do you understand?" He replied, "Do I have to?" She told him, again, "Friends, J.R." He said he got it, as he walked to the door. When she moved to kiss him goodbye on the cheek, J.R. pulled her over to his mouth and they began kissing more deeply.

Bianca began knocking on Maggie's door, and was surprised when she opened it and had tears in her eyes. Maggie informed Bianca that she's leaving town, today. Bianca was stunned, and Maggie filled her on what David's done. Bianca told her that that was no reason to leave home, but Maggie said it wasn't "home." She said that Leo's not around, and Anna doesn't need her around, either. Bianca responded, "You have me." Maggie said that she'll send her a postcard. Bianca didn't like her attitude, and told her that they're friends. Maggie said that she is her best friend, and Bianca reminded her of all the things they've done together. Maggie seemed to relent, as Bianca told her that she'll be her family. Maggie told Bianca that she's been blubbering all morning, and she left to wash her face. Bianca went over to her cell phone and called Tim, leaving a message for him to come to the Valley Inn. Maggie heard the call and asked Bianca, "Don't you get it? I don't need Tim. I don't need anyone!" Bianca asked her why she keeps pushing him away, and she told Bianca that Tim is not what she needs right now. She doesn't have any feelings for him. Bianca apologized and said that she won't mention Tim again. Maggie filled her in that she was raised to go through problems by herself, and that was her plan until Bianca showed up. She confessed that she feels safest when she's with her. Bianca asked her if she was going to stay, and Maggie said yes. Bianca told her that she loves her, but added, "as a friend." Maggie said that she's not worried about that, and then added, "But, are you?" Bianca said she was only worried about her walking out the door. Maggie asked her to help her unpack, and Bianca replied, "Nachos, when we're done?"

Edmund sat down, exhausted, on the couch in his living room. He looked up and saw Brooke standing in the entry way. She told him that she had expected to be gone before he returned, and she turned to leave. Edmund stopped her and asked if that's all she had to say. She said she's still trying to understand what happened. As she opened the door to leave, a pack of reporters were outside, shouting questions and snapping pictures. Edmund pulled her back inside as Tad arrived. He pushed his way past the reporters, and entered the house. He offered Brooke a ride home, but she replied that she has to leave, and she pushed herself out the door and past the reporters. Tad turned to Edmund and asked, "Is this how it's going to be?" He followed Edmund into the living room and asked him how he could let Brooke go through that. Edmund reminded Tad what Brooke had done, and told him to quit defending her. Tad responded that someone has to. He asked Edmund how many times he's made mistakes, and asked to be forgiven. Edmund said that this can't be forgiven. He walked to the door to show Tad out, but Tad persisted. He asked Edmund about kidnapping Erica and practically killed Dimitri, and how they forgave him. He asked him "Doesn't Brooke deserve the same consideration?"

Brooke entered her room, pulled out a bag, and started packing. Jamie entered her room, saw her bag, and asked "If you're going away, what happens to me?" He asked her if she was just going to take off without telling him. She told him that she was going to ask him to stay with Tad, while she went away to sort things out. He asked her if she was coming back, because J.R.'s mom left and didn't come back. He told her that he heard her confess to Tad that she doesn't deserve to live. She assured him that she would never hurt herself. Jamie told her that she's the best mom ever. They hugged as Brooke told him she loved him.

Edmund told Tad that what he does with Brooke is none of his business. Tad said that he isn't going to let Brooke go through this alone. They were interrupted by Tad's phone ringing. When he answered, it was Brooke. She told him that she's leaving, and she wants him to take care of Jamie. She wouldn't tell Tad where she's going to, and Tad didn't pressure her. He told her that he would pick Jamie up, as they said good-bye. When he hung up, Edmund asked, "Brooke's going away?" Tad responded, "Don't tell me your surprised."

Brooke asked Jamie if he's okay with this, and he asked her to promise that she'll come back. She said that she loves him, and that's not going to change. They hugged again, as she said, "We'll be okay." Afterwards, Jamie ran out of her room. Brooke asked herself, "Jamie, what have I done to you?"

After Tad left, Edmund walked alone through his house, and picked up a picture Maddie had drawn of their family. Distraught, Edmund folded it in two and carried it to the stairs where he sat.

Brooke zipped her bag, put her purse over her shoulder, and left her room.

Leo and Greenlee pulled up to an intersection, and he asked her if she meant what she said earlier about wanting to go on a road trip. She said more then anything. He pointed to a sign that said, "Pine Valley, 45 miles", and asked, "Do you want to not go home?" She said, "More then anything." Leo took off as he said, "New York, here we come."

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Due to the remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001, all daytime dramas were preempted today. Programming will resume on Thursday, September 12th where Tuesday's shows concluded.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Kendall and JR are tempted to kiss again when Opal knocks on the apartment door. She is there to drop off Petey. Kendall quickly hides JR in the bedroom before answering the door. She manages to keep Opal from finding out she has a visitor, but Petey is more observant. As soon as his mother leaves, Petey asks, "Gee Nanny Kendall, do you babysit everyone in my family now?" Kendall explains to Petey that JR is not there to be babysat, he is there to....she searches her mind for an acceptable answer...lay floor tile. Kendall gets that idea from seeing a design book on the coffee table. Petey is smarter than Kendall gives him credit for. His next question is, then how did your lipstick get all smeared?

Palmer comes to Kendall's apartment to pick up his son. When Palmer arrives, Petey can't wait to tell his father what he learned that day. As Kendall braces for the worst, Petey changes his mind and tells Palmer that Kendall is teaching him French. When Palmer says something to her in French, all Kendall knows how to say is Oui. Petey tells Palmer that Kendall taught him to say fifty dollars. Kendall knows this is how much Petey expects to be paid for his silence about her and JR.

Maria is anxious to leave the hospital. She is tired of being fussed over by so many strangers and needs some time alone. Outside in the hallway, Edmund asks Aidan exactly what his relationship is with Maria. What Edmund really wants to know is if Aidan and Maria are sleeping together. Aidan tries to explain their friendship, but Edmund doesn't get it. He asks Aidan to back off and let him have some time alone with his wife. Jake arrives with Maria's x-rays and test results. He hands the brain scans to Maria, but she has no idea what they mean. She tells him she doesn't understand medical jargon. Jake tells her that physically she seems fine, but he suggests she sees a Neurologist. Maria is tired of being poked and prodded. She tells Edmund she is going for a walk. When Edmund hesitates, Maria accuses him of not trusting her. As Maria finally takes her walk alone, she meets Opal. Opal is thrilled to pieces to see Maria. She hugs her and tells a stunned Maria that she used to be one of the best doctors in the hospital.

At the Chandler mansion, Mia tells Liza that Adam is bringing Colby home today. Liza is immediately suspicious wondering when Mia was speaking with Adam. JR comes in the door anxious to see his father and little sister. Liza is angry and hurt that everyone knows about the homecoming but her. They are all arguing loudly when Adam comes in. He begins to laugh seeing that his family is just the same as ever.

A patient is brought into the emergency room at the Pine Valley hospital. She calls out for someone to get Dr. Hayward. Joe Martin tries to explain to the woman that she will be getting a new doctor, but the woman cries out that she only wants Dr. Hayward to treat her. Overhearing this, Maggie quickly calls David and asks him to rush to the hospital. When David arrives, Joe won't let him see the patient. He asks a guard to escort David from the grounds. Before leaving, the guard allows David a few minutes with Maggie. Depressed, David tells Maggie that it is up to her to carry on the family legacy of becoming a doctor. She is the end of the line for the family. He'll never be passing on his genes. Maggie desperately wants to tell David about Anna's pregnancy. Instead, she tells David to remember his advice to her: Don't give up on your dreams.

Tad and Jake pay a visit to Anna. Though Jake thinks David may have experimented on Maria, there is no toxological evidence. Anna wonders what charges she can use against David. Forgery for giving Maria a new identity? No, the statute of limitations ran out on that one. Kidnapping? No, Maria has been living on her own for nearly five years. Anna needs to think of something. She is worried about David's involvement with the baby wants he finds out that she is expecting. As Anna shows Tad pictures from her sonogram, she decides she wants to keep the baby.

David, wondering why Maggie was so insistent that his dreams were not dead, decides he should check on Anna. When he arrives, Anna tells David that she has an airtight case against him. She warns him that the DA is considering a sentence of 25 years to life. Anna suggests that David leave. Leave Pine Valley and never look back.

Tad meets Aidan. He asks for Aidan's help in finding a charge against David. Aidan says the only thing he knows about David's involvement with Maria is that David convinced Maria that she killed someone.

Friday, September 13, 2002

In the hallway at Pine Valley Hospital Opal went on and on about how glad everyone was to see Maria. Maria became frustrated and wanted to get away from Opal. Their voices continued to get louder until Mateo, Aidan, and Edmund came out of Maria's room to see what was going on. Maria demanded that Opal leave her alone but Opal's voice got louder and shriller as she continued on that she didn't know Maria hadn't remembered she was a doctor. Finally, in desperation, Maria broke away and ran out of the hospital. Edmund followed her.

Maria ran to the park and exclaimed to herself she couldn't believe she was a doctor. She was frustrated that she could not remember that. Edmund caught up with her. Maria was angry he had not told her she was a doctor. Edmund explained that Jake thought it best not to overload her with too much information all at one time. Maria was agitated and wanted to be alone. Edmund calmed her down telling her he will be her memory and he was convinced she will someday regain her memory. He promised he would get her life back for her. He held out his hand to her. Maria cautiously reached out and then firmly placed her hand in his.

Simone came to the hospital to pick up a prescription for Myrtle. Frank Hubbard accidentally ran into her carrying a prescription to take to Myrtle. He realized that Myrtle was playing matchmaker. He and Simone talked about first impression of each other and then at Frank's invitation, they agreed to go to a sci-fi event together.

At Chandler Mansion, Colby sat in Liza's lap talking about how much she missed her mommy and that daddy wouldn't let her call Liza because daddy said Liza was too busy working. Liza gave an evil glance at Adam and told Colby she will always love her and that she missed her terribly while she was away. Liza then took Colby upstairs to bed. While she was out of the room, Adam asked JR if anything happened while he was away. JR, eager to gossip about Liza, told Adam that there must be something going on with Liza and David Hayward because David was at Chandler Mansion a lot. Adam was intrigued. As he and JR were talking they didn't realize Liza had returned to the living room and had overheard their conversation. Liza chided JR for tattling so quickly on his wicked stepmother and dismissed him so she could talk to Adam alone. She and Adam argued drudging up all the things they had done to each other in the past. Adam insisted Liza move out of Chandler Mansion if she wanted to continue seeming Colby. Liza refused. She challenged him to the fight of their lives. Suddenly Stuart, Marian and Mia appeared. Stuart announced to Adam and Liza they were going to take charge of Colby.

Anna told David that his best bet is to leave town before she is forced to have him arrested. She added that she had tried to harden her heart against him. She is angry with him because he kept Maria away from her family and children. She demanded her freedom from David and asked him to sign divorce papers she had drawn up by Jackson. David refused to sign. Anna implored him to sign them to give her a release from their marriage. Suddenly Anna collapsed. When she regained consciousness David wanted to get a doctor and Anna refused. He's the reason for her collapse she told David. She's had to work 24/7 to build a case against him. She implored him once again to sign the divorce papers. Either sign the papers and leave town or go to jail. He signed them and then left. A few moments later she answered a knock on her door. Tad, breathless with news, told Anna that David had told Maria she is wanted for murder and that is what kept her away from Pine Valley. Anna is stunned. "What kind of man did I marry?" she wondered out loud.

David went to Pine Valley Hospital and asked one of the nurses to look up Anna's medical file. Upon hearing that he wasn't allowed to view patient files, David let himself into Dr. Clader's office. The computer was turned on so David looked up Anna's file. He saw the sonogram of Anna's baby. "Oh, my God", he exclaimed. " It's true. That's my child."



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