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Seth was suspicious of Rex. Blair received her divorce papers. Al threatened to reveal that he and Jen had slept together. Téa caught Todd staring at Blair's photo. Antonio was ready to meet Keri's mother. Rex accepted a generous offer from Jessica.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 9, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, September 9, 2002

As R.J. discourages Keri from pining for Antonio, Keri receives a phone call and is suddenly desperate to get to Chicago for some unknown emergency. She leaves their home in a hurry. Antonio returns to Llanview from his road trip and one-night-stand with new character and encounters his brother, Cristian at the university. They share a heartfelt embrace. Cristian tells Antonio that not only is Keri worried about him, her exact words were, "Tell Antonio that I love him," and that she's dying to see him. Antonio goes immediately to R.J. & Keri's apartment where he has just missed her. R.J. deliberately doesn't tell Antonio about Keri's sudden trip. R.J. baits Antonio about the shooting of Ben Davidson and then tells him to try the university again, thinking Keri has gone immediately to the airport.

Jen and Al argue in her loft. Al becomes enraged and demands to know what's going on with her hot and cold treatment of him immediately. Spinning a web of lies that prove the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Jen erratically bounces from cruelty to craftiness. She tells Al that they did not make love—they had sex. Then composing herself, she tells Al she's staying with Cristian because she was wrong about Cristian and Natalie having a romantic connection and that Cristian explained everything to her satisfaction. In a very Lindsay-esque phony apology, she implores Al to be her friend. But Al, an unknowing sperm donor in Jen's efforts to keep Cristian, doesn't take her rejection well after their two sexual encounters the day before. In a stalking manner, he threatens to tell Cristian about it.

Gabrielle finds out from Bo that his new lead in the arson case is boat paint thinner not sold many places. She offers to make lunch for Bo, but as he runs an errand, she becomes frantic to protect her son and goes to the Millhouse in search of him. She encounters Roxy performing her first-ever attempt at house cleaning, perusing a photo album of ALL of Max's marriages, including Gabrielle. In an effort to pump Gabrielle for advice on how to keep her man, she allows Gabrielle to check Al's room to look for him. Gabrielle finds the evidence Bo spoke of in one of Al's shoes in his closet.

Bo returns home expecting a home made lunch with roomie Gabrielle, who is not home. He's puzzled but not alarmed. Nigel stops by to talk to Bo about Asa's problems with his sudden "shotgun" marriage to Rae Cummings. Bo recounts his father's previous unions nonchalantly, as Nigel tries to nudge Bo into considering hypothetically what punishment could be applied to certain crimes that may or may not have reached their statute of limitations. Bo cuts Nigel off immediately and says that despite his shared concern for Renee's feelings, as police commissioner he shouldn't get involved in his dad's latest troubles.

Meanwhile, back at the university, Natalie daydreams about Cristian. Rex flirts up Shawna in a skimpy tube top while keeping a peripheral eye on his biological sister, Jessica. Shawna comments on his constant surveillance of her and asks what it's about. Seth continues his skeptical vigil of Rex and asks Molly about the night she was abducted by Allison Perkins; Molly confirms that Rex just left her there to fend for herself and was only using her to make Shawna jealous anyway. Rex confronts Seth about his inquiries while Jessica is busy calling her mom in Switzerland. Keri has stopped by her office to make arrangements for her classes while she's away and takes a moment to write Antonio a letter. She places the letter in the outgoing bin on her desk. Antonio has returned to the university and asks Natalie if she has seen Keri. Natalie directs him to Keri's office. Antonio places his hand on the doorknob and hesitates.

Still waiting for that home made lunch, Bo routinely makes a call to Roxy at the Millhouse to advise her that she will be deposed at Allison Perkins' insanity hearing. Eloquently butchering the English language as usual, Roxy resents being "disposed of" and advises him to "go pick on someone else." Bo clarifies her misunderstanding. Then Roxy asks if she can "dispose" Bo of something—Gabrielle's presence at her house and in Al's room.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Antonio is poised to knock on Keri's office door at the University, when he flashes on the his night of passion with the intimate stranger. Just as he is about to open the door Rae happens by, interrupting his search for his former fiancée. She shares the news of her new marital status with the man who first discovered the truth about her. The new Mrs. Buchanan imparts that her social status couldn't be better, and neither he nor Keri should feel guilty about her now husband having unearthed her darkest secret. Antonio is taken aback with the announcement of her wedding, wanting to know how it came about. She manipulates the truth, shaping it to seem the idea was mutual. He is eager to see Keri and Rae points him in the direction of the copy room, as she believes that is where she saw her heading just a few minutes before. He takes off, and she strolls away from the office just as Keri leaves L.V.U. for the airport. Antonio returns to the corridor where he left Rae. Keri wasn't anywhere near the copy center. Rae suggests that she had probably mistaken her for someone bearing a striking resemblance to Professor Reynolds. Antonio finally enters the office only to find it empty, a letter addressed to him on the desk. He is ecstatic to learn she had a change of heart while he was gone. The letter reads that Keri loves her man and wants to make a life with him as his wife.

Outside of the loft, Al threatens Jen with telling Cris the truth about their love making, unless she comes clean with him herself. She attempts to guilt Al out of his mission, saying it meant nothing. Her words don't deter him, as he moves closer to the door. Desperate, Jennifer reiterates a laundry list of his crimes in the name of love, beginning with his nearly deceiving her into marriage and ending with the fire he set, that could have resulted in her death. She continues, accusing him of taking advantage of her while in a confused and vulnerable state. He retorts that he loves and would do anything for her, but is set on telling her boyfriend the truth. She dares him to follow through with his threat, when Cris walks into the hall inquiring what it is Al has to say. He composes himself and lies, saying he plans on asking Max for a job in Break Bar. Cris buys the story and doesn't have a problem working with Al. Jen, however, voices her opposition to the notion and Al quickly changes his mind. Cris takes off to find Antonio, leaving Jen inquiring of Al if he is going to laud the incident over her indefinitely. He answers no, as he doesn't want to be a source of misery to her nor ruin their night of reckless abandon, he echoes his love for her. She responds that all they shared was sex. It was sweet but means nothing to her, she loves Cristian. With that the beleaguered love sick boy books. She thinks aloud that her actions were motivated strictly for the purpose of exacting revenge on Natalie, Cris and Al.

Bo is on the phone with Roxy, asking if Gabrielle is there. Following some dim witted answers from the dizzy woman, she imparts that Al's mother is indeed in her house. She offers that the woman was behaving strangely and is now in Al's room seemingingly cleaning it up. The befuddled commissioner asks that Roxanne not mention to Gabrielle that he called looking for her. She complies. Gabrielle discovers a can of a highly flammable liquid hidden in her son's shoe. She revisits a conversation with both, recalling he mentioned the arsonist used a product by the name of Boater's Friend, a fire accelerant, to start the blaze. She frantically scrambles for something to hide the damning evidence in. She eyes a duffle bag, tosses the can of the easily traceable substance in it, quickly surveys the room and bolts for the stairs. She answers it's none of her business when Roxy asks what she is doing with Al's bag, continues walking to the door and leaves the house, mumbling about her son having needed more compassion. She finds herself on the docks, throwing the can of evidence into the water, hoping Bo never finds out what she has done.

Asa is in the airport with Nigel, waiting to board his jet. The billionaire plans to escape from Rae to the island of St. Blaze, where he will hide out in luxury with his faithful man servant. His wife suddenly appears, just as he is referring to her using a litany of unflattering adjectives and phrases. He demands to know why she is there, and she asks the same of him. Just then a flight attendant comes along giving away his destination. Frustrated, he bellows that she has a fortune, mansion and a prestigious name, what else could she want? She simply retorts that she wants a husband! She thinks of him as a guinea pig. Someone to practice her brand of "therapy" on. Much to Asa's surprise though, she wishes him a safe trip. He wonders what angle she's playing, and answers that he will be home in exactly two weeks and his travel companion will be staying in Llanview with her. She waves a copy of the tape at him and advises her husband that he has and will be under surveillance every minute. She takes off with a much put upon Nigel on her arm.

Cris finds Antonio, who relates to him the contents of Keri's letter. She had to leave town and wished she could convey her feelings in person. The only obstacle standing in their path of happiness is R.J., as she still believes in his innocence. He repeats what the sexy stranger told him the morning after their night of passion, saying she was right. His brother assumes he is speaking of Keri, Antonio answers the words belonged to someone else. Cris inquires who that person is, but Antonio is short on details. He invisions the beautiful blonde woman again. He does share with Cris how the mystery lady led him to Keri and adds he will never see her again.

Gabrielle returns to the apartment with lunch, as promised. She explains she was running late and picked it up at Luigi's Restaurant, as she was in the neighborhood. Bo's curiosity is aroused, wondering what business she could have had in that deserted part of town, surrounded by the piers. He inquires if she wouldn't mind explaining her presence there.

His spirits deflated, Al returns home to an exasperated Roxy, who asks what she can do to make Max happy. He responds that she should stop forcing his father to love her. She mentions Gabby was in his room and made off with a duffle bag.

Antonio lets Cris in on the tremendous influence the woman he met had over him. Were it not for her he may not have returned home, ever. His brother advises him not to divulge that information to their mother. He responds he doesn't plan on mentioning having met the woman to anyone. Cris asks if intends to tell Keri about her.

Bo spills that he spied Gabrielle speeding, followed her to the river and saw everything.

Al discovers the fluid he used to start the fire is missing.

Keri's destination brings her face to face with Antonio's secret lover.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Due to the remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001, all daytime dramas were preempted today. Programming will resume on Thursday, September 12th where Tuesday's shows concluded.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Ross is checking out the raft wondering if it will still be good in six months. Todd is dreaming about Blair and when she asked him to let her love him. He wakes up staring.

Blair is in her office looking at the divorce papers. Sam enters and she puts them away telling him she is swamped and could he come back. He tries to stay and she yells at him that she wants to be alone.

Bo tells Gabrielle that he saw it all and that he had talked to Roxanne and that she said she was acting weird and had left with a gym bag. She tries to make excuses and he says he saw her throw something into the river like paint thinner or something like that. She replies, "Well I guess you already know, I started the fire."

Antonio is telling Cris about the night with the unknown woman, that this woman helped him to come back home and to forget he ever mentioned her. Cris tells him "no matter what happened when you were on the road – well, you and Keri were broke up, if being with this woman made you come home then it's okay by me and Keri need never know". Antonio is feeling regret at having slept with this woman and he doesn't know how he can face Keri again knowing he slept with someone else. He explains to Cris everything that happened, and how he didn't know how to deal with all that had happened, which is why he went away. He felt he had nothing. Cris tells him he can't be so hard on himself. He didn't do anything wrong. Antonio says it just happened, it was as though he needed to connect with someone.

Keri is at the unknown woman's house and the woman says "I can't believe you are here, I thought you hated me". Keri replies as she hugs her, "How could I ever hate you, you are my mother". Keri tells her Rachael told her about her stepfather's death, that he was the only father she ever knew and she misses him so much. They sit and talk about it, helping each other deal with it. Her mom can't understand how she walked away from the crash without a scratch and he had to die.

Gabrielle is very nervous, not being able to look him in the eye, as she admits to Bo that she set the fire and he should arrest her, when he starts asking her questions. She is trying to make up reasons why she did it but Bo is seeing right through her. She starts to tell him how she started it, but he says, "I don't buy it"!! He says she makes it sound like the woman who married Asa, what happened to his "roomy" that could not look him in the eye and not lie. She can't look at him and says she is more sorry than he will ever know. He brings up the honesty between them and for her to stop lying, that she can't protect him forever. She replies "Who"? And Bo replies "Al. I know he set the fire. I know I am right and you know it too".

Ross is cleaning up and talking to himself as to what he will do today "berry picking – alone, nut gathering – alone, fishing – but for how many – fish for one and eat alone or fish for Manning and...Téa would be there", basically feeling sorry for himself for being alone. Todd wakes up and gets in the backpack and takes out the picture of Blair that he had cut out of the picture with the kids and touches his face with it.

Blair meanwhile is looking at her divorce papers, but hasn't signed them. Sam is checking to be sure Blair got the papers and comes into her office as she tells him she is still busy and has a headache as she rushes out. She yells at him "Don't you understand English, I am busy and now I have a headache." Sam picks up the divorce papers on the desk, realizing why she is upset, when Blair comes back in to get an aspirin and says "Sam what are you doing"?

Keri is crying as she and her mother talk. She tells her that the R.J. she found in Landview is not the same man that her mother knew, her mom says but you can't go back. Her mom says she has learned her lesson; you can't protect anyone from the world. She says she is sorry she had all those years without a father, but Keri says "But I did have a father, Steve". Her mom thanks her for that and tells her why she hadn't left a message with her on her machine, that it isn't something you leave someone, but that she did one better – she drove to Llanview.

Gabrielle is begging Bo to charge her for the fire and he says he isn't sending her to prison for something she did not do. She cries, "Bo, don't you get this, I am not going to send my son to prison, I would rather go back to prison, I have done it before and I can do it again, I am admitting to starting the fire. I will never, ever let you put my son behind bars, I will do anything it takes"!

Sam is trying to comfort Blair and tells her he knows what caused her headache. She yells back at him "Ok Sam, maybe I don't want to deal with it, does that satisfy you"?

Téa wakes and asks Todd what he is doing, he hides the picture and tries to cover, telling her to go back to sleep and he will go get berries. She knows better and when he leaves she checks the backpack and then realizes she can't spy on him and stops looking.

Keri is confused about her mom not coming to see her in Llanview, but she explains that she was embarrassed about seeing her. She tells her an amazing thing happened on her way and about how she yelled at the unknown man at the diner, but how it all worked out though. "He turned out to be a really nice guy, very kind hearted. If I hadn't met this man...well let's just say he helped me a lot", she replies with a gazing look.

Bo is telling Gabrielle she must not take the blame for Al as he is an adult and must pay the consequences for his actions. She can't keep protecting him like this. She says "I know but he has always been there for me, no matter what, do you know what my son has sacrificed for me, working two jobs while going to school because no one would hire his ex con mom"? Bo replies, "But I know you, you did everything you could for Al". She tells him about the times Al would come and visit her in prison, crying as she told him how hard it was on him and her. She says "Obviously I am not going to let this nightmare come true, you may not forgive me for this but I cannot. You have been the best friend I have ever had and I don't want to lose it but I must do everything I can to protect my son and if you can't accept that – too damn bad!"

Keri's mom says "I never even got the man's name, strange but he convinced me not to hide away. I didn't want to show up on your doorstep a total wreck. I needed to come back home to come to terms with my life. I was going to start a letter and here you are at my door. So tell me do you like your job? And how about Hank and R.J., I kept you away from them for so long. Have you met anyone special"? Keri tells her about Antonio (never mentioning his name) and how much she loves him. Her mom says "If he makes you this happy, I cannot wait to meet him". Keri tries to explain that they broke it off and it was stupid and that now she realizes how alone she is and that all that really matters is that they love each other and when she gets back to Llanview she is going to tell him – face to face.

Antonio is still talking to Cris and trying to justify everything that has happened. Cris tells him "Keri still loves you, she told me". He suggests Antonio call her and he laughs how he and Keri kidded about cell phones on their first date, but right now he loves that thing and starts to dial Keri's number.

Blair is trying to get Sam to leave, but he is trying to help her. She says she will allow him to help her, but she has more important things to do than to sign those stupid papers. He tries to tell her she cannot pretend that it isn't happening. She says, "I told you I would call you and I will – but don't hold your breath"!

Gabrielle tells Bo she will get her things and leave and he tells her he won't let her leave. She says to arrest her and get it over with, but she won't let him arrest her son. He says "you are incredible, not only an incredible mother but also an incredible person" as they kiss.

Todd is walking on the beach and thinking about him and Blair in bed and when he discovered he was in love with her and happy. Ross comes up to say hi and Ross apologizes about when he barged in on him and Téa. They talk for a while and Ross tells him that he doesn't want to mess things up for them. Todd tells him not to worry; it won't be Ross that messes things up, and he won't if he can help it. Téa starts to look again and discovers the picture of Blair and realizes Todd is not over her!

Blair comes into Rodi's, orders a drink and is remembering when she first met Todd there years before. Sam interrupts her thinking and asks, "Is anyone sitting here"?

Gabrielle and Bo are kissing and fall to the desk in each other's arms.

Antonio calls Keri's cell phone and since Keri is in the other room her mom picks it up for her and looks at the caller ID and reads aloud "Antonio Vega?"...

Friday, September 13, 2002

Rex and Jessica are hanging out at Rodi's, he offers to treat his sister to dinner, who insists they split the bill. The conversation moves to the high cost of being a college student, as Rex is complaining about the exorbitant price of text books. He reveals that he plans on applying for a credit card then makes a specious display of pointing out that turning in the application is an exercise in futility being he doesn't earn much money and hasn't any credit history. Jessica eagerly volunteers to co-sign on the dotted line. The scheming boy refuses at first, then gives in, accepting his sister's generous gesture. After Jess signs the document, Rex splits for a moment to drop his guaranteed ticket to credit in the mailbox, congratulating himself out loud that he can live well on five grand. He and Seth once again trade insults at the bar's entrance. Seth glares at the manipulating kid, who says he has to post a letter, then leaves to join his girlfriend at her table.

Agitated, Al ransacks the living room in his father's house, searching for the gym bag which Roxy reminds him Gabrielle left with. He inquires if his Mom was upset while there. She offers that Bo asked the same thing. He continues, asking the woman if Gabrielle and Bo had spoken. She repeats that the commissioner did not want her to mention to Gabrielle that he was on the phone. She regrets having divulged what she had to "legs," who lies, saying he and Bo are planning a surprise for his Mom. She thinks its a sweet idea, pinches his cheek and leaves. Al rubs off her touch with disgust, then dials Gabrielle's cell number, only to hear her voice mail.

Sam intrudes on Blair's thoughts of Todd, when he asks "excuse me is this seat taken," referring to the stool next to hers. The words are disconcerting to Mrs. Manning as they are identical to what Todd uttered the night they first met there at Rodi's. Blair reminisces with her friend about that life altering evening. She shares with Sam that in spite of him wearing an ankle bracelet tracking device, it didn't deter her from being attracted to his millions. Much to her surprise, however, she fell in love with the man. Sam attempts to soothe his friend, saying Todd loves her in his own way, but doesn't know how to articulate the emotion except to his children. She acknowledges how she thought her love might have changed him, regretting it wasn't enough. Blair recalls how hurt she was upon finding out the child she thought dead was in fact very much alive, in the form of Jack. The confused woman curses herself for having sung "Unforgettable" to the man she now claims does not exist anymore, as she tries to shrug her true feelings off. Sam insists on knowing why she returned to a place that holds such happy memories for her, immediately following the receipt of their final divorce papers.

Gabrielle exclaims to Bo, "what have we done?", following their love making interlude. He is an honest person, while she is the antithesis of everything Llanview's top cop holds sacred. Bo describes when he looks at her, he sees a witty, resourceful, beautiful woman, who has undeniably made mistakes in her lifetime. He needs to know if she regrets their consummating this new phase of their relationship. As they are still caressing and kissing each other, the answer is, not! Bo urges that she keep her lies to a minimum. Gabrielle is eager to learn how surrendering to their passion will change evrything. For one thing they no longer have to spend their nights in separate beds, responds Bo. He thinks he hears her phone ringing, but she doesn't care, they are discussing their plans for the immediate future. As they decide if they want to share their feelings for one another with the rest of the town, Al slips into the apartment and takes the gym bag. Meanwhile, Llanview's newest couple decide to disseminate the news of their relationship status among their family and friends. Bo interrupts the conversation, saying he heard something, then returns his attention to Gabrielle, suggesting they go out in public. She suggests they order in, as they can flaunt their being together, which she finds amazing, anytime. She leaves him to get dressed, as dinner should be delivered soon.

Roxy arrives at Rodi's, and her accidental meeting with her son is acrimonious. Rex refers to her as a joke, adding she blew her chance with Jess, but he won't. He loudly extolls the value of family, leaving her to join his sister and Seth. Jessica asks her boyfriend if he wouldn't mind fetching another round of beverages from the bar, reminding him not to forget Rex. He promises not to. He steals a minute with Roxy, who wants to know who her preppie in training son thinks he is. He grills her about Rex's past, such as friends, grades, interests and so on. She can't answer with any certainty as her sister-in-law Corrine raised him.

Antonio telephones Keri, her mother answers the phone. Unable to clearly hear the voice on the other end, she does notice the caller I.D. reads Antonio Vega. The woman hands the phone to her daughter, who is delighted to hear from him. Antonio effusively tells Keri he misses her, and has a lot to tell her. She was worried about him and wondered what he was doing the night before. He revisits in his head being with the blonde stranger. His mind returns to the present and admits how miserable he was, until he read her letter. It occurs to him that he doesn't know where she is. Keri fills him in on the death of her stepfather, adding she is with her Mom in Chicago. He promises to be on the next available flight, insisting he must be with her. He hangs up. Meanwhile, Keri is concerned about her Mom, and informs her of Antonio's impending arrival. The stranger Keri's Mom met on the road taught her, she imparts to her daughter, to embrace the best times she had shared with Steve. Keri feels bad for being happy so soon after her mother's tragic loss. The woamn is elated for the girl, asking if she has a photo of her boyfriend. Keri fishes through her bag, then realizes she left any pictures of Antonio in her dresser drawer at home. It doesn't matter, since her Mom will be meeting him in the flesh any moment.

En route to the Windy City, a fellow traveler strikes up a conversation with Antonio. He divulges that he is meeting his girlfriend's mother for the first time and is feeling apprehensive.

Todd finds Téa hovering over his knapsack. Curious, he asks what she is up to. The pair engage in small talk, when Téa confesses she can't envision him handling a spear to fish, she can, however, imagine him reuniting with Blair. Todd is adamant about Blair being out of his life for good and the only feeling he harbors for her is hatred. Téa disagrees and opines he merely hates what she did to him.

Seth learns Jessica co-signed for Rex's credit card application.

Sam wants to know if Blair is remembering all of the negative thing's about her husband, because she can't admit the truth that she still loves Todd.

Téa spills that she spied Todd looking at Blair's photo. He insists it was to recall how much he can't stand the woman. Téa believes it's love he was remembering.

Antonio is standing on Keri's Mom's porch, the same woman he met while on the road and made love with.

Al arrives home. His search through the bag does not yield the can of accelerant he used to start the fire in Jen's room. He freaks out, not knowing if his mother turned him in. Bo telephones him about removing the gym bag from his house.

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