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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 9, 2002 on GL
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Monday, September 9, 2002

Beth finds Alan in the library and proceeds to tell him that someone has had Lorelei's diary published. She asks for Alan's assistance in finding the person responsible, which of course, Alan is only too eager to provide. When Beth suggests Olivia is her prime suspect, Alan initially defends her. But when Beth shows him a notation in Olivia's palm pilot that indicates possible involvement - he vows he will crush Olivia if she had anything to do with the diary's publication. Alan calls the book publisher that Olivia has been meeting with and arranges for him to come over to the mansion under the guise of discussing Alan's autobiography. Olivia, Alan, Beth and Phillip all gather in the library and heatedly discuss whether or not Olivia was involved in the diary's publication. The publisher arrives and delivers shocking information: He claims that Lorelei herself sold him the manuscript because she needed money. When everyone leaves, Phillip claims that "this situation" is becoming more "impossible" every day. Just as soon as he leaves, Lizzie comes in and reveals to her mother that she has found and read the diary. Lizzie runs off and Beth goes after her.

On Mystic Island, Robbie catches a softball for the first time and Michelle rushes to the phone to tell Danny of their son's achievement. But when Danny answers the phone gruffly, she changes her mind and hangs up the phone. Danny can tell from the caller ID that it was Michelle, so he rushes over to the Bauer house, only to find out from Ed that Michelle and Robbie aren't there. Danny cries that he misses his wife and son and is desperate to know they are all right. But Ed won't disclose where they are. He begs Danny to make the changes necessary to put his family back together again. Back on the island, Bill, Michelle and Robbie are relaxing and enjoying themselves. Bill even begins to open up about the mysterious woman that has stolen his heart.

Gus finds Eden at Infierno and demands an explanation for the scene she caused at the arbitration. He attempts to explain the consequences of her actions on Harley and on him. Eden cares much more about herself. She tells Gus about Phillip's veiled threats to make sure that she would be legally prosecuted if she confessed to the crime Gus already served time for. Gus doesn't understand why she didn't just come to him, but regardless, he'll make Phillip pay for threatening his baby sister. Tony thinks Gus is bothering Eden and tells him to 'get lost'. Tony tells Eden he'd appreciate it if she didn't bring cops into his establishment. Eden claims not to even know Gus, and flirts expertly with Tony.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Gus shows up at the mansion to see Phillip, who is not there, so he says he'll wait. He runs across the diary and starts to read it.

Lizzie is upset about the diary, she wants Beth to tell everyone that it's all a lie, but Beth says she can't because she believes it to be true. Lizzie tells Beth she doesn't even know her anymore and runs off.

Phillip finds Eden at Inferno and thanks her for what she said at the arbitration. Then he hands her a check. She tells him it's not nearly enough and threatens to go to the arbitrator and change her story. Phillip writes another check, but it's only half the amount of the first. He asks Eden which one she wants, that they will only continue to get smaller if she keeps trying to blackmail him, so she takes the first check.

Father Ray talks to Tony about his anger and that he needs to change. Tony says he can't, he is who he is.

Josh talks to Holly about Mara and what happened with Tony. Josh thought maybe with Holly's past with Roger, she could help Mara. Holly tells Mara how Roger raped her and Mara says it was different with Tony he stopped. She does open up and talk to Holly about that night. She says a part of her still hopes that someday she and Tony could get back together. Holly tells her she understands and suggests talking to a therapist.

Beth finds Gus reading the diary and tells him to get out. She tells him that after what came out in the arbitration, she agrees with Phillip that he shouldn't be allowed near Zach, or any other child. Gus tells her he didn't kill the guy when he was a kid, his sister was lying. He reminds her that she's not a paragon of virtue herself. Beth becomes angry and blurts out about marrying Bill Lewis while she was still married to Edmund, making her a bigamist.

Lizzie and Tammy meet at the mall, Lizzie doesn't tell her about the diary. They over hear two women talking about an engagement ring they just saw that had been given to the wife of a prince. Lizzie and Tammy go look in the store window and Tammy realizes it's Cassie's ring. She can't understand why Cassie would sell it Richard gave it to her out of love. Lizzie says they should get it back for her and says she has an idea how.

Gus arrests Beth and hauls her to the station. Then he calls Phillip and tells him that he has arrested Beth ... for bigamy!

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Due to the remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001, all daytime dramas were preempted today. Programming will resume on Thursday, September 12th where Tuesday's shows concluded.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

On Mystic Island

Michelle awoke and saw Bill carrying Robbie. She called out Danny's name, but then realized it was Bill. Bill wanted her to relax and stop thinking about Danny. Michele wanted to know if that was the mystery woman that called. Bill finally admitted who the woman was. He also mentioned they got married in Mexico. Even though Michelle was shocked she didn't make any judgments. She wanted to know if it was over with Beth. Beth explained to Lizzie that she married Bill when she was married to Edmund.

Michelle and Bill were playing football on the beach. Danny quietly watched.

At Inferno

Danny told Cassie on the phone that his answer was no. As he hung up the phone, Carmen enters. She wanted to know why he is putting himself through this when he could be at home. He agreed with Carmen that this if wasn't easy without sacrifices. But Danny said he was trying to keep his family away from the family business. Carmen wanted him to think about what he was doing, especially about Robbie. She felt that Michelle would turn Robbie against Danny.

Danny remembered what Carmen said about being alone for most of her life. Danny called Ed and said he was ready to change and wanted to know where his family was.

At the Beacon Hotel

Cassie remembered that Danny told her that the $25,000 didn't begin to cover any of the debt. She looked out the window and up to the heavens and said she didn't know what to do. She wanted Richard to give her a sign as to what to do. Ed Bauer enters. He wanted to know how she felt about hamburgers. He admitted that he needed someone to grill for. Cassie said that Tammy was at the mall and the boys were asleep. She said that Tammy didn't know what normal is. Ed comforted her by saying that she was doing a good job taking care of the kids. But she told Ed that R.J. kept asking where Richard was. Cassie said it is difficult, especially when Tammy asked her for money to buy clothes at the mall. Cassie said she hoped that Richard couldn't see the problems she is facing, but Ed told her that Richard would be proud of her.

She called Cassie and told her she took something. Cassie told Ed what Tammy did. Cassie said she doesn't have the money for bail. Ed said he would bail her out. He told Cassie this isn't the time to be proud. He wrote her a blank check and said he would wait for her to return. Cassie exits.

At the Mall

Tammy told Lizzie how she remembered when Richard gave the ring to Cassie. Lizzie suggested they needed to take it back. Tammy realized that they are probably in the poor house or so it seemed. Lizzie said they could get the ring and take it back to Cassie. Lizzie and Tammy enter the store. They walked up to the ring display. Lizzie told Tammy to distract the clerk. As they exit, an alarm goes off. The police wanted the ring, but Lizzie said no. The police escorted them back into the store.

At the Police station

Phillip stormed in and wanted to know what was going on. Gus repeated that Beth had committed bigamy. He reminded Phillip that bigamy is a felony. Beth screamed at Phillip that she didn't need him to defend her. Even though Phillip wanted to help, Beth said she didn't want his help. Phillip told Gus that his lawyers would get Beth out. Gus said he hasn't officially booked Beth yet because he wanted to show Phillip what he could do. He told Phillip that this was a warning. He promised Phillip that he would make it more than personal and whatever Phillip held dear in his life is fair gain. Gus exits to get the key.

Phillip reached through the bars and touched Beth's shoulder. He admitted he hated to see her in this situation. She asked for his cell phone to call Lillian. Phillip exits to find out what was taking so long. Beth called Bill to tell him where she is. Beth wanted him to tell the police that the wedding wasn't real. Phillip grabbed the phone and hung up.

Accompanied by a police officer, Lizzie and Tammy enter. Phillip and Beth are stunned. Phillip asked Frank what happened. He explained how they stole a diamond ring. Beth suggested he ask Lizzie if she did it. Lizzie said maybe she did and she may be a wild girl like Lorelei. Frank pulled Tammy aside and asked who took it, but Tammy wouldn't tell. Frank told Tammy to call Cassie or he would.

Buzz enters. Gus explained to Buzz what happened and the reason Beth was behind bars. Buzz said that anyone who fights for his daughter and grandkids couldn't be all bad.

Cassie and Frank enter. He told Cassie what they stole a diamond engagement ring. Tammy begged Cassie to not be mad at her.

Lizzie said she was trying to do something right. She yelled at Beth and told her she was not the one to tell her that she did something wrong.

Friday, September 13, 2002

Alan admits that he is still wondering about the D-Day entry in her palm pilot. Olivia claims that it is a reference to the day that she purchased his new diamond cufflinks and she has a receipt to prove it. Alan asks her to join him for dinner and dancing. Sam agrees to fix Olivia's broken earrings for her, but discovers that they are bugged. Sam arrives at Towers, where Olivia and Alan are discussing ways to get Cassie out of the Beacon. He gives Olivia her mended earring and privately reveals that they are bugged. Tammy admits how upset she was that Cassie gave away her engagement ring from Richard. Cassie reassures her daughter that everything will be okay. She tries to convince the shop clerk to drop the charges against Tammy, but the matter is out of his hands and she must take up her plea with the DA. Meanwhile, Danny watches Robbie playing with Bill and Michelle on the beach and leaves, not wanting to interrupt them. Back in Springfield, he pressures Cassie into repaying her loan. She overhears that there is going to be a private party at Infierno and they are in need of a stripper. She pleads with Danny for the job, but he refuses. Danny eventually relents and hires Cassie as the entertainment for his private party. On Mystic Island, Bill and Michelle compete over who has messed up their life more. They decide that they can't escape reality any longer and prepare to head home to Springfield.

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